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File: 1482914501894.png (1.22 MB, 1520x1248, 3243112.png)

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So it looks like the edit thread hit the reply limit. Here's a continuation.

(Ignore the other post, I forgot to put the title.)

Previous thread: >>2707

4f323 No.24127

Linking to the old thread, just in case anyone needed to find something there.

2fb0b No.24129

File: 1482942694148.png (123.92 KB, 1105x909, IMG_3664.PNG)

Did anyone want this pic edited, cause i did

70053 No.24130

perpetuating >>24114

f270d No.24158

File: 1483057147903.jpg (67.14 KB, 668x960, 15697832_204228876706857_8….jpg)

Can we make the most bountiful goddess even more bountiful with a big, beautiful baby belly?

2fb0b No.24161

File: 1483064948070.png (176.15 KB, 865x1239, IMG_3669.PNG)

33dc2 No.24189

File: 1483107931786.png (461.38 KB, 963x1000, 1475546505883.png)

Mei, full of bae(bies) please!

5ada8 No.24193

File: 1483128866374.jpg (49.18 KB, 500x586, 1482902039691ed.jpg)

a07ff No.24195

File: 1483148740358.jpg (213.77 KB, 974x802, thumb (4).jpg)

I'm keeping these requests going because i love your work its grouse, could you please edit this one

54886 No.24197


I agree!
This one is begging for an edit.

Also, please give her a nice looking outie.

5ada8 No.24201

File: 1483167799041.png (396.7 KB, 963x968, 1483107931786ed.png)

33dc2 No.24204

Any chance we could stuff multiples into her?

39ee3 No.24213

File: 1483197322445.png (1.01 MB, 1297x1714, ZqWsWyD.png)

Anyone want to try their hand at Murasaki? We need more Preg Senran Kagura girls.

0f3c4 No.24237

File: 1483278814720.jpg (244.83 KB, 900x644, 5288021_p0.jpg)

Can anyone edit this with popped navel?

ec188 No.24256

File: 1483327346814.png (551.91 KB, 526x940, 5992163.png)

Is this editable? I'd love to see stretch that swimsuit…

10c3a No.24257

File: 1483328207288.png (362.83 KB, 421x752, e23b35226d05c1bd25d22322b5….png)


The artist made a relevant version of this image already, actually.

54886 No.24289

File: 1483361116308.jpg (795.95 KB, 850x1062, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg)

I found a better pic of Murasaki that should be easier to edit. Also, please give this bustiest shut-in kicking triplets and a popped outie.

But yea, there should be more preggo Senran Kagura girls.

dd429 No.24324

File: 1483539966860.gif (122.28 KB, 421x752, More.gif)

well if you want more…

66d33 No.24326

More please and thank you~

3c394 No.24344

File: 1483664952009.png (842.05 KB, 736x1050, 56C71F54-0A1E-4E9D-95C7-D1….png)

Hard mode. May/can someone edit this photo?

3c394 No.24345

File: 1483664972718.png (878.85 KB, 736x1050, F933DD55-8705-4D6F-AFAA-B3….png)

This too?

ef30f No.24348

Those were done in the old thread.

3c394 No.24357

They were, but poorly shopped.

f8fa0 No.24365

We're hoping for quality? I thought it was just proof of concept(ion)

dbb8f No.24366

File: 1483789589674.jpg (44.29 KB, 648x960, FB_IMG_1483772766963.jpg)

2fb0b No.24374

File: 1483824816488.png (96.96 KB, 806x1194, IMG_3726.PNG)

I tried

6eaba No.24377

File: 1483839313228.png (188.17 KB, 450x750, tumblr_ojd7msy9ec1tvf87ro1….png)

With hand on belly, if you please.

7d39a No.24380

File: 1483847189701.png (486.33 KB, 716x1011, 1483771780073.png)

Requesting with quads or more
just any REALLY big belly should work

8711a No.24385

File: 1483856111074.jpg (141.72 KB, 800x640, c1233_naked.jpg)

I'd love to see a round 9 month belly on Tashigi. The album this is from is just asking to be morphed since it should be pretty simple. Thanks!

5ada8 No.24386

File: 1483858581893.png (186.17 KB, 575x750, 1483839313228ed.png)

e4679 No.24387

I've come to the conclusion you're a wizard, and there's nothing you can do or say to convince me otherwise.

5ada8 No.24388

File: 1483860557347.png (484.37 KB, 716x1115, 1483847189701ed.png)

7d39a No.24393

can someone add stretch marks to this?

b2697 No.24394

File: 1483868495357.jpg (119.84 KB, 724x1103, sw_by_mjelster481-da80ff7.jpg)

Can someone edit this one please?

b2697 No.24395

File: 1483868542740.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1090, Auto_Erotic_Assimilation.png)

Also this one, if possible?

3a0df No.24398

File: 1483887056481.png (484.62 KB, 716x1115, 1483860557347.png)

98b48 No.24401

File: 1483914208707.png (258.95 KB, 787x1181, Hex Maniac Swimsuit.png)

Can someone please Edit Her with a Twin Belly Size?

b6b58 No.24402


5ff4c No.24403

File: 1483916906230.png (696.51 KB, 694x982, b47bf1ac7683caf944c846bc5a….png)

Can someone preggify this and make the nipples darker?

8cbba No.24404

File: 1483917185250.jpg (396.88 KB, 800x1000, 16661527889439.jpg)

just wondering if someone wouldn't mind giving this a go please? With like maybe 4 kids in belly and boobs really nice and round? thanks

71138 No.24405

Well done on the belly! But um… one question: WHAT IN THE @#$% HAPPENED TO HER ARM?!!!

4f323 No.24406

I believe that's called Spoilers.

Always nice to see more Sabrina art, edited or otherwise. You'd think she'd be a more popular subject, especially in that outfit she has from Gen 4 onward…

ef30f No.24409

Go to youtube or crunchyroll. Watch RWBY. All of it. It won't take too long to.

64015 No.24410


684a4 No.24437

File: 1484124812880.png (1.21 MB, 1300x2580, 4555ba7515b4fa591a4017f4b4….png)

5ada8 No.24447

File: 1484195259538.png (298.92 KB, 787x1181, 1483914208707ed.png)

4d27a No.24453


de8d6 No.24459

File: 1484232224860.jpg (65.08 KB, 631x1000, FB_IMG_1484225442712.jpg)

Thx for the edit, http://www.pregchan.com/d/res/24118.html#24366

and can you edit this one

fdbee No.24462

File: 1484262482121.jpg (251.01 KB, 850x1202, __cidney_aurum_final_fanta….jpg)

Cindy Aurum with a full term tummy with triplets would probably like
end my life
i need a doc to end me swiftly

5ada8 No.24464

File: 1484280221018.png (941.93 KB, 850x1202, 1484262482121ed.png)

f8fa0 No.24468

Hoo boy. Gotta love when an exposed midriff like hers goes from "fashion choice" to "mandatory wardrobe requirement".

ea090 No.24469

Thank you for awakening me to the glory of this girl, I hope to make something about her soon.

e84e0 No.24475

Hey Pencil you can edit this?

e5215 No.24476

File: 1484336626490.png (504.8 KB, 1029x1374, jasper01.png)

how about these

e5215 No.24477

File: 1484336680311.png (283.46 KB, 1000x1344, jasper02.png)

e5215 No.24478

File: 1484336700849.png (989.83 KB, 1280x1810, 03.png)

f270d No.24480

File: 1484349879859.jpg (109.21 KB, 850x1217, 15936353_606875936169554_3….jpg)

Might be a little difficult to make them big, so mid-term and nicely rounded would be cute, but if you can make them big, that would be amazing. Please and thank you to whoever does this. :)

8cbba No.24500

File: 1484389527661.jpeg (578.29 KB, 709x1000, image.jpeg)

Will someone please edit this to make her pregnant with triplets twins fine too

8cbba No.24501

File: 1484389610608.jpeg (128.1 KB, 714x1000, image.jpeg)

Also requesting an edit of this gem with triplets please

61422 No.24504

File: 1484413226911.jpg (432.5 KB, 709x1000, pregchan request.jpg)

not sure if this is the right size
but i tried

ec188 No.24505

nice, gonna have to save that one.

8b7fb No.24509

File: 1484444781502.png (615.78 KB, 900x900, image.png)

Kinda pictures Blanca being the father. Pump her with a litter please :)

8b7fb No.24510

File: 1484444867019.png (1.61 MB, 1128x1697, image.png)

Can someone also edit this with twins in her belly? Thanks

4c9d5 No.24543

File: 1484581381762.jpg (84.68 KB, 994x1204, 46edfdc82ab9a5f19683a2632d….jpg)

Can you edit Nene Anegasaki having stomach full of babies, please?

5ff4c No.24552

File: 1484602352498.png (644.89 KB, 900x653, pixiv59520814.png)

Can anyone make this Lillie an expecting mother of two?

bbfa4 No.24608

File: 1484733069159.jpg (85.55 KB, 631x1000, edit_a_2.jpg)

I've made 3 versions

bbfa4 No.24609

File: 1484733105596.jpg (88.48 KB, 631x1000, edit_a_3.jpg)

bbfa4 No.24610

File: 1484733128539.jpg (90.54 KB, 631x1000, edit_a_4.jpg)

d47cc No.24611

File: 1484734644332.jpg (152.66 KB, 1067x1400, 9bd427917937c7dc58b9d6a6b5….jpg)

Can we make Cuilan have large round stomach full of babies, please?

ca3be No.24613

File: 1484737481857.jpeg (291.41 KB, 1524x1296, Korra.jpeg)

Ready-to-pop belly, please!

2c796 No.24621

why hasn't anyone responded to this? It's really good.

09e01 No.24627


Holy crap these look great

092c3 No.24635

Whoaa thx dude this really save my life :3

22718 No.24649

no problem :3
she's also my type tho xD

4cdb6 No.24674

jeez, has anyone ever just requested a nice lil first trimester belly. like >>24204
how is that not big enough? do you even know what actual human multiples look like?

7d1b2 No.24695

File: 1485006864919.png (331.16 KB, 1000x1000, LeafaCodeRegisterALOSwimsu….png)

7d1b2 No.24696

File: 1485007022794.png (331.36 KB, 1000x1000, LeafaCodeRegisterALOSwimsu….png)

10c3a No.24706


The world needed more (is there even any yet?) pregnant Leafa. Thank you. Nice job with the arm, too.

09660 No.24721

File: 1485030019187.jpg (242.13 KB, 561x616, tumblr_o6q8fh11Qs1u42yt3o1….jpg)

"Look but don't touch sweetie…"

e328b No.24728

Glad you liked it
original plz??

09660 No.24729

File: 1485052510878.jpg (133.23 KB, 850x933, tumblr_o6q8fh11Qs1u42yt3o1….jpg)

Sure thing! Looked through my ecchi folder earlier today and found lots of inspiration. I haven't morphed anything in quite a while.

e84e0 No.24731

Can anyone edit this?

0542c No.24746

Thanks :D I love to see before and after pics
Also we need more "Show the belly" pics like that

b0504 No.24753

File: 1485135416937.jpg (342.82 KB, 813x1150, IMG_9022.JPG)


Well, this isn't quite the same sense of "show the belly" but if you or anyone else want's to give this image a try, I'm sure it would turn out great.

e3fee No.24757

File: 1485157223635.jpg (250.55 KB, 850x1244, Ferris_Eris.jpg)

A request for a picture I know exists already.

I know I've seen a version of this picture edited to be pregnant before.

Does anyone have it?

0194c No.24762

File: 1485186726008.jpg (64.52 KB, 764x1080, FB_IMG_1485186509180.jpg)

This one would be more 👌👌👌 if someone edit this :3

9df29 No.24766

File: 1485218463706.jpg (43.72 KB, 816x624, EVA331.jpg)

Anyone wanna try putting a belly on this one? Would make for a nice imagined birth picture.

09660 No.24767

File: 1485227219783.jpg (538.05 KB, 850x1244, 1485157223635_m.jpg)


Ah, one of my old morphs! I don't have it anymore, due to computer issues, but it's an easy enough manipulation that I went ahead and did it again.

09660 No.24768

File: 1485228502501.jpg (421.93 KB, 813x1150, 1485135416937_m.jpg)


89bf8 No.24769

File: 1485228667346.jpg (1.92 MB, 1790x3538, Runo.jpg)

Can someone edit her?

e3fee No.24770

Thank you so much. It was the same situation for me as well.

e3fee No.24773

File: 1485240505671.jpg (992.3 KB, 1094x1600, ferris.jpg)

Found it! Let's see how different it is.

e3fee No.24775

File: 1485243016412.jpg (220.73 KB, 1024x724, misato.jpg)

Another stroll down memory lane.

e3fee No.24776

File: 1485243433357.jpg (273.22 KB, 800x567, maria.jpg)

Maria from Xenogears, had to look that up.

06a0c No.24789


Holy crap that looks great! Thank you so much

89bf8 No.24798

I'd also like to mention if different trimester sizes could be done as well, please.

9cdb6 No.24804

File: 1485311288717.png (87.44 KB, 500x907, Rudy.png)

Can somebody do a pregnancy edit of this pic?

09660 No.24863

File: 1485611552227.jpg (182.76 KB, 684x900, 61140121_p0_m.jpg)

No one asked for this.

09660 No.24864

File: 1485611575818.png (316.46 KB, 684x900, 61140121_p0.png)


332fc No.24868

File: 1485641692886.png (680.28 KB, 764x1080, 1485186726008.png)

ec188 No.24872

Nice! I didn't even know that was an edit from the thumbnail!

09660 No.24877

Holy shit, good fucking work!

09660 No.24887

File: 1485697259603.jpg (269.4 KB, 842x1190, 61164073_p0_m.jpg)

Another recent pixiv find

09660 No.24888

File: 1485697271295.png (332.52 KB, 842x1190, 61164073_p0.png)

092c3 No.24889


Whoooaaaaa thx bro this is really save my life once again 😉

33dc2 No.24891

Is "This is really save my life" the new "please make a fat of she"?

5ff4c No.24894

File: 1485728848057.jpg (347.97 KB, 545x732, shelly.jpg)

Would anyone care to make her an expectant mother?

21f2e No.24899

File: 1485786487749.jpg (52.99 KB, 841x1340, FB_IMG_1475600214436.jpg)

How about this one 😊

ea5ae No.24909

File: 1485810829178.jpg (295.17 KB, 850x1212, mashu and astolfo.jpg)

I know the one on the right is a trap, but now I'm a little curious to see him with a belly.

ca3be No.24945

File: 1485937557056.png (960.66 KB, 811x1249, OptionalTypo.png)

ef30f No.24946

File: 1485940653601.png (303.03 KB, 551x816, dc890ef4e759484c887cbbfaeb….png)

Might not be possible given the image but maybe try to edit Papika, on the left to be pregnant as well.

Also the anime is called Flip Flappers.

e5a9b No.24955

File: 1485971160447.jpg (218.32 KB, 976x1500, 1471615555130.jpg)

3676b No.24964

File: 1486003215417.jpg (137.31 KB, 800x1219, the_old_republic__nadia_gr….jpg)

Could someone please add a belly to this?

f270d No.24982

File: 1486070951564.jpg (57.58 KB, 619x834, 16473708_1801081530215630_….jpg)

A million pleases and thank yous in advance.

fa165 No.24991

File: 1486119717395.png (1.75 MB, 1128x1697, 1484444867019edit.png)

fa165 No.24992

File: 1486119857342.png (1.66 MB, 1128x1697, 1484444867019edit2.png)

I'm not sure about this one xD
I'm not used on making bigger belly proportions, sorry if the results are quite disappointing

0f3c4 No.24993

I think the position of belly is too low.

6b05e No.25001



0f3c4 No.25053

Anyone can edit this?

0b88b No.25063

File: 1486275058236.jpg (50.84 KB, 720x1018, 001.jpg)

0b88b No.25064

File: 1486275228021.png (488.28 KB, 720x1018, 001_edit.png)

c450d No.25072

Not to be confused as me. lol

ec188 No.25075

File: 1486294068538.png (535.36 KB, 580x592, lingerie.png)

Anyone feel like giving this cheerful blonde a sizable bump?

21341 No.25079

File: 1486305517149.png (1.43 MB, 976x1500, 6b4c8856c4d2bfa53a64cb0455….png)

Is this good enough?

6b05e No.25081

File: 1486308906150.png (913.18 KB, 2250x1350, samusdva.png)

currently 2 of the hottest spandex clad girls in teh vidya game industry. Both pregnant with twins please? Possible bare belly variant too, if ever

7382a No.25083

Not OR but this is excellently done.

8c437 No.25089

>>25079 this is great,nice belly and i'm a big fan of the bra not fitting aspect of pregnancy. keep up the good editing.

a07ff No.25090

File: 1486351606139.jpg (1018.52 KB, 1120x840, IMG_6074.JPG)

Love this picture, would be even better if someone could please make an edit with all three girls pregnant, it would be greatly appreciated!

2fb0b No.25112

File: 1486522941723.png (564.94 KB, 1280x960, IMG_3915.PNG)

2fb0b No.25113

File: 1486522982784.png (545.41 KB, 1280x960, IMG_3921.PNG)

+bare belly variant

f8fa0 No.25127

Way to go the extra mile. Nice work!

6b05e No.25131


2fb0b No.25138

When you ask for the extra mile, you get the extra mile

a07ff No.25187

This would be a great edit

fc936 No.25202

File: 1486794133527.jpg (417.8 KB, 1000x1217, 1481867934719.jpg)

Might be tough given the angle, but would someone mind taking a crack at this? I'm thinking 7-8 months pregnant with one if you wouldn't mind.

c3a5a No.25240

File: 1486996945979.jpg (43.61 KB, 800x945, e0ec3fa0.jpg)

Can someone edit her?

a65c5 No.25277

so good…

ca3be No.25294

File: 1487150058372.png (1.18 MB, 1240x1753, julia.png)

Can someone give her a nice belly?

3e1d5 No.25329

File: 1487270683833.jpg (137.26 KB, 720x1145, 1484822050836.jpg)

Can anyone do this one?

6736f No.25333

File: 1487281569744.png (50.04 KB, 130x452, Lucy Baker.png)

Looking ready to pop, please.

2fb0b No.25334

File: 1487281655686.png (184.51 KB, 919x1240, IMG_3963.PNG)

2fb0b No.25335

File: 1487282655944.png (106.19 KB, 790x1222, IMG_3966.PNG)

09660 No.25342

File: 1487301063193.jpg (184.91 KB, 475x756, 1487270683833_m.jpg)


Tried taking a shot at this, ended up with something using just the liquify tool. I'd like to see someone else's interpretation because… I can't do it.

09660 No.25343

File: 1487301115520.jpg (184.13 KB, 475x756, 1487270683833_mLower.jpg)

Moved her navel down, think I like the previous one better, this one looks like she's just chubby

20896 No.25346

File: 1487317028247.jpg (835.03 KB, 850x1121, sample_cf11ba19ab15b37ed9e….jpg)

How about this one?

7382a No.25348

File: 1487322444102.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1300x1715, cf11ba19ab15b37ed9efa57df….jpeg)

Higher res

846e4 No.25350

File: 1487329930228.jpg (428.86 KB, 850x1098, Sabrina.jpg)

Edit from another thread

6acb8 No.25352

verri nais

76ac4 No.25366

File: 1487385418063.png (647.12 KB, 1050x750, 4bfc12a318e5383bf6c4cb20c3….png)

Rather like this one better myself. Other one felt too high to be natural.

Anywhose, thought I'd give this editing stuff a try, but don't expect anything perfect; only got something on my phone. :P

76ac4 No.25367

File: 1487385539660.jpg (114.51 KB, 1050x750, PicsArt_01-30-07.08.29.jpg)

And here is the edit.

76ac4 No.25369

File: 1487386753723.jpg (76.06 KB, 480x800, downloadfile-37.jpg)

Got two more (for the same pic, mind). Here's the unedited version. That belly just screams to be made to grow, huh?

76ac4 No.25370

File: 1487386847296.jpg (69.33 KB, 480x800, PicsArt_02-07-09.53.05.jpg)

Edit #1 with some ever-rare below-the-navel bulging (really lucked out with the pose).

76ac4 No.25371

File: 1487387089207.jpg (69 KB, 480x800, PicsArt_02-07-10.33.55.jpg)

Edit #2.

If I'm feeling froggy, and I have the time, I might post more edits.

7cf8c No.25378

File: 1487416960750.jpg (78.94 KB, 619x1100, 1485454627204.jpg)

3e1d5 No.25379

File: 1487451960254.png (181.72 KB, 800x1112, tumblr_oje08kGttp1vetgoho1….png)

this one please
Outie navel and belly bumps would be apreciated

a07ff No.25380

Can someone help a brother out, really want this edited

94fca No.25383

Is anyone able to edit?

5902d No.25402

File: 1487537984693.png (202.67 KB, 800x1112, 1487451960254ed.png)

8dd25 No.25406

File: 1487556141220.png (820.89 KB, 1050x1250, 95b9ab3e529154eb5ab7d08c9f….png)

I feel like this request is a little much, but figured I'd throw it out there anyway.

a07ff No.25410

Can someone please edit 25090?

3e1d5 No.25411

File: 1487596825924.jpg (351.41 KB, 800x800, 1478351791576.jpg)

This one with an outie please and thank you

3e1d5 No.25415

Nice work
Thank you

3e1d5 No.25416

File: 1487615321094.png (278.52 KB, 800x1164, shanteeee_by_beheiit-daygs….png)

Could you do this one with outie navel and belly bumps as well?

5902d No.25424

File: 1487652025461.png (278.21 KB, 871x1123, 1487615321094ed.png)

3e1d5 No.25432

Can you make a version with no belly bumps?

5902d No.25433

File: 1487687634987.png (273.34 KB, 871x1123, 1487615321094edn.png)

3e1d5 No.25435

Thank you

3e1d5 No.25436

File: 1487691075810.png (221.65 KB, 507x859, 1482520349106.png)

Can someone give her a nice belly with a cute outie?

6817d No.25440

File: 1487721939658.jpg (127.97 KB, 833x1000, d20.jpg)

D.Va has a severe lack of belly. Care to Edit?

a1a42 No.25469

File: 1487845188080.jpg (80.36 KB, 875x1250, 003.jpg)

anyone want to give her a second trimester belly?

a07ff No.25478

File: 1487913019277.jpg (821.15 KB, 1120x840, 1792181 - Hinata_Hyuuga Na….jpg)

Hey, would this image work better than the one with the girls naked?

5902d No.25479

File: 1487916073222.png (600.5 KB, 875x1250, 1487845188080ed.png)

33dc2 No.25488

I got it off tumblr. Its some Terezi cosplayer who liked taking sexy cosplay pictures. She's inactive now IIRC.

561c1 No.25492

File: 1487977990991.jpg (89.61 KB, 540x699, tumblr_olvyhcLt0h1rswl8zo1….jpg)

This one could be a nice edit :D

8cbba No.25503

File: 1488011487739.jpeg (84.62 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

Could someone please give this an edit of her with a triplet belly or bigger, please?

7607b No.25508

Or just a little popping belly that looks like shes sucking it in.

64819 No.25520

File: 1488042024677.png (1.9 MB, 1562x2210, bd622e3b-0921-4baf-9398-39….png)

Can androids get pregnant?

523d9 No.25527

File: 1488060881960.jpg (1.55 MB, 1215x1566, 198fb9d40d9ee301b68e67190a….jpg)

If we can move the hands from the chest to an edited belly, this could be godly

523d9 No.25528

possibly this?

523d9 No.25530

File: 1488067195984.jpg (413.53 KB, 1280x1807, 8.jpg)


efc43 No.25532

Just ask 18 from Dragon Ball

8cbba No.25534

>>25508 as long as she has a decent size bump in front I'm happy none the least

8cbba No.25535

Sorry i meant none the less

3340d No.25619

Is there anywhere to request edits of actual pictures (real life)? I couldn't find one.

3e1d5 No.25663

File: 1488465101730.png (394.96 KB, 787x755, 1487241725480.png)

Can someone edit her belly to look like she's pregnant, not fat?

8d563 No.25666

Got it, I'ma workin' on one.

6d80c No.25683

Hey i think that would be good if someone edit this one

3e1d5 No.25700

File: 1488649631348.jpg (458.24 KB, 1000x1300, 1488647083622.jpg)

A big belly with an outie and belly bump please

384e4 No.25701


fc279 No.25703

It took me a little too long to get that she was naked

e8933 No.25724

File: 1488758388256.jpg (273.42 KB, 1064x600, SLAP.jpg)


I did character body painted similar to that giving birth in parks. Big tits.

0f3c4 No.25746

File: 1488804463536.jpg (634.99 KB, 800x1149, 57232685_p0.jpg)

Can anyone put realistic sized belly?

3e1d5 No.25781

How's the progress on >>25663 ?

5bb68 No.25798

File: 1488955807886.png (127.74 KB, 280x350, hex_maniac_by_the_tttrop-d….png)

Can anyone edit this?

5ff4c No.25807

File: 1488962164257.png (917.78 KB, 1000x1250, hex.png)

What's this, hex maniac for ants?

9e81e No.25816

File: 1489000794032.jpg (50.71 KB, 800x1051, FB_IMG_1489000145377.jpg)

Edit this one pls :3

b87f8 No.25832

File: 1489031370642.jpg (261.52 KB, 762x1048, goddess_by_osmar_shotgun-d….jpg)

df283 No.25845

File: 1489086966809.png (298.41 KB, 1057x1469, arere.png)

I still need to get photoshop so I can't do this myself atm

but I found this one and it's just begging for an edit. i planned on making much bigger so it her belly reaches higher, just under her chest. Thought I'd post it here if anyone else wants to do it before I get ph

2680d No.25849

File: 1489094692365.jpeg (65.09 KB, 730x1095, karin1.jpeg)

Would it be possible to edit this, please?

b6b58 No.25850

File: 1489099541100.png (329.08 KB, 1057x1469, plums.png)

I did my best.

6fceb No.25866

File: 1489123618324.png (202.18 KB, 1024x798, so-big.png)

Would anyone give these two ladies both nice big baby bumps?

b6b58 No.25873

File: 1489133447162.png (330.15 KB, 1024x798, 1489123618324(1).png)

Again, I did my best.

3e1d5 No.25875

File: 1489160843171.jpg (509.25 KB, 1671x1500, one_punch_man___fubuki___c….jpg)

b6b58 No.25876

File: 1489161581755.png (236.74 KB, 507x859, 1487691075810(1).png)

Since I'm on a "roll", here's probably my last one for now. I'm sorry if the quality of them isn't up to par with the others who contributed before me, this was a new experience.

3e1d5 No.25881

I'll be honest, the outie is kinda bad, but the belly looks ok. I will be glad, if you could take time time and fix later.

b6b58 No.25884

Something like this perhaps? http://i.imgur.com/Wl1A3KY.png

3e1d5 No.25886

Thank you

523d9 No.25888

File: 1489192488207.png (596.18 KB, 1240x1753, 89cf920b8bb8b68f8df6b1e111….png)


6fceb No.25892

Pretty nice. Thank you kindly.

6736f No.25906

File: 1489268498911.jpg (112.06 KB, 591x729, Winry tired.jpg)

Winry working hard while preggers would be a glorious sight to see.

940c0 No.25909

If you're okay with the quality I've been putting out I can do this later. Otherwise you could wait for a more talented artist to do it instead. Your call.

523d9 No.25917

File: 1489294604352.jpg (68.22 KB, 608x1100, tumblr_oiraeuDcwg1v03xaeo1….jpg)

Can someone fill her up please?

6736f No.25919

Which ones are your edits? Though I suppose as long as the belly looks natural and not like a cartoony edit, I'd be fine with that.

f5e85 No.25920

File: 1489296898266.jpg (75.71 KB, 819x1212, FB_IMG_1489290250621.jpg)

How about this one

28c62 No.25921

File: 1489311767191.jpg (65.84 KB, 720x1017, 4323372365e804d5.jpg)

0f3c4 No.25923

Can anyone edit this one?
I prefer realistic size and popped navel.

ca3be No.26075

File: 1489670329352.jpg (344.48 KB, 600x899, rosarabbit.jpg)

Please give her a bigger belly :)

e3fee No.26096

You could try putting this in the /f/ edit thread where someone is a lot more likely to do so.

34a83 No.26112

is there not a lot of artists left in this thread?

b6b03 No.26136

File: 1489919931095.jpg (65.08 KB, 600x834, 1489919483781.jpg)

3e1d5 No.26344

File: 1490592841825.jpg (285.94 KB, 700x920, 1490583697607.jpg)

Please give her a big belly and an outie

0f3c4 No.26370

File: 1490770789903.jpg (401.43 KB, 863x1200, 18949992_p0_master1200.jpg)

Can anyone put realistic sized belly on this?

0a61f No.26431

File: 1490997528600.png (613.51 KB, 860x1200, swimsuit.png)


I tried

f270d No.26477

File: 1491077870722.jpg (80.5 KB, 660x960, 17626507_271237673325530_1….jpg)

This is just begging for an edit of this kind.

0f3c4 No.26539

Thank you!

846e4 No.26552

File: 1491349549143.jpg (238.15 KB, 600x834, sleepy toboggan.jpg)

decided to make it an early and late view

42e54 No.26555

File: 1491353933094.png (696.54 KB, 800x800, 4-4-17-1.png)

hows this?

42e54 No.26556

File: 1491354523573.png (396.18 KB, 608x1100, 4-4-17-2.png)

5971c No.26557

hory shet thanks for this

42e54 No.26559

File: 1491357146854.png (798.23 KB, 1000x1250, 4-4-17-3.png)

8e4ff No.26562

Anyone wanna put a belly on >>16787 ?

5bb68 No.26566

So Sexy and Hot

8cbba No.26580

Would someone please edit this? Please

0f3c4 No.26607

File: 1491483208435.png (919.32 KB, 1200x1013, 59198420_p2.png)

Can anyone edit this with realistic sized belly and outie navel?

f11e1 No.26614

File: 1491504492156.png (1.38 MB, 1300x1100, F489E7E5-679F-4585-990A-1C….png)

dfe3d No.26622

You know, it's so weird. Some cartoons, I couldn't care less about their girls getting pregnant. Others awaken some strange protective instinct in me. Star vs. the Forces of Evil falls into the second category, and I can't explain why.

48851 No.26630

File: 1491569106544.jpg (80.31 KB, 705x960, 17799028_1493140287384276_….jpg)

She need a big belly

8cbba No.26660

Why won't someone give her a big Pregnant belly

d1757 No.26661

People are not obliged to do anything if they don't want to. If you want something done, throw money at it or do it yourself.

b6b58 No.26664

It's a shame, but every time I drop by here I see three posters requesting image after image with little to no regard for the artists who spend actual time creating edits.
I've seen someone request an edit, an artist create a real nice edit, and then the person tags the artist's post with another suggestion with little to no thanks.

bf933 No.26666

I don't really have edits but i think that i should be the one to say thank you to all the artist that edit these beautiful bumps! without you guys there would be little to no pregnant material on the internet. and doing it free is just another reason to congratulate you all!

09660 No.26668

Not only that, but a lot of the more recent requests are just too hard for someone of my skill level. I am not exactly able to work around what is already in the image. Complex clothing, jewelry, painterly brushstrokes, odd angles of the subject, all kinds of things can make an edit very difficult to pull off convicingly, and this is just something I do in my spare time to fap to when there is a lull in content by real, actual artists.

09660 No.26669

I know you meant well by your post, and I apologize if this comes off as ungrateful, but there is actually a lot of content being made daily by people outside of this board. Check deviantart, furaffinity, pixiv, and tumblr for artists to follow! I am not going to name any of my favorites because I dont want to come off as a shill but there is always going to be stuff made by talented people.

672e8 No.26670

File: 1491769596921.jpg (27.09 KB, 753x630, Tifa Nude _ gamaxiji64.jpg)

Could someone please do this chick pregnant with a big belly full of kids much appreciated

acc77 No.26671

Somehow I get the feeling that artists are being treated like vending machines, except the vending machines get paid.

b6b58 No.26673

Yeah. Like, I did a few edits earlier in the thread and they weren't great at all, but they were something.
It just sucks that people post pictures with detailed descriptions of difficult scenarios like "Draw a belly that's 10 children along, all kicking, with her clothes stretching over her belly, and stretch marks all over the front but not the back." I know they're not usually that extreme, but that's how it often sounds to me.

On this note, someone who did edits like a champ was Reshii. I miss them ; - ;

bf933 No.26691

i know but i meant it in a free aspect. People can ask and artist can awnser. I know of many good pregnant artist on deviantart and follow them.

aa8d4 No.26707


Seriously. If I was still a mod around here, I'd tell the flood of requesters to cool it.

All y'all need to bear in mind that the people who create content are PEOPLE. They have stuff going on outside of this board.

0f3c4 No.26709

File: 1491831851195.png (856.75 KB, 1200x1013, 59198420_p2(edit).png)

I edited by myself

b6b58 No.26711

That's a cute edit! Nice work :)

07337 No.26738

You've taken the first step in realizing your fantasies, great work.

7382a No.26749

File: 1491903595555.jpg (266.59 KB, 1000x1023, 2d58bb1f7609eda70bef9939ab….jpg)

Would anyone care to make Jessie an expectant mother and shop in a full-term belly?
I can choose another pic in case the task would be too daunting.

fb324 No.26750

File: 1491905646040.png (880.63 KB, 1071x834, 1922330 - Kyder Maui Moana….png)

Could someone please give her a belly full term

b6b58 No.26762

I just spent, like, an hour trying to remove Ash and the girl from the image. (Something about it makes me uncomfortable) To make this easier, do you have an episode number?

42e54 No.26763

File: 1491955357205.png (1.3 MB, 1955x2000, jesse1.png)

42e54 No.26764

File: 1491956265009.png (1.66 MB, 1810x1514, tiffa1.png)

8cbba No.26765

Thank you very much appreciated

8cbba No.26767

Do you suppose you could edit this >> 25503
Please ?

42e54 No.26768

Y'all deff don't make it easy with sch a small starter image hahaha. gimme some time on that one

9efa4 No.26782

File: 1491987471148.gif (89.8 KB, 900x263, On the Fastrack 12-4-17.gif)

Now here's an interesting piece to edit from this latest issue of "On the Fastrack" by Bill Holbrook, creator of "Kevin & Kell" webcomic…

Imagine how amusing or awkward this scene would be if Dethany (the Goth) and Wendy (Red-head) were both pregnant… ;-) ;-)

b6b58 No.26785

I don't really feel comfortable doing it with Dawn there. I dunno what it is.
Sorry dude

7382a No.26793

Thank you Minty, she's perfect! Speaking of which there aren't enough pregnant Jessie around.

99a69 No.26798

We get it. You like fat chicks. Maybe you could WAIT until someone addresses one of your requests before bombarding the thread with others?

00fff No.26801

Same rules from the drawthread should apply here. Don't flood the thread with multiple requests.

fb797 No.26802

File: 1492038422923.jpg (154.41 KB, 635x1000, 0a3fdf3cff1e00a5d02900eb25….jpg)

To quote Murata, "Fubuki is best girl!"

6b434 No.26805

Da heck? You can't just force someone to like something and do whatever you want.

2ae26 No.26806

I think it's fair to say he's uncomfortable having children in a pregnant edit for one reason or another.

b6b58 No.26816

No yeah, I view pregnancy edits as fetish material and I'd feel uncomfortable creating something someones going to fap to with a child in the main focal point.

33dc2 No.26837

File: 1492118886967.jpg (313.34 KB, 1365x2048, 1491360763625.jpg)

Sorry, and noted. I'll stick to one at a time.

ec188 No.26838

Instead of posting a request, I think I'll second this one. Would love to see her with a nice belly.

baa77 No.26844

third. That pic's adorable

90497 No.26851

Yes pls, I fourth this motion

1bf1b No.26853

File: 1492159432273.jpg (80.02 KB, 500x839, 011.jpg)

1bf1b No.26854

File: 1492159482586.jpeg (660.62 KB, 979x1389, Watashi-ga-Motenai-no-wa-….jpeg)

89b93 No.26865

File: 1492225184537.png (358.61 KB, 569x777, IMG_3721.PNG)

How about this?

9efa4 No.26875


Nice choice, but you're in the wrong section. I suggest the Furry gallery under "f" on the top bar…

09660 No.26892

File: 1492278673701.jpg (292.46 KB, 619x1100, 1487416960750_m.jpg)

09660 No.26893

File: 1492279338926.jpg (1.07 MB, 1215x1566, 1488060881960_m.jpg)


Moving the hands from her chest would require redrawing part of her arms

09660 No.26894

File: 1492280939167.jpg (544.47 KB, 635x1000, 1492038422923_m.jpg)


Images like this can be difficult due to the… scan artifacts and shading. This one required a new grain filter on top to hide imperfections.

6b434 No.26895

Thanks for your dedication to the preggo cause!

ec188 No.26898

Wow, nice!

6d80c No.26910

That's very very nice :o

9e2de No.26914

File: 1492329313922.png (1.61 MB, 1101x1671, IMG_4489.PNG)

Would someone be able to give a big belly on camilla?

0f3c4 No.26915

Brilliant job!

09660 No.26940

File: 1492387584588.jpg (542.34 KB, 635x1000, 1492038422923_mFixed.jpg)

>>26894 here, I improved it because certain elements were bugging me D:

6d18d No.26955

File: 1492413201532.png (1.29 MB, 2887x3364, 04.png)

how about a twins for sucy, quads for akko, and tripplets for lotte.

f270d No.26973

File: 1492447903066.jpg (55.31 KB, 718x960, 17952473_420179138355213_8….jpg)

Cerea's abdomen is looking a little thin and lonely, isn't it?

b1fb6 No.26975

File: 1492461961320.png (335 KB, 788x1238, __etna_disgaea_drawn_by_ty….png)

I think this pose would be perfect material for an edit.

b6b58 No.27002

File: 1492515360207.png (350.25 KB, 788x1238, tight.png)

I tried, and I know it's not perfect, but it works.

bc186 No.27003

It turned out very cute.

3bcc5 No.27004

File: 1492517482388.jpg (128.27 KB, 735x1080, xCC2zF91zrw[1].jpg)

Can you give that cutie a nice belly?

bc186 No.27005

How many requests have we gotten lately? Seems like a flood.

3f90a No.27008

File: 1492518811036.jpg (165.96 KB, 718x960, 14924479030662.jpg)

there we go. not the best but its an odd angle

bc186 No.27009

It's…very subtle isn't it. Maybe cause I was looking at the human part but I guess it's more logical for the horse part to swell.

f9fcf No.27017

File: 1492567710587.jpg (507.85 KB, 1080x1920, ZP5mebH.jpg)

6d495 No.27068

File: 1492643178434.jpg (503.46 KB, 1280x1280, 1712623 - Camilla Fire_Emb….jpg)

I wanna see a nice, round full-term belly on this woman.

0f2ed No.27075

File: 1492662926677.jpg (135.21 KB, 724x1086, nadia1.jpg)

Would someone add a big belly to this?

13492 No.27086

File: 1492682507879.jpg (121.86 KB, 718x960, Cerea Edit A.jpg)

Here's my take on it. Love the Monster Musume girls <3 More could use preggy bellies.

b6b58 No.27087

This was already requested before a few times in the old thread, and now twice in this thread…

efc43 No.27089

File: 1492707608530.jpg (112.57 KB, 747x1280, rpMvHcm.jpg)

I hate to be a pest, but could someone give this girl a cute belly? Nothing too big, just something to show she's expecting.

b6b58 No.27091

File: 1492710808687.png (574.99 KB, 747x1280, slight].png)

I tried.

f2f02 No.27097

File: 1492737844982.jpg (197.24 KB, 819x1212, 1489296898266 edit3.jpg)

I quite like idols so I gave this old request a shot. My first attempt. Hope it turned out well.

b6b58 No.27098

It's good!
My advice, and I'm guilty of this too, is to never draw a curved line free-hand unless you're experienced with a graphics tablet :p
Other than that, the colour is well done, and the shading is nice.
I hope to see more from you! Practice makes perfect!

efc43 No.27099

It looks adorable, thank you!

f2f02 No.27100

Well I don't have a tablet and my hands are really shaky so I actually cut and paste parts of the original image to try and form the curve and retain the line structure.

Real iffy bit was the checkered background though. I did some game based skin edits before so I have some experience in this but not on this scale.

f2f02 No.27102

Btw other anon, where is this girl from? Looks rather cute.

6d80c No.27114

Very well done! Thx i really appreciate it
Will wait more from u

27dd4 No.27212

File: 1493044730473.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, Kotone_HF.png)

Hello, is it possible to put Philia pregnant with twins?

b6b58 No.27218

File: 1493072233679.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 1493044730473 preg.png)

I, uh, couldn't make this work too well… but it's something.

cab45 No.27219

File: 1493072404657.jpg (81.59 KB, 700x860, tumblr_o9m107j6U21ultad9o1….jpg)

Edit plz.
Twins, or idk.

ec188 No.27220

Given what you had to work with, I'm surprised you could do anything at all.

f3c35 No.27222

Don't be too hard on yourself, Sqwark. You did good.

b92ef No.27223

Awesome its not twins but at least it something

6d18d No.27227

File: 1493111723040.png (291.36 KB, 700x860, preg tomoko.png)

here ya go

5ff4c No.27228

Wow, not OR but this is lovely.
Think you could add a stretch mark though? It would look even better.

6d18d No.27229

File: 1493112687016.png (293.98 KB, 700x860, tomoko stretch.png)

first time doing stretch marks and i hope i didn't do to bad.

dd8c8 No.27237

You need to learn how to not be greedy. Wait a while, like a week or two, before requesting another, let alone two pics. I'm saying this as someone who used to do edits.

5dacc No.27238


Oh, thank you, she's cute.

e8fa6 No.27241

The lines could be softer but this is one step closer to perfection.

6de8f No.27242

>that addition of stretch marks
Pretty basic and bare bones but I still think I blew a little bit of my brains out with that load
One of the best edits in the thread

b6b58 No.27243

This one is tricky, and the compression on the image gets in the way. Not impossible, though.


It's gonna be difficult because of the creases on the dress. I'm sure someone better than I could make it work but it's still a tall order.

1401a No.27244

she said I can rub it ;-) oh my,it's kicking!

cab45 No.27247


And thank you!
You are awesome.

b6b58 No.27253

You need to chill… if people want to do your requests they will. No need to spam the edit thread with images…

98078 No.27256

I detect hints of multiple-account-request spam. A couple of these most recent users are using the same email domain, onet.pl . not proof, but that seems like a pretty derivative domain to appear twice so quickly.

98078 No.27257

he knows how. I'm pretty sure Sqwark does more than half the edits on this entire thread. him and minty.

e81ab No.27258

Eastern European domains and broken/awkward English are red flags to me.

Or it could be that we're suddenly popular in Poland now.

00fff No.27259


All requests and no edits make for a dull "edit" thread. Thank you.

b6b58 No.27260

While this is flattering, I've only done about 5 edits for this thread. A large portion are other talented artists who have remained anonymous c:

27dd4 No.27269

I think there have been several misunderstandings.
Already, this is the first time I post really on the site, I do not know all the rules. Then I used two accounts with the same email address, just because I have not found how to create a real account on the site and I come a blow with my pc, a blow with my cell phone. Then when I posted the 3 images I never asked for the three to be made, but at least one (the one that seems the simplest). And then, I know how to be patient, if it takes time for one of you to edit an image, I understand. Can you just tell me then how long do I have to leave between each edit request?

b6b58 No.27271

Generally just ask for one, wait a week or two, then ask for another.

27dd4 No.27272

Okay thancks

27dd4 No.27276

It's just that I would love to see Asuna of SAO pregnant and there are so many images on the web where you could do it ^^

6d18d No.27281

File: 1493234825125.png (250.34 KB, 700x860, 34.png)

did a redo

dc3b3 No.27282

Okie now thats looks really nice with the redo

c3d1f No.27302

File: 1493248741505.jpg (30.35 KB, 584x1088, 955204d0bb096d06dd24f2bb42….jpg)

How about this one :3

98078 No.27303

I wasn't talking about you, despite the odd grammar. Just the two accounts with 'onet.pl'. you're using gmail.

6736f No.27305

I feel like the lines along the bottom of the tummy should blend into her thigh/pelvis more, so it looks more natural. Not quite sure if I'm explaining it right, but I'm sure someone knows what I'm getting at.

dfba9 No.27309

File: 1493265666210.jpeg (215.89 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpeg)

I feel like it would take a miracle to pull this one off, but I'm betting on it. Requesting triplets pls?

27dd4 No.27332


Yes I know. But as I said, I didn't find how to create a real account on the site (with a password that I know), so when I came to the site with my cell phone instead of my Computer, I didn't remember the generated password, so it put me with a different ID than the first time.

It's so itchy to ask you for an edit from Asuna but I know I have to be patient.:/

b6b58 No.27336

this is an anonymous messaging board - you don't create an account. The most you have to do is use a persistent username.
It's also advised for you not to use an email you use professionally, because employers can directly see where it's used.

b6b58 No.27338

File: 1493335859653.png (372.02 KB, 500x713, asuna.png)

Here, this is the best I can do on short notice.
I hope this is enough to tide you over for a bit… Next time just be patient and don't beg so hard…

b6b58 No.27339

File: 1493336811386.png (93.26 KB, 584x1088, 1493248741505.png)

While I'm here, I attempted the other request above. I'm sorry if it's not all that good - I am neither a photoshop expert or an artist. I only use a mouse >_>;

b6b58 No.27340

File: 1493336840966.png (91.25 KB, 584x1088, 1493248741505 no bumps.png)

Non-kicking variant

0288a No.27341

Don't be so hard on yourself, Sqwark, they're all pretty great, especially so if you're only using a mouse~

Thanks for your work, and here's hoping people'll cool down a bit~

27dd4 No.27371


Oh I see. I change to the next.

Otherwise, for the next images I would put, I don't ask that it is done by the same person every time nor quickly. It will take the time it will take and it could be well that those who will have to edit the same image rest it to compare the talents of each ^^

cab45 No.27386


It's so sweet <3
Thanks Dear Sir! Can I send JPG tomorrow for editing?

3e1d5 No.27401

Can you do outie variant?

b6b58 No.27402

File: 1493494531057.png (100.26 KB, 584x1088, 1493248741505 no bumps out….png)

d79bc No.27482

File: 1493641217703.png (162.95 KB, 503x975, 1493388248002.png)

I hope this one is not that hard to edit. Extra detailed navel is what i really want to see as well as big belly

d79bc No.27483

Looks nice, but can you make bigger and more pointy?

b6b58 No.27484

The bellybutton or the belly?

bb969 No.27490

File: 1493659240373.jpg (57.48 KB, 620x901, 6849804.jpg)

I was wondering is someone can try and make this Pic with a Belly that is 6 months pregnant! Please and thank you in Advance

3e1d5 No.27495

The belly button. Make it more detailed

9cdb6 No.27500

File: 1493683865836.jpg (80.68 KB, 754x557, ucogibondage.jpg)

Can someone make the blonde girl here pregnant? The source is from a bondage hangman game.

b6b58 No.27502

File: 1493692216352.png (336.57 KB, 754x557, 1493683865836 edit.png)

b6b58 No.27503

The belly button is a little funky now that I've stared at it…
Will fix in the morn.

3e1d5 No.27506

7fe21 No.27510

Not the OR but a suggestion giver who would like to see a much bigger belly :)

cab45 No.27525

File: 1493754218301.jpg (172.9 KB, 850x1194, __kuroki_tomoko_watashi_ga….jpg)

Hello. It's Tomoko again. I love this character, I'm sorry. My waifu. I would like to ask for her twins or triplets.

thank you very much! (I do not know if the post with Tohru has been deleted, if not, then please remove it. Thank you!)

b6b58 No.27526

You already requested that before >>26854
The problem lies in the folds of the clothing, which makes it real difficult to edit.

cab45 No.27527

File: 1493756619176.png (586.77 KB, 680x932, 97f.png)

Oh, true.. so, sorry for problem.. how about this..? :/

b6b58 No.27528

Oh, this is a delicious image.
I can give it a go, but I feel this would be better done by someone much better than me at ps.

b4b9f No.27529

That new site tag line, tho.

cab45 No.27532

>>27528 okay ^^

Thank you for your understanding and being friendly. ^^

27dd4 No.27546

File: 1493809771276.png (272.9 KB, 536x1024, Asuna pregnant edit test 1.png)

As I was so nicely advised, I tried to make an edit myself, and as you can see, it's not a total success. I did several more and I keep doing it but I also do not have time to train.

Also, I don't have the means to offer me a graphic tablet to draw … All that I have at my disposal is MS Paint …

You see why I come to ask you to make edits for me ? I thank you in advance. I wait a bit before ironing and post a request.

7675e No.27547

The key to a good edit is not creating a belly from scratch, but finding a suitable belly that you can transplant successfully onto the picture. I've seen tutorials around, but not sure where…

27dd4 No.27548

Oh, yes, I see. Thank you.

b6b58 No.27551

File: 1493832738495.png (198.56 KB, 843x800, asunaa.png)

>>27546 >>27547
I like to create the belly from scratch - more control.
I use the circle tool in PS, create a decently sized circle, highlight the created circle, create a new layer, create a 1 or 2px soft-light stroke (depends on the source image), and edit both the circle and the stroke until they're roughly the shape of an egg/oval (this depends on the angle).
I then change the colour of the circle (not the stroke) and start adding the contrast of colours on the belly, and when I've finally done everything I add the belly button.

As for >>27546, try to avoid a complete circle. As I said, try to create an egg/oval shape.
It's always a good shout to reference art work to see if you're on the right track.
Take these for example, and note the shape of their belly:

Practice makes perfect (and I should practice what I preach…)

Pic related - it's rushed, and I couldn't get the underwear down right, but you get the idea.

27dd4 No.27554


Thank you for your advice. And you have very well remade Asuna (I should have thought to the poster the original image myself to help you * facepalm *).

But the problem is that I can't afford to pay Photoshop in the long term while I do occasionally use it for the staff of my pleasure …

I will attend this weekend to post another picture, I leave time for other requests in progress.

04476 No.27555

you know you guys could get your gears into high settings, get all the flash screen ladies from something like league of angels and have fun with that…

d46a3 No.27558


8293a No.27560

File: 1493866739664.png (220.78 KB, 769x1236, image.png)

Requesting a quite big belly preggo on this, preferably with pudge included
Although if nobody takes this, it's completely understandable with that dumb knot in the way
Also if someone's wondering how to draw fat preggo bellies, just take a look at some, it shouldn't be too hard to find

f32cc No.27636

don't tell me you never run into those adverts

b6b58 No.27638

Adblock my friend.

7fe21 No.27639

File: 1494111855974.png (609.46 KB, 555x777, image.png)

Requesting a large firm pregnant belly on this one :)

fc16c No.27648

That's thicc not fat

09660 No.27656

File: 1494169248283.jpg (333.27 KB, 650x918, 62720948_p0_m.jpg)

Found low-hanging fruit on pixiv the other day…

09660 No.27657

File: 1494169264940.jpg (284.65 KB, 650x918, 62720948_p0.jpg)

09660 No.27658

File: 1494169301938.jpg (473 KB, 1000x707, 61247421_p0_m.jpg)

"I-I'm 6 months now…"

09660 No.27659

File: 1494169344946.jpg (597.79 KB, 1000x707, 61247421_p0.jpg)

Still a cute tummy when flat!

b6b58 No.27661

File: 1494174007061.jpg (50.68 KB, 661x720, 71c22d586bf700298234d11f21….jpg)

09660 No.27663

File: 1494179678194.jpg (1.38 MB, 1768x1428, 62642961_p0_m.jpg)

thx bruh

I'm going to just start linking to the original artwork page so as to not artificially inflate (heh heh) the post count


09660 No.27667

File: 1494221192223.jpg (696.48 KB, 1413x2000, 7a521b5acf4b85af2c4bfb966e….jpg)

I was wanting to edit this pic before it was requested ion this thread (because Tomoko is <3) but I hemmed and hawed at it for a couple months.


6d18d No.27668

File: 1494227849771.png (1.26 MB, 1027x1500, tomoko edit thing.png)

here is mine

cab45 No.27669


I very like you.
Tomoko is my waifu, so.. <3

dc03b No.27676

hmm well it has some less jailbaity art i tell you that

9cdb6 No.27697

File: 1494362744859.png (420.84 KB, 754x557, ucogi_pregnant.png)

I made a slight edit for the belly button. I hope you don't mind.

b6b58 No.27699

I completely forgot about it, so no worries :p

5ff4c No.27701

Reviewing the possible answers for the hangman game
Pre-gloat is the preparatory stage of gloating about your belly
Pre-glint is the moment before your belly starts shining, kind of like the halo surrounding Virgin Mary's miracle to give you an idea
Pre-guest is that guest who arrives early, wants to do all the chores and help bake the plates albeit unsuccessfully, a nice guy but gets overbearing somewhat
Pre-guilt is what comes before the guilt of getting knocked up

89bf8 No.27705

File: 1494376138828.jpg (227.71 KB, 900x1235, Rin.jpg)

Anyone possibly able to give her a big pregnant belly?

0f3c4 No.27744

File: 1494510854008.png (662.64 KB, 800x1104, 57827429_p0.png)

I tried by myself, but I couldn't inflate it much.
Can anyone give me an advice to make it bigger?

cfbd4 No.27776

File: 1494596943689.png (112.39 KB, 261x600, lilly_behind_smile_nak_pre….png)

sooo as mentioned in the OC thread…

6ab36 No.27778


42383 No.27811

File: 1494727225226.jpg (134.05 KB, 800x600, 1225230282200.jpg)

digging through my old stuff i found some more. this one wasn't a preg edit as such, just changing the hair colours

42383 No.27813

File: 1494727583564.jpg (1.61 MB, 2000x4590, nothing to wahah about.jpg)

but not this one

47b27 No.27817

So I know this is an odd place to ask. But has anyone seen the picture of D.va giving birth in her mech? I've been searching the old threads and cant seem to find it.

16f92 No.27821


I found it in the old original content thread >>19802

e3fee No.27914

File: 1494923980134.jpg (492.97 KB, 2535x2755, mari.jpg)

Poses like this always make me think "That needs a belly."

846e4 No.27943

File: 1494979822387.jpg (415.52 KB, 1200x900, 4-1456976274121.jpg)

This was a request that I saw some time ago. took me alot longer than i expected but i had to go all the way.

846e4 No.27944

File: 1494979852286.jpg (416.87 KB, 1200x900, 3-1456976274121.jpg)

846e4 No.27945

File: 1494979876188.jpg (429.72 KB, 1200x900, 1-1456976274121.jpg)

846e4 No.27946

File: 1494979944310.jpg (436.62 KB, 1200x900, 2-1456976274121.jpg)

…and a birth edit just seemed to good to pass up

4f26d No.27954

Very nice rapid pregnancy edit.

68f7c No.28001

File: 1495066755492.jpg (323.8 KB, 777x777, 13 - f4lSOoG.jpg)

How about this nice pic, please?

33dc2 No.28018

File: 1495121942448.jpg (1.39 MB, 1150x1600, 1488896973127r.jpg)

This would be nice for an edit…

fadb3 No.28029

This series is so great already, but yeah, them knocked up would be a score. Love how you can only tell them apart by the housewife having swollen nipples from already having a kid.

47b27 No.28030


8053f No.28051

File: 1495208429894.jpg (317.12 KB, 670x1200, android 18 LQ.jpg)

I think this one would be pretty nice to alter.

Actually there's quite a few Apostle pics which would be suitable but I'm not gonna post them all.

6736f No.28054

Would be fun if someone could edit some shots of Videl given she never showed any belly during Super.

99a69 No.28061

Oh goodness, let me second this. 18 was my original animated crush.

28b38 No.28084

File: 1495336079855.png (927.4 KB, 704x1100, 1495335379964.png)

This just screams to be altered to me. I really like the almost worried look on the girls face.

00fff No.28100

If someone does this, please fix the Tumblr nose while you're at it.

846e4 No.28119

File: 1495427394070.jpg (1.65 MB, 2535x2755, 14949239801341.jpg)

ec188 No.28138

noice! I think I need to find some pictures of girls holding beachballs, myself. The edits always turn out so well!

14c64 No.28270

File: 1495706414990.jpg (233.81 KB, 560x840, 42795525.jpg)

This one pls

f270d No.28282

File: 1495752701198.png (427.03 KB, 508x960, 18670872_825568337608296_3….png)

This one looks perfect for a laboring beauty if she had a nice big belly. Or maybe attempting pregnant sit-ups? ;p

bf933 No.28283

OH lala! A pictrure of a preggo Kaga!

cdd5f No.28289

File: 1495761553162.jpg (48.37 KB, 160x600, LoA.jpg)

No this is not advertisement
but a nice piece of challenge to bloop her up

33dc2 No.28308

I can tell you right now, the chances are slim to none with this pic because of the arm and leg that are very much in the way.

cab45 No.28349

File: 1495872262697.jpg (530.94 KB, 1600x1200, 1235621 - It's_Not_My_Faul….jpg)

Can anyone edit this? :>

3c1a1 No.28370

>>28308 there's a few where its not

e3fee No.28378

This is really special… more than anyone could ask. The linea nigra and little pokeball navel stud on the popped belly-button is a great touch. Thank you so much.

9cdb6 No.28484

File: 1496152764052.jpg (213.4 KB, 900x700, katie.jpg)

Could I get a pregnant edit for Katie here?

47b27 No.28486


9cdb6 No.28489

It's from an old hentai flash series called Katie's Diaries. The first eight episodes can be found online, although I don't think the pic is from a specific episode.


9c2d2 No.28586

File: 1496318829528.png (197.4 KB, 440x413, [026739].png)

Could someone edit this and draw in the missing bottom half? With a popped belly button, the belly slightly squeezed by the massive thighs and where it touches the floor, and if possible give her feet pink high heels matching the bra though barefoot is fine too.

c48b6 No.28613

File: 1496344883165.jpg (4.39 MB, 3721x4634, 63145398_p2.jpg)

May be tricky due to the arms, but maybe…?

8c807 No.28615

File: 1496347181630.jpg (645.44 KB, 1600x1200, Edit1235621.jpg)

My style doesn't really fit but hey, belly!

cab45 No.28622

File: 1496354656997.png (1.36 MB, 1703x1277, 1496354423234.png)


I slightly edit it. Great thank you very much! This face looks so good to this picture.

846e4 No.28641

File: 1496385116270.jpg (360.48 KB, 900x653, 1484602352498-1.jpg)

523d9 No.28654

File: 1496440731987.jpg (72.4 KB, 600x612, c69694b69201da2d0efe36ae78….jpg)

Haven't seen any good Frisk stuff before, anyone wanna give it a shot?

5bba1 No.28656

This is great, would have also been cool if you shopped one of the Pokéballs to be emerging from her pussy, like she had stuffed them in there.

5ff4c No.28664

Outlines are a bit too thick compared to the rest of the drawing but other than that great work on the belly.

33dc2 No.28670

GTFO pedo.
Frisk is explicitly stated to be a *child*, that's why.

b6ba3 No.28671

what makes her so special compared to oh say, the entire contents of the loli thread?

8053f No.28687

File: 1496540997643.png (174.98 KB, 600x780, Irregular-434602-Youve_Got….png)

One more. Irregular doesn't actually do pregnancy, so I have to rely on the kindness of strangers.

(I also need to figure out how to do this in firefox instead of getting that http_accept whatever error.)

3af20 No.28706

File: 1496608797585.jpg (426.06 KB, 1043x1284, e6b484ddcadadda89aaa737fe7….jpg)

A cute chub in need of some extra chub.

2e650 No.28773

Adding onto the other android 18 photo I think this one would make a great edit as well. If videl is too hard just 18 would be cool too

2e650 No.28774

File: 1496737278982.jpg (333.35 KB, 850x1201, IMG_3784.JPG)

Forgot to attach image whoops

33dc2 No.28839

File: 1496948532034.png (642.01 KB, 1280x1360, 1495928291679.png)

Definitely would love to see an edit of this.

5ff4c No.28867

File: 1497051003250.jpg (468.79 KB, 615x800, fd274831780406603fde406826….jpg)

You probably all saw it coming but I'll request this beach ball be made into a pregnant belly anyway.

ec188 No.28868

Predictable, but I second it anyway. All the previous beachball edits have been fantastic.

1776f No.28869

File: 1497053088877.jpg (238.42 KB, 615x800, 1thing.jpg)

These types of pics never make sense. Who holds the halls like that.barely looks like she's holding it anyway.

1776f No.28870

File: 1497054159070.jpg (498.98 KB, 704x1100, no.jpg)

5ff4c No.28885

>>28869 (OR)
These edits are simply outstanding. They replicate the original art style so damn well.
Thank you for bestowing us with these.

5e51e No.28887

Tumblr nose is literally the worst part about the drawings.

1776f No.28891

Yes yes precious. Use your buzzwords to show how cool you are.

bbc4d No.28895

File: 1497073530866.jpg (64.31 KB, 750x1065, boRAtHH.jpg)

Any chance I can get a cute belly edit for this girl? Any size works, as long as it stays kinda cute.

And I want to thank all the editors/artists here for their fine work.

97819 No.28899

File: 1497084531938.jpg (43.69 KB, 520x650, 19059933_837439423099963_3….jpg)

38956 No.28908

File: 1497116890064.jpg (75.85 KB, 850x1200, 18814997_1762944470389834_….jpg)

e5582 No.28913

File: 1497130356100.png (537.33 KB, 1366x768, watamote-tomoko-on-her-ds.png)

Edit please!
Could she show her belly?

b6b58 No.28914

File: 1497134161889.png (195.64 KB, 600x780, 1496540997643 edit.png)

b6b58 No.28915

File: 1497134177296.png (396.33 KB, 750x1065, 1497073530866 edit.png)

b6b58 No.28916

Not the most amazing edits, but they're something I suppose.

b6b58 No.28917

File: 1497136025744.png (611.07 KB, 1366x768, 1497130356100 edit.png)

Aaaaaaaaand my final one for now for >>28913
That one wasn't too easy…

28c62 No.28920

File: 1497138448549.png (194.46 KB, 1000x1000, pixiv55043089.png)

a huge belly,please

57218 No.28921

Anyone feel like giving this one a try? (Sorry for linking, I couldn't get the image to come up)

0a61f No.28930

File: 1497141549853.png (434.27 KB, 767x1073, catgirl1.png)

Ah, I guess that means there's two versions then, since the other one got posted while I was working on this myself

e5c93 No.28931


Both of these are fantastic! I don't think I have a way to properly say how much I appreciate this, but thank you!

And thank you, other artists and editors in here for all the time you take from your days/nights to make these edits come to fruition.

b6b58 No.28950

Yours is the better one, without a doubt :p

8053f No.28956


:O not bad

Thank you very much :D

3e1d5 No.28958

File: 1497182317305.png (14.62 KB, 419x548, tumblr_opynkchIGK1u679zvo1….png)

Can someone edit this one?

16f12 No.28980

File: 1497230135611.jpg (522.58 KB, 2343x3500, image.jpg)

Something a little different. Could someone try edit off her dress here and leave her naked? That'd be real cool. :)

27dd4 No.28998

File: 1497280962725.jpg (34.77 KB, 480x750, 2fe48a23726f9b4f650d714527….jpg)

Can anyone put a big pregnancy belly on this Philia? And if possible, but I don't think, change the blue of the dress by light green (because I don't like the color of the dress).

f0d10 No.29001

Unless someone was some kind of Photoshop wizard, this is pretty much impossible to do without completely redrawing the dress. Is there a simpler image?

27dd4 No.29004


Well … If it's really impossible to change the color, at least just make the belly …

Otherwise, I have these three images, but I imagine that the hands and the cover on the first two will hinder:

Understand that, when I put several images, I do not ask that all be made, but at least that one is and so much the worse for the others.

f0d10 No.29005

Nono, I mean… the re-colour should be easy-ish, but editing a belly on her is gonna be damn near impossible if you want decent quality.

As for the other images, I dunno - they're out of my skill range but someone else might pick them up.

57218 No.29009

File: 1497291772670.png (364.51 KB, 1347x2496, Tess_concept_art.png)

Is this one possible?

27dd4 No.29012

File: 1497293046613.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, Philia_H-F_Bed.png)

Fuck, I had not seen that the first of the three images had not gone in the right dimensions because at the base it is great …:

Otherwise … Hem, I had misunderstood what you meant to say … I'm stupid sometimes …

In short, I let everyone edit one of the four images as you can …

253de No.29055

File: 1497322384904.jpg (353.2 KB, 2343x3500, 1497230135611ed.jpg)

Gave it a shot…

b2697 No.29062

File: 1497343186861.jpg (67.08 KB, 680x719, f92.jpg)

Woul someone add a belly to the one on the left?

f0d10 No.29066

File: 1497347075073.png (375.45 KB, 680x719, 1497343186861 edit.png)

Your wish has been granted.

f0061 No.29076

File: 1497358647871.png (1.66 MB, 1280x1741, tumblr_o5anw62slB1qb821do1….png)

Somebody should add a preg belly to this sexy qt

5bba1 No.29108

And you will be, probably for a long while if you keep bumping like that.

253de No.29110

File: 1497408305429.png (221.57 KB, 1000x1000, 1497138448549ed.png)

28c62 No.29113


4a1aa No.29116

You're that pushy one, right?
I don't know if you and the other guy in the drawthread are connected but you're being unreasonable. If you ask someone to edit an image with multiple girls suddenly the job becomes so much more complex.
To say "I am waiting" is pretty much request suicide, as now I doubt anyone is going to want to do your edit.

33dc2 No.29126

Not to mention the image just doesn't work. There's just too much shit going on.

f0d10 No.29131

No please, no thank you, nothing.
Request something else.

33dc2 No.29132

I mean, I'm not that guy, but could you do my earlier request? It's the one that has Jane getting spitroasted.

f5a6b No.29138

Whoa, Jane from Homestuck?
Homestuck is my jam! I'll do it

33dc2 No.29142

Sweet jams! Can't wait!

bbc4d No.29150

File: 1497500194370.png (995.64 KB, 2000x3500, Nemnem1.png)

I feel guilty for asking, but is there any chance I can get this girl edited to have a cute belly?

Having a bad day, need a cheer-up.

f0d10 No.29157

Nono, I mean choose another image with one girl.
Just… not that image.

f0d10 No.29158

File: 1497523520008.png (676.44 KB, 1280x1360, 1496948532034 edit.png)

It ended up rather tricky because of her posture.
I did what I could ; - ;

33dc2 No.29161

It's amazing! Thanks!

28c62 No.29170

File: 1497539734900.jpg (195.6 KB, 1600x2263, -482faf6642154d79.jpg)


f0d10 No.29182

These are on my list for when I get some spare time, though I dont want to put others off of doing edits of them! I'm still a novice at edits anyhow

a2406 No.29215

File: 1497634670404.png (1.4 MB, 970x1860, Junkpuyo.png)

NOT my edit. Just popped up.

523d9 No.29227

File: 1497649413100.jpeg (316.5 KB, 595x842, 44e72579ed4b3887b3e4c82bb….jpeg)

D.Va please.

bbc4d No.29252

Thank you in advance! I don't really know how else to express my gratitutde.

f0d10 No.29403

Then your image isn't getting done.
Tough luck.

bec57 No.32726

File: 1504785452423.png (899.14 KB, 1000x750, Korra_01.png)

Hello, newcomer here. I do edits in my spare time as well, hope these are good contributions.

bec57 No.32727

File: 1504785512712.jpeg (195.88 KB, 1000x750, 232404720710f091e73bb5e74….jpeg)

Original Image

76e0e No.34401

File: 1508208935971.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1000x1415, 1ce6fd01dd4e4ad612d75a0e77….jpg)

Would anyone be willing to give Toga a nice belly? Please and thank you :)

f8baf No.34402

Did you even try looking at the catalog?

b5e12 No.34408

he did. he is literally going through every thread looking for someone to do his shit

29223 No.35165

File: 1509781936616.jpg (284.02 KB, 819x1212, 1489296898266.jpg)

try this

29223 No.35166

File: 1509782405975.jpg (49.04 KB, 584x1088, 1493248741505.jpg)

would have been too easy to just make a black buldge.

29223 No.35167

File: 1509782775272.png (149.76 KB, 503x975, 1493641217703.png)

im not good with navels but hope this gets you off

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