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File: 1475886905620.png (1.08 MB, 1080x720, hnstr1_hrcrm00.png)

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Hi guys. I made this story using Honey Select. I hope you guys like it :).

(I'm the same Kite who made the Black Desert post btw ;D)
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48400 No.23485

Awesome love the new work u put into this

ba36e No.23488

Impressive! I'm looking forward for the next panels!

23500 No.23489

File: 1479415775157.gif (415.26 KB, 1080x720, 042.gif)

← big

Yeah~ Sorry about this guys. I woke up late so I couldn't upload the rest earlier this morning.

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File: 1479415834543.gif (413.51 KB, 1080x720, 043.gif)

← too big

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File: 1479415888350.gif (8.25 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng44.gif)

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File: 1479415963482.gif (8.3 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng46.gif)

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File: 1479416021221.gif (6.52 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng47.gif)

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File: 1479416066363.gif (6.36 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng48.gif)

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File: 1479416105148.gif (5.91 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng49.gif)

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File: 1479416157826.gif (6.81 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng50.gif)

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File: 1479416196498.gif (4.09 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng51.gif)

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File: 1479416228874.gif (439.84 KB, 1080x720, 052.gif)

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File: 1479416266596.gif (5.9 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng53.gif)

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File: 1479416435500.gif (4.53 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng55.gif)

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File: 1479416480943.gif (5.12 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng56.gif)

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File: 1479416611004.gif (427.48 KB, 1080x720, 060.gif)

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File: 1479416652652.gif (8.29 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng61.gif)

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File: 1479416694553.gif (2.2 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng62.gif)

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File: 1479416724564.gif (2.05 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng63.gif)

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File: 1479416747400.gif (2.24 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng64.gif)

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File: 1479417322812.gif (1.08 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng65.gif)

Again thanks for the support guys. I'll be pretty busy the next few days, so It will be around Saturday evening before I can upload to exhentai.org barring me noticing any really bad need adjust the images. Please feel free to share with me your criticism. I'll try my best to explain the reasoning for it, but I can guarantee that I'll take it to heart. In fact, Mr. Pinchy's suggestion of showing the man POV has proven valuable for the quality. Also, if anyone knows French and notice any mistakes I made in the comments or translations please let me know.

2e0bf No.23528

Your animation isn't bad at all, but I'd suggest that you look into Preston Blair's Cartoon Animation. By the way, are you up for doing other VH playable characters, such as Rin, Serena, Elmire, Ashley, etc. if you get the chance?

23500 No.23541

Thanks for the advice but this is the game's (Honey Select's) animations. My job is to make sure I get a good camera angle, make sure the objects are centered and clear, determine the animation speed, and make sure the frames flow smoothly. I'll show you guys my animating skills soon enough. Don't worry about not seeing custom animations ;).

I may do some VH characters, but it's all up to what I feel like. Right now I have 5 girls set for this series. Character creation is a really meticulous process for me, so it may take awhile before I can get on it. But I can say your request is not unheard.

I also have to apologize to you guys. I said Saturday evening upload, but my meeting got pushed back to this evening. So now I am working through the night to finalize and upload to exhentai.org.

23500 No.23543

Annnnddd… I found unacceptable clipping on an 87 frame gif ;_;… Needless to say there'll be a delay on the full product to exhentai.org.

23500 No.23591

After ALOT of editing and finalizing. The gallery is up on g.e-hentai.com. The torrent is already uploaded. Please tell me if anything is wrong. This is my first time making a torrent.

Link: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/999738/072e5a50ab/

Since the torrent size is pretty big, please seed to help out your fellow preganonymous.

de420 No.23600

File: 1480050468618.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, img20161124043951.png)

Hello everyone, been on hiatus due to some real life stuff and research into 3D programs. Will still be busy for a while exploring the Japanese side of the web.

Will be posting some details on these 3D anime things in another thread some other time. Will post any ideas I get for use in Honey Select here.

Here's a little something related to my research. Some guy made this with MikuMikuDance, off-topic but it's a pretty good find so pls enjoy.


23500 No.23602

Hey Mr. Pinchy glad to see you are back.

23500 No.23671

I forgot to mention I'll be taking a break from this story. I need it especially after that last chapter. I'll see you guys when I get back ;). Feel free to share any criticism you have here in the meantime. I'm serious guys. I love criticism. It helps me grow.

8cd0b No.23672


Take your break, my friend. I hope you get lot of inspiration when you are back :p

8aaaf No.23796

64bb4 No.23986


Hey, sorry to disturb you on your break…

The first chapter in ehentai seems to be broken. You stated about the link in the comments but I don't seem to understand it.

Got the link? TY

4d03c No.23997

nevermind…but is there any place where we can download both chapters?

Zippyshare or Mega?

The links were inconvenient tbh.

23500 No.24007


I'm glad I checked today. Let me start by saying: thanks for your interest in the story :). Just encase it is not entirely clear chapter 1 was moved to exhentai.org (the shadow version of e-hentai.org with more content and looser restrictions) and is fully accessible there. I'll post both links to both torrents downloads if that helps you. Both these torrents were created by me, so you shouldn't worry about any annoying malware added by another party. I would prefer not to go out of my way to make a separate download link just for one person. Chapter 2 is around 650 MB so uploading it to a file sharing website will take a considerable amount of time, so please understand my position on this matter. I'll be seeding. Please do inform me if there are more demands for a separate download link on a file sharing websites. For now here:

Ch.1: ehtracker.org/t/984587/49d1680f2d1eb5502b73ead2e10ef6ea132323b1.torrent?p=1482326080
Ch.2: ehtracker.org/t/999701/5e552ee0711f0919b5cfc561263fe1dffd10f5f8.torrent?p=1482326492

ca21e No.24416

File: 1483991591646.png (1.16 MB, 1600x900, ボテ腹.png)

If anyone is still working on Honey Select, I found a mod you guys might like.


If file has been deleted cause of new version, go here to check.


a06ff No.24429

File: 1484102673372.png (200.52 KB, 828x598, yuyiko7.png)

Good lord, what a mod.

dc5c9 No.24455

>>24429 how did you make the mod work? sorry kinda new here

aaa07 No.24471

I'm not the poster from >>24429 but here's how it should work:

Put the ab data folder in your Honey Select ab data folder.

Mod should appear in accessories section of character creator under midsection with all the belts. Should be labeled 妊婦腹.

If it does not appear, you may need to use Honey select item Resolver (HiR) which you can find on Hongfire under one of the threads of it's creator Yashiro Amamiya

Note this HiR also requires SB3UGS which requires more digging up. So hopefully you need not use it.

aaa07 No.24473

File: 1484325767554.png (1.27 MB, 1536x864, 20170114002657073.png)

Girls and cars are good yes? Wish there was a mod for her hat and hair.

a06ff No.24506

Maybe you should do it, anon. It's always fun to learn a new skill, even if its just to add ultra-specific content to your spank bank.

90370 No.24513

Actually working on content for a different game in blender.
The system used by Illusion games is rather confusing and I don't have enough skill to create something good for use in Honey Select's HD environment anyway.
I'm just performing simple manipulations on models right now.

5ac16 No.24530

I hate to be a pain, but where is the slider itself?

138e9 No.24533

Wait what slider? It's an object under accessories. Don't think I mentioned a slider.

7de92 No.28413

Mr pinchy still working on this with fallen?

5de16 No.28419




976f8 No.35338

Probably should delete this thread. As far as I know, it's not being worked on anymore.

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