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(40.39 KB 454x598 111.jpg)
Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/16/2022 (Sat) 08:26:36 Id:c62793 No. 1385
Manga/Manhwa China,Korean
(438.91 KB 1062x1500 003.jpg)
(443.15 KB 1062x1500 005.jpg)
hello (sorry in advance for my broken english) I am looking for the name of a manga/doujin where the girl is pregnant under a mascot costume (like the example image) can you help me? thanks
>>16452 https://nhentai.net/g/388994/ #as far as i can remember
>>16454 yes it is this manga, thank you very much
(190.53 KB 709x867 IMG_20230613_063118.jpg)
(311.19 KB 719x982 IMG_20230613_063212.jpg)
(375.21 KB 720x1028 IMG_20230613_063142.jpg)
(285.78 KB 720x1009 IMG_20230613_063257.jpg)
(77.73 KB 677x960 Mushoku12_12.webp)
(116.00 KB 1000x1422 LN_16_09.webp)
(71.91 KB 677x960 Mushoku17_10.webp)
in Volume 17 of Mushoku Tensei there is a side ch of Roxy's pregnancy. some tummy loves in there too :3 ( and in vol 16 there were several small tum shots of other characters)
>>16726 Name and source?
>>16733 I'm Being Raised by Villain
(698.93 KB 1080x2400 -7715b244c614e908.jpg)
(682.09 KB 1080x2400 21b6e111716c3e72.jpg)
Does anyone have scans of a comic that depicts a female monk getting pregnant? I think in the end, the baby gets ripped out of her.
(464.80 KB 1080x1563 IMG_20190316_124138.jpg)
(719.89 KB 971x1552 IMG_20190316_124225.jpg)
(623.89 KB 1080x1578 IMG_20190316_124204.jpg)
(115.08 KB 940x1793 17-f.jpg)
Flavors of reincarnation ch. 87
(1.62 MB 796x1392 elixir_of_the_sun_120.png)
Elixir or the Sun ch. 120-121
(107.05 KB 485x1280 photo_2023-07-15_16-00-24.jpg)
(151.93 KB 720x1044 photo_2023-07-15_15-59-55.jpg)
I Gave Birth to the Tyrant's Child I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant's Child
(189.98 KB 291x535 empress of ashes chapter 34.png)
starting to show, name in file name
The Villainess Lives Twice 139, 142-143, 145-148, 152-155, 157-159
It's Okay Because We're Family 50-50.5
>>18302 This is actually some good plot. Thanks.
(156.22 KB 850x1200 721.png)
365 Days to the Wedding (epilogue)
final chapter, unfortunately
>>18749 Name?
>>18764 It's in file name
>>18764 boku no pico
(359.17 KB 500x768 01.png)
(305.78 KB 511x505 02.png)
(403.38 KB 528x740 03.png)
Fitness (G.HO) Ch.104
>>18765 I don't see it?
(77.42 KB 583x266 Screenshot (1).png)
>>18793 another manhwa, Married for 120 Days chapter 79-81
>>18968 You check on pc or something, how can i don't see it?
I Am Trying To Divorce My Villain Husband, But We Have A Child chapter 42-45, 47-64, barely show until chapter 57 and female lead's pregnancies continues The Main Character is the Villain, elf princess is pregnant, show in current chapter of 66, 67 Remarried Empress 33,35 44, 56(showing), 88, 93-94, 96-97, 102, 119,121, 124-126, 129-130, 137-141 A Misogamist's Romance - Chapter 39 (showing)-50 I Won’t Pick Up The Trash I Threw Away Again - Chapter 4,8,11,13,21,23-24,28,41-42
Is there anymore of WEBTOON, Manhua, or Manhwa that has more Pregnant?
>>20139 I found some but im waiting until i see they are showing
>>19473 I wanna see em kiss ;-) but it looks like he's grindin her. I can be clean c00l...and dirty hot.
(614.66 KB 439x904 01.png)
(347.27 KB 438x616 02.png)
(553.90 KB 443x852 03.png)
北方列车X47 96
Bring the Love chapter 146-148 Marriage of Convenience ( The Marriage Business) - Chapter 91
Protected by My Dragon Knight - Chapter 115-117
Any more of Webtoon, Manhwa, or Manhua has more Pregnant yet?
>>20899 There are five manhwa I reading confirm female characters are pregnant, which four of them are female leads,
>>20901 Tell me the name of five manhwa with four female lead characters are pregnant?
>>20952 beast's flower his majesty is a beast of all of a sudden the northern duke needs a warm hug what it mean to be you a deceiving bride and the fierce lion found sixth one from maid to queen (showing in recent chapter)
>>20953 Which Chapter of six of manhua/Manhwa/WEBTOON has a Pregnant Belly?
>>21001 except first five manhwa, only From Maid to Queen showing the pregnant belly in recent chapters, the rest are waiting list, i didnt want post them yet because Im waiting for them to start showing
(357.33 KB 1218x1745 IMG_9489.jpeg)
(460.21 KB 1225x1876 IMG_9490.jpeg)
(344.19 KB 1178x1963 IMG_9491.jpeg)
(244.71 KB 1112x1961 IMG_9492.jpeg)
This’s from Contract Wife Runs away from the CEO.
Contract Wife Runs away from the CEO 240-301
My fair maid chapter 83
Stepsister final chapter