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(1010.75 KB 1020x1320 993581823.png)
X-Ray Thread4 Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/08/2022 (Fri) 15:00:06 Id:1dffbe No. 925
(333.92 KB 1280x1807 18323769_6020980_15.jpg)
>>19035 sauce?
(461.66 KB 1280x1920 7 (15).jpg)
(521.81 KB 1280x1808 104.jpg)
>>19308 source?
>>19312 [Mitsume no Mitsumame (Yoikorogashi)] Inyou no Gi https://exhentai.org/g/2631553/931679be2b/
(1.37 MB 1160x1620 110045904_p1.jpg)
(1.16 MB 1160x1620 110045904_p0.jpg)
https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/110045904#manga Hyperpreg + Xray/Ultrasound is a woefully underdone concept
>>19544 Packed to the BRIM.
>>19544 I like the description of the picture as well. Trap that hyper-charges a woman's ovaries, inseminates the eggs with sperm sourced from the town above, accelerates the pregnancy, then teleports the victim into the town's square.
>>19544 yo, didn't know a new battle royale just droped
>>19544 I recently commissioned that artist. I hope the result is as good.
(400.35 KB 1280x1791 siddn-27.jpg)
(4.03 MB 2423x3225 smr.jpg)
(386.62 KB 1280x1807 3 (7).jpg)
(609.77 KB 1280x1807 bt_061.jpg)
(628.07 KB 1280x1807 bt_065.jpg)
(1005.25 KB 1200x1600 mika_2_15.jpg)
(170.31 KB 1280x1694 nina-21.jpg)
(332.16 KB 1200x1500 1112003494.jpg)
(2.49 MB 2591x3624 1113321432.jpg)
(4.23 MB 2591x3624 1113321433.jpg)
(4.49 MB 2591x3624 1113321435.jpg)
(4.72 MB 2591x3624 1113321434.jpg)
>>2509 Source pls?
(426.34 KB 1355x1080 63.1.jpg)
(90.14 KB 550x650 63.2.jpg)
(98.71 KB 550x550 63.3.jpg)
I think this is Jigoku Sensei Nube. I thought there was one that was on Ninpuchan or something and I haven't found it since. Any ideas?
(699.77 KB 201x252 IMG_1692.gif)
(480.91 KB 1280x1901 icnp4-53.jpg)
>>20999 Yeah, it’s an old doujin from there. I know here name is Izuna Hazuki
(657.00 KB 1280x1889 23 (8).jpg)
(283.04 KB 1412x1000 F6IgPlla4AAMD1a.jpg)
(7.51 MB 4096x6144 109978856_p6.png)
(6.30 MB 4096x6144 110118537_p6.png)
(6.44 MB 4096x6144 110118820_p7.png)
(6.04 MB 4096x6144 110118537_p7.png)
Howto create more realistic cross-sections?
>>21468 wrong thread bro
(1.29 MB 2815x1987 F6TtySkaMAAa7ii.jpg)
>>21466 More more more!
>>21120 I recognize the artist - don't they make a lot of x--ray work? I wish more of it was translated into English.
(6.01 MB 4096x6144 110118820_p4.png)
>>21587 I dont like them. Still cant find or create good ones..
(212.75 KB 1000x1500 IMG_1787.jpeg)
(39.80 KB 400x377 IMG_1786.png)
(46.39 KB 500x362 IMG_1785.jpeg)
These always give me the desire to impregnate. My mom was a nurse and I would fap to illustrations. 🤷🏽
(443.41 KB 436x630 Pregnancy at 6 Weeks.png)
(349.80 KB 380x566 Pregnancy at 8 Weeks.png)
(356.14 KB 383x565 Pregnancy at 12 Weeks.png)
(402.81 KB 416x592 Pregnancy at 16 Weeks.png)
Everywoman and Her Body, by Derek Llewellyn-Jones
(429.95 KB 441x612 Pregnancy at 20 Weeks.png)
(435.15 KB 422x643 Pregnancy at 24 Weeks.png)
(451.71 KB 432x641 Pregnancy at 28 Weeks.png)
Everywoman and Her Body
(489.41 KB 448x677 Pregnancy at 32 Weeks.png)
(476.63 KB 446x675 Pregnancy at 40 Weeks.png)
(529.76 KB 455x706 Pregnancy at 36 Weeks.png)
Everywoman and Her Body
>>21621 I call it soft pr0n for kids thru public (middle or Jr high) school. Time to homeschool your kids, they are gonna get corrupted. xD
>>21659 I found that on the bookshelves in my parents' attic when I was a young teen. It may have been left there for me to find, that and Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask). The only 'talk' I ever got as a kid was "If you get a girl pregnant before you're married, I'll tie a knot in it you'll never get out," but between those two books I was pretty well informed.
(626.31 KB 2097x2964 51581556_89555648_25.jpg)
(587.93 KB 2097x2964 51581556_89555648_24.jpg)
(624.21 KB 2097x2964 51581556_89555648_23.jpg)
(602.94 KB 2097x2964 51581556_89555648_22.jpg)
(579.00 KB 2097x2964 51581556_89555648_13.jpg)
>>21880 Source?
>>21880 >>21890 Seconded extra sauce pls