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File: 1465648566216.png (9.17 MB, 3508x2480, peach_and_daisy_by_portabl….png)

b9b0e No.19530

I like pregnant things (duh.) So I draw them. I like drawing humans, anthro, monsters, pokemon, men, really just about anything people want to see. I also draw birth, and occasional weird shit. If you all don't mind, I'd love to showcase some of my human and humanoid stuff here, and hear what you all think of it. If there's enough interest I'll make a thread in the furry board too.

93ff4 No.19531

Oh wow, Hi PortableCat! Love your work on DeviantArt.

b9b0e No.19532

File: 1465648722202.png (99.84 KB, 856x934, showering_with_god_by_port….png)

b9b0e No.19533

Hello! Thank you! I'm glad to find a fan on here. Mind if I ask which pics are your favorites? People on DA don't talk enough.

b9b0e No.19535

File: 1465649585778.png (149.6 KB, 1063x752, an_audience_with_the_godde….png)

b9b0e No.19536

File: 1465649746650.png (Spoiler Image, 102.13 KB, 995x803, competitive_swimsuit_wally….png)

Put this one in a spoiler because it's Mpreg. Wally from Pokemon RSE in a Japanese girl's swimsuit.

b9b0e No.19537

File: 1465649828390.png (Spoiler Image, 548.37 KB, 1280x1133, competitive_swimsuit_wally….png)

Part two of Wally.

bfa58 No.19538

Hey there! Nice to see you around these parts. Big fan of your stuff. :)

93ff4 No.19539

Huh, that's kind of a hard question. I like a lot of yours. xD

Ones that come to mind I guess (going off by title) would be 'Toriel Continuation', 'Blue + Red = Purple', and 'Purple and Green'.

93ff4 No.19540

Oh! I also love all the little text descriptions and stories you add on the bottom.

e8764 No.19547

some nice stuff here!

This is my fave of your stuff you've posted so far

b9b0e No.19553

File: 1465685929474.jpg (2.74 MB, 5000x3000, SCN_0034.jpg)

Nice to see you too, Doombeez. I'm a big time lurker actually. This site is real a treasure trove for "the folder".
The real warm and fuzzy stuff then? That's nice to hear. Pregnancy really lends itself well to warm fuzzy pictures. I love that happy, awkwardly embarrassed, and mildly uncomfortable face.
Some pictures I think up a big long story, others I just kind of draw and post. I've been meaning to make my stories longer, but usually when I finish a piece I'm too exhausted to get my write on, and too eager to see how popular it will be. If I was smart I'd write the story beforehand.

b9b0e No.19554

File: 1465686374732.jpg (688.83 KB, 2456x1736, seahorse_mamas__part_1__by….jpg)

Thank you! I'm kinda new to mpreg, but I really enjoy doing it. If you like this, you'll probably appreciate the mermaid series I'm working on right now. She's going to lay her eggs in him, like a seahorse.

b9b0e No.19558

File: 1465697700631.png (89.81 KB, 850x940, beautiful_mothers_magazine….png)

b9b0e No.19564

File: 1465730222249.png (110.32 KB, 829x965, cat_and_her_mice_14_by_por….png)

bfa58 No.19571



Ooh, I really liked this series, even though the way it started isn't a kink of mine. :)

b9b0e No.19593

File: 1465829931153.png (5.45 MB, 3252x2480, SCN_0006.png)

Who says vore has to end in digestion? X3 When prey is trapped inside you, you can impregnate it without it being able to get away! Then you get to give birth to it too! Much better than turning your prey into boobs and butt!

19b88 No.19596


Is there a name for vore that specifically *doesn't* end in death/digestion? I've been looking, but have yet to find a term that's actually used, or any communities based around 'soft vore'.

bfa58 No.19597


"Soft vore" means the prey is swallowed whole, rather than actually *eaten*. There isn't a generally-used term for what you mean. I'm fond of "good end", myself.

28274 No.19598

But the digestive and reproductive systems are separate…

Sorry. I get a little hung up on stuff like that.

b9b0e No.19603

File: 1465856149631.png (504.12 KB, 1024x671, cat_and_her_mice_6_by_port….png)

I've seen the term "full tour" for what you're looking for.
Of course they're separate, but these aren't normal humans. I view the "cat" and the "mice" as male and female of the same weird alien species. The cat's body knows the mouse isn't food, and opens a channel to the reproductive system for it, similar to how the human body separates food and air. In the cat is a penis like organ that her belly muscles force the mouse onto. The mouse gets pregnant quickly and is kept inside the cat to protect the young. When the mouse is ready to give birth, the cat pushes her out and protects her while she delivers. There are no traditional males in this universe because sexy.

I'll have you know I have a doctorate in stupid porn science.

c6418 No.19605

Well this is the most fucked up episode of 'Rescue Rangers' ever.

fd8d4 No.19609

I am entirely OK with the use of "stupid porn science". The cognitive dissonance is appeased. I just thought you were using standard cat- and mouse-girls, who don't have any extra parts like that.

With that out of the way, on with the sexy!

bfa58 No.19611


I was thinking of minoring in stupid porn science next semester.

b9b0e No.19619

Dear god, this is the funniest thing I've seen today.
Essentially I don't like drawing things coming out of butts, so I made up that little story. Vaginas are so much nicer!

b9b0e No.19620

File: 1465899556521.png (521.32 KB, 1024x730, cat_and_her_mice_7_by_port….png)

b9b0e No.19621

File: 1465899708947.png (97.98 KB, 944x847, cat_and_her_mice_8_by_port….png)

Not sure how, but somehow I must have forgotten milk is white. Mmmm, wood glue.

b9b0e No.19622

File: 1465899808066.png (452.41 KB, 1024x738, cat_and_her_mice_9_by_port….png)

b9b0e No.19642

File: 1465943737787.png (504 KB, 1024x764, cat_and_her_mice_10_by_por….png)

b9b0e No.19655

File: 1466027249076.png (399.91 KB, 1024x671, cat_and_her_mice_11_by_por….png)

b9b0e No.19656

File: 1466027398682.png (95.95 KB, 971x823, cat_and_her_mice_12_by_por….png)

b9b0e No.19660

File: 1466030681399.png (158.38 KB, 1032x774, cat_and_her_mice_13_by_por….png)

b9b0e No.20066

Got banned on DA for my Ash and Serena pic (you'll find it in the Pokegirls thread, pregchan didn't like me double posting). One person reported it and I got banned for posting underage, despite the fact Serena has no defined age and she's not nude in the image. I appealed the ban, explaining what I just said and the asshats just sent me an automated mail "underage is bad mkay", ignoring the content of my message completely. You decided to ban me for a month without any sort of warning, due process, or sensible explanation. This is my job for fucks sake, and you aren't even willing to explain why you fucked me over. Serena's age is undefined, I didn't break any rules! Just delete my picture and tell me not to do that. Why the ban? Fuck you DA, I'm leaving. You will find me now on Pixiv and Inkbunny.

b9b0e No.20067

File: 1467384485422.png (1.33 MB, 1600x1164, seahorse_mamas__part_3___m….png)

Egg transfer has begun!

Wanted to draw birthin' goo on the egg, tears on Tetha, and drool on Roan. I know they're underwater, but what the heck. Spongebob physics. Really happy with how the goo on the egg turned out.

A friend of mine asked if this was all consensual. My response is this: How you think she got pregnant in the first place? When you make love to a seahorse girl without protection, and she tells you you better take responsibility, she reeeaaally means it. He may or may not have known what was going to happen…and he may have gotten quite uncomfortable once she patted her belly and smiled at him, but I think that, although he's not quite ready to admit it to himself yet, his pleasure will soon overtake him and he'll have a quivering subby-gasm from the whole experience.

Wrote a little story for this:

It's at the hardest part for Tetha right now, right as her first egg reaches its widest point. She's crying from the pain, the hard shell protecting her offspring stretching her belly open to the limit. Egg stretched tightly against her skin, she feels the baby inside it moving around.
Despite the pain, it feels nice. The egg's cute little twitches fill her with love for her unborn young, and for her mate, whose body she is entrusting them to. They will hatch inside him soon.

Roan seems to be…overwhelmed…by the whole experience. It stings a bit, and his belly feels very strange, naturally stretching to accommodate the point. The warm, hard, smooth and wet egg naturally finds its place and starts entering. They match breathing, Tetha tensing up to push, Roan breathing out to release tension.

It tickles and he has to use all the willpower he can muster to keep from tensing up when he feels it press against him. He can feel point nudging the entrance to his womb before eventually a strong push from Tetha spreads the stubborn gate. He lets out a gasp and his eyes roll back. A bit
of drool trickles out from the corner of his mouth. (this is the moment I've drawn.)

The baby inside kicks, and the resultant egg twitch tickles the inside of his belly button. He realizes he will be the one to bring this little life into the world, and his face flushes with embarrassed joy. Roan and Tetha awkwardly lock eyes and embrace each other in a kiss.

Currently working on the next pic for this, it will have three panels, with cross sections detailing the transfer of the first egg.

e663c No.20074


I sympathise with you. I follow the rules and I still get into trouble (or indeed nowhere) at the best of times. They're basically all misunderstandings, yet my side wasn't taken. It was what cost me my dream job…mind you, it was also due to the fact I was promised training and never got it.

In any case, what about your FA account? You can still use that can't you?

b9b0e No.20077

Thanks man, the internet seems to be telling me this sort of thing is the rule rather than the exception on DA. Bad mods ruin everything.

While I can still use my FA account (provided I remember my login info, it's been a while) I've decided I'm done with websites that promote censorship of cartoon porn. (FA has a no-cub rule) It's fantasy and it's not hurting anyone. I am not going to let the western sjw morality police tell me what pretend things I can and can't fap to.

b9b0e No.20078

File: 1467419797048.png (1.19 MB, 1280x905, annabelle_by_portablecat-d….png)

b198b No.20082


Some people are stupid when it comes to things like this (either that, or they're just in cover-their-asses mode). Admittedly while the players and NPCs have been skewing a bit older in recent generations, it's still pretty easy to consider them underage unless you mention otherwise (not to mention you have Ash in the picture, who despite how freakin' long the anime has been running and how many regions he's explored, is STILL somehow 10 years old…)

I thought it was a rather nice picture, though.

19037 No.20100

That's what you're going to get most places. Hosts aren't willing to let one thing slide by if it means their entire website could get pulled for CP.

b9b0e No.20117

File: 1467502605278.png (1.82 MB, 2604x2364, SCN_0038.png)


What I never understood was that CP is real life, but drawings are completely fake, and aren't real people. How are they the same thing?

19037 No.20127

Some countries laws don't differentiate.

c7779 No.24234

File: 1483272042332.png (1.79 MB, 2500x1950, Your turn s .png)

I did a new thing! Haven't done humans in a while. This is Francesca and Shirley from Strike Witches. You all really should watch Strike Witches if you haven't already. Everyone is an unashamed lesbian, there's lots of nudity, WW2 stuff, plane nerd stuff, and endless fanservice geared toward people who like pussy. The show makes a point of telling you that nobody wears pants or skirts.

Francesca is the small one, and as you can see she is about to give birth into her restrained girlfriend. Francesca is a feisty one, and when I came up with the idea, she seemed perfect for the role. Somehow the situation is slightly less stupid when she's doing it.

Why? Why not, it's sexy and stuff.

92091 No.24235

Haaaaaaa Hello Portal!

92091 No.24238

also will we see Shirley get a baby bump!?!?

c7779 No.24239

Hello! I'm considering making this into a three parter, with the second part having their butts together and a cross section of it going in. Third part it would be completely transferred, filling Shirley's belly.

I think I might omit the umbilical cord on this one, because, how exactly would that work? It's already strange XD

92091 No.24242

Woop woop! Ah Shirley will share in the baby bump fun!

0e022 No.24244

I dunno, always been fascinated by the idea of a 'surrogate' mother being connected to the biological one by the umbilical going out and then in again.

I'm just glad to see someone doing this at long last.

81eaf No.24245


Transfer birthing is hawt. I dig it. :D

c7779 No.24246

What do you mean exactly? Can you explain further? I want to put an umbilical cord into the pic, but I don't know what to do about the other end of it, and the placenta attached.

Second, I know right? It's a pretty simple idea, but nobody draws it at all. I want to do more pregnancy transfer in the future, it fits really well with bondage themes, and allows me to incorporate hard yuri situations. There's a lot of pregnant yuri, but I feel like there are a lot of ideas and intensity that haven't been explored yet.

92091 No.24247

When you say cross section do you mean X-ray into the belly! That would be amazing and i would love to see the umbilical cord either get transferred to the new mother or link the the two lovers!

I want to see the umbilical card attact itself o Shirley's womb and look at that belly on her.

Maybe have a second bunch of commission where they both have baby bumps! (might thing about doing that as well as Kancolle!)

ece15 No.24254

Naw your not the only one that does this stuff. I have some with one of my oc and her mate. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gx8ypmdrmrf0koj/907278_GeneralBunbun_ss__2014-09-24_at_10.26.28_.jpg?dl=0 If you have a IB account i can link you there to scope out what i got.

As for the umbilical cord well this is fantasy after all. So the cord and placenta can stay inside Francesca with her standing there with the cord going from her inside her friend. Would love to see that myself. :)

c7779 No.24292

Ooh, yes, link me. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

The thing with the umbilical cord is, if I keep it inside Francesca, they are stuck to each other until Shirly is ready to have the baby in earnest. I want it to stay in the other girl for a few months, get a bit bigger before it is properly born.

27b60 No.24299

Bit bigger! That is going to be one uber baby>>24292

ece15 No.24311

Aye like wise glad im not the only one either. XD And i see. So there Strike Witches? That could be it there. Francesca could use some new magical spell on her friend putting her hand on her belly that makes the umbilical cord vanish from her into her friend.

Or you could try something a bit more wild/crazy like. Like her pulling on the cord till she pulls the umbilical cord and placenta out of her then puts it inside her friend by slipping it inside her pussy. Then use magic on her belly to connect the placenta to her girlfriend.

Now idk how far you wanna go with this and that's up to you. I'm open minded and just offering some suggestions. ^_^

78b41 No.24317

I can help too if your interested!

ece15 No.24360

78b41 No.24363

I can see any of your work…..

78b41 No.24364

i mean can't.

ece15 No.24371

Yes im afraid you'll have to make an IB account to see any of my art. That's something i should of mentioned. >.<

6ef5b No.24375

should HAVE

How the fuck can anyone, let alone so many people all over the net get that wrong!? That's not a typo; you didn't simply accidentally hit the wrong keys. That's not like switching "they're" and "their"; this doesn't even mean anything. How does it not hurt your brain just to type that!?
The only realistic explanation I can think of is that there is a massive conspiracy all the internet's shitheads going on to drive anyone completely insane who knows how to spell even just a little bit.

ece15 No.24381

Bigger question is why do you care? All this tells me is that your some angry troll or someone that's so easily bent out of shape over the smallest of things.

Its kind of funny actually. Any ways you have a nice day. :)

3945e No.24392

>>24371 ok i have a accout and only one picture comes up…

ece15 No.24396

That's strange. I looked over each one and there not hidden. They should all be visible. It is possible IB is having image issues again where for some reason some thumbnail's or even pics some pics fail to load. Try checking your content filters or try looking at the pics later is all i can suggest. <:(

78b41 No.24415

wait. got it working!

ece15 No.24421

Nice. ^^

61a57 No.24699

File: 1485008835334.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1376, pixchan wolfgirl.png)

I did a thing.

Her specie remains pregnant until the baby is more developed and semi-coherent. Essentially they give birth to toddlers. Looks like it hurts.

I like the idea of the mother being able to have a sort of "um, hi, I just created you" moment with her intelligent and probably confused little one.

The white thing on her head is a horn, in case it wasn't clear.

85446 No.24732

She's absolutely beautiful!

What's the reason for later-term pregnancy? Is it simply more capable offspring?

81eaf No.24733


To misquote Cave Johnson, fetishes aren't about "why", they're about "why not?"

61a57 No.24735

Her species are all hunter-gatherers in a fairly hostile environment with not much food. They keep them inside for longer so the mother isn't laid up taking care of the baby for long after she delivers it. Like horses, they are able to walk almost as soon as they slide out, and have the dexterity and independence to be able to start helping out with little things within a few days outside of mom. They start trying to speak a few minutes after being born.

Also…I wanted to stuff something much larger than a baby inside a girl and watch her push it out…

78b41 No.24747

Completely valid and beautiful reasoning

7f108 No.26387

It would be rather interesting if you could make a story with it and also possibly make a birthing montage. It would be absolutely beautiful.

57646 No.30423

File: 1499902865348.png (1.19 MB, 1622x1520, a dragon.png)

Wooh and I am back, got some bipolar to deal with, but all is good now :D

Yeah that lil dragon underneath is her husband, and yes she is mighty proud :)

ab953 No.30452

Portal! Hi dear again! Glad to hear from you again!

43f07 No.30526

Weclome back. :3

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