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4a146 No.9507[Reply]

Anyone up for a thread about pregnant gems?
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c0831 No.9733

Do… do you watch the show?

43c09 No.9738

File: 1439226531383.jpg (74.8 KB, 400x400, 25482277.jpg)


I pretty clearly said that I haven't watched everything that's out. I've watched a good 35 episodes of the series without any of this stuff really coming up.

f5417 No.9740

Gems reproduce in an unusual way. Machines are sent down to litter a world, bearing visual similarity to viruses. These injectors stick some sort of energy laden gem 'seeds' into the surface of the planet. The seeds then 'suck the life' out of the planet until the Gem has matured. They then climb out of the hole in the ground or the face of a cliff.

Rose Quartz was the first Gem (that we know of) to reproduce sexually. Steven is largely considered meat and human. Juuust human enough that the disruptor has little to no effect on his body, just gem enough that he can shapeshift, summon a weapon, and miraculously, fuse with human beings. Something that no whole gem seems capable of.

ba9e5 No.9748

From the talented Techy


127e4 No.9830

File: 1439730379790.png (305.47 KB, 1280x1030, tumblr_nmhgs0tfZs1shjl1ho2….png)

File: 1418326299827.jpg (84.82 KB, 500x640, tumblr_n59qqrZYFR1s87wbxo1….jpg)

691e2 No.4308[Reply]

Does anyone have a link to download/read the pregnancy arc of Shiharu Genesis?
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df72d No.9628

File: 1438741566474.jpg (Spoiler Image, 481.39 KB, 1052x1500, shiharu_06_0067.jpg)

just a flesh wound

df72d No.9629

File: 1438741609961.jpg (553.79 KB, 1052x1500, shiharu_06_0068.jpg)

I've had worse

df72d No.9630

That's all of the relevant content I could find.

81081 No.9642

You are awesome, anonymous guy! Thank you!

052ec No.9674

File: 1438940279019.png (582.34 KB, 542x542, Tpi7Zhg.png)

I Jus Love This Forum

File: 1438708453073.png (477.18 KB, 800x600, rin_09e.png)

d26ad No.9594[Reply]

In recent years, H-games had been evolving with more interactive features. One of said feature is inclusion of unlockable animated (sex) scenes. This also applies to h-games which features pregnancy-content (usually occurred at the end of some character's story route), though it is hard to find since most game's plot didn't mentioned any pregnancy-related content in first place.

So I would like to know if any of you could name any games that feature animated pregnant sex scenes/videos. I only knew a few:

Most Swaneye's games since Haramin, such as Harakano, Haramiko, etc.
[softhouse-seal GRANDEE] Zettai Junshu Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou!! ← (I think this is the best so far, example >>7160 and this post's image, sadly the h-anime adaptation unable to reflect these scenes better)

I would also like to discuss the softwares/tools used to extract such videos. The only good tool I used to extract videos (and images set as well) from the games I mentioned above was ExtractData (souce: http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Tools), which was best used to extract video files from .xp3 files to .wmv format. However, some newer games might use different format or encryption to avoid spoilers or for security reasons, which makes ExtractData useless. But I believe there's always some hacker/programmer able to create softwares/tools to encounter these new formats.

Finally, bonus points if you post image capture (or better, the animated .gifs version, although we already had a thread of that: >>5349 ) of those scenes/videos along with the name of the game(s).

P/S: I think these are image captures were taken from h-games, such as >>5719 , >>5543 , >>7152 )

File: 1428043309487.jpg (13.23 KB, 199x254, download.jpg)

c76da No.6671[Reply]

Since we have two of these going with male protagonists, how about one with a female protagonist? And since one's pulling from the Zelda universe, let's pull from the Slayers universe for this one. :) And yes, I styled the title of this story the way episodes are titled in the series. xD

I'm not much of a creative gal, but I'm pretty good with words if I have some direction. So let's have some fun, yeah? And I know a few of you (looking at Hidon ;D) love preggy Lina as much as I do, so I think she's a good character to start with. :)

Same deal as the other stories, one person (me in this case) writes the progressions as we all vote on what happens next. Even if you're not a Slayers buff, don't hesitate to join in! We'll fill you in on whatever's got you confused. Just ask. ^-^

That being said, how would you all like this story to start? This series is all about having fun and likable characters, a rich world, and madcap humor, so there's plenty to work with.

1) Lina & Naga, pre-series; Lina stops by a local pub for lunch after thrashing a group of bandits, only to find Naga there, pigging out more than usual and looking ready to pop. In trying to figure out what her obnoxious friend got herself into, the two travel to a nearby cave that contains a sanctuary full of treasure. Immediately getting greedy, Lina tries to snatch some up, only to be cursed the same as Naga. Queue adventure to undo the curse with two emotional, hot-headed, loose-cannon sorceress moms-to-be.

2) Main group, between Next and Try;
While off adventuring with Gourry, Lina's "time of the month" hits where she can't use her magic (like in s1e4). Deciding to have some mischievous fun at Lina's expense while she's vulnerable, Xellos slips a potion into her drink that will cause her to become pregnant by the next person she comes in skin-to-skin contact with, regardless of how they touch or how briefly. Will it be Gourry? Zelgadis? Amelia?! You decide! ;D
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b6cd5 No.8458

And the rusty wheel keeps on turning, albeit slowly. Got some more inspiration by indulging my inner weeaboo in watching the Slayers series from the start again (it was quite a binge-watch over the Memorial Day weekend :P) and from Neko's great contribution.

Not too concerned about keeping it 100% canon though, as Slayers main charm is all about the slapstick humor. I didn't read the manga, so I can't find any references of Naga interacting with Lina's usual entourage. Or if they even meet at all, in fact; Lina's odd relationship with Naga was formed before the anime series began. Also, I have little knowledge of Gourry's Blast Sword (acquired in the manga only) aside from it being super sharp when magically charged.

Also ignoring the fact that Naga prefers to avoid Amelia, as there's no way I can think of that'll have them both in the preggo spotlight and keeping it canon. If anything, I would guess that Amelia does feel some resentment towards her older sister for essentially abandoning Seyruun and her royal duties, but the circumstances surrounding those events are rather complicated from an emotional standpoint. Interaction between the two will be sparse in the future, at the very least.

Winning choices were the following (I am going to put a slight twist on the application though, as you'll see below.)

A1) Xellos uses his magic on Amelia - Zelgadis is the father.
B1) Xellos uses his magic on Naga - Lina is the 'father'.

And in case anyone's wondering, all pregnant or pregnant-to-be cast members are all over 18, as this occurs in the indeterminate future of the anime episodes. Shush - don't question it.
Here we go!

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

9f72d No.8691

Kind of a bump to keep this in everyone's minds.

Awesome post, but did Naga really have to go flying? (At least she should be back quickly if she figures out what's going on). Also you kinda missed the fact that Naga and Amelia are estranged sisters (then again, maybe the next poster can do something with that, my brain's fried from online games and watching a sports dynasty happen)

412fc No.8715

File: 1434583779306.jpg (240.77 KB, 1189x1086, life_is_not_fair_by_shadow….jpg)


Apologizes Neko - I did sandbag your Naga entrance, but I honestly had no idea how to write an interaction of Lina's usual companions with Naga (don't think they've never even met canon-wise). The notion made an Amelia and Naga interaction even more awkward. It's a bridge we'll have to cross eventually, but not today.

But yes, Naga and her horrific noblewoman laugh will totally be back, and should be bigger in the bust and belly than Lina and flaunt the heck out of that fact, just like shadowpencil's awesome attached rendition of such an encounter.

Lost my writing muse as of late, so I'm out of steam for now, sadly.

8ae03 No.9324

I'd continue this, but my writing skills are abysmal, so…..


412fc No.9353

Feeling something creative coming back on my end as of late… no promises yet though.


Motivational soapbox time :P

Skills won't get better by thinking 'I'm horrible at this, so I'm not even gonna try.' You're horrible because you're not trying, and you'll stay that way until you decide 'Fuck it; I'm going for it.'

Try. Fail. Try again. Fail better. Like ol' Teddy said, don't be a critic, be the man in the arena. Succeed, or fail. It's better than knowing neither.

File: 1417467651962.jpg (425.06 KB, 1200x1753, SaHa_Young_Fruit_Vol.2_093….jpg)

5be34 No.4067[Reply]

I remember somebody posting a few pictures to a sequel of Osani Kajitsu Ge, pic related, called something similar to "Mommy is a sixth grader".
I cannot for the love of god find any info on this.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
Is there a download anywhere?
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e06d7 No.8465


Such is the dangers of something being just print without being scanned online like some manga. I'm just shocked that it didn't get picked up at all when it was new. What sucks is that I think I was aware of it around the time it was published, but I assumed it'd just show up around that time.

3a54a No.8496


Click it people!

a0f52 No.8497


79cdf No.8534

That's the fattest son of a bitch that I have ever seen in my life. XD

06283 No.8881

anyone know the hentai name?

File: 1430259322418.jpg (232.58 KB, 480x853, ab39a2469ce2f4083199f5b52d….jpg)

16d92 No.7361[Reply]

Got this picture in the internet

Where did it come from?

Is there more of them?

23157 No.7363

it's on deviantart. and there aren't any more…… yet

2c175 No.7364

Aren't there DOA girls giving birth images?

63f28 No.8859

File: 1435251407753.jpg (111.61 KB, 670x1191, dead_or_alive_5_helena_god….jpg)

5ed5a No.8871

Not pregnant

File: 1432772802171.jpg (34.64 KB, 460x345, 00.jpg)

96ebe No.8292[Reply]

The only of their work that I have ever been able to find in English is this one here but they have a ton of pregnancy cg sets that I love. I just wish I knew the story to go with them because i care about that just as much as the picture sometimes. Anyone know where there are other English translations?
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91102 No.8744

I know about that one. I was talking about the rest of nurupon's works.
I did find an exilent site that not only has more of nurupon's works, but other artist's as well, like myu-po.

91102 No.8745

Oops forgot to say what the site was when I posted my last comment. The site is call hitomi.la
Just go to the search bar, and type in nurupon, you should get all his(her) works.

96ebe No.8752

I had no problem finding nurupon's works and that site you gave was a great resource of them but I'm looking for them in ENGLISH. Every one I looked at there had them in the original language.

b4a2d No.8756

Your best chance at finding stuff in english is Exhentai, since all the bounties are posted there and every single translation is eventually uploaded there. If it ain't on there, then it's nowhere

89bfe No.8761

And if there's none to be found, then your only hope is to commission a translation, just as how the set the OP represents was.

File: 1433400730767.jpg (225.43 KB, 1388x1768, Telma's Offer by Escapefro….jpg)

2315a No.8490[Reply]

I can't recall when we had a thread dedicated to the girls of Zelda fame. XP So I thought I'd start one.

First up, an experiment to see if characters can be made sexy through fanart…
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71009 No.8518

We already have a thread for that here: >>3193

Next time, check the Catalog before you start posting redundant threads.

2315a No.8523

Wait, we have a catalogue? Where can I access it on the board?

70cdb No.8545

It's at the very very bottom when your scrolling through threads. I didn't know about it either until a month ago.

71302 No.8568

File: 1433821696380.jpg (555.38 KB, 965x2000, Impa.jpg)

387bc No.8571

File: 1433825033770.png (109.19 KB, 172x582, Kina.png)

How about Kina from Skyward Sword? Not super preggers, but just big enough that's she absolutely cuddlesome, and maybe even enjoying her greatly enhanced assets

File: 1433604992376.jpg (166.32 KB, 1600x696, Filler 24.jpg)

fd139 No.8515[Reply]

Human women carrying their new master's spawn, willing or not.

fd139 No.8516

File: 1433605053384.jpg (327.59 KB, 1280x1024, ! Cyklop.jpg)

e6826 No.8517

We already have a thread for that here: >>151

File: 1432356758806.jpg (179 KB, 1000x727, 3867aa59947bca9bd9d16052f6….jpg)

88d29 No.8137[Reply]

I like mixing fetishes. Anyone else got some good pictures?

88d29 No.8138

File: 1432356879427.jpg (152.72 KB, 1600x1200, 1304.JPG)

88d29 No.8140

File: 1432357766682.jpeg (108.09 KB, 800x600, 202328 - all_fours angry ….jpeg)

88d29 No.8141

File: 1432357805514.jpeg (121.91 KB, 800x600, 333838db0edd0a1be9081275c….jpeg)

88d29 No.8142

File: 1432357842924.jpg (972.7 KB, 1228x892, 2e8098ccda9178e38ad4b5f98e….jpg)

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