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(143.19 KB 1024x1024 OIG (1).jpg)
(146.80 KB 1024x1024 OIG (4).jpg)
(132.87 KB 1024x1024 OIG (5).jpg)
(133.78 KB 1024x1024 OIG (3).jpg)
(151.05 KB 1024x1024 OIG (2).jpg)
A.I Thread #3 Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/29/2023 (Sun) 23:32:08 Id:54680a No. 23602
New thread time! Or else I'll end up posting again in the old thread that wasn't supposed to be bumpable anymore lol Unlike the last OP I have not mastered StableDiffusion yet so if the old OP's here this is a good starting point for him to start, but what I am good at is making them in Bing/DallE 3, which can be super inconsistent in whether the sus censor dog trips up my prompt or not, but when it doesn't the result is exquisite as fuck! Gonna start off with a few old pics I've posted in the old thread.
(125.86 KB 1024x1024 OIG (9).jpg)
(131.06 KB 1024x1024 OIG (8).jpg)
(148.83 KB 1024x1024 OIG (6).jpg)
(132.49 KB 1024x1024 OIG (7).jpg)
(141.41 KB 1024x1024 OIG (10).jpg)
My ass forgot to link the old threads lol A.I Thread #2: >>15064
(125.86 KB 1024x1024 OIG (9).jpg)
(131.06 KB 1024x1024 OIG (8).jpg)
(148.83 KB 1024x1024 OIG (6).jpg)
(132.49 KB 1024x1024 OIG (7).jpg)
(141.41 KB 1024x1024 OIG (10).jpg)
My ass forgot to link the old threads lol A.I Thread #2: >>15064
(128.14 KB 1024x1024 OIG (11).jpg)
(121.93 KB 1024x1024 OIG.Nh1muZkvvyD9Uj.jpg)
(112.66 KB 1024x1024 OIG.jpg)
(120.25 KB 1024x1024 OIG.rNyxW7DLGAfCkA.jpg)
(154.38 KB 1024x1024 OIG.SPBOoB5dDfEjV.jpg)
Whoops sorry for the double post
(230.00 KB 1024x1024 OIG (23).jpg)
(211.43 KB 1024x1024 OIG.HjOiW.jpg)
(237.21 KB 1024x1024 OIG (24).jpg)
(236.30 KB 1024x1024 OIG.0CNY6osXU.jpg)
(194.66 KB 1024x1024 OIG.5KpjWxI.y47CJgl5n.jpg)
My personal theory is the more innocuous your character's profession is (astronaut, train conductor, etc), the more unintentionally kinky the results it'll spat out, but who knows, I've only tried these with those two professions I've mentioned.
(153.09 KB 1024x1024 OIG (18).jpg)
(216.85 KB 1024x1024 OIG (19).jpg)
(215.71 KB 1024x1024 OIG (17).jpg)
(242.54 KB 1024x1024 OIG (22).jpg)
(181.49 KB 1024x1024 OIG (20).jpg)
(165.19 KB 1024x1024 OIG (14).jpg)
(170.44 KB 1024x1024 OIG (15).jpg)
(194.38 KB 1024x1024 OIG (12).jpg)
(217.80 KB 1024x1024 OIG (16).jpg)
(220.12 KB 1024x1024 OIG (13).jpg)
(115.67 KB 1024x1024 OIG (31).jpg)
(104.96 KB 1024x1024 OIG (25).jpg)
(128.95 KB 1024x1024 OIG (32).jpg)
(97.73 KB 1024x1024 OIG (29).jpg)
(143.35 KB 1024x1024 OIG.t3hNgHy.jpg)
I'm gonna stop posting for now, lest I'll just be spamming this thread on my own lol
(384.81 KB 512x512 pixai-1670495381888634829-0.png)
(379.20 KB 512x512 pixai-1670491473780592554-1.png)
(395.75 KB 512x512 pixai-1670491473780592554-2.png)
(1.42 MB 1024x1024 pixai-1670506454050430960-1.png)
>>23501 >>23610 guess ill help you out then
Good, it was difficult posting on the last one. Here are all my punk AI girl art.
(668.13 KB 512x768 pixai-1673411006633109644-2.png)
(604.11 KB 512x768 pixai-1673042569607148457-2.png)
(569.70 KB 512x768 pixai-1673042240489678265-3.png)
(635.94 KB 512x768 pixai-1673042240489678265-2.png)
(670.77 KB 512x768 pixai-1673042240489678265-0.png)
I use Pixai Moonbeam, though I'm not as good. Haven't really mastered it at all.
(626.40 KB 512x768 pixai-1671941178391569316-3.png)
(631.14 KB 512x768 pixai-1671941178391569316-0.png)
(681.28 KB 512x768 pixai-1671612467965292125-3.png)
>>23620 >>23621 >>23622 >>23623 Why do they look like Pixar characters?
>>23631 Because when I put it in the generator, I wrote Pixar style. I suppose I could try another style.
Somebody in the last thread had trouble generating student witches under pregnancy spells. Well, here you go. Try Bing.
That would be me :3 not really an issue with generating with with a pregnancy spell issue. More like trying to get more students around her without it looking like a horror fest. And you mean Bing has its own AI software??
>>23644 Hi, OP here, all the shit I post here in this thread? All from Bing! (They have a Dall-E 3 image generator as a feature and uh yeah that shit is insane when it allows you to generate anything)
>>23645 i thought that bing dont make pregnant images.I get an error when I try to do something similar. Maybe I'm making the request incorrectly?
>>23649 You gotta finesse the AI, what I've learned from others trying to make it with Bing is that as long as you don't explicitly say "pregnant" and use euphemisms or anything that connotates a pregnant belly, it'll usually work. Of course, the sus dog can also sniff it out, but every now and then it works, so it's really a trial and error, but that method is how it works for me.
Any news on that Birth LORA someone was working on or did it just disappear? Or is there a birth LORA out there somewhere?
>>23672 You're giving me an appreciation for shaved head girls
>>23674 That good taste was inside you all along.
>>23674 >>23675 Here's a few more.
You saw anime style and pixar style. Here's Steven Universe style!
Looking at these punk anime girls makes me wanna cook up my own, my very own specific vision (let me cook)
>>23692 Preggo punk is not something I thought I wanted, but now it is something I need. Thank you for your shares. We may need a new thread must for this.
>>23688 I like the 3rd one with the chubby cheeks.
More Preggo Punk Steven Universe Style!
>>23698 I didn't even ask to add guns. That just happened.
Two african women loving each other!.
(245.03 KB 1024x1024 1698679856812325.jpg)
(158.01 KB 1024x1024 1698679355226150.jpg)
(269.13 KB 1024x1024 1698679148481640.jpg)
(200.75 KB 1024x1024 1698679005383428.jpg)
(68.23 KB 1024x1024 OIG - 2023-10-25T085821.442.jpeg)
(96.30 KB 1024x1024 OIG - 2023-10-25T083533.896.jpeg)
(167.23 KB 1024x1024 OIG (93).jpg)
(107.28 KB 1024x1024 OIG (95) (2).jpeg)
(124.21 KB 1024x1024 OIG (5) (4) (1).jpeg)
>>23713 Can you tell the prompt words you used?Especially the last one.this is great
>>23698 >>23699 love baldies
(752.34 KB 1024x1536 MagicAI_1698753495570.png)
(944.36 KB 1024x1536 MagicAI_1698757154113.png)
Made a prompt for pregnant with a demon and this is what I got
It's amazing how many of these prompts got me dogged and eventually banned. The website even glitched once and showed me the stuff that was apparently too lewd/nsfw for bing and it looked completely normal.
>>23723 Next time don't forget to fuzz the radar/un-dog yourself by doing innocent/animal prompts once in awhile, though...does that mean you try doing these prompts 20 times in a row or so? I've been dogged plenty of times but I never get to the point of getting suspended officially by the site. >>23721 Also how do you prompt these girls getting contractions I can't seem to find the right way to word them out, plus you get so easily dogged if you put in any negative vibes/emotions on the prompt lol
>>23724 I type "stomachache" and "frown" to get the output
>>23723 Plus sized mother's to be can get it too
>>23725 ...fuuuuck It was that easy? I've been using Wince, gritting teeth, furrowed brow for so long What AI is this?
(357.95 KB 1259x2115 イラスト27.jpg)
acquaintance of mine told me about DALL・E3.
Preggo punk rock clowns
I wanted to post more but instead, I'm just gonna leave you guys with this, perhaps one of the best creations Bing has ever graced me
>>23730 Good shit. I tried to generate a fight scene at one point but gave up. This is the closest I got. >>23725 That's such a good idea. I'm gonna steal it. When it starts working consistently again, anyway.
Where are you guys doing all this?
>>23732 Yeah, people just post a lot of pictures and don't say what they are doing to generate them. Makes the whole thread pointless.
>>23732 I did the clown and punk art (not the one with the blue hair though). I used Bing.
>>23734 I generate a surprising good amount with Bing AI, and two things to keep in mind on why people don't tend to say how they prompt Bing AI: 1. Loose lips sink prompts, people make these pregnant waifus at Bing AI without explicitly saying to the generator that they're pregnant, so it's a matter of being smart on how you word your prompts but also not be stubborn about it (you get suspended when your prompts get dogged way too many times) 2. No that's it, please be smart when generating and don't be like the suckers at Reddit who complains that its bad because they can't generate two real-life celebrities playing chess or smth. You're not idiots like them, y'all know to not mess with those things.
(161.01 KB 1024x1024 _AB615~1.JPG)
(145.30 KB 1024x1024 _B8122~1.JPG)
A story in four parts
>>23718 The first two were genned from "low angle shot of pregnant black woman looking down at her belly with surprised expression, afro puffs, maroon lipstick, pixar styl6e, 3d." The third was "pregnant fairy sitting on a mushroom, in labor, painful expression, crying out, glittering pale purple skin, fuchsia hair, pixie cut, fuchsia lips, long pointy ears, pixar style, 3d." Weirdly, none of the fairies this prompt genned had purple skin; most of them were white. Lastly, the fourth one's prompt was "Bird's eye view of pregnant black woman with short hair lying in bed, holding belly, surprised expression, pixar style, 3d." Wish I could tell you what the last one's prompt was, but I can't remember it myself. Obviously, "pixar style, 3d" was in there, but beyond that? Not a clue.
(140.58 KB 1024x1024 OIG (20).jpg)
(155.46 KB 1024x1024 OIG.Ium5US.jpg)
(152.61 KB 1024x1024 OIG (40).jpg)
(170.40 KB 1024x1024 OIG (25).jpg)
(108.83 KB 1024x1024 OIG (26).jpg)
I decided to use Bing to generate a DnD party. You've got all your cliches: the greedy halfling rogue, the brutal half-orc barbarian, the horny tiefling bard, the serene high elf cleric, and the wood elf ranger, who, uh, is a wood elf. And a ranger. The twist, of course, is that they're all pregnant women.
(45.83 KB 512x768 pr1.jpg)
(45.36 KB 512x768 pr2.jpg)
(53.32 KB 512x768 pr3.jpg)
(63.84 KB 512x768 ub1.jpg)
(56.25 KB 512x768 ub2.jpg)
(52.45 KB 512x768 ub3.jpg)
(47.15 KB 512x768 ub4.jpg)
(49.39 KB 512x768 ub5.jpg)
Unbirth AI experiments
(69.34 KB 512x768 Untitled2.jpg)
(46.45 KB 512x768 Untitled3.jpg)
(51.97 KB 512x768 ub6.jpg)
Unbirth experiments continued
>>23748 Damn, how do you make these?
Pregfat goths for Halloween?
Happy Halloween!
>>23737 make more of this character i dig her
(452.11 KB 512x720 00109-893712224.png)
(480.25 KB 512x720 00004-2212390024.png)
(763.38 KB 768x768 00007-288728255.png)
(158.66 KB 1024x1024 _5B3EC~1.JPG)
(154.12 KB 1024x1024 _3859B~1.JPG)
(172.81 KB 1024x1024 _821A5~1.JPG)
(176.49 KB 1024x1024 _72E15~1.JPG)
(157.97 KB 1024x1024 _BDA55~1.JPG)
>>23760 You're in luck, I've actually been generating a lot of these specific girls, so have some of her. She's a very clumsy, dorky gal :3
>>23735 >>23693 Also as the same guy doing this blue haired punk...here you go have more!
>>23761 where do you make these? And what prompts do you use?
i'm just gonna ask, can someone make pregnant A.I. art of this character? https://theadventuresofpussinboots.fandom.com/wiki/Se%C3%B1ora_Zapata
>>23650 can you then write some examples of how to write correctly without causing an error?
>>23774 The important thing is you don't want to say words like "pregnant belly", "bare belly", or just words that bluntly means you wanna see a naked tummy. So paraphrase it in a longer way. For example, maybe say in a longer way like "a belly that is reminiscent of a pregnancy" or just anything that sounds equally silly as long as it doesn't bluntly say 'pregnant belly'. That said it also depends on the specificity of the prompt, the more specific you make your pregnant girl, the more likely you'll get hits for it, but also the specificity cannot be something that would be so easily sussed out as a kink/lewd, and that one's hard to determine, so just trial and error it and don't worry! Always make sure you have a backup 'innocent' prompt to fuzz the radar if you constantly get dogged.
>>23761 Ok, i gotta know how you got birth... i've been looking high and low for a birth LORA...
>>23783 >Laboring in a qipao So good. You're doing wonders with that stomachache prompt.
(132.62 KB 1024x1024 image0.jpeg)
(107.53 KB 1024x1024 image1.jpeg)
(44.15 KB 540x540 image2.jpeg)
(33.13 KB 540x540 image3.jpeg)
Here’s my pics I’ve generated Prompts: Digital art, anime inspired, heavily pregnant, young adult, young woman, a belly that is reminiscent of a pregnancy, blue shirt, long sleeve shirt, brown hair, short hair, brown eyes, smile, third trimester I tried to make some laboring stuff, but I need some tips and advice cause that damn dog keeps getting in the way
(63.88 KB 512x768 Untitled4.jpg)
(48.75 KB 512x768 Untitled6.jpg)
(47.24 KB 512x768 Untitled7.jpg)
(67.86 KB 512x768 Untitled2.jpg)
(70.51 KB 512x768 Untitled5.jpg)
>>23786 You just have to outsmart it that's all, if you have a certain prompt getting blocked you just have to break it down to the most basic safe words you can. If birth or labor are the specific trigger think about the basics: woman, laying on back, painful expression etc. etc. you know or you can even do it from a stand position like: woman, squatting over pillow etc. etc. just do you best to trick it into generating of it's regulated terms.
Why yes this is definitely my OC design now, and she's flexible for every situation it seems
>>23783 What model is this(haven't kept up with ai art in the past couple of months) ?
How about showing underwater childbirth.
>>23796 I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks mate
>>23798 will you make a chatbot for her?
>>23807 I have no proficient in chatbots whatsoever so I'm not the person to ask but if anyone's curious about her feel free to just ask and maybe someone else would help you on that!
>>23810 im pretty adept at making them, just rattle off some info about her and ill have one whipped up in an hour or so also lmk if you want it SFW or NSFW
(122.38 KB 1024x1024 _83947~1.JPG)
(176.55 KB 1024x1024 _3092D~1.JPG)
(188.79 KB 1024x1024 _F5ECC~1.JPG)
>>23811 Well since you asked... Her name's Makoto Matsuda, traveler girl from Japan who's been pregnant for...god how long has it been? A year? Two years? She kept defying doctor's due dates in her checkups, and the last time she goes, it's like the baby doesn't want to be born at all, sliding in whenever she's crowning, her skin healing itself back whenever getting cut open, etc. Like some sort of supernatural magic taking hold of her pregnancy...well, she remembers this one time she prays to a shrine in Kyoto for eternal safety in her pregnancy and nothing to harm her big baby...I suppose she gets her wish but she never knew it? Anyway, not wanting to let that get her down, she decides she might as well travel the world with her big baby. Let the little child experience a slice of life through Makoto, every part of it! A bubbly, excitable, if clumsy and silly dork with her signature green jacket, jean shorts and white shirt, she's always ready to take on any challenge and any little journey she can, if not for her, for her huge as hell baby! ...so I end up rattling way too much, so here's some more of her as a compensation lol
>>23811 Oh damn I forgot also, NSFW is fine I guess, but I'd prefer it SFW (only thing NSFW is her tummy and how squishy and cute it is hehe)
"Red face"or"blush" is an effective word.
(73.70 KB 512x768 102538990_p0.jpg)
(285.96 KB 384x640 102218248_p0.png)
(423.04 KB 640x512 102218248_p31.png)
(297.95 KB 384x640 102218248_p37.png)
>>23831 Are these made with Dalle3?
>>23752 It's funny how adding 'goth' really sets the dog into overdrive.
>>23834 Those likely were.
(42.37 KB 512x768 1.jpg)
(39.52 KB 512x768 2.jpg)
(33.87 KB 512x768 3.jpg)
(45.48 KB 512x768 4.jpg)
>>23831 >>23832 what prompts are used here?
(54.90 KB 512x768 333.jpeg)
(53.80 KB 512x768 444.jpeg)
(60.31 KB 512x768 777.jpeg)
(60.83 KB 512x768 6666.jpeg)
(64.12 KB 512x768 555.jpeg)
better 2
interesting, can bing make hyperpreg content....
>>23857 WHOA !
>>23816 Fucking adorable. I love backstory snippets to flesh out a character. >>23863 If you're subtle enough, you can generate some pretty wild stuff. Take a look at >>23466
>>23868 Just for that my dude you'll get another special of Makoto, thanks! I wonder where the guy >>23466 is, too. His prompting must've been more of a banger than how I did it too lol
>>23810 >>23816 alright one last question, do you want to be in a relationship with her? or to have you and Makoto meeting at random somewhere?
(1.75 MB 1024x1536 03148-946392598.png)
(1.78 MB 1024x1536 03147-496849185.png)
(2.21 MB 1024x1536 03146-1075302798.png)
(2.08 MB 1024x1536 03144-1478174888.png)
>>23874 Oh she's impregnated by an unknown guy from a one night stand long time ago, (maybe that guy is supernatural?) otherwise she's single so go nuts!
>>23872 Thanks. I'm him. I generated those with the prompts in >>23489 but you'll have to remove the body paint part. Since then, the dog has figured out a woman "clothed in magic runes and body paint" is basically just nude.
>>23877 Did you get dogged or prompt blocked? I think if you get dogged it means you still have a chance to generate it with some more clever wording but if its prompt blocked yeah no shot anymore.
>>23877 Also I tried your prompt and removing the "clothed in" part and honestly I still managed to create something great, and I don't really need too big a belly anyway so this works for me
>>23879 Yep. I only kept the desert part for the body paint, so with that gone you can put her elsewhere.
>>23880 Damn you really making my OC at 6'4 and taller than most people here huh Great work though, gosh she's precious!
>>23882 i diddnt intentionally make her tall lol, glad you like it
(233.65 KB 1024x1024 Image_1698981667477.jpg)
Gyat damn. The breasts it gives some of these girls.
>>23891 Hey buddy Octoberfest is a few days back... pretty cute , got a random dragon maid on 4 too lol
(134.21 KB 1024x1024 OIG.2eKEjI.jpeg)
With h-preg I have achieved this result so far
>>23894 Yo, I figured out if you want hyperpreg you can just tell it how many ft. around you want the belly to be. It'll take the measurement as a suggestion instead of gospel, but it helps. Just don't go too impossibly far or it'll get upset. >>23886 I love the imagery here.
>>23894 Have some more hyper
(167.97 KB 1024x1024 1697168543107.jpg)
(154.09 KB 1024x1024 1697209392641.jpg)
(171.22 KB 1024x1024 1697211386524.jpg)
(158.09 KB 1024x1024 1697213624897.jpg)
(160.77 KB 1024x1024 1697214857505.jpg)
(68.75 KB 540x540 1697241299696.jpg)
(155.78 KB 1024x1024 1697291885078.jpg)
(117.38 KB 1024x1024 1697307805062.jpg)
(151.68 KB 1024x1024 1697312493393.jpg)
(183.11 KB 1024x1024 1697555302088.jpg)
(144.43 KB 1024x1024 1697729935164.jpg)
(217.15 KB 1024x1024 1697730300456.jpg)
(125.06 KB 1024x1024 1696989404963862.jpg)
(112.51 KB 1024x1024 1697051678068278.jpg)
(119.74 KB 1024x1024 1697051827610823.jpg)
>>23895 god damn, that beutifull
>>23895 can i see promt,please?
>>23907 Main one was >Digital art, RPG party traversing dungeon, female adventurer experiencing pregnancy curse, charisma build, supernaturally large belly 3 ft. around, tummy about to pop though I tried a few minor variations
>>23902 How did you get around the AI regulation?
(204.02 KB 1024x1024 tmp54ku8ccc.jpg)
(161.94 KB 1024x1024 tmpwxfrcmjd.jpg)
more images of black girls
(189.02 KB 1024x1024 tmpc7v3jo0y.jpg)
(747.10 KB 768x768 black preggo holding apple.png)
(1.10 MB 1024x1024 ($RSJ{L4{(O)TS8IEYH7@UQ.png)
(1.98 MB 982x1024 IMG_20231103_233041.png)
>>23927 Had a similar idea the other day.
>>23900 Pregnant cyberpunk babes hot damn that's based
>>23931 So based I'm even making my own heheh, might be a good potential OC like Makoto...
>>23930 Reminds me of that CYOA stories we had here a couple of years. The heroine had visions from a hyper-pregnant goddess and tried to become as pregnant as her. I always envisioned the goddess like that.
ill try for crowning next if someone wants that
thats all, i got lots more but i know you dont like that, just let me know
(327.02 KB 512x512 02804-2921454089.png)
(821.14 KB 1024x1024 02833-564561564.png)
(1.08 MB 1024x1024 02803-2178550087.png)
(2.38 MB 1024x1536 03133-1193278063.png)
(1.44 MB 1024x1024 03065-569147471.png)
(392.01 KB 512x512 03022-3575971350.png)
(384.22 KB 512x512 03023-3437862057.png)
(375.05 KB 512x512 03019-4065909170.png)
some more old generations
(180.86 KB 1024x1024 OIG.jpeg)
(39.77 KB 484x484 OIGxhd (1).jpeg)
(42.06 KB 484x484 OIG.FAWwWFuptf0nVnmu1.jpeg)
(93.52 KB 1024x1024 OIG (xnd1).jpeg)
tried some mpreg prompts
(33.49 KB 484x484 OIG.IlbXYqX5Uhclxlx1.jpeg)
(32.28 KB 484x484 OIG.BeDQcgMJoOGg.jpeg)
(33.43 KB 484x484 OIG.9UUTos.jpeg)
(34.39 KB 484x484 OIG.aCOzUuMMwm.jpeg)
is there a site i can post all my work on? serious question.
>>23944 Google drive, mega, dropbox, catbox
>>23932 Don't worry guys she's a cyborg smoking will not endanger her babies
>>23950 Lady: “I ran ten different marathons and I still haven’t lost any weight! I don’t know what’s going on!” Doctor: “You wouldn’t happen to be sneaking pickles and ice cream into your diet, have you?” Lady: “Yes, you think that’s the reason why?” Doctor: “That and something else.”
(164.30 KB 1024x1024 tmptlm_qmpe.jpg)
(136.21 KB 1024x1024 tmptscjas6g.jpg)
(107.94 KB 1024x1024 tmpqqsl4gt5.jpg)
going into labor in space
(89.24 KB 1024x1024 tmpo3guumuu.jpg)
What if this is the creator of our galaxy?
(156.68 KB 1024x1024 _5ADB8~1.JPG)
(141.12 KB 1024x1024 _D2F60~1.JPG)
(143.70 KB 1024x1024 _E3913~1.JPG)
(146.64 KB 1024x1024 _98217~1.JPG)
(155.35 KB 1024x1024 _FF896~1.JPG)
Happy weekend y'all, hope these happy and bouncy Makotos will make your day better!
(127.36 KB 1024x1024 _30907~1.JPG)
(131.12 KB 1024x1024 _15C94~1.JPG)
(175.11 KB 1024x1024 _820BD~1.JPG)
(137.27 KB 1024x1024 _CABB8~1.JPG)
(146.26 KB 1024x1024 _0A417~1.JPG)
(134.65 KB 1024x1024 _132EF~1.JPG)
(142.03 KB 1024x1024 _8DC43~1.JPG)
(144.83 KB 1024x1024 _01D1B~1.JPG)
(128.07 KB 1024x1024 _C7765~1.JPG)
(565.85 KB 512x768 pixai-1677643442872204304-1.png)
my best try doing birth
>>23762 Clumsy, dorky and cheerful go well together. Though she might want to rein in that klutziness before she stabs herself through the belly again, unless her baby's a huge klutz too.
(1.36 MB 1024x1536 MagicAI_1699136254441.png)
(1.14 MB 1024x1536 MagicAI_1699136397300.png)
Would you hire her to be your new maid?
>>23982 curious, are you making this stuff with bing?
>>24016 Maybe
(201.51 KB 1024x1024 OIG (2).jpeg)
My attempt at using Bing to make a girl pregnant with a ghost baby before it got blocked and dogged =-=
>>24024 as a great philosopher once said... come on, step it up
(310.87 KB 1024x1024 IMG_8137.jpeg)
Prompts: Monster woman, colored skin, Yokai, non human, berserker woman, bright green skin, tough, digital art, anime inspired, manga inspired, heavily pregnant, third trimester, overdue, bloated, about to pop, large abdomen, protruding abdomen, 1girl, solo, body scars, red spots, dull yellow eyes, demon eyes, long hair, wild hair, purple hair, black horns, wrist cuffs with chains, feral, old tattered loincloth, purple loincloths I’m just trying to make a heavily pregnant oni. I know about the advice before, but I just wish that Bing isn’t too sensitive with this
>>24024 You can still get things through a dog, it just depends on how much bing dislikes your current prompts.
>>24027 good >>24028 2nd chick here is really cute, I wish it could keep her
(166.28 KB 1024x1024 1697056635883279.jpg)
(120.61 KB 1024x1024 1697057415427449.jpg)
(131.46 KB 1024x1024 1697056273140689.jpg)
(223.21 KB 1024x1024 1697054321763327.jpg)
(126.75 KB 1024x1024 1697139698249818.jpg)
>>24024 https://mega.nz/folder/3y4iEAyA#G88qfMN6vEO-W_pTntvLog You'll love the paranormal folder that was left for us in the last thread then
>>24024 If you get dogged constantly, just fuzz its radar with a few innocent prompts now and then (just press "Surprise Me" if you're lazy to type them out), and if nothing else, you getting dogged means nothing unless you keep getting dogged more than 10 times iirc, as long as your prompts got through but then dogged that means its a fine prompt you're just gonna have to fine-tune it constantly (unless they just straight up said "prompt blocked", in which case I recommend you don't actually keep going with it cuz that can actually get you suspended)
>>24025 >that second one fffuuuuuck
I love my girl so much
(1.32 MB 1024x768 pixai-1677833157480004268-3.png)
How can I make the belly bigger without it becoming deformed?
more mpreg prompts
>>24046 She's growing on me too, pun completely intended.
>>24046 Curious to ask. What prompts did you use for this?
(2.44 MB 1792x1792 tmpnw6k3r0e.png)
If the Hanabi fan is still here, not really how you asked for on the fashion one, but here's something to start. I think what I am going to have to do is do a rough pose, inpaint an outfit, then run it in img2img with the character lora turned on, I've noticed the outfit selection gets more plain the higher up the lora weight goes, and certain keywords start to recall the school uniform parts instead.
(1.90 MB 1792x1792 hanabifashion1.jpg)
Fixed up the belly line a little bit but I can't save the hip hand.
(1.25 MB 1024x1024 03418-4202154192.png)
(1.30 MB 1024x1024 03421-1881152938.png)
(1.22 MB 1024x1024 03422-1881152939.png)
(606.51 KB 512x768 03267-1051448984.png)
(1.21 MB 1024x1024 02808-678678505.png)
lmk what you all think
(552.74 KB 512x768 03301-373659146.png)
(1.55 MB 1024x1024 03397-2632938503.png)
>>24065 Amazing, what prompt or lora you using to get anything resembling a crowning head like that.
>>24067 a lora i made and one i found on civitai
>>24062 >>24063 I'm here, I really like it, it's definitely a part of what I would consider fashionable Belly anatomy is a little wonky but since it's a WIP I can't really judge Tysm
(1.75 MB 1536x1536 hanabi2.jpg)
(1.81 MB 1536x1536 hanabi1.jpg)
(1.64 MB 1536x1536 hanabi3.jpg)
(584.24 KB 512x768 03304-3171447611.png)
(2.28 MB 1024x1536 03291-841264336.png)
(2.30 MB 1024x1536 03292-4022864676.png)
(2.23 MB 1024x1536 03293-1308768886.png)
(2.27 MB 1024x1536 03294-1226745952.png)
(554.22 KB 512x768 03438-3736554229.png)
(2.02 MB 1024x1536 03446-1680398441.png)
(2.24 MB 1024x1536 03270-341895906.png)
(2.08 MB 1024x1536 03443-3751133508.png)
(2.03 MB 1024x1536 03439-32227070.png)
You willing to share your LORA?
>>24086 It wont let me upload it, but https://civitai.com/models/153739?modelVersionId=172197 This one is better, its not mine
(376.56 KB 512x512 pixai-1678111314789522525-1.png)
(379.95 KB 512x512 pixai-1676653171593100305-0.png)
(285.95 KB 512x512 2023_11_05_11v_Kleki.png)
i managed to actually get a one-piece over a massive belly by manually drawing over it in the color of the swimsuit
Made myself some more banger-looking pregnant gals, now a detective or smth. Might try to change up her fit, but idk how malleable this is else I'll get dogged easily because I inputted something too "waifu" or smth.
(2.13 MB 1600x1600 birth4.jpg)
>>24087 Wow, that came at a good time, I was just about to post one made with shussan but this one does a lot better because it doesn't force a style completely. Also liking the newest hyperfusion.
>>24048 What prompt did you use for this?
>>24092 Think I found a solid design for the detective gal now. Now if anyone can tell me what hairstyle she has for the prompt it'll be awesome to make this consistent lol
Has anyone found a way to add a baby kick in Bing AI if possible?
>>24098 Nah, for some reason it's really bad at doing anything to the surface of the belly like kicks or stretch marks. What really bugs me is how hard it is to get nice torpedo shaped bellies and outie navels. I think it gets triggered because it thinks the shape is too close to an exposed tit.
>>24089 not bad. Its pixai?
>>24096 This is worth making an ai for Maybe a murder mystery before OR during maternity leave
>>24106 Knives Out but the protagonist is a very pregnant punk detective gal instead lol
Got a lot of this detective gal in the meantime, might try experimenting with other scenarios, she's surprisingly as generatable as Makoto lol
>>24080 These are excellent! The first one especially is super duper cute! I can't wait to see how what else you do
Behold, the results of a prompt that gets dogged 10 times before returning often a single image when it goes through. Truly unsafe and terrible images.
No maternity leave
>>24122 smoking and pregnancy is bad
>>24128 No real babies were harmed during the creation of those images
>>24128 It's alright, I'm sure the fetus is 21 years overdue
>>24132 Second Image: Lady: "Ah, Ghost!" Ghost: "Ah, Pregnant lady!"
>>24092 >>24096 >>24108 Gahd DAYM what a babe. These are awesome.
>>24128 Anyway ya wanna see a cool biker lady taking a smoke?
I should make more of her but there are so many characters to make and so many ideas to work with aaaaaaaaa
(34.92 KB 512x768 download (1).jpeg)
Decide for yourself if it's two belly buttons or hands inside. The lamp as a halo was an interesting twist. Always loved Mercy.
(462.00 KB 512x768 00737-1433599522.png)
(451.12 KB 512x768 00738-1460259259.png)
(439.26 KB 512x768 00739-1113252574.png)
(632.34 KB 512x768 02113-1807973888.png)
(585.85 KB 512x768 02123-1887612233.png)
Have some more noblewomen.
(656.83 KB 512x768 02389-1701747333.png)
(629.09 KB 512x768 02388-2012687526.png)
(579.28 KB 512x768 02392-3821232635.png)
(2.28 MB 1024x1536 02381-1461704321.png)
(586.23 KB 512x768 02365-688031638.png)
some images from my forgotten archive of generations
(677.66 KB 512x768 01868-234051002.png)
(672.80 KB 512x768 01498-3416354705.png)
(565.09 KB 512x768 01132-3548399041.png)
(489.04 KB 512x768 01077-4147564686.png)
(485.85 KB 512x768 01072-1458719618.png)
and some more
we did it boys, we got full nip on dalle-3!
(723.71 KB 640x1024 00002-4074924607.png)
>>24135 i like this goth chick whats her story
>>24103 if the file name diddnt give it away lol, yes
>>24147 I have not developed her as much as Makoto, so all I have so far is like: Mina Lee, Korean biker thug who's an outwardly cold, aloof girl who doesn't care much about the current state she's in right now (you'll occasionally see her just drinking the night away at a bar, smoking, or speeding around at night with reckless abandon). Would do anything for money, but requires a LOT of money for anything body-related. She has a trusty spiked bat alongside her motorcycle that's been bloody and bruised a lot for some reason...
>>24149 and about the baby bump...
>>24046 How do you make how have so much expressions, particularly the smile in pic 2, 4 and 5. What prompts do you use for that?
>>24150 Obviously a pregnant tum...I'd say she probably cares about the baby, but not enough to get off from her smoking/drinking/thug habits and stuff. >>24151 Just input "happy" or any equivalent words in your prompt, as for the specific smiles she shows well that's not really something I can prompt hack, it's just gonna be something the AI spits out naturally (when you don't get dogged lol)
Fucking finally. No idea what happened but the dog finally stopped blocking this prompt so consistently.
(150.35 KB 1024x1024 1699325934386843.jpg)
(142.60 KB 1024x1024 1699325521994595.jpg)
(188.80 KB 1024x1024 1699326283278815.jpg)
(119.13 KB 1024x1024 1699325266422563.jpg)
(212.54 KB 1024x1024 1699307564163071.jpg)
I have not posted best girl Makoto in awhile, please enjoy her and her tummy shenanigans
> tfw you'll never get to go to a morning picnic with your heavily pregnant traveling gf who looks so cute and adorable with her big fertile baby tummy and you'll never get to caress it and say you love her Why even live pregbros
Multi-talented icon who can do anything! Except gaming I think she's pretty terrible at it actually
>>24163 Wow! She looks really good here...Makoto I mean. Seriously what prompts did you use to create her: or at least tell me how you got her belly to be so round and perfect.
>>24164 Having her tummy get this big is really a happenstance thing, sometimes I get bangers, sometimes she just looks normally pregnant I can tell you at least that being specific about what kind of stuff your pregnant girl wears is a good base to work with, but at the end of the day its pure trial and error lol, sometimes I get to be able to generate 3-4 pics at once with Makoto on one scenario, and on the other I get maybe 1 or 2 and otherwise get constantly dogged! Basically I prompted specific outfits she wore (you can surmise it in the pictures I'm sure), the scenario she's in, see if it works, then add the magic "pregnant" word(s), and trial and error until it all works out great.
>>24144 Love the second one here.
my work
>>24122 >>24135 >>24137 >>24108 >smoking and drinking these girls are based
THATS IT FOR TODAY, ill try for bigger tomorrow
>>24094 variations of this. also now bing gets touchy with the word egg
>>24179 It's AI, Anon, you didn't make it.
>>24190 I chiseled it!
(1.86 MB 1024x1536 03771-3445881117.png)
(1.68 MB 1024x1536 03770-178362419.png)
(2.22 MB 1024x1536 03768-2300009373.png)
(628.58 KB 512x768 03765-1591927329.png)
>>24187 Fuck off fag. Get your own thread
(1.98 MB 1374x1608 hanabicafe.jpg)
>>24165 >happenstance Oh I see...so it's just luck. Well, luck and some experimenting on my part. Well, thanks for the advice anyways. And I'm going to keep using my App to ensure I get good results. Maybe post it right here for when I get the chance. Have a good day.
Uuuuuoooooooooh Loli erotic Cute belly etc., etc. Also deformed spine
>>24193 oh, my bad ya shallow cunt, is this not p r e g chan? where does it say fpreg only lmao
(3.60 MB 1792x1792 tmpkx4ev4o0.png)
(2.74 MB 1792x1792 Illustration14.jpg)
>>24193 What, are you gonna complain about that too?
>>24208 Men can’t get pregnant you fucking retards.
>>24217 this is just fantasy
So anyway here's some funny police detective gal getting drunk cuz she can't solve some unsolved case Many such times this happens
>>24159 Now the missing link is to make a Spicychat bot for her so we can go on completely wholesome adventures with her!!
(2.30 MB 1600x1600 tmp680amt3_.png)
(1.65 MB 1600x1600 akanebed.jpg)
(1.98 MB 1600x1600 akanehandreroll.jpg)
Maybe I should spend more time doing fake screenshots, not all loras are capable of it though. Theoretically could be completing edit requests with it too.
(2.32 MB 1728x1728 tmpi3xycgmp.png)
(1.68 MB 1728x1728 hanabiseminude2.jpg)
(1.77 MB 1024x1536 03709-966042901.png)
generated this on accident
>>24219 It’s an over killer and turn off. Get your own thread. You would post gore here, would you?
>>24170 Your mom was smoking and drinking and it shows, you retard
>>23602 I've tried using AI but all I seem to get is very generic-looking images with a small bump. Any tips for which to use and writing the prompt?
(2.96 MB 1792x1792 Makoto.png)
>>24159 Shortly after I started doing Yua, I had to work hard to divest myself from her mentally lol
>>24229 If only I knew how to work on StableDiffusion without it looking like shit way too many times :( Love the way she looks so much! One of these days I really need to be able to draw so I can stop relying on DALLE 3 lol
(2.07 MB 1792x1792 makotor.jpg)
>>24230 There's points to both really, SD has issues with hip/waist/leg sizes a lot of the time, can always do what you want now and remaster it later!
>>24231 Tbh I also never like the style all anime SD models also defaults on, something about the sheen and the way it looks is too porcelain-y lol Anyway enough of my silliness here's more of Makoto for y'all (who's she on a date with?)~
(2.49 MB 1600x1600 tmpq7jirp07.png)
>>24232 Yeah, I think it just overdoes things, not sure if the steps should be reduced sometimes or if it's the upscaler at fault.
>>24234 Hey you can't just steal people's outfit like that!
(651.75 KB 1024x1024 _SD7U7T_I{3L87PNEFEJYBB.png)
(762.60 KB 1024x1024 ZQJOA[}()`B{8T@H_~5}@SR.png)
(690.62 KB 1024x1024 I%5A1BZMYN~H@]T)2$47D92.png)
(1.04 MB 1024x1024 0NMMC@3[[J$A3M3{FN4@768.png)
Spy Archer style
(1.02 MB 1024x1024 H32F8%PF03ERDT@HGNSGFD6.png)
(1013.79 KB 1024x1024 ~D(1Z1FZK%PI5SES[97GEKY.png)
(893.73 KB 1024x1024 S2WH_PCU40}7I{7~Y_0MS~M.png)
sims 4 style
>>24237 What software and prompts did you use?
(691.63 KB 800x800 00001-3114245093.png)
>>24194 >>24210 >>24214 >>24224 I really appreciate it! Ive tried to read up and understand but haven't been able to wrap my head around it This is the only generation out of 10 that looked like it could be Hanabi (even then it looks awful and not remotely even close to whst you made or what I hoped for) I tried adjust the prompts but alas nothing good came out of my experiment.. Any tips for generating? I can take a screenshot of the settings and prompts I've used
>>24158 She's so beautiful, I love her so much!!!!
(340.73 KB 664x1401 o4yihf.png)
(1.40 MB 1256x3241 320rm1.png)
(3.82 MB 2460x2401 8gge6o.png)
(213.73 KB 1621x1147 dcokjf.png)
(240.01 KB 1024x1024 1699430302372804.jpg)
Give a proompter a prompt you'll entertain him for a few hours. Show a proompter how to prompt you'll entertain him for a lifetime.
(1.56 MB 1280x1280 tmp1r_62048.png)
(1.45 MB 1280x1280 tmpqxj_l9e_.png)
(1.43 MB 1280x1280 tmpa3evw8na.png)
>>24241 The Hanabi lora needs to be set lower most of the time. I've noticed that the closer it gets to the Kuzu no Honkai anime style the more the copied line-work poisons parts of the generation, like hands (as if it didn't have enough problems with that already). You can always generate something with it lower (.6 hanabi lora at 512x or 640x, then send it to img2img and run it up to 1024x or above with .7-8 at .2-4 denoising) This is the exact same generation with different weights. After that is just what combination of quality tags, checkpoint, and negative embedding you're using.
(182.95 KB 1024x1024 tmps812qwkm.jpg)
an image inspired by Eve, a cute black lady eating an apple.
(196.83 KB 1024x1024 tmpjdfbfpv9.jpg)
(219.85 KB 1024x1024 tmp2a7bxrqf.jpg)
(274.81 KB 1024x1024 tmp1io__djs.jpg)
(210.49 KB 1024x1024 tmp0bjvqdd5.jpg)
(186.50 KB 1024x1024 tmpwt8dqu_8.jpg)
Black women are so adorable!
>>24255 I've tried making a black girl OC on the Bing AI but the dumb dog sometimes just spawn a white woman instead like yeah cool but I'm looking for a black woman here lmao Did get a few decent stuff from it though
>> 24140 How’d you make her so big?
>>24255 Sometimes anime Black girls also look like Indians
>>24256 Core, you are doing an awesome work with the AI
>>24221 10/10 would be drinking buddies with
(2.18 MB 1792x1792 hanabidrive.jpg)
(395.86 KB 3525x1677 CA.png)
>>24269 Before I get smoked, please be patient I have no clue what I am doing
>>24217 And yet there is art of it. If there is art of it, it "exists"
(2.51 MB 2048x1536 5girls.jpg)
>>24271 The trigger tag on the lora is also is reversed hanabi_yasuoka, and you don't need most of the hair tags if it's on. I can't remember which one but one of those negative embeddings also did more damage than good but EasyNegative is good. Maybe try just that and GoodHands in positive over badhands in negative. If it's giving you problems over pregnancy, use hyper-preg/fusion at .3-.5 and matching tags, I've found I need to add a different preg lora to fix belly buttons sometimes too, but most of those also need to be .3-.5 as well to prevent messy veins. The key is to start low and inpaint or manually repaint what you want it to fix, run it to a middle size at .3-5 denoising (multiple times and changing tags and denoising values if you're ambitious, then copy paste the parts that look best from each together) then re-run it scaled at .20ish to your target size. I didn't try too hard on the twins but Yua, Arisa, and Miyuu were all completely different girls before I re-ran it a few times.
>>24275 I believe I lost my last few remaining brain cells trying to decipher what you just said Id rather just donate to your Patreon/Kofi for your work on Hanabi honestly
(66.47 KB 810x810 3.jpg)
(165.20 KB 1024x1024 2.jpg)
(175.70 KB 1024x1024 OIG.jpg)
made a couple of my own. how do you guys get the redness on the stomach? ive tried but keep getting dogged
>>24271 I've noticed that behind certain prompts people add decimals like 1.2 or 1.4. What does that do? What does it change?
(1.18 MB 1024x1024 03223-2363459548.png)
(1.23 MB 1024x1024 03224-4270560565.png)
(1.30 MB 1024x1024 03225-3729106134.png)
(1.60 MB 1024x1024 03226-1490136903.png)
trying to get better with scenes
Someone would find the complete series of Ashley Graham pregnant by troat301186 please?
>>24290 Fuck off
I haven't been posting in awhile, so why don't yall enjoy Mina laying down on a table in a bar? Still can't believe these prompts works, very great modelling pose lol
>>24290 Can you do one of a pregnant man with a female nurse checking on him?
(180.87 KB 1024x1024 tmpf2oaso8g.jpg)
black woman going into labour.
>>24333 No. Fuck off
>>24256 i dig it
(201.10 KB 1024x1024 tmpvag4as9f.jpg)
an anime cavewoman, looks like Aloy from Horizon
(102.41 KB 1024x1024 tmpioyy_br5.jpg)
(106.24 KB 1024x1024 tmp4qu_2met.jpg)
(95.01 KB 1024x1024 tmphnr5ymx6.jpg)
(124.57 KB 1024x1024 tmpg8dmhdc9.jpg)
(109.20 KB 1024x1024 tmp034cbwwu.jpg)
More cavewomen
(183.46 KB 1024x1024 tmpd6n8_l3s.jpg)
This indian woman's belly is huge, and she is preparing for childbirth.
sleeping with flowers
(76.26 KB 1024x1024 tmpqqv6wmuf.jpg)
(244.59 KB 1024x1024 tmpgxwfadt3.jpg)
(92.48 KB 1024x1024 tmp2_ep5xh5.jpg)
a bit of queer love
(112.54 KB 1024x1024 tmpx0cf26p8.jpg)
this one looks like Pinkie Pie.
>>24341 I wasn't asking you.
W>>24350 Whats is The light circle effect called?
(435.74 KB 512x512 pixai-1678848371392885320-2.png)
(465.78 KB 512x512 pixai-1678846833932806819-2.png)
(429.83 KB 512x512 pixai-1678845870521265078-2.png)
(384.46 KB 512x512 pixai-1678481744471760718-3.png)
(412.22 KB 512x512 pixai-1676326846155511888-1.png)
beach episode!
>>24353 beeg)
>>24293 Weight/strength of the prompt keyword. (pregnant:0.8) is going to show maybe a small bump, whereas (pregnant:1.2) should look something closer to standard full term, (depending on model of course), If you put it by things that aren't working without weighting, like lactation, it sometimes forces it.
>>24359 I see thanks for the info
>>24351 No one wants your shit here. Go get your own thread.
>>24290 Yknow I haven't actually ever tried doing mpreg, do you consistently get more results (because dudes are not sexualized lol) than if you were doing fpreg?
Nothing groundbreaking, but I thought some of these were fun
>>24359 Does the strength/weight affect how Hanabi's eyes turn out? I've noticed for some of the generations it'll be completely solid purple and for other ones it's completely spot-on Like from >>24252 I'd say the first picture is the most accurate compared to the other two (not that they're bad or anything), was curious about the discrepancies
(1.55 MB 1024x1024 F42R6_(8A8_O_0F2{]KVV93.png)
(765.35 KB 920x1024 IMG_20231110_210338.png)
(1.32 MB 1024x1024 JW)SD1E8@]7QA%SQ]%[1)AR.png)
(959.73 KB 1024x1024 I7CXFLZL~0{4RYBG~_7@BR5.png)
(547.67 KB 1024x1024 WFFMQ(0($6ZBG`FDMVIDA35.png)
Is there any alternatives for Dalle3? Bing image creator is too strict.
A nap in the country
>>24352 I don't know
(170.69 KB 1024x1024 tmp5j734v0u.jpg)
(230.02 KB 1024x1024 tmp29he0ya_.jpg)
darker skin = sexier
God I wish AI image meta data needed to give credit. I'd kill for an easy way to reverse search source images
(772.46 KB 768x512 pixai-1679744033635023444-3.png)
Everyone needs a hug.
>>24350 Pinkie Pie is a black woman 100% confirmed
(61.15 KB 512x768 1.jpg)
(29.84 KB 512x768 2.jpg)
(36.56 KB 512x768 3.jpg)
(47.51 KB 512x768 4.jpg)
(40.04 KB 512x768 5.jpg)
(51.31 KB 512x768 6.jpg)
(50.57 KB 512x768 7.jpg)
(40.44 KB 512x768 8.jpg)
(60.19 KB 512x768 10.jpg)
(66.91 KB 512x768 9.jpg)
>>24386 *very confused boner*
(149.81 KB 1024x1024 AI pregnant redhead adventurer.jpg)
(145.50 KB 1024x1024 AI female readhead pregnant.jpg)
(162.62 KB 1024x1024 AI pregnant redhead adventurer 3.jpg)
(161.41 KB 1024x1024 AI redhead manga.jpg)
(210.04 KB 1024x1024 AI pregnant redhead adventurer 2.jpg)
Does anyone know how to make bellies with stretch marks/rough skin texture? All I'm able to get are red splotches.
>>24359 Thanks for the tip. Using the App for the AI art it definitely helps me out with making pregnancy pictures. I just randomly experimented on using different keywords for the prompts. Any more advice that I or any one else in this site should know about?
>>23957 I've got a massive folder of this same type of thing—this whole "celestial mother-goddess" motif, in like a dozen different styles. These models do such nice astronomical backgrounds and illustrations.
(231.63 KB 680x1024 stuffer.ai-128523.jpg)
(197.85 KB 680x1024 stuffer.ai-128511.jpg)
(225.33 KB 680x1024 stuffer.ai-128476.jpg)
(246.11 KB 680x1024 stuffer.ai-128451.jpg)
(79.41 KB 512x768 untitled_by_ev3rve_dfx1azg.jpg)
>>24431 Are you going to upload it or just talk about having it?
(476.56 KB 1024x1024 Z3046DOO[WL($TF$23~5)QI.png)
(501.54 KB 1024x1024 Image_1699574752512.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1024x1024 X6WPXT3C{$[{UG57X]M9[[C(1).png)
>>24414 Some very nice redheads, a welcome sight, especially these days.
(58.76 KB 1024x1024 OIG.xd.jpeg)
(421.35 KB 1024x1024 MTXX_MH20231111_212744245.jpg)
(44.02 KB 512x768 4.jpg)
(49.35 KB 512x768 Untitled2.jpg)
(46.99 KB 512x768 Untitled4.jpg)
One is a close up shot, but I couldn't resist not posting it.
>>24382 Yes, that is exactly the difference in those 3 examples, those were at different lora weights, on character ones trained like that the higher you go the closer it'll look to her but it also limits the outcomes (notice how the first one is forced to turn toward the camera, since it was trained off the anime, likewise the nightgown was changed and if I asked for jacket, it'd probably give the school blazer instead), so it's more about finding something just right.
(1.04 MB 1024x512 pixai-1680135663708780108-3.png)
(751.60 KB 1024x512 pixai-1680113265771360851-1.png)
(750.77 KB 1024x512 pixai-1680112499139327623-2.png)
>>24433 Can't upload it here all at once, so here's one better: https://files.catbox.moe/lb8vez.rar
>>24460 >all this dolphin porn truly a prodigious stash
>>24434 Oooooo wind surfing. I've had Makoto done doing this recently too
Can someone generate art of Nanako from VH?
(282.73 KB 1024x1024 40.jpg)
(226.44 KB 1024x1024 45.jpg)
(30.10 KB 351x351 43.jpg)
(248.28 KB 1024x1024 39.jpg)
(254.47 KB 1024x1024 44.jpg)
>>24333 yeah of course man
>>24489 I invented a story in my head about a man who undergoes a procedure to become pregnant. A nurse is assigned to him and she slowly begins to fall in love with him and his growing maternal emotions. She even goes out of her way to defend him from naysayers and homophobic assholes (even though he is straight). The nurse discovers that an egg she donated years ago was used to impregnate the man who by then had also fallen in love with her. The climax has the man going into labor at the worst possible time and the nurse having to perform immediate surgery with a friendly intern.
>>24490 BTW, thanks!
>>24353 How'd you manage to cover the belly up? Did you manually recolour it in paint before sending