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(76.32 KB 255x256 1638223631250.png)
Lost art Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/24/2022 (Fri) 20:08:01 Id:e08454 No. 226
Not sure if theres a trhead for it already but i have my own piece of lost (mor elike forgotten) art. It was the genitalia of a slime race the artist had been working on, but the one part im looking for is the gif of the egg laying. the genitals themselves kind of looked like a penis, giving it a kind of futa-y vibe. (used the same pic that the lost art thread on old pregchan had)
(142.65 KB 234x365 Capture2.PNG)
(231.62 KB 311x491 Capture3.PNG)
(133.90 KB 235x369 Capture.PNG)
One of Dodadew's progressions on deviantart, the progression was deleted, and I can't find it anywhere. I have 3 other images, but I know there were more.
(15.72 KB 180x280 index.jpg)
(16.11 KB 180x280 index (2).jpg)
(16.40 KB 179x281 index (3).jpg)
Came here to re-create this thread. Nice work, OP. Myself, I'm looking for Brigadier Swirl - the ages-old webcomic that was among my first maiesiophilic experiences on the 'net. This is pretty much all I could find. There used to be a serviceable (albeit poorly-organized) Photobucket album, but it wasn't comprehensive and appears to be no more.
>>251 I would kill for this to be a real anime
(90.22 KB 591x756 brig0101.jpg)
(66.29 KB 604x768 brig0102.jpg)
(92.51 KB 596x760 brig0103.jpg)
(364.20 KB 644x1200 84215191_p4_master1200.jpg)
(405.58 KB 877x1200 87434750_p1_master1200.jpg)
(273.57 KB 637x1424 1564423452244.jpg)
Wanna try to collect@upload x-ray pics. Any clues? Ofc there is lots of unbeautiful ones, but I need higher standarts!
>>268 i really wish this new site had a sauce finder
Looking for an image. It’s got 2 panels. The girl is really pregnant with wigs in the background. She’s wearing a blond wig in one and pink in another. She also lies down on a sofa/couch in one of them. There is also an x-ray view of her overly expanded womb and ovaries. I think she was also wearing a hoodie (green)
>>512 That's a Susfishous drawing.
(804.86 KB 3000x3000 bettsydrive1.png)
(792.01 KB 3000x3000 bettsydrive2.png)
(425.74 KB 2955x2223 bettsydrive3.png)
(722.82 KB 3000x3000 bettsydrive4.png)
Discovered that dwps' Patreon was taken down quite some time ago - likely by them due to lack of activity - including their unfinished Bettsy drive scraps, which were apparently not ported over to yiff/kemono. Luckily, I saved them at the time. Here's that + everything else from the scrapers.
(551.19 KB 3000x2490 bettsydrive5.png)
(845.87 KB 3000x3000 bettsydrive6.png)
(746.90 KB 2300x3000 bettsydrive7.png)
(699.98 KB 1200x1634 abby preg water.png)
(533.31 KB 1200x1306 full size gabby at it again 2.png)
(385.38 KB 1200x1240 mika.png)
(741.76 KB 2421x2553 Roug bat preg.png)
(621.42 KB 1530x1296 morr.png)
>>539 While I'm at it, here's some of their old tumblr stuff too. Would love any and all further contributions.
>>541 That's all, folks.
>>542 ...Actually, might as well post their preggo maid donation drive for good measure.
>>543 Okay, now that's all for real.
(4.85 KB 58x150 57043606_p6.jpg)
Loppinnis old artwork, anyone got full res one?
(1.00 MB 1024x2636 loppinni_Stare at the Wall.png)
>>546 Thank you kind sir
(254.43 KB 719x973 imageedit_2_8583263558.jpg)
I wonder if anyone know satoss_ One of my fav preg/brith artist, his/her pixiv used to filled with great even just sketches. I just love the face expression style. I wonder if anyone have this person arts and sketches from 2019-2020. For some reason he/she like to delete everything. Also anything from 2019-2020 seems lost even in wayback machine. Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/satoss_ Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/41963069 Ps only manage to find this the only thing left, after digging with cache and stuff
(173.93 KB 652x823 1635620141246-3.png)
(362.11 KB 1024x686 1635620141246-0.png)
(619.85 KB 1500x1353 1635608904010-0.png)
(308.36 KB 1000x1395 1635620141246-1.png)
(403.02 KB 976x924 1635608904010-1.png)
>>1080 love it when artists add red/pink highlights to the end of bellies.
Anyone have any of these images? 1. A picture of a blonde Fire Emblem character in white underwear progressing through a pregnancy 2. A drawing of a pregnant Hilda from Pokemon in a bikini that was drawn by Slickpens 3. A brunette with a ponytail in purple clothing laboring on a medicine ball. The background of this image is white.
>>1371 This the Hilda pic you were looking for?
>>1382 Holy shit I thought I would never see that again. Thank you!
>>1371 Shot in the dark here, but either of these close to 3?
>>1418 I appreciate your attempt, but those pictures are unfortunately not what I'm looking for. In pic 3, the woman seemed to be going through contractions judging by her facial expression and I remember her having her hand either supporting or on her pregnant belly.
Trying to find some old earlier works by Murasame Maru. Pretty sure it was somewhere around 2000s, around the time he did Pregnant Summer (pictured), but I'm not sure if the full doujin exists, or ever been uploaded somewhere. IIRC, it was two pages scan of a cover featuring a pregnant girl with x-ray'd belly showing her fetus, and the other page was the doujin preview of the same girl being fucked, also with x-ray'd belly
Idk if I’d say it’s lost but just can’t find it, looking for a comic I saw on Twitter maybe a year or two ago about a girl who’s belly suddenly started growing and later got a tail too and her boyfriend was super into it, ended with her laying eggs with the tail unintentionally into her bf
>>1467 No, no, you got it wrong. I already knew Pregnant Summer doujin exists (and can be found at other sites too). What I meant is this, and drawn by the same artist, Murasame Maru: >IIRC, it was two pages scan of a B&W cover featuring a pregnant girl with x-ray'd belly showing her fetus, and the other page was the doujin preview of the same girl being fucked, also with x-ray'd belly
>>1470 Ah well sry i couldn't help.
(399.32 KB 1280x903 haradeka_001.jpg)
>>1458 (C78) [Domestic Animals (村雨丸)] ハラデカ!! 妊婦亜沙子ちゃん Haradeka!! Ninpu Asako-chan | Big Belly!! Pregnant Asako-chan
Anyone get the higher res version of this. Was digging around for it in the wayback but only found this version.
Looking for an image of a heavily pregnant Nobara from Jujutsu Kaisen. Her tits are engorged and exposed and she’s holding used comdoms.
I'm looking for a pic that had the girls from evangelion having gone threw accelerated or artificial pregnancies, the girl in red with a modest belly still in jumpsuit saying it went perfectly, with rei nearly nude and hyperpregnant saying hers went overboard.
(476.36 KB 625x875 1502248406133.png)
>>1732 This is the highest res version I have.
>>1758 Its good enough. Thank you.
>>1757 This it?
(122.44 KB 408x1958 5000_pgvs_by_dodadew.jpg)
>>237 Also does anyone have the other two images that I mentioned in this post: >>1371
Any have two images from SaburoX? 1. Is the female protagonist of Persona 3 pregnant. 2. Is Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 pregnant.
(536.50 KB 1000x2323 cm___naoto_by_saburox-d72zmwr.png)
>>1937 These them?
>>1908 Where did you find this one? And are there any more?
>>1938 Yes thanks! I remember the one with the female protagonist have a background too, but thank you anyway
>>1942 As the person that commissioned that one.
Once I saw in the old site a pregnant edit of this pic, but I can't anymore find it back since I had to change my computer and lost some pics. Anyone saved it ? I could also ask a new edit anyway in the other thread, but I already asked another one and don't yet have answer.
>>1943 Oh yes! Thank you very much!
>>1946 No problem. Like I said I commissioned it so I have it saved.
>>1940 I managed to snag that before Dew deleted it. I used to have a good number of those pictures before my flask went bad. I'll see if I can recover the files though.
hi, i'm looking for a tatsuta pregnant image, i saw that image in pixiv, but the autor delete his account, I hope someone has saved that image
>>1959 This one?
>>1950 Well, thanks for have it saved.
>>1940 I have these from the series.
Does anyone seriously not have any material of Kamikaziepot archived anywhere? These are from over a decade ago.
(489.67 KB 1216x1755 1438918624830.jpg)
(476.88 KB 1248x1755 1438918707885.jpg)
(501.65 KB 1275x1755 1438918776983.jpg)
(139.66 KB 600x855 1438911897670.jpg)
>>1769 Yes! Thank you so much!
I don't know if this counts as lost art but, Does anyone have an image in which a blue haired elf with a really big belly asks you to rub her belly in order to help her calm her babies because they are kicking and moving around too much?
>>2002 >>2004 Thanks, though I have seen more than this out there, 'cause the guy used to have a Deviantart account as well as a Hentai Foundry account long ago.
>>1945 bump
(1.38 MB 1920x1080 1493044730473 preg.png)
>>2033 >>1945 Is this the one you're after? I edited this like 5 years go and recently found it in my deep clean of old pregchan edits.
(1.56 MB 1920x1080 1493044730473 edit.png)
>>1945 >>2033 >>2148 Also because I'm actually embarrassed by that edit, here's a better one I quickly whipped up.
>>2154 Thanks, I needed that.
>>1371 I'm guessing that nobody has 1 or 3?
>>2164 Do you recall anything like character names or artist names? I probably have them, but have no means of really finding them easily.
>>2167 I think picture one may have been drawn by ClarasPreg/TravelersSpice and the only thing I can remember about picture 3 is that either the creator or the OC in the pic had a Japanese sounding name that started with the letter k (maybe it was Kawakari or something like that). Just post anything that looks similar to how I described the pictures and it might come up, who knows?
>>2148 >>2154 YES ! Thank you so much for both !
>>2154 You didn't need to be embarrassed by this edit. I didn't want to specify, but actually I was the one who asked for this edit at this moment, and then with the right arm I imagine how it was hard to make it good so I was happy with the original edit you made, don't worry. But thanks anyway for the new one, I agree it's better.
(466.86 KB 878x2048 FZBO7MYUEAAAKhe.jpg)
(9.43 KB 160x120 baloon2.gif)
Looking for an old pict by Alumineko. I found this through the wayback machine, but no full picture of it. Maybe more inflation, but I figured since the site had a bit overlap between the two, it won't hurt to ask...
we need a Furry lost art thread
I'm looking for a rather old pic that was in a drawthread on the old site c. late 2014. It was a B&W lineart cheeky parody on "bun in the oven" featuring a woman in labor, wincing, and forcefully pushing/keeping an oven door shut while her own baby is visibly crowning in the seat of her jeans. The artist's name is on the tip of my tongue but I can't recall it. Hope someone here has it saved.
I’m looking for a series of images which had multiple female Nintendo characters in a sort of alien hive where they were massively pregnant and some were birthing alien eggs I think.
(823.00 KB 928x1000 Gerph-357177-Samus_egg_sac.jpg)
(714.00 KB 1000x797 Gerph-359008-Lucina_egg_sac.jpg)
(679.41 KB 1000x886 Gerph-359241-Wii_Fit_egg_sac.jpg)
(872.22 KB 1200x905 Gerph-359822-Palutena_egg_sac.jpg)
(750.51 KB 1200x775 Gerph-360220-Rosalina_egg_sac.jpg)
>>2486 Here they are.
(346.42 KB 1200x199 Gerph-360651-Egg_sacs.jpg)
>>2486 >>2487 And the full image.
(438.94 KB 1275x1755 136415474411.jpg)
(472.35 KB 1275x1755 136415478339.jpg)
(446.33 KB 1275x1755 136415481011.jpg)
(304.24 KB 1184x1680 136415483556.jpg)
>>1990 Found 4 more
looking for a art piece that was on here before. there was this picture that was d.va giving birth on her meka. Anything would be appreciated.
(77.81 KB 1280x875 xanzu.jpg)
Xanzu had a pregnancy animation, but has since protected their twitter. I don't know if my follower request will ever be accepted. Did anyone save this animation?
>>237 Anyone have a version of month 4 and month 8 that's in a higher resolution. I'm really struggling to read what she's saying.
>>2478 The artist’s name is “IdleHQ”, but couldn’t find that pic. Maybe that will help you?
>>3328 Here. The ones I had saved were.
>>3329 Thankfully, it was posted here. >>3062
>>3332 Thank you
(970.36 KB 3000x2500 220522-1.jpg)
Anyone have the colored version of this?
(1.25 MB 3000x2500 dfu2P29DL.png)
>>3392 Thanks!
(2.81 KB 71x96 TN-emi_water.jpg)
Posted this on the old site, but: I'm looking for the full-res version of this Emi pic by Saburo. Was on the Miss Mars gallery but the individual page wasn't captured before it went down.
Hi! I'm looking for an image that I found long time ago, where you can see Martha Wayne as The Joker and pregnant hugging Batman. Thanks in advance!
(1.42 MB 2706x2750 12316.png)
(1.42 MB 2500x2982 22816.png)
(1.20 MB 2243x2625 32416_1.png)
(982.36 KB 1600x2040 52916.png)
I don't know if this sound more like request, but anyone have this drawings for separate?
(1.03 MB 2314x2179 62515.png)
(1.35 MB 3011x3471 72916.png)
(1.10 MB 1447x2455 82015.png)
(1.70 MB 2170x3951 0582815.png)
>>3435 >>3436 None of this is lost art, it's pretty recent Patreon content. And Saburo only released individual sketches for some his streams. The ones in collages were almost never released individually, though Asuka in the upper-lefthand corner of "62515" was a few years later.
>>3452 Ok, thanks. I was thinking someone might have the drawings separate, but thanks anyways.
asking here cause we dont have a Furry version of Lost Art, but anyone have any of Wallaroo's old stuff?
Anyone have a draw made by SaburoX of the female trainer pregnant from Pokemon Sword and Shield?
>>3579 Also not lost, but here ya go.
>>3587 Thanks
Hey, I'm looking for a video of a hyperpregnant little girl sleeping at night on her left side facing a window. She is periodically interrupted by fetal movement within the video and promptly continues sleeping after. I first saw the video on rule34 but it seems to have vanished, unless I'm looking for it wrong.
(503.60 KB 1800x1440 sleepy_mugi_by_jaypisces-d5q3pn6.gif)
>>3700 This it?
>>1972 YES! thanks you so much!
Does anybody have any of mr-jolted's old stuff? Particularly the TDI and 6teen stuff?
>>3710 No, she was on her bed and facing a window specifically, it had audio too. This is a pretty good find as well though!
(8.36 MB 1412x1080 mkjTt5YDL.webm)
>>3721 Is this it? I found it here: https://g.hyperpreg.com/image/96743 but going back to the artist's deviantart page reveals it too not actually be pregnancy
>>3736 Yes it's this! Never knew it wasn't pregnancy, thanks for the help!
A edit of this in this in the old pregchan.
(49.18 KB 500x586 1483128866374.jpg)
>>2026 Bump to this one
>>226 Is anyone able to find the original full art for Sakurai-Sensei? I’ve been trying for a while, but nothing comes up.
(544.83 KB 3000x4334 226.jpg)
Anyone know where this come from?
long shot but anyone have a copy of the very short lived Dexter's Lab comic from DA where Dee dee becomes pregnant with Dexter?
Hello! I'm looking for an image of Taki from Soul Calibur. In it, you can see her with a big belly with a lot of black faces on her belly. It's kind of cursed pregnancy, I think. Thanks in advance. :)
(57.78 KB 488x600 5287112_m.jpg)
>>5362 This it?
>>5367 Wow!!! Awesome!!! Thanks!!!
>>5367 What do you think about a thread of similar images like this one? But, without gore.
I am looking for a recursive pregnancy drawing that was based on One Piece where two female characters from One Piece that I am sadly not that familiar with had unbirthed Nami and Robin who happened to both be heavily pregnant Nami was not very fond of being unbirthed and tries to escape from her captors womb while Robin is actually enjoying being stuck inside of her captor's womb and used her powers to create multiple hands to rub her captor's big belly
(4.81 MB 4296x3172 CM_Prison_Waterbreak.jpg)
>>5400 Here you go.
Does anyone have mongrelthedark's stuff saved? They clearly took everything down a few years ago and there doesn't appear to be a gallery rip on SadPanda. This is all I have.
>>5574 Not exactly lost. She's changed her handle a few times and was inactive for a few years. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4354477
Does anyone have any pics they made of Ahri pregnant with a sweater or something like that?
>>5590 A bit late, but thanks a million for this! Was not aware that she's on pixiv under a different handle.
There was this image i found a long time ago and i cant find it. It was handrawn drawing of a heavily pregnant Frisk from Undertale and under it was a story about how Frisk got pregnant with the 7 souls or something similar to that.
Hello! I'm finding a series about a bbw women has postterm pregnancy and eating junk food (have x-ray vision),but I can't find it, I remember last seen it on pixiv. Could anyone help me?Thx a lot
Looking for the pic that this was traced from. Yes, I know that this is not the original. Yes, I know that it's originally from an ancient VN. Just looking for the OG pic - or preferably, the VN from whence it came.
>>6470 Thank you, based anon.
>>6470 Ancient is right. I remember seeing this pic in a youtube video from '08 or '09. A slideshow compilation called "kawaii pregnant girls" iirc.
>>6470 Now I feel really old seeing this image. >>6489 Oh yeah, I remember that too.
>>6489 Those YT vids are burned into my memory. I'll never forget watching them in 2008-2010 before I knew where to look for preg art.
Can anyone please ID the artist of this? Got this from a forum of shameless reposters and Saucenao just gave up on it.
>>6539 There also just wasn't as much then as there is now.
Rerequesting any of mr-jolteds old stuff
Does anyone have the Romani pics from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask after she's abducted by aliens, the artist deleted their Pixiv recently, there were 3 or 4 pics of her pregnant including x-ray pics?
(228.73 KB 499x673 emi_water.jpg)
(3.09 MB 2070x1800 83546156_p0.png)
(4.51 MB 2070x1800 83546156_p1.png)
>>6698 I ran into the same situation a few months back. Do you recall what their name was on pixiv at all?
(4.10 MB 2070x1800 83546156_p2.png)
(3.04 MB 2300x1999 83546156_p3.png)
>>6698 >>6700 And the other two.
>>6700 Awesome, thank you so much! No, I don't remember the artist's name, I was about to ask you if you knew their name or had any of their other preg work.
(6.02 MB 3858x2100 87266966_p0.png)
>>6702 Trying to remember what all they did. I think there was at least one other pokegirl focused picture or set. I'll see if I can find anything else. Could they have been Catigan? I have a dead pixiv bookmark from roughly around that time frame and rough searches suggest it's possible.
(6.23 MB 3858x2100 87266966_p1.png)
(5.94 MB 3858x2100 87266966_p2.png)
>>6702 I swear they're sized perfectly to make this a complete pain in the ass.
>>6702 Could potentially by M-b-m as well. Their earliest work is very similar to the last set I posted. Not exact, but close enough to fool me for a second.
>>6706 Yeah, that looks like a match, good job!
>>6708 Uncertain. Though I do agree that the comments on M-b-m's earliest suggest there used to be more before it. That said, 87266966 should have come after it, so I'm not convinced.
(981.01 KB 4200x4800 100292110_p0.jpg)
(930.36 KB 4000x4918 95285127_p0.jpg)
>>6707 yep
(1.51 MB 2000x2133 82444431_p0.png)
(1.57 MB 2000x2133 82444431_p1.png)
(1.58 MB 2000x2133 82444431_p2.png)
(1.59 MB 2000x2133 82444431_p3.png)
(1.63 MB 2000x2133 82444431_p4.png)
Now I am almost certain that this was their first set of posted works, but I could be wrong. It's also lost from pixiv, so no way to really know anymore.
>>6711 Bless you! I remember this and regret so much I didn't save it when it disappear. Thank you! Yes, it is the first set of picture M-B-M post on pixiv.
>>6701 wish the artist had continued with this one
>>6711 ah nice, forgot about this set i think m-b-m is on twitter now though
>>6717 Can you give the link maybe? If I google it I get all kind of mbm twitter pages but not his
>>6699 THANK YOU BASED ANON! Oh man, this is like when his Kairi pic finally resurfaced after all those years. Also kudos to the above anons for those Malon pics. A tragedy, the artist's pixiv was deleted.
(5.50 KB 275x183 images.jpg)
I know Olympic Dames recently deleted a ton of art from their deviant art and a lot of it is lost. All I have is this one image and another very very low res image.
Anyone know if there's a version with Ruby and Weiss? Or is only these two?
Looking for an image, something like a pregnant kitsune on top of a guy, squishing his face between her breasts or something along those lines.
Looking for an art where a pregnant brown haired woman is getting anally fucked from behind whilst sitting. There’s also one where she gives birth
This is more of a request due to memory: I remember an old sequence, a series of bloated images where the girl thought she was pregnant but tests always ended up negative and it was just fluid. Despite not being directly pregnancy, the growth sequence was really hot. Does anyone know what sequence I'm talking about?
>>7207 Found it
>>7209 Wew. That was really fast, and exactly it. Thanks a ton, it's been so many years since ive last seen it.
>>7210 You can find it on rule34 at least - the artist is madamsquiggles, but they go by flittermilk these days Fair warning: their art has taken a turn for the WEIRD the past two years or so. Lot of breast preg more recently
I've been looking for a higher resolution of this image after OD deleted her content from DA. Anyone got it by chance?
If anyone's looking for any of RiddleAugust's old stuff, here's their old FA account: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/riddleaellinea/ Sadly, some of the old art is lost to the sands of time.
>>7241 How quaint is it to be able to look at his art without the retarded leftist slogans plastered on top of it.
(69.13 KB 181x256 1624120859248.png)
Anyone have this saved this in hd fron the old site?
(5.99 MB 3541x5016 90653548_p0.png)
>>7304 Thanks.
Anyone has pic of pregnant cure black and cure white where they somehow summoned/transformed in their adult bersion (and the translated text says they later gave birth)?
(254.35 KB 1029x1200 1539038336001.jpg)
>>7671 This one?
(844.05 KB 1029x1200 1531634780425.jpg)
(423.13 KB 512x768 preg.jpg)
ok lads i need your help finding a pic i saw a year ago, instead of poorly explaining it ill show a pic and add onto it so like imagine this, but its a progression and instead of it being a bodysuit (and ai) its goopy and theres an eye on the belly
>>7777 also i first saw it on the maiesta RPG discord over a year ago, i looked for it but it was in vein :p
(2.05 MB 3636x5000 drk-mtr-1.png)
(3.25 MB 4417x5000 drk-mtr-2.png)
(2.82 MB 3676x5000 drk-mtr-3.png)
>>7777 found it myself
(3.27 MB 3633x5000 drk-mtr-4.png)
(2.87 MB 3629x5000 drk-mtr-5.png)
(2.29 MB 3636x5000 drk-mtr-6.png)
>>8212 cont.
(146.08 KB 438x700 1539577160175.jpg)
(22.50 KB 320x400 1539577060720.jpg)
Sivomaniacal nuked his DA account a long time Go. Can anyone find more of his art.
>>8217 It's a shame. I remember him being a nice dude back in the day. I don't have much either.
(123.94 KB 386x800 Milly-by-sivomaniacal.jpg)
(104.52 KB 701x900 Osono-by-Sivomaniacal.jpg)
>>8217 >>8225 Turns out I have a few more.
(160.90 KB 617x760 KAGE_BUNSHIN.jpg)
Is this 'lost'? Didn't see it in his archive.
>>8293 A lot of Axel's old stuff, preg and non-preg, appears to be lost or - at least - no longer public on his DA.
(6.80 KB 150x150 FyctaOJk5.jpg)
Does anyone have a full resolution version of the first image? I was able to track down the second image however I can't seem to find the first. M-b-m privated the post on Pixiv.
>>8643 I'm certain I do, but I'll have to find it. Do you know the pixiv image ID? Or at least a range that it'd be in?
>>8645 According to SauceNAO the Pixiv ID is 95032598
(6.02 MB 4000x4000 95032598_p0.png)
>>8643 >>8646 That it is. I chose to go up in my archive. It was like three scrolls down from where I started.
>>8647 Thank you, much appreciated!
>>8643 >>8647 Not the original poster but does anyone have M-B-M's pieces with Malon being pregnant with the calf? One where she's outside in the ranch and then the contiuation where she's inside the barn?
>>6870 I'm pretty sure it's just yang and Blake
>>8659 Alright and thanks.
>>2167 I finally remembered the name of the Fire Emblem character. It was Charolette and she was progressing through a pregnancy.
>>9454 I'm beginning to think I don't have it or it isn't clearly named. I think it might have been by traveler's spice, though. And if not them, maybe slickpens? I feel like I never archived much of the former though, so they might be your best lead if you haven't looked through their works yet.
(10.95 KB 282x179 download.jpg)
anyone got the actual file of this illustration??? My dumbass somehow never saved it.
>>9688 Took 15 seconds with google image search.
Does anyone remember a Twitter artist a few years ago that had a really simple style when drawing pregnant girls? They had an interest in cars and just kinda disappeared one day. Curious if anyone knows or has anything from them
Anyone has the gif that was on da where a woman goes threw pregnancy expansion and water break while she is sleeping?
Does anyone have a picture of a pregnant Mei from overwatch, in her Honeydew skin? the artist was peachasaurus on Deviantart, and the title said something about maternity leave.
(19.26 KB 266x188 Cock.JPG)
>>7154 Found it. Any HD?
>>10198 I found the HD version, but can't find the original source. https://rule34.xxx/index.php/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1092900
>>10202 Legend
Anyone has an edit of this Edith tbe girls pregnant?
I'm looking for two imag The first one is of the bellies with different navels that is in white and the drawing with blue stripes The second is from an image I don't remember if it was a family or a couple but the woman had a big belly with a very large belly button and the woman was touching a person Neither of the two images I just discovered I don't remember from the artists
>>10714 This the first one?
Does anyone have this lewdlemage artwork where lami is on a subway
>>10716 yes that is
>>10716 only the second would be missing
Christ, fuck the spammers
7671 Artista name?
Artista name
does anyone remember where beeloni went, or if they have a new account? miss their art
some of Chet rippo's pregnancy stuff is actually hard to find, that one piece that was in the noisy tums thread before it got 404'd i can't find anywhere. If anyone has that could we archive it here as well as any other of his hidden preg pieces?
Anyone have an old Hidon Redux drawing of two girls dressed like belly dancers giving birth?
Does anyone have the full picture of this?
Does anyone have the second part to this image? It was made by Clone66 who deleted their account. The second part had Kobeni giving birth crouching down doing peace hands with the baby’s head poking out. The e-hentai gallery for Clone66 didn’t save it.
>>11622 This it?
>>11623 Same person that asked for it. That’s the image. Thank you.
>>226 I remember a few pics by maws-paws (or whatever they're going by now) that had a character with short brown hair pregnant with adult versions of themselves - one showing one in labor and crowning, the other showing a room full of them, some of them giving birth. Maws has just gone...really weird lately, with uterine prolapse apparently their new thing now?
(197.77 KB 720x1520 az_recorder_20230222_100650.jpg)
Does anyone here have the original image? that day i forgot to download the image
Gonna go crazy if I can't find the source of this pic. I remember downloading it off a Twitter artist. I believe they were Chinese? Reverse image searches turn up nothing and can't find anything when searching "fr18".
The artist behind this deleted their Pixiv account. Anyone happen to have the rest of their art? They posted a fair bit more art like this.
Anyone have the drawing of preggo Modeus from Helltaker. It was posted in the small clothes thread before the purge afaik. She had an open blazer, a glass of wine and a smug look on her face
>>11856 ... Apparently I didn't, yeah. Thank you!!
>>11851 Found another pic of theirs that I had saved. Their username was "zip0212."
Does anyone have any of GravidTeas old art? They mostly do vore now but they used to have more preg stuff on their old account
(60.88 KB 900x647 received_768410308220979.jpeg)
Anyone has the source?
>>12089 This kinda looks like Swelling Invasion/Sidneymt to me. Probably wrong, though.
>>11861 Psychiatrists said I find this cute and innocent: PASSED the Normie test. I would love to see the lady's husband or...her side lady...lick her boobs.
>>6700 >>6701 >>6703 >>6704 >>6705 >>6708 Yeah, all of these were some of m-b-m's first pics they posted on their Pixiv. Apparently they deleted them recently. Source: I use a program that downloads art images and associates them with the source URL used to download them. I tried the links I have associated with these pics and they all throw Pixiv's "The creator has limited who can view this content" error.
>>12391 Pixiv doesn't allow loli or beastiality if you want to monetize through them.
I'm looking for this artist... Does anyone know who he is and has any of his paintings? -Most of his artworks were pregnant girls -Mainly he drew original, but he drew Kamisato Ayaka from Genshin Impact -At the end, his Twitter account was suspended and posted the picture pregnant woman throwing her smartphone
>>12392 I still found beastiality on it tho
I'm looking for a set of drawings made by cross crescent (I think) about Dr--worm's bakery bunnies. It was a sequence that ends on one of the bunny girls going into "labor" (she was faking her eating all the bread by saying she was pregnant) and has a baby bunny with sprinkles on their head. there was an extra comic with the father of the duo meeting the baby.
I'm trying to find that 3D model pic of Preggo Mei without her coat on. Used to be the face of the overwatch thread but can't find it anywhere.
(6.18 KB 192x144 received_731788608495572.jpeg)
(6.07 KB 192x154 received_566920715404506.jpeg)
Someone has in hd those pictures?
(111.44 KB 1280x1024 CG2_2.jpg)
(112.75 KB 1280x1024 CG2_3.jpg)
(129.26 KB 1280x1024 CG2_4.jpg)
(134.01 KB 1280x1024 CG2_5.jpg)
(147.30 KB 1280x1024 CG2_6.jpg)
(412.55 KB 1280x1280 1498809416538.png)
>>12528 Got that first part, don't have the follow up.
>>12912 Blah...nobody's at their best when a baby's just born, the baby least of all, but please, put it back in...
(185.53 KB 761x1195 BB04.jpg)
(162.63 KB 922x1920 BB06.jpg)
(281.25 KB 922x1920 BB05.jpg)
>>12528 >>12914 Okay so I was going to save these...only to find I already had them. And also...wish granted.
(15.71 KB 205x246 IMG_20190219_075357.jpg)
>>12914 >>12923 Thanks! I appreciated!
>>12912 Thanks you
Long time ago, someone asked for images of Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon pregnant but in her human form. Well, here you have a couple of images about that.
>>12954 They have already been posted elsewhere on the site. Thanks anyway.
(12.76 KB 1280x791 Thumbs Up 49.jpg)
Looking for a Mad Moxxi piece that was from a deviantart artist that might have nuked their account. Same artist also did the mom from Coco and Nessa from pokemon sword/shield
(7.88 KB 251x201 index.jpg)
does anybody have any artwork of the deer cheerleader that dansharkman made? He deleted it all and I can't find any remnants for it. I know for sure there were a couple of this
>>12989 Wrong board furry.
>>12989 Wrong board furry. Also here you go.
>>13160 ayyy thanks
Anyone have that one sketch sequence of a girl getting suddenly pregnant based off of that one lady in the animal that was suddenly pregged with a fish thing?
There was a picture of this green orc or goblin girl and she had either red lines on her belly, or there were black lines on the background. I think she had black or dark blue long hair too. Maybe shorts and a tank top on? Pretty sure her belly was exposed too. It's been YEARS since I've seen it so my memory is pretty fuzzy. I've tried looking for it every time I remember it and since I saw this thread, I'd figure someone could potentially help me.
Had to use the wayback to find this.
Since I don't see a proper request thread on /d/: Anybody has a link to a doujinshi that used to be available on hitomi.la? It was colored art accompanied by text (translated to English, IIRC) about a semi-realistically drawn dark-haired woman in a white kimono that suffered through a painful, prolonged labor and birth, with a dude having to "help" her by fucking her (I think there was also an old maid that checked on her progress). IIRC, at some point she was bound, too. Searching by all the relevant tags (pregnant, birth, full color, english, etc) doesn't help, so I think that it was either deleted or I didn't realize that it wasn't properly tagged.
>>13791 Sounds like a MaxApple publication. He somewhat recently moved a bunch of his stuff behind several different paywalls, which might explain why you can't find it as easily any more.
>>13791 Can't find it on hitomi.la, though: >>12937
Wasn't there an image of a pokemon trainer telling his mother he was getting married to a pregnant Hex Maniac and the mother was not amused by the news?
About a year or two ago there was a handful of edited versions of this image. Does anyone one have any of them?
(590.19 KB 1169x830 hex maniac and boy.png)
>>13859 the completed image
(1.02 MB 1024x768 part1.png)
(1.02 MB 1024x768 part2.png)
(1.01 MB 1024x768 part3.png)
>>12911 You mean these? I only got three
Anyone know where this is from? Original is much appreciated
>>13858 Both pregnant and not pregnant were made by Chocomilk. I don't know if the pregnant one is still online but go search.
>>14013 You’re looking for Grecale from Kantai Collection.
(2.07 MB 2400x3200 1620741000025-1.jpg)
(2.06 MB 2400x3200 1620741000025-2.jpg)
(2.07 MB 2400x3200 1620741000025-0.jpg)
So I found out today that BIGmommams has nuked their socials... again. https://www.deviantart.com/bigmommams Now some of their content on DA can be still found, and I would like for it to be archived here and or on the Wayback Machine which already has some posts archived already. Please and Thanks. https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://www.deviantart.com/bigmommams*
Source please?
Looking for the works of an artist from Pixiv that recently deleted their profile. It involved girls of various ages being pregnant and giving birth. Specifically there are two that come to mind that I really want to find. One is a young girl giving birth in a classroom, translated she's saying she doesn't understand what's happening and is really confused and scared by how much it hurts as the baby crowns, a chunk on the bottom explains that it was her uncle who did this to her. The second involves a teenage girl hiding behind a wall in what seems to be her house, legs spread with the baby crowning between her legs, crying as, again translated, she's saying she hopes once the baby is born her uncle will come back. Even with the bits of scat that I didn't care for I really enjoyed their art, and I hate that they deleted their profile. I also discovered I hadn't saved or shared even a single piece of their art. I'd love to find it again.
I want to find arkone d.va birth picture she was on the labor table
>>14087 So, crisis adverted, at least the DeviantArt acc. is back... However, my job here isn't done. I would like some full res images of these, 3 of them being made by Bigmommams' old account, and 1 made by WakingSlime.
>>14840 Have you try upscale ai thing?
(740.98 KB 2100x3000 charabelly.png)
>>14840 With regards from the artist. Unfortunately I do not have Bigmommams stuff. I might redo this one because it is awful and made as a test when i started using Clip Studio
A image about.a slighty pregnant princess yelling to a boy.
Hi, i'm looking for picture of Aerith giving birth made by an AI
Does anyone have this one comic of a red-haired pregnant pole dancer that gets younger and more pregnant as the comic progresses? I thought I saved it but I can’t seem to find it in my files.
>>15295 that that sounds so familiar
>>15295 >>15296 I know EXACTLY what you're talking about, can mentally envision it very vividly, and *know* that it was once posted on here. I'll scour my drives and see if I can come up with it.
(1.32 MB 1416x2000 3347250.jpg)
(1.26 MB 1415x2000 3347252.jpg)
>>15295 >>15296 >>15299 Found 'em! File properties say that I downloaded these on October 3rd, 2017. Boy, does time fly. (Pun intended).
>>15304 Thanks. Also 2017. That IS pretty long. Well, if I didn’t have the files before, I certainly have them now.
Does anyone have an oldish progression of xj9 made by the artist metaldudepl666? It's been some time their account has been deactivated and that progression was a good one.
looking for an old (10 years or so?) Dexter lab fancomic with a preg Dee Dee that was originally on DA.. for all of hour or so before the user was banned for 'inappropriate material'
Looking for an Olympic-Dames piece from 2014-2015, which they called "Heart of Darkness". One of the many victims of their pre-2017 content purge, and was also uploaded to DA before they opened their Patreon so it's not archived there, either. IIRC it was just a black-haired girl with a black bikini, with weird wispy stuff around their feet.
looking for a girls und panzer piece with the girls of team hippo all being pregnant on the STUG. the driver is giving birth on top of the tank. there was also a few follow up images of just the driver giving birth and post birth. I can't remember the artist either and its driving me nuts now that I can't find it again.
>>15340 I think the bigger problem is that you like the STUG, or team hippo
(163.93 KB 2048x1583 Fqyt2TiaAAA6gk2.jpg)
(136.58 KB 2048x1583 Fqyt267aUAAMWEc.jpg)
(153.95 KB 2048x1583 Fqyt1rHaEAAUxlr.jpg)
(360.57 KB 2048x1583 FqytkA1aEAEp5aU.jpg)
>>15340 nevermind, I found it after a good long search artist is DrFenson on twitter
(39.78 KB 256x144 1650279527253.png)
Does anyone have the high resolution version of this image from the old site's splatoon thread? I can only find this compressed version via the archive
Nylon wave comission about a boy and a harem of pregnant women.
>>15342 >Not liking Rommel
(559.09 KB 1400x787 1650279527253.png)
TopHonkCG (@CgHonk) deleted their old Twitter account, and I can't find a backup of their art. Here's a Google drive with what I have - I'd greatly appreciate if anyone has a complete archive, or at least some additions to contribute. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QJKY1w4jpvy63yewXV46oGh8dLLdHUag?usp=sharing
>>13645 Bumpin' since its been awhile.
>>15488 Well, motherfucker. I searched that site for TopHonk and TopHonkCG, but somehow forgot to search for CgHonk. Thanks. That archive is of specifically the non-animated content, though; Honk did some decent animations as well, and it would be nice to know if there were any important ones I don't have.
>>15532 what happened to them anyways?
>>15534 Decided to refocus away from 3D NSFW art and animation toward 3D NSFW game development, which they for some reason felt required deleting all their old shit.
>>15535 That's... I.... what?
If I remember correctly, there were 3 sequential pages involving a futanari Asari at a spa with other women, and proceeding to impregnate them; art was made by Mpregnator.
>>15535 >trivial schizo behavior Good god it feels like this is becoming more frequent among fetish artists
>>15486 >>15532 An anon on another board had a bunch of their animations backed up from Twitter. Lower quality than the ones that are still on catbox, but it's something. https://anonfiles.com/c6L794r2z3/cghonk_videos_zip
Anyone remember makodap project eden? Iirc theres rapid pregnancy
>>8225 Speaking of Starfire, anyone have the original posts and/or resolutions of these 2 pics?
>>15652 That is SaburoX's original art from yeeeears ago. Probably still on his Deviant Art page.
>>15655 The solo Starfire pic isn't there, and neither is the remade version.
Anybody have the pic of Kobayashi with a big belly at her work, drinking a glass of water while hoping nobody will notice of... something (I forgot what she's talking about)...? Maybe not a pregnant pic but she look pregnant anyway and I can't find it back.
>>15803 Sorry, I meant Miss Kobayashi from Dragon Maid
>>15535 >>15579 they said people were getting weird with them about the usual tsuyu/tao/mika/etc that they were posting so they didn't want to do pics with them anymore. if anyone is being fucking schizo it's fetish assholes on the internet
Not sure if this is the place to ask, if not, apologies I have been looking for a picture of Samus. I don't remember the artist but the belly is pretty big and she's sort of squatting. She's not wearing her armor or zero suit, but I do remember she's wearing an orange top and shorts Thanks
Does somebody have the Gwen Tennyson pic by zeruxu ?
Hi all, anyone have that comic strip probably from MadamSquiggles where a girl gets impregnated by her dog and it shows her progression up to the birth? I think at some point she has a purple dress on.
>>16227 That's exactly it, thank you
(381.64 KB 671x1014 1415903626881.png)
>>15864 This it?
(966.20 KB 1452x1449 1498269719114 (1).jpg)
Anyone got the pregnant version of this picture? I've been hunting it for a long time and I'm hoping it's not lost forever
>>15304 DAMN, got the sauce on that?
(241.81 KB 1024x785 1580742433892.jpg)
>>16417 I think there is another version but I found this
(263.04 KB 1320x1872 received_892924461818802.jpeg)
Hi, i'm looking the source of this image, someone can help ne please?
>>16461 Thank you so much
elcyiancorp has recently deactivated their DA account. Anybody got more of their belly art?
Does anyone have a 2 panel drawing where its a green haired fairy pregnant with a human baby but the baby is too huge. in panel 1 she tyring to fly but can leave the floor and in panel 2 the baby kicks.
(170.84 KB 576x875 136150252165.jpg)
Thanks so much man.
(100.84 KB 592x680 20100703_1s.jpg)
>>17064 https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/646099 The artist used to do lots of fun stuff.
Does anybody have the gwen stacy pic by olympic dames? The one inspired by the spectacular art style
Does anyone have a image of pregnant woman in green astronaut suit running back to the space rocket/spaceship to scan her belly but says its too late amd starts giving birth?
>>17480 😎👌🏼
Does anyone remember a drawing of iirc Theresa from Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja visibly crowning or having the full head out into her panties from under her skirt while she's cheering? I had it on an old Tumblr account but I lost it somewhere along the way and can't remember who made it.
>>17499 Thank you so much
Hi, Does anyone have a picture of Ashley pregnant from resident evil 4 from the AI thread? please.
(60.56 KB 255x183 1438837015049.png)
Does anyone have a higher resolution of this image? Thanks.
(219.41 KB 300x450 mars.PNG)
Does anyone found/bought it about these comic? There's nowhere to be found on the internet.
>>17702 https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/767803 Looking on seeing if anyone bought it rn
(208.95 KB 1900x2000 IMG_2447.JPG)
>>16102 Is this it?
(74.53 KB 894x800 IMG_1723.JPG)
>>16443 Here's the other image
recursive preg seems to be going through a purge. looking for a Once Piece recurive with nami and Robin
>>18071 Is this it? Also what do you mean purge?
Hi! I'm looking for a Korra comic from Avatar series. In this comic, she is talking with a cute spirit ball and then, the spirit goes into Korra's mouth. Seconds later, she is having a belly or pregnant expansion because the spirit ball is inside her. If you know who did this comic or where can I read it, thanks in advance.
>>18074 yeah thats it. had been on one site, seems but they pulled all their recursive preg stuff.
>>18105 It's still on their FA page. You can access it if you have an account.
Anyone have a pregnant tsunade picture? I recall she had purple underwear on but a big belly but I can't find the image anywhere
Does anyone have the rest of this story?
(1.32 MB 532x462 02.png)
>>18652 this should be it
>>18653 almost looks like something Icarus Illustrations would drawn. likely in one of their workshop posts. here is their mega files ( they are free from their subscribestar) https://subscribestar.adult/icarus-illustrations https://mega.nz/folder/8iwAXYIA#LkLQ7jHshCPNK0pxlbtAuw
(633.32 KB 1621x1341 1599752982267.png)
anyone have seen this? I searched for 1 year but still couldn't find it
>>18654 it is from Icarus Illustrations
>>18653 >>18654 thanks a lot!
>>16714 >>16715 are elysiancorp and talwyn the same artist?
Back on the old site there was an FNF thread and I was wondering if anyone had this one picture of gf heavily pregnant and it showed her belly hanging out of her dress and it was a side profile. Plus she looked kinda slutty
Hey I’m looking for a drawing of Mythra pregnant with triplets (it also had x rays). I think it’s by nowheresoul but I’ve been searching and I can’t find it, I think it was deleted.
made a thread for moonstone goddess but might as well repost here too https://pregchan.com/d/res/18704.html#q18704 Anyone have any of there missing art? im trying to find as much of it as i can
Does anybody have the rest of this sequence from the old site?
Looking for a pregnant edit version of this
I'm looking for a picture of a pink/reddish haired woman with big breasts pregnant in a yellow bikini, it used to be on pixiv but the original artist seems to have deleted it. Does anyone have it saved?
(117.40 KB 1300x2000 F1wKianWAAESx2I.jpg)
(434.28 KB 1700x2000 F0yfxj3WcAE6h3u.jpg)
(1.67 MB 1500x2000 F03NnAkWIAIaNgz.jpg)
(2.36 MB 1500x2000 F08R0P9WcAAZNDR.jpg)
(2.80 MB 1900x2200 FwbpcztXgAAQCIw.jpg)
For whoever might be interested, Honk came back to twitter under two different accounts. https://twitter.com/ToppestHonk/ https://twitter.com/BonksHonk
I'm looking for what i remember to be a scene from a manga, where a pregnant girl jumps up to retrieve a badminton birdie, and her water breaks, causing her to have to find a bathroom to give birth in. I remember seeing it on here awhile back but have no clue the source or where to find it?
(3.24 MB 2178x2115 FixiGDrWYAAsKsP.png)
I feel like an idiot, but does anyone have the entire set of these arts? I swear I looked all over twitter, the artist has that sketch post deleted/hidden or whatever
Source please?
>>19841 Fairly certain those are ElysianCorp, who YEET'd.
(1.60 MB 2291x2970 FhJGtZDXkAAvC-3.jpg)
(1011.09 KB 1886x2175 FhJGtZJWYAAmGos.jpg)
>>19834 I don't have all of them, but I have these two.
>>19861 That's all he's done from my understanding. All 3 images are from this post. https://twitter.com/spells_x/status/1590416387733798912
Does anybody have the other images saved from this Niclordxyz sequence? I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find the rest in decent quality.
(65.66 KB 206x245 IMG_4517.png)
I don’t know if this count as lost art but ever since phil close his twitter and paredón I couldn’t find it so does anybody have the goth girl animation that maiesio-phil drew a long time ago?
>>19842 thank you
I remember DLeagueman having a four part pregnancy thing with Mavis Evergreen from Fairy Tail. Does anyone have that?
(390.51 KB 720x854 Pregnant_Goth_ASMR.mp4)
>>20210 Thank you so much for this
Hi, i''m searching a drawing in black and white with a pregnant lady in bikini or lingerie, i saw it in our website, but i can't remember when and in what thread, i just can remember that the girl on the picture has a nornal size breasts, i know that is not enough information, but i hope someone could help me.
(1.14 MB 498x278 yes-simon-cowell.gif)
(19.69 KB 626x352 862209356_preview_pursuer.jpg)
(32.88 KB 352x550 e43.jpg)
>>20210 got damn
>>20210 Do you also happen to have Maiesio Phil's Osono vid?
Hi! I'm looking for an image of Shiromori, from Mystery Skulls series, pregnant. Thanks!
Loooking for a fanart of Shinjou Akane form SSSS.Gridman anime, giving birth, crowning. Also one of Rika Takarada pregnant.
(549.21 KB 1080x1080 IMG_20181104_231822.jpg)
(121.24 KB 886x968 IMG_20181022_225049.jpg)
(917.53 KB 1120x1232 IMG_20181118_195641.jpg)
(674.61 KB 1080x1080 IMG_20181224_170150.jpg)
>>20445 Something like that?
>>20448 Yes! Thank you vey much.
I remembered a Rei from Evangelion pregnancy growth progression art. I believe it was HidonRedux who did it? I’m trying to find it but can’t. Would really appreciate it if someone could share it.
There used to be a ton of art of the human characters from Digimon being pregnant. Does anyone have any of that, please?
(1.43 MB 1786x1708 frag2.png)
Hi, someone has the second part of this picture please?
>>20371 https://www.deviantart.com/maiesio-phil/art/Osono-Animation-913152777 It's up on his DeviantArt, in fact I believe all his works are up there
Looking for a pic from the old pregchan (~8-9 years ago) of a pregnant Bayonetta in labor, fully nude, clearly uncomfortable and clutching her belly. Visible hairy vag and cheeky logo parody text included. Thought I had it saved someplace - maybe I do - but can't seem to find it.
>>20780 This it?
Does anyone have anything from stretch incredible?
Does anybody have this image in higher quality?
(1.64 MB 1786x1708 stuck2.png)
>>21461 Thank you
There was a video of a fallout game (4 I think) with a pregnant mod, video was just a cutscene but both girls were absurdly pregnant. Checking the channel it’s not there anymore, wondering if anyone might have the video saved or it may be somewhere else I haven’t found.
>>21591 I loved those videos and I know exactly who your talking about but a lot of the videos were taken down
>>21591 https://youtu.be/OsHwDWXXu90?si=U_rhK1wHJLDev1TF The videos were age-restricted which is probably why it’s hard to find em
Does anyone have any of mrpranny's pregnancy gifs saved? Two of them involved characters pregnant with dragons.
There was an artist on pixiv who used to make drawings of pregnant female characters from the Fire emblem franchise, the fact is that she deleted her pixiv account but her art was saved on page r34 except for a drawing of the Character Maria from Fire emblem Shadow Dragon I tried to look everywhere but I still can't find the drawing. The artist in question is called Kata (you can check it in r34 for reference)
(2.17 KB 80x80 rikabig4th.jpg)
Does anyone have the full series of Hidonredux's testing with Rika? His old webside went down long ago, and wayback only reveals a thumbnail of the final, HYPER pregnant image with rika saying "Chaz, I can't do this anymore", or something similar
I think my request was from Deviantart. It was a single imaged pregression of an Amazonian woman in a Western style of drawing. Does it ring a bell?
Seeing if anyone has this lost art, it was on Pixiv of Sherry Birkin in a red dress, makeup and pregnant. She is being fucked by her G-virus mutated dad and a black hair OC in a jumpsuit that has Captain America's shield as a image on the back is watching.
Im probably doing this wrong, but I somewhat remember some old preg art called "Umbillica Renaissance" and it was bursting art iirc
there was a RWBY pic by ofamightdivine with Yang breastfeeding a hyperpregnant Blake and Weiss, she couldn't host it on DA so she put it on tumblr so you can guess what happened. anyone else still got it?
There were these two Steven Universe pictures. One was with Pearl naked and heavily pregnant with Amethyst, and the other had Garnet pregnant with twins, a ruby and a sapphire.
The original ones on pixiv got deleted and there's some alternative of this, does anyone save them before they got deleted?
How about chet rippo's mha girl collection? Especially the colorized ones
Fron Sailor Moon thread, the image with all nine sailor senshi.
One from the old sailor moon thread, with all the sailor senshi un chibi style
(34.82 KB 1280x720 80971694.jpg)
(87.77 KB 1280x1920 81417580_p0.jpg)
(106.23 KB 1280x1024 80971694_p0.jpg)
(86.10 KB 1280x1280 81368271_p0.jpg)
(50.12 KB 1280x960 81756463_p0.jpg)
Does anyone have any of WiseCatMiracle's *animations*? Most of his *renders* are on e-hentai and other sites, but I can't find any of his *animations* aside from a reuploaded walk cycle.
(1.28 MB 1183x1800 94796966_p0.png)
Does anyone got the pregnant edit of this still? I saw it on this website but can't find it now
Did anyone save the old SFM threads?
(37.81 KB 255x143 image_2023-11-20_222553.png)
>>25067 I'd recommend googling the file name, but it's called WEINSTEINED.webm. It may be in your best interest to keep that out of your search engines
I was cleaning up my HDD when I found "iLikeapie's Secret Stash", a little collection of art that apparently wasn't on his DA. Never really cared for his stuff, but might as well share now that it's gone and I'd like to delete it from my own drive: https://mega.nz/folder/6bpF2AoA#3IAwEDjJaOfOCdS0rhL2HQ
>>25200 Also found this on the same external.
>>25210 Why? Ilikapie's art sucks. He's like a right wing CattyN
>>25212 STFU about politics
>>25214 Go hang yourself baby fuckers
>>25212 No worse than riddleaugust or metal forever
>>25218 Kisame here. I have not seen Riddle August do anything close to my Jewish county executive holding pro-Israel rallies at the park, in the dinners, or smug Jews putting posters in front of their shops.
>>25217 >>25218 >>25220 Oh my fucking gosh. Who cares? We can separate the art from the artists.
Ok I have a thing to ask here if people can help. I am looking for a artwork piece that has a pregnant streamer girl going into labour. She tell her mum and her mum starts panic but instead the streamer girl tries to give birth on stream, much to the shock of her mum. Now....this might be a edit or something and if it's already posted on the site please can you point me to it.
>>25270 There it is! Thank you.
Is the Hydragyrum folder found on this site complete? I feel like its missing a few picture here and there.
(1000.30 KB 1850x2600 5142020samus.png)
lewdlemage once posted a version of this with more kicks in the comments section of its Patreon post, but it is now long gone. Anyone have it saved?
(1.89 MB 2690x2373 RainMikamuraHyperPreg.jpg)
Hey guys, anybody knows who draw that art?
>>25310 Kinda like that?
Does anyone here have the drawing of Pregnant Mei Terumi from Naruto in a swimsuit drawn by Niclordxyz that existed years ago? I remember that drawing existed but now it's gone and I can't find it.
>>25400 YES! Thanks SO much, anon!
(682.22 KB 666x1650 myd5c3jdd4b.png)
(627.56 KB 1713x1452 pyq9cagoq42.png)
>>18656 Oh hey, I recognize that. That's an old drawing by "Maiesen". I don't think it's up anywhere anymore. It was posted on their Tumblr at the time. Got taken down at some point when Tumblr changed their porn policy. Here's some other drawings they did around that time. (spoilering for "testicle pregnancy". i assume most people arent the type of degenerate that wants to see that)
(461.18 KB 1150x825 Fertile Emblem-by-chrisguy3.png)
Hey, there's this picture of a girl, I think she's a character from an anime but I don't remember. She's got messy black hair, glasses, and a lab coat and either her undershirt or the coat is pink I think. In it there is also a disembodied hand rubbing her bare belly and she's saying something along the lines of "normally people would be embarrassed of having a weird belly kink but you begging to rub my belly? I'd feel bad if I didn't let you" or something like that. There's also a chubby alt if you want to post that one too, but at least the artist
>>26009 A classic diptych by MadamSquiggles
>>26011 Thank you so much
(606.64 KB 587x770 W7GDvA1.png)
(771.85 KB 677x772 1424562339918.png)
(1.05 MB 929x774 ZWRV8L4.png)
(990.04 KB 927x774 MXgX57U.png)
(1.07 MB 929x774 2s24bHW.png)
>>16714 >elcyiancorp >>16714 >elcyiancorp One of my favorite sequences of theirs. I have more, but they are exceedingly disorganized.
>>25212 Nobody deserves to be compared to Andrew Dobson
>>25220 I wish Tel Aviv was reduced to a radioactive crater
>>26027 Man, really wish they didn't delete their DeviantArt
>>566 recently satoss deleted all work again..
>>26011 Heh hen. Diptych.
(304.46 KB 2192x2320 e05aa8400905daa.jpg)
(297.91 KB 2060x2200 4605bda83e39fcf4.jpg)
Unclear source
>>15588 The link isn't working. Maybe because I'm on mobile?
HMSM hasn't commonly been a preg artist but very few pieces of their art is preg, including their image set and i've been curious about it that they had for this specific character but they never updated the ejunkie link for it when it went down and has basically gone AWOL for the past four years with most of their accounts being deleted/deactivated (DA/twitter) except their FA, i would safely consider this lost art and i'm curious if anyone on this site would have it, if at all.
(1.61 KB 88x125 1463848668317s.jpg)
Image for ants alert. Found this in a thread archive but was never able to find a bigger resolution. Probably lost unless someone saved the original.
This is a long shot but does anyone have art from the long gone papaC (aka Thesuperiorthatman)especially art from the animepreggoHq discord server
(106.28 KB 347x867 unknown-211_53bab4.png)
(122.09 KB 719x583 unknown-96.png)
(96.65 KB 587x728 unknown-263.png)
(464.70 KB 980x874 Study_Buddy_Sato.PNG)
(198.81 KB 1184x711 unknown-171.png)
>>26857 There seems to be a story here...
(176.04 KB 753x924 IMG_20231029_123641.png)
(125.26 KB 911x740 unknown-169_35f105.png)
(121.66 KB 823x756 unknown-168_02039c.png)
(97.99 KB 418x719 image0-64.png)
>>26862 papaC
(121.39 KB 826x671 unknown-221.png)
(126.43 KB 899x655 unknown-177.png)
(307.32 KB 907x838 unknown-277.png)
(79.45 KB 825x725 unknown-251.png)
(122.76 KB 629x844 unknown-119_7fa21c.png)
(300.17 KB 950x546 image0-40.png)
(217.33 KB 902x478 image1-3.png)
>>26872 >>26871 >>26861 >>26857 Thanks anon for your service!
(104.01 KB 451x495 unknown-129.png)
(204.38 KB 929x488 unknown-83.png)
(316.43 KB 851x761 unknown-200.png)
(185.59 KB 769x763 image0-58.png)
(212.95 KB 622x856 unknown-224.png)
(392.64 KB 1044x672 unknown-166.png)
(182.96 KB 691x809 unknown-155.png)
(171.69 KB 757x1059 unknown-117.png)
(167.56 KB 539x1034 unknown-68.png)
(383.02 KB 1305x1040 unknown-219.png)
(308.29 KB 1213x1221 unknown-125.png)
(199.06 KB 662x1173 unknown-313.png)
(178.17 KB 647x1154 unknown-180.png)
(174.59 KB 593x792 unknown-209.png)
(136.00 KB 1138x1170 unknown-100.png)
(186.20 KB 711x886 unknown-244_203079.png)
>>26869 Thank you
(150.87 KB 764x859 unknown-307.png)
(168.65 KB 851x865 unknown-236.png)
(156.85 KB 647x763 image1-7_bfb18f.png)
(191.81 KB 803x773 unknown-244.png)
(311.84 KB 949x889 unknown-169.png)
(278.91 KB 609x857 unknown-284.png)
(236.43 KB 595x609 unknown-104.png)
(266.92 KB 1052x707 unknown-342.png)
>>26924 >>26923 >>26883 >>26881 >>26880 >>26872 >>26871 >>26861 >>26857 He also went by thealmightysomeguy too i hope this helps
I'm looking for old pregnant animations from mrpranny. They usually depict muscular women who are already pregnant with a large belly or one that is beginning to swell, and they also often depict large and strong blows of children. There was an animation where the silhouettes of dragons were clearly visible in the girl’s stomach.
so the subject matter of the art piece im looking for is kinda fucked up and dark im looking for a piece drawn by thomy148NIG, of a burnt preggo like hiroshima burnt, but the belly was still moving, because her babies were still alive for some reason. It's fucked up but now i cant get it out of my head and i know this art piece exists please help me find it
nevermind i found it, it was buried in my old tablet like i said, it's pretty gruesome
Does anyone still have some art of thomy148NIG because he keeps on changing account's
Sometimes back I found this sort of manga style comic of AVPR. I can't remember if it was ever fully completed or if it got to "that" point, but when I remembered it, I couldn't find it again, maybe it's because of DA's shitty UI changes. Either way, if someone could find it, that would be nice.
>>27473 Sweet baby Jesus...
(2.39 MB 1026x2040 IMG_20210727_0002.png)
(381.94 KB 1891x784 unknown (11).png)
(303.00 KB 988x1179 unknown (2).png)
(4.29 MB 1309x2282 da_genie.png)
(243.58 KB 1104x887 unknown (14).png)
more from papaC
(297.37 KB 489x857 unknown (5).png)
(101.44 KB 810x604 unknown (19).png)
(103.88 KB 540x746 unknown (1).png)
(1.03 MB 1705x2467 Enome_and_Amber.png)
does anyone have the full versions of these two pieces by softsoftie or anywhere they are posted?
>>28860 Huh, that's weird, I have a similar looking piece, although it's not the one you posted.
>>28861 yeah ive always seen that one but can't find the two im looking for, they were on imgur but there's a error everytime I use the link
(347.83 KB 1800x2094 A.png)
Can someone help me find a lost pregnant Anne Frank art? It was a sketch drawn by preggo-steggo on either one of the old pregchan sites or a 4chan thread, of Anne dressed as an SS officer doing a nazi salute, with a red background. Attached image is similar but not identical
>>28925 >Pregnant Anne Frank mentioned
>>28926 Oh my bad, >inb4 pregnant anne frank
Pregnant Angela of Projec Moon by hnysoda, made mid january for the switch announcement and nuked soon after.
>>26857 >>26861 >>26871 >>26872 >>26880 >>26881 >>26882 >>26883 >>26923 >>26924 >>28664 >>28666 One of my favorite artists ever, honestly very bummed so much of their work is lost because they really had so much nice art
(96.59 KB 720x711 bravefightercorner.png)
Does anyone have the rest of this sequence? The artist is a guy on deviantart named bravefightercorner, but they deactivated their account a long time ago and I haven't found anything about this anywhere else yet
anyone have this art of a pregnant eula from genshin with her baby making a ice kick (idk how to describe it, its like those stories where the baby also has telekinesis powers but with ice) the artist only did a few arts, before deleting all of it
Does anyone have a pic drawn by hidonredux of agnes and edea lee from bravely default giving birth while wearing the spellfencer outfit
Hi, i'm looking for an image where shinobu is pregnant and is being congratulated and hugged by her sister, I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance
(220.94 KB 1700x1700 dl1.jpg)
(235.75 KB 1700x1700 dl2.jpg)
(224.07 KB 1700x1700 dl3.jpg)
(189.40 KB 1700x1700 dl4.jpg)
(214.86 KB 1700x1700 dl5.jpg)
(152.58 KB 2000x1600 dl7.jpg)
(160.17 KB 2000x1600 dl8.jpg)
>>29485 Here's the full sequence.
>>29495 Reading comprehension fail. >>29298
>>29486 Holy damn I thought this comic was a goner, thank you lots anon!
Anyone have Perihelilon's deleted art?
(27.61 KB 256x80 [000026].png)
Anyone have a better version of this picture?
(160.48 KB 2048x640 0200.jpg)
>>29967 thank you
>>29831 Update: I recovered this from a flask drive. Does anyone have the other parts of this picture?
(755.63 KB 720x1528 aKoMVnd5kBz1F2Xf.mp4)
(155.08 KB 1524x1538 E-PLm1VVIAA6Y9C.jpeg)
(182.73 KB 2048x1033 E-PLm1SUUAAvbvh.jpeg)
(178.15 KB 2048x1033 E-PLm1SVUAEyFsJ.jpeg)
(194.97 KB 2048x1033 E-PLm1TVgAMTnTb.jpeg)
>>30008 It's still up on X, but here are the files anyway, including the animated version in the comments: https://x.com/defski_moon/status/1441988268317360136?s=20 THIS is why I still have my Twitter/X account.
>>30010 Here's the link to the images, not the video: https://x.com/Perihelilon/status/1433213589049860100?s=20
(144.68 KB 1216x2048 Counting.jpg)
(132.85 KB 2048x1448 Night.jpg)
(131.74 KB 1378x2048 Bare.jpg)
(221.56 KB 2048x2048 Chibi1.jpg)
(183.58 KB 2048x2048 Chibi2.jpg)
>>30010 Here's some more of Perihelilon's X art:
(114.10 KB 1000x707 WIPxray.jpg)
(37.34 KB 1335x852 WIPbare.jpg)
(136.83 KB 1378x2048 SoakedAttire.jpg)
(135.78 KB 2048x1448 XRay.jpg)
(153.81 KB 2048x2048 Chibi3.jpg)
>>30016 I think I've finished uploading what's in my folder.