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(1.07 MB 768x1366 103682955_p0.png)
(899.98 KB 768x1198 103974585_p0.png)
(1.11 MB 768x1366 103537793_p0.png)
3D thread, reborn MaiKatz14 02/12/2023 (Sun) 10:37:05 Id:04117e No. 11026
W...where's the original thread go? Anyway, post the preg pics that were made from 3D softwares. Blender, SFM, Koikatsu, u called it! Lemme start a new one here
>>11026 I hope couchy has backup for the lost threads
>>11027 what happened?
>>11031 some retard(s) posting fuckloads of Soyjak memes with all sorts of stupid themes
Dammit! I thought I saved the image of the 3D pregnant punk girl. Oh well. If anyone has it, please repost it.
>>11041 Nevermind. Found it!
(789.97 KB 1483x2400 Q8ALMAuN4tITnyxzptpLpFql.jpeg)
(434.37 KB 1006x1789 EmMVmStUcAEuknu.jpg)
(137.21 KB 1000x1000 EVf-vmPU0AACFTv.jpg)
(131.33 KB 1500x500 EZWAjw5U8AAtNBq.jpg)
>>11026 I was told earlier in this thread that NTR preg and BBC preg are not allowed, is that true? Is it not allowed even with spoilers?
>>11353 I don't see why not if this board allows loli I don't see why it wouldn't allow things like that
>>11189 ah, baritatsu... his 3d work is great but now he's being lazy and making AI art and selling it. I don't think he's going back to 3d stuff anymore.
>>11362 Loli, Mpreg, pregfur, yuri, aliens...this place has it.
(1.18 MB 1404x2482 75616643_p0.jpg)
(391.78 KB 1072x1222 1454660191904.jpg)
(371.62 KB 1395x917 1454655647551.jpg)
(460.97 KB 919x887 1454139572494.jpg)
(1.19 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-01-09-17-46-35-570.jpg)
(1.01 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-01-09-18-13-05-546.jpg)
(1.11 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-01-10-01-10-02-886.jpg)
(921.62 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-01-10-01-10-02-887.jpg)
(528.11 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-01-10-23-22-22-902.jpg)
(941.30 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2022-05-07-15-09-51-323.jpg)
(872.37 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2022-05-07-15-36-49-642.jpg)
(1021.82 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2021-09-13-00-14-24-856.jpg)
(991.78 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2021-10-11-04-40-32-324.jpg)
(711.39 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2022-05-07-15-36-49-644.jpg)
(972.84 KB 761x861 1g5ipIR.png)
(78.47 KB 847x900 1414157395449.jpg)
(2.78 MB 853x853 1486872146331.png)
(300.81 KB 782x540 yep.jpg)
(1.07 MB 929x774 2s24bHW.png)
>>11026 How to make birth scene in koikatsu? I just newbie
(946.65 KB 1366x768 98981152_p0.png)
(910.10 KB 1366x768 99002001_p0.png)
>>11964 Well, shortly, make a pregnant female character, spawn a smaller model as the baby, then put it on the female's crotch... Its hard, but try to be creative. I know u can do it!
>>11965 Can you give me tutorial or something like guide?
(832.55 KB 1200x1600 natalia-santos-gine-2.jpg)
(1.17 MB 1920x1080 Womb Breakers 1.jpeg)
(1.26 MB 1920x1080 Womb Breakers 2.jpeg)
(1.41 MB 1920x1080 Womb Breakers 3.jpeg)
Anyone know if HircineOak is still around?
(746.88 KB 768x1366 Rosa.png)
>>13969 Who is the artist?
>>13983 MaiKatz14
>>13985 Thanks!
(334.72 KB 1600x2132 darya-trushkina-sita-12.jpg)
(309.35 KB 1600x2132 darya-trushkina-sitar.jpg)
(1.90 MB 1920x1080 oc family (23).png)
(1.57 MB 1600x900 oc family (38).png)
(1.27 MB 1600x900 oc family (43).png)
(1.15 MB 1600x900 oc family (69).png)
(1.27 MB 1600x900 oc family (76).png)
here's some i made in kokatsu party.
>>13349 I am still around, not been able to do much artwork in the past few years even though I've brushed up on my sfm skills. About a year back I did start to set up some new ideas for pics, even a video or two and then personal stuff got in the way. But I lurk here and there and maybe someday I'll be making new stuff.
>>14141 Glad to see you're still here. Totally understand being busy, but I'll keep an eye out for when/if you start posting content again. Also do you mind if I repost some of your videos on sites like R34, Pornhub, etc. Or do you prefer everything to remain in your archive?
>>14249 You can repost my work! The whole reason I started making sfm stuff was that I wanted to see more preg content out there, and I've always made it for free, post away!
>>14252 do you still have your old stuff and if you do can set up a link to them all?
(1.91 MB 1920x1080 107246084_p23.png)
>>14495 Oh I know this one. He always makes pregnant pokemon heroines, and they r all amazing
>>14524 Didn’t you have a video of a futa Poison Ivy impregnating Harley Quinn who later gives birth to watermelon (if I remember correctly) or was it someone else?
(998.05 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-04-24-04-54-07-964.jpg)
(1007.78 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-01-27-02-23-06-337.jpg)
(604.97 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-04-24-04-49-58-742.jpg)
>>14612 That was someone else, I did make a few Harley pics over the years, and a few other characters birthing watermelons, but no watermelon birth videos yet.
>>14629 Ah, my apologies. I thought it was you.
(612.16 KB 3840x2160 001.jpg)
(749.05 KB 3840x2160 003.jpg)
(590.38 KB 3840x2160 004.jpg)
(1.19 MB 3840x2160 006.jpg)
(713.72 KB 3840x2160 007.jpg)
>>13349 Well THAT killed my boner pretty quick :/
>>14524 Dooood do u got the rest of the hogwarts stuff? Maybe even the ray stills?
>>14524 Good to see you're still around, Hircine.
(2.71 MB 1500x6000 Progressoftruth.jpg)
>>14815 :D Still here!
>>14826 Source?
>>14841 I wish there were sound effects
>>14831 Looks like Breedingduties.
>>14841 I need to afford that first lol
(308.23 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-04-29-16-35-08-297.jpg)
(807.08 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-04-29-18-26-50-731.jpg)
(527.60 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-04-27-17-14-11-605.jpg)
(751.17 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-02-07-15-59-10-935.jpg)
(459.76 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2021-10-27-14-32-51-632.jpg)
(397.29 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-02-07-15-44-29-495.jpg)
(757.82 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2022-05-14-17-15-28-749.jpg)
(4.67 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-02-07-18-27-35-871.png)
(371.98 KB 1280x720 cool.mp4)
I come bringing a gift: A huge collection of Baritatsu's 3D renders, directly from his Pixiv & Fanbox. It has preg and a little bit of non preg. He stopped doing 3D stuff and is only doing really lazy AI garbage now. So, enjoy everyone- download the folder, share it with your friends or just post it wherever. I'm sure he doesn't care anyway. https://mega.nz/folder/U5xnmDQb#thaEN5nbm9RPaBkaJ_XTng
https://www.youtube.com/@pregnantvirtuel/videos Interesting channel with some animations but sadly only on YT
>>16196 Love this, esp the 4th one. She has her friends. And every one around her just loves the way she looks.
>>14531 4th one is hot to look at. Pregnancy sex act in action.
>>16196 First Image
>>16200 Hold up
(1.57 MB 1984x768 107664936_p0.png)
(1.44 MB 768x1890 107664936_p1.png)
(1.08 MB 1146x1282 108672284_p0.png)
I already put this in the game thread but I think it might be near dead at this point so apologies for the cross post! The developer of The Weighting Game (a BBW fetish focused ren’py) is considering adding pregnancy content and has a poll opened until Saturday. I know the main focus is BBW and some of you may not enjoy that content but I think we can all agree more pregnancy is always better - you know what to do https://forum.weightgaming.com/t/the-weighting-game-wip-now-with-yet-another-poll/6626/4177
>>16196 Artist name?
Pregnant Beach episode plus some other ones i made, hope someone enjoys them.
>>16496 Name?
I made a new character Eliza and her maids.
>>16602 sauce?
Marrage and honeymoon with pregnant milfs
mom and daughter wants to become pregnant at the same time
>>14512 Do they have a page or something? Would love this scene Data
(1.22 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-06-13-04-39-10-422.jpg)
>>16309 nice, a woman should Jack Pot during orgasm.
>>11027 >>16880 Artist? Please
Tried to make Zenith and Lilia Greyrat from Mushoku Tensei could not make the clothes exactly like the anime.
>>16972 this is awesome though.... more plx?
>>16972 Why did you put AI in 3D thread?
because its a 3D render :P
>>16998 Oh, hey look, there's already an AI thread: >>15064 Stay in your fucking lane.
(516.30 KB 2100x3000 Untitled-4.jpg)
(516.49 KB 2100x3000 Untitled-5.jpg)
>>17199 part 2
(333.73 KB 2100x3000 Untitled-6.jpg)
>>17202 part 3
(834.12 KB 3840x2160 001.jpg)
(825.93 KB 3840x2160 002.jpg)
(873.60 KB 3840x2160 003.jpg)
(884.17 KB 3840x2160 004.jpg)
*These are NTR images, so they are all treated as Spoilers.* 1-4/12
(864.84 KB 3840x2160 005.jpg)
(901.13 KB 3840x2160 006.jpg)
(818.45 KB 3840x2160 007.jpg)
(950.90 KB 3840x2160 008.jpg)
(737.09 KB 3840x2160 009.jpg)
(945.19 KB 3840x2160 010.jpg)
(1.12 MB 3840x2160 011.jpg)
(1.03 MB 3840x2160 012.jpg)
9-12/12 thanks all.
>>17285 >>17286 >>17287 fat ugly bastards #1!
(4.20 MB 3840x2160 108774746_p0.png)
(2.51 MB 2802x2160 109258155_p5.png)
(133.70 KB 1280x800 20230625_235537.jpg)
>>17413 Can you make a deviantart or pixiv for your art instead of leaving it on a thread that will one day just get lost to time
(1.03 MB 3840x2160 add-001.jpg)
(874.98 KB 3840x2160 add-002.jpg)
(1.14 MB 3840x2160 add-003.jpg)
(762.47 KB 3840x2160 add-004.jpg)
>>17288 add 4 pics bro.
(1.23 MB 800x1280 109561353_p2.png)
(818.59 KB 1055x800 109561353_p5.png)
(541.78 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-07-16-05-39-31-353.jpg)
(860.04 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-07-16-05-38-23-684.jpg)
>>17461 Floating thread, but *Ugly Bastards Alert*
(75.98 KB 800x1280 20230716_085045.jpg)
>>18306 >She's standing up. I sleep. Other than that, fantastic stuff.
>>18306 i swear this bitch didnt do much at WFM, but she gain more attention than suletta, mio and the rest of female chara on WFM lmao
>>18333 Just like Mujina in SSSS.Dynazenon
>>11945 Source plz
>>11955 anybody know what happened to elcyian corp? when did they deactivate their deviantart account? also post more of their work if you have them.
(873.25 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-04-12-00-43-01-573.jpg)
(815.66 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-07-24-15-48-25-346.jpg)
>>18345 I am making these images with honeyselect2.
>>18685 Can you make one where they're pregnant but still wearing their clothes version?
(853.46 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-07-24-18-06-54-086.jpg)
Their clothing makes it difficult to tell if they are pregnant or not.
>>18690 That's really beautiful, thanks! Do you have no skirt model for 2B (the one after she does self destruct move)? If you have, can you make another with 2B alone for the last one?
(563.58 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-07-24-22-36-00-865.jpg)
(666.59 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-07-24-22-37-13-355.jpg)
>>18696 Thank you so much, i really appreciate it.
(660.57 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-07-24-23-49-07-719.jpg)
(864.64 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-07-25-00-24-10-508.jpg)
>>18699 Well boy u make me convinced
>>18701 Are you going to make a giving birth version?
(4.01 MB 1366x768 96308928_p0 (1).png)
>>18703 I...technically have? I mean, I'm interested in creating contents with Honey Select 2. Some of the characters I like don't look good in Koikatsu...
>>18699 Where did you download your HoneySelect 2? I want to get the repack but dont want to download like 30 pieces.
>>18797 U can find it here https://dl.betterrepack.com/public/#list-honeyselect2dx Indeed it has several parts, but u can torrent it from the magnet link provided. Its much safer and faster. If its ur first time torrenting, Youtube offers so many guides of it
(324.30 KB 2058x1536 E04RyASVEAAAdU6.jpg)
(185.07 KB 2048x1151 Edy9C0tUEAAsoFg.jpg)
(197.37 KB 2048x1297 FCbkGUKVkAEu6AB.jpg)
(269.97 KB 2048x1086 E1WLK83WYAgW6F5.jpg)
(186.79 KB 1101x2048 EVjgtVLUwAE1xWM.jpg)
(1.70 MB 1920x1080 2023_0602_1031_29840.png)
(1.77 MB 1920x1080 2023_0530_1143_59703.png)
(1.59 MB 1920x1080 2023_0526_0404_11066.png)
(1.57 MB 1920x1080 2023_0526_1107_04436.png)
(153.36 KB 1920x1080 breaktimeeee1080P.png)
I should share some of my stuff too... Made them with a modded version of Artificial Academy 2. I wanna move to Koikatsu but my laptop is a little old to run it sadly.
(413.81 KB 3840x2160 01.jpg)
(371.35 KB 3840x2160 02.jpg)
(790.16 KB 3840x2160 03.jpg)
(849.77 KB 3840x2160 04.jpg)
(851.47 KB 3840x2160 05.jpg)
(594.85 KB 722x800 20230811_162354.jpg)
(947.55 KB 1034x1200 afbeelding_2023-08-16_001155626.png)
(1011.98 KB 1200x1110 afbeelding_2023-08-16_001206219.png)
(716.75 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-08-26-02-50-28-465.jpg)
(488.95 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-08-26-03-10-23-475.jpg)
Pregnant mother and daughter
>>20691 got any links to follow?
(5.40 MB 1920x1080 Untitled-2.gif)
Lily's belly growing
(8.89 MB 1920x1080 Lily11.gif)
(2.09 MB 1017x1438 Takao beach.png)
Made this the other day.
(1.14 MB 1600x900 Untitled-1.gif)
(156.61 KB 1280x800 20230909_233955.jpg)
Its sad that preg Neptunia thread is gone again I'll start posting it here then...
(1.60 MB 1333x1438 Takao beach 2.png)
(1.18 MB 1249x1438 Takao beach 3.png)
>>20803 forgot to post these to edits of her
(673.38 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-09-10-12-54-05-522.jpg)
(595.91 KB 2160x3043 HS2_2023-09-10-13-20-05-077.jpg)
(639.33 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-09-10-13-01-56-054.jpg)
I recently made some images featuring Toki from SMTIV Apocalypse in AA2. Here's some of em.
Pregnant Tomboy Milf
What ever happened to Penny?
>>21044 She's busy taking Art Class, but still posting stuffs on her twitter rarely
(7.15 MB 1600x900 test 2.gif)
(172.24 KB 1280x800 20230913_113502.jpg)
(4.63 MB 1600x900 Untitled-1.gif)
Lillian and Kairi as Milfs
(572.02 KB 3195x2160 01.jpg)
(619.21 KB 3267x2160 02.jpg)
(1.04 MB 2160x3380 03.jpg)
>>20803 >>20979 Nice pics, Images of happy pregnant women are good.
(1.59 MB 1309x1440 Mama WA2000.png)
(2.35 MB 1507x1440 Mama WA2000 Beach.png)
Here's two different ones I did of WA2K recently.
(2.20 MB 1287x1438 Mama WA2000 beach 1.png)
Made another one with WA2K but in the water. I do have bigger alts but dunno if I should post them here.
(619.46 KB 3840x2160 003.jpg)
(469.75 KB 3840x2160 005.jpg)
(592.17 KB 3840x2160 006.jpg)
(405.83 KB 3840x2160 007.jpg)
(670.57 KB 3840x2160 010.jpg)
*BBC Alert* all 10 pics set. https://files.catbox.moe/r7c752.zip
(122.38 KB 1080x1080 F7c5kJgbMAAHmTt.jpg)
Finally got a new laptop, so I've moved from AA2 to Koikatsu. I don't have much to share but these. Hopefully I can make something good soon.
(4.12 MB 2560x1440 Super mama WA2K.png)
Made this for someone last week. Had fun with it.
(545.47 KB 2160x3194 HS2_2023-10-16-17-36-17-361.jpg)
(1.54 MB 1050x1440 Mama Takao Onsen.png)
(1.75 MB 1152x1440 Mama Takao Onsen 2.png)
(1.70 MB 1265x1440 Mama Atago Onsen 3.png)
(2.31 MB 1412x1440 Mama Atago Onsen.png)
(2.93 MB 1851x1440 Mamas Atago and Takao Onsen.png)
(156.98 KB 800x1280 20231017_083047.jpg)
Tried new POV FOV things And u deserve a veteran discount if u recognize this girl
>>22957 I remember the war. It still goes on till this day its even spreading to other areas
>>22957 Nanako! :D
>>22149 cool
(1.86 MB 2560x1440 Sleepy Mama WA.png)
(1.56 MB 7680x3896 イラスト_1.jpg)
(1.05 MB 991x796 112976127_p0.jpg)
(798.36 KB 1255x796 113038379_p0.jpg)
(638.70 KB 749x796 113097491_p0.jpg)
(782.60 KB 1278x796 113119286_p0.jpg)
(604.09 KB 876x796 113072187_p0.jpg)
https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3112505/artworks Just found this artist. Will watch their career with great interest.
>>22957 I was there... I was there three thousand years ago.
Here's some KK stuff i made recently.
(1.71 MB 1748x2480 Eula_Birth_Story_1.png)
(1.12 MB 1593x1205 IMG_20231103_084646.png)
A teaser for my new doujin project Anyone can give me ideas for the title?
>>23979 An unexpected vengeance?
(607.88 KB 7680x3896 img20231109214431_result.jpg)
(503.70 KB 800x800 Nanako_Serena.png)
The heroines from the infamous game VH
>>24394 Artist?
>>24399 MaiKatz14
>>24439 Thanks!
I love your videos, I have searched many websites and there isn't much, would you mind if I published your content on rule34 and sankaku? so that everyone has access >>14141 >>14524
(1.28 MB 3840x2160 019.jpg)
(1015.39 KB 3840x2160 021.jpg)
(909.38 KB 3840x2160 022.jpg)
(510.52 KB 3840x2160 018.jpg)
(729.90 KB 3840x2160 023.jpg)
*Ugly Bastard Alert*
(1.06 MB 3840x2160 024.jpg)
(945.78 KB 3840x2160 025.jpg)
(964.43 KB 3840x2160 026.jpg)
(1.19 MB 3840x2160 027.jpg)
(864.88 KB 3840x2160 030.jpg)
*Ugly Bastard Alert* all 30 pics set. https://files.catbox.moe/848y9h.zip
>>24961 Very nice who’s the artist?
>>24960 >>24961 As ugly bastards go, seems like he's treating her surprisingly well, so I'd call him more of an ugly guy than an ugly bastard.
(654.31 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-11-20-13-31-48-545.jpg)
>>24965 This image was created by me in the Honey Select 2 studio. The only place that will gladly accept these images is pregchan.
>>24997 Aw man. But anyways thank you for your work
(772.62 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-11-19-02-47-38-662.jpg)
(813.40 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-11-20-21-28-25-390.jpg)
>>24966 >I'd call him more of an ugly guy than an ugly bastard. I am sure he would be grateful to you. As a reward, I will send you two X-Ray pregnancy images.
>>25024 Bless you for the Marianne content
(102.14 KB 1280x760 holyshit.png)
anyone know where to find this, or got this set/comic?
>>25111 dlsite.com hanzohatori Next next generations bonus final episode
>>14524 Hey heads up, the links downed.
(593.28 KB 3840x2160 016.jpg)
(1.04 MB 3840x2160 025.jpg)
>>25045 I will give you the URL of the completed image set. https://files.catbox.moe/j3hwz2.zip Enjoy her pregnancy.
>>25173 Thank You very much for the Marianne content.
(1.21 MB 1920x1080 GPD.webm)
Made this for Good Pregnancy Day.
(2.97 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2023-11-18-22-11-34-684.png)
>>24997 Honey Select 2 thread? Hell yeah!
(2.10 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2023-08-29-05-56-03-575.png)
(2.20 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2023-11-01-23-33-57-616.png)
(2.39 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2023-11-01-23-36-23-347.png)
(2.49 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2023-11-01-22-49-52-522.png)
Some low effort stuff from Honey Select 2
(585.49 KB 768x768 20231124_102745.jpg)
(1.16 MB 1600x900 part 3(81).png)
(1.00 MB 1600x900 part 3(83).png)
(1.02 MB 1600x900 part 3(85).png)
(797.28 KB 1600x900 part 3(91).png)
(654.81 KB 1600x900 part 5(17).png)
(630.54 KB 1600x900 part 5(18).png)
(968.46 KB 1600x900 part 5(19).png)
(5.39 MB 2560x1440 IMG_5840.png)
Guess I should put some of my own koikatsu work here to, its 3D after all
>>26025 Because who doesn’t want to make a pod with Lily?
>>25114 the ones with the snake eggs? look different though
>>26025 Hey, how did you add the belly buttons?
>>26099 I just add the water droplet item and put it in the belly button area (don't forget to color it of coarse). its always a bit weird to get right
(1.37 MB 3840x2160 001.jpg)
(1.16 MB 3840x2160 002.jpg)
(769.52 KB 3840x2160 003.jpg)
(1.11 MB 3840x2160 004.jpg)
(692.88 KB 3840x2160 005.jpg)
(650.43 KB 3840x2160 006.jpg)
(748.73 KB 3840x2160 007.jpg)
(697.31 KB 3840x2160 008.jpg)
(1.35 MB 3840x2160 009.jpg)
(850.95 KB 3840x2160 010.jpg)
Hircineoak Mega link is not working?
>>26161 >>26162 so good you have a pixiv or something ?
(753.14 KB 3840x2160 008.jpg)
(729.69 KB 3840x2160 009.jpg)
(624.18 KB 3840x2160 010.jpg)
(542.66 KB 3840x2160 011.jpg)
Here is the new DL link. https://files.catbox.moe/f4z3ez.zip >>26791 And no, I don't have a pixiv or social networking account. I am making these images for Pregchan/3D thread. Have a great rest of the year bro.
(741.10 KB 890x768 114709796_p0.png)
(593.53 KB 3840x2160 015.jpg)
(834.99 KB 3840x2160 017.jpg)
(508.78 KB 3840x2160 018.jpg)
(911.53 KB 3840x2160 019.jpg)
(787.40 KB 3840x2160 021.jpg)
*BBC Fetishes Alert* I made 21 images in total and uploaded them to CatBox. https://files.catbox.moe/u3l27t.7z
>>27092 Do you have a Pixiv or Twitter?
Schwarz Belly
>>27092 Even if it isn’t Marianne this is some good work, glad to see you are still doing pictures.
(3.57 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-08-00-32-28-362.jpg)
(2.84 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-07-23-51-38-894.jpg)
(2.60 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-08-00-07-03-671.jpg)
Happy belated New Year anons.
(1.75 MB 2250x1536 114952184_p0.png)
(1.24 MB 1361x1439 AS-44 Mama 1.png)
(1.25 MB 1387x1425 AS-44 Mama 3.png)
When you remember the liter size for rabbits after you already got them pregnant
(1.38 MB 1600x900 May (138).png)
(1.40 MB 1600x900 May (137).png)
heikatsu art is just a budget AI art
>>28000 If ur point is valid, then other 3D programs such as Dasz, Source Filmmaker, and even Blender count as "budget AI art" since all of them can produce pictures with customizable features and such...
>>27092 i lost my edge streak
anyone knows whats of icarus illustration? he's been radio silent for a few months now
>>28000 Your statement is retarded. Please consider getting a lobotomy, maybe then you could make a valid point.
>>28197 Who knows. Last news most heard was that after his father passed, he was having health problems that prevented him from being able to sit down for extended periods of time.
(956.54 KB 1559x768 115365013_p0.png)
>>28459 any more artists east or west for this? like multiple fathers/unknown fathers where the mother doesn't know
>>28463 can be 3d or 2d too, just looking for more like that in general of dubious/unknown paternity because of a lot of partners
Have some simple images i made recently.
(709.39 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-27-03-12-25-614.jpg)
(758.68 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-27-01-31-48-512.jpg)
(610.14 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-26-16-44-55-659.jpg)
"You idiot BAKA-Asai ! I'm not on birth control ! "
>>28711 Are you the same guy with this? >>18690 /c34a04
(741.12 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-27-14-01-17-149.jpg)
(704.11 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2022-05-30-18-01-34-629.jpg)
>>28723 yeah, bro. I'm still continuing to produce images to put on Pregchan.
>>28734 I see, can i request Yurie from Nier Reincarnation? It's sadden me hearing the game is announcing End of Service, so i want to request a 3D pregnant Yurie fanart, that's also if you have her 3d model/can find her 3d model to render it (i think i saw some in nexus mod). Alternatively, the usual skirtless 2B is fine.
(728.51 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-27-16-57-49-938.jpg)
(139.07 KB 820x1270 nr-yurie-abstract-ruler.jpg)
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a HS2 mod for the character Yurie yet. I thought about diverting Commander's face and changing the skin, hair and clothes, but that wouldn't satisfy many people. And to see Yurie's face I did a search but for some reason could only find strange images. Sorry.
(242.60 KB 614x1560 ch025001_full (1).png)
>>28739 Ah my bad, i didn't give you reference/example image of her, also i found the nexus mod link: https://www.nexusmods.com/nierautomata/mods/296 But yeah since her model isn't available in HS2, I'll just request more 2B with her normal outift minus/without her skirt (like this one >>18696), still thank you for the commander 3d fan art.
(573.38 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-28-01-54-17-304.jpg)
(694.74 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-27-16-27-01-663.jpg)
(943.73 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2022-11-26-01-11-34-684.jpg)
If I have another chance I will try to make a 2B image as well.
(1.02 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-28-14-17-13-918.jpg)
(308.36 KB 640x360 kiOD4FIb3HdR6BFS.mp4)
New animation!
>>28766 Thank you for another piece of beautiful art.
>>28768 Source or higher quality? I need it
>>28766 Source?
(688.80 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-29-14-17-17-187.jpg)
>>28778 Honey Select 2 Studio. >>28770 enjoy bro.
(446.79 KB 2160x3068 HS2_2024-02-03-14-31-15-966.jpg)
>>29005 Oh very nice pose indeed
(568.76 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-02-04-00-21-12-812.jpg)
>>29010 She wants you to carry her to bed because she is unable to stand up due to the intense sex she had with you.
>>29017 Plenty of fun was had by all, now I wait as she recovers for round 2
(703.76 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-01-09-15-54-08-387.jpg)
There was one preg-image I forgot to post, enjoy.
Please put up sexy pregnancy.
>>29024 Early pregnancy for her
(837.66 KB 3840x2160 001.jpg)
(656.17 KB 2941x2160 002.jpg)
(386.06 KB 2718x2160 003.jpg)
>>29022 It seems that a woman witnessed you and Marianne having sex.
(527.59 KB 3840x2160 004.jpg)
(806.31 KB 3840x2160 005.jpg)
(1.03 MB 3840x2160 006.jpg)
(1.08 MB 3840x2160 007.jpg)
>>29213 She has a friend now. I like the pubic hair you gave them and the fact you gave Mercedes her timeskip clothing with her academy hair, it is very nice
does anyone know where the artist "Time egg" when ? i cant find them on pixiv anymore
>>29405 most likely got banned by pixiv staff because of their shit rules. I have some images saved from before.
>>29412 also if you suddenly can't see some content you might be a area where pixiv is region blocking certain works with certain tags (mostly in relation to underage) depending on region now and you'll have to set your region to japan or something it's mostly to sidestep what's not illegal in japan but is in other parts of the world.
>>29414 You can circumvent that by changing your region to Japan in account settings. Maybe they already fixed that workaround...
i'll post the rest i have L8R.
(1.41 MB 1438x1438 Cooking WAMA.png)
She burna da food
Do you have all the illustrations before Pixiv removed them?
I already verified and they deleted the time egg pixiv account.
>>29467 Sorry guv, I didn't grab all of the images that egg had. Just a few i have sitting in an sd card for a while. I could upload em on a MEGA folder if you dudes want em
It's okay bro, it doesn't matter if you're more or less updated since the last post he made, it's okay. upload everything you have
The truth is that it is a shame that they have deleted the creator's account and the worst of all is that they are doing it with more artists
It'll be easier if i did this: https://mega.nz/folder/9wBVwa4b#r96p8mMJDdX0pLHa4D6-EQ here's some stuff egg made it isn't much but, go ahead and download it all. there's some normal stuff here and there among the preg stuff.
(678.64 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-02-11-17-49-12-383.jpg)
>Pixiv removed them I have sympathy for him. In my case I don't have a Pixiv or social networking account so I can upload my images to this thread as long as Pregchan doesn't BAN me.
(3.75 MB 2048x1360 115951160_p0.png)
(3.44 MB 2048x1360 115951160_p1.png)
(1003.44 KB 1293x768 115970791_p0.png)
(1.18 MB 1538x768 115970791_p1.png)
Special Lunar New Year The Dragon Year is here!
>>29525 anyone have access to their patreon/ kemono?
they make da chocolate for valentines
How to put a baby in charastudio or neostudio?
Sandsage122 makes some really good art on Pixiv.
>>29764 Such a shitty, unimaginative render set.
>>29768 Rude
(2.26 MB 2685x2084 116180415_p0.jpg)
(837.14 KB 3840x2096 116180415_p5.jpg)
(1.94 MB 3840x2096 116180415_p26.jpg)
(4.94 MB 3840x2096 116181431_p2.jpg)
From プリズム or Prismatic_Ace on twitter, just found this creator on Pixiv really good uploads so far
>>29913 They post more actively on Twitter under the same name. Pixiv is an archive for completed works.
>>29739 Uhh U make the girls pregnant?
(645.68 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-02-22-02-48-28-019.jpg)
(884.35 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-02-22-13-37-20-994.jpg)
>>30106 Matching bellies
(2.82 MB 1865x1135 image_2024-02-22_191139110.png)
Oh boy my first time posting on /d/, I'm super new to Koikatsu party, and this was just a test to figure stuff out, Any advice would be greatly appreciated
>>30144 Looks pretty nice. Hoodie is a cool touch.
(2.27 MB 2560x1440 Mama Hinoka 1.png)
mama hinoka for the raffle winner
(1007.64 KB 1778x983 image_2024-02-23_005241536.png)
Messing around with K.P a little bit more, made a part two of my first photo, I was gonna post this on the cookie run thread, but that place is always collapsing in on itself
>>30144 If you need some advice you can add me on discord. heoll_
>>30152 She’ll be a good mama
(1.94 MB 1813x1033 image_2024-02-23_190848285.png)
Back at again, this time I just wanted to test out some shader options, Character is Peach Cookie from Cookie Run
>>30144 >>30161 >>30206 Go back to your containment thread
>>30315 What
>>30325 Call it a hunch but I think that anon thinks your Fossil samefagging, you are only other on3 on that thread after all
>>30327 Nah, I'm not Fossil, I just know him because we're both in a cookie run discord, I wasn't aware he had some kinda reputation here until recently
>>30392 Bump buddies...bump buddies! That's so cute.
(5.80 MB 2304x3840 menaceeeee.png)
Hooowaaa! Have some preg Menace. Egyptian ladies are fucking hot, hell yeah.
>>30161 >>30144 >>30206 Looks nice, keep at it and find your groove. Not sure what's going on with the blurry image, but you can adjust screenshot resolution with left shift + F11 if you have the plug-in installed. Take your screenshots with F11, that'll fully render out the image properly unlike the F9 one.
(184.74 KB 1920x2815 ain_016.jpg)
(431.23 KB 2187x2719 k_028.jpg)
(142.62 KB 1922x2565 d_129.jpg)
(290.42 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-03-04-02-51-29-726.jpg)
(961.09 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-03-04-03-01-10-783.jpg)
After a huge orgasm and long ecstasy she foresaw pregnancy.
does anyone has hanzohatori collection ?
>>30654 Fun night they had. I wonder how long they had fun for?
(854.55 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-03-06-23-21-28-466.jpg)
>>30764 He would be able to continue having sex until both ladies fell asleep after their orgasms.
(2.38 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2024-03-06-23-25-59-7042.png)
(206.33 KB 1920x1080 20240308_064301.jpg)
(463.60 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-03-08-12-49-20-422.jpg)
(591.50 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-03-08-03-04-08-487.jpg)
(478.06 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-03-08-03-05-38-709.jpg)
>>30767 She thought that her two friends were being raped by the man, but then she realized that this was not the case. After that, she began to indulge in lewd fantasies of being raped by "that man" every night.
(639.30 KB 3840x2160 004.jpg)
(919.49 KB 3840x2160 005.jpg)
(713.69 KB 3840x2160 006.jpg)
(695.54 KB 3840x2160 008.jpg)
She was no longer satisfied with masturbation alone and begged him to have sex with her, and thus became the newest member of the group. Being the fair man that he is, he gave all three women the same amount of sexual pleasure and a chance at pregnancy.
>>30877 Lucky man. And I guess those 3 can call the pregnancies a group project
(220.79 KB 2153x1080 20240309_014539.jpg)
(374.70 KB 3840x2160 add-01.jpg)
(779.64 KB 3840x2160 add-02.jpg)
(1.09 MB 3840x2160 add-03.jpg)
(569.96 KB 3840x2160 add-04.jpg)
>>30889 Anyway, my FE3 story images are done for now, and as a thank you for your patience with my boring pictures, I present you with an image of Marianne, who was unused in the series.
Whoo yeah its been a hot minute since I've hit this thread, the whole "I'm Fossil" thing kinda scared me off, but, for now, I'm back! And I come with gifts, or well.. One. After a friend requested it, I made a Sorbet Shark Cookie card for their AU, I decided to say "Fuck it" and upload it here, I'll admit, this is my first time making a public card so please don't stone me if I messed something up. Go bananas, just make sure you credit me, happy pregging! https://db.bepis.moe/koikatsu/view/329283
(203.39 KB 1920x1080 20240310_142045.jpg)
>>30971 Dont let a silly ass thing scare ya like that lol just do your thing man
(93.46 KB 800x660 huge1.jpg)
I have no idea where this is from but it's really old
>>31109 That looks like Jag27's art. He would do masses of 3D comics, with pregnant or BBW art.
>>31113 well with that hint I was able to find it, it's called Cyberion Nation. Thanks man, although this particular scene doesn't appear in the comic for whatever reason, it's the same characters.
Alright /d/, Dark or White Chocolate?
(943.60 KB 1615x1150 image_2024-03-14_075354883.png)
Alright /d/, Dark or White Chocolate?
>>31260 whoops mb, Must have posted it twice
WAMA tum
(1.02 MB 1518x1439 WAMA rubbin tum.png)
>>31318 would be there if pregchan let me upload it
>>31320 try upload it somewhere else and post the link here
(640.62 KB 2160x3840 HS2_2022-04-20-03-01-51-998.jpg)
(374.52 KB 4096x2044 GJiDFFaXYAEJrhN.jpg)
Art by Zaknimb
>>32115 Man... That's perfect.
(933.71 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-03-30-15-59-21-465.jpg)
>>32261 looks incredible, but the dithering on the hair looks a little odd.
>>32261 Lovely Aerith
(485.30 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-04-01-04-37-21-952.jpg)
(627.06 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-04-01-04-10-25-174.jpg)
Long time no see. I have suffered from the Texas Rule for quite a while.
>>32310 No problem, I greatly appreciate your works
(1.16 MB 1600x900 animation(1).png)
(1.44 MB 1080x1080 Princess.png)
>>32652 Who made this?
>>32657 This is a really good render! Can’t wait to see what more you’ll make! Hopefully you’ll make some of the other princesses and or Samus!
>>32657 I would love to see Midna in imp form and Purah.
(5.09 MB 2160x2160 Daisy.png)
(4.91 MB 2160x2160 Rosalina 2.png)
Hey Hircine can I get a drive or mega file of your videos or pictures please? Well if you're still here that is?
Bun if you have Hircine's may I please watch them i've been searching for his videos for a long while.
(965.18 KB 1080x1080 peppemintr.png)
good, bad? trying to establish a style
>>32928 It's an interesting style. The eyes look a little weird, they look painted on, but that's alright.
>>32928 eyes and expressions could use some improvements. i thought your stuff was ai generated lol
(2.89 MB 1080x1920 Sin títulodeffdaf.png)
Pregnant women in Code Vein are real
>>32939 Oh, very nice
>>32939 Is this a mod or just an image?
>>33014 The dress is from a mod, the belly is made with vanilla accessories
>>33043 Oh cool. Which ones might I ask?
>>33099 My mistake; I meant which vanilla accessories make you look like you have the belly. Thanks for the link though, that's cool.
>>33102 Oh, no worries. I have used 3 jack o' lantern and one blindfold for the lower belly
>>33110 Thanks!
(671.51 KB 727x1080 Purahbg.png)
(1.06 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-04-16-22-42-38-922.jpg)
(1.07 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-04-16-23-13-32-177.jpg)
Pregnant bellies of cartoon/game characters are also very nice.
>>33194 >>31115 Actually that scene does show up in the comic, I still have all 7 parts of sybian nation, but missing some pages or don't have them properly organized. This particular scene is page 5 of part 5.
I didn't expect to see my work here, it's really amazing LOL>>17309
>>33204 The stuff you've been putting out recently has been really neat. Lots of fetal movement and some growth, love it. If you ever felt like trying your hand at some more rapid pregnancy stuff I'd love to see it.
>>33204 I'm so glad to see your stuff here, too!
(1.80 MB 1080x1920 asdasfasf.png)
I have more of this
Of course, but what I've been working on lately is a group diagram of three characters >>33205
Haha, it's you, the ghoul that often appears in my comment section>>33220
>>33204 Nice of you to join the thread bro, lmao
(1.74 MB 1455x1440 eepy mama G28 1.png)
(1.78 MB 1493x1440 eepy mama G28 2.png)
(1.55 MB 1546x1440 eepy mama G28 3.png)
Good ol eepy G28
(2.78 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2023-08-28-21-37-41-731.png)
(3.05 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2024-01-05-06-46-19-416.png)
(2.38 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2023-11-01-23-34-21-612.png)
>>33204 im still surprised to never have seen my work here outside of the Type Moon thread, but i also don't advertise ig lol >>33325 yerr
>>33655 >>33655 Where this typemoon thread from
>>33701 probably this >>13467
>>33701 >>33702 Ohhh You were the one that did Ishtar image and mash, boudica, scathach one?
(1.50 MB 1815x2000 edit.png)
>>33655 yoooooo Dia my dudeeeee
>>33703 >>33703 I meant to dia oops
>>33703 if it was Ishtar holding her stomach in a flesh cave, yes. i've never done the other characters though
>>33718 I would love to see more of others in the future if you can :D
(107.02 KB 1058x800 20240423_044739.jpg)
>>33703 If u meant the creator of this picture, that would be me
(1.79 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-03-24-01-07-28-147.jpg)
(925.19 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-04-25-03-57-31-979.jpg)
(472.59 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-08-06-14-39-32-837.jpg)
(955.23 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-04-23-22-45-10-274.jpg)
(671.39 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-05-31-03-36-39-377.jpg)
Perhaps the image should really be posted in the Evangelion thread, but I would like to assist in the 3D thread.
(2.17 MB 1920x1080 HS2_2024-05-02-22-24-31-446.png)
Hey Hircine! I´ve been searching your videos for years (in concrete the one where fran is laying eggs and the skyrim one), I cant belive i´ve just found you, could you reupload the mega link or send some kind of another link pls?
(664.66 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-05-09-01-42-03-948.jpg)
(739.39 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-05-09-01-49-27-779.jpg)
*BBC alert*
Very nice 2B images, i wonder if ppl already convert nier reincarnation 3d models yet
(842.62 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-05-12-15-04-34-277.jpg)
(877.85 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-05-12-15-42-14-934.jpg)
How many is the R: limit for pregchan threads? Thanks to >>11026 for starting this thread, but perhaps the end of the party is near.
(303.95 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-07-20-09-53-26-096.jpg)
(1.39 MB 3840x2160 HS2_2023-09-04-03-13-40-225.jpg)
(544.14 KB 3840x2160 HS2_2024-05-13-18-33-01-134-2.jpg)