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(114.59 KB 800x882 IMG_1014.JPG)
Female only (no futa) Belly burst 06/23/2022 (Thu) 20:27:05 Id:48f6c5 No. 163
Belly burst fans
(638.47 KB 480x362 1635284457233-0 (1).webm)
Here is another
(75.19 KB 600x800 IMG_4314.JPG)
(117.25 KB 600x800 IMG_4315.JPG)
(528.78 KB 720x929 IMG_4321.PNG)
(525.37 KB 720x929 IMG_4322.PNG)
(110.70 KB 720x1044 IMG_4323.JPG)
(477.15 KB 720x929 IMG_4324.PNG)
(99.47 KB 720x787 IMG_4325.JPG)
(122.29 KB 827x1104 IMG_4316.JPG)
(78.75 KB 600x800 IMG_4317.JPG)
(95.41 KB 600x800 IMG_4318.JPG)
>>20095 holy fuck that is the hottest thing ever
>>18220 its vore
>>22061 It’s mislabelled. It should be under impregnation
(1.32 MB 4729x4965 IMG_4575.JPG)
(1.90 MB 4729x6844 IMG_4576.JPG)
>>22354 I really don’t consider this belly bursting.
>>22367 Then find more
(94.00 KB 600x338 IMG_5407.JPG)
(105.50 KB 600x338 IMG_5408.JPG)
(5.03 MB 1520x832 Xeno.mp4)
>>22905 Do you have the original version?
>>23289 >>23289 I think that’s the original version
>>22905 love to see edit where you can see the burst
>>23289 Yeah this is the OG. Kind've a shame Lusty didn't do a full burst like in that other Xeno burst she did
>>23365 I keep thinking, she does it based on whoever commissioned them. She could do them more unless someone pays her to do it. Unless she hates bursting
(293.83 KB 827x1311 IMG_7045.JPG)
Dark Gathering actually animated that chapter with bursting and pretty much hid nothing https://aniwave.to/watch/dark-gathering.ojx05/ep-17
>>23648 honestly i thought they would censor that, big props to for the staff, they kept that scene in.
Some edits I made if someone can add some voice acting and or animations it could really take it to the next level here are the list feel free to screen record/download I can’t upload with the current format im using https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_9GsShFdyMDnn4-MjvpsTiD2WF1rIGTG/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KHQHIPtj6Va3-gaIYRX7Y2G0ogatdGlJ/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AQt6MyIst6XLrasGMRUzFgy-k1WA1iMk/view?usp=drivesdk I’ll try and do some more when I can
>>24102 That was pretty great, though I dont know how you managed to find the shittiest, lowest resolution and watermarked versions of those comics possible. The ones on his deviant art page arent as bad.
>>24123 The watermarks came from the shitty video software they were using. >>24102 Use higher res images, and "aquire" a copy of Filmora or Premiere or something.
>>23648 Clipped because I don't exactly trust that site. Burst #1 (2 flashbacks) Timestamp: 13:46
>>24211 Burst #2 (hallucination) Timestamp: 19:43
>>24296 Why is the first one locked?
>>24321 Try it now
>>24296 Can you do More from Mpregnator? like Hunting?, Teen Titans X aliens?, Gwen?, Mina And Tsu from MHA?
>>24296 >>24102 I fucking love these! Is it possible to do the mother and daughter hunting one?
>>24296 Can you also do the Carnosaur comics by MPregnator?
>>24296 Can you do more? And have you considered AI voice acting?
>>24713 yes but I doing as much as I can without paying but if someone who has the software already wants to add to it also like I said some animation and,or animate it that would be so dope cuz idk how
>>24720 Awesome
I was looking through the old archived thread and there were these animations by this guy called HorribleDeplorable/Kael777. Only one of the linked animations was saved, so does anybody know where I can find the rest?
(431.17 KB 2343x2427 90864173_p0.jpg)
(450.42 KB 2343x2427 90864173_p1.jpg)
(460.76 KB 2343x2427 90864173_p2.jpg)
(580.81 KB 2343x2427 90864173_p3.jpg)
>>24466 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ebbuq4mNqfdr5Wx1f4RMWDeXtBicy_Jz/view?usp=drivesdk I think the last one I’m going to do is the hunting one with the mother and daughter it’s getting harder and harder to make these unique so that might be the last one IDK
>>25061 Thanks for doing this one. Mpregnator put the mother and daughter comic and the other MHA comics on their Pixiv account.
>>25061 Can’t wait. You did an awesome job👍
>>25387 Nice one. Took almost toward the end of the comic to see the bursting
(165.87 KB 894x894 IMG_2618.JPG)
(150.66 KB 892x895 IMG_2619.JPG)
(140.91 KB 895x893 IMG_2620.JPG)
(153.15 KB 894x894 IMG_2621.JPG)
(124.26 KB 893x895 IMG_2622.JPG)
(137.60 KB 894x894 IMG_2623.JPG)
(134.02 KB 894x894 IMG_2624.JPG)
(133.29 KB 893x895 IMG_2625.JPG)
(119.51 KB 893x895 IMG_2626.JPG)
(93.23 KB 894x894 IMG_2627.JPG)
(110.53 KB 894x894 IMG_2628.JPG)
(129.38 KB 895x893 IMG_2629 2.JPG)
(142.44 KB 895x893 IMG_2630 2.JPG)