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(40.39 KB 454x598 111.jpg)
Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/16/2022 (Sat) 08:26:36 Id:c62793 No. 1385
Manga/Manhwa China,Korean
>>1385 Villain Initialization Ch.85
(154.03 KB 800x1101 1.jpg)
(118.74 KB 800x1101 2.jpg)
Jack of All Trades Ch.58
(48.35 KB 665x520 3.jpg)
The Age Of Barbarous Ch.42
(53.44 KB 879x716 4.jpg)
Ex vs. Stalker Ch.3
(60.06 KB 1000x500 5.jpg)
(63.98 KB 1000x500 6.jpg)
The Last Geomancer Ch.1
(52.26 KB 568x793 1.jpg)
(44.89 KB 567x801 2.jpg)
Hooky Ch.75-76
(50.54 KB 582x574 1.jpg)
Hot Enemies (Fiery Enemies) Ch.1
You can take the old stuff down.
(190.88 KB 720x1007 4.jpeg)
(173.48 KB 720x1007 8.jpeg)
(161.01 KB 720x1007 19.jpg)
(122.42 KB 720x1007 22.jpg)
(89.00 KB 720x1007 27.jpg)
How does one determine if its old or new? Not everyone might have seen what has been posted Anyway contributing first with sword of the falcon ch108
Hello, I am actually looking for one webtoon comic in the action/post apocalyptic genre that had some pregnant characters in it (previous thread reference pics were I think fro the 80s - 100s chapters?). Some sample pics from the webtoon where posted in the old version koream/chinese comics thread, but I forgot the name of it. Any help would be appreciated!
Contract wife runs away from the CEO - pregnancy part is from the low 200s - 300 chapters
(129.72 KB 800x1000 008.jpg)
(156.17 KB 800x1000 034.jpg)
(206.26 KB 800x1000 047.jpg)
My dear cold blooded king 169
(800.35 KB 772x709 Aqua Girl ch. 3 (2).png)
(1.27 MB 904x7526 Between Us ch.93 (1).jpg)
>>2692 What's name of this manhwa?
(496.30 KB 1080x766 IMG_20220809_001643.jpg)
(1.00 MB 1080x1621 IMG_20220809_001624.jpg)
(398.51 KB 1080x583 IMG_20220809_001659.jpg)
(940.03 KB 1080x1624 IMG_20220809_001714.jpg)
(398.51 KB 1080x583 IMG_20220809_001659.jpg)
(1.17 MB 1080x1790 IMG_20220809_001735.jpg)
(890.74 KB 1080x1607 IMG_20220809_001811.jpg)
(1.04 MB 1080x1607 IMG_20220809_001757.jpg)
>>2695 Basically she got hit with a soul eating worm that is going after the god baby, causing the mother pain according to translation.
>>2695 >>2696 source??
>>2696 Now the God Baby and Dad fight the parasite while the mom is in pain. >>2698 It's Wuxia, that's like Battle Shonen for China. The difference is that they include pregnant women due to China's patriotism
>>2691 >>2692 >>2693 Any source?
When’s The Baby Isn't Yours - Chapter 2 coming out?
>>2844 I mean 29.
Unfortunately, it appears the artist for The Baby Isn't Yours is sick based on the comments on the original website. No one knows when it will be back but hopefully soon.
(217.82 KB 801x774 New Town ch.1.jpg)
(386.79 KB 810x711 She's the Girl ch.79.png)
(308.44 KB 812x1197 Soothe Me ch.60.jpg)
(595.01 KB 863x1859 Depths of Hell ch.30.jpg)
(971.21 KB 1080x3413 Mia's Tool ch.15.jpg)
>>2853 All source??
>>2853 Name pls!!!!
>>3013 its actually in the file name. The only preg content is actually in the pictures too.
>>3036 Oh sorry I forgot to notice.
The Baby Isn’t Yours came back today!
(328.40 KB 810x749 Bad Blood ch.70.jpg)
(475.81 KB 540x840 Salamander ch.35.png)
(1.22 MB 974x5149 Town Girls ch.50.jpg)
(490.05 KB 808x1905 Maidens In-Law ch.111.jpg)
(908.47 KB 894x3289 Share Girlfriend ch.50.jpg)
(484.44 KB 940x2192 My Wife is Back ch.76 (1).jpg)
(161.10 KB 271x831 Playing with Fire ch.42.png)
(377.28 KB 718x775 Playing with Fire ch.31.png)
(732.72 KB 833x2581 Peerless Dad ch.1 (1).jpg)
(69.69 KB 698x734 01.jpg)
(45.65 KB 568x700 02.jpg)
The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke Ch.2
(173.60 KB 388x512 anime baby.png)
>>3246 Goo goo gah gah?
>>3246 any birth picture for this?
>>3291 nah she just dies after the second pic
(962.73 KB 540x4362 She is Young ch.73 (1).jpg)
(2.38 MB 1256x4837 Snowman ch.52 (1).jpg)
(459.40 KB 804x2081 Taming a Maid ch.44 (1).jpg)
(43.39 KB 515x628 The Devil ch. 35.jpg)
(439.93 KB 805x687 The Devil’s Man ch. 74 (2).png)
(180.76 KB 800x2005 0008.jpg)
(93.76 KB 800x981 0009.jpg)
(172.98 KB 800x1461 0016.jpg)
(223.84 KB 800x1760 0020.jpg)
龙王追妻 ch23
(753.08 KB 1080x2084 IMG_20220912_204236.jpg)
(592.29 KB 1080x2055 IMG_20220912_204247.jpg)
(572.08 KB 1080x1882 IMG_20220912_204320.jpg)
(420.05 KB 1080x2034 IMG_20220912_204309.jpg)
>>4949 >>4950 Context? Source?
>>4949 >>4950 source??
The Dragon Prince’s Bride Ch 72-77, 81, 84-112
>>4949 >>4950 source pls!!!
(80.02 KB 800x1502 01.jpg)
(123.46 KB 800x1346 02.jpg)
(110.02 KB 800x1532 03.jpg)
(95.43 KB 800x1452 04.jpg)
(104.83 KB 800x1338 05.jpg)
Văn Âm Sư 11-15 >I don't know the English name of this story. Who knows, please tell me
When’s chapter 34 of WEBTOON: ‘This Baby isn’t yours coming out?
>>5098 纹阴师 name of manga if you need
>>5136 Thank you
>>3238 manhwa name source??
>>5145 that comes in the file name
>>4949 >>4950 source??
(142.38 KB 800x1131 0002.jpg)
(172.52 KB 800x1131 0003.jpg)
(126.80 KB 800x1131 0008.jpg)
(137.15 KB 800x1131 0010.jpg)
豪门小老婆 ch29 Also wondering if all these "source??" spammers are the same person or some kind of bot...
does anyone know the sauce for this picture i found?
>>3238 manhwa source??
>>5167 Dude, the source is in the file name. You can see it from PC/Desktop mode on your mobile browser. Don't spam because this thread will die faster. Source for 2 images above: Flower Rot and You Remain Chapter 38, 44
>>5167 >"Source?" says the man who provides none.
(238.29 KB 800x1941 0008.jpg)
(111.68 KB 800x941 0013.jpg)
(237.65 KB 800x2053 0019.jpg)
(125.22 KB 800x1292 0024.jpg)
医妃权倾天下 ch168. Will be absolutely great if everyone can share something before asking for the "source", or make any non-constructive comments. Doesn't even matter if its posted before during the last purge. Lets keep this community great =)
>>4949 >>4950 Source????
(363.56 KB 960x1406 008.jpg)
(435.85 KB 960x1402 001.jpg)
(396.74 KB 960x1432 003.jpg)
(450.12 KB 960x1390 009.jpg)
(416.91 KB 960x1417 002.jpg)
Street Fighter EX 2 Plus Chun Li, I guess she has a vision. Then she's punched. She has a baby, which is kidnapped and raised to be evil. I have the full series, but here are the relevant pages. Would be nice to know the translations!
(428.94 KB 960x1390 012.jpg)
(342.64 KB 960x1390 010.jpg)
(409.84 KB 1390x960 013.jpg)
(449.75 KB 1390x960 011.jpg)
(458.00 KB 960x1390 014.jpg)
(424.47 KB 960x1390 018.jpg)
(471.73 KB 960x1390 015.jpg)
(439.78 KB 960x1390 017.jpg)
(456.16 KB 960x1390 016.jpg)
Lots of panels showing how huge Calia’s pregnant tummy is in this week’s chapter of The Baby Isn’t Yours
>>5653 She's so sweet...I give this a 100/10.
>>5653 WTF is she giving birth to? An elephant?
name plz
>>2691 name plz!
>>4950 >>4949 Source??
This Baby isn’t Yours Chapter 38.
>>6516 How many months pregnant is she?
>>6518 She is 1 week from giving birth supposedly but at least 9 months
This Baby isn’t yours Chapter 39
(1.87 MB 760x2015 JointPics_20221116_010642~2.PNG)
Her labor has started. I am looking forward to the birth of her large fetus.
>>5517 >>5518 >>5519 can anyone translate please?
>>4949 >>4950 source??
This Baby isn’t Yours Chapter 40.
>>7185 I hope she is ovedue
>>4949 >>4950 I finally found the source 天子传奇【重制版】10
(186.92 KB 871x1250 2009081701005423022302.jpg)
(164.22 KB 856x1250 2009081701011523222322.jpg)
(160.51 KB 862x1250 2009081701011523232323.jpg)
It's been a long time and I don't remember where it came from (remnant part).
(177.95 KB 866x1250 2009081701011623242324.jpg)
(158.06 KB 862x1250 2009081701011723262326.jpg)
(191.76 KB 873x1250 2009081701011623252325.jpg)
(179.52 KB 868x1250 2009081701011723272327.jpg)
>>7291 Hateful Hong Kong Comics
>>7295 Is there a source I can read?
(1.46 MB 977x1448 (125) .png)
(1.07 MB 974x1946 (124) .png)
(958.69 KB 973x1398 (126) .png)
>>8053 Her Water is Broke and her labor has begun.
(1.16 MB 800x3821 189-190.jpg)
(726.82 KB 800x2847 187.jpg)
(311.30 KB 800x915 168.jpg)
(1.58 MB 800x5714 186.jpg)
(3.18 MB 800x5671 185.jpg)
纹阴师 chapters: 183-190 chapters: 167-170
>>8102 >pregnant girl with a sword best trope
(471.18 KB 1080x1845 HFzaGpnjkUk.jpg)
Anyone know this source?
>>8061 Is that the name of the manga?
>>8142 no, but in a just and good world, that manga would exist and it would be 70 chapters long
>>8139 It's SEVEN, which isn't the easiest name to google so... this one https://manhwatop.com/manga/seven/chapter-6/
>>8147 Skimmed it up to ch19. Not bad art style, nice humor touches, bad/mediocre translation. I must ask this though: do Chinese highschools look like that? Identical to Japanese ones? Or is it just following in the footsteps of manga tropes, 1-to-1ing environments?
>>8147 Thanks!
>>3238 Name pls!
>>8156 Read the filename pls !
>>8191 How?
from the greatest swordwoman to... this... it's quite pathetic...
>>8270 The Rise of the Great Sword Mom!
https://www.douyin.com/video/7158830270328671496 Who has the source of this story?
>>8497 Xiu Tu chapter 15-16
我在废土签到弑神 Ch.2-3,5-9,12,41 #Where this character disappeared, I do not know.
>>8613 happens a lot in manga and webtoons pregnant characters just disappear as if the author forgot about them
This Baby isn’t yours Chapter 44 will be uploaded on January 10th from Carrotoon.
>>8862 Chapter 44 is available now.
>>9269 Awesome! I can’t wait to see chapter 45 where her baby is born. 👍😍🥰♥️😘💕
Any more WEBTOON or Manhua or Manhwa that has pregnant girl yet?
(316.55 KB 1280x1416 13731897_1280_5120_424308.jpg)
(72.16 KB 600x841 chap_263_2.jpg)
>>9439 Source?
This Baby isn’t yours Chapter 45 where she’s gave birth to her own son.
>>9590 It was nice while it lasted
Memory only
This Baby isn’t Yours Chapter 46 will has a post pregnancy after she’s gave birth.
>>9971 Glad to see one of these where woman doesn't just completely deflate right after giving birth
This Baby isn’t yours Chapter 47 still has more post pregnancy belly.
This Baby isn’t Yours Chapter 48 still has more post pregnancy to reveal that she’s carrying her baby fat from her pregnancy.
>>10581 It's not fat it's a swollen fundus and it takes a while to shrink back down to pre pregnancy levels, the artist knows his stuff
(103.40 KB 850x1761 33.jpg)
(91.08 KB 850x1403 36.jpg)
(75.07 KB 850x1182 38.jpg)
(90.77 KB 850x2120 41.jpg)
(89.26 KB 850x1234 45.jpg)
Saintess Has A Showdown has canon magical yuri combat pregnancies and I love it. Too bad it's so sparse. Here's some rabbit breeding 218 chapters in. There should be more later on if it follows the novel
>>10698 Wait, there's a novel?
>>10700 Yes, 本圣女摊牌了 is completed and there's at least one major girl on girl pregnancy ahead if the comic gets that far.
>>10698 >本圣女摊牌了 Are there other chapters of the Manhua with pregnancy so far, or just those to come based on the book?
(87.44 KB 500x735 BrqTyk1CcAAjYTe.jpeg)
Comic title please
>>11460 [Kabuki Shigeyuki] Kore ga Hoshiin desho
(85.78 KB 646x1518 1017.jpeg)
> My Wizard, My Destiny Ch. 70 MC finally starting to show in chapter 70 after being pregnant since chapter 1 lmao
>>10616 I always wondered how funduses were made.
>>11875 Link please
>>11875 It's also the last chapter.
(99.80 KB 419x205 the set up.png)
(27.18 KB 231x308 the pay off.png)
>>12363 FUCK OFF (manga is kaiko sareta ankoku heishi (30-dai) no slow na second life, chapter 13 pages 15 and 16)
>>12281 I can't find it.
Sigrid chapter 39. Fmc saved the crown princess
(1.00 MB 900x11603 4-f.jpg)
(787.64 KB 900x12658 3-f.jpg)
My wife is a demon queen ch 404
(194.39 KB 581x887 0 (1).jpg)
(191.67 KB 581x887 0 (2).jpg)
(166.48 KB 583x893 0 (3).jpg)
(136.46 KB 595x894 0 (4).jpg)
(167.44 KB 587x867 0.jpg)
中国惊奇先生(神鬼七杀令) chapter 426
(371.30 KB 1200x2173 0 (5).jpg)
(480.37 KB 1200x2252 0 (7).jpg)
(198.62 KB 970x1732 20.jpg)
(117.14 KB 900x1200 48.jpg)
(1.84 MB 1200x3200 0 (9).jpg)
北方列车X47 pregnant character appears sporadically from the start, hasn't given birth yet as of latest chapter
(40.69 KB 880x536 11.jpg)
(46.05 KB 880x710 12.jpg)
(52.42 KB 880x930 63.jpg)
(115.90 KB 880x1023 65.jpg)
心跳300秒 chapter 16 "第十六话·婴儿车"
(141.61 KB 880x1312 13.jpg)
(98.69 KB 880x1222 14.jpg)
(178.21 KB 880x1177 19.jpg)
心跳300秒 chapter 122 "第一二二话·鬼 娃" >guy forces wife to have a baby >she dies >gets mpreg'd by ghost baby of his ex i think anyway
>>13254 >>13257 good job my friend
(383.67 KB 1600x3944 01.jpg)
(401.34 KB 1600x4272 02.jpg)
Xiu Tu 15,16
神契黎殇篇 or "The Legend of Ancient Soul" by L.DART He seems to feature preg on and off, so maybe digging through his other works is worthwhile: https://www.xianmanwang.com/author/486.html
(246.66 KB 900x1274 0 (1).jpg)
(379.35 KB 900x1274 0 (2).jpg)
(368.42 KB 900x1274 0 (3).jpg)
(217.66 KB 900x1274 0 (4).jpg)
(196.69 KB 900x1274 0.jpg)
Repost from older thread: 江湖策划师 chapter 120-122
Here's an link to an older archived thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20190414071707/https://pregchan.com/d/res/28843.html Pictures don't function, but text and most thumbnails are there.
"I'm A Mom" chapter 1 korean webtoon
>>13329 Awesome my friend Is there anything else?
>>13330 yeah there's more pregnancy in the other chapters apparently but i can't find a site with all of them uploaded
>>13329 why it must be webp
(1.13 MB 1273x926 Marry_My_Husband_59(1).png)
(1.49 MB 1054x1114 Marry_My_Husband_59(2).png)
>>13307 Chapter?
>>13400 it was spread all over the place, but that was really all there was
>>13399 Name and chapter?
(261.80 KB 599x773 Screenshot 2023-03-27 150502.png)
Starting showing
>>13465 it's the name of the pictures
(374.48 KB 700x858 Dorm Room Sisters 93.png)
last chapter
>>13254 Is there another similar manhua like this?
>>13555 >(35) She was cutting it pretty close
titles please
>>13679 I know the one on the right is from Red Sonia. I don't know the show.
>>13692 which chapter of the comic,please
(598.71 KB 444x939 87.png)
北方列车X47 Ch.87
>>14260 Is there another manhua like this? please tell me
(236.00 KB 521x697 A Misogamist’s Romance 43.png)
(425.61 KB 347x740 Screenshot 2023-04-29 152624.png)
마귀 126
>>14918 have any link?I only found the ch125
(1.39 MB 1058x1198 Screenshot_1.png)
(1.75 MB 1058x1198 Screenshot_2.png)
(1.86 MB 1058x1198 Screenshot_3.png)
(2.14 MB 1058x1198 Screenshot_4.png)
Erase (삭제) Ch. 35
>>15108 Does anyone have a link for this?
(8.07 KB 168x300 unkown.jpg)
(711.83 KB 581x855 Captura.PNG)
My life with Mia ch 40
>>15709 Lucky man! I hope he likes to be a father of so many kids.
>>15709 Love this. Is there a manga the pregnant woman has 2 men in her life? That's another way to read sexy stories of pregnant women.
(1.56 MB 1242x2037 IMG_8199.jpeg)
She Came Back and Opened a Dessert Shop Ch 55
Remarried Empress is back this week so new Rashta content. It’s also the only manhwa I’ve seen to depict the uncomfortableness of late term pregnancy in this way for those interested in that
(438.91 KB 1062x1500 003.jpg)
(443.15 KB 1062x1500 005.jpg)
hello (sorry in advance for my broken english) I am looking for the name of a manga/doujin where the girl is pregnant under a mascot costume (like the example image) can you help me? thanks
>>16452 https://nhentai.net/g/388994/ #as far as i can remember
>>16454 yes it is this manga, thank you very much
(190.53 KB 709x867 IMG_20230613_063118.jpg)
(311.19 KB 719x982 IMG_20230613_063212.jpg)
(375.21 KB 720x1028 IMG_20230613_063142.jpg)
(285.78 KB 720x1009 IMG_20230613_063257.jpg)
(77.73 KB 677x960 Mushoku12_12.webp)
(116.00 KB 1000x1422 LN_16_09.webp)
(71.91 KB 677x960 Mushoku17_10.webp)
in Volume 17 of Mushoku Tensei there is a side ch of Roxy's pregnancy. some tummy loves in there too :3 ( and in vol 16 there were several small tum shots of other characters)
>>16726 Name and source?
>>16733 I'm Being Raised by Villain
(698.93 KB 1080x2400 -7715b244c614e908.jpg)
(682.09 KB 1080x2400 21b6e111716c3e72.jpg)
Does anyone have scans of a comic that depicts a female monk getting pregnant? I think in the end, the baby gets ripped out of her.
(464.80 KB 1080x1563 IMG_20190316_124138.jpg)
(719.89 KB 971x1552 IMG_20190316_124225.jpg)
(623.89 KB 1080x1578 IMG_20190316_124204.jpg)
(115.08 KB 940x1793 17-f.jpg)
Flavors of reincarnation ch. 87
(1.62 MB 796x1392 elixir_of_the_sun_120.png)
Elixir or the Sun ch. 120-121
(107.05 KB 485x1280 photo_2023-07-15_16-00-24.jpg)
(151.93 KB 720x1044 photo_2023-07-15_15-59-55.jpg)
I Gave Birth to the Tyrant's Child I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant's Child
(189.98 KB 291x535 empress of ashes chapter 34.png)
starting to show, name in file name
The Villainess Lives Twice 139, 142-143, 145-148, 152-155, 157-159
It's Okay Because We're Family 50-50.5
>>18302 This is actually some good plot. Thanks.
(156.22 KB 850x1200 721.png)
365 Days to the Wedding (epilogue)
final chapter, unfortunately
>>18749 Name?
>>18764 It's in file name
>>18764 boku no pico
(359.17 KB 500x768 01.png)
(305.78 KB 511x505 02.png)
(403.38 KB 528x740 03.png)
Fitness (G.HO) Ch.104
>>18765 I don't see it?
(77.42 KB 583x266 Screenshot (1).png)
>>18793 another manhwa, Married for 120 Days chapter 79-81
>>18968 You check on pc or something, how can i don't see it?
I Am Trying To Divorce My Villain Husband, But We Have A Child chapter 42-45, 47-64, barely show until chapter 57 and female lead's pregnancies continues The Main Character is the Villain, elf princess is pregnant, show in current chapter of 66, 67 Remarried Empress 33,35 44, 56(showing), 88, 93-94, 96-97, 102, 119,121, 124-126, 129-130, 137-141 A Misogamist's Romance - Chapter 39 (showing)-50 I Won’t Pick Up The Trash I Threw Away Again - Chapter 4,8,11,13,21,23-24,28,41-42
Is there anymore of WEBTOON, Manhua, or Manhwa that has more Pregnant?
>>20139 I found some but im waiting until i see they are showing
>>19473 I wanna see em kiss ;-) but it looks like he's grindin her. I can be clean c00l...and dirty hot.
(614.66 KB 439x904 01.png)
(347.27 KB 438x616 02.png)
(553.90 KB 443x852 03.png)
北方列车X47 96
Bring the Love chapter 146-148 Marriage of Convenience ( The Marriage Business) - Chapter 91
Protected by My Dragon Knight - Chapter 115-117
Any more of Webtoon, Manhwa, or Manhua has more Pregnant yet?
>>20899 There are five manhwa I reading confirm female characters are pregnant, which four of them are female leads,
>>20901 Tell me the name of five manhwa with four female lead characters are pregnant?
>>20952 beast's flower his majesty is a beast of all of a sudden the northern duke needs a warm hug what it mean to be you a deceiving bride and the fierce lion found sixth one from maid to queen (showing in recent chapter)
>>20953 Which Chapter of six of manhua/Manhwa/WEBTOON has a Pregnant Belly?
>>21001 except first five manhwa, only From Maid to Queen showing the pregnant belly in recent chapters, the rest are waiting list, i didnt want post them yet because Im waiting for them to start showing
(357.33 KB 1218x1745 IMG_9489.jpeg)
(460.21 KB 1225x1876 IMG_9490.jpeg)
(344.19 KB 1178x1963 IMG_9491.jpeg)
(244.71 KB 1112x1961 IMG_9492.jpeg)
This’s from Contract Wife Runs away from the CEO.
Contract Wife Runs away from the CEO 240-301
My fair maid chapter 83
Stepsister final chapter