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(1.04 MB 1400x1800 IMG_5644.png)
Is Shilling allowed? Fungus-Man Thread Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 09/19/2023 (Tue) 07:01:46 Id:1e05d8 No. 21484
Hey guys, been wanting to expand my reach/following a bit more as of late. So I hope you don’t mind if I post my art here in its own contained thread. And since I don’t this thread to be DOA, I will accept art-request on occasion.
(2.98 MB 1800x2250 IMG_5609.png)
(1017.14 KB 1300x1700 IMG_5474.png)
(973.74 KB 1300x1700 IMG_5475.png)
(1.76 MB 2500x3636 IMG_2248.png)
(1.71 MB 2000x3000 IMG_3744.png)
(581.59 KB 1500x1500 IMG_4776.png)
(751.59 KB 1500x1500 IMG_4578.png)
(1.92 MB 1500x1900 IMG_4520.png)
(161.97 KB 700x814 IMG_5661.png)
(172.65 KB 700x814 IMG_5662.png)
(183.39 KB 800x1000 IMG_5663.png)
(1.06 MB 1400x1800 IMG_5528.png)
(2.68 MB 3000x3000 IMG_5523.png)
(1.90 MB 1600x1600 IMG_5500.png)
These bellies are the perfect size. “Bigger then is often realistically possible but no hyperpreg” is my gam.
(1.54 MB 3000x3000 IMG_1849.png)
(1.56 MB 3000x3000 IMG_1850.png)
>>21494 I like a good belly/breast ratio, and while I don’t like hyper. I will draw it.
(165.26 KB 1300x1700 F4W3SdzWoAAk3qi.jpg)
Hope you don't mind if I upload some of your images.
I love your work! Do you post your stuff to DA or Patreon? I'd love to follow you ^-^
never against seeing new artists!
>>21484 >And since I don’t this thread to be DOA, I will accept art-request on occasion. Could I convince you to draw one of the Dazzlings from the Equestria Girls MLP spinoff? On that note, do you accept commissions? What are your prices?
>>21521 Comms are $35 to $45. But I’ll likely be lowering prices soon, after I’m finished with my current batch of comms.
>>21484 If you want to expand your reach, you should also go get a twitter or pixiv. It's a bit to manage, but pixiv allows you to have fanbox to get more people who will pay for your work. Twitter is the best for reaching though, and you can post your patreon links into it
love this so good! have you drawn births?
If you’re willing to take a request, maybe a pregnant Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening?
>>21588 Not a birth guy, but if someone commissioned me, I wouldn’t turn it down.
>>21598 Sure, I like Lucina!
(1004.19 KB 1500x1900 IMG_4592.png)
(3.17 MB 1500x2250 IMG_4180.png)
(3.05 MB 1500x2250 IMG_4179.png)
(8.89 MB 3000x3999 IMG_5690.png)
Some older works I did with Clone66 Full Set: https://www.patreon.com/posts/america-belarus-89653399
(619.77 KB 1400x1750 IMG_5692.png)
(18.08 KB 240x320 feat09-03.png)
(369.12 KB 643x993 Helene_by_Daly.png)
If you're still accepting requests, how about Helene from the mobile SNK game Athena Full Throttle? Reference images behind spoilers as to not distract from your art.
>>21634 Original guy that requested it. Looks really damn good. Thank you.
>>21656 Great to hear. Made it in about 2 1/2 hours, trying to test myself with how fast I can make something.
saw that you did a rhea art, it's really good! any chance of having cynthia from pokemon (sorry for requesting i just really like your art, its ok if no)
>>21662 Lmao I hated that Rhea art haha. As for Cynthia, I'm not a Pokemon guy, so that’s a maybe, at best.
>>21484 Any chance of drawing Sully, also from Fire Emblem Awakening?
I'm also interested for request, may i participate too? Here's my request references https://sta.sh/211bubi0e9w5 the first image (Yukari) is the character i request, if the official color is too difficult to follow you can use the alternative one i provided, there's 3 examples for the character pose. For the background is optional, you can just use blank background.
(9.54 MB 1920x2841 Fulllength.png)
>>21661 Hey if you're still taking reqs would you do Arueshalae from Pathfinder?
>>21533 Cool. Do you have an e-mail address I could contact?
>>21668 Sully is cool, yeah, I’ll consider it.
>>21673 I don’t do emails I’m afraid, even though everyone says you should. But my Twitter, Pixiv, Deviantart and Discord DM’s are always open.
>>21675 Alright, I won't be able to commission you then.
(831.81 KB 1600x900 image_2023-09-22_211414879.png)
(311.15 KB 712x689 maylee-kofm-art.png)
Not sure if you're still accepting requests, but if you are, I'd be interested in seeing May Lee from KOF heavily pregnant with multiples and overdue.
>>21694 SNK girls are cool, but May Lee isn’t my favorite… so maybe?
Also, while I’m here. What are some brushes that are good for lighting on the body? I’ve been using the basic spray and paintbrush tools on sketchbook. I tend to avoid experimenting with other brushes, since I draw on my phone, and it can be pretty challenging to work with something that might be useful.