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Simpsons Thread belliesrlovely 07/09/2022 (Sat) 18:09:04 Id:e2354f No. 980
Any pregnancy stuff related to The Simpsons.
(485.18 KB 1153x1627 beefc475ea2311b3.png)
(480.47 KB 1153x1627 lisasuccubus.png)
Succubus Lisa (Original + Edit)
>>15522 That's a very good edit!
>>14769 who is the artist on those last two pictures?
>>15648 are you sure? they have no Simpsons pics on that DA page.
>>15672 These were commissions, soo...do the math.
>>15673 then they would be there genius.
>>15689 Not really?
>>15689 You do realize that such things like private comms exist, right?
>>15626 Thanks!
>>15702 What on earth have you done!? My mcguppies became bazongas!!
>>17777 Is there a video of the image?
>>17788 If there is, I haven't found it yet...
>>17792 Ok I'm looking for it too
>>17820 That's actually very well made. lol
>>17820 Nice Thank you
would be interesting to see if someone could give marge a big belly
(219.56 KB 912x1925 Marge2.jpg)
>>19685 well that was easy
>>19685 Pregnant Marge makes my dick diamonds if you know what I mean.
>>19699 I don't know what you mean, please explain.
>>19701 The sight of a pregnant Marge Simpson turns his penis into a pile of diamonds.
(134.57 KB 1538x1201 Marge.jpg)
could someone give lisa a belly
>>19130 That is Comic Book Store Guy, and he's just got a big gut
>>19938 I need to know the artist! Also, can they draw an adult lisa and maggie like that? Alongside Brandine Spuckler?
>>1691 I know where this piece is from. It’s from an artist named “Tummy Gut.” I remember a preggo Marge piece from them too, but it’s long gone.
Anyone still have pictures of little lisa getting pregnant big, And there's a kick of a baby's little leg sticking out?​
(38.47 KB 1024x768 LisaTap (3).jpg)
>>20054 I just edit existing images, I don't normally draw new ones. The one of Marge in the mirror I found on rule34.xx as a non-preg and it didn't say the original author. Hope you've been enjoying my edits
>>20076 nice work! do you have any other lisa marge or maggie edits?
(296.70 KB 1920x1080 1642758389996-3b.jpg)
(88.15 KB 850x478 1642758389996-2b.jpg)
(428.07 KB 400x250 1652666338026.gif)
(63.23 KB 500x558 GereLisa.jpg)
(45.46 KB 720x404 lisaPic.jpg)
>>20079 I do. Some of the edits I did have already uploaded (which is great, but I might re-upload the whole image).
(73.55 KB 771x733 Marge1 (2).jpg)
(74.22 KB 771x733 Marge3 (2).jpg)
>>20085 >>20088 very nice anymore?
(1.48 MB 848x480 cj.mp4)
Are there any more fetal movements like this?
>>20735 Unfortunately I haven't seen any