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(1.68 MB 3218x2300 cynthiaedit.jpg)
Lewdlemage / Dr. Worm Edit Thread belliesrlovely 03/24/2023 (Fri) 19:06:38 Id:e80a07 No. 13354
A thread for sharing/requesting edits of Worm's non-pregnancy art. (Edit by >>12811) Twitter: https://twitter.com/lewdlemage?lang=en Tumblr: https://lewdlemage.tumblr.com/ DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/dr--worm Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lewdlemage
(3.48 MB 1522x2296 C_urs_preg-transformed.png)
A new edit to christen this new thread. Made this just the other day.
Does anyone have the preg edit of this?
>>13390 I have one I made. Will it do?
>>13354 The piercings are the worst part. Not good enough to make up for the lack of being able to draw
>>13390 Is that on deviantart?
Dug up some of my old edits
>>13411 Well shit, that's just the most adorable thing I've seen today
>>13409 Couchy, can we please get a ban on this absolute fucktard already? The faggot clearly just has a hate boner for Mage and anything to do with his art
>>13401 It's very good. Thank you for editing out the toothpick.
>>13416 >this lol nice paranoia retard, newsflash nobody else here likes your shit
>>13426 I actually like it, so quit complaining please and either contribute to the thread or just lurk if you’d be so kind
>>13426 I like it too, numnuts. Gfys
>>13426 Literally said by the only one. Get a life schizo
>>13401 Thats nice piercing addition >>13426 Don't you dare kinkshaming my piercing kink
>>13426 Even if you aren't the only one, you're obviously in the minority, faggot lmao Honestly, I'd be inclined to say it's Kisame, but from what I can tell that fuckwit can barely form coherent sentences anymore. So I guess you can take pride in the fact that you're not quite as retarded as a literally schizophrenic degenerate faggot. Outstanding job.
>>13413 Thank you though ngl I think It could of been better but hey 2 years ago
>>13440 2 years ago? Why not take another crack at it? See how much you've improved!
>>13401 Works great! I like the piercing additions you do so it works a little better :)
>>13441 I agree
Not that guy whos got a hate boner but honestly don't like the piercings either. Just feels off.
(703.00 KB 2000x2000 f1fd4c4d6394c5c98d510122f543cae7.png)
>>13462 See, at least that's a fair, reasonable comment on the matter.
>>13462 Should I try to make piercingless versions again for any edits I do? I have done it in the past, and it will be no trouble doing them again.
>>13473 Have a with and without wouldn't hurt tbh.
(3.90 MB 540x320 funny.gif)
>>13473 Are you the guy that makes the Soft-Service edits? I normally hate piercings on anything (especially those stupid dumbbells), but those tiny character-specific ones were remarkably tasteful. I do appreciate having both versions though
>>13489 Well, I used to do Softservice edits, but I decided to focus on the Worm edit thread. However, I have considered maybe doing a Soft edit again soon. Also, now that you mention it, I could update some of my dumbell piercing edits so that they are more personalized. It will at least give me something to do in the mean time.
The final part of thanksgibbon comic is out, y'all can check the stash worm has given in the past
>>13490 Shit, sorry, I didn't think you did dumbbells. All your edits I recall were cute tiny ones that nudged me toward the pro-piercing camp for the first time in my life and I was trying to compliment you
>>13492 OOOHHH, sorry for my misinterpretation of your compliment. Glad to hear that you like my little piercings. On another note, a Worm stream is tomorrow and I hope we get some good preg sketches.
New thanksgiving page + bringing the old to the new thread
>>13514 And you're not making these posts 5 images at at time, why?
>>13516 Probably because the images are too big for one post.
>>13516 The file size limit means I can’t combine them into one.
(970.08 KB 1624x1991 Camilla Squirming Tummy (3).jpg)
(1.02 MB 1624x1991 Camilla Squirming Tummy.jpg)
(984.13 KB 1624x1991 Camilla Squirming Tummy (2).jpg)
(1.03 MB 1624x1991 Camilla Squirming Tummy (1).jpg)
Finally got the preggy Camilla edit worked out! It's not the greatest edit ever, but it's something. Trickiest parts was making a color filter to make it match the dream scene and taking some artistic liberties when getting rid of the nightmare tendrils and whatever else implied the vore. I am no nexpert in recreating text styles, so I've dropped versions with empty text bubbles and whatnot if anyone else wants to try their hand at that stuff.
>>13536 The font worm uses is called Anime Ace, if you'd like to try using it in future edits
(98.41 KB 700x700 drwgard1eva.png)
hello again, its feels nice having dedicated thread for worm's edit
(1.05 MB 1624x1991 Camilla Squirming Tummy (4).jpg)
(1.07 MB 1624x1991 Camilla Squirming Tummy (5).jpg)
>>13542 That is very handy info. Here's the pics with the updated text styles.
>>13551 OOOO, mind if I make a bare tummy edit with one of these, if you're cool with that that is?
>>13354 May someone please bring back the sleeves to this edit?
(2.49 MB 1758x2432 cynthia_new-transformed.png)
>>13553 Here ya go, sleeves restored!(Yeah, I thought it would look cute, but after some thought, even I think with sleeves is better, my apologies). I also made a no-piercing alt for those that are not inclined to them. Let me know of other edits you want a piercingless alt of.
(36.89 KB 296x640 Cynthia_BWS2.webp)
>>13556 Return of the sleeves! Personally, I think people forget about her Unova anime appearance with the blue sleevless shirt. That might actually be a cute alt, now that I think about it.... Picture included for evidence.
>>13559 Yes! Underrated outfit and seemingly more comfortable clothes. That actually be great to see her preggo in imo.
>>13556 personally prefer the sleeveless version more, but having both is nice i suppose
>>13559 Hhhhmmm, my gears are turning now... I think I will try that.
So, I tried a stab at doing a summer Cynthia edit, and I think it turned out good...maybe. I dunno, what do you guys think? Usually when I try edits this extensive, they turn out weird looking.
>>13551 >>13552 I don't mind at all. If anything, I'd love to see what you come up with. :)
>>13570 Not bad. It's really good.
>>13581 wrong thread man
>>13581 and photo
>>13570 Looks good! I'd say darken the lines on the shirt's edges in general, since it looks a little awkward at the moment, but you did a good job!
Got some fresh edit materials, neither of them are preg though, just a vore, slime inflation and a chub/stuffing. However, they are very nice nonetheless(I think since this thread is stated to include non-preg works for edit purposes, that one salty mook shouldn't throw a fit.)
>>13592 How does this look?(I know it was a minor issue, but I want to make this edit is as best as it can be.)
(69.09 KB 780x1024 Hell.jpg)
It look's fine. Here is an edit I did of this sketch.
(1.85 MB 8695x6600 Hell (2).jpg)
>>13640 Nice job on the shading!
>>13638 Looking better!
(799.84 KB 2148x2200 roboedit.png)
>>13634 I'm no professional, but I did what I could. Maybe someone else can add preg dialogue.
(429.83 KB 1253x1284 Osmi.png)
>>13643 I took a crack at adding some dialogue. I have no idea about the lore of this character, so I just winged it.
>>13660 This supposed to be a tutorial character from vore game Osmium is currently working.
Did he ever actually finish the Yamato animation
>>13670 I double checked the post and he said that what we currently have of the animation is not final, at least from what I read. It seems he plans on posting a more complete version once he gets more stuff out of the way(It seems like he is more quick to post and update recently, so he might be starting to clear up the backlog I hope.)
(1.45 MB 864x864 korsicalarge.gif)
Also, sorry for posting consecutively, but Worm just posted the finalized, polished Korsica animation. It seems like prime material for a preg edit. Maybe her outie preg belly button could be picking out from under shirt for some extra oommph!
>>13676 Ah so Korsica is the name of that girl from Hi-Fi rush where her head keep hitting door/gate while being Carried by the mc
>>13543 Nice but the size of her eyes and mouth is terrifying lmao
>>13676 Frankenstein-ed it with that Blake preg animation from a good while ago
Does anyone have the power edit? Cant find ut anywhere, based on this one.
(555.62 KB 1258x1750 preggo power.png)
>>13811 No worries, I gotcha.
(1.19 MB 2000x2000 442023mel.png)
New Worm post. Prime material for a classic ice cream preg craving edit.
Made this edit just last night(For some reason, even after enhancing the image, it still had a bit of image "crust" on it). Anyway, gonna have to upload the 2 versions with 2 posts cuz' they are too big for one post. Happy Easter everyone.
Piercing version.
>>13988 Thanks looks amazing dog
>>13988 >>13989 Very wholesome.
(1.10 MB 2755x2000 april232.png)
(660.24 KB 1829x2000 april231.png)
Here are the sketches from Wednesday. I couldn't include the preg one since it was already posted to the main Worm preg thread.
>>14026 That first one doesn't really need editing, except maybe to imply they're drinking apple juice or something. lol
Hey guys, I uploaded a new Worm post on the main preg thread, and ...uh, be careful, this one is a WOPPER!
>>14028 no, drunk preggos better
(940.07 KB 1900x2000 Untitled54_20230414003649.png)
Reworked an old edit I made a few years ago might make a kicking edit
Here's the original edit I made said years ago
>>14196 Very improved!
>>14197 My only criticism is that if you're going to change the text at least try to match the original font, or just delete all the text and rewrite the other parts to the font mates. Also download Wild Words CC.
anyone have the animated preg loona edit?
>>14223 I gotcha!
>>14225 Thank you good sir!
I like that my edits thrive here but fun fact the Luna edit was my first attempt at using gimp but the belly button didn't move so later on some guy improved it
>>14201 wild word cc would of saved me 2 years ago
(1.38 MB 1800x2300 4152023.png)
Got some new materials. It's a Winona vore.
>>14321 I'm genuinely curious: what's the appeal of vore? I don't get it. lol
>>14337 Me neither. Then again, I have heard people ask what the appeal of preg is. I guess we each see something the other doesn't.
>>14337 personally, i'm in to both vore and pregnancy - for me it basically boils down to "heehoo girl gets a big squirmy belly :]" + the horror-y and domination-y aspects of getting swallowed whole makes my brain go unga bunga
>>14367 You are the equalizer
>>14367 The best of both worlds
>>14367 Pretty much this
>>14344 >>14367 Different strokes for different folks, I guess. lol Allow me another question: does/did this scene make you go unga bunga? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Bs6AybzSGs (aka the only vore scene I find hot)
>>14378 yeee, classic scene, tho not as big of a fan of it nowadays since the belly's (comparatively) pretty small + has no squirminess
>>14367 yea its this
>>14388 gotcha
>>14378 This scene is what awaked my preg/vore belly fetish in the first place so yeah
(1.32 MB 1700x2000 Untitled56_20230422001849.png)
I might make a pregnant edit
>>14566 go ahead, it has good potential
(1.32 MB 1700x2000 Untitled56_20230422155309.png)
Ngl it was hard making a preg edit
>>14367 To offer the perspective of a girl into *being* pregnant and also voring: I think any aspect of imagining my belly swelling up while squirming inside is happening does the majority for me, I definitely prefer pregnancy though, because the sort of gradual idea of my body becoming bigger and more encumbered and sort of turned into a big bloated milf reallyyy turns me on especially. But I'm not picky and there is more of a direct dom/sub element to voring someone that I like, where I could sort of be in control and protecting the person in me by voring them while also the plus of "big belly hot" working in my brain. It's sort of like a similar sensation I get with liking the idea of pregnancy being something someone "does to me" that turns me on but in a more short term and personal way. I'm also really not into the idea of killing the person after eating them that's gross. Idk if any of that makes sense, but explaining fetishes is difficult since it's inherently irrational, and being into having a huge squirmy belly is already something I can't explain the origin of beyond the parts of it that specifically turn me on, and isn't an easy pill to swallow for most other girls I've been with in the first place lol. tl;dr I'm not picky.
>>14599 Interesting. I think the "gradually getting bigger" aspect of preg you mentioned might be a part of it for a lot of people. I think another aspect might be how pregnancy affects a person and how they deal with the changes to their body that people may find cute/arousing(Those are just my thoughts anyway, what do you folks think?)
>>14607 Absolutely, speaking as someone into pretty much all other forms of big belly fetishism, this is what makes being pregnant the top spot for me. The idea of physiologically changing and getting this huge sensitive belly at the center of it is endlessly appealing to me. Just like you said one of my favorite parts about role-playing it is the aspect of the other person teasing or coddling me about my altered state, and pregnancy has the most sprawling implications for the belly fetishes. It's sort of like that vore has the appeal of the idea of having that squirming stimulation, and weight gain/stuffing having that aspect of gradual "transformation" all rolled into one; I'll gladly accept the others, but preg stuff checks all my boxes so I'd always take it first. Me liking that part of it may be why I'm very opposed to any elements of the fetish that involve the baby like birth or motherhood aspects, which makes Worm a perfect fit for me as they basically only ever focus on the things I mentioned. Sorry for being sort of self indulgent in my experiences, but I'm trying to offer the perspective of someone not as opposed to the other works of Worm, while still preferring preg, as I don't get the deep disgust when it all feels quite connected to me.
New stuffing thing with powah and kobi, pretty nice I think n could be preg edited
>>14599 Women exist here
>>14616 This is great, I would have loved another angle on it too but this is hot
Hey so I did a Preg edit of power.
>>14678 Ooo, nice job
My shot at Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Ilulu
>>14879 Damn that's good
(505.00 KB 2200x1800 c.c.png)
Another I Finished on Code Geass C.C.
sorry for the low quality, did not want to send. here's a link to it full quality. https://www.deviantart.com/wickedatlas/art/Code-Geass-C-C-960051352
(3.06 MB 540x540 nemona4.gif)
Worm posted a WIP of the Nemona animation. I think they are cleanin' up this one and the Yamato animation before they get to anything else. Also, Happy Mayternity!
>>14987 Vore is on the bottom of the three big tummy fetishes for me, but gawd damn
>>15006 three big tummy fetishes Preg, stuffing, and vore? Cause That's mine
(415.25 KB 1400x2000 Hazel.png)
(3.68 MB 4868x6600 Hazel.jpg)
Here was my shot on someone's OC
Also could someone post the character reference for this sketch, I'm almost done sketching it. I'll just need the colors to finish it off.
(54.46 KB 564x804 IMG_8717.webp)
>>15179 Here ya are, found the reference picture the requester provided.
Is there any news for may?
(283.96 KB 1300x1600 drw1evav1.png)
hello again, i remake one of my old edits. i'm probably would post more evangelyne preg edits for mayternity
(2.81 MB 6032x6600 SharkTears OC.jpg)
Sorry If it took a little longer than expected. Here's the finished look.
>>15475 Very nice. Just in time for Mother's day too.
(114.40 KB 750x900 drwlamieva1.png)
(135.46 KB 750x900 drwlamieva2a.png)
another edit.
Any update?
(1.13 MB 2000x2900 5222023yuuuuka2.png)
>>15856 As a matter of fact, Worm just uploaded this doodle they did while they were wating for the poll results. It's a stuffing this time, not a mayternity post.
(179.44 KB 750x1050 drwmegaeva1.png)
(181.53 KB 750x1050 drwmegaeva2.png)
i hope worm would draw eva for mayternity, anyway more eva edits
(2.69 MB 4868x6600 rosario vampire.jpg)
Here's my shot on this sketch. left the text out on this one since it could elude to stuffing.
>>15869 Regardless, it looks neat. Stuffed or not
Has there been edits of any of these?
(468.49 KB 1500x2000 Fire Force Maki Oze.png)
(8.66 MB 8701x6600 Fire Force Maki Oze.jpg)
Here's Fire Force Maki Oze
(1.06 MB 2182x2000 Untitled67_20230530003304.png)
I got lazy and didn't fix the hands and I forgot how the third girl looked
>>16128 Damn dude, this looks really nice. I tried a shot at coloring it, but I was not satisfied with the end result.
>>16129 Alright let me work my magic
(1.08 MB 2182x2000 Untitled68_20230530152153.png)
Alright finished it this time
(2.57 MB 2376x3168 IMG_3571.png)
>>16183 Welcome back, and as always great coloring.
He just uploaded something called Placeholder to Patreon but it’s not on Kemono yet. Anyone have access?
(32.05 KB 491x382 purahtmp.png)
>>16204 I gotcha!
(23.73 KB 400x400 IMG_20211031_063519.jpg)
Oh boy♡
(608.02 KB 2151x1911 Untitled70_20230602225054.png)
Here's a new color edit I made
>>16313 Which stream is this from?
>>16314 I don't remember to be honest I just know it was a request by dinobee
Hey question what font style does worm use
>>16317 Anime Ace I believe
(809.47 KB 1600x2000 Untitled55_20230603010421.png)
(796.40 KB 1600x2000 Untitled55_20230603010403.png)
>>13411 Updated version from something I made a few years ago
(977.29 KB 1080x1080 Naga Problems_1.webm)
messing with an edit from way back when. hope y'all like it
>>16352 Its really cute, good job!
does anyone have the edit of the yor forger animation?
What should I edit
>>16394 anything that's fat/stuffed to preggo.
>>16394 Maybe those ones >>15949
>>16396 Sure just need a reference
>>16381 u a godsend, gonna download it so i dont ask every time a thread goes down
>>16404 Good idea. I learned to do the same for the same reason.
3 old edits I've made a few years back which ones should I update
>>16155 >>16310 >>16320 Btw same dude that edited these
>>16446 >>16447 You're doing the lord's work.
(3.49 MB 810x810 robinfinal2.gif)
Hey, do any of the animation editors out there think they can preg this animation up?
>>16521 I can do it as long as I can get the frames
>>16523 Huh, did you need some help gettin' those?(Also, should I try messaging to check in on Worm. It's been little over a week since we last heard from them. I am tempted to send a message on Patreon, but I do not want to pester them or come off as impatient.)
>>16530 Yeah I now make most of my edits on ibispanit X Ratner then use photo shop for 2 reasons I don't have a laptop and it's pretty easy to edit on a phone
The newest one is the one on the right
A rework I did on an old edit I might color it
>>16592 I have to ask, how did you manage to sharpen it up so good?(The one on the right I mean.)
>>16594 I restated from scratch
(518.78 KB 2000x2100 Untitled77_20230610005749.png)
(604.44 KB 2000x2100 Untitled77_20230610015638.png)
Made an edit and decided to color it
Original btw
(489.53 KB 900x1000 Slime Cow Girl.png)
That one with the cow girl was based of this image.
(1.84 MB 5362x6600 Slime Cow Girl.jpg)
I gave a shot at it and this was the result.
>>16673 Oh shit I though it was nurse
>>16673 Huh, where did ya find this piece? I thought I had searched through every archive possible in search of Worm pieces to collect and edit, but I guess I didn't search well enough. Nice find!
(528.36 KB 1500x2000 Untitled78_20230611210851.png)
(536.49 KB 1500x2000 Untitled78_20230611204412.png)
>>16446 Updated she hulk + a vore ult. I've been on a roll with these edit updates
>>16691 As the original requester of this image years ago I thank you
>>16713 Oh shit you requested this.
>>16397 Guy that posted the >>15949 images, tried looking through worms kemono to try and find names for the characters and couldn’t really find anything. If you want you could use colors that feel right, the third maybe tan skin blonde hair and the bra be dark red or brown? Also found another of that character
>>16823 Scratch part of that found a ref of the character in the squating one
>>15177 This girl can (and did) get it.
>>16824 I already managed to make a preg edit of her. Ngl these are getting easy
Ok I didn't realize I edit this one a long time ago odd. But here's a new one I made like in 15 minutes (on the right btw)
Anyone know any good video frame extractors
(1.49 MB 2750x2000 Untitled82_20230615014320.png)
Alright I burned myself out with edits. But HEY I FINALLY DID A PROPER PREG EDIT OF THIS IMAGE
>>16832 For exact/specific moment i use MPC-HC to screen cap frames manually. If you want to "extract" each frames automatically you can try using VLC and follow this steps https://youtu.be/NIzWZg02kHU
I remember seeing a gif made by worm of Aqua from KonoSuba where she was facing down on a table and flipped over to show a huge belly, but it was a pregnancy edit. Does anyone have it?
(1.59 MB 540x540 Konosuba aqua drunk preg.gif)
>>16876 yOu MEaN lIkE tHIs?!
>>16879 Yeah that's it! Thank you
anyone has the pregnant edit of byleth eating sandwiches, please?
>>17048 Huh, I didn't know there was an edit of that animation. Into the preg mines I go to find it!
Damn its been a hot minute since Lewdle has given an update on anything.
>>15177 Holy shit, that's some good dialogue
>>17070 yeah, im actually getting worried about his well being...
I predict that worm will release whatever animation was due last month on the 30th, along with updating the other unfinished ones.
So potentially something like a "Worm Bomb" of multiple works. That would be cool, I am particularly excited for the Hilda short animation.
>>17108 is someone in his patreon? has he posted a comment on his last post or anything at all in the latest days?
>>17115 Nope, not a word.
>>17048 I think I made that at some point
(213.02 KB 1078x1080 video0.mp4)
>>17048 This?
>>17124 This is pretty good and subtle. Would be better with some small bumps and kicks on her belly though. But this isn't bad given. Good work.
>>17124 yeah, thanks!
>>17118 i see that there are new comments in his last "placeholder" post, is anyone in his aptreon to tell us what they say?
>>17155 It’s mostly the patrons asking if Worm’s doing alright and any update on the animation.
>>17162 Dang, this is really worrying...I really hope hes just busy or taking a break...
>>17124 Oh shit I did make it
(2.24 MB 7469x6600 Mei Kamino.jpg)
(769.81 KB 2289x2000 Mei Kamino.png)
Mei Kamino From Godzilla: S.P
>>17258 People who draw over Worm's lines and clean them up have to realize that his style with the double lines is WHAT WE LIKE. Sure cleaned up sketches are cool and all but they aren't an improvement. Literally just color his sketches and call it a day. No need to redo perfection.
>>17259 Lets not start to gatekeep editing art
>>17258 That's nice one. I like it. >>17259 This whole thread purpose is for edits, there will be difference cuz it's edited what you expect.
>>17258 nice shadings
Does anyone have a partial or full archive of the old Edit Threads? I know that Wayback Machine has archives, but about half of the Image don't show there higher resolution versions, and the same with videos/gifs.
(427.71 KB 1600x2000 drw9eva1.png)
(350.32 KB 1600x2000 drw9eva2.png)
hi, i'm back.
>>17632 Nice to see you back, good stuff as always
Did anyone happen to save the Lucifer and Azazel animation edit?
(3.03 MB 1516x2314 selfie edit.png)
(572.76 KB 1150x1550 Nurs Nude.png)
Some old edits I had saved. Nurs is missing her shoulder gills.
>>17259 This. Some of these edits suck the soul out of Worm's art
>>17721 ok and?
>>17721 Do you know the meaning of "edit"?
(737.55 KB 1900x2000 Spy Girls.png)
(2.14 MB 6270x6600 Spy Girls.jpg)
The Characters From Spy Girls
>>17768 Imagine being balls deep in Alex's preggo pussy...
Anyone got those old 2B edits?
(1.16 MB 2100x2500 Patreon post image-2.png)
Just posted on their Patreon. Pretty decent stuffing pic but I'm sure you guys can easily make it preg.
>>17768 Totally Spies has a fetish/kink pride following. Like Sailor Moon has a feminist/antiMarysue LGBT following. They're the best cartoons of the 1990s-2000s. It's not sexual, but...helping society to not be fucking prudes...and kid-friendly, but still...
>>17768 >>17773 Absolutely! I wanna see Sam and Clover also huge. Who will get all the 3 part time spies huge?
(1.55 MB 2100x2500 Untitled21_20230706181230.png)
Just a little belly edit, someone else can edit the text of mine if they'd like
>>17865 The only problem with leftists is the prude, sex-negative shit that's been slowing bubbling under the surface for such a long time. It doesn't make sense, leftism is supposed to be about liberation and independence and free love, deny those things is for chuds and rightoids.
(649.39 KB 2000x2000 Big Fish.png)
(2.29 MB 6600x6600 Big Fish.jpg)
Someone's Oc
(2.84 MB 3200x2600 772023gibbondoodle2.png)
New post. Go to know he's still alive
>>18125 I can tell that Mel is nothing but trouble for Nurs and Winona.
>>18125 I don't mind his OC'S but I find that he draws them a lot. I prefer seeing other characters in his style, especially because I'm not into anthro art so much. But still, it's a good piece.
(420.27 KB 2000x2000 drw10eva1.png)
idk if i can archive this in my DA since i don't see it on worm's DA nor Twitter yet.
>>18018 I think that the fish's 'open mouth' in the colored ver. is actually its lower lip
>>14225 it wont load
Does anyone have all these Lucifer edits?
>>18412 As a guess is this the one you mean? Also I’ve been hoping this edit gets the Cerberus treatment with the kicky and birth edits
Does anyone know the original image for this one?
>>18413 >>18446 Godspeed kings
>>18160 Have you asked Lewdlemage if it's ok to post it on DA?
>>18583 no i haven't, do you think it's okay?
>>18697 so far i've never heard him complain about people posting edits of his work so idk
(618.80 KB 2464x1080 drwstitch1.png)
requesting pregnant edit on this with 3 version: 1. Pregnant Raven. 2. Pregnant Starfire. 3. Both pregnant.
>>14599 Wow. That’s hot.
>>18747 Both
(154.08 KB 2048x1267 FngtZliX0AASOiy.jpg)
Need new colored please.
>>18825 Wrong artist, wrong thread
>>18825 Yeah, that's Hellbrain, not Lewdlemage. You'd be better off going to a generic request thread
(1.12 MB 1137x1385 LewdImage Princess Zelda Edit.png)
crappy edit I made Zelda as Hilda (completely redrawn)
hmmm, worm is done with yamato but it looks horrible and incomplete...what a shame and what a waste for what coudlve been the best work of worm yet...
Does anyone have the original edit of this image? Spoiler because futanari
>>19336 Iirc there's a few other edits of this too but. Wow I never seen this one that is so fucking hawt
>>19338 Agreed.
>>19336 I don’t think a baby kicking your prostate enough to make you cum is a thing but I’m not a doctor and it’s honestly one of those weird but hot things so whatever
Well the Yamato animation is finally out... https://sta.sh/0hcp9hqgtj
>>19336 from my old screenshot I saw it on deviantart but deleted now
>>19510 I mean, this is the actual original.
>>19514 /f is over there
>>19515 >Someone asks for the original image. >Original gets posted. >"/f is over there" Kek?
>>19514 >Does anyone have the ORIGINAL EDIT of this image?
>>19510 >>19514 Semi related, I hope worm does more Isabelle stuff because the way they draw her is great, kawakami too
>>19510 >>19514 >>19517 Thank you! I was looking for a non-futa version, but didn't ask for it explicitly in the other post, bad phrasing, sorry. Thanks for the actual original image too.
(2.32 MB 3900x2300 ibukiibuki.png)
>>19615 Oh dear.
I forgot I had this lying around
(2.87 MB 3900x2300 Untitled97_20230812225551.png)
Also edit I made
(1.04 MB 1950x2200 Untitled99_20230813220208.png)
New edit I made
I was inspired by this edit idk who made it
>>19336 >>19510 >>19514 >>19652 There’s a weird amount of edits of this one tbh and I found another de-furrying one on DA earlier (although also edited to be ‘stuffing’ and it took away the bellybutton lmao) wonder if there’s more
Anyone remember the edit of their Midnight vore piece? It was on the old thread before it got deleted
(617.59 KB 1043x1289 midnight preg.png)
>>19784 Ya mean this one?
>>19798 There we go thanks
>>18747 bump
(1.19 MB 2200x3100 8202023drunklady.png)
New worm post
>>20058 Oh yeah. Hope someone edits this, I kinda dig pregnant girls drinking alcohol... but otherwise not being totally irresponsible (smoking/heavy drugs/prostitution)
Anyone have the elma animation edit?
(1.45 MB 1082x1080 dragon maid elma eat preg.webm)
>>20195 I have one version of the edit. However, the final frame shows a normal, non-preg belly button, so this is not an optimal one. Also, for a potential Kikuri edit, should I find a way for an exposed belly, or should I just stick with it being covered.
>>20201 Oh shit I remember making that hold on let me get the full thing. Ngl I wish I did a better job at editing
Here's one I didn't delete the rest of them I deleted because they were either really shitty or took up too much space
(976.94 KB 1082x1080 20230826_122522.mp4)
>>20246 I did a same edit of this. Got rid of some text and speed it up a bit.
>>16381 kind of a boring request but can someone make a non kicking version?
(873.67 KB 2469x2300 augstream2.png)
(1.27 MB 3082x2300 augstream3.png)
(928.52 KB 2400x2300 augstream1.png)
We got sketch stream results! 2 preg and 1 stuffing.
>>20703 You should've put spoiler for all of them. Soon some people will come bitching about it belonging in furry board.
>>20710 Wtf. The only "furry" one is the Galzilla one(I think the other one is a demon), and even if they were all furry stuff, as Worm pieces they would still belong on this thread.
>>20713 Yeah those are clearly monstergirls, not furries.
>>20713 >>20714 1st one is Tsukij's OC Baphi and her whole body is covered in fur, has a snout, animal ears and (not visible in this pic) hooves Godzilla also would go to furry board due to it being a humanoid animal, fictional or not.
Has there been a preg edit for this one or any other pieces with her?
>>20703 Why is the stuffing spoiled???
>>20738 why not
>>20738 Usually when uploading to this thread, I try to spoil anything that is non-preg.
>>20736 Man I hate this one the most.
>>20736 I think so but it's been a while
(607.74 KB 1500x2000 Untitled106_20230906204527.png)
Remastered one of my old edits
(2.47 MB 1080x2400 Screenshot_20230906-222924.png)
>>20749 And I am inside your walls
(1017.75 KB 2150x2000 Untitled107_20230906214827.png)
(1013.80 KB 2150x2000 Untitled107_20230906213035.png)
And a new remastered one
Old edit from 3 years ago btw
>>20814 >>20818 Great job on both!
Here’s another old edit but bigger
>>20828 oh yeah I have the original non pregnant one I don't know who made the original. Also I think I deleted that edit
Here's the original non pregnant edit btw I didn't edit. Fun fact most of my old edits I made using either pixler or snap editor
>>20837 Someone needs to make a place to save it off of 4chan. When the thread goes away. Like a mega or google drive
>>20844 No worries, I have alot of the past and present edits saved away in a google drive.
>>20855 Now i wounder how much of the edits I'm responsible for
>>18747 bump
(1.33 MB 2200x3100 idkeither.png)
>>20058 i've never made one of these, but i gave it a shot
>>20910 its really good!
(1.30 MB 400x216 i-love-it-horse.gif)
>>20910 >that can I'm fucking dead
>>20913 Hetap! Come on! You've killed for less. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqwD-QTo9fc
(742.44 KB 1500x2000 Untitled108_20230909002614.png)
(723.02 KB 1500x2000 Untitled108_20230909000931.png)
(674.32 KB 1500x2000 Untitled109_20230909004919.png)
Made some edits. Now before u call me a fucken furry I made a human edit
Btw the original edit of this I made a few years back
>>20928 >Hiding the one human edit F u r r y
(818.21 KB 1700x2000 Untitled111_20230909012914.png)
Bonus quick edit. Ps I didn't know what to put for dialog so anyone here wanna put some
>>20931 Noooooooo
(304.93 KB 1920x1735 drwnurstlkevav1.png)
(307.39 KB 1920x1735 drwnurstlkevav2.png)
hello again, its been a while
(305.48 KB 1920x1735 drwnurstlkevav4.png)
(303.03 KB 1920x1735 drwnurstlkevav3.png)
>>20944 some alts
(124.23 KB 1200x1084 EvaGif1.gif)
(122.10 KB 1200x1084 EvaGif2.gif)
>>20944 >>20945 I did them as gifs just for the fun
>>20944 >>20945 >>20949 Lovely, glad to see more Eva stuff from you
Made a bellybutton edit of the Serleena pic, with the original posted for anyone wanting to edit it themselves. Didn't do a dialogue change since I'm bad at that :/
>>21059 Why is it hidden?
>>21069 Because its bloating or vore
>>21059 I'll try my hands at a preg edit with dialog
(2.31 MB 2550x3500 Untitled112_20230911202847.png)
I'm all done
Ngl I feel like worm purposely designed the character like this for preg editing btw what do people think of my edits I never bothered to ask
>>21077 Top notch!
Alright I have something to ask if anyone is willing to help. So basically I wanna go back at animating some of worms animations only problem is I can't exactly extract frames so I was wondering if anyone like to help me do that at some point
>>21094 Is this "extracting frames" like taking screenshots of every secongs if the animation? If so, you can use VLC to automatically do that, here's the tutorial https://youtu.be/NIzWZg02kHU?si=OP9IP025K9eOEyVx Or you can manually save each frame screenshot by yourself (i recommend using MPC for manually)
>>21094 I know GIMP automatically splits a gif into it's frames, delays, and transition type when you import it. It worked well when I did animation edits.
>>21116 Unfortunately I don't have a laptop anymore so I make edits on mobile
>>21146 you can try this then https://ezgif.com/split
>>21172 Oh shit this works thanks u
Alright time to remaster all those animations edits
(275.53 KB 810x810 Untitled122_20230914092321.png)
First frame and so far i made 11 and got 77 more frames to go
Update I have made 20 frames I should be finished by tomorrow or late today
(315.05 KB 620x775 9112023oguri.png)
New stuffing pic. A bit underwhelming tbh.
(3.64 MB 810x810 ezgif-1-c65b6e9208.gif)
Here's a little test run I'm not done I still have about 48 more frames to edit but enjoy this
Once I'm done with this I'll be deleting the frames but before I do I'll make a zip file or something for anyone that wants them
(8.03 MB 810x810 ezgif-3-acb234a6b1.gif)
After idk how many hours and breaks I made it in 20 fps
Have fun with the frames
>>21277 You humble us, sir.
(7.15 MB 640x640 120230915130504.gif)
>>21277 >>21278 >>21279 You have my respect man. One of my favorite works Worm made. I speed up the frames so it feels more smooth.
>>21308 It's great, but maybe slow it down a "little" bit.
(7.15 MB 640x640 13032919468891.gif)
>>21315 How's this?
>>21319 Perfect!
>>21308 Zamn my girl(s) can EAT
>>21277 >>20246 Btw I'm the same guy that made these. Also glad everyone is enjoying the edit and frames I left out because this shit took forever to make
Alright I'm gonna post up my recent edits I've made on this stash link for anyone that wants to archive my stuff and to show that I'm the same guy that's made theses edits https://sta.sh/2yx84tr7h9s?edit=1
Also for more proof here's screen shots and the mrknowitall679 accounts on da
>>18747 Bump
>>21340 Yeah no I'm burned out beside making an edit like that needs a team because those requests are too much
(1.17 MB 2000x2500 9112023oguri.png)
New worm upload
>>21339 Is that a different folder from the one in the link?
>>21349 Yes I put it in a different folder because I don't want to associate my primary account with the edits
Made a new edit also here's a old vs new
>>21390 I kinda want to see that Haruko edit
>>21410 Alright let me post it
>>21415 Yeah it's not the best might consider remastering that photo
>>21413 Looks good
Whats the new post about nurs is?
(598.60 KB 1750x2200 drwmngreva.png)
(1.45 MB 2050x2400 9152023.png)
>>21498 Right 'ere.
>>21509 Thanks! >>21504 Nice, more Eva edits.
(1.70 MB 2050x2400 9152023v2.png)
A TUM alt for the recent N'urs piece just came in.
>>21509 >>21518 Good! Two more to add to my personal Nurs/Winona collection!
>>21518 To edit or not to edit that is the question
(693.82 KB 1314x2000 Untitled125_20230919144532.png)
>>20736 Done
(1.29 MB 800x450 laliaWIP.gif)
So how much of a mad man I gotta be to try and finish the animation
Or is worm ever gonna finish it
(1.48 MB 2665x2000 Untitled126_20230920041246.png)
My hands hurt but I'm happy with this
>>21551 Have a nice rest my friend, I'll appreciate this piece of Judgement's gorgeous artwork
is it possible to have evangelyne with the most biggest pregnant belly possible ? in her very tight season 2 outfit
>>21524 I thank you for this blessing
Nicely done on the pic. of judgement Here's my shot on this sketch of megumin
>>21571 I just came across your da account man
>>21571 Your stuff looks good overall at first, but man when you look closes it looks like you miss or change some stuff for the worse. Like, where's her other glove? Her face expression slightly different. Where did details from her shirt go? Her staff is gone completely from the background. Knees? There are some other small things.
>>21574 i agree with most of what you said but personnaly i think that her expression would come out weird colorised if it was identical
To give an answer to your response. I honestly forgot about those details like her glove, staff, and the detail on the skirt. So I'll work on that later on. As for the mouth or hair, just felt a little off and took a gamble working on it. Weather it works, is a it or miss situation. All in all I thank you for the feedback.
(1.24 MB 2520x4000 Untitled130_20230921023233.png)
Little edit
>>21578 Sorry if I was too harsh on it, overall it looks nice and clean, it's just some details that are missing that's all.
>>21571 I have a hard time choosing which one I prefer, of course the mistakes have been pointed out already though you have great coloring and the line art is very clean. I think once the mistakes are fixed I would have a preference for your edit :)
Alright, I've finished the requested changes. Here's the final look.
(2.75 MB 2050x2400 nursfloat.jpg)
preg edit of the recent tum variant for the nurs floating pic. I also made the belly a bit bigger.
>>21667 That's fantastic.
(1.28 MB 2000x2200 Untitled133_20230923023710.png)
Made a pregnant kobeni edit. Also hopefully worm doesn't kill me for making edits
>>21700 No worries. He is aware of people making edits of his work, and he seems okay with it. It was said in a specific twitter post, I believe.
Why the hell did so many people like this? All I did was change a bit of the dialog and gave her a outtie
Especially compared to the animation I've edited
(1.30 MB 2000x2200 9222023karlachpreg.png)
I'm wondering if its possible to remove the text and text bubbles and the hand if possible