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Hi guys. I made this story using Honey Select. I hope you guys like it :).

(I'm the same Kite who made the Black Desert post btw ;D)

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File: 1475887815248.png (931.58 KB, 1080x720, hnstr1_hrcrm36.png)

Sorry for dumping so many images onto here at once ^^;. What do you guys think about the Honey Story?

494cd No.22715

Awesome storytelling
I was hopping she got even more bigger in the end
Say before 9months~~

a0f78 No.22716

This is awesome, I appreciate it!

Maybe birth scene can be added next time?

89c53 No.22724

How can I make a proper pregnant belly in Honey select? I've been trying but it always ends up horribly misshapen. Any tips?

23500 No.22727

File: 1475938265059.png (959.86 KB, 1080x720, Coming Soon.png)

It's weird but I've noticed asian girls don't get quite as big, so I think this size is fine for now. This is still chapter 1 though, so I might change my mind xD.

This is only chapter 1. I was hoping to do a group birth scene (Not guaranteed, but I am a big fan of those xD). See spoiler image for the next heroine ;). I'm kinda hoping someone comes along to make a "baby" accessory mod for this game to make my life easier xD. A guy can dream right~

A misshapen belly is generally unavoidable. I used trick photography in these photos to fool your eyes. That being said I did this entire set without photoshopping the belly once so I do have tips to share. The most important thing is where you place the Waist Height slider. As the belly of a pregnant woman expands her belly button changes to a lower vertical position to account for the bulge. Between 15 and 35 are good spots for that slider to be to make a more authentic bulge. Unfortunately until someone does a pregnancy mod this is what you and I have to work with ;).

8ebdb No.22733

Good point on that one she is a loli after all and asians do have smaller bellys than any other girl

A harem (group) births would be nice if you are doing multiple

I do wanna see at least one of them bigger than the rest xD

23500 No.22766

File: 1476044437385.png (1.12 MB, 1080x720, hnstry1_hrcrm32.png)

Darn I wrote she was the farthest along didn't I >.<? Oh well looks like you'll have to wait for the introductionary chapters to finish to see the Caucasian bellys bloom (There are 5 models currently at work).

Btw guys I posted a newer version with slightly upgraded script (ver 1.1) to http://g.e-hentai.org/g/984587/ba176e7866/

was also photoshopped to have a rounder belly and a belly button bulge. Also the non-text was posted there.

I'm going to try my best not upload two different version between the two sites, but even with all of my rigorous editing I still didn't kept all the contractions consistent >.< among other things. I'm new to this writing thing after all ^^; so please forgive me :P.

79033 No.22771

File: 1476053554368.png (1.77 MB, 1536x864, 20161010074321869.png)

Hey, I saw your work and was inspired to try something out. Seems that birth scenes can still work with the default stuff. Just have to place a specially modified character and voila!

Will have to try working with a bone scaler mod to help avoid clipping and maybe a character editor mod to increase belly size but this seems totally workable. What a great discovery!

23500 No.22775

Yea. All I really need is the baby. I'll still have to photoshop in an expanding virginal opening though I think. I think I'll still need a baby object for them to hold tho… hrmmm…

If you can work with the bone scaler to avoid clipping that'll be great. If you can somehow integrate it into the game w/o messing too much with the non-pregnant models that would be perfect, but I won't ask for that much. :)

9e51c No.22776


Pretty nice! Would love to see more like it. :)

23500 No.22785

File: 1476088724906.png (932.73 KB, 1080x720, hnstry1_hrcrm25.png)

Version 1.2 is now up on http://g.e-hentai.org/g/984762/35a501a830/#c1482308
Hopefully this'll be the last time I have edit it >.<.

cbc4b No.22787

"This gallery has been removed, and is unavailable."

328e7 No.22799

Darn, seems like it's been moved to exhentai due to lolicon content. In the meantime may I fill in the gap with some content? I've been experimenting with some new techniques.

Will be working on the baby model problem soon. Unfortunately no pregnant belly upgrade solutions yet.

b1984 No.22802

would love to see this same pick with vulva a little bit open but head still inside…

328e7 No.22803

Only way to do that is photoshop. Japanese censorship means that the vulva is'nt even displayed by default, thus only mods have these sorts of things and even then they don't stretch.
An attempt to do a crowning without a pointed baby head will run into some serious clipping.

9e51c No.22805


If it has loli content, it's only visible on "exhentai", the sister site.


23500 No.22809

Lol darn since my account is so new I can't access exhentai atm xD.

I can work around the pregnant belly pretty easily, but I'm glad someone is working on a baby model. Otherwise I'd have to work overtime to photoshop in some babies for them to hold. The birthing scene will require some photoshopping for sure, but it isn't quite as bad. If possible can you make the baby's hair a separate color? Genetically they should all have black hair but…

328e7 No.22813

File: 1476138135188.png (1.77 MB, 1536x864, 20161010222144097.png)

The way I'm going about it is that I'm editing a character model to baby size and using that as the baby.

This means that the "baby" can be customized and posed like a regular character. Editing hair colour, amount, features, size of the baby would all be possible similar to a character in the character creator. As can be seen here this baby has blond hair.

However, I have'nt actually been able to reduce the size that much. To do that I need a bone scaler mod and that requires the IPA (Illusion Plugin Architecture) file to activate.

Most of the mods available need this IPA so my priority right now is to get it working. After that making a customizable baby model would be simple.

9e51c No.22815


If you're getting the Sad Panda, delete all of your e-hentai cookies, then log into e-hentai, then try and access exhentai.

23500 No.22820

Ah I misunderstood. I figured were messing with the baby character size, but I was unsure what you meant about the "baby model problem." Glad you made it clear, and please keep up the good work :).

My account is too new I need to wait a week regardless of the cookie fix :).

8cc96 No.22828

File: 1476209820308.png (1.87 MB, 1536x864, 20161012030942753.png)

Good news, I managed to get IPA working and after a few hours managed to figure out how to achieve a decent enough baby model.

However, due to various model part editing, the model may get deformed if you pose it in a certain way. I'm going to test it out first in various poses before uploading.

In the meantime go get the IPA, Wide slider and Additional Bone Modifiers mods from hongfire. These will be needed to import the baby model.

8cc96 No.22835

File: 1476227830079.png (1.75 MB, 1536x864, 20161012081447687.png)

Second Version. Proportions seem pretty good but overall size is a bit big, but I think we prefer big babies to small babies yes?

8ebdb No.22836

Bigger the better indeed

8cc96 No.22837

Currently working on using accessories on the baby's head to simulate crowning. Preliminary testing indicates that photoshop is better alternative.

Am also working on something very special along the same lines.

23500 No.22840

Wow!! Great work so far! I'm fairly confident in my photoshopping abilities, so you do not have to stress too much about it. These accessories may still prove to make it easier for me though. The rest of the community should be grateful as well for the crowning items. The baby seems a tad big for newborn though ^^;. I'm interested in the height of the mother so that I can get sense of scale.

8cc96 No.22841

Her height is about 85/100 on the height slider. The baby model will be modifiable in terms of size so you can prep x-ray shots for the third trimester or adjust for the size of the mother.

Or you may think of it this way: The baby is not big, The belly is too small.

Now please bear with me a little, I'll take up 2 more posts to explain and showcase my findings

8cc96 No.22842

File: 1476235769241.png (1.54 MB, 1536x864, 20161012092234462.png)

First Report: Progress report on crowning:

While I have said that the vagina of the mother cannot be manipulated, I was thinking too much inside the box.

When you analyze it, crowning is basically when part of the babies head is covered and some of it is exposed.

Through use of accessories, I intended to create a literal "crown" to cover the baby's head. This was made from a cap and a ring (of fire).

You can immediately tell that this is not really a good job. The ring texture and colour does not really fit due to it's metallic texture though maybe something else will be better. The cap is also not of a single colour and the shape does not really resemble what I was trying to replicate.

Overall, this can be used as a template to photoshop but is not presentable without editing.

8cc96 No.22843

File: 1476236314283.png (1.79 MB, 1536x864, 20161012101641132.png)

Second Report: Use of accessories to simulate Panty Birth:

Now this is something I am proud of. While going through accessories to put on the head, I found something uniquely Japanese, panties worn on the head.

While this is usually used to showcase that someone is a great pervert, I thought: "This reminds me of something".

What I found was a way to get the baby's head into a pair of panties. Once that was done, the hard part was getting the panties to fit the mother.

Panties are very complex, well at least these are. They are very hard to fit exactly onto the mother as they are not elastic, some part will stick out and make it unrealistic.

I solved this by covering it with clothes. While this means that underwear only birth is hard, clothed births into panties are relatively easy.

In summary: Put panties on baby's head in the character creator using head accessories and position correctly.

8cc96 No.22845

File: 1476238260546.png (1.45 MB, 1536x864, 20161012105721814.png)

I thought it was over but there was one more important thing I had to test so one more post.

Third Report: Upper limit on Panty Birth

While the discovery of Panty Births was astounding, in my celebration I had not yet tested the limits of my creation.

Therefore, I conducted what is possibly the most ridiculous virtual experiment which should be done in real-life: "How much baby can I birth into a pair of panties?" The answer as I expected was: "Not enough".

The reason this upper limit exists in the first place is because there is a limit of how much you can adjust the panties in the character creator.

I used the same baby from this post for the test. It was conducted when the baby was dropping straight down with the aid of gravity acting on its relatively high weight. The baby only reached to around it's belly button or higher before the panties started clipping into the mother's thighs.

While this means that a straight baby cannot be birthed fully, if we assume that the panties have enough strength to hold the baby, causing it to bend, it might be possible to fit an entire baby into it assuming the baby is curved.

TLDR: Straight baby cannot come out fully, curved baby may or may not be fully caught by panties.

23500 No.22847

Pretty sweet. I'll try to incorporate clothed birth in somehow… I'll make a baby model later as the story progress. Who knows what other mods will be released between now and then. I have the general idea of what you did to create it.

That girl must have really strong virginal muscles to be able to stretch that pair that much! Wow!

8cc96 No.22848

Both me and the girl are pretty exhausted after all that.

I'll probably upload the baby within 24 hours. It's my first time actually uploading something so I got to figure things out.

After that I can work on stuff like umbilical cords or other things as I come across them. With that said, I'll probably take some time to create more characters and enjoy the game first.

Thanks for introducing the concept to me in the first place. I'll leave the thread to you until I find some other ways to contribute to the Honey Story.

23500 No.22850

Do you man. The most important thing is having fun with your passion :).

P.S. You can use the "Braid" head accessory as an umbilical cord.

494cd No.22852

I think i just have a nosebleed

8cc96 No.22853

Ah yes, good observation. It's affected by gravity though so I have to attach it to the mother and hope the baby is at the end

8f072 No.22855

Beautiful pics. Glad im not the only one that's making pantie birth art. :) Its really rare to see such art and more so in 3D. Very nice.

57777 No.22857

excellent work man!

e31f2 No.22858

Hey guys, I can't enter ExHentai. My account I created a few month ago. Never play HentaiVerse though.

My old account used to able to enter just fine, but then it got banned for some unknown reason.

If anyone could help me, I would be happy.

e31f2 No.22859


Also tried login from G.E-hentai then clear cookies in ex one: it didn't work.

b1984 No.22863

This is really quite awesome. Can you do a series with the head beginning to crown and sawing in and out as it makes progress? can you change background to put her in school or on a bus? thanks for your efforts!

fb2c8 No.22867


Thank you all for the feedback. It's feels great when people appreciate what you've done.

Moving forward, please continue to voice out what you want so I know where to focus my efforts in developing new techniques.

For now I wish to let Fallen_Knight do his thing so I will be on hiatus. I will return to this thread when I find ways to develop the content he has in mind. I may post my own content in the original content thread or create a thread of my own.

With regards to that, one goal I have always wanted to achieve was to illustrate several birth stories I have seen on the web so maybe if I can get in touch with some authors and you'll see some good stuff, but that's for the future.


Great concept but crowning still needs work. I will see what I can do without photoshop as I have no skill in it or regular drawing for that matter. There is no bus background but there is a school.

What I have in mind is a scenario where an overdue girl on the last day of exams suddenly goes into labor and has to endure the baby forcing it's way out while at her desk. She thinks that she can wait till after the paper finishes but the baby progresses to fast and she finds out that she can't move.

A great deal of emphasis will be placed on closeup shots on the crowning and her facial expressions. To save time I may not include background characters or start to blur the background out as labor get's more intense.

Once I get some rest and a satisfactory crowning scene I may work on that in the original content thread.

f9755 No.22868

Top Shelf stuff Mr Pinchy, are you ever intending on making it animated?

fb2c8 No.22870

There are loads of possibilities. Currently I have to manually place the baby for each shot but if I can somehow create a custom animation I may have something.

In fact, a video would not be out of the question! There are voice files and music available in the editor. It would be pretty hot if you understood Japanese but I could always sub it.

That said quite a bit of research will have to go into that so for now I will take baby steps.

Speaking of babies I did say I would upload the model I used. I will include the mods I used in a single package called: "Mr Pinchy's P&B Package" (Stands for Pregnancy & Birth. I wanted it to be PB&J but I could'nt find a J word)

Please note that the mods are not of my creation. This package will be uploaded on mediafire once I get an account.

fb2c8 No.22872

Upload should be complete. First time trying this out so tell me if there is anything wrong with the downloading process. Please change hxxp to http.


Instructions are included in the folder. I would like to repeat that the mods are not mine. The only things that I made are the model and the pose.

For questions on using the mods more info can be found in the instructions in the folder.

Also I should apologize for all the multiple posts. Will try to post less and get some rest.

23500 No.22877

Good Share :). Mr.Pinchy feel free to use this thread if you want (no sarcasm). I can also help with photoshopping images (photoshopping .gif or more will take an insane amount of time xD).

I have OCD, so it takes alot of fine tuning per chapter. So there'll be plenty of times when I have no notable update. I've only just finished fine tuning the two heroines who will be making a cameo in chapter two as well as picking the names for all three.

fb2c8 No.22878

File: 1476309884874.png (1.55 MB, 1536x864, Come hither.png)

Hmm I see. Guess I'll hold the fort while your busy. People do like frequent updates after all.

Still can't find any rest though, my thoughts keep running wild and my heart is pumping with excitement. Here I'll share some of that feeling with you all.

Was doing a study into seductive poses, this "come hither" was a phrase I found on Danbooru. It's like a sexy invitation. Let me know whether I nailed it.

494cd No.22879

Damn thats nice,
Anything with cat costume? Pinchy?

fb2c8 No.22880

Do leopards count? I have a complete spotted ear and tail set. Also got modifiable cat/fox ears but no tail to go with it.

494cd No.22881

As long it has a tail and ears im good for any cat~

fb2c8 No.22882

Hmm, you have to wait then. I plan on working on this scenario for a while in order to get ideas on poses. There may be many types of pole dance but is there one which emphasizes the belly?

This picture was merely meant to be the start of the scenario. It's only going to get more hot from here (I hope). Of course that's before getting into the main event.

So all in all, massive time sink. Gonna go watch DOA Xtreme 3 to get more references.

494cd No.22883

Take your time~
Hehe cant wait for the final product ~

8f072 No.22884

Hey ah im not one for making requests a lot but for your 3d art im being compelled to. XD Is there any chance of seeing a pantie birth pic with Nanako from VH? ^^

ea313 No.22888

"Come hither" is also sometimes done with the palm facing up like you did, but with only the pointer finger (next to the thumb) out. Then the person curls and uncurls that finger a few times.
I think your picture is very fitting though. Good work.

5de16 No.22889

I have fond memories of VH, out of every thing I have seen so far, what kind of system actually tracks pregnancy and contractions during labor like how VH does it. Most of my gameplay was just using debug to get Nanako pregnant then walking round town till her water broke.

A casual review of pixiv art for references actually brings up a picture of a panty birth with Nanako as the subject. Well in any case I should be able to create a modified Nanako with the clothes I have.

Perhaps "Come Hither" was not that good a title. Depending on how you interpret it, it may or may not carry a commanding tone to it. A curling index finger gives the feeling that the person is giving an order while I was aiming for something more passive and welcoming.

To this end I tried to make her attractive and yet not too forceful. I focused on the arm and face, with a seductive smile without predatory smirk or an intimidating stare for the face and an open palm to indicate an invitation which can be turned down. This would give the effect of sexiness and welcoming yet not pressure the viewer.

8f072 No.22891

Haha yeah i did much the same playing VH and still play it today while waiting for the next translated version to come out. Not 100% sure if the games fully completed yet though.

And i seen that same pic as well. Made by Da Hootch? Wish there was more art like that done by him of her in that situation. :)

And that'd be awesome. Looking forward to seeing how things work out for you. BTW i had a pantie birth pic made by someone named B2 on Pixiv.

4fdcf No.22907

File: 1476394059654.png (2.06 MB, 1536x864, Nanako.png)

Done a relatively quick job to test some stuff. Some clipping here and there but hopefully you can ignore it. Gonna have to find more transparent water.

P.S. I added cat ears for fun, 2 birds 1 stone.

8ebdb No.22912

Nice job

8f072 No.22920

Dreams and requests come true and the webs a better place now. :D That is just to hot man and totally awesome. Nicely done and sweet pose pick for her.

Thanks for making this one for me. ^_^

f65e6 No.22921

Every time I look at the pictures I post here the more I think I can do something to improve it. Practice makes perfect though and with time and mods I can make more dreams come true.

BTW, that pic has at least 3 references to the source material and took about 3 hours to make including replaying VH to get clothing and position references.

Now here's something more thread related. Looking through some other posts on the board, why not do a first person POV illustrated story for better immersion? We already have VR tech and this game also supports it so why not give those without VR equipment a taste of what to expect? I may work on that but this is one suggestion I leave mainly to you Fallen_Knight

f65e6 No.22923

File: 1476482351547.png (1.47 MB, 1536x864, 20161015052512134.png)

Crowning test with the help of a de-censor mod

f65e6 No.22924

File: 1476482375209.png (1.36 MB, 1536x864, 20161015061619636.png)

f65e6 No.22925

File: 1476482395733.png (1.31 MB, 1536x864, 20161015062625682.png)

f65e6 No.22926

File: 1476482411667.png (1.26 MB, 1536x864, 20161015064008257.png)

f65e6 No.22927

File: 1476482435333.png (1.12 MB, 1536x864, 20161015065344080.png)

f65e6 No.22928

File: 1476482467040.png (1.34 MB, 1536x864, 20161015065523119.png)

98238 No.22929

Look, VH goes 3D :p

8f072 No.22932

Aye practice dose make perfect. ^^ and you did that in 3hr? Nice. Something like that for me would of well….not as fast im sure even if i had the know how to make it. XD All so the Crowning test pics look really awesome and sexy to. :)

fc01c No.22933

You have to be creative in your tools. Some time will be spent thinking up techniques and failing at them.

I'm not really proud of the crowning stuff. Further refinement will require closeups of stretching and will probably require immense amounts of time per photo to set up. I also have to think about how to get the shoulders through so way more work needs to be done.

This is becoming more like work so I may find some other ways to relax.

ea313 No.22934

Ah, I see. That works quite nicely, in that case.

23500 No.22944


Great work as always my lobster friend. About the first person perspective. I think it wouldn't fit with the pregnant sex theme. Birthing fits really well with first person, but sex is different. Sexual positions that are great to show off the pregnant belly are positions where the girls are taken from behind. All you will see is the nape of the neck in most cases. While the positions where the belly is easily seen in first person view are those that shows off the dijointedness of the belly. Until an official pregnancy mod is made, a pure first person story is not advisable for pregnancy stories. I do incorporate first person into the story when I can.

Also, sorry for the late response. I was busy tweeking character models and researching improvements to the panels and game. As well as *grumble,grumble* social obligations *grumble* >.>. I've started on the story as of today. This chapter is going to be a long one because of cameos, world building, and foreshadowing, so bear your bare bearly anticipation awhile longer please ;).~

fc01c No.22947

File: 1476588611923.png (1.85 MB, 1536x864, 20161016080112846.png)

I see your point about the belly. Due to it being made purely of fat in game terms, it would be compressed in most sex positions. I've tried manipulating certain values on the go but have not had much success.

I look forward to seeing the stuff you've achieved. I still have to work on certain things I'm bad at such as shading so perhaps I can learn a thing or 2 from you especially what you said from the other thread.

23500 No.22966

I have good news, and I have bad news. The good news is I just went all out and bought Adobe Photoshop CS6 for this project because I desperately needed to upgrade my PS to achieve the ends I wanted. See how much I love u guys =o? In case you are wonder I was using Portable PS7 up until now. Okay now for the bad news. Because Adobe does not sell any of its earlier photoshops that is not the money-grubbing CC version online anymore, I had to buy a physical version of CS6 which means that while it is being delivered. I am stumped, but I really hope the payoff is worth it in the end =o. <3 you guys…

d77f9 No.22967


Question, How did you make her belly look like that?

I am new into this kind of thing :(

23500 No.22968

You play with the sliders my friend. You can download Wide Sliders on Hongfire to increase it further, but the trick is to make look realistic. Set your Waist Height between 20-35 imo to make it look better.

fdfa1 No.22971

File: 1476777649544.png (1.16 MB, 1536x864, 20161017154411187.png)

To add on, it also depends on clothes. For clothes the slider settings can get quite different. Create your character and import into studio and find the angle you want. Adjust in character creator then reload character in the pose you have created in studio. This is how I create stuff.

Also consider editing pose to have her arch her back and make the belly protrude.

779df No.22972

Wow…Warspite…good choose.

73ec2 No.22975


Thanks boss!

c5853 No.22979

Well, delays are a part of life I guess. Don't worry so much about the small details, seems like if you can draw their attention elsewhere, people generally ignore small faults.

I can keep some content going I guess, stockpiling it up for now.

23500 No.22987

I'm just keeping anyone who is waiting posted. It's not like I have schedule to keep anyways :P.

Just do you, Mr. Pinchy. It's great that you are here, but don't feel pressured to be.~

Side note: Oh god the chapter is 21 panels in and I'm not even ready for the sex scene yet >.>. This is going to turn into a middle-school level poorly written soap opera if I'm not careful >.<.

c5853 No.22991

File: 1476909931917.png (1.52 MB, 1536x864, Yuudachi Belly Rub.png)

Well if I were writing it I would only write enough to get the thing going then maybe add some plot later if readers want to follow. However, I must emphasize that you are the one writing this and that you should just do it the way you want. Since you're bringing in enough plot for several chapters, you can expect it to be long.

On my end, still making characters (most if not all from Kancolle). I'm just doing what I like and sharing the appropriate stuff. I'm also looking into mods but skin mods don't really seem to do much for me.

On the plus side thanks to dedicated people who import and make maps, I have a literal mountain's worth of city to play with so you can expect some outdoor shots once I'm done reviewing it.

Oh and have a doggy to get you through the week. Weekend's nearly here. Also, feel free to vote for any picture on this thread which you like so I can get an idea on what to do. You can do that after you rub her belly of course.

23500 No.23048

Mr.Pinchy, if you don't mind can you send me a your email address using g.e-hentai.org message system? My username is Fallen_Knight like it is here. I want to show you what I've been up to to get some feedback. I believe it'll be worth your time ;). For various reason I cannot upload these to this thread ^^;.

debf7 No.23049

I understand, actually I'll just put the link at my name, should be in blue.

23500 No.23051

sent :). Sweet email btw.

debf7 No.23052

Reply sent but I don't have much to comment on, not my area of expertise.

2e0bf No.23055

It was awfully nice of you to give Violated Heroine some much-needed attention, Mr. Pinchy. You and Fallen Knight can keep at it, Violated Heroine or whatever subject you have in your cross-hairs.

debf7 No.23056

VH gave me a lot so it is only fair that I give back. Regular artist probably spend a lot of time working on their art while I just let the game decide my lighting effects and what not so it's not much effort on my part.

Fallen Knight's working on something big and I do not have the experience to help him so we'll just have to wait and see. Looking good though!

On my end I'm planning to start a new bi weekly series (Sunday and Tuesday night so you guys got something to get you through Mondays and the middle of the week). First off we're going to do a tour of the map mods I found on hongfire. It'll be with kancolle characters though so just a heads up.

debf7 No.23057

File: 1477218935990.png (1.43 MB, 1536x864, 20161023191440985.png)

While filming the tour, I got a bit carried away but managed to do some tests. I switched to a two ring system for crowning to better simulate vaginal stretching. I can't get the color correct but it seems better then before

23500 No.23070

Looking good technically speaking mr.pinchy, but I believe the urethral orfice should be pushed up higher because of pregnancy and birth. In other words, the rings (representing the vaginal opening) should be a lot closer to the clitoris due to the organs that are responsible for urine being compressed at this point in a woman's life. Still it looks pretty amazing :D.

Update on Honey Story: I spent all of yesterday working and managed to get the first 7 sex-scene panels down. Although quite a bit more technical experiments were taken place than I had liked, these new type of panels will take more time to make than anticipated even once I get the structure down.

5066a No.23076

Was studying how the lips close over the baby during early crowning for more detailed shots of the process so will work on positioning later.

That being said I think the baby actually is closer to the bottom when it starts crowning. I would link you to the relevant posts but it seems I can't link to the real life board. Just go check out the real life births there.

May have to give the characters wider hips via bone mod so they can stretch more. As you can see there is not much space between the legs at the moment.

You might suggest a I use a smaller baby and I have been working on that but I'm having trouble making the midsection smaller so the babies appear with rather long spines. Also bigger babies look better unless you want multiples.

May also work on the umbilical cord but that's a low priority. The current plans involve some really dark magic but will allow rather flexible cords.

ea313 No.23082

You know what the best part of all this is? You guys are finding workarounds to your technical limitations with the software and creating better material as a result.
And who knows? You might be able to apply some of this stuff outside of fetish communities in ways that I don't know about.
So, good on you all.

b2327 No.23099

File: 1477472518081.png (1013.14 KB, 1154x677, Baby Test.png)

If there is a problem, we'll find a way.

New smaller baby, should fit better and be more average sized. Still has long spine (about 1.5x) but camera angles can help hide that.

In another news, only got about 8 pics or so of tour stuff so I'll just slowly trickle them out. It's SFW so I'll probably quickly move on to stuff which will stimulate you guys more.

48400 No.23107

Thats one hell of an improvement

b1ce6 No.23112

That's fucking incredible

b2327 No.23117

File: 1477522474891.png (1.66 MB, 1536x864, Doggy Lick.png)

It may not look so good once it's outside. Here's another shot with only the head out.

As for the pose, when you have doggies, you let them do doggy things.

b1ce6 No.23119

Killing it with these renders!

31c0c No.23149


My respect to you guys who work in 3d stuff has increase dramatically thank to this game. It took lot of effort to make a 3d model pose.

7273f No.23150

Don't start the pose from scratch, find a similar pose in the existing animations then modify it. Should be easier but in the end practice makes perfect.

Would like to see what you've come up with. This thread is basically for sharing stuff about the game now.

1f611 No.23170

File: 1477745453204.png (2.09 MB, 1536x864, 20161029214546199.png)

A perfect occasion to use this stage. Will I make it in time? Probably not…

23500 No.23436

File: 1479357577494.png (1.22 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng01.png)

Welp it's finally release time :D.~ Here's chapter 2.

23500 No.23437

File: 1479357616214.png (948.32 KB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng02.png)

23500 No.23438

File: 1479357663048.png (1.04 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng03.png)

23500 No.23439

File: 1479357697521.png (1.11 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng04.png)

23500 No.23440

File: 1479357712638.png (1.12 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng05.png)

23500 No.23441

File: 1479357727003.png (1.09 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng06.png)

23500 No.23442

File: 1479357742549.png (1.13 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng07.png)

23500 No.23443

File: 1479357756726.png (1.23 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng08.png)

23500 No.23444

File: 1479357792073.png (1.08 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng09.png)

23500 No.23445

File: 1479357806354.png (1.26 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng10.png)

23500 No.23446

File: 1479357821570.png (1.09 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng11.png)

23500 No.23447

File: 1479357834737.png (1.26 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng12.png)

23500 No.23448

File: 1479357852820.png (1.09 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng13.png)

23500 No.23449

File: 1479357866222.png (1.17 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng14.png)

23500 No.23450

File: 1479357892048.png (1.23 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng15.png)

23500 No.23451

File: 1479357918209.png (1.48 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng16.png)

23500 No.23452

File: 1479357933184.png (1.45 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng17.png)

23500 No.23453

File: 1479357958751.png (1.45 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng18.png)

23500 No.23454

File: 1479357973802.png (1.44 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng19.png)

23500 No.23455

File: 1479357988403.png (1.44 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng20.png)

23500 No.23456

File: 1479358017188.png (1.42 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng21.png)

23500 No.23457

File: 1479358040895.png (1.16 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng22.png)

23500 No.23458

File: 1479358055146.png (1.42 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng23.png)

23500 No.23459

File: 1479358069033.png (1.29 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng24.png)

23500 No.23460

File: 1479358102135.png (1.39 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng25.png)

23500 No.23461

File: 1479358525974.gif (468.73 KB, 1080x720, 026.gif)

Unfortunately there's a cap on file size and the original gif is barely too big. The full version will be uploaded to exhentai.org later this week. I'll note the ones that are bigger gifs here.

23500 No.23462

File: 1479358644544.gif (480.96 KB, 1080x720, 027.gif)

← Big gif

23500 No.23463

File: 1479358670966.gif (6.17 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng28.gif)

23500 No.23464

File: 1479358794682.gif (9.62 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng29.gif)

23500 No.23466

I got hit by "flood detected." I'll have to upload the rest later ^^;

23500 No.23467

File: 1479359729690.gif (482.82 KB, 1080x720, 030.gif)

← big gif

23500 No.23468

File: 1479359778195.gif (6.16 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng31.gif)

2c3d0 No.23470

Perhaps you should just upload a sample and set the rest of the series up for download?

In any case it's great to see this up and running again. Good work.

23500 No.23471

File: 1479361718449.gif (484.18 KB, 1080x720, 032.gif)

← Big gif

23500 No.23472

File: 1479361767103.gif (9.1 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng33.gif)

23500 No.23473

File: 1479361861108.png (1.51 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng34.png)

23500 No.23474

File: 1479361899071.png (1.14 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng35.png)

23500 No.23476


I never really stopped aside from getting sick for a few days. It's just a REALLY big project, and let me tell you photoshopping gif files is VERY time consuming. That on top of self-teaching myself how to make gifs, and how to edit them this chapter is bound to take much longer than anticipated. While I know there is still clipping, I've photoshopped all of the panels with unacceptable clipping.

I will upload on exhentai.org later this week, but I did say you guys will get all chapters first so… yeah… please feel free to wait until the torrent is available there to read. Please tell me if you guys want me to not post here and just link you to the eventual exhentai.org link.

ea313 No.23477

All the diabetes went into my dick. The stills are fantastic.

23500 No.23478

File: 1479363416957.gif (374.94 KB, 1080x719, 036.gif)

← big gif

23500 No.23479

File: 1479363474132.gif (9.16 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng37.gif)

23500 No.23480

File: 1479363529845.gif (7.1 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng38.gif)

23500 No.23481

File: 1479363582602.gif (6.4 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng39.gif)

23500 No.23482

File: 1479363616564.gif (8.83 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng40.gif)

23500 No.23483

File: 1479363662127.gif (413.66 KB, 1080x720, 041.gif)

← big

23500 No.23484

Thanks for the support you guys. I'm going to go to sleep and upload the last 24 panels when I wake. Also-also, please tell me if you guys don't want me to post the whole chapter here.

48400 No.23485

Awesome love the new work u put into this

ba36e No.23488

Impressive! I'm looking forward for the next panels!

23500 No.23489

File: 1479415775157.gif (415.26 KB, 1080x720, 042.gif)

← big

Yeah~ Sorry about this guys. I woke up late so I couldn't upload the rest earlier this morning.

23500 No.23490

File: 1479415834543.gif (413.51 KB, 1080x720, 043.gif)

← too big

23500 No.23491

File: 1479415888350.gif (8.25 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng44.gif)

23500 No.23492

File: 1479415930500.gif (418.52 KB, 1080x720, 045.gif)

← big

23500 No.23493

File: 1479415963482.gif (8.3 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng46.gif)

23500 No.23494

File: 1479416021221.gif (6.52 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng47.gif)

23500 No.23495

File: 1479416066363.gif (6.36 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng48.gif)

23500 No.23496

File: 1479416105148.gif (5.91 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng49.gif)

23500 No.23497

File: 1479416157826.gif (6.81 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng50.gif)

23500 No.23498

File: 1479416196498.gif (4.09 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng51.gif)

23500 No.23499

File: 1479416228874.gif (439.84 KB, 1080x720, 052.gif)

← too big

23500 No.23500

File: 1479416266596.gif (5.9 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng53.gif)

23500 No.23501

File: 1479416391347.gif (418.01 KB, 1080x720, 054.gif)

← too big

23500 No.23502

File: 1479416435500.gif (4.53 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng55.gif)

23500 No.23503

File: 1479416480943.gif (5.12 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng56.gif)

23500 No.23504

File: 1479416528966.gif (405.4 KB, 1080x720, 057.gif)

← too big

23500 No.23505

File: 1479416555596.gif (346.85 KB, 1080x720, 058.gif)

← big

23500 No.23506

File: 1479416576818.gif (403.06 KB, 1080x720, 059.gif)

← big gif

23500 No.23507

File: 1479416611004.gif (427.48 KB, 1080x720, 060.gif)

← way too big

23500 No.23508

File: 1479416652652.gif (8.29 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng61.gif)

23500 No.23509

File: 1479416694553.gif (2.2 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng62.gif)

23500 No.23510

File: 1479416724564.gif (2.05 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng63.gif)

23500 No.23511

File: 1479416747400.gif (2.24 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng64.gif)

23500 No.23512

File: 1479417322812.gif (1.08 MB, 1080x720, hnstry2_lulng65.gif)

Again thanks for the support guys. I'll be pretty busy the next few days, so It will be around Saturday evening before I can upload to exhentai.org barring me noticing any really bad need adjust the images. Please feel free to share with me your criticism. I'll try my best to explain the reasoning for it, but I can guarantee that I'll take it to heart. In fact, Mr. Pinchy's suggestion of showing the man POV has proven valuable for the quality. Also, if anyone knows French and notice any mistakes I made in the comments or translations please let me know.

2e0bf No.23528

Your animation isn't bad at all, but I'd suggest that you look into Preston Blair's Cartoon Animation. By the way, are you up for doing other VH playable characters, such as Rin, Serena, Elmire, Ashley, etc. if you get the chance?

23500 No.23541

Thanks for the advice but this is the game's (Honey Select's) animations. My job is to make sure I get a good camera angle, make sure the objects are centered and clear, determine the animation speed, and make sure the frames flow smoothly. I'll show you guys my animating skills soon enough. Don't worry about not seeing custom animations ;).

I may do some VH characters, but it's all up to what I feel like. Right now I have 5 girls set for this series. Character creation is a really meticulous process for me, so it may take awhile before I can get on it. But I can say your request is not unheard.

I also have to apologize to you guys. I said Saturday evening upload, but my meeting got pushed back to this evening. So now I am working through the night to finalize and upload to exhentai.org.

23500 No.23543

Annnnddd… I found unacceptable clipping on an 87 frame gif ;_;… Needless to say there'll be a delay on the full product to exhentai.org.

23500 No.23591

After ALOT of editing and finalizing. The gallery is up on g.e-hentai.com. The torrent is already uploaded. Please tell me if anything is wrong. This is my first time making a torrent.

Link: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/999738/072e5a50ab/

Since the torrent size is pretty big, please seed to help out your fellow preganonymous.

de420 No.23600

File: 1480050468618.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, img20161124043951.png)

Hello everyone, been on hiatus due to some real life stuff and research into 3D programs. Will still be busy for a while exploring the Japanese side of the web.

Will be posting some details on these 3D anime things in another thread some other time. Will post any ideas I get for use in Honey Select here.

Here's a little something related to my research. Some guy made this with MikuMikuDance, off-topic but it's a pretty good find so pls enjoy.


23500 No.23602

Hey Mr. Pinchy glad to see you are back.

23500 No.23671

I forgot to mention I'll be taking a break from this story. I need it especially after that last chapter. I'll see you guys when I get back ;). Feel free to share any criticism you have here in the meantime. I'm serious guys. I love criticism. It helps me grow.

8cd0b No.23672


Take your break, my friend. I hope you get lot of inspiration when you are back :p

8aaaf No.23796

64bb4 No.23986


Hey, sorry to disturb you on your break…

The first chapter in ehentai seems to be broken. You stated about the link in the comments but I don't seem to understand it.

Got the link? TY

4d03c No.23997

nevermind…but is there any place where we can download both chapters?

Zippyshare or Mega?

The links were inconvenient tbh.

23500 No.24007


I'm glad I checked today. Let me start by saying: thanks for your interest in the story :). Just encase it is not entirely clear chapter 1 was moved to exhentai.org (the shadow version of e-hentai.org with more content and looser restrictions) and is fully accessible there. I'll post both links to both torrents downloads if that helps you. Both these torrents were created by me, so you shouldn't worry about any annoying malware added by another party. I would prefer not to go out of my way to make a separate download link just for one person. Chapter 2 is around 650 MB so uploading it to a file sharing website will take a considerable amount of time, so please understand my position on this matter. I'll be seeding. Please do inform me if there are more demands for a separate download link on a file sharing websites. For now here:

Ch.1: ehtracker.org/t/984587/49d1680f2d1eb5502b73ead2e10ef6ea132323b1.torrent?p=1482326080
Ch.2: ehtracker.org/t/999701/5e552ee0711f0919b5cfc561263fe1dffd10f5f8.torrent?p=1482326492

ca21e No.24416

File: 1483991591646.png (1.16 MB, 1600x900, ボテ腹.png)

If anyone is still working on Honey Select, I found a mod you guys might like.


If file has been deleted cause of new version, go here to check.


a06ff No.24429

File: 1484102673372.png (200.52 KB, 828x598, yuyiko7.png)

Good lord, what a mod.

dc5c9 No.24455

>>24429 how did you make the mod work? sorry kinda new here

aaa07 No.24471

I'm not the poster from >>24429 but here's how it should work:

Put the ab data folder in your Honey Select ab data folder.

Mod should appear in accessories section of character creator under midsection with all the belts. Should be labeled 妊婦腹.

If it does not appear, you may need to use Honey select item Resolver (HiR) which you can find on Hongfire under one of the threads of it's creator Yashiro Amamiya

Note this HiR also requires SB3UGS which requires more digging up. So hopefully you need not use it.

aaa07 No.24473

File: 1484325767554.png (1.27 MB, 1536x864, 20170114002657073.png)

Girls and cars are good yes? Wish there was a mod for her hat and hair.

a06ff No.24506

Maybe you should do it, anon. It's always fun to learn a new skill, even if its just to add ultra-specific content to your spank bank.

90370 No.24513

Actually working on content for a different game in blender.
The system used by Illusion games is rather confusing and I don't have enough skill to create something good for use in Honey Select's HD environment anyway.
I'm just performing simple manipulations on models right now.

5ac16 No.24530

I hate to be a pain, but where is the slider itself?

138e9 No.24533

Wait what slider? It's an object under accessories. Don't think I mentioned a slider.

7de92 No.28413

Mr pinchy still working on this with fallen?

5de16 No.28419




976f8 No.35338

Probably should delete this thread. As far as I know, it's not being worked on anymore.

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