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(1.68 MB 3218x2300 cynthiaedit.jpg)
Lewdlemage / Dr. Worm Edit Thread belliesrlovely 03/24/2023 (Fri) 19:06:38 Id:e80a07 No. 13354
A thread for sharing/requesting edits of Worm's non-pregnancy art. (Edit by >>12811) Twitter: https://twitter.com/lewdlemage?lang=en Tumblr: https://lewdlemage.tumblr.com/ DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/dr--worm Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lewdlemage
(7.15 MB 640x640 120230915130504.gif)
>>21277 >>21278 >>21279 You have my respect man. One of my favorite works Worm made. I speed up the frames so it feels more smooth.
>>21308 It's great, but maybe slow it down a "little" bit.
(7.15 MB 640x640 13032919468891.gif)
>>21315 How's this?
>>21319 Perfect!
>>21308 Zamn my girl(s) can EAT
>>21277 >>20246 Btw I'm the same guy that made these. Also glad everyone is enjoying the edit and frames I left out because this shit took forever to make
Alright I'm gonna post up my recent edits I've made on this stash link for anyone that wants to archive my stuff and to show that I'm the same guy that's made theses edits https://sta.sh/2yx84tr7h9s?edit=1
Also for more proof here's screen shots and the mrknowitall679 accounts on da
>>18747 Bump
>>21340 Yeah no I'm burned out beside making an edit like that needs a team because those requests are too much
(1.17 MB 2000x2500 9112023oguri.png)
New worm upload
>>21339 Is that a different folder from the one in the link?
>>21349 Yes I put it in a different folder because I don't want to associate my primary account with the edits
Made a new edit also here's a old vs new
>>21390 I kinda want to see that Haruko edit
>>21410 Alright let me post it
>>21415 Yeah it's not the best might consider remastering that photo
>>21413 Looks good
Whats the new post about nurs is?
(598.60 KB 1750x2200 drwmngreva.png)
(1.45 MB 2050x2400 9152023.png)
>>21498 Right 'ere.
>>21509 Thanks! >>21504 Nice, more Eva edits.
(1.70 MB 2050x2400 9152023v2.png)
A TUM alt for the recent N'urs piece just came in.
>>21509 >>21518 Good! Two more to add to my personal Nurs/Winona collection!
>>21518 To edit or not to edit that is the question
(693.82 KB 1314x2000 Untitled125_20230919144532.png)
>>20736 Done
(1.29 MB 800x450 laliaWIP.gif)
So how much of a mad man I gotta be to try and finish the animation
Or is worm ever gonna finish it
(1.48 MB 2665x2000 Untitled126_20230920041246.png)
My hands hurt but I'm happy with this
>>21551 Have a nice rest my friend, I'll appreciate this piece of Judgement's gorgeous artwork
is it possible to have evangelyne with the most biggest pregnant belly possible ? in her very tight season 2 outfit
>>21524 I thank you for this blessing
Nicely done on the pic. of judgement Here's my shot on this sketch of megumin
>>21571 I just came across your da account man
>>21571 Your stuff looks good overall at first, but man when you look closes it looks like you miss or change some stuff for the worse. Like, where's her other glove? Her face expression slightly different. Where did details from her shirt go? Her staff is gone completely from the background. Knees? There are some other small things.
>>21574 i agree with most of what you said but personnaly i think that her expression would come out weird colorised if it was identical
To give an answer to your response. I honestly forgot about those details like her glove, staff, and the detail on the skirt. So I'll work on that later on. As for the mouth or hair, just felt a little off and took a gamble working on it. Weather it works, is a it or miss situation. All in all I thank you for the feedback.
(1.24 MB 2520x4000 Untitled130_20230921023233.png)
Little edit
>>21578 Sorry if I was too harsh on it, overall it looks nice and clean, it's just some details that are missing that's all.
>>21571 I have a hard time choosing which one I prefer, of course the mistakes have been pointed out already though you have great coloring and the line art is very clean. I think once the mistakes are fixed I would have a preference for your edit :)
Alright, I've finished the requested changes. Here's the final look.
(2.75 MB 2050x2400 nursfloat.jpg)
preg edit of the recent tum variant for the nurs floating pic. I also made the belly a bit bigger.
>>21667 That's fantastic.
(1.28 MB 2000x2200 Untitled133_20230923023710.png)
Made a pregnant kobeni edit. Also hopefully worm doesn't kill me for making edits
>>21700 No worries. He is aware of people making edits of his work, and he seems okay with it. It was said in a specific twitter post, I believe.
Why the hell did so many people like this? All I did was change a bit of the dialog and gave her a outtie
Especially compared to the animation I've edited
(1.30 MB 2000x2200 9222023karlachpreg.png)
I'm wondering if its possible to remove the text and text bubbles and the hand if possible