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Drawthread NEO 2 Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/02/2023 (Fri) 04:46:26 Id:c56547 No. 16270
First Thread: >>28 We hit the reply limit folks, time for a new thread Rules 1: Don’t ask for a specific artist to draw your request 2: Be sure to provide reference for the characters you want 3: Don’t spam the thread with nonsense, keep it on topic 4: For the love of god, PLEASE keep discussion civil, we don’t need drama to be started over a god damn drawing Pic is the last one made for the old thread draw by Chocomilk
Gonna make the same request as the last thread, but this female K. Rool design with a 9 month pregnant belly. If possible, have her belly button be poked either by her or someone else?
>>16174 Replying this request into this thread before it's gone.
New thread, reposting the request i made. Requesting Kanna from Blaster Master with very big boobs, thick ass/thighs, fully nude, squatting like the second picture, birthing out watermelons.
>>16282 it will disappear once it's gone, so better to just repost
(38.13 KB 425x600 pic_1_big.jpg)
(903.03 KB 2400x1697 64635aff3ff361b4938379772370e91c.jpg)
Guess I'll repost too. Requesting Komugi (pink hair) and Koyori (blue hair) heavily pregnant and beckoning at the viewer, their dresses modified or torn to expose their bare bellies.
(249.39 KB 2000x3600 Anne_Older-1.webp)
(139.33 KB 1195x1225 FfOCQOoWAAYWkQ0-1.jpeg)
>>16289 Okay. Thanks for the heads up. Can someone draw Anne Boonchuy here in her time-skip adult appearance a cute heavily 9 month pregnant belly as she feels her baby kicking, please?
Reposting/copying my request since the previous thread died. Looking to revisit one of my OCs (see: first picture). Her long hair could be a bit straighter in the back and maybe a little brighter in color, her suit is all supposed to be the same color blue (her tie is about right color-wise, but it should be longer and not striped). Her bust and belly both could be a little more pronounced (she's supposed to have F cups, not sure if the second image being used for an example pic is about right or overshooting the mark a little) and about full term with one baby. Maybe her arms and legs could have a little more muscle to them as well (she's stronger than she looks, but at most should only have a 'fit' appearance beneath the suit). Also get rid of the clipboard, that was an accidental carryover from an example piece I used when I requested the original image. Additional notes: she should have a serious/stoic expression, optionally either showing some concern for her child or a "I will break you" death glare. Optional item: she could be holding an Ultra Ball.
(878.50 KB 1276x1484 blood-lad-3-omake-1.jpg)
Guess I'll alos repost mine here. Requesting pregnant Fuyumi yanagi from blood lad in this outfit. In addition for her pose, it shouldn't be much different from this, but you can have her hands holding her belly or placing both her hands on her belly. Thanks.
(236.80 KB 1138x2048 3682 - 2k6TVMd.jpg)
(543.11 KB 1400x2200 3679 - YEIVbZs.png)
(510.27 KB 1400x2200 3680 - 6tkTukl.png)
Requesting this draenei girl standing pregnant with one hand on cheek and other on belly like she is really happy
Reposting this one:
>>15424 And supporting this one with percedal or yugo. I think both are perfect.
(2.09 MB 1080x5201 107316421_p0.jpg)
Probably a bit too hardcore, but I want to try requesting the quadruple amputee girl from this picture giving birth. The comic is about that she was convinced to take part in a cult meeting and they turned her into a "worm", a lowest ranking member who isn't even allowed to talk, so the idea is to see her impregnated and bred by them while in this state.
>>16244 bumping from previous thread.
Repostin' from the previous thread: requesting Shantae in an afterstory of this drawing, pregnant, stripped from all her remaining jewelery, with untied, loose hair, dirty, hairy, thrown away in a dark alley, laying there between trash bags, with some homeless guys toying with her as she gives birth
From the previous thread. Requesting her with a full-term belly please.
(77.76 KB 736x736 IMG_8659.jpeg)
(634.72 KB 493x954 IMG_4395.png)
(219.08 KB 827x1848 IMG_8660.jpeg)
(169.10 KB 800x899 IMG_0020.jpeg)
Repost from last thread: Requesting Stephanie Brown, Talia Al Ghul, and Cassandra Cain all at least 8 months pregnant and posing nude together like the girls in the last pic
Requesting Mejiro Mcqueen with an overdue triplet pregnant belly, so big its exposed from her shirt showing off her popped out belly button please. And she's also running too.
(536.10 KB 578x1079 1629895442161.png)
(225.99 KB 1385x2048 Cleophe 1.jpg)
(8.40 MB 4501x3714 HSR.png)
>>16299 i'll repost them here. i'm also requesting for evangelyne, but with cleophee with this image as reference. optionally you can add percedal in the middle.
I would like to request all 3 girls get a big overdue belly please.
>>16324 What's the source on this? Reminds me of Bronze Horse.
(31.56 KB 378x812 images (57).jpeg)
Requesting her pregnant of twins and asking to the pov student what is he staring while her belly is moving
Wanted, Who can make their fetus kick kicking from inside its stomach so that the big feet of the fetus can be seen, As soon as possible.
Requesting Iji from the game Iji (first reference) pregnant, with messy hair, wearing only a collar, with her face and pose like the 2nd reference, fucked by 3 shotas with the same hair color as her
Requesting one of these girls (you decide!) being pregnant and giving birth.
I'd like to try something with the lolis again, the two of them all naked, pregnant, stacked on top of each other with their butts visible, their legs tied together with some rope. They are giving birth (crowning) with orgasm/ahegao expressions.
>>16807 Bold of you to actually type that out and post it online. lol
>>16809 Vpn babyy
>>16809 you picked a weird place to play a moral defender
>>16814 Not playing moral defender, I'm just saying. lol
Requesting Shigure with a large quintuplets full-term belly that make her clothes stretched and teared please. Also her navel pop out and can see it bulge through her shirt please.
(135.71 KB 196x640 NR2021_Yonah_Young.png)
requesting a huge full term pregnant yonah form nier sitting on a field and making a flower crown with her belly exposed
Requesting Tharja wearing her Cipher sorceress attire with a large pregnant bump just like Yor's/the reference. The outfit's lowkey perfect for pregnancy and it's criminal very little's been done with it
(1.99 MB 2160x3840 fuyumi_yanagi_edited.png)
>>16282 >>16294 Had to get it out of my system as soon as I read it. Haven't made anything substantial in a while so here's a sketch i put together
I am requesting Marianne from Fire Emblem giving birth in her summer attire. I put her summer attire and her portrait in this post.
Requesting this girl pregnant, naked, in some alleyway (like the last picture), fucked by a group of stray dogs. She's also very dirty and with disheveled hair, to show she's been living with the dogs like this for a while.
>>16944 whats the sauce on those first 2 imiges? I tried image search but couldnt find it
>>16949 look up Rest Time by Polki
(38.22 KB 339x1070 Norea_Du_Noc_Back.jpg)
(46.19 KB 367x1066 Norea_Du_Noc_Front.jpg)
(158.46 KB 1200x1200 1686858913135705.jpg)
(3.69 MB 1744x3107 __norea_du_noc_gundam.png)
Requesting Norea 9 months pregnant. Any pose works, images are just for character reference.
(502.18 KB 655x1280 IMG_3717.png)
(324.60 KB 2048x1505 IMG_3715.jpeg)
Requesting Penny from Pokémon Scarlet/Violet heavily pregnant with twins, and she’s in her room in labor with her Eevees by her side.
>>17008 Make the right pic pre9nant pls.
(3.09 MB 4128x3096 20230623_002214.jpg)
>>16278 You waited enough
(272.67 KB 1139x1234 Monet reference art.jpeg)
(297.00 KB 1404x993 Dragon girl lays egg.jpg)
Monet from the Punk Hazard arc of One Piece laying a large egg similar to the right pic. Wings can either be outspread or tucked under like she's holding her belly
(2.15 MB 1941x2897 Summer_Marianne_Birth.png)
>>17266 Not the requester, but looks great!
>>17201 Original requester here. Thanks.
Requesting nude Betilla giving birth while having an orgasm, if possible with some additional angle showing her butt
(510.09 KB 2000x2500 OC Araceli Gruber.png)
Requesting her with a panty birth while she's saying: Not now please
Requesting Sully from Fire Emblem Awakening 9 months pregnant in a bikini with Robin (Also from Awakening) rubbing her belly from behind. I want the angle to be similar to the art piece shown and Sully would be looking back at Robin giving a smirk.
>>17266 As the requester for this image. I love it so very very much. Thank you
(66.50 KB 166x360 Akane_owari_by.png)
Requesting someone doodle a pregnant Mikan and Akane from DR2 (both with twins). Mikan's giving a check up to Akane (whose belly is poking out her shirt). Mikan herself is doing this while dealing with labor, while Akane looks horrified.
(843.64 KB 1366x768 Screenshot (184).png)
(943.58 KB 1366x768 Screenshot (185).png)
(1.15 MB 1366x768 Screenshot (189).png)
(985.30 KB 1366x768 Screenshot (191).png)
(1.13 MB 1366x768 Screenshot (196).png)
Ai became a vigilante after a near-death experiment before she could even put her kids in their cribs. Jokes aside, how about a heavily gravid Yuzuriha preparing her signature Semen no Jutsu- you know, where her kids fight for their mom?
(4.15 MB 3072x3249 20230630_143004.jpg)
(3.78 MB 3072x3249 20230630_142949.jpg)
>>16788 I choose all of them
(3.41 MB 3072x2947 20230630_142929.jpg)
(3.48 MB 4128x3096 20230630_142913.jpg)
>>17638 >>17639 Respect the grind nice work
>>16293 Friendly bump, still hoping to see this request eventually
Thread bump
>>16622 Bump
>>17311 Bump
>>16292 Bump
>>17972 >>18058 >>18141 >>18315 >>18321 >>18328 lol, chilll. The thread isn't going anywhere fast, guys
(238.67 KB 604x828 0127.png)
(107.29 KB 267x500 Miko_1.png)
I don't know if someone will make me this request basically because I already did a similar one with Rosemary from High Guardian Spice But I'm requesting Wadanohara and Miko being pregnant of the same two creepy kids. (Both must have the two kids in each belly, like clones or something, you can also include Lactation and X-ray if you want.)
>>18358 I have to ask: Why? It’s hot, but why? Also, repost what you got last time. I’ve had computer troubles and it’s not on this machine.
>>18358 You have interesting tastes. Personally I don't like the 'monster baby' trope in pregnancy, because it always seems to lead to the death of the mother or the admittedly corrupt children. If somebody does a 'ghost, monster pregnancy' themed thing, but it turns out to be non-violent (still nsfw due to sex, nudity etc) that would tickle me.
>>18360 uuh, well, idk how to explain but if you are talking about why I did request that it's because I don't have any ideas for pregnancy to be honest also, what are you talking about of a repost I don't get it >>18361 gotta be honest, I usually don't like gore and what I did request does not involve that, and I respect and understand what you said, but I don't have any good ideas to bring in here, at least right now.
>>18358 Creepy Kids Invasion! Awesome!
>>18376 agree
>>16296 Not sure if this is too soon, but bumping this
>>18346 I would happily draw the majority of the requests in this thread, unfortunately, i'm in a vacation trip with my family
>>16290 Bump
why are you people bumping everything, the thread literally came to a halt until the next coming of chocomilk so it's not going anywhere
>>18358 Can someone recover those images of Rosemary from High Guardian Spice? Thanks!
>>17405 Bump Yuzuriha if you can. Thank you!
>>18485 The most autistic bump has been found. Thank you anon.
>>18451 >>18478 Here is the Non-X-ray version, just in case.
(3.49 MB 4128x3096 20230719_182333.jpg)
>>18442 I was working on your Request before my trip, there you go!
I got some time, so I'll try to satiate this thread
>>18485 Yea, really fucking helping especially when several of those were calling out the pointless bumps Dingus
>>18494 it's an obvious joke and it's not like it hurts anyone, chill
I feel like drawing pregnant fate servants.
>>18499 Yeah, I also think about drawing all the gals I got in my Chaldea
>>18497 Yea no it wasn't, piss off
>>18501 Who hurt you
>>18490 Nice, thank you for this!
(168.26 KB 503x701 Restorers_first_digital_art.png)
(3.36 KB 152x407 Restorer.png)
(849.76 KB 1500x2000 3192021kobayashiquickie.png)
requesting Restorer from IMSCARED suddenly 9 months pregnant (sudden pregnancy/rapid pregnancy) here's some references.
>>17638 Requester here, sorry for the late reply, thank you for your work!
(2.80 MB 4128x3096 20230727_234626.jpg)
>>16292 There you go
Requesting anyone to do a picture of the time-skip adult Calamity Trio at the all 9 months pregnant wearing the exact swimsuits in this picture.
>>18904 Requester here, and I really love how this came out! Anne looks so beautiful and adorable with her huge pregnant belly that I wish I can place my hand onto her belly and feel her baby kicking. Thank you so much!
(202.88 KB 2500x3500 afdsfsdf.png)
hi, Hello, I would like someone to finish my sketch.
(82.78 KB 1152x1680 dancer.jpg)
>>18958 I hope you don't mind AI assist.
>>19012 not in the drawthread, please :(
>>19013 It's not the one click generation, AI only the helping instrument here. This image took about 4 hour to make, most of it - manual operations.
>>19015 What kind of manual operations? Don't want to sound offensive, but this looks wholly AI generated - the style, the hands, all of it.
>>19025 Style - it's where model showing most of itself, of course. It's can't be completely avoided. (At least with my skill level.) Manual operations - mostly clean-up and redrawing bad places. The hands, body, and face - all corrected, hands and face - heavily. Some inpaint, and some manual drawing with inpaint on top (inpaint based on manual drawing, krita AI plugin). I'm not very good drawer, and still learning these tools, so my corrections may be not good enough, sure. But it's still a way better then first draft AI image. At least you don't see horror of mixed up 6-7 fingers and smashed eye that original has. Also heavily corrected the belly (multi navels through cloth fading), and one of the legs (wrong ankle, looked as broken). And I'm seeing now another error - the right hand, still looking like the left (I spent too much time to clear wrong fingers here and missed it). :( All in all - yes, I can't draw at this level without AI assist, but also it's not the simple AI "one click image". Something between, and I still only learning how to draw better.
>>19012 Orginal requester here I like it, I don't care that it is done with the assistance of an AI, in the same way it is rare to see someone make thread requests. Thanks you so much.
(27.85 KB 474x466 OIP.jpeg)
Could someone please draw Hime Hajime giving birth to multiple babies (maybe 3 or 4) while completly naked and having anal sex?
>>19012 What Ai generator did you use?
>>19145 Stable Diffusion, local setup. Automatic1111 as backend, Krita with plugin as frontend.
>>16752 Waiting for this one...
>>18360 I'm still concerned what kind of repost you are talking about.
>>19238 he meant "please repost what you got last time" as in, "please show us what you got last time, post it here again", not that there was something wrong
(1.55 MB 2300x3200 shigu1.jpg)
(1.54 MB 2300x3200 shigu2.jpg)
(1.45 MB 2300x3200 shigu.jpg)
>>16818 this one has x-ray versions
(1.42 MB 2300x3200 poki.jpg)
(1.53 MB 2300x3200 poki2.jpg)
>>16298 this too has x-ray
(1.58 MB 3200x2300 iji.jpg)
(1.73 MB 2300x3200 u1492.jpg)
(1.92 MB 2300x2840 cats.jpg)
>>19295 I didn’t request this, but it’s very nice, especially the second x-ray view. You have serious talent.
Requesting Integra Hellsing as a pregnant vampire with a big belly.
>>19295 Oh myyyy. Thank you so muchhhh!! Lovin' it! m(_ _)m
>>19297 Appreciated it! Love your work!!
Welp, seems Chocomilkʼs Twitter (or X? Whatever) got suspended.
>>19315 yea, they just nuked his acc ;_;
>>19297 Original requester of the Komugi/Koyori pic here. Thank you for doing this request! And, sorry about what happened to your Twitter account.
>>19295 >>19296 >>19297 You are a gem, sir.
>>19296 Awwww!!! They're so cuuuute!!! Thanks!!!
>>19296 👊🏾My man you're a fkin hero
>>19097 Why hasn't anyone else acknowledged this one?
>>19334 chill the fuck out
>>19317 well that happen, and I think it's a permanent suspension lol I was looking for alternatives to twitter that are more lenient to nsfw artists, so far I only found Misskey and Fantia but if anyone knows of any better please let me know and if by any chance someone from twitter is here, you can still dm me on pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/51849031 or discord: chocomilkinc
>>19339 you could also try baraag I think
>>19309 >>19311 >>19321 >>19325 >>19327 >>19328 Glad everyone liked it, always happy to come here every once in a while and make as may requests as I can, hopefully I will be doing more next month as well
>>16622 Bump
Requesting this girl, Marvelous Sunday in her tighten uniform and holding her large overdue belly while running please.
>>19335 You chill out I was only asking
Pokemon Lillie, Mallow, Lana, Hapu, and Selene, each having very large breasts, each of them giving birth to multiples, (Twins at minimum)
(333.80 KB 2000x3000 FqW3Lw_aQAApr2D.jpg)
Requesting her giving birth surprised and scared because she is giving birth to more than one baby.
(168.33 KB 1132x2048 20230811_195605.jpg)
(2.17 MB 1920x1080 110727034_p2.png)
(1.80 MB 1920x1080 110727034_p1.png)
Requesting a large overdue belly for Rice Shower please. And she's eating for two or more.
(783.63 KB 878x719 Otohime_Anime_Infobox.png)
Otohime was once a civilian mermaid who caused a great political protest in her younger days. Through some unknown events, she married King Neptune and became the new queen of Ryugu Kingdom. She later bore three sons, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi and Manboshi, and her only daughter, Shirahoshi. I want to know how to do it when she is pregnant with 3 male twins in 1 stomach and 1 female child in 2 different pictures. Many speculate that they lay eggs and how they provide nutrition for the growth of their children. But can you describe it for me?
(3.39 MB 1936x2000 Milim4.png)
(5.69 MB 1870x2000 Milim1.png)
(94.71 KB 795x1003 76963937_p1.jpg)
(1.18 MB 2000x1483 Milim6.png)
Now that I got a few pics of Rimuru with a cute pregnant belly, I request a pic of Milim. Either in the alternate version of her base outfit, from Isekai Memories, so not the real version of the base outfit, or in one of her white casual outfits.
(2.45 MB 1890x1920 1.jpg)
(2.14 MB 1890x1920 2.jpg)
(806.90 KB 2057x2024 3.png)
(870.74 KB 2866x2024 4.png)
(598.52 KB 1983x1945 5.png)
Requesting a simple standing pic of Archanea Tiki from Fire Emblem sporting noticeably thick thighs/wide hips and a heavily pregnant belly with Tiki being oblivious and naive to the fact that she's pregnant. (She canonically doesn't wear panties so don't worry about em.)
Requesting this girl, Kitasan Black with a large overdue belly lifting up her shirt and wearing a bikini under it please.
>>16912 >>17266 Not the original requester, but I'd love if someone could do the same but with Hilda! Doesn't have to be the same artist, I'd just love if she could have her own birth.
(114.26 KB 452x1157 Aki.webp)
(185.88 KB 617x437 Aki, Kei and Yumi.png)
Requesting Aki from Ape Escape, happily full-term pregnant and having her niece and nephew Yumi and Kei overjoyed and feeling her baby belly.
(2.98 MB 6000x4985 master.png)
pregtober draw list for those of you interested
>>20133 But it's not even Pregtember yet.
>>20134 some people like getting the list early to prepare
(72.68 KB 398x697 6.jpg)
requesting a full term pregnant showing like the pose in the first pic or a birth with some squirt in the second.
Hi! Next month is Bowsette's brithday, so I would like to request this idea: A blonde Bowsette with the pose of the first image with that oversized t-shirt, and a painted mouth on her belly like the second one. Thanks in advance!
(108.16 KB 1000x1200 14c6d9d4c2898c779f80ca638936f367.jpg)
(43.82 KB 500x350 b014.jpg)
(14.14 KB 200x200 myao-head.jpg)
Requesting Myao from the Rhapsody games proud of her nine month pregnant body, namely the moderate increase in breast size, while oblivious to the fact that her panties and most of her preggo belly are exposed due to her dress no longer being able to cover them. The image on the right is a reference for the direction I'd want this to go in, albeit not with the "Mega Milk" shirt or the boobs being that big.
>>16752 Still waiting...
>>20554 And you'll have to keep waiting. And if you keep being rude, it'll never get done.
>>20554 Just commission some artist if you want to get your request done faster, you silly
>>20554 You have good taste, but need more patience. I've been waiting to see if someone will accept a request I made years ago.
Someone could make her more sexier please? Thanks
https://youtu.be/1rO6En7flmg?si=16Y-c4vMJoYOeFOi The Groovy girl preg would be kinda neat.
Requesting Vivian James, either in her "official" clothes or wearing a casual t-shirt and panties, being 9 months pregnant and playing video games (either sitting on the sofa or on a computer chair) and she's giving birth and crowning in her clothes while sweating, blushing and gritting her teeth and trying to ignore the birth to focus on her game.
>>16296 Bumpe?
>>17304 Bump
Requesting a very busty & very pregnant Zone-tan with triplets laying on a bed holding her legs up like the second picture, crowning her third baby while the other two are already out and on the bed beside her.
(297.16 KB 1054x1344 req vg.jpg)
(332.40 KB 1054x1344 req vgb.jpg)
>>21986 OR here, bloody brilliant, thank you! Do you have a Pixiv or something?
>>21986 Is it ok if I request extra edits from you?
>>21986 Amazing work
>>22002 If I have the energy for it
(258.31 KB 1024x1583 1543011624697.jpg)
(33.63 KB 299x509 1605115763098.jpg)
Requesting Jubilee and Magik hyper pregnant with the Brood
>>22012 Maybe just versions in panties only and/or completely naked.
>>22017 Sorry not interested
>>22020 Fair enough. Thanks again for the request.
Requesting an epic heavily pregnant image of these two dark girls Thanks in advance!
>>21986 Do you take commissions?
>>19734 Bump
(1.75 MB 3200x2300 112287477_p0.jpg)
(1.76 MB 3200x2300 112287477_p1.jpg)
(1.76 MB 3200x2300 112287477_p3.jpg)
(1.75 MB 3200x2300 112287477_p2.jpg)
(6.21 MB 8160x5402 tiki.png)
>>19983 2 months late sorry OP
(3.49 MB 2786x3365 20231009_140818.jpg)
>>16896 There you go
(2.72 MB 4128x3096 20231009_145431.jpg)
>>22559 Original requester, thanks so much for the pic!
>>22380 No need to say sorry, I'm just glad someone thought my request was worth doing. Thank you for taking time out of your day to do it.
Kindly requesting some cute/wholesome Amelia Bedelia please, maybe around 8-9 months :)
(6.60 MB 6912x7272 AmeliaRefFull.png)
Kindly requesting some cute/wholesome Amelia Bedelia please, maybe around 8-9 months :)
(3.03 MB 3512x3592 AmeliaRef.png)
>>22734 Dunno what happened to the reference, sorry!
>>19097 That'd be nice bump
>>22560 Yuzu looks really cute! Thank you so much!
>>16622 Bumps
(128.69 KB 891x1000 51096823_p6.jpg)
(38.98 KB 207x191 2023-10-15_02-27.png)
requesting if anyone could color in this old piece by kazuu, white skin and purple hair, and reverse eyes, like shown in the second image
(114.00 KB 891x1000 Colour.jpg)
(111.53 KB 891x1000 Colour b.jpg)
>>22875 yoo tysm
Will I get in trouble if I make a draw request from that Anne Frank graphic novel?
If this thread is on when the semester ends, i'll do various drawing, wish me luck.
Requesting Trucy Wright with a huge pregnant belly like this Shantae in the second pic. Same pose as well too.
Y’all ready for a niche one, Minmi from the Dinosaur King DS game heavily pregnant and laying a huge egg, perhaps patterned like her namesake dinosaur
(50.81 KB 500x322 sophie pregnancy test.jpg)
(1.85 MB 500x300 sophie.gif)
(498.65 KB 466x700 image.jpeg)
Requesting a heavily pregnant (popped belly button and all) Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle in this pose >>23239 Good luck buddy
Someone can edit the first image but let them be the characters they are: Minamoto no raiku of fate and celestia of life of the last origin The latter can make the belly two centimeters longer and wider and the navel a little more prominent. Please
(819.19 KB 1267x1922 3615 - zQyXSqB.png)
(4.93 KB 300x300 shittypreg.png)
sorry for shitty doodle, but I was hoping to get a picture of this demon girl pregnant sitting like this
>>23364 Seconding these.
>>23411 Ok let's hope it turns out well
(93.18 KB 530x1763 IMG_4326.jpeg)
Make this hot professor a huge mommy with 9 month triplets please. Thank you!
>>23296 Bumping this one, appolgies if it's too soon
(112.39 KB 432x768 IllustrationS.jpg)
>>23327 A Ghibly AI would be better at capturing the style
(83.50 KB 640x640 awwww kitten.jpg)
>>24156 Looks fine to me, thanks man!
(262.16 KB 1536x2048 20230902_235616.jpg)
(841.09 KB 3273x4096 20231031_073851.jpg)
Requesting a wholesome pregnant Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club in underwear, with the same pose as the first picture, touching her belly, wondering about how her child would look like. Thanks in advance
(414.47 KB 1920x1080 Sayori.jpg)
(570.31 KB 1668x2213 Sayori straight.jpg)
>>24291 Wanted to update a file but accidently deleted the whole thing. Pls add your own dialogue.
>>20111 Bumping this one.
She needs more love ❤
>>20107 I second this notion so I will add some Hilda references
>>24366 Sayori looks so cute here. Thank you
Requesting Ashley Graves (from The Coffin of Andy and Leyley) 9 months pregnant and having a painful but horny birth (it hurts but she's enjoying it) please. Thank you in advance!
(1.30 MB 360x270 1564803352549.gif)
(47.87 KB 520x589 20231112_002513.jpg)
(2.08 MB 2100x1828 96532020_p8.png)
Requesting Dexter's mom in labor completely naked on her bed. First getting a strong contraction like in the first image, and then pushing her baby like the third image, with the same expression and pose. Sorry if my request is too much. Thanks in advance.
>>24492 Great suggestion, if you can do a not enjoying it edit as well that would be awesome. Any Ashley preg content in general would be excellent.
>>24492 I have literally zero intention to ever play this game but that is peak pregnant design, shorts and midriff mmmmffff
>>24507 you should it's pretty good.
(3.14 MB 2652x3000 Summer_Hilda_Birth-1.png)
>>24518 Artist?
>>24518 Yo this is awesome! Very nice
>>24526 Artist is Arkone
>>24528 Thanks
>>24605 You alright buddy?
Could I get Lusamine and Lillie from Pokémon in a pose similar to this? Lusamine being pregnant and Lillie trying to listen to her siblings. Bonus if the tummy is visibly moving and Lusamine just looks annoyed.
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(1007.20 KB 891x1525 Marina.png)
(883.22 KB 1060x1208 2789396d0f857b176912a40594f8de12.png)
Requesting art of Marina birthing a big litter of Octolings.
>>20178 >>22210 Seconding these two ones!
(347.05 KB 950x800 Loos.png)
>>24756 Pokemon is kuso but Lusamine is sexo
>>25316 Requester here - thanks SO much for this!
>>25316 This is so awesome and adorable. great job.
Requesting an image like this with Kaede and Miu from Danganronpa (with Miu on the left, Kaede on the right. As for who's in the middle...maybe Shuichi?) Bonus if they're both arguing over who Shuichi likes more in their current state.
>>25316 Name of the artist?
>>25346 Me, Harlequin Gemini
>>25360 Bravo! Do you have any web site or social media to see more of your works?
>>25360 What a champ. e>>25391 He's got an Aryion.com account where he posts a ton of pics every Mayternity, but the site seems to be having a rare outage. Guess you'll have to play OkuSim in the meantime
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