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(140.96 KB 1280x1280 1.jpg)
Pregnant with Aliens Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 02/14/2023 (Tue) 08:51:41 Id:95b5be No. 11275
Women acting as brood mothers for horrors from beyond the stars
(91.64 KB 759x1000 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_07.jpg)
(99.34 KB 1000x753 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_08.jpg)
(95.93 KB 763x1000 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_09.jpg)
(92.64 KB 765x1000 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_10.jpg)
(85.56 KB 746x992 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_11.jpg)
Alienz by depuceleur
(78.70 KB 738x1000 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_01.jpg)
(289.90 KB 1754x1754 xenoporn 7.jpg)
"A display of sex will be seen as offering of mate by the xenos, and this male seems to accept the offer." Just an idea if the AVPR hospital scene has this type of bed instead. The Predalien variant will soon come.
>>31525 Reminds me of that CG porn video on a spaceship with Aliens getting out and impregnating female members of the crew. Earlier on, one heavily-pregnant blonde woman lies missionary on a cot in an isolab being purposely mated (over and over again) by one of the aliens. It's assumed that she's pregnant with an alien, and even that she volunteered her body towards being impregnated - although maybe she was forced into it instead?? It's never answered... the movie just moves on to the aliens raping/impregnating the female command staff.
>>31527 Sounds like you're describing "Icarus" by The Nest Labs https://rule34video.com/video/3071604/icarus-episode-one/ Been a while since I've seen any updates from them unfortunatly
(1.53 MB 1800x1800 CbgHjLM1tVI37TQaW7DZHYK6.png)
(2.43 MB 1800x1800 2JR2NrwxCH2OnKiMSTNyNXpa.png)
>>29299 "After months of gestation, she finally delivers. She has brought the hive a batch of healthy children. Unexpectedly, she also delivers her own kind. The infant is crammed and entangled with her slithering brothers. The brother's spasm tightening his grip on her neck, a reaction of being born. She lets out a faint cry that the mother hear in regret for bringing a familiar life into the hive. The breeder's mammaries are being prepared by her inseminator. As her breath and heartbeat fasten, she sweats. From her spilled womb fluid, the male senses a nutritious female, and she lactates as expected. As the male stimulate her lactation, he feels her heart pulse as well. Grateful for the fitness of the breeder, a sign of vigorous gestation, a well distributed nutrition to their children, and so is the milk she spurts, the groom continues to incite the feast for the infants. The pain of childbirth strikes her like a lightning, but the arousal sensation sends another primal reaction. In the moment, they are a family. When she finally pushes the last one, she has reproduce the future member of the hive and the future breeder of the hive."
>>32807 gloombone i think
>>32807 yup. thats gloombone alright.
>>32810 >>32818 Thank you
>>24302 >>24303 >can impregnate any living thing they fuck I love their OC species so much
(185.09 KB 1024x1024 xenoporn 8 a.jpg)
(198.84 KB 1024x1024 xenoporn 8 b.jpg)
The husband returns home after his service to be engulfed in his mate's presence. Liquids exchanged and breath and pulse were harmonized. In the brief moment, the bride, the groom, and the offspring are one. Despite already inseminated, the internal seed release is to mark this breeder as his. Likewise, her odor from her sweat. milk, and womb mark him as hers.
(197.05 KB 1024x1024 xenoporn 8 c.jpg)
(197.32 KB 1024x1024 xenoporn 8 d.jpg)
Alternate X-Ray of the fetus
(371.99 KB 1341x1240 xenoporn 9.jpg)
She still has a fight in her, but her spouse reminds her to reserve it for something much more productive... or reproductive.
(11.81 KB 1152x697 preview.webp)
Does anyone have a full video of this? I saw this off of a different site
(479.18 KB 2552x1690 Xenopregdoggyedit.jpg)
Found this pregnant pic and decided to add a xeno fetus. Well, I draw the xeno so it's technically drawn category, right?
>>35357 There should be a thread dedicated to drawing alien/hunan fetus x-rays on real women. You should do more of these but with images of women in labor.
>>35391 I remember we used to have X-Ray edit threads. I forgot if it was in /d/ or /r/.
Expanding Xeno Breeding by Killboo
(693.67 KB 1240x1754 xenoporn xry a.png)
To her surprise, her womb also nurtures another male's seed.
Hope we get something out of Alien: Romulus, but I won't hold my breath.
>>35900 Definitely chestburster, I feel like they are going to get that but I don’t know alien pregnancy. I sure hope so
>>35907 I really wanted a resolution to the final scene from Covenant. David pukes up some alien embryos and stores them in a dish alongside some human embryos. Was automation going to unwittingly cause a couple female colonists to wake up pregnant with aliens in their bellies?
>>35911 Even if they have more obvious bellies, it will almost certainly still be bursting/c-section. I would be surprised if they did normal birth.
>>36164 the third one aint showing up (the other two are great otherwise!)
(66.40 KB 925x771 alien3.png)
(84.85 KB 925x771 alien2.png)
(86.50 KB 925x771 alien.png)
(332.23 KB 3840x2789 alien4.png)
(306.82 KB 3840x2789 alien5.png)
some drawings and alts from maternalreads (kinda wish their patreon was updated)
>>36169 kemono*
>>35357 Oh my god do you take requests??
(66.35 KB 509x493 6.jpg)
(73.51 KB 470x500 7.jpg)
(53.44 KB 448x477 8.jpg)
(56.92 KB 473x543 9.jpg)
(67.52 KB 473x543 10.jpg)
>>38136 source of second picture?
>>38139 TheAbstractLily