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(114.59 KB 800x882 IMG_1014.JPG)
Female only (no futa) Belly burst 06/23/2022 (Thu) 20:27:05 Id:48f6c5 No. 163
Belly burst fans
(995.70 KB 2460x3713 qwex5yulkw491.jpg)
(869.68 KB 2309x3280 gkhsoo9ggw491.jpg)
(454.83 KB 1280x1810 IMG_1099.JPG)
(542.51 KB 1280x1810 IMG_1100.JPG)
(505.12 KB 1280x1810 IMG_1101.JPG)
(512.25 KB 1280x1810 IMG_1102.JPG)
(507.39 KB 1280x1810 IMG_1103.JPG)
(439.18 KB 1280x1810 IMG_1104.JPG)
(485.45 KB 1280x1810 IMG_1105.JPG)
(411.40 KB 1280x1810 IMG_1106.JPG)
(384.83 KB 1280x1810 IMG_1107.JPG)
(157.97 KB 540x768 1647696147227.jpg)
(139.31 KB 540x768 1647696168534.jpg)
(184.39 KB 540x768 1647696184717.jpg)
(197.92 KB 540x768 1647696200059.jpg)
(1.98 MB 450x337 1635562446438.gif)
(930.47 KB 1280x1901 1647782112375-0.jpg)
(917.82 KB 1280x1898 1647782112375-1.jpg)
(867.87 KB 1280x1897 1647782112375-2.jpg)
(901.39 KB 1280x1862 1647782112375-3.jpg)
>>383 What is that from?
(256.51 KB 800x600 1649452801147-0.jpg)
(239.57 KB 800x600 1649452801147-1.jpg)
(68.40 KB 681x618 IMG_1115.JPG)
(161.43 KB 719x1112 IMG_1016.JPG)
(154.20 KB 719x1111 IMG_1017.JPG)
(166.88 KB 719x1112 IMG_1018.JPG)
If you’re into futa and male pregnant belly bursting? Come here to this thread. https://new.pregchan.com/d/res/596.html
>>628 >>628 Don’t go to that gay shit. Mpreg is a fucking abomination
(139.57 KB 891x897 IMG_1634.JPG)
(163.62 KB 782x1022 IMG_1603.JPG)
(243.22 KB 1024x1230 IMG_1604.JPG)
(144.85 KB 762x1048 IMG_1605.JPG)
(163.13 KB 783x1021 IMG_1632.JPG)
(132.29 KB 823x971 IMG_1492.JPG)
(1.60 MB 1384x2160 VDLNI72tecE.jpg)
(1.63 MB 1429x2160 vI8UZJQLzFo.jpg)
(1.55 MB 1456x2160 47nZvNqUEFU.jpg)
(1.46 MB 1483x2160 O0_4LpB0M_0.jpg)
(287.52 KB 995x1280 IMG_0867.JPG)
(232.64 KB 995x1280 IMG_0868.JPG)
(201.20 KB 995x1280 IMG_0869.JPG)
(238.84 KB 995x1280 IMG_0870.JPG)
(193.58 KB 995x1280 IMG_0871.JPG)
(269.33 KB 995x1280 IMG_0872.JPG)
(212.23 KB 995x1280 IMG_0873.JPG)
(273.12 KB 995x1280 IMG_0874.JPG)
(209.74 KB 995x1280 IMG_0875.JPG)
(221.02 KB 995x1280 IMG_0876.JPG)
(102.86 KB 632x1264 IMG_4787.JPG)
(127.07 KB 632x1264 IMG_4788.JPG)
(134.23 KB 632x1264 IMG_4789.JPG)
(67.49 KB 721x1108 IMG_1876.JPG)
(154.79 KB 807x808 IMG_1559.JPG)
(61.20 KB 400x568 IMG_4799.JPG)
(88.88 KB 499x700 1648135473262.jpg)
(187.49 KB 600x848 IMG_0375.JPG)
(541.17 KB 1200x1697 1647706001206.jpg)
(529.45 KB 1200x1697 1647706019336.jpg)
(548.98 KB 1200x1697 1647696105647.jpg)
(570.79 KB 1200x1697 1647706077232.jpg)
(751.25 KB 1200x1697 1647706101848.jpg)
(311.57 KB 886x1251 1651124790202-0.jpg)
(361.04 KB 886x1251 1651124790202-1.jpg)
(412.69 KB 886x1251 1651124790202-2.jpg)
(715.76 KB 1200x1695 1651124790202-3.jpg)
(715.76 KB 1200x1695 1651124790202-3.jpg)
(413.04 KB 2269x1751 1653215308369-0.jpg)
(435.50 KB 2269x1751 1653215308369-1.jpg)
(370.46 KB 2269x1751 1653215308369-2.jpg)
(174.45 KB 600x838 IMG_0368.JPG)
(99.67 KB 600x838 IMG_0367.JPG)
(132.27 KB 600x785 IMG_0366.JPG)
(57.00 KB 600x451 IMG_0378.JPG)
(76.79 KB 600x451 IMG_0379.JPG)
(480.53 KB 1857x1653 98513054_p2.jpg)
>>720 Colored version of the third pic.
(131.45 KB 670x1193 IMG_1627.JPG)
(154.79 KB 807x808 IMG_1559.JPG)
(182.77 KB 719x1112 IMG_1009.JPG)
(160.03 KB 717x1114 IMG_1010.JPG)
(157.06 KB 719x1112 IMG_1011.JPG)
(155.08 KB 717x1115 IMG_1012.JPG)
(168.94 KB 719x1112 IMG_1013.JPG)
(161.43 KB 719x1112 IMG_1016.JPG)
(154.20 KB 719x1111 IMG_1017.JPG)
(166.88 KB 719x1112 IMG_1018.JPG)
(139.57 KB 891x897 IMG_1634.JPG)
(101.59 KB 813x983 IMG_1607.JPG)
(160.82 KB 1024x1366 IMG_1608.JPG)
(145.61 KB 774x1033 IMG_1609.JPG)
(139.46 KB 774x1033 IMG_1612.JPG)
(117.34 KB 1024x285 IMG_1505.JPG)
(124.13 KB 1024x743 IMG_1521.JPG)
(163.90 KB 480x663 JZ1cgY85pFU.jpg)
(178.08 KB 480x655 c9xvNzhGBRs.jpg)
(190.77 KB 480x657 WlheDEYOgYo.jpg)
(204.15 KB 480x651 Kyf8nmvRfcI.jpg)
>>1130 Sil, huh? Or one of her kind. Been a long while since I've seen her.
>>706 source??
Damn didn't think I'd see one of my uploads here
>>1142 comes to show that your Art is well appreciated👍
(62.19 KB 508x700 IMG_1462.JPG)
(47.04 KB 495x700 IMG_1463.JPG)
(132.29 KB 823x971 IMG_1492.JPG)
(1.87 MB 732x1092 IMG_1499.PNG)
(1.76 MB 708x1128 IMG_1500.PNG)
(121.57 KB 1024x709 IMG_1538.JPG)
(154.79 KB 807x808 IMG_1559.JPG)
(120.61 KB 981x814 IMG_1622.JPG)
Can’t wait for the final panel
>>1211 I don’t think there is. Right?
>1144 It's not my art, I just she'd light on a long lost relic, all credit goes to Lusty38
>>383 Source?
Does somebody have some deleted pics from 7LoS7
(67.49 KB 721x1108 IMG_1876.JPG)
>>1348 no idea. I just found it on /h/hentai thread on a d/game thread
>>1330 Which ones are you looking for?
(974.55 KB 960x540 los trim.mp4)
(848.47 KB 828x1280 7los7.png)
(193.47 KB 256x256 7los7slime.gif)
(169.19 KB 989x1280 7los72.png)
(476.60 KB 1408x1280 los7.png)
found some 7los7 art browsing their old tweets
(968.71 KB 2560x1781 IMG_1053.jpg)
(679.87 KB 1358x1889 IMG_1054.jpg)
(899.67 KB 1358x1889 IMG_1055.jpg)
(778.59 KB 1358x1889 IMG_1056.jpg)
(594.40 KB 1358x1889 IMG_1057.jpg)
Mr. Kurz demon foetus III
>>1359 sause?
>>1370 Demon Foetus series by Mr Kurz. You can find more on Pixiv
Wish there was a burst edit for the first and third one
>>1358 How do you convert videos to WEBM?
>>1216 I believe there is one last page being made
>>1350 I am looking for the pic where Coco Bandicoot has Willie Wumpa cheeks inside her and the pic with the black alien-pregnant girl sitting in аrmchair.
(2.40 MB 1447x2047 ol01.jpg)
(2.38 MB 1447x2047 ol03.jpg)
(2.44 MB 1447x2047 ol02.jpg)
(2.65 MB 1447x2047 ol04.jpg)
Please, put spoilers on the gore, really, really don't want to see it when I randomly check pregchan
>>1455 Especially since now, all pics show up on the front page, not just the first one in a post.
>>1454 HFS that’s hot!!!!!!
>>1461 Where was this found?
>>1455 THIS exactly... I, and the majority of other people are sickened by gore like this, for the love of fuck please spoiler it.
>>1377 Ask for the first one again.
>>1541 Don’t know the artist
(481.60 KB 1024x960 001.jpg)
(38.51 KB 600x449 IMG_2122.JPG)
(70.06 KB 600x709 IMG_2123.JPG)
(35.11 KB 600x709 IMG_2124.JPG)
(75.34 KB 600x709 IMG_2125.JPG)
(80.64 KB 600x709 IMG_2126.JPG)
(78.02 KB 600x709 IMG_2127.JPG)
(82.86 KB 600x709 IMG_2128.JPG)
(84.18 KB 600x709 IMG_2129.JPG)
(87.79 KB 600x709 IMG_2130.JPG)
(342.79 KB 1350x2160 Pei6dh1OBNI.jpg)
(129.52 KB 600x960 IMG_2131.JPG)
(129.70 KB 600x960 IMG_2132.JPG)
(126.92 KB 600x960 IMG_2133.JPG)
(145.93 KB 600x960 IMG_2134.JPG)
(135.26 KB 600x846 IMG_2135.JPG)
(159.21 KB 600x960 IMG_2136.JPG)
(167.42 KB 600x960 IMG_2137.JPG)
(180.65 KB 600x960 IMG_2138.JPG)
(171.63 KB 600x960 IMG_2139.JPG)
(173.61 KB 600x960 IMG_2140.JPG)
>>2251 This isn't even a pregnant burst at this point!
(62.19 KB 508x700 IMG_1462.JPG)
(47.04 KB 495x700 IMG_1463.JPG)
(132.29 KB 823x971 IMG_1492.JPG)
>>2257 Please spoiler
>>2258 Forgot to click that, sorry😅
(212.83 KB 480x690 MZR9wSWdIVs.jpg)
(251.32 KB 480x706 IF_HlIsa1AA.jpg)
(226.57 KB 480x688 yJmkFmDmloE.jpg)
(184.86 KB 480x701 KD-ClRSSYLg.jpg)
(347.05 KB 1376x973 IMG_1267.JPG)
(154.79 KB 807x808 IMG_1559.JPG)
(57.61 KB 640x640 IMG_0146.jpg)
(34.10 KB 640x640 IMG_0147.jpg)
(34.76 KB 640x640 IMG_0148.jpg)
>>2330 Schmexy
>>719 Anyone know how to get the webm on to this thread?
>>2472 source for those curious is "mahou shoujo berry berry", and it's apparently about magical girls that have to get pregnant to transform. I've heard there was a translation, but years of on and off search never really yielded anything. Does anyone have it at hand?
>>2504 Thanks👍 I think e-hentai or nhentai might help
(161.89 KB 900x900 l0cme2hcTlw.jpg)
(205.02 KB 1184x900 kVVSMu5MKg4.jpg)
(221.40 KB 1144x1000 uPdRddN6UJw.jpg)
(224.80 KB 1200x775 -62JjTmhCS4.jpg)
Sniffer25 elves for eggs
>>2652 Beautiful
(3.03 MB 5727x2681 IMG_3988.JPG)
(1014.11 KB 1102x1822 7OTtr3IX_s0.jpg)
(1.07 MB 1098x1823 OLmJDyykxmI.jpg)
>>2927 Dark Gathering is getting an anime in 2023. I don't know if it'll cover the pregnancy chapters (21-22) but a man can hope
Anyone have any bursting games?
>>2936 Damn it's being made by OLM, might actually be a decent adaptation
(519.08 KB 844x1200 nSRmq8LZLlo.jpg)
(362.98 KB 844x1200 dKGd1jb20NE.jpg)
(428.27 KB 844x1200 BJrQ_K8owMU.jpg)
(482.84 KB 844x1200 eyIHTRR5wqs.jpg)
(483.06 KB 844x1200 -x_Q4oTIumU.jpg)
(510.91 KB 844x1200 gROGWy10P_M.jpg)
(239.14 KB 720x1017 PPgA6Azfdyg.jpg)
(258.79 KB 720x1017 kjuxpjseP6Y.jpg)
(422.74 KB 800x1131 G7M6qpBygfs.jpg)
(258.08 KB 638x877 sphUCJGFy-E.jpg)
(249.12 KB 638x877 E58NZCgJWPg.jpg)
(292.49 KB 638x877 JeamZewaewM.jpg)
(267.18 KB 638x877 jt22jq_3LHQ.jpg)
(277.98 KB 638x877 eZYqJP-45B8.jpg)
>>2994 can the uploader give the source or title of this images?
>>2999 Kubikiri is the artist, but be advised that's the only pregnancy oriented part of the comic. Everything else is mostly decapitation and dismemberment. https://exhentai.org/g/2253354/da0dd7d200/
>>2993 Source?
>>3156 You are a legend
(172.27 KB 1147x1163 IMG_5435.jpg)
(191.28 KB 1024x1207 IMG_5283.JPG)
(2.69 MB 2244x3118 IMG_1274.JPG)
(1009.77 KB 2244x3118 IMG_1272.JPG)
(113.19 KB 850x950 1648056049887.jpeg)
>>3202 got a source for this one?
>>3262 No clue. I just have a huge stash of bursts
>>2991 anyone know the source for this one?
>>3343 Giant insect island
>>383 I did some digging and I think it's from an RPG called "Forest of the abyss". It's Japanese and has lots of tentacles, spiders, etc. http://arlenadja.web.fc2.com/sinenrpgcmp/sinencmp-top.html (The link looks sketchy so I'd recommend a VPN)
>>3820 it's on f95, pretty fun game but it's more ryona with a side of 'this' as an afterthought https://f95zone.to/threads/forest-of-the-abyss-2-v3-3-10-sweetsprite.103870/
>>3876 awesome. The faggot thread stole it
>>3881 The faggot thread?
(208.68 KB 1290x1821 IMG_5747.JPG)
(637.46 KB 1600x1000 IMG_5744.JPG)
(678.35 KB 1054x1600 IMG_5748.JPG)
>>3882 The other burst thread which is off brand. This one is the original and true predecessor from the OG pregchan burst thread
>>3891 Yeah, the other one is redundant.
(100.62 KB 1200x900 IMG_5746.GIF)
>>3917 Not really pregnant burst but it’s a welcome
(2.71 MB 600x450 IMG_5745.GIF)
>>3891 This is the better thread. It came first as well
>>3891 Let’s be civil and solve this diplomatically
(925.61 KB 993x1486 e_55gnu7_5U.jpg)
(904.14 KB 1007x1497 XBm4_m1izxQ.jpg)
(870.24 KB 987x1485 9KuUqt9NXPQ.jpg)
(1001.22 KB 1029x1497 0STZBh1KdBk.jpg)
(726.91 KB 1050x1540 MuFFxlV3IDg.jpg)
>>3933 ah a classic, almost forgot about that one
>>3930 You do realize that we can see you replying to yourself through half the thread, right? Not trying to rip on you too hard because you're at least decent enough to spoiler your posts, but replying to yourself to make the thread seem more active is just kinda sad.
>>3917 Sauce?
(59.06 KB 818x670 64573_4.png)
>>3939 Fuckin schizo lmao
>>3940 Misread some stuff😅 me being a dumbass at times😂
>>3950 I just think the other thread is redundant
>>3176 >>3177 Those were some nice muscle preggos.
>>3968 You have good taste
>>3972 Agreed. You should check my Pixiv. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4482522
(1.02 MB 2266x1748 20220820_194953.jpg)
>>3972 Just some of my work.
>>3974 Nice. This is a burst thread though.
(480.84 KB 1057x1500 021.jpg)
(474.52 KB 1057x1500 023.jpg)
(408.97 KB 1057x1500 025.jpg)
(490.82 KB 1057x1500 022.jpg)
(481.84 KB 1057x1500 024.jpg)
Sauce is Iwakutuki Parasite Chimera
>>4049 Awesome👍
>>4049 Got anymore?
Does anyone know what happened to MPregnator? They’re an artist that makes pregnancy/bursting content.They haven’t drawn/posted anything for almost two years. https://www.deviantart.com/mpregnator
>>4205 Was wondering the same thing
>>4225 I had no idea. I hope he gets better. I love his work.
>>4238 Oh no. I love his art
(367.69 KB 840x1169 IMG_7458.JPG)
(250.43 KB 840x1169 IMG_7459.JPG)
(288.10 KB 825x1169 IMG_7460.JPG)
(154.79 KB 807x808 IMG_1559.JPG)
Im confused, why must theres two boards about pregnant bursting?
>>4487 one of them is female only, one of them allows for male or other.
>>4487 This is the better one😛
Fuck, I love me some female belly burst
>>4517 Me too
>>4527 >>4517 Y’all are legends
(924.08 KB 416x312 qB9lZkR.gif)
(8.61 MB 640x480 m06b_1.gif)
Bruh... Have some respect, spoiler...
Its also not even pregnany. Its just cumflation. Go away penis
>>4988 >>4986 He a little confused but he got the spirit😂 Let’s put spoilers and keep it to pregnancy
(3.90 MB 1092x1730 IMG_8013.GIF)
Here’s a classic
(192.40 KB 600x1059 IMG_8479.JPG)
>>1210 New panel but not burst yet. Hope wakingslime does it.
(122.69 KB 500x817 IMG_8461.JPG)
(156.53 KB 500x817 IMG_8462.JPG)
(367.69 KB 840x1169 IMG_7458.JPG)
(250.43 KB 840x1169 IMG_7459.JPG)
(288.10 KB 825x1169 IMG_7460.JPG)
I find it amusing how the shittier thread posts something after this thread posts something😂
>>4998 Your thread is just a stricter version of the other pregnant bursting thread. And nothing more.
>>5023 Your thread is obsolete. Also, you literally posted CP which is tucked up
>>5025 *fucked
>>4995 That's an alt comic not a new panel, these are all coms and this one is for maxdragon2018 not the original who was anonymous.
>>5027 It was uploaded by wakingslime and I think they might do a bursting alt… hopefully
>>5025 I wasn't the one that posted it. That was posted by someone else!
>>5032 Still pedo shit. That’s fucked up
>>5032 Also, I’ve suggested this multiple times but just post female stuff here and the male stuff on the other. It’s such a fucking simple fix
>>4996 Do you know what bursting means? Because that not bursting. Come on
>>5027 There will be
>>5028 >>5045 Not if you're not going to pay for it and allow the com to be public.
>>5050 Trust me. I know one is being made
>>5061 alright, I got no reason not ta trust ya
>>5135 We can only hope at this point
>>5152 I commented on their post. There’s another panel
The spoilers make this shit way worse. Rather than seeing a thumbnail of something you might now want to see you have to open every picture in full detail to see if its anything you like. Fucking retarded. Who would enter this thread if they didn't want to see this stuff?
>>5340 I get where you’re coming at but it’s best to be respectful to other users
>>5340 That was the position I held on the old pregchan. Hiding a thread is easy, do it once and never see what you don't want again. However, the way the new site is set up that doesn't completely cover things any more, due to the latest images being posted directly to the main page. One thing that does need to be addressed is for people to stop spoilering everything if only one of their images has a burst. There's absolutely no point in putting a spoiler on the first three parts of a sequence if the only actual gore is in the fourth image.
>>5340 The issue comes from the front page showing these images anyway. At least with spoilers you can avoid it since burst isn't for everyone. If there was a setting to make threads auto-unspoiler when you open them then the issue would be fixed (dunno if couchy can find something from the chan host he's using)
Honestly I agree, with the way spoilers are, it makes everything confusing
>>5349 It does but we have to respect that people aren’t into this
(406.32 KB 2048x1530 IMG_9881.JPG)
(136.32 KB 600x600 IMG_1162.JPG)
This count?
>>6207 >Belly Button birth Bursting involves blood & gore.
There was a game set in what looked like a high school with zombies running around and the naked pregnant zombies would burst, releasing zombie children but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called.
>>6211 Ahhh sorry
>>6213 That sounds good
Question: how did you develop a burst fetish?
(142.28 KB 641x768 IMG_1200.JPG)
(335.76 KB 1000x1423 IMG_1191.JPG)
(296.11 KB 1000x1423 IMG_1192.JPG)
(268.51 KB 1000x1423 IMG_1193.JPG)
(254.38 KB 1000x1423 IMG_1194.JPG)
(253.73 KB 1000x1423 IMG_1195.JPG)
(214.52 KB 1000x1423 IMG_1196.JPG)
(227.28 KB 1000x1423 IMG_1197.JPG)
(307.55 KB 1000x1423 IMG_1198.JPG)
(260.15 KB 1000x1423 IMG_1199.JPG)
(60.11 KB 600x464 IMG_1296.JPG)
(131.59 KB 719x1111 IMG_1271 2.JPG)
(127.10 KB 719x1111 IMG_1272 2.JPG)
Does anyone still have the old stuff HircineOak did from some time back? It was SFM stuff but it involved death during belly birth so it was sort of burst related.
(54.39 KB 900x675 IMG_1917.JPG)
(177.80 KB 900x607 IMG_1914.JPG)
(89.51 KB 900x577 IMG_1913.JPG)
>>6802 Can you tell me the author of Mint?
>>6809 It’s on deviant art, I think
>>6830 This shit bossin'
>>6819 Thank you. Hmm... looks like this character is not the artist's...
(168.45 KB 746x1072 IMG_3717.JPG)
(42.07 KB 759x1052 IMG_3714.JPG)
(294.63 KB 890x1392 IMG_5149.JPG)
(373.22 KB 890x1392 IMG_5150.JPG)
(393.82 KB 890x1392 IMG_5151.JPG)
(350.26 KB 890x1392 IMG_5152.JPG)
(354.22 KB 890x1392 IMG_5153.JPG)
(389.90 KB 890x1392 IMG_5154.JPG)
(322.04 KB 890x1392 IMG_5155.JPG)
(389.75 KB 890x1392 IMG_5156.JPG)
(360.44 KB 630x476 Feht-ODVEAAbVaR.png)
>>8104 >>8105 Legit asshurt he didn't show the scientist burst and just cut to the "Final Boss" showing up for all that big up the reveal kinda sucked......also wish there was a bit more contnent in general
>>6213 https://youtu.be/xyvu5QTbPkk 4:44, you thinking of this?
(178.25 KB 719x1112 IMG_6505.JPG)
>>8901 Awesome as fuck
(3.90 MB 1092x1730 IMG_8013.GIF)
(7.27 MB 400x600 IMG_1204.GIF)
(48.65 KB 1347x1041 1617378906144.jpg)
I think we all know how this ends by now
>>8588 source?
(157.52 KB 1024x743 IMG_9757.JPG)
(70.04 KB 850x810 IMG_9387.JPG)
(253.16 KB 2820x2028 IMG_9658.JPG)
(37.12 KB 600x554 IMG_9388.JPG)
>>10011 Deviant art chase-therabbitt
(302.60 KB 1019x784 IMG_0749.PNG)
(86.08 KB 831x962 IMG_0751.JPG)
(88.67 KB 831x962 IMG_0752.JPG)
(9.11 MB 1029x1200 IMG_9829.GIF)
(143.79 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0097 2.JPG)
(166.69 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0098 2.JPG)
(201.49 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0099.JPG)
(162.53 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0100.JPG)
(185.43 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0101.JPG)
(166.90 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0102.JPG)
(197.31 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0103.JPG)
(159.76 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0104.JPG)
(186.42 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0105.JPG)
(180.08 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0106.JPG)
(167.69 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0107.JPG)
(134.41 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0108.JPG)
(168.78 KB 1024x1325 IMG_0109.JPG)
>>10757 This isn’t bursting
>>10758 She is bursting
>>10757 any later picture after
>>9999 Sauce?
>>10762 Unfortunately not but i might request the artist
(160.42 KB 1024x576 IMG_4276.JPG)
(1.23 MB 1641x1356 IMG_8777.PNG)
I can’t post any new images
(885.18 KB 1227x1650 RCO021_1477368903.jpg)
>>11373 J’adore
>>11683 >>11684 OMG so fucking hot
(723.19 KB 1000x1409 IMG_7459.JPG)
(695.50 KB 1000x1409 IMG_7460.JPG)
(715.78 KB 1000x1409 IMG_7458.JPG)
>>12781 >>12785 >>12786 I fucking love this
>>12786 Pretty good
>>8360 Was looking for this too, got a gif of that clip?
(133.28 KB 1264x632 IMG_4344.JPG)
(7.89 MB 2400x3800 IMG_4568.PNG)
(6.28 MB 2400x3800 IMG_4569.PNG)
(6.28 MB 2400x3800 IMG_4570.PNG)
(8.51 MB 2400x3800 IMG_4571.PNG)
(141.56 KB 850x1360 IMG_7532.JPG)
>>13780 You got these from bbw Chan?
>>13780 reminds me of Mpregnator before his Hiatus
>>14067 I miss him
Erieman posted a similar animation before called Maternity, I wonder if there's anyone with the full version
>>14489 Why did you post this? It doesn’t even contain bursting. There a thread that is for alien pregnancy so better put it there.
>>14490 Does the dude even does bursting?
>>14494 There were a few frames where there was belly bursted victims (bursting happened off screen)
>>14494 yes he does! you have to suscribe to his high tier subscristar to have the bursting version.
>>14493 Fair enough, I just thought it still fit since it's mostly just off-screen. Will put it there.
>>14507 >>14509 Anyone know how to access it?
>>14577 Says nothing?
(99.32 KB 774x1033 IMG_4654.JPG)
(66.34 KB 600x450 IMG_5666.JPG)
>>14509 Uncensored version dropped today
>>14779 Hooray!
>>14779 Fuck yes
Anyone got the ZERO-THL popping packs?
>>15197 Whazzat?
>>13777 Damn. Its a shame this is face-hugging and not crotch-hugging. I know its a nitpick but face-huggers don't really impregnate people and I can't switch off my autism when it comes to that
>>15736 As long as the female’s belly burst, I’m fine with that
(52.33 KB 600x397 IMG_5711.JPG)
>>16326 That's hot
(181.19 KB 600x899 IMG_7540.JPG)
(195.46 KB 600x899 IMG_7541.JPG)
(645.38 KB 1366x2048 IMG_7542.JPG)
(570.71 KB 1366x2048 IMG_7543.JPG)
(888.47 KB 1440x2160 IMG_7544.JPG)
>>16406 Alright he made more bursting art. Is this how it started like is this all the pics from this?
>>16794 I figured someone was going to post this
>>16794 Oh damn Does anyone know where to find the not sketch version of the comic? Or it's still unavailable?
(1.64 MB 1358x1889 ELF-0001.jpg)
(1.31 MB 1358x1889 ELF-0002.jpg)
(1.38 MB 1358x1889 ELF-0003.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1358x1889 ELF-0004.jpg)
(1.71 MB 1358x1889 ELF-0005.jpg)
(4.73 MB 1821x2580 ELF-0006.jpg)
(1.83 MB 1358x1889 ELF-0007.jpg)
(1.72 MB 1358x1889 ELF-0008.jpg)
(1.71 MB 1358x1889 ELF-0009.jpg)
(1.83 MB 1358x1889 ELF-0010.jpg)
>>16928 >>16800 Looks like it's currently on sale on their BOOTH, both in Japanese and English
>>16928 Poooop!
>>17414 I don’t know that consider bursting
>>17419 Yeah, not technically bursting, but still good…
>>17421 It'd go in the Ryona thread, then. Although I do wonder why belly bursting and Ryona are separate threads to begin with
>>17438 Ryona is general fire and horror/abuse. This is purely belly bursting
>>17438 Oh whoops silly me
>>17470 >>17467 No worries guys. If you have any bursts, please post more here
(161.80 KB 1032x774 IMG_7547.JPG)
New maxapple post on patreon
(180.18 KB 600x890 IMG_4653.jpeg)
(167.84 KB 600x890 IMG_4654.jpeg)
(171.10 KB 600x890 IMG_4655.jpeg)
(130.42 KB 600x890 IMG_4656.jpeg)
(169.06 KB 600x890 IMG_4657.jpeg)
Rest on Patreon its like an 11 pic comic
>>17835 Well should be here? No bursting or at least not yet
(115.48 KB 636x800 IMG_8761.JPG)
(87.83 KB 800x566 IMG_8760.JPG)
(197.52 KB 800x557 IMG_8763.JPG)
(78.80 KB 800x600 IMG_8759.JPG)
Yea just been waiting for someone to put the rest of the comic on kemono
(263.44 KB 480x1080 1.jpg)
(243.10 KB 480x1080 2.jpg)
(253.86 KB 480x1080 3.jpg)
Does anybody know this artist ?
>>18005 https://e-hentai.org/tag/artist:adjectivenouncombo AdjectiveNounCombo. They mostly draw vore, apparently they purged their G4 gallery a while ago but there's still a number of comics on e-hentai and probably some other places. Actually, looking through, I think they ONLY draw vore, unfortunately. Can't find any preg.
(204.57 KB 1280x720 315.jpg)
(217.41 KB 1280x720 325.jpg)
(220.44 KB 1280x720 330.jpg)
(302.82 KB 1280x720 331.jpg)
(413.21 KB 828x678 IMG_9255.GIF)
>>18208 >>18209 Got a source on these?
I am looking for a gif which got lost many years ago on deviantart. It's called "Chaos in Hyrule". Zelda and Ganondorf have a one night stand and Zelda's belly expands rapidly and bursts.
(2.03 MB 2058x3022 109053229_p0 (2).jpg)
(1.12 MB 2023x2223 109117145_p0 (3).jpg)
(1.06 MB 2236x1791 109325741_p0 (1).jpg)
(792.90 KB 2172x1848 109386235_p0.jpg)
(684.09 KB 2382x1862 109442266_p0.jpg)
(843.80 KB 2294x2797 109467632_p0.jpg)
Apparently the woman dies and then the tentacle turns into a loli
(2.93 MB 4000x5724 IMG_2167.JPG)
Wtf is bump?
>>18230 The artist for that I believe was Kael777 or close to that.
>>18769 Can't seem to find it
>>18768 induring murkloar it means "bumping" the thread back to the front page by adding a post to the thread, usually to preserve the thread from being auto pruned from the back page. it's been *-chan slang for literally 19 years at this point.
>>19241 Damn that rocketed out of her belly
>>19207 They deleted their deviantart account a while back.
>>19241 source?
At one point I saw this AvP:R manga/comic that featured bursting on DeviantArt, but I haven't been able to find it. Does anybody know of something like that? It had a manga style to it.
>>20095 I know this is beside the point of the thread, but if there's a nonpopping version, that would be nice.
>>20095 Lewd made this?
>>20102 It would be funny if they just took his background for it
i think its a fan art
>>20095 HFS that's hot
I looked through the old archive thread on the wayback machine (the link near the top) and found that only one of the .swf downloads made by that kael777/deplorablehorrible dude work. I'm curious if anybody has the rest somewhere?
(891.93 KB 827x621 image_2023-08-29_001710734.png)
(716.71 KB 827x621 image_2023-08-29_001718057.png)
(963.33 KB 827x621 image_2023-08-29_001724642.png)
Holy shit, who made that comic? I've tried searching the name, so far found nothing
>>20411 On deviantart
Does anyone know where I could find stuff made by kael777? I heard about 'em a bit and I'm curious
(134.82 KB 600x778 IMG_2139.jpeg)
(136.25 KB 600x778 IMG_2140.jpeg)
(142.26 KB 600x778 IMG_2141.jpeg)
(146.32 KB 600x778 IMG_2142.jpeg)
(142.10 KB 600x778 IMG_2143.jpeg)
(133.04 KB 600x778 IMG_2144.jpeg)
(132.93 KB 600x778 IMG_2145.jpeg)
(209.62 KB 600x778 IMG_2146.jpeg)
(205.82 KB 600x778 IMG_2147.jpeg)
(168.91 KB 600x778 IMG_2148.jpeg)
https://exporntoons.net/watch/648743134_456239021 Anyone remember this belly burst animator on YouTube who had their YT account deleted?
(638.47 KB 480x362 1635284457233-0 (1).webm)
Here is another
(75.19 KB 600x800 IMG_4314.JPG)
(117.25 KB 600x800 IMG_4315.JPG)
(528.78 KB 720x929 IMG_4321.PNG)
(525.37 KB 720x929 IMG_4322.PNG)
(110.70 KB 720x1044 IMG_4323.JPG)
(477.15 KB 720x929 IMG_4324.PNG)
(99.47 KB 720x787 IMG_4325.JPG)
(122.29 KB 827x1104 IMG_4316.JPG)
(78.75 KB 600x800 IMG_4317.JPG)
(95.41 KB 600x800 IMG_4318.JPG)
>>20095 holy fuck that is the hottest thing ever
>>18220 its vore
>>22061 It’s mislabelled. It should be under impregnation
(1.32 MB 4729x4965 IMG_4575.JPG)
(1.90 MB 4729x6844 IMG_4576.JPG)
>>22354 I really don’t consider this belly bursting.
>>22367 Then find more
(94.00 KB 600x338 IMG_5407.JPG)
(105.50 KB 600x338 IMG_5408.JPG)
(5.03 MB 1520x832 Xeno.mp4)
>>22905 Do you have the original version?
>>23289 >>23289 I think that’s the original version
>>22905 love to see edit where you can see the burst
>>23289 Yeah this is the OG. Kind've a shame Lusty didn't do a full burst like in that other Xeno burst she did
>>23365 I keep thinking, she does it based on whoever commissioned them. She could do them more unless someone pays her to do it. Unless she hates bursting
(293.83 KB 827x1311 IMG_7045.JPG)
Dark Gathering actually animated that chapter with bursting and pretty much hid nothing https://aniwave.to/watch/dark-gathering.ojx05/ep-17
>>23648 honestly i thought they would censor that, big props to for the staff, they kept that scene in.
Some edits I made if someone can add some voice acting and or animations it could really take it to the next level here are the list feel free to screen record/download I can’t upload with the current format im using https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_9GsShFdyMDnn4-MjvpsTiD2WF1rIGTG/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KHQHIPtj6Va3-gaIYRX7Y2G0ogatdGlJ/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AQt6MyIst6XLrasGMRUzFgy-k1WA1iMk/view?usp=drivesdk I’ll try and do some more when I can
>>24102 That was pretty great, though I dont know how you managed to find the shittiest, lowest resolution and watermarked versions of those comics possible. The ones on his deviant art page arent as bad.
>>24123 The watermarks came from the shitty video software they were using. >>24102 Use higher res images, and "aquire" a copy of Filmora or Premiere or something.
>>23648 Clipped because I don't exactly trust that site. Burst #1 (2 flashbacks) Timestamp: 13:46
>>24211 Burst #2 (hallucination) Timestamp: 19:43
>>24296 Why is the first one locked?
>>24321 Try it now
>>24296 Can you do More from Mpregnator? like Hunting?, Teen Titans X aliens?, Gwen?, Mina And Tsu from MHA?
>>24296 >>24102 I fucking love these! Is it possible to do the mother and daughter hunting one?
>>24296 Can you also do the Carnosaur comics by MPregnator?
>>24296 Can you do more? And have you considered AI voice acting?
>>24713 yes but I doing as much as I can without paying but if someone who has the software already wants to add to it also like I said some animation and,or animate it that would be so dope cuz idk how
>>24720 Awesome
I was looking through the old archived thread and there were these animations by this guy called HorribleDeplorable/Kael777. Only one of the linked animations was saved, so does anybody know where I can find the rest?
(431.17 KB 2343x2427 90864173_p0.jpg)
(450.42 KB 2343x2427 90864173_p1.jpg)
(460.76 KB 2343x2427 90864173_p2.jpg)
(580.81 KB 2343x2427 90864173_p3.jpg)
>>24466 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ebbuq4mNqfdr5Wx1f4RMWDeXtBicy_Jz/view?usp=drivesdk I think the last one I’m going to do is the hunting one with the mother and daughter it’s getting harder and harder to make these unique so that might be the last one IDK
>>25061 Thanks for doing this one. Mpregnator put the mother and daughter comic and the other MHA comics on their Pixiv account.
>>25061 Can’t wait. You did an awesome job👍
>>25387 Nice one. Took almost toward the end of the comic to see the bursting
(165.87 KB 894x894 IMG_2618.JPG)
(150.66 KB 892x895 IMG_2619.JPG)
(140.91 KB 895x893 IMG_2620.JPG)
(153.15 KB 894x894 IMG_2621.JPG)
(124.26 KB 893x895 IMG_2622.JPG)
(137.60 KB 894x894 IMG_2623.JPG)
(134.02 KB 894x894 IMG_2624.JPG)
(133.29 KB 893x895 IMG_2625.JPG)
(119.51 KB 893x895 IMG_2626.JPG)
(93.23 KB 894x894 IMG_2627.JPG)
(110.53 KB 894x894 IMG_2628.JPG)
(129.38 KB 895x893 IMG_2629 2.JPG)
(142.44 KB 895x893 IMG_2630 2.JPG)