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As a sort of "spin-off" on the main story of Impregnator Kings, I began work on Impregnated Princess, a 'what if Edward had been born female' story.

Impregnator Kings stars Sir Edward as he fulfills his life goal to become a King and impregnate as many women as he can along the way. The story as we know took the direction of him marrying Crown Princess Tharja and becoming King of Ruhemania already.

Impregnated Princess stars Edwys, a female version of Edward who has been raised to be a perfect wife and aspires to birth many, many children with her husband, chosen for her by her father.

The story began with Princess Edwys already in Ruhemania, married to her husband Crown Prince Tharja. It continued on bbw-chan for a while but I had not yet moved it back to pregchan because I had not updated it… until now.

Here are some basic premises of Impregnated Princess, relative to Impregnator Kings:

1. The main change is Edward in this story is born female and Tharja is born male. They've had different lives and experiences but they're still on some level similar to how they are in Impregnator Kings. It's appropriate to think of this story as 'light-TG' in this case. (That is, the characters were born different genders, there is no in-story transformation.)

2. In Impregnator Kings I try to put focus on images for the females Edward interacts with. In Impregnated Princess I try to give images exclusively of Edwys herself. However, this means that I have a set 'look' for Edwys and I just use random images from anywhere, so there may be little discrepancies picture to picture.

3. Besides Edward and Tharja, other characters may have been born with their genders-switched too. Others have not. I won't say exactly who.

4. In world is overall fundamentally the same. Interpret that as you will.

5. Impregnated Princess is only updated in 'downtime' between updates on Impregnator Kings. Impregnator Kings will always be the focus. Updates may be a little less frequent, and time may be skipped more between choices.

If you're intrigued, please read on. I will give updates for the entire story as was written up until now. If you still wish to read the original thread on bbw-chan, it is over here: http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/1245.html

I have created a link to a chat thread too. It is here: http://pregchan.com/c/res/4467.html

"Mm… wake up, my love," you hear a voice.


You turn in its direction and blink back your blurred vision at Tharja's figure.

You feel a hand stroke your soft cheek.

"I thought I'd visit you first thing this morning… we need to have a child soon, don't we?"


You certainly do.

"Mm… if you don't hurry up and get pregnant for me… it might hurt the Kingdom," says Tharja.

Yes… that's right.

You certainly couldn't forget that.

You look up at your husband's smiling face.

He's freshly shaved and his young masculine features come together in a way that sends a tingle down between your legs.

He reaches down and brings your delicate hand to his lips, kissing you softly, gentlemanly.

"May I have the honor of joining you in bed, my wife?" he asks, voice suave.

… Of course he can.

You don't need to speak.

You simply lift up the covers, exposing your sheer night clothes and undergarments.

You watch Tharja's face ignite with lust, and he starts unbuttoning his tunic.


Knowing the sight of your body can excite him like this just makes you love him all the more.
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d9b03 No.90639

> You've restored your body as it was before you were first pregnant.

Btw… How comfortable are you with lactation content, aristo? Given that Edwys had just given birth the day the castle imploded, her body would have produced milk for the child for a while until it came to the conclusion that it wasn't necessary. Maybe Beatrice and Edwys enjoyed themselves during the weeks and months all the research took?

a18a9 No.90661

Lactation content to an extent is fine. But Edwys is a pregnancy fetishist first. There may be options to indulge manipulating her lactation and such later.

And it's a close vote, but…

>4 votes for option one, you want multiples.

>5 votes for option three, you want to go into labor when you decide, and become overdue with no problems.

Choose to manipulate when you'll give birth.

Poll closed. Update soon.

a18a9 No.90676

You're a guest in this house.

You want to be pregnant. You want to carry children. You want to give birth. You want babies.

–But actually birthing, cutting the umbilical cord, and then raising the child may put a strain on Beatrice's hospitality. You have to decide how you will be a mother for your children while being a witch.

Being able to carry your child or children longer will do for now. You'll concentrate on a spell that will allow you to become overdue without problems. And choose exactly when you will go into labor and give birth.

You do it.

Not only that, but you're able to 'compartmentalize' the magic, a little. You can choose when you 'drop' before actually going into labor, if you wish.

Of course it goes without saying your baby or babies will be safe and in a position comfortable for birthing.

You can't help but feel excitement as you finish the spell and add it to your spellbook.

Your spellbook from Maria was a gift. An assortment of 'generic' spells that gave you enough tools to survive.

This… is your spell. Created by you.

It makes you unique.

You'll never forget it.

Before you actually make yourself pregnant, you decide to poke your head out and see how Beatrice and Erika are doing.

You… have absolutely no idea how much time has passed. You've done nothing but rise, eat, work, eat again, then sleep. With some attention to Tharja so he maintains himself.

It's entirely possible months have gone by.

You open the door to the common area.

You don't have to go far.

Erika and Beatrice are there, reading some books from King Vlad's library you three pilfered. Their actual books on their laps.

They look up and greet you.

"Oh, it's the newbie."

"Edwys. Welcome back."

You… thank them.

You tell them you're done. You've made a new addition to your spellbook.

You get two-sets of eyebrows raised at you.

"Your first spell? Completed? Not just 'made progress' with?"


You feel… amazing.

You feel like a proper witch.

They both laugh, setting down their books and giving you some sparse applause.

"Congratulations, Edwys." "Congrats, newbie."

You give a slight curtsy. You thank them both for their help. Beatrice's space, and Erika's 'material'.

"Right, right. So what sort of spell is it?"

You freely tell them. You've made it so you can become overdue and stay pregnant longer, and choose when to enter labor.



Erika and Beatrice both suddenly stare at you, jaws-agape.

"You're… altering your pattern? Entirely? Not just cosmetic appearance?"

"Holy shit. …Newbie, do you realize that's some heavy-lifting magic? Especially for your very first spell? Shit like that should take a witch like us months, at least, and probably three times the bodies you went down there with. Easily years for a newbie like you."

…You didn't realize any of that.

How long have you been down there? You lost track, you confess.

Beatrice looks even more astonished.

"Edwys, it's been a mere week."

Erika's face lights up in an amazed grin.

"Not just completing your first spell, but it's altering your pattern, and you're fugueing on top of it??"

Erika starts applauding, and Beatrice can't help but follow suit.

…You didn't realize it was that much of a big deal.

That's what you collected the ovaries for, isn't it?

"Of course, but to get an actual extreme result such as that… and really only with those barebones 'parts' as it were… we expected you to come out announcing your 'progress', not that you completed a spell."

Erika slaps her hand on the table.

"All right. That's it. Newbie, you need an actual witch name. Now."

"Yes, I agree. If Edwys is showing such affinity, it's a sign she simply must pick a name."

…A name.

You blink, considering…

You… yes.

It should be.

You're not just some generic newborn witch anymore.

You've severed all of your ties. You've completed your first spell.

…What are the guidelines, you ask?

Erika just shrugs.

Beatrice clears her throat.

"Generally speaking, a concept you embodify or at least will attempt to embodify. Though choosing a specific thing that exists, such as 'beasts' is also acceptable."

…You look to Erika.

She looks back at you flatly, so you decide to ask.

You noticed some discrepancies.

Maria's Book lists Angie as the Witch of Truth. Beatrice hesitated to introduce Erika as the Witch of Truth. When Erika used 'the red', she referred to herself as 'commonly known as the Witch of Devastation'.

Erika shrugs.

"So, Truth was taken. I wanted Truth. Angie gave her consent. If some witches wanted to create their own title for me… well I could only object so many times. With my scythe."

Beatrice huffs.

"She very much lives up to her 'alternate' title. My suggestion is simply don't choose one that's already taken, Edwys."

You nod.

And… changing a title is all right? You noticed Beatrice was originally titled 'the Golden Witch'.

Beatrice nods.

"That was after a specific event in my life which made me decide my title needed refining. Not me abandoning the concept all together. I'm not merely the Golden Witch, which implies I am rare and precious; I am the Infinite Golden Witch, a witch who is infinitely those things, for all time, with no worldly bounds."

Erika makes a show of digging her finger into her ear while Beatrice talks.

"Mm. Anyway, choose something good. We'll let you know if it's taken."

Beatrice's lip twitches, but she ignores the slight Erika gives her.

"…If you like, we'll gladly choose a name for you, Edwys."

You take a deep breath.

Your new name…

It will be associated with you forever.

You're tempted to just choose 'pregnancy'.

But is that enough?

You've come so far in your life…

Your beginning as a mortal was devoted entirely to what your Father wanted from you. It was by some miracle that you found joy in the idea of pregnancy and motherhood.

Then you had so much forced upon you until you broke.

You should include something that implies pregnancy or 'birth'. No question.

…One last question, you ask Beatrice and Erika.

Is there any precedent for a witch just not having a title?

Just calling yourself 'The Witch'?

"Well, you can." Beatrice admits.

Erika scoffs, shaking her head.

"Don't do that. Newbie, if you try to just call yourself 'The Witch,' that means one of two things. One: you're an idiot who everyone's going to laugh at. They'll shame you until you finally pick a real name, and then they'll make fun of you, forever."

–Forever is a long time.

Erika continues.

"Two: you're one of the most powerful witches in the entire fucking world and you can get away with it because everyone knows who you are and what you can do if they laugh at you."

Beatrice lets out a long wistful sigh.

"One must wonder what Marisa is up to these days."

"I don't," Erika responds.

All right. You were just curious.

Your witch title will be…

Choice time:
>You want to emphasize your new freedom. Rebirth. It ties into pregnancy and new beginnings.
>You want to emphasize that you becoming a witch was unlikely. Miracles. Pregnancy is also a miracle.
>You want to be the witch of Pregnancy. You don't care if it seems too limiting.
>You want to be the witch of Fertility. You want to think your presence can inspire new life and fight stagnation.
>…Let Beatrice and Erika name you. Or at least offer one for your approval.

102ed No.90682

Heh. Be grateful Marisa is far away, yes.

Option 1, I think. I'm sure someone will have a decent write-in, but this is already better than the miserable stuff I was thinking of.

916d4 No.90692

I want to see what Erika and Beatrice have to offer. Option 5. We can always just go back to the other suggestions, although I am leaning towards either rebirth or fertility, myself.

0dbe9 No.90694

Option 1
I’m leaning more towards not asking Beatrice or Erika to show them that we can be fully independent in our own decision making and not have to rely on them perpetually.

1a92c No.90695

Option 2

1e8d6 No.90696

I agree that this is a choice we need to make ourselves, not just ask Beatrice and Erika. We're almost certainly going to end up apprenticed to one of them, but we're a witch in our own right, we've accomplished something they didn't think would be possible for us by this point, we need to stand on our own two legs.

I'm going to say Option 2, Miracles. Pregnancy and childbirth are miracles, Edwys herself thinks of her favoring it as a miracle, and we accomplished this spell quickly, cleanly, beyond our means- miraculously. It might be a bit egotistical, but it's true. Plus, it doesn't advertise to any less friendly witches what we're all about and leaves us room to grow in our domain.

c6167 No.90700

That's a good point, I'll change my vote. Option 2. (>>90692 was me previously, I just forgot to throw my name in on my phone.)

6af0a No.90701

Option 5

a18a9 No.90702

>2 votes for option one, Witch of Rebirth.
>3 votes for option two, Witch of Miracles.
>1 vote for option five, let Erika and Beatrice offer a suggestion.

Declare yourself the Witch of Miracles.

Poll closed. Update soon.

a18a9 No.90704

…The Witch of Miracles.

No sooner do you make your declaration then both Beatrice and Erika go mutually into shock. Their faces twist in surprise and they start yelling.

"Oh, no."

"No, no no no no!"

"Not that!"

"You cannot be the Witch of Miracles!"

"Anything but that!"

You're so startled you actually recoil, huddling your book in your arms as they continue to insist you can't be Miracles.

A-All right, you got it!

It was just an idea… you can't help saying in a half-whine.

Both Erika and Beatrice shudder, hard.

"What a name to choose; that one, out of all possibilities," murmurs Beatrice.

… It's taken, you presume?

Beatrice is the one who nods, though both of them are still trying to regain their composure.

"Yes… that was Witch Bernkastel's name."


You didn't understand the Pax 'Bernkastel' meant a witch named Bernkastel.

"Newbie, do not try to take 'Miracles.' You're gonna freak everyone out! And not in a fun way."

What happened?

Was she evil, you ask?



That gets some very intense yet mixed stares from both witches.

Erika looks like she wants to kill something.

Beatrice looks so tense you think her skull might pop out from her skin.

You can simply stare, feeling true fear.

You've stepped on some bad memories.

Something terrible.

It's Beatrice who breaks the tension. Her face softens apologetically.

"I'm sorry, Edwys. You didn't know."


Erika still looks angry, until Beatrice touches her shoulder.

"She didn't know, Erika."


Erika lets out a long sigh.

"All right. We'll explain later. …Separately. The last thing I want to do is discuss that while Beatrice is in the room."


You still don't understand.

But you'd better tuck your head down and not press the issue.

Beatrice grows close and makes soothing noises toward you, offering you a hug.

…You take it, feeling very vulnerable.

"It's all right, Edwys… we're sorry. Anything but Miracles. Please."

She moves her lips to your ear.

"Don't try to claim 'Certainty' either."

… You nod against her chest.

Erika sighs again, then sniffs in a sharp intake of breath through her nose, coughing.

"Right. This is supposed to be a… celebration. A true acknowledgement of your ascent as a unique witch, newbie."

Beatrice gives you one last squeeze, then lets you go, trailing her hands with yours.

"Give it another try, Edwys."

You nod, thanking your sisters for recognizing your ignorance.

They nod. You take it as a sign you shouldn't apologize again.

At any rate…

A name.

A true sign of who you are as a witch.

Choice time:
>You want to emphasize your new freedom. Rebirth. It ties into pregnancy and new beginnings.
>You want to be the witch of Pregnancy. You don't care if it seems too limiting.
>You want to be the witch of Fertility. You want to think your presence can inspire new life and fight stagnation.
>You're suddenly feeling closer to Beatrice. Make yourself the witch of Fecundity. It implies an endless, infinite potential for offspring, beyond fertility.
>…Let Beatrice and Erika name you. Or at least offer one for your approval.

1e8d6 No.90706

Ooh, I like Fecundity. Option 4.

cd980 No.90707

Yeah, let's go with option four.

0dbe9 No.90709

I still wanna vote for option 1

c6167 No.90711

I'm gonna go with Option 1, then. I don't think it should be too obvious what we're studying, and rebirth is appropriate for multiple reasons.

d65fa No.90716

Option 4.

102ed No.90721

Option 1, though the other leading choice sounds appealing.

d9b03 No.90736

Option three.

2452e No.90747

Option four

a18a9 No.90754

>3 votes for option one, Witch of Rebirth.
>1 vote for option three, Witch of Fertility.
>4 votes for option four, Witch of Fecundity.

You are the Witch of Fecundity.

Poll closed. Update soon.

a18a9 No.90767

The Witch of Fecundity.

Fecundity, abundance. Unending fertility.

The ability to sink your magic into everything and bring forth your offspring. Metaphorically.

And of course, literally with what you plan to do with your pregnancies.

Beatrice gives an intrigued smile, nodding.

"Oho~. An excellent name, Fecundity. I approve!"

Erika meanwhile… shrugs.

"'Unending,' huh… someone's sucking up."

Beatrice's voice goes stern.

"Erika, it's her choice."

"Sure, sure. I'm not saying it's taken."

A soft sigh, from Beatrice. Erika inclines her head.

"Personally, I'd have suggested 'Rebirth'."


That's not bad either. You did consider that, you say.

But, Fecundity.

You are the Witch of Fecundity. Forever. –Unless you refine it.

Erika goes back to grinning.

"That brings you to a second question, Fecundity… Do you want to still be Edwys?"

… Oh.

You hadn't thought of that.

Erika nods.

"You were very eager to get rid of your ties… all ties… to your previous life. Except for that sperm-on-demand doll you've got. And you've succeeded. Why not cut the entire string?"

Beatrice nods.

"If you wish, it's appropriate to change your given name as well. …But if you'd rather keep Edwys, it is your right, Fecundity."

…Edwys is rather unique. You always thought it pretty.

And you'd need to think of something good.

Can Beatrice or Erika suggest a new name?

Beatrice hesitates, Erika shrugs.

"That really should be something for you, Fecundity."

"I agree. It's not a concept. It's for you."

You nod.

Do you remain Edwys, or move on?

–Hopefully to something prettier.

Choice time:
>Remain 'Edwys'.
>Become 'Artemis'.
>Become 'Mary'.
>Become 'Venus'.
>Something else. (Write-in.)

2452e No.90777


Option 1

102ed No.90781

Option 1.

c6167 No.90783

I've always been fond of Artemis. Option 2.

102ed No.90784

Personally, I like the idea of keeping one last tie to her mortal self. Edwys is a lovely name, if a bit unusual, no one in Ruhemania knows it anymore, and it'll help keep her ego in check as the years stretch into milennia.

8e0dd No.90787

Option one, agreed to keep her old name. Would be nice to hear if Beatrice and Erika changed their names, but it's cool if they don't want to say.

a18a9 No.90795

>3 votes for option one, remain Edwys.
>1 vote for option two, become Artemis.

Remain Edwys.

Poll closed. Update soon.

a18a9 No.90797

File: 1621146342551.jpg (658.36 KB, 850x997, Erika-explains.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

The person you were born as was fine.

You'd like to think your mother named you, but you don't know.

You always wanted to be a mother. You always wanted babies… inside you.

It was when people like your Father and King Vlad started manipulating your want that it became intolerable. Told you that how many you had would have to be controlled. That they might be taken away.

…Not that you wanted to be a trollop, really.

But you became a witch so you could pursue your own goals and own dreams of pregnancy and motherhood. You don't need to do it within the role of the spoiled, lonely princess, who must be satisfied with being powerless. Who must be satisfied with the idea of a husband who might love you while the King himself gives him money for prostitutes.

That's why… Edwys is fine.

Who you were born as, Edwys, is fine.

Erika raises an eyebrow.

"That came up?"

Beatrice nods.

"It definitely did. That vile King threw every thorn he could at Edwys's heart."

Erika shrugs.

"It seemed like your sperm-doll was told 'You need to spend this money.' The spies did all but watch him in the same room."

You bid Erika to stop.

That's the part of you that doesn't matter anymore.

Erika backs off.

"Anyway, if that's how you want it, newbie."

…You're still going to be newbie, you ask?

Erika grins.

"Whaaat? Are you saying you hate it?"

–Well, you suppose it is kind of endearing coming from Erika.

Beatrice coughs.

"At any rate, we understand. Edwys, Witch of Fecundity."

Beatrice explains witch modes of address.

Generally speaking, using either name is fine.

But Beatrice and Erika specifically have names that make it a little difficult, so they get called their non-concept names more than not.

'Infinite Golden Witch' is sort of awkward to say instead of 'Beatrice'.

And Erika does not like being called Devastation to her face. But depending on how people say it, she could take being called 'Truth' as an insult, too.

Then there are witches you're just supposed to know are very powerful embodiments of their concepts to such an extent that not using the concept is almost an insult.

"Knowledge is one," says Beatrice.

"You won't meet her."

If you wish to be polite, or completely sarcastic, adding 'Witch' like a title before the non-concept name is acceptable as well.

–How're you going to know if a witch is powerful, you ask?

"If you meet another witch, she's probably not that powerful, because the powerful ones are busy experimenting," says Erika.

"Not always." Beatrice bobs her pipe in her hand. "At the same time you don't want to allude that you're too much of a friend with another witch. She may take it as an offense that you think she's not researching enough."

"Unless you want to fight. Which is pretty fun!"

…Fighting is fun??

Beatrice and Erika both laugh.

"It can be! –But it can also be boring."

"Ripping apart the enemy is never boring."

"Ahahaha! Yes, grinding your opponent into the dirt like the insect she is doesn't get old."

Beatrice and Erika exchange tense looks.

… You're beginning to realize something.

This etiquette is deliberately obtuse and resistant to logic. It's almost like a puzzle you're not meant to solve. There's a mass of contradictions. 'If you're too friendly, that's insulting'?

Eventually you're going to offend someone.


You decide not to mention Maria and how she described witchcraft as fun for everyone. You'll ask Erika later, maybe. She could probably be objective.

Another question, you ask.

You want the Pax Bernkastel explained in better detail.


"That is important, Erika."

Erika sighs.

"All right. –But one caveat. Don't ask us what led up to the Pax Bernkastel. At least not now while we're both sitting here."

Beatrice closes her eyes looking almost… pained.

"The events that led up to the Pax Bernkastel being adopted were very serious, and every different witch that exists will tell you a different story."

Erika goes back to that expression where she's biting back rage.

"Yeah, some of us would like to tell sweet lies to ourselves and everyone else for all time!"

Beatrice keeps her eyes shut.

"Please Erika. Remember what we promised. No discussing it."


Erika lets out a tense breath.

"…Yeah, that's for the best. We never would've been able to cooperate without that little rule."

You can't help but fold your hands awkwardly around your book.

Whatever happened sounds serious. If it's so extreme, maybe the whole "No unsolicited visits," makes sense.

The fact that Beatrice and Erika were able to put aside their differences and work together, and keep working together, is feeling like some sort of Unholy Alliance between people who'd rather be enemies.

–Maybe you can be the glue that holds them together rather than shake them apart.

Beatrice sighs again.

"Go ahead, Fecundity. Ask us what you want to start with. We'll quiz you to make sure you understand exactly what it means."

Erika hits you with a little ambiguous sort of open-mouthed grin.

"Here's one thing to remember: the Pax Bernkastel is absolute."

… You'd better remember that.

You can easily recall it. Your memory remembers exactly what Beatrice says back then.

You'll save obvious questions of 'why?' until the very end. You don't want to step on any more toes.

Choice time:
>Start with the one that caused the most problems. 'No unsolicited visits.' It's what King Vlad used to kill so many witches.
>Start with the one Beatrice was so worried about. 'Don't interfere with my magical experiments.'
>Start with the one that sounds the most confusing. 'Don't interfere with my pets.'

2452e No.90807


Option one

9edd6 No.90811

Option 1

d9b03 No.90822

Option one

102ed No.90830

Option 1.

1e8d6 No.90831

Option 1.

a18a9 No.90839

>5 votes for option one, the one that caused the most problems. 'No unsolicited visits.' It's what King Vlad used to kill so many witches.

No unsolicited visits.

Poll closed. Update soon.

a18a9 No.90852

'No unsolicited visits'.

That means, no appearing at another witch's home, ever, without an explicit invitation?

Beatrice nods.

"Exactly right."

"If you're being strict, it could mean Beatrice or I wouldn't even be able to go into your section of the house."

"Mm. A clever witch might use that to stay indefinitely, so let's not entertain that notion."

"Uwee hee hee. You talk like I'd want to stay forever."

Beatrice and Erika share a tense stare before letting it go.

"At any rate, it's straightforward. Don't show up at my home unless I invite you. Otherwise, I invoke the Pax, and you die!"

… Doesn't that sort of leave everyone isolated?

"Mm. There are ways to invite someone without going to their home, Edwys. There's a spell that will summon a witch to where you are, immediately."

Oh. That sounds like something that could've been useful.

Why didn't they use it, then?

Erika gives a shrug.

"First of all, it doesn't just yank them here like grabbing a cat by the neck. The witch being summoned has to respond to the summon by consenting. And they don't know who's doing the summoning. Furthermore, they might be in the middle of something, or any other reason to not want to come."

"There's also the spell components necessary. You need to be surrounded by something that will get the witch's attention. Knowledge would likely be interested in, say, Castle Valachia's library, for example. But…" Beatrice trails off.

"Well, newbie? What would 'attract' you? What attracts 'Fecundity'?"

…You're honestly not sure.

A large collection of wombs to experiment with? Maybe books about fertility. Or a horde of virile young men. Or even fertile young women. Or a girl who's full-term…

"See? You don't even know. And then there's the question of where will that summoning take you, and how do you get back to where you were? Who's watching your house while you're away?"

Beatrice coughs. "Let's just say it's not the most perfect solution, and you probably won't ever be summoned like that."

"That spell is the basis of the Pax Bernkastel invocation spell, though."

The Pax Invocation spell is special.

It will summon every witch in the world with the 'promise' of 'the Pax has been broken. Get here. Now.'

Everyone is supposed to respond to that summons under all circumstances. No exceptions.

"The Pax is absolute," echoes Erika.

All right. There's a summoning spell, but it's… clumsy. And apparently no one has tried to create a better one.

What about messengers?

Beatrice nods.

"Messengers are an option. But… you have to be careful."

Sending an automaton or an experiment you personally have created will probably count as violating the Pax.

"If I had a home and Beatrice just had her goat-butlers show up, that's definitely violating the Pax."

Beatrice sighs.

"In other words… a mortal messenger."

Ah. Like Erika used.

"Exaaaaa~aactly. Of course, they could still ignore you, send the mortal away, or just kill the mortal. So make sure you write something that really gets their attention."

Beatrice sighs.

"You never said you had two of Maria's Books, Erika."

"You didn't ask."

Beatrice tells you why she responded to Erika's first message: she bribed her to a meeting by promising her one of Maria's Books.

The one that is currently your spellbook.

…That's why Beatrice met Erika? Not because of the crusade against witches, or anything else?

"She didn't have the messenger mention that."

Erika scoffs.

"Like I was going to tell Lorenza: 'Oh, by the way, your daddy's killed a lot of us. Plot twist!'"

Beatrice huffs.

"Then you could've coded it."

"And how was I to know you wouldn't just continue to hide in your little perfectly isolated mansion?"


She doesn't answer.

Okay, a human or otherwise completely neutral messenger seems to be a solution. Possibly a witch who already has an invitation could beg for an invite for another witch on their behalf, as well.

But otherwise… nothing?



"I know what you're going to say, Edwys, but sometimes it's nice to know you're just not going to be bothered. Imagine if I wouldn't stop banging on the door and trying to drag you away from your experiment while you crafted your very difficult magic."

… Beatrice does have a point. But it's scary.

Beatrice adds in the future, if you both ever part ways, you are invited to return to Beatrice's home, at any time.

You thank her, blushing at the gesture.

… Isn't it a good idea to extend that invitation to Erika, too? Just in case, you offer?

You can't help but plead for her to do so.

Beatrice gets a shocked little look on her face, then grimaces.


Erika shoots her a goading little grin.

"Yeah, how about it, Beatrice? Why can't Erika come back to play?"

"I'll think about it."

You sigh.

Besides the fact this part of the Pax is what made it so easy for King Vlad to enact his crusade…

…and the fact that once he became aware of it, he was able to completely pursue his persecution without any reservations…

…isn't there another problem? A more subtle one?

Erika and Beatrice both look intrigued with what you might be about to say.

"What?" "What?"

… You're a newborn witch.

You'll never be able to meet anyone, because of this Pax. If you showed up at someone's house, they could invoke the Pax on the spot. You'd never be invited by someone somewhere else, because no one would know who you are, and you hadn't given them permission to visit you.

"…" "…"

They both stare at you, blinking.

"She's right."

"I… never thought of that."

They don't have an answer to your observation, other than when the Pax was made, they just didn't think of 'what happens to new witches?'

Why not, though?

"…It's pretty rare to get a new witch," says Erika.

"Yes. We spent many months together, didn't we, Edwys?"

Most Witches don't want to pose as mortals and interact in their society. Witches are used to giving themselves nice things that mortals don't have, researching as they like, and not concerning themselves with mortal politics.

"Witch politics is enough," Beatrice adds.

And of course, the consequences if the witch reveals herself and is rejected by the mortal.

In other words… your attunement was the perfect storm.

"I trusted you, Edwys. You had trusted me, so I trusted you. I knew you were suffering. I saw your potential."

Erika scoffs.

"Oh please. Beatrice is over-selling it. A lot of witches will just show up and throw a book at whoever they think would make a good witch. None of this 'Oh, be my friend, I sympathize,' crap. The real difficulty is unattuned spellbooks."

Erika reiterates they take a long time to make. Time that could be spent doing other things.

"With the risk that I'm offending my associate: Maria was a witch obsessed. She cranked them out like a chicken lays its eggs."

"…" Beatrice doesn't deny it.

"There's a reason both the book you attuned with and the book I gave Lorenza were both Maria's Books. Why make one? That's also telling yourself 'Ah, shit, I'm going to have to be responsible for a new witch… do I want an apprentice?' etcetera. Not to mention if the girl you give it to fucks up or otherwise it's lost, you're out all that work."

You understand. It's not every day a witch ascends. For that reason, the notion of the Pax preventing new witches from entering society just wasn't considered. Or even if it was, possibly the witch who guided them through it would do the introducing.

Wait, why does Maria's Book have a map of nearby witches, then? If you showed up at one of their homes, then you'd violate the Pax. It's like Maria wanted you to violate it.



"Poor Maria died before the Pax Bernkastel became what it is," says Beatrice.


Beatrice sighs, wistfully.

"At any rate, Edwys… I'm sorry. We didn't have the foresight to ever see that there'd be a threat to us so severe that we'd need to cooperate to deal with it."

"Seriously. It's rare to meet 'a' witch-hunter. Before what happened with King What's-his-name, I can't think of one witch who actually got killed by one. Destroyed their home and magical research, yes, but not outright killed."

"Mm, that doesn't mean it's never happened, Erika."

A soft sigh from Beatrice.

"That there was a man like that King who organized them and, ostensibly, gave them some standards to follow so they wouldn't kill themselves… it's truly terrifying."

Hm. In other words, witch-hunters were more or less death-seekers. Not people who actually expected to 'win' and then think 'now, what?'

It explains why Daniella never pleaded for her life, or even struggled against her bindings. She just… sat there, and let herself be dragged away.

You suppose it also explains why King Vlad threw 'a witch never accepts death' at you… like that's an insult.

You'll think more about this.

Maybe you can suggest a way to organize a visit of all witches to a more neutral ground, once every few months or years.

That feels like it could survive the Pax, and it'd keep each witch informed and able to deal with threats.

You let out a breath you didn't realize you were holding and move on:

Choice time:
>Start with the one Beatrice was so worried about. 'Don't interfere with my magical experiments.'
>Start with the one that sounds the most confusing. 'Don't interfere with my pets.'

1e8d6 No.90853

Option 2. Let's get some more deets on pets.

102ed No.90856

Since we're going to get these all answered for us, I don't see how order would matter.

Option 2.

2452e No.90857


Option two

a18a9 No.90864

Sometimes info told in an earlier prompt comes up, even if I intend to answer all of them. Since I don't write these out fully like a script but "as they come."

That said,

>3 votes for option two, ask about the pets one.

Ask for an explanation for "Don't interfere with my pets."

Poll closed, update soon.

a18a9 No.90868

You only heard one reference to 'pet'.

What's a pet, when it comes to 'don't interfere with my pets,' you ask?

Beatrice folds her hands, pipe held between her fingers.

"Defining a 'pet' is a little simpler."

A 'pet' is either a human or an animal that the witch is associated with and manipulates, usually with her magic.

It's not important as to 'how' she uses it, exactly. The important thing is that the witch considers herself the 'master' of the pet.

"Pets are not equals." "Definitely not!"

If a witch was serving a noble, the witch may consider the noble a pet, or may not.

If a noble allows the witch to experiment with a group of humans, those humans are definitely 'pets'.

"When it comes to animals, those are more for the sake of avoiding any potential interference with magical experiments."

Beatrice points out all the goat-butlers she has made. She uses goats as materials to make them. She does not make butlers from bears, or dogs, or anything else.

"In this way, goats are my 'pets,' and every other witch knows to not use goats in their magical experiments. As do I know not to use their claimed animal."

Erika giggles madly at that.

"Come on, Beatrice! You can't lay claim to every goat that ever existed!" she teases.

Beatrice gives a little annoyed sigh.

"No, I can't, but in Ruhemania, it was generally accepted I would be using the goats. At least to create constructs."

General 'experimenting' with animals is more forgivable. It's when they're being used to create servants it becomes a problem. That is, they become real 'pets'.

So… Tharja as he is now. Is he or isn't he a pet, you ask?

Erika raises an eyebrow.

"If you used parts from him and some animal to create a servant, he'd definitely be a pet. As he is now… he's 'alive,' but he's kind of just a warm corpse. A corpse isn't a 'pet,' it's just a resource."

She looks over at Beatrice. "You agree?"

Beatrice makes a show of going 'hmm.'

"It'd definitely be an intense rudeness to take some of your 'resources,' so to speak, but if he's not acting on your will, or something you are planning to use as you like that is currently walking around doing what it likes, then it's not really a pet."

You nod, then repeat it.

A 'pet' is either some sort of construct that is doing your will, or if it's a human, you're planning to use it as a magical experiment.

"Or just manipulate and make it serve your will. A human you never intend on experimenting with can still be a 'pet' as long as you consider it 'yours' to do with as you like," Beatrice adds on.

You look at Erika. Was Lorenza a pet?

Erika shakes her head. "No. She was a mortal I made a deal with and just cajoled a little. I mean, she wasn't exactly an 'equal,' but I wasn't planning on manipulating her anymore than I already had."

All right.

It seems what exactly is a 'pet' is more based on its relationship to the witch than what the thing actually is. In which case…

…it might be difficult to follow this rule exactly if you didn't know a witch very well personally.

Does Erika have a 'pet', in terms of what animals she experiments with?


Erika… smiles. With teeth.

"Good question! I sort of do, but that's not really public knowledge. I like to keep that secret."

Beatrice perks up, startled.

"That's the first I've heard of that. Since when did you choose a 'pet'?"

"Don't worry about it! I won't bite your head off, or invoke the Pax, if you happen to do an experiment with one."


That answer seems to have unnerved Beatrice. Is it because she's worried about the Pax? Or maybe… she doesn't want to think about what Erika's been experimenting with?

At any rate, you won't get anywhere by pushing it, you think.

That leaves one last rule in the Pax to learn.

>Last, but not least, 'Don't interfere with my magical experiments.'

cd980 No.90874

Lay it on us. It may seem like an obvious answer, but maybe not.

2452e No.90875


I like how Aristo left us the last option or it can be seen as a segue.

a18a9 No.90884

There's only one left, isn't there? You go ahead and say it.

'Don't interfere with my magical experiments.'

It sounds straightforward.

"Actually, Fecundity, that might be the trickiest and vaguest of them all. It depends on what is an 'experiment' and what isn't."

They start with the most obvious, unambiguous, and gratuitous example.

Going into your private room where you're experimenting and analyzing body parts and just tearing it all apart would definitely be 'interfering with your magical experiment.'

"I mean, that's a given, right?"

Beatrice nods.

"Your own personal space, where you're working. Even if you invited the guest in, they'd have little excuse."

"They'd have no excuse. Pax 'em right there."

But, suppose you are not in your private room. You are outside. Suppose you are experimenting with something you cannot bring inside. Like a tree.

Every day, you go outside and try to use magic to make the tree do something.

While you are sleeping, some other innocent witch comes along and just knocks the tree down without realizing what she was doing.

"Has she interfered with your magical experiment? Probably. But did you put your name on the tree where she could see it?"

"A tree is a terrible example, Erika."

"Hey, don't act like you haven't enchanted your trees."

Beatrice makes an exasperated noise.

"At any rate, there's also vague wording in what counts as 'interfering'."

Does it only mean making it so the experiment can't be completed? Possibly.

Does it mean examining the experiment and seeing what it does? Probably not.

"Let's suppose the mighty Infinite Golden Witch created an apple tree that was meant to give fruit for a thousand years. Then some other witch comes around and realizes it's magical. Has she violated the pax by picking one fruit and looking at it to see what was used, or possibly who did it? Probably not."

Another thing to consider is whether or not the thing is really an 'experiment'.

If it's a spell the witch knows by heart and has done millions of times and is not altering it, just doing it as she likes, then is it really an experiment?

–So, if Beatrice planted a hundred of these trees, they'd no longer be experiments, and any witch could just… do what they like?

Beatrice smacks her lips.

"That's the real vagueness. And a tree is not a construct, so you can't call it a 'pet'."

Then, she pauses, raising a hand to her chin.

"Actually, it could be. It's doing your 'will' by growing fruit, isn't it?" muses Beatrice.

Erika makes another irritated scoff.

"There's no way a tree is a pet! Unless it's like one of Velvet's trees that she had prowling her forest… those were pets."

…You just smile and nod.

This is becoming silly… Beatrice and Erika can't even agree on what these rules mean. The examples they give are so egregious they might as well not be considered. How are these considered 'absolute'? With the punishment of a death sentence?

You hesitate to ask.

Beatrice was intensely afraid of Erika invoking the Pax on her, or you when it came to King Vlad's eyes.

Her reasoning is Erika would see it as 'interfering with one of Erika's experiments.'


Erika smirks.

"Ah. Let's just say some witches have more reason to be hyper-sensitive to the Pax than otherwise."

Beatrice flinches.

"I knew it was something you didn't just 'do', Erika. And with this sort of target… it's not like you could find another King to use it on."

Erika… adopts a very ladylike tone.

"Yes. Beatrice isn't wrong. I would've been in a very bad mood if I hadn't gotten those eyes. I would have been pushed to extremes of rage and disappointment. I know I would've demanded a reason as for why my prize was denied… I'm sure Beatrice would have offered a good one, one which would have satisfied my need for vengeance after fighting the majority of that long, difficult, bloody, disgusting war. By myself. Hiding in the gutter. Naught to rely on but my shot nerves and dreams of revenge."



You get it.

The premise itself of the Pax Bernkastel being invoked over Beatrice's destruction of King Vlad's eyes may have been a little bit of a gray area, but Erika may have been so angry she'd have done it anyway. Especially if she had to explain it was to get King Vlad to talk about Maria's book. Something which Erika already knew about.

Erika goes back to grinning, then reaches up to her flower headpiece, yanks down King Vlad's eyes, and shoves them in her mouth, giving them a good bite.

…You can't help but turn away in revulsion, Beatrice too.

"Mm, still chewy!"

"Erika, please!"

You feel your stomach becoming tight with nausea as you echo Beatrice's plea. You hear Erika pop them back out of her mouth.

"Eheheheehehe~! Tastes like… victory."

You turn back and she's thankfully put them back in her headpiece. She then smiles, with teeth, showing red stains, and you gag.

"All right, I'll stop."

She licks her lips and that's an end to that. Thankfully.

"Sooo… yes. Playing with that was probably an 'experiment' because of how unique it was. I could have used just any mortal's eyes… but I had it in mind for one specific mortal. At one specific time. That I knew Beatrice would be able to deduce, even if all I did was say 'Save me his eyes.'"

Beatrice stares at Erika, disgusted.

"If we'd agree to just murder him and leave, you wouldn't have had the chance to use it."

"But we didn't just assassinate him and make it look like an accident, did we?"


Beatrice sighs again.

"At any rate. It's a nuanced issue. Our solution of 'asking' Erika to perhaps not do it if the King would talk would not have been a violation. …Agreed, Erika?"

"–Oh, something like that? Nah. As long as you didn't actually stop me."

You're thankful for that.

Looking back, do you have any regrets?

You move your eyes up and stare at Vlad's.

No. No regrets.

You let your thoughts show in the hateful stare you give them.

"Hey, newbie, it's time for your quiz."

… You're shaken out of your feelings and brought back to the talk of the Pax.

"Well? Did you get it all, newbie?"

"We're here for any questions you may have, Fecundity."

Just one, you tell your sisters.

The Pax Bernkastel is absolute. Breaking it means another witch will use a special invocation magic that will summon every witch in the world to the exact spot, and then…

…the punishment is immediate execution, by all witches, against the one who broke the Pax?

Beatrice and Erika both nod.

And the Pax is absolute?

"The Pax is absolute."

"No exceptions, newbie. Remember that."


You have… one last concern to raise about the Pax Bernkastel. At least from what you've been told.

"We're all ears."

"Better ask us what you want now, while you can, newbie."

You nod.

Choice time:
>The Pax Bernkastel is stupid! They're random rules that make no sense!
>The Pax Bernkastel is meaningless! They're so vague no one can say what's a violation or perfectly acceptable!
>The Pax Bernkastel is cruel! The punishment gives the violator no chance to make amends, for completely forgivable things!

Write-ins are acceptable, but only if they start with "The Pax Bernkastel is _____" negative-adjective.

1e8d6 No.90886

Good one. All three are pretty accurate, I'd say. Barring someone coming up with a good write-in, I'm gonna go with Option Three, but would like it if shades of the second option are included in Edwys's reasoning too.

2452e No.90887


Write-in: The Pax is incomplete.

There’s a lot of unclear rules and standards that could be easily abused by other witches and having that area of cloudy interpretation might invite serious conflicts between activities of witches - conflicts that could have been avoidable. The Pax needs to be amended.

a18a9 No.90889

This is basically option 2 and will be counted as 2.

If you are trying to write-in with a more 'rational-sounding yet still negative' adjective, the implication of these choices (and the guide of the write-in) was meant to indicate that Edwys is entering an emotional state where she must be extremely negative with the criticism. Please therefore choose an equally emotional negative adjective if you try a write-in.

Please continue to vote.

c6167 No.90890

Mmmmmm, I'm conflicted….. option 2 is more towards what I've been thinking as all this was explained, but also the fact that if you're pax'd you're dead is something else we need to address….

Eh, Option 2. We can always bring that up later.

102ed No.90911

Option 2. As it stands, a invocation of the Pax could ignite the very war it's meant to prevent, regardless of ruling. Plus the difficulty of finding acceptable workarounds makes any action or inaction a potential violation.

cd980 No.90920

Option two. It's meaningless and needs a complete overhaul, especially if witches become the dominant power in Ruhemenia.

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