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Welcome one and all to the seventh or eightieth story that I am pleased to announced a story about the pregnant adventures of your lovely ladies of the sea.

Your name is Admiral Dusk. A new recruit in the fleet's command structure combining multiple nationalities such as Americans, Japanese, Chinese and you, a British representative.

The Admirals that have formed the alliance were spread thin and you are stepping in to fill a gap and maybe create a rather considerable fleet to fight against Abyssal Fleet.

"Admiral, this way please. your first recruit are waiting for you"

You follow the man through the hallway and to a safe.

"why is there a safe?" you say exactly what you had on your mind.

"this is to keep any Abyssal Fleet agent out of the fleet HQ and away from the girl who you will be commanding" the man said as she punched in the code and turned the lock. the safe door creaked open slightly with the man opening the door the rest of the way. He gestured to you to go first. on the other side of the door you see a giant room full with computer screens and a navel war table in the centre of it all.

"The girls are this way sir" he open a door and you step through.

"greeting." you hear in unison as five girls bow before you.

"This is Fubuki Kai Ni or Ni as she like to be known" he point to the one in the school girl uniform and the black hair and she bowed.

"That there is Murakumo Kai Ni" "HUM" she huffs and looks away.

"aaaah ok and this is Sazanami Kai" he point to the little girl who didn't even look like she was out of junior school and also had light pink hair. she smile childishly at you.

"this is…." the little girl shuddered. she was even younger that Sazanami and by the looks of it pretty shy " Inazuma Kai"

"And last but not least Samidare" she point and the girl who was smile and brimming with confidence.

"Nice to meet you" you were not that accustomed to the Japanese system and bow slightly out of embarrassment.

"Now that you have meet the girls you must choose which one to start your fleet and assist in the fight."

"uuuuum what."

"it is simple admiral." Fubukia steps forward "you must pick one of us. the rest can be recruited later but it is up to you for who the first one shall be." she showed a lot of intelligent and was very upfront about the whole thing. " you can pick due to class of ship we are or who you feel pleases you more." Inazuma blushed and tried to hide her face.

Who ever you choose will be the starting of a glorious pregnant armada



Girls status:


materials and supply:
Fuel: 300
Ammo: 400
Steel: 100
Bauxite: 100
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e8655 No.26913

Option 3.

6ec76 No.26916

Option 1

d4b37 No.26919

Option 2

a5077 No.26921

Option 2

c368b No.26971

File: 1492443374130.jpg (150.9 KB, 580x820, __musashi_kantai_collectio….jpg)

The admiral looked at Musashi as she allowed Hoppo to sit on her. Titling yourself she notices and turns her head towards you. she tries to hold in laughter as she see you all red. "Hey Musashi? How is Kongou?"

"She- SHe- she Fine." She continued trying holding her laugh in as hoppo rest on her now seemly asleep. "Shes- Shes a bit- adjusted that she couldn't- come back." She could not hold it in anymore as she burst out laughing which woke Hoppo "Ah your face!Is so red!" She laughed While pointing.

"Ha ha very funny but im serious. how are the two." You try to act serious as you place your hand on her thighs… you then start to get adventure as you touch your own juices and slide it around Musashi as she continues her giggle fit. You hands got as close to her vagina but pulled back thinking better but….was it already too late…..a great amount poured from Hoppo into Musashi and she didnt even notice. You decided to stay put and allow her to laught it off which didnt take too long as she layed her head on your shoulders with tears of joy in her eyes. "Ah admiral you are a laught. i should stay here."

"Dont say that. you are needed at main base." You sight.

"Yeah your right" Musashi says as he stand up and places Hoppo on your lap. "i'll stay for a bit….just to help out." She said as she walked to the door of the sauna. "Thanks for the Laugh."

>1: head to the school

>2: head to the mission room
>3: wash off fully you dirty man!

e8655 No.26993

Option 2.
Time to get the fleet in gear!

ea684 No.27010

Option 2

f7a43 No.27071

option 2

ea684 No.28127

Hopefully everything alright

c368b No.28182

Im fine dear

c368b No.28597

File: 1496322899473.jpg (60.17 KB, 850x480, tenryuu111.jpg)

Admiral Dusks quickly dress's himself as he rushes off to the Mission room to great the Fleet. There they all stood and looked at him with all the sweat glazed over him.

"Sir…are you ok?" Tenryuu said as she walked close to him.

"Yeah. Just had a close encounter at the spa." He smiled as she nodded and gave the report.

"We went along the coast like and scoured the seas. We found old wrecks of vessel long outdated so we scrapped parts and brought them back." Tenryuu grinned as she pointed at Samidare who with the help of Mikazuki lugged in a box full with resources.

"Great!" The admiral smiled as he looked at Samidare and winked to encourage her. "I say rest for the day. We shall start agian tomorrow." She said out loud. He looked about and wondered who he should spend time with.

materials and supply:
Fuel: 340 + 100 = 440
Ammo: 420 + 100 = 520
Steel: 110 + 100 = 210
Bauxite: 100 + 100 = 200

Level up! (1-10)
Tenryuu: Tenryuu Class Light Cruiser-Level Up Lv1 - lv2
Tatsuta: Tenryuu Class Light Cruiser-Level up Lv1 - lv2
Samidare: Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer- Level up Lv3 - Lv 4
Mikazuki: Mutsuki Class Destroyer- Level up Lv2 - Lv 3

Tenryuu: Tenryuu Class Light Cruiser- 1/ 10
Tatsuta: Tenryuu Class Light Cruiser- 2/10
Samidare: Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer- 10/10! Something levels up!
Mikazuki: Mutsuki Class Destroyer- 8/10

Samidare curled forward as some strange force made her throw up! A strange tingle happened within her belly!


>1) Help Samidare! something is wrong.

>2) allow the medical ship to deal with it. Go talk to the fleet leader…Tenryuu
>3) Have a chat with The sexy yet sadistic sister, Tatsuta.
>4) head over to the other destroyer and chat.

2 vials of Botehara no kessei (serum of belly growing)
4 Worm creatures (suggest a name if you want….also hoppo might know what it is about.)

c368b No.28598

File: 1496323059900.png (32.98 KB, 757x1404, samidare preg (impregnatio….png)

For anyone wanting to know.

c368b No.28599

File: 1496323083552.png (16.68 KB, 554x930, Preg (impregnantion).png)

This is…

c368b No.28600

File: 1496323136113.png (8.5 KB, 258x451, preg Hoppo (Impregnantion).png)

How it starts!

All three of these pictures are part of the story…showing how these three got pregnant!

3ffd3 No.28604

Option 1
Do we have carrier class?

c368b No.28605


029c3 No.28635

Option 1

d6792 No.29006

File: 1497287046334.jpg (67.2 KB, 708x1000, __samidare_kantai_collecti….jpg)

Samidare breathed heavily as She put her hand on her stomach. The admiral rushed over to her and the rest of the fleet gathered round.

"Samidare! whats wrong?!?" The admiral asked in a panic as Samidare pulled up her shirt to show her belly. Nothing Visible was happening to the naked eye but…. A strange surge made Samidare curl forward. Hoppo saw this….and just let it be, she knew exactly what it was and smiled to herself.

"Nothing Sir." Samidare blushed as Tenryuu picks up the little Destroyer.

"Sir i'll take her to Mamiya. She will check her up." Tenryuu said as she walked out of the room. It was

It was about Tea time now so no sending the fleet out unless you want to send them out to night-fight.

Samidare - 0% ….Seams like it has hit the top…

Decission time!:
Who shall you spend Tea time with?:

WARNING WARNING! Big event coming soon!

65f26 No.29060


d6792 No.29244

Bump to say the vote closes tomorrow so pick your babe !

029c3 No.29245


ed392 No.29253


ea684 No.29265


d6792 No.29329

Did you get that….the Vails dont speed up pregnancy….the blowtouch does

f6891 No.29350


d6792 No.29360

File: 1497800952632.png (774.8 KB, 800x1116, __samidare_kantai_collecti….png)

The admiral shook his head with a huff. He couldn't help but be scared for Samidare and her sudden outburst of pain. He decided to follow Tenryuu and the sickly Samidare to the medbay.

Mamiya was in the medbay tending to some paperwork as Tenryuu carried Samidare in.
"My god! What happened?" Mamiya exclaimed as she rushed over.

"Poor destroyer overworked herself," Tenryuu said as she placed her down onto a medical bed. The admiral walked in, and Tenryuu stood to attention. "Sir!"

"Its fine Tenryuu. You can go now," The admiral said with a smile. Tenryuu shook her head.

"I will not abandon her for food sir." Tenryuu said as she looked at Samidare.

"Sir, I am fine." She rubbed her stomach. "The pain is gone."

"Pain?" Mamiya said as she put her hand onto Samidare's forehead. "Not sick…did you have stomch pains?"

"Yeah, it came from my lower stomach," Samidare said as she placed her hands there.

"Right on your womb? Interesting," Mamiya said as Samidare, Tenryuu and the admiral blushed.

"My–My womb?!" She spluttered.

"Or it could be your intestines." Mamiya said.

"Well whatever it is, I want to know if she is alright." Tenryuu said, seemingly caring for Samidare rather than being her scary self.

"Well, we can see what is happing with the Ultra scan. We have it set up for Akashi," Mamiya offered.

"I don't think so," The admiral interjected. "I think it is just something to do with her intestines. She will be fine."

Samidare nodded in agreement with the admiral as Tenryuu looked over to her. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Thanks for caring." Samidare smiled.

Choose time!
>1) I changed my mind. Let's have the scan.
>2) Tenryuu, shall we go and let Mamiya do her thing?
>3) Time will tell. I shall bring you something to eat Samidare. You too Tenryuu.

Tenryuu: +10% Like spending time with you
Samidare: +0% till hit the top.

37bbd No.29361

Hey all! I'm going to be helping out Shadowamelia a bit from now on, so that we can continue giving any and all voters the best Kancolle experience possible!
So I'll be voting when the next update comes out.

37bbd No.29362

My vote is for Option 3. Time will tell. Let's let her pregnancy be a cute surprise :D

029c3 No.29363

Option 3

14708 No.29364

Option 3

2a919 No.29376

>3) Time will tell. I shall bring you something to eat Samidare. You too Tenryuu.

9411b No.29377

Option 3

bd979 No.31075

I'll go 3 then, too.

38f05 No.31923

File: 1502986496051.jpg (81.1 KB, 850x850, __tenryuu_kantai_collectio….jpg)

The Admiral bowed slightly and backed out of the room slowly, giving the ship-girls time to breathe. He wandered down the hallway as he heard idle chatter of a ship-girl fight happening in Europe and started to get jittery as he walked past the idle chattering ship-girls. As he wandered down the hallway, idle chatter of a ship-girl fight happening in Europe filtered through. He shivered in apprehension at the implications of that chatter.

He finally made it to the rec room where sandwiches and small confections were being served. He spent no time thinking as he walked up to the bench and grabbed a bag of hard candy and two sets of sandwiches before pivoting on the spot and heading back to the room.

He passed the idle chatting girls once more but stopped. Their conversation had taken a turn for the worse. The girl in a naval uniform said that the battleship Warspite was to spearhead the attack to free her friend Ark Royal from the hands of the Abyssals. He so wished he could go with Warspite, or at least have her at this base to keep the British ships close to him. But he had overstayed his welcome as the girls noticed him and blushed.

"Ah……admiral?" They bowed in greeting, but he held his free hand out to stop them.

"No no no. Please don't. I just heard an interesting thing, that's all…" he said calmly. His demeanor was completely different on the inside as he panicked at being found out. he said calmly. Despite outward appearance, he was inwardly panicking at having been noticed. He quickly bowed and headed off.
Back at the medical ward

Tenryuu sat next to Samidare as she looked at the door. The admiral emerged from it. Samidare sprang back to life, while Tenryuu stood up more gradually.
"Admiral, that was fast," she said. She eyed up the food that he had brought and found it to be suitable.

"Yeah….." He mumbled as he placed down the food and walked to the chair on the other side of the bed. Tenryuu saw this and started to worry.

"Sir? Are you ok?" Tenryuu asked conceringly as Samidare also glanced to him.

>1) Tell them about the assault on Britain (Start the event to get Warspite and Ark Royal! But we might lose ships due to this action)

>2) Stay calm and tell them nothing happened.
>3) Tell them about the assault but say we are too weak to fight. (Safe option but the event still goes on….you could enter later if you find….or "produce" more powerful ships)

Tenryuu: +10% Concered with you
Samidare: +0% till hit the top.

8a6e0 No.31925

I vote Option 3 again. I don't know if our fleet of a few destroyers and Hoppo will be sufficient to lead a large-scale raid on an Abyssal base, but I'm with the admiral here. Warspite and Ark Royal would be nice.

7e609 No.31951

Option 3
More ships
More firepower
Even More " RECRUITS "

6247e No.31959

Option 3

38f05 No.32019

One more day people then votes shall be closed!

38f05 No.32080

votes are closed! It is unanimous! Option 3

ca3c7 No.32146

Just a quick question. Who of the current girls are you excited for to be receiving a baby bump!

ca3c7 No.32166

File: 1503513854533.jpg (177.33 KB, 850x1215, __i_class_destroyer_and_te….jpg)

The admiral bit his lip as he looked around the room, still panicked about what he had heard gossip wise. Tenryuu saw his hesitation and acted on it. "Sir? Tell us please," she said as she leaned over Samidare and placed a hand onto the admiral.

"Its just….The abyssal threat has taken my home land." The admiral tried to look strong but it came out more as a whimper.

"What?!" Samidare turned to the admiral and placed her hand on his chest. "What can we-"

"I knew you would say that my dear. But let's face the facts…we-" Shadow started but Tenryuu jumped in.

"No! She is right! We can help! Sir, this means a lot to you." Tenryuu reinforced the fact.

"But….we barely have anything…we can't help." The admiral seemed defeated already but Tenryuu stood up suddenly, Her top flew up to see her flat belly and slime…

"Sir, I am not going to stay here and do shitty sorties if you continuously whimper! So I am going! We shall combine our fleets with the main harbor and go from there!" She said triumphantly as her shirt softly floated back over her top.

"But then….who would-"

"A defensive fleet from the main harbor! I know a few girls there that would love to protect this section of Japan…..aaaand they have a liking towards…..English accents," Tenryuu said.
"You mean Kongou?" Shadow questioned. His mind flashed back to the first time he met Kongou with Bismarck and how the two of them had an…..Intimate meeting.

"Yes…..And a few destroyers." Tenryuu pronounced and smiled.

"I doubt it….They would probably in the offensive force heading to Britain." The admiral sighed, but Samidare sat up and placed her hand on his face.

"Sir…..I know we can do it….If we sit here and do nothing, then the offensive will go on without us."

>1) Take Tenryuu's plan and gear them up by visiting Akashi.

>2) Take Tenryuu's plan and organize an away fleet and a defensive fleet (Say what girls you want to stay and want to go)
>3) Refuse and keep with the defensive plan.
>4) Ask Samidare for a plan.

> Warning! Warning! Event ends in a month! Warning! Warning!

Combat ready Ship-girls
Tenryuu: Tenryuu Class Light Cruiser
Tatsuta: Tenryuu Class Light Cruiser
Samidare: Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer
Mikazuki: Mutsuki Class Destroyer
Hoppo: Air base/aircraft carrier.
Ooyodo: light cruiser

f1292 No.32192

Looks like option 2 is our best shot at actually achieving the event, even though we're sending some possibly pregnant ship-girls into an absolute meat grinder.

ca3c7 No.32220

Ha……looks like a people don't want to vote…. You

3ffd3 No.32221

Option 2 bring hoppo with the offensive with the admiral
Bigger the chances to survive

2b7e8 No.32222

I'm not a TTK, so I'm letting others handle the glorified slot-machine that is Kancolle's combat system.

ca3c7 No.32232

Ah thats fine. so the visual novel side.

e8655 No.32268

Option 3.
I would like to see the fleet increase its numbers before joining an event like this.

a8ade No.32269

Seconded. Option 3

ca3c7 No.32280

Oooooooh opposite opinion! NO COMPRIMISE!

ca3c7 No.32641

Ok. I have closed the Votes and i shall have to make the final choose. God be with us.

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