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File: 1482690731048.png (530.04 KB, 1023x882, 258dbe887017dad2e2a0189a24….png)

af094 No.24065[Reply]

Anyone here like mpreg cock birth? Or egg birth though the cock? Am I the only one? Strangely I've always found it really hot. Also I love this chan and I've been looking at this site for 2 years now but this is my first time posting after gaining the courage to post. *///*
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ffbfa No.45184

Sorry again that this is text with no image. feelsbadman.jpg


It is more fluff than hardcore, but it is a decent read.

d99a8 No.46403

File: 1534839127080.png (297.57 KB, 724x880, y am i this way.png)

5df26 No.49405

^ Nice! Lookin good

849d8 No.49480

File: 1541942754664.png (1.67 MB, 4093x2894, Commission57.png)

f6593 No.49619

File: 1542372173847.jpg (1.78 MB, 2103x2450, tumblr_ox3g0qNUIc1w21ekuo1….jpg)

File: 1489208763194.png (202.39 KB, 755x1057, IMG_0787.PNG)

15c2d No.25896[Reply]

Looking for the human pregnancy art from the user xniclord.
I don't have any of his pictures and I can't find the art I'm looking for online.
Ps. If there's already a thread for this sorry about that.
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12dc9 No.45603

hey remember that. he drew that for me along time ago back on DA.

3841b No.45631

File: 1532916820718.jpg (114.47 KB, 797x1002, pregnant_nozomi_by_xniclor….jpg)

117f5 No.48059

File: 1538197750174.jpg (78.35 KB, 628x1023, starfire__s_wish_number_pr….jpg)

Full-sized xniclord789x image of starfire

117f5 No.48060

File: 1538198174003.jpg (68.39 KB, 600x865, pregnant blair.jpg)

117f5 No.49582

File: 1542160694030.gif (13.58 KB, 150x120, very_huge_pregnant_nami_by….gif)

Another small gif of nami pregnant

File: 1510626853049.jpg (397.66 KB, 850x1200, 005hentaifromhell.net.jpg)

e71d5 No.35511[Reply]

I'm looking for images/comics about girls who don't understand their own pregnancy. They don't think they could get pregnant or don't understand pregnancy.

To widen the subject some I'd include both pregnancy and impregnation photos, where either side doesn't understand the mechanics or meaning of the pregnancy.
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18201 No.49493

File: 1541982315756.png (5.55 MB, 3495x2160, a1.png)

Poor kitty girl was just about to pounce on a no good monster man when she feels a pang in her stomach.

“Am I hungry? But I already ate!” (ꐦ°д°)

18201 No.49494

File: 1541982362775.png (5.17 MB, 3495x2160, a2.png)

A lonely woman in a VR fantasy is confused by a mild discomfort around her abdomen.

“Was it the leftover pizza I just had? It didn’t really taste too bad… Well I have been gaining a lot of weight recently, maybe I should cut down on the snacks.”

5234a No.49495

Ooo, I want a continuation of this, it’s cool

f4288 No.49498



*Thumps mug on table*

8a4f6 No.49506

Those r great!

File: 1526794526512.jpg (970.3 KB, 1072x1500, mesmerism_032.jpg)

fb5be No.43131[Reply]

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fb5be No.49448

File: 1541877861902.jpg (409.55 KB, 1280x1807, yorozen-23.jpg)

fb5be No.49449

File: 1541877888766.jpg (620.93 KB, 1057x750, _6_1_27_24-25.jpg)

fb5be No.49450

File: 1541877900244.jpg (199.35 KB, 1280x904, txD_0122.jpg)

fb5be No.49451

File: 1541877919548.jpg (844.19 KB, 1381x1975, yg-12.jpg)

fb5be No.49452

File: 1541877967619.jpg (294.11 KB, 1200x1735, snir-19.jpg)

File: 1541396323075.webm (Spoiler Image, 9.88 MB, 640x360, LYNN GIVING BIRTH UNCENSO….webm)

6143c No.49259[Reply]

Here is the uncensored birth scene from the horror video game Outlast 2.

fbbe1 No.49274


4736a No.49275

No, actually, just modded to change the camera angle.

a7a1d No.49403

nice, thanks man

File: 1533865524968.jpg (474.43 KB, 1300x919, 1533760608895.jpg)

6fd1b No.45970[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

One of my favorite threads has gone poof. This cannot stand. So post pictures of pregnant women doing sexy stuff and clearly enjoying it.
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8f56c No.48588

File: 1539297601422.jpg (100.45 KB, 1000x562, 81900041407201819.jpg)

8f56c No.48589

File: 1539297610015.jpg (159.44 KB, 1000x750, 81900041407201829.jpg)

8f56c No.48590

File: 1539297617462.jpg (46.18 KB, 640x480, 92904042007201893.jpg)

8f56c No.48591

File: 1539297627816.jpg (42.98 KB, 650x488, 95403042811201712.jpg)

8f56c No.49381

File: 1541695019844.jpg (776.51 KB, 2500x2500, Riding Ryoko by zdemian.jpg)

File: 1541477882706.jpg (508.46 KB, 2064x1080, Untitled.jpg)

e834d No.49296[Reply]

you can make pregnant characters within the creator mode in soul calibur VI, use the heart and move it to make a belly, works perfectly.

5da73 No.49299

Perhaps from the side, but I can't imagine it looks good from the front, not wide enough

File: 1537763274003.jpeg (150.72 KB, 516x1200, 1DB88309-E19B-467D-8D79-E….jpeg)

ebac0 No.47751[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Just wanted to see what would come out of making this
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6e9d2 No.49219

Lusty released her Bowsette flash.

It's real good.

a74fe No.49230

Damn I wish I had enough money for a Patreon. It looks hot af from the previews.

6e9d2 No.49233

It's only $5 a month for access to all the flashes…

It's the only Patreon I've ever supported, it's worth it so much.

7dec4 No.49258

I support Lusty's patreon too, it's REALLY good, very worth it. She releases stuff a month or so early there, but honestly, she puts SO much work into it, I can totally get it.

542b0 No.49292

You tryna leak the bowsette one real quick tho?

File: 1517289384641.jpg (89.72 KB, 289x480, med_gallery_1_911_494.jpg)

9c2c0 No.38048[Reply]

I figured we needed one of these threads, so here it is.
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51e87 No.46592

File: 1535197911161.png (107.1 KB, 719x1112, fabulous_full_fall___total….png)

ae1d0 No.46594

i forget the name of the girl on the ground (i think its heather) but she makes me think of the woman from xtro,hot as fuck.

9c2c0 No.47376

df3db No.47384

This show was so pitiful but it seems immensely er, fertile grounds for fetish material specifically? Sure. Why not.

4a261 No.49253

File: 1460269424316.jpg (101.2 KB, 800x600, 1.jpg)

957e3 No.17526[Reply]


As a sort of "spin-off" on the main story of Impregnator Kings, I began work on Impregnated Princess, a 'what if Edward had been born female' story.

Impregnator Kings stars Sir Edward as he fulfills his life goal to become a King and impregnate as many women as he can along the way. The story as we know took the direction of him marrying Crown Princess Tharja and becoming King of Ruhemania already.

Impregnated Princess stars Edwys, a female version of Edward who has been raised to be a perfect wife and aspires to birth many, many children with her husband, chosen for her by her father.

The story began with Princess Edwys already in Ruhemania, married to her husband Crown Prince Tharja. It continued on bbw-chan for a while but I had not yet moved it back to pregchan because I had not updated it… until now.

Here are some basic premises of Impregnated Princess, relative to Impregnator Kings:

1. The main change is Edward in this story is born female and Tharja is born male. They've had different lives and experiences but they're still on some level similar to how they are in Impregnator Kings. It's appropriate to think of this story as 'light-TG' in this case. (That is, the characters were born different genders, there is no in-story transformation.)

2. In Impregnator Kings I try to put focus on images for the females Edward interacts with. In Impregnated Princess I try to give images exclusively of Edwys herself. However, this means that I have a set 'look' for Edwys and I just use random images from anywhere, so there may be little discrepancies picture to picture.
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a18a9 No.47173

File: 1536585128342.png (687.87 KB, 800x600, Edwys-hairpull.png)

You step lightly down the hallway to Tharja's room. Tharja gallantly leads the way with a torch.

You're thankful he's here to carry it. You always become frightened when you must be around flame bigger than a candle.

You can't help but worry it will somehow catch your long hair alight and the fire would engulf you like lightning striking a tree. You aren't sure if that's a reasonable fear to have, but you can't deny the terror it makes you feel. The very thought makes you shiver from head to toe.

Tharja pushes open the door to his room, stepping inside with you.

He places the torch on its holder and immediately embraces you.

Strong arms wrap around your body, strong hands find your curves.


His warm lips press against yours as he claims what's his. Of course, you offer it freely. And after all the attention you've received from him today… you desire it. You need it so much.
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bf763 No.47178

Option one. She should give it a try. Maybe she'll like it rough after a while.

707bb No.47199


965eb No.47201

Option 1

a18a9 No.49205

>3 votes for option one, be a good wife and let Tharja do as he pleases.

Stay silent, submit to the hair pulling.

Poll closed. Update soon.

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