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File: 1484542501702.jpg (378.25 KB, 1057x2805, image.jpg)

15a50 No.24529[Reply]

Anyone have any art or pics related to this? I did not even know I had this fetish. Apologize for slight furry, so move if mods demand, but I couldn't find anything else like it.
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5af56 No.24701

Mm yes that works well

a0558 No.24724


Is this Fenris?

ebbe4 No.24949

I can answer that one! Looks like she's a Death Knight in the first panel, so undead.

419d1 No.24960

Yes, it's a Fenris49 pic. The next two are by Madam Squiggles/Moo, and the last one is by LurkerGG.

75c64 No.35332

File: 1510185269343.jpg (Spoiler Image, 847.25 KB, 1280x1868, Hakujira Uminekodan - Bote….jpg)

Does this still count?

File: 1463653744577.jpg (54.08 KB, 473x711, Pregnant mermaids.JPG)

c19a5 No.18507[Reply]

Thread about pregnant mermaids and other part-human sea life.
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54810 No.32158

File: 1503507108724.jpg (154.04 KB, 1032x696, 1262707069.akito01_mermaid….jpg)

fc8f3 No.32163

File: 1503513306944.png (293.88 KB, 1280x1431, IMG_1223.PNG)

2f064 No.32171

File: 1503525170723.png (484.63 KB, 525x777, Quietly looks on in absolu….png)


>this is how The Little Mermaid ended

Childhood ruined.

6538b No.32178



5652f No.35326

File: 1510168327374.png (540.52 KB, 1000x1000, 1891908_Rosendark_push.png)

Found another seahorse.

File: 1510116810137.jpg (44.59 KB, 520x343, 023b5bb5c9ea15ce1590fe7abc….jpg)

1cc3d No.35302[Reply]

Many civilizations have images of pregnant woman,It's woundful and miraculous
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08761 No.35315

Are we sure these are pregnant? For all we know the ancient world could have had a collective fat fetish.

1cc3d No.35319

The image is also related to fertility.

1cc3d No.35320

File: 1510153569289.jpg (37.56 KB, 400x600, 2e2eb9389b504fc2da88f301e5….jpg)

1cc3d No.35321

File: 1510153993488.jpg (3.99 KB, 370x248, timg-9.jpg)

Nuwa,one of the creation gods in Chinese mythology.She gave birth to the first human being.The embodiment of nature, but also the origination of creating life.

1cc3d No.35322

File: 1510154623270.jpg (848.68 KB, 1387x2111, IMG_20171108_232232.jpg)

File: 1434403558879.jpg (198.54 KB, 794x1007, Lucina.jpg)

88bf6 No.8668[Reply]

I think maybe there should be a thread dedicated to the Fire Emblem girls with big pregnant bellies. So anyways, let's get this started. Feel free to post any picture you can find of your favorite FE girls pregnant. What I found here is a picture of Lucina pregnant and working out at the same time.
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041d6 No.35296

The rest is amazing!

938c7 No.35297


If you're wondering, these are from one of 12cut's image sets found here:

They're not actual preg edits, just edits of the nude preg version to non-nude preg using the non-nude/preg versions in the gallery. I tried splicing them before and failed horribly, so good on you!

041d6 No.35298

Ah goody. You say there is nude preggo ones of these….are you allowed to post them here as I keep getting the sad…..oh so sad panda.

98c25 No.35300

File: 1510091703989.jpg (710.85 KB, 1600x1600, arete_preg_edit_fxd.jpg)

My bad. No idea how I didn't see that huge mistake. Hopefully it should look more natural now.

Thanks! I was kinda looking for non-nude pregnant art of these characters when I remembered I could just do a quick mix & mash using their other art.

2cdb1 No.35306

oh my god I had no idea but Saburo's version of Ninian was everything I've ever needed in this life

File: 1491282496600.jpg (101.26 KB, 650x875, 788fefaa848bdc231e143ce9bf….jpg)

5907f No.26544[Reply]

Anyone have things like this? Starting with my fav here.
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a8b3c No.35261

File: 1509996070052.gif (5.42 KB, 390x265, Japan.gif)


LOL, imagine this is world-changing.

OH JAPAN, you pretty much rule the world with your anime and manga.

495e6 No.35269

I’m sorry but that looks a bit poorly edited.

bc4bf No.35270

That's probably the worst edit i've ever seen.

f4d7c No.35271

literally different resolutions…
and different paint/color methods.
and MS paint everything else.

I mean, It's great that you are editing, even better if you are editing for the chan, but literally just search "birth" on e-hentai, and only highlight Artist CG. You'll find a better example to crop in like 3 minutes.

16dfc No.35291


is it a show ? what anime is this

File: 1422330827091.jpg (331.17 KB, 800x1400, 13.jpg)

09f2f No.5478[Reply]

So we all know and love the 262an pregnancy art blog, but there's also a ton of text that accompanies the images.

It's all in Japanese though so does anyone know a site that says what it all says or what some of it says? Or does anyone know on their own what it says?

If it's meant to go along and "enhance" the drawings by talking about the characters or the environment or whatever, I'd like to know. If it's all unrelated, then never mind.
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28523 No.35244

File: 1509927034754.jpg (554.2 KB, 1200x1200, 2017-11-03.jpg)

Oh boy, more 'Dancing Fetus'.

cbde6 No.35246

It would help us very much if we could have help from our friends in the Japanese islands to recommend works that even we on the outside wouldn't know since I think most of us don't know the Japanese language. They on the other hand know the language well and would probably have a better handle of the search engines there to find works that fits everybody's pallets. Then we just need to get guys that are good at translating to get them translated.

97299 No.35249

First you'd have to find a Japanese person who's fluent in English, is into pregnancy, and would be willing to work for free. Also, Japan has Google and Yahoo, just type in moon runes. Remember that Sad Panda has almost everything, so you would really only need a Japanese person for shipping purposes. Finally, who knows if a Japanese person would be OK with us using mostly bootleg works.

Unless you really want to go through a bunch of magazines for the odd pregnancy chapter, I would stick to compilations and artists with a heavy pregnancy themed catalog. For example, our Japanese friend was asking if we are familiar with the artist Tomine Tsubasa (小峯つばさ), and I know several of their compilation books are untranslated. I also know that a lot of people here waited like 5 years for Katashibu Week 40 (かたしぶっ40週) to come out and it still hasn't been translated. Oh, and then there's MisakiTou (ミサキ闘)… I really need to keep practicing my Japanese if I want to fully understand that rich porno dialogue.

dc206 No.35250

File: 1509939848964.jpg (371.63 KB, 956x1400, r_141.jpg)

*Komine Tsubasa

97299 No.35253

Thanks for the correction. I figured it was a minor error, but I guess someone who has never heard of them would get confused.

File: 1495350229885.jpg (45.61 KB, 256x368, 7549.jpg)

33f8b No.28089[Reply]

These three visual novels have been my holy grail for years, but through searching I haven't even been able to find the most basement blog post on any translation projects…

Does anyone know of any translation patches, translation docs, or if the games themselves have language options?…

In order of release (and image posting), they are:

Harakami (孕神~はらかみ~)
Suezen! ~Tane o Nozomu Kanojo~ (すえぜん!~種を望む彼女~)
and Tane o Tsukeru Otoko ~Mezase zenin jutai~ (種をつける男〜めざせ全員受胎〜)

33f8b No.28090

File: 1495350260279.jpg (43.79 KB, 256x357, 976.jpg)

Second one's promo art.

33f8b No.28091

File: 1495350279500.jpg (28.19 KB, 256x349, 6827.jpg)

Finally, the third's.

d36ba No.35150

A translator on 4chan mentioned having interest in Harakami getting translated, but can't do anything without the script files and a working patch. If anyone has the computer programming ability to work with the Real Live engine (I guess it's the engine AIR ran on?), then maybe a project could get started


86a09 No.35221

File: 1509870929475.jpg (311.26 KB, 1200x1200, 81n0bLn6fdL._AA1200_.jpg)


Interested translator here, and yeah, I have an interest. Just no means to edit the game files and replace the Japanese with English.

File: 1433713636288.png (31.61 KB, 683x116, rpgmaker-logo.png)

18082 No.8529[Reply]

We suggest rpgs
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caaaf No.35082

Ah, but a big part of Metroidvania progression is increasing character mobility while a big part of pregnancy progression is decreasing it.

46534 No.35084

You can get a decent compromise through the upgrades though.

Kinda like this game does

5bfc7 No.35132

Oh hey an RPGMaker developer. Might as well lend some help. You can find some music and sound effects here:


caaaf No.35136

File: 1509716709846.gif (35.69 KB, 192x384, Hero.gif)

Thanks. I'm not using RPG Maker, though. That's something I whipped up in Godot with public domain assets and a sprite I made.

I'm not terribly happy with it and might try again from a side perspective so I can focus on making one (occasionally flipped) angle look decent instead of three lousy ones.

442e7 No.35196

Hi, may i ask if you have some method to corectly extract archivs of games from DL site. I have problems with Japanes archives, even when i change local seting of Windows 10, thanks for answer.

File: 1482914501894.png (1.22 MB, 1520x1248, 3243112.png)

f270d No.24118[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So it looks like the edit thread hit the reply limit. Here's a continuation.

(Ignore the other post, I forgot to put the title.)

Previous thread: >>2707
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f8baf No.34402

Did you even try looking at the catalog?

b5e12 No.34408

he did. he is literally going through every thread looking for someone to do his shit

29223 No.35165

File: 1509781936616.jpg (284.02 KB, 819x1212, 1489296898266.jpg)

try this

29223 No.35166

File: 1509782405975.jpg (49.04 KB, 584x1088, 1493248741505.jpg)

would have been too easy to just make a black buldge.

29223 No.35167

File: 1509782775272.png (149.76 KB, 503x975, 1493641217703.png)

im not good with navels but hope this gets you off

File: 1452370442737.jpg (406.93 KB, 636x900, sanatatia_20160107145936c9….jpg)

1b024 No.14115[Reply]

Didn't see a thread for this in /d/, so figured I'd start one. Came across this earlier: http://karasawa40.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-96.html
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47d97 No.35144

File: 1509726932203.jpg (60.91 KB, 800x600, 07.jpg)

47d97 No.35145

File: 1509726943553.jpg (48.96 KB, 800x600, 08.jpg)

47d97 No.35146

File: 1509726952276.jpg (59.9 KB, 800x600, 10.jpg)

47d97 No.35147

File: 1509726962277.jpg (54.8 KB, 800x600, 11.jpg)

47d97 No.35148

File: 1509726972358.jpg (58.28 KB, 800x600, 12.jpg)

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