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fafde No.24119[Last 50 Posts]

A break in the storyline at this point as unplanned, so here is a brief summation of all so far for new readers to quickly access previous parts of the story.

Beginning thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

The aristocrat Sir Edward selects his bride, travels to her home country, and settles in to his new life far away from all he's known.

Second thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Crown Prince Edward of Ruhemania slowly becomes aware he's traversing a web of intrigue and there are plenty of secrets to discover at the castle.

Third thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Crown Prince Edward makes choices that affect his virility and the direction of the entire country.

Fourth thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

Edward is coronated and becomes King Edward.

Fifth thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

King Edward starts to establish his reign. His wife is pregnant, as are others.

Please, use this chat thread for in-depth discussions, feedback, and emotional reactions:


This post will be followed by a post announcing the vote results of the latest choice, and then the update.

I hope it's enjoyable.

fafde No.24120

>1 vote for option three, investigate Margaret.
>3 votes for option six, investigate the older guard you humiliated.
>1 vote for option seven, ask Beatrice to report on herself.
>6 votes for option eight, enough espionage. Ask Beatrice to tutor Tharja.

Ask Beatrice to tutor Tharja.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.24121

File: 1482922788180.jpg (705.7 KB, 752x1062, Beatrice-comehither.jpg)

Once again, a small reminder/request to please use the chat thread for reactions/discussion/feedback about the story that does not include actual voting. This will help keep the post-count down and ensure there will be more updates before we move on to a new thread.

Of course, I will not be 'enforcing' this, so it's all right if you really do want to talk about reasoning between updates. Moving along to a new post after 500 posts is not a terribly huge deal, after all. It's more important that people feel comfortable reading the story and share their thoughts about where they want it to go.

Remember, you are writing this story with me.

I hope it's enjoyable.

You are concerned about that soldier you humiliated.

You'd hate to think, even with right on your side, his resentment could fester until he took steps to make himself your assassin.

…But you have no need to be worried of that, yet. It wouldn't happen overnight.

More importantly, you're concerned about Tharja.

You think it's time Beatrice set to work putting Tharja on the 'proper' path of witchcraft.

You'd like her to tutor Tharja instead of spying.

Beatrice nods. Her lips turn into a soft expression of consideration.

"Ah… I'm glad to hear my words have reached you, King. Yes, I'll gladly step in and assist Innocence in the ways of magic."

She raises her pipe.

"Of course, I'll start work on creating a new un-attuned spell book as well."


Did she have to? Beatrice doesn't need to bother, you think. It'll be many a year before you could consider using that.

Beatrice waves your comment off.

"No, I welcome starting such work. It won't detract from my tutoring of Innocence at all. On the contrary, it will aid me to have something to organize my thoughts around."

You suppose if she puts it like that, you won't stop her from doing it.

Beatrice gives you a little grin.

"Furthermore, if you change your mind and want to work as your spy again, I can set the work aside and pick it up at my leisure without losing what I've already done."

Oh. So there really is no drawback.

All right, then.

Beatrice tells you she'll be spending her mornings with Tharja from now on. Afternoon and evening will be spent working on the new spellbook.

She may need to conceal her visits with her, for now. Less so when Tharja is obviously pregnant and she can use the guise of 'being Tharja's midwife'.

You're free to visit during this time, of course.

Hm, this might make organizing threesomes with Beatrice and Tharja a little easier.

"In the meantime…"

Beatrice licks her fingers.

"Have you had sex yet today, King?"

… You haven't.

You had to attend the Church service, then you spent your time with the guards. You missed out on your horseback riding with Malon, too.


Beatrice gives you a very hungry look, arching her delicate eyebrows.

Those are 'take me now' eyes if you've ever seen them.

On the other hand…

It must be getting late in the day.

You still haven't met with Tharja yet.

Maybe Beatrice would like to accompany you to Tharja's room, you suggest?


Beatrice turns her pipe over, emptying the ash to the floor.

"I do enjoy Tharja's company, including in the bedroom… but I confess a certain eagerness to, quote, have you to myself."

Beatrice licks her lips, pink tongue pressing through teeth.

"For the moment," she adds, breathy.


It is tempting. Surely Tharja will understand if you arrive a little closer to sunset than usual.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Fulfill Beatrice's wish. Take her alone in your bedroom.
>You'll be less hurried if you involve Tharja, and you haven't done it with Beatrice in Tharja's room yet. Take Beatrice back to Tharja's room for a threesome.

3f76e No.24122

Option one

ce872 No.24123

How could we resist such magnificent tits and her unfertilised womb? Option one!

4f8db No.24124

Option 1
Much obliged ~

19286 No.24125

Option 1.

8dff2 No.24126

Option 1

29811 No.24128

Option 1, no brainer.

2e4d2 No.24135

e21b1 No.24143

Option one

94410 No.24147

Option 1.

Beatrice is our #1 concubine, I'd hate to disappoint.

fafde No.24149

>9 votes for option one, take Beatrice alone in your bedroom.

Impregnate Beatrice in a solo session.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.24186

If Beatrice desires you that much, you're hardly in the mood to disappoint her.

And you're already hard from watching her lick her fingers.

What else is she in the mood for, you ask?

She stands up, her chair delicately scooting itself back.

"I want to see the bold King that cannot leave even one woman without a baby developing in her womb. Imagine if we don't have sex right now that I will never be pregnant, and show me that… urgency, to rectify it."


Beatrice has certainly learned how to arouse your interest.

You give her a little nod and immediately stand up, starting to untie your cape.

Beatrice puts up a hand.

"Ah, wait. Leave your clothes on, King," she says.


Is she telling you to wait, after hearing that?

–Or was this some sort of test?

Beatrice shakes her head.

"Not at all, King. But… follow me for a moment. What separates man from animal?"


Right now, the stone of the castle walls, your soldiers, the drawbridge, and the moat, you quip.

Beatrice cackles at your answer.

"Ahahaha! –That was clever, I'll give you that, but not what I had in mind."

She waves her hand with her pipe.

"The essence of civilization, what separates man from beast is clothing. Man alone dresses itself to hide its shame. In removing our clothes, we return to the state of being base animals… and engage in primitive urges to procreate."

… It's more complicated a concept you expected when your mind was beginning to turn to the possibility of having sex.

But you suppose you can go along with it. You nod.

She nods back.

"That's why I want us to have sex while we're still clothed… show me that your desire to make me pregnant transcends what society expects from civilized people."

She waves a hand.

"Of course, I'll clean up obvious messes or repairs after the fact."

Your mind can't help but flashback to the time you were in the dungeon with Daniella and Beatrice.

Daniella's argument back then had been so simple…

'Witches were evil, therefore kill them all,' she had said.

…Paraphrasing, but not by much.

You had worried for a time that maybe you hadn't made the right decision. Maybe witches were evil… or at least witchcraft caused more evil than otherwise. Certainly, meeting with Erika put you in mind of how terrifying witchcraft could be.


If there's one thing you can say about all three of them, they enjoy the opportunity to engage in deep concepts.

Tharja had taken philosophy as inspiration for helping you send Elizabeth on her maiden voyage.

Beatrice was constantly aiding you with her intellect. Challenging you, as well.

Even Erika insisted on a little bit of symbolic relevance in the gesture of her putting your crown on your head.

You think you see it now.

The real draw to siding with Beatrice and witchcraft wasn't short-term greed for power to be King, or even to have the safety of escaping King Vlad's judgment.

–It was being free to think about and establish your own legacy.

You think that's what motivates Beatrice too.

In that case, you'll gladly go along with it.

You've had sex while clothed, of course. You had one such encounter with Elizabeth in a closet, and many other fertile women back in Virilia that could not spare the luxury of further privacy and time.

But choosing to do it like this is a new little twist, you think.

Before you start, you go over your safe word with Beatrice again.

Of course, you won't touch her book-holding hand.

You set your sword aside. It'll just get in the way.

fafde No.24187

File: 1483104619541.jpg (883.07 KB, 932x666, Beatrice-clothed.jpg)

You step close to Beatrice.

You can practically smell the lust in the air, and she looks up at you with a pleased smirk.

"Well, King? Don't hold back, now…"


Of course, Beatrice is still in her elaborate magical dress.

You start by wrapping your arms around Beatrice's back and pushing her toward the bed.

Her breasts feel wonderful pressed against you, even under the heavy garment between you both.

There's no lack of cleavage shown in her bust and you take the moment to look down and appreciate it as you bend her backward.

… You have to lift up her skirt.

This part she'll undoubtedly enjoy.

You have to kneel at her feet… so you do.

Your hands go to the hem, and you catch yourself trying to be careful around the fabric before you remember it's a magic dress and you should be as rough as you like.

Beatrice seems to have picked up on that.

"Ahahaha. Is it not a beautiful thing that commands respect? That's true in any situation, King."


Like Beatrice herself, you quip?

She looks at you with heavy-lidded eyes.


You peel up her skirt, long fabric up over soft legs, until you see her familiar red slit among her golden pubic hair.

She rolls up to make it easier for you, and looks into your eyes.

"See how empty it is? It needs your cum, King."


You pull down the front of your leggings just enough to free your manhood.

Your stalk is heavy with arousal and bounces free urgently along with your testicles.

You need to get Beatrice pregnant.


You lift Beatrice's legs leaving her opening bare and undefended.

You pull her closer, thrusting your hips down to meet her genitals with yours.

Spear her opening with your hard stalk and start breeding her.

Your glans meet her pussy lips, and you start to penetrate her.

Your cockhead slick with precum easily splits apart Beatrice's soft pussy lips.

You let out mutual groans of satisfaction as you find your dick covered in hot heat.

She's ready enough with arousal that you slide all the way to the base with minimal effort.


You can't help but pant your pleasure.

Beatrice always feels so good!

You lie on top of her, letting her legs fall back around your waist.

You start to roll your hips against her, pounding her pussy and abandoning any pretense of proceeding slowly.

You'll gladly commit to as many tries as it takes, and beyond.

Any price is reasonable for the opportunity to knock Beatrice up.

Beatrice smiles up at you.

"Truly? Well… let me use some of my magic on you…"

She reaches down and takes your hand, guiding it to her breast.


You knead eagerly, right through the fabric until you manage to stretch it to the point it pops out. Then you do the same to the other.

Her tits are beyond compare and you can't deny the feeling of pulling them free from her dress adds a spiciness you underestimated.

You thrust deep enough and with enough force that you can feel your balls swing.

The sound of your copulation filling the room with loud slapping as your crotch meets hers over and over again.

Doing it like this… with you both clothed and without any restraints

You really do feel like a beast. A mad, rutting one.

It's not a terrible feeling.

"Ah… ah…"

Beatrice's head suddenly presses forward and her lips meet yours.

You're almost startled as you feel her tongue start to press into your mouth.

…She's assertive.

You close your eyes and push back with your tongue, hard.

You feel her legs wrap around your backside in an attempt to draw you closer, still.

A need for air separates your kiss.

You can feel the sweat on your brow, no doubt caused from the heat of remaining clothed.

Beatrice lets out another moan as your staff pleasures her further.

It won't be long for either of you.

Suddenly you watch Beatrice lick her lips, staring into your eyes.

"…Fertilize me, King…"

"…Give me your seed…"

"…Give me a new life to carry…"

"…Give me wide hips, swollen breasts, and a big baby bump…"

"…Give me a hot, screaming birth as I bring your babe into the world…"

"…Knock me up!…"


You hilt yourself inside her, your hands reaching down to cup and cradle her ass.

Draw her hips upward and make it easier to angle yourself as you spurt and spurt and spurt.

Only one thought on your mind as pleasure overtakes you.

Breed her.

Breed Beatrice.

You lose track of how many times your orgasm makes you convulse, but…

It's enough that even with you fully sheathed and lying on top of Beatrice, you can still feel your semen oozing around your cock.

Beatrice felt it too.

You both share in the panting for air before your eyes meet again, her legs unlocking and falling free behind you.

…Ah, you can see a stray hair falling from Beatrice's intricate little hair bun.

Her happy face makes it look especially cute.

You share another, softer kiss.

Beatrice strokes your cheek.

"Goodness. You gave me so much today… as I thought, there's no stopping your desire to breed, is there King? Not even the constrains of mortal society…"


There sure isn't.

That's the wittiest thought you can manage.

You roll along Beatrice to give you both some room.

You swear, you can hear the sound of your seed sloshing inside Beatrice as you withdraw your cock from her folds.

Leaving her with an orifice filled to the brim with your cream.

You lost count, but…

Here was another chance to have knocked up Beatrice.

You hope your seed meets her ovulation and produces a fine child.

>No choice yet. New poll coming soon.

fafde No.24208

You catch your breath with Beatrice on the bed.

Not for too long, however.

You really do need to see Tharja.

True to her word, Beatrice cleans up your disheveled clothes.

She can't do anything for how much you're sweating after all that activity, though. Nor your fading cock wet with the remains of your orgasm.

You ask if Beatrice would like to accompany you to Tharja's room to talk about magic with her and her new role as tutor?

"Hm… no, that should wait. I need to organize myself, King."

Furthermore, she has requests of you.

She gives you a list of mundane items she says she'll need to turn into the appropriate magical artifact.

Parchment, adhesive, wood and leather for binding, etc.

Mundane, but not common. It will probably take a stamped order from you to gather this much.

You're not sure why you need to bother Ricardo for this.

Can't Beatrice create the material she needs herself?

…You decide against asking her directly.

You're sure there's some reason.

You pick up your sword, Beatrice re-takes her noblewoman persona, and you both depart the room.

Your bed is left soiled for the maid to deal with.

Beatrice goes on her own way, giving a parting look of annoyance at the soldier guarding your tower.

You go alone and find Ricardo in the treasury.

You don't actually hand him Beatrice's list, as that'd look suspicious, so you recount what you need from memory and have him write it out.

A quick seal from your signet ring and Ricardo swears he'll have the materials ready for you.

You eventually find yourself with Tharja.

Unfortunately, you're not much in the mood for sex once you're together after your time with Beatrice.

Tharja's very understanding and you pass time just talking instead.

… You recognize Tharja's bed has been cleaned.

Is that right?

Tharja blushes nervously at your question.

"Well… I've been having a difficult time sleeping lately so I thought it was probably time to launder the bedding."

You laugh and tell her that's fine.

The bed will still be an 'altar' to your virility even without the actual stains, as it were.

You do eventually embrace Tharja and your playful lovers' cuddling gradually turns to sex.

You're exhausted enough you decide to sleep with Tharja overnight.

fafde No.24209

File: 1483189892336.jpeg (278.91 KB, 800x600, pregnant-sea.jpeg)

Falling asleep in Tharja's arms, you have a vivid dream.

You recognize at least that it is a dream.

You see yourself in your throne with your crown, and you're making a royal proclamation.

King Vlad had a policy that anyone in the Kingdom with a problem could come to him for his judgment and have the matter resolved.

You, however, have your own priorities.

Any woman seeking a child to bear could visit your chambers and have the matter resolved.

The audience in attendance applauds uproariously.

Even the priest is there to bless your idea.

Suddenly you're surrounded by women.

They're lining up, out the door, out the castle, and down into the forest.

You take the first one, a pretty young maid, and get to work.

Time is of the essence, so you have her get on her hand and knees and take her from behind.

You've got a lot of women to gift with your seed, after all.

Of course, the dream doesn't stop with their fertilization.

Before you know it, they're all pregnant, their bellies swelling as fast as you can fertilize them.

You lose yourself among a veritable sea of pregnant women, bellies as far as the eye can see.

fafde No.24210

>New week to make choices for.

It's time to decide on how to handle the new week for Edward. Please look over this list and think if you would like anything to be changed.

This decision is not a vote, but a general consensus.

Week 7
Daily sexual activity: Tharja.
Also have sex with at least once: Elizabeth.
Daily non-sexual activity: Practicing with lances with the guards/Visiting the stable to acclimate Edward to his horse.
Have sex with to impregnate: Beatrice/Malon/Sully
Delay pursuing a relationship with: Twin maids
Maintain relationship with: Ricardo/the senior guard
Watch for problems with: The fat maid, the older guards, the architect and his men.
Research: Ruhemanian titles and holdings.
Delay researching: The new Church-trade book.

Any changes? Please do not hesitate to make your voice known, again. Especially if you have a new idea of who Edward should meet with or how he should spend his time.

If everyone seems agreed with this being what Edward should do, I will start writing scenes for the next week of in-game time.

(Please note that some of these scenes are assumed even if I didn't write them.)

We are almost at the time the summer festival will begin.

Time will (likely, depending on how I think the story will best flow) not proceed weekly once we reach the festival.

This means this series of updates may be the last chance for "usual" scenes in the castle for some time like how everyone is used to reading.

I hope it's enjoyable.

d772b No.24214

Looks fine to me.

61d3c No.24216

Looks good.

8dff2 No.24243

Looks good to me

f6694 No.24290

Looks good

94410 No.24291

Can we bump up the twin maids in priority? They've been in the "delay" category for such a long time now, I'd like to see us actually attempt to form some sort of relationship with them and get our progression under way.

fafde No.24295

Not a problem. I'll include another potential scene with the twin maids then.

f98c2 No.24297

Agreeing with the poster that indicated bumping the Twin Maids as a priority (every pimp needs a set of twins, yo…)
Other than that, we feel Elizabeth has kind of grown long in the tooth, could we maybe swap her place with that of Malon and/or Beatrice, at least until we're certain one of them is properly impregnated? Just a thought.

2e3a1 No.24298

On the other hand we know that Elizabeth is basically addicted to sex and gets some form of withdrawal symptoms if Edward doesn't fuck her regularly. And personally I like the scenes with Elizabeth very much. So I'd rather not bump her off the list.

How about we try to have more threesomes as a compromise?

f98c2 No.24300

Dually noted. We can ascent to a threesome, if that is acceptable to the author as well.

fafde No.24313

It's been an unstated policy that the women who aren't yet thought to be pregnant are getting much more detailed sex scenes than the women who are. That's why Beatrice's sex scenes have gotten the full treatment while the scenes with Tharja and/or Elizabeth are glossed over or only sparsely described. (People voted to still have Edward have sex with Tharja every day, so they are still doing it.)

That said, the scenes with Elizabeth lately have included Tharja, so this >>24298 is what is already happening. Just not every day. She joins them at least once a week.

Though if people want to change this to 'Elizabeth can join Tharja's daily sex sessions and every day is a threesome between them,' then that's fine too. Let me know if this is what you would like to happen.

Assuming there aren't any more drastic suggestions, the next week will start in another day or two.

a7fc4 No.24336

Did someone say twin threesome? Man oh man, I've been waiting for some twin action. Let's work towards some twin action~

fafde No.24337

Week 7
Daily sexual activity: Tharja.
Also have sex with at least once: Elizabeth, in a threesome with Tharja.
Daily non-sexual activity: Practicing with lances with the guards/Visiting the stable to acclimate Edward to his horse.
Have sex with to impregnate: Beatrice/Malon/Sully.
Start pursuing a relationship with: Twin maids.
Maintain relationship with: Ricardo/the senior guard.
Watch for problems with: The fat maid, the older guards, the architect and his men.
Research: Ruhemanian titles and holdings.
Delay researching: The new Church-trade book.

New update coming soon.

fafde No.24338

File: 1483616927604.jpg (541.03 KB, 850x1360, Tharja-on-top.jpg)

You wake up with Tharja, and a very large, painful erection. Sleeping with her gave you good dreams, and you're all too eager to share the results with her.

You spend the early morning having sex with your wife.

She's eager to help with your pain and needs no cajoling.

She crawls on top of you while you're lying down and squats on top of your manhood, penetrating herself over and over. Her feet flat against the bedding.

It's no doubt tiring for her.

But she knows you've been doing a lot of strenuous physical activity recently.

"Let it out inside me, my husband… I need your seed inside me so bad!"

You won't deny it to her.

You gladly surrender to the intense pleasure only your wife can give you.

Tharja's crying out as you spurt inside her.

"Aaah… aahh… aaaah!!"

She slowly pulls herself off of you, crawling over to lie on your chest, she presses her face close.

"I love you, my husband…"

You realize then she's crying tears of happiness.

You share a long kiss together, your tongues dancing in passion, awash in the love you share together.

You trace your hands all along her curves.

You know every inch of her body.

She's definitely gaining weight.

Not dramatically, of course. It's subtle, but a very good sign.

Her baby bump would soon show itself. You know it.

>No choice yet. New poll coming soon.

fafde No.24355

File: 1483707753327.jpg (332.92 KB, 554x742, Malon-justincase.jpg)

You proceed along your usual schedule.

Breakfast is uneventful, although you share a little risque innuendo with Tharja about your night together in your conversation.

You're careful not to say anything that might hint Tharja is already pregnant.

You can't help but feel a little bit of nerves as you go out to the armory to train with the guards.

The atmosphere doesn't seem changed, however, and you soon find yourself forgetting your apprehension as you settle into the practice.

You're getting confident in your lance-work now.

You should perhaps soon ask for one to practice holding while riding on your horse.

You meet with Malon, apologizing for missing her yesterday.

Of course she doesn't mind.

Neither does Eclipse, as you easily take him for a brief canter outside the stables.

Malon informs you she thinks your relationship has progressed to a point you could safely take Eclipse beyond the castle walls without worrying about losing him to the forest.

That's good, but not your objective.

You need to get the beast used to wearing armor and carrying a heavier load.

Malon blushes at the comment.

…You think she must be thinking about how you'll soon have her carrying a heavier load, as well.

You take Eclipse back to the stable with Malon.

She adds that when you start working him harder, she'll have to take more time to care for him. Especially as the days grow hotter into summer.

–You know that much, at least.

You're smart enough to know you can't just ride a horse ragged and then push it into the stable and be on your way.

But you know why she's telling you this.

It might cut into the time you take to breed your stablehand.

Speaking of which…

You take Malon aside to an empty stall in the stable.

You ask her if she has bled like a woman recently.

She blushes and smiles.

"I haven't, King," she tells you.


That was a good sign.

You may have hit Malon's ovulation window.

That will make Malon the fourth confirmed mother you've made in Ruhemania.


You step closer, brushing her hair with your hand.

You would like to be sure, you say.

Just in case.

Malon teases the ground with her boot, looking at her shoes embarrassed, but… delighted.

"If… that's what the King wishes…"

You spend more intimate time with Malon. Putting her on her back in the literal hay and pumping her full of your seed.

You can't wait to see her pregnant, along with the other mares in the stable. …And the castle as well.

It'll be a very satisfying feeling to see her pregnant, and you're sure she'll be a perfect mother.

She freely cries out her satisfaction as you make her climax around you.

It sounds like even she's aware you don't care who in the castle knows what you're doing with her.

>No choice yet. Future poll coming soon.

fafde No.24367

File: 1483798246585.png (228.77 KB, 339x442, Sully-enamored.png)

You're caught in the corridors of the castle by one of the servants. An older maid passes on a message to you.

A verbal message, not written.

Master of Coin Ricardo prepared the materials you requested. He will have them delivered where you like.

Hm. That's the 'ingredients' Beatrice requested to create a new unattuned magic book.

You could have them take them to your room, but that's a bit much to ask from her, and Beatrice when you give them to her.

You could have them taken to the library, but you don't want Tharja to be disturbed.

You ask the maid if there's a spare room that could be used as a study.

Of course, there is such a room. She tells you where it is. You inform her you'd like the materials brought and left for you there. She swears it will be done.


You proceed on to your midday meal.

Fortunately, you find Beatrice there before Elizabeth and Margaret have arrived.

You tell her what she requested is ready, and where to find it.

She gives you a sly grin and her thanks.

That's that, then.

You've set Beatrice to start creating more witches. In the sense she'll tutor Tharja, and create a new book to initiate another girl into a witch in the future.

You can't help but you really have started rebuilding the legacy of witchcraft in Ruhemania, now.

Especially if one of those future witches happens to be a daughter of yours.

After your midday meal, Tharja stops you.

She tells you there's a good reason for you to visit her wing right now… and it's not for her needs.

She whispers to you Sully is waiting and she's heard she has something she wants to say.

"My room will be unlocked, my husband. You'll find me in the library whenever you're satisfied," she says.

You tell Tharja you appreciate it very much.

It'd be a bit too much to take Sully past one of the other guards up to your tower with you, after all.

You find Sully standing guard over Tharja's wing of the castle.


You can tell just from her body language that something is different today.

You walk right up to her, greeting her fondly.


She stares at you as if entranced.

"Hey King…"

You watch her flinch, looking away… and you think you even see a blush of red on her cheeks.

"Can we… talk?"

Her tone implies she very much does not expect to 'talk.'

You can't help but put on your own flirtatious tone to your speech.

You tell her you always hate to be one to disappoint… certainly you'll grant her your ear, and anything else she likes from you.

You lead Sully to Tharja's room.

True to your wife's word, the door to her room is unlocked.

You set a torch aside so you have some light.

The door shuts, and Sully immediately is on you.

Kissing you.

Her lips are hard, but her mouth is eager.

Moreover, she puts her entire body into the embrace.

She wraps a leg around yours, grinding herself into you.

Her arms wrapped around your torso as you kiss, and kiss, and kiss.

You can't help but feel you're locked into a test of endurance with her.

It's certainly with a ferocity she showed in your early spars together.

Finally she separates, with an audible smacking sound left to resound throughout the room.

Her breath is heavy, her chest heaving against yours.


She pants loudly, catching her breath. She's practically moaning.

"I want your babies!"


You were already eager from the intense foreplay, but…

Your cock quickly stiffens up, hearing that.

Her eyes are heavy, pleading.

"Please… give them to me… make me yours, King…"

She kisses you again.

Your head is spinning.

Sully's truly desperate.

You can't help but think this simply must be related to the stunt you pulled with the older guard.

Was that it?

It'd make a certain amount of sense… but you hadn't really intended it as a way to get Sully excited for you.

It was purely for the sake of all of your loyal soldiers.

You take her hands, separating enough to get your mouth free and ask if that's what Sully would really like.

There's… after-all… more to lovemaking than the woman just asking to be bred.

…. You can't help but feel a sense of deja vu.

Sully grips your hands tight.

"But, that's what I want!" she says.

She doesn't raise her voice, but the intensity is definitely felt.

In her words and her grip.

"F-Fuck, King… I want you… to feel you impregnate me… just push me down on the bed and let's do it! I'm tough! I can take it!"

You can't help but feel your own passion kindled by Sully's eagerness.

This goes beyond the vaguely scripted delivery Sully gave you when you took her virginity.

Still, you can't help but be curious.

Maybe you should lower the intensity of the situation and ask specifically what's got her so hot and bothered.

–Though your manhood would certainly like to follow what she suggests. It'd definitely be like throwing a wet blanket on the fire.

As another option, you can't help but remember your last session with Beatrice.

Maybe it'd be enticing to do it partially clothed with Sully.

Your last sex together you had her leave her top-armor on, but you still had your boots off, at least.

Choice time:
>Grant her wish. Strip Sully, put her on the bed and knock her up without delay.
>You want to settle the question of what has her so riled up. Try to calm her down enough to ask about that.
>It's too much of a wait to strip her naked. Have sex with Sully while clothed.

799df No.24368

We can talk later. Fuck her now. Option one.

8dff2 No.24369

Option 1

94410 No.24370

Option 1.

We'll talk after she's "calmed down."

98046 No.24378

Option 1.
Like everyone is stating, we should calm her needs before we proceed. Trying to make her stop right now may go either ignored or vague answers that get us no where.

Now, I am starting to worry about the women here. She obviously has something more going on with her right now. It could be be argued that Elizabeth has a similar situation going on right now (the slave thing was really weird). I fear that Tharja may be influencing our mortal mistresses magically into a sexual rut as a way to appease us. I think we need to talk to Sully about what specifically Tharja has been talking to her about after she has calmed way down. If it is hinted that this theory is true, we talk to Tharja about this and (if true) have her figure out ways to reverse what she did to them. This is all oberating on an "if".

79a14 No.24382

Option one

61d3c No.24383

I agree with this. Say I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth, but things have been a bit too convenient with Sully and Elizabeth. Afterwards, I get the feeling we need to have a word with Tharja.

Anyway, for now, Option 1. Let's not torture the poor woman.

4f8db No.24390

Option 1

If we dont ask thajra how about
we asking beatrice to trace any
magic around sully and eliz?

fafde No.24397

>7 votes for option one, have sex with Sully, as she requests, on the bed.

Take Sully to the bed and impregnate her, as she asked.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.24536

File: 1484571610120.jpeg (141.02 KB, 800x1131, Sully-eager.jpeg)

You push any curiosity you have to the side.

For the time being, you'll simply credit Sully's excitement to your exceedingly good looks and virility.


Tharja is pregnant. Elizabeth is pregnant. The blacksmith's widowed sister is pregnant. Malon was likely pregnant. You had sex with Beatrice while she was ovulating this month…

That left Sully as the final girl to knock up who you already have a sexual relationship with.

You whisper that she doesn't need to say anything else.

You don't intend to leave the room without giving her a nice, hard fertilizing.

One that'll leave her carrying your child together.


Despite your assurance she does say one thing else.

"Thank you."

You step apart so you can take off your clothes.

fafde No.24537

File: 1484571728450.png (753.27 KB, 1280x1213, Sully-waiting.png)

Sully immediately lets loose her belt, pants, and yanks her entire bottom armor off.

Then she steps free of her boots and shrugs herself out of her top armor, leaving her pert breasts exposed.

…You're a little stunned.

You've barely started to undo your leggings.

"King?" she asks.

You need a second to catch up.

You tell her to lie back on the bed… legs spread.

She nods, setting her self down, then leaning back with her legs parted.

"Like this?" she asks, giving you a very generous view of her spread pussy.

You notice her pubic hair is starting to grow back. She must not have had it shaved since your first time.

… Your hands can't work fast enough on your leggings.

You tell Sully to touch herself with her hand.

It… goes better the more aroused she is. The feminine fluid from her needs to flow freely.

"Oh… okay."

You watch her lift one hand and put it between her legs.


She jumps a bit, her hips rocking in response to her fingertips stoking her slicked opening.

With her legs spread, you can see her glide her fingers over her lips and how she presses her fingers together to rub around her clit.

Her hand is soon wet with her fluids, which she generously trails around her hole to make herself ready for you.

…Her hands must be callused, as yours are.

You're a little surprised.

As you set your sword aside, you ask her.

She asked before if you had 'used your hand to satisfy yourself'…

Did she, to satisfy her feminine needs?

You hear Sully grunt with arousal.

"Ah… not my hand or anything… too obvious… but sometimes when I'm wearing rough clothes… ah… they rub… there… And I'll just keep rubbing my legs together until I come…"

You watch Sully's vagina pulsate as she recounts her masturbation method to you.

You finally free yourself from the tyranny of your clothing.

You tell Sully to get ready.

You'll do for her what she needn't do for herself anymore.

You'll stir up her womb with your seed and give it a baby to make.

She raises her head, eyes heavy with lust.


Sully lifts her hips, inviting you to penetrate her, fingers gently spreading her pussy wider for you.

"F-fuck me hard, King," she starts to request.

But you're already on top of her.

Your manhood is burning from the show Sully has put on and your foreplay together.

Your precum-soaked cockhead meets her opening and you easily slide yourself inside of her with a soft thrust of your hips.

Even after her requests to be 'hard', you take it easy.

This was only Sully's third time, after all.

fafde No.24538

File: 1484571899665.png (802.76 KB, 1280x1024, Sully-filled.png)

You can feel Sully's vaginal walls gripping you as your manhood spears itself deeper, settling between the crook of her spread legs.

"Ah! …Aaaah."

She winces as your cock forces her lips to part and you settle on top of her with your weight, pressing her back into the bed.

Until your length bottoms out and you can't push yourself in any farther.


… Your balls rest comfortably as you find yourself sheathed in Sully's vagina.

Her hips are narrower than the other women at the castle, so you really have to spread her open to get access to her this way.

But it's a right, dominant position you're in.

You let Sully take control for your first few sessions.

Now it was time to really make her feel like a woman, under you, taking your seed.

Your hands reach up to grope at her chest.

You do manage to knead a little bit of fat among Sully's flat, tomboyish frame.

Her nipples are hard and you take the opportunity to let her know it by stroking the little nubs of flesh.


She rewards you with another moan.

You can feel her trying to lift her legs behind your back, as much as she can.

Even with you fully sheathed, it's not quite so easy for her.

But the action does shift her hips higher to make the angle easier for you.

You stretch out your legs to give yourself more leverage and start to thrust.

Sully's moans fill the bedroom along with your own as you lose yourself in the feeling of sex.

She's… tight.

You decide to test her earlier claim.

You wrap your arms around Sully, pulling her body tight with yours, giving her just enough room to breathe and fill her lungs.

Meanwhile, your rock your hips harder.

Penetrating her with your cock as a soldier might attack a straw dummy with their sword.


Sully's cries ring out.

You keep thrusting and they grow louder and you realize you've overwhelmed her.

Her legs have stop tried to wrap themselves and stick out straight back.

You look up and see her face awash with pleasure and… panic?

It actually makes you miss your rhythm.

You start to ask if she's okay.

But her eyes meet yours.

"Don't stop, King! Don't stop until I'm pregnant…!"

…You resume.

You're true to her request. You don't stop.

Rather, your balls won't let you stop.

You can feel your climax approaching, your testicles ready to deposit your load inside her.

Fill her valley to the brim with your cum and knock her up.

You thrust harder, faster. You're sure you'll be sore tonight, and possibly tomorrow.

No doubt Sully will be, too.

Your mind recalls Beatrice's words about how a child's personality develops at conception, and you hope your child with Sully will be blessed with the same endurance and determination you both share at the moment.

Your thrusts become a little more rushed as you pass the point you can't hold back your orgasm.

You squeeze Sully's body tighter, pressing the muscle of her frame against yours.

You try to reach with your mouth to kiss her, but in the excitement, you can only dangle your tongue around her cheeks.

Until she gets the idea and opens her mouth.

She offers her own tongue, meeting together with yours as you come.

Your loins tightening furiously as your sow your seed in Sully's fertile depths.

Your cock pulsates wildly as her own walls grip you.

You watch her clench her eyes shut as the tense contractions wrack through her.

Her walls milking your cock and pulling your seed deeper inside her.


Finally, it's over. For both of you.

You blink, trying to will yourself back to the present as the last traces of pleasure flow through you and out of you.

Until both you and Sully are panting, spent from your session of procreating.

Hah… haaah…


Your eyes meet, and you kiss again.

A bit better aimed, this time.

You stroke your arm under the curve of Sully's back, as if trying to cast your own magic to help your seed find its way to take root in her womb.


You separate, and Sully laughs a tomboyish chuckle and gives you a wink.

"That… felt real good, King."


Likewise, you say.

Well, there it was.

For better or worse, you knocked up Sully.

You hope the desperate session of lovemaking on both of your part helps calm her lust and gives her a baby.

You won't mind seeing her belly swell as she gets ready to be a mother for your children.

fafde No.24539

You finally separate, rolling to the side of the bed with her.

Sully's hand goes to her opening, her fingers playing with the seed you put inside her.

She holds it up to her face, admiring it with little oohs and aahs.

You manage to gather up the wits to ask.

What had made her so… eager, you ask?

She blinks, turning her head.

"You don't know…? What you did for us yesterday, King."


That's as articulate as you can manage a reply with your confusion.

She lets out a little huff of air, smirking.

"You don't know how much it meant to us, King…"

She goes on speaking, reminding you.

She's talking about how you humiliated the older guard yesterday.

"That guy's an asshole. Always has been. We never thought he'd get taken down a peg… you know? And when he's an asshole, the other guards higher feel they have the right to give us just as bad."


It sounds like the situation in the barracks with the older guards intimidating the younger ones was worse than you thought.

You felt guilty about humiliating a man older than you with such obvious bullying, but…

It sounds like what you went through with doing was the best thing you could've done, after all. It definitely brought immediate results.

…A good thing from the point of view of the young soldiers, at least.

It definitely got you Sully's admiration.

She rolls closer and presses another kiss, this time to your cheek.

"That's why I really can't wait to have your babies, King. For once… I'm really glad I've got a womb instead of a meat-tube down there."

She gives you a playful little grin.


You laugh together on the bed at her crude language.

Despite your initial concerns, it doesn't sound like Sully was influenced by anything magical.

Maybe you should just think of your relationship with Sully as a sign of the strength of your relationship with all the guards.

That is, really good.

It's amusing to think if only the 'Ruhemanian tradition' of women becoming soldiers was a little more common, you could have a veritable harem of soldiers eager for your seed now.

Maybe in the future…


Even if Sully's eagerness wasn't magic inspired, you're wondering if it ever could be.

You really should satisfy your concerns there.

You trace your fingers on Sully's flat body as you ponder what to say.

Was it better to ask Sully about her interaction with Tharja?

Maybe you should ask Tharja herself.

Or… perhaps Beatrice.

Choice time:
>Ask Sully about her time spent guarding Tharja's wing and, discreetly, if she had any interaction with Tharja.
>Ask Tharja directly about her influence on Sully and if she's using magic on her.
>You should see if such a thing is even possible with magic. Ask for an audience with Beatrice.

57e17 No.24541

That's hinoka no?

9a6b1 No.24542


Option 1.

642c7 No.24544

Option 1. The other options can be follow up if necessary.

8dff2 No.24545

Option 1

5a9b1 No.24546

Option one.

I'm still skeptical that there is anything to find here, but on the other hand I've also missed the big intrigue in the first part of the story.

fafde No.24550

I've already run out of sex pictures of Sully that could possibly fit the situation. Hinoka is close enough for these purposes.

The vote is still up. Please continue to vote.

a62f5 No.24566

Option 1

fafde No.24577

>5 votes for option one, ask Sully about her time guarding Tharja's wing.

Ask Sully about her interactions with Tharja.

You decide to confine your investigation to just asking Sully.

You ask her if guarding Tharja's wing doesn't ever get boring at times?

Sully blinks.

"Well… 'course it does, but that describes every guard duty, King."

You can't stifle a little laugh at Sully's honesty.

What about Tharja herself, you ask?


You feel Sully shift on the bed, squirming.

"Oh, she's… her Highness is very fair to me, King."


That sounds more the response of a commoner who doesn't want to say anything than a real opinion.

You'd better clarify.

You're not looking for Sully to spy on Tharja, or anything.

You just honestly want to know if Tharja showed much interest in Sully.


You watch Sully mentally debate something, her face tense.

Then she lets out a sigh and relaxes.

"Well, it's something I think you already know, King, so no sense not talking about it if you wanna…"

Sounds like Sully has decided to be honest.

She tells you about how when she was stationed outside Tharja's wing.

Tharja asked her questions about her oath to forsake her femininity and live as a man.

Sully couldn't exactly refuse to talk, so she explained it.

They kept talking, and Sully doesn't remember all the details, but…

At some point, they started talking about you, and what a perfect man you were.

You're King, after all. That makes you the most able, virile, man in the Kingdom.

As your loyal soldier, her womb would best be used bearing your children, and Tharja told her if Sully honestly made a request to you about that, you'd gladly breed her.

"She did uh, give me some words to say to do it properly. I hope I got it right," she says, tone nervous.


You put all of your charm into your voice and tell Sully there's no wrong way for a woman to invite herself to be impregnated by you.


You watch her blush, clearly affected by your words.

"Thanks, King."

Finally, Sully was persuaded to join Tharja in the bath, where her crotch was shaved by her.

Tharja told her something about how it was a symbolic rite of passage for her relationship with you developing further, and that you did it too.

…It sounds like Tharja was naked with Sully in the bath for this 'rite of passage'.

Then, of course, Tharja gave her that gown to wear.

"That's about it. I meant it when I said she's very fair, King. She doesn't ask for much and she's always been nice to me."

You've heard enough.

You trust your wife, and it doesn't sound like anything magical is going on.

Sully clearly did everything out of her own free will.

You thank her for being honest.

You're glad to hear everything is going smoothly.

You spend a little more time together, exploring her body, kissing, and cuddling.

Until finally she goes to re-take her position guarding the entrance of the wing.

fafde No.24578

Sully and Beatrice would be pregnant soon.

That would leave you wanting for new women to impregnate.

It's never too early to think ahead.

With that, your mind goes to the twin maids.

You thought them cute when you met them as pig farmers, you admired them from afar when they came to work as your maids…

Maybe it was time to test the waters and see if you could start to put your charm to work seducing one, or both of them.

They were identical twins. The thought of two twin bellies growing in unison was enough to drive you wild.

The problem was Margaret…

They were still being trained by her.

You'll never get anywhere by trying to engage them with her in the room.

You'd have to get rid of her, temporarily.

You think it over while you're getting dressed one morning.

What was the best way to handle that?

You could simply be direct.

Go to where Margaret is training the twins, and order Margaret to go do something else and leave you all alone together.

You doubt she'll refuse, and it'd give you all the time and privacy you could need.


You could be a little more subtle.

You could enlist the fat maid's help.

Tell the fat maid to schedule Margaret with some task and let the twin maids work unsupervised in their 'practice room'.

That could also work, but the fat maid might want something in return.

You shrug on your boots, checking your cape and sash.

You're ready to face the new day, and your plan to meet with the twin maids was…

>Choice time:

>The direct approach. Just go to Margaret and order her to leave you three alone for a while. You're King. You don't need an excuse to order your maids around.
>The subtle approach. Enlist the fat maid's help to create a distraction for Margaret. You can think of some token to reward her with later.
>On second thought, it's too much effort. Delay approaching the twin maids until they're no longer being trained.

8ad5d No.24580

I vote for option two.

We had already planned for Margaret to take over more of the fat maid's responsibilities until she can replace her fully. Assuming that the fat maid is as lazy as before she might even suggest that herself thinking it was her idea. Of course this only works if Edward acts a bit subtle and doesn't outright order her to give her tasks to Margaret. He has to play her own laziness. Otherwise helga might get suspicious that we want to replace her.

642c7 No.24593

If Sully had a space of time where she doesn't remember details, I'm not sure I'm convinced that Tharja isn't up to something. Or maybe I'm just paranoid.

Anyway, I say Option 3. Margaret wouldn't appreciate us interrupting her training, and she'll figure out why we're doing it. And I don't want to owe that fat maid anything.

8dff2 No.24594

Option 3.

Margaret is not a huge fan of ours plus we're angling to make her the new head maid, so irritating her by knocking up her trainees is probably not a good idea yet.

Asking the current head maid for a favor just means that she's going to stick around even longer, so that's also a bad idea.

98046 No.24599

Option 3.
Give then an inch and they will take a mile. We will simply wait for their train in to be finished. I don't trust the old maid farther than I could throw her.

Have to agree with Shadow. Though remembering every detail is highly improbable, there was a lack of details that assuaged my suspicions. We should talk to Tharja on what specifically she has been doing to influence our mistresses to our beds, normal or otherwise.

98046 No.24600

*didn't assuage*

f98c2 No.24605

>Option 3
This can wait until just a bit later, in the grand scheme of things.

a62f5 No.24606

Option 3

94410 No.24626

Option 1.

We're the King. They're peasants. We don't really always need a reason.

3f76e No.24631

Option 3

fafde No.24650

>1 vote for option one, take the direct approach and order Margaret to leave you alone with the twins.
>1 vote for option two, order the fat maid to distract Margaret for a day to give you a chance.
>6 votes for option three, change your mind and delay pursuing a relationship with the twins.

Delay interacting with the twin maids until they complete their training.

…You change your mind.

It's not as if the twin maids are locked inside a cage, but you can't really see a way to get close to them while they're still being trained. You don't want to undercut Margaret's work and you don't want to owe the fat maid anything. You definitely don't want the fat maid to think you're a man she can 'trade' favors with.

You probably shouldn't get the twin girls thinking they'll have your special attention as the King. They might take it as an excuse to slack or start ignoring their training.

You'll just be patient for a little longer.

Hopefully their training will be done by the time the faire starts in full swing.

With that decision made, you step down those stairs to take your morning meal.

Breakfast is a pair of onions dashed with greens and a bit of meat.

It's hearty, but spicy. You don't doubt your breath will reek of onion the rest of the day.

You have a talk with the senior guard privately in the armory itself before you start training.

He confirms he did explain what you did and why you did it.

"For the sake of their pride, Your Majesty, I'd rather not say much more."

He swears that your orders were followed, and you believe him.

In that case, there's no more to be done about it.

You'll know for certain if there's any changes at the priest's next service.

You stop by the architect's camp.

The actual set-up of the camp is completed. Supply-lines with your local skilled peasants have been established.

They will now be able to start work on the tower.

Of course, they'll be traveling to and from the castle, within and with-out.


You have a sudden concern.

Does the architect expect any form of sabotage?

Building a faulty structure intended for royalty does seem to provide an opportunity to an assassin.

…It's going to be Beatrice's tower, but he doesn't need to know that.

The architect's reaction is unadulterated shock.

"Certainly not, Your Majesty! I will stake my life and the life of my wife and children on this! You will be provided a safe and sound tower. If not, may God Himself strike me dead!" he proclaims.

… Well.

You weren't expecting that. You can tell he's quite serious.


You don't doubt as far as design, you can trust the architect.

But he's getting his materials from your peasants. He can't know the personality of every single last builder.

Your mind can't help but imagine a danger.

Maybe you should order your soldiers to guard them during the building.

It might be something for them to do, at least.

Choice time:
>You want safety above all else. Have soldiers loyal to you guard the architect's project.
>You don't doubt it'll be safe, but guarding the tower sounds a prestigious task. Have the older soldiers who were favored by King Vlad guard the project.
>Appoint no guards. The architect's assurance convinces you. You don't want to waste your soldiers' time either.
>Consult Beatrice about the issue. It's her tower, after all.

22fc3 No.24651

Option two.

There is another angle to this: The foreign workers and the locals might not get along all the time. It's useful to have a guard stationed at the building site in case someone starts to cause trouble.

94410 No.24655

Option 2.

f98c2 No.24661

Tempted to take Option 2 outright, but something seems to maybe wager right on consulting Beatrice in this matter, so then Option 4 please.

98046 No.24664

Have to agree with the Clan here. Let us see if there is any specific way she wants her towere protected. We are simply consulting her and keeping her informed on the matter of her tower.

98046 No.24665

Option 4.

a62f5 No.24666

Option 4

8dff2 No.24667

Option 2

cd471 No.24671

I think this decision could be important not because there's any big risk of sabotage, but because of its possible effect on the guards after our recent discipline issues. Will deploying the older soldiers on the tower build make the younger ones bold and confident again? Or will it be seen as a prestigious position, undoing the work we did to chasten the older bullies?

I want to hear what Beatrice thinks. She has a fine instinct for managing people and seeing possible conflicts.

Option 4.

61d3c No.24682

I will also agree with Option 4.

fafde No.24691

>3 votes for option two, appoint the older guards to guard the new tower construction.
>5 votes for option four, consult with Beatrice about what action to take.

Ask Beatrice for her take on the matter.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.24693

File: 1485003048366.jpg (165.02 KB, 1000x655, Beatrice-meeting.jpg)

You decide to voice your concerns over the construction of the tower to Beatrice.

What's the harm in asking? At worst, she might laugh at you and call you paranoid. You can live with that.

You thank the architect for his reassurance and give him your own that he will be well paid.

You look forward to seeing the completed tower… on schedule.

You then leave him to his work.

Beatrice isn't available to meet privately in the morning. She's training Tharja.

Midday, after your meal, was fair game, though.

You take her hand and escort her to your tower.

You give instructions to the guard not to let anyone pass, as usual.

You sit down to talk with Beatrice.

She puffs on her pipe, looking you over, suspiciously.

"What brings you to call upon the Infinite Golden Witch today, King?" she asks.

No sense in not being direct.

You want Beatrice's advice.

"…Oh~? What about?"

You explain the situation with the architect.

There might be a danger to Beatrice if she were to inhabit a tower that was made faultily.

You had assurances from the architect, but you had to make sure.

Is detecting if a tower was made correctly something she could do with her magic?

And could she use magic to fix it, if not?


Beatrice lowers her pipe. huffing a breath.

"I have to say, King. I wasn't expecting this to be why you summoned me today," she says.

…What'd she expect?

She lets out a little amused laugh.

"Asking about Innocence, or if I were pregnant yet, or if I would care for more sex, for example," she says, arching her delicate blonde eyebrows.

… Well.

It was a bit early to be bothering Beatrice to ask about Tharja.

You know better than to think Beatrice could announce she is now pregnant literal days after her last ovulation.

Though you, of course, always enjoy sex with Beatrice.

She grins.

"Ahaha. Your question is a worthy concern, King. There would be little magic that could keep an entire structure from collapsing… there are so many potential causes, after all."

Beatrice places a hand at her chin, considering.

"Let me ask you this, King. If your tower were to fall, who would you hold responsible?"

The answer to that is obvious. The architect, of course.

Perhaps individual builders would have a role, but it was his job to oversee the project. He's being well-paid.

If it falls, the blame is squarely on his shoulders.

Beatrice nods.

"And how would you punish this architect who build you a shoddy tower that fell, in your own castle?" she asks.

If it were a smaller structure and no one was hurt, perhaps it could be made up with gold or the architect re-building the structure, but…

This was a royal tower in your own castle. It's definitely implied you or your family will be in there.

Their death would be the same as the architect murdering them.

There can really be only one punishment.

He'd have to be put to death. Anything less would be far too merciful.

It's a tenet older than time itself, you think.

Beatrice nods, pleased.

"Quite right. Now the question is, does the architect know that you know this?"


Surely, he must.

He had made such a dramatic scene swearing the security of the tower on his life and those of his wife and children, after all.

Beatrice nods again, with the tiniest hint of a smirk.

"Exactly. As long as he remembers that, you can be confident in a stable tower, King."

… Yes.

Beatrice is right.

It was good to hear her advice. That's put you more at ease than anything else the architect could have said.

…Oh, but what about the older soldiers?

You had to consider it might be worth using them, regardless of if you trusted the architect and his men.

Beatrice squints at you.

"What's that…?"

You briefly explain the situation with the older guards compared to the younger guards to Beatrice.

Specifically the Priest's service and the display of emotions during the service.

You explain how you confronted the issue head-on and humiliated one guard to make an example out of him.

Also that the older guards were likely upset you had taken away their old posts guarding your tower.

Beatrice purses her lips, listening.

"Oho. So you're thinking that if you give the older guards this task of guarding the tower being built, it might be the equivalent of extending an olive branch to them…"

That sounds about right. Something to let them know 'no hard feelings,' at least.

It might sound strange to say 'more work' is a reward.

But you're certain that for a soldier who's sworn to guard you and your castle, it'd be looked upon as a high vote of confidence in their loyalty. A real honor.

…The question was if it wouldn't alienate the younger soldiers again, or if it'd give the older guards the wrong impression.

You want to consider the matter done with.


Beatrice shifts in her seat, uneasily.

"I can't help you there, King. Not unless you were to allow me time to spy on your soldiers and really find out what they're thinking. –But…"

She closes her eyes, grimacing.

"I would venture to guess that if you were to give that task to the older guards… they would assume it was permanent."

–How so?

"Mm. I mean after the new tower was complete, they would expect to guard that tower without being reassigned to something else. …It follows, doesn't it? You trust the men to watch over the tower in its infancy, then you trust them to watch over it when it's matured."


That really is a good point. You had to think ahead.

It would take months, perhaps seasons to build, but that didn't mean it wouldn't be built, someday.

Beatrice narrows her eyes.

"This is to be my tower, is it not? Apologies, King. I'm aware you're fond of them, but I don't like the looks your guards give me. I don't want any more men in my tower than absolutely necessary… for appearances sake."

… You understand.

After that incident a while back, it's natural for Beatrice to have more than a little resentment.

The overeager guard who aimed to cut her down was likely the only real moment of panic Beatrice had felt since Daniella went into the oubliette.

Even then, you don't doubt Beatrice would rather have a hulking goat-butler as a guard than a mortal man.

In any case, you've heard Beatrice's preference on the subject.

One guard, just at the entrance, or even in the hallway leading to the entrance, is probably all that she will have to put up with.

You won't order either the older or younger guards to watch the project.

You'd only be disappointing them by removing the assignment later. Perhaps even arousing their suspicion on Beatrice's real nature.

You can't have that, or Beatrice's ill-will.

At hearing your words, Beatrice goes back to grinning, obviously pleased.

"Ahahahaha~. I'm much obliged, King."

She raises her eyes, looking you over. Her lips part ever so slightly and you see her tongue run over her upper-lip.

"Speaking of which… I'm reminded of a promise I once made."

The tone of her voice suggests it was a very sexy promise.

You put a playfully innocent note in your response.

What's that, you ask?

She grins.

"How would you like to feel how pleasurable I can make my mouth feel on your royal member, King?"

… You don't mind.

Beatrice would let you know if her ovulation cycle was ready. You're giving Sully a rest to recover from your hard session recently. The other girls you're pursuing are pregnant.

It wouldn't be a waste of your seed to let Beatrice taste it.

Beatrice laughs at your measured response, cackling like mad.

Then, you're staring at a mass of golden butterflies that rise out of her seat and re-form in front of you as a very nude Infinite Golden Witch.

It never fails to shock you just how easily Beatrice can make herself undressed with her magic.

"Make yourself ready, King. Prepare for an experience you won't soon forget."


That was easily every meeting with Beatrice, you quip.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Stand up, strip yourself naked, and lie back on the bed for Beatrice.
>You're feeling audacious. Shrug off your leggings and stay in your seat to force her to kneel before you.

6d1ad No.24702

Option two.

3f76e No.24703

Option 1

61d3c No.24711

Option one.

cd471 No.24714

Now I'm really glad we sought B out. She was impressed by our seriousness, pleased to be consulted AND pointed out something important we didn't think of with the tower-guarding.

Oh, and now a blowjob. That's how you KNOW you made the right choice.

Option 1.

f98c2 No.24726

Yeaaah booooyyyyyy, glad this inkling of a premonition wasn't off point…
>Option 2
Audacity can be fun, at times!

da360 No.24727

Damn right! Put me down for Option 2 as well!

722db No.24739

Option one

4f8db No.24750

Option 1

b3cc0 No.24751

Option 2

e25ee No.24752

1, honestly feel like going for the 'forced kneeling' route might spoil the mood

de5f7 No.24758

Option 1

fafde No.24759

>7 votes for option one, invite Beatrice to your bed.
>4 votes for option two, invite Beatrice to kneel before you.

Fellatio on the bed.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.24816

File: 1485352366582.jpg (443.91 KB, 850x1200, Beatrice-fellatio.jpg)

You're honestly looking forward to this.

Playing games with Beatrice had its place, but not now.

You can't keep the smile from your face as you stand and start to strip yourself.

Beatrice is delighted by your eagerness, and watches you undress with a lewd look on her face.

"I say, your training is doing wonderful things for your physique, King."

You look down at yourself…

You do think you've gotten a lot stronger over the past weeks. Certainly since you first wandered into the castle from the Ruhemanian swamps.

Of course, you were always in good shape. If nothing else, your sexual activities kept you very active. But you've trained far beyond the fencing-moves and sparring with practice dummies you used to do in Virilia.

You slip out of your leggings, leaving them and your boots on the floor as you get your clothes off.

Of course, seeing Beatrice naked and knowing she's excited invites your excitement and you're already straining from your erection.

You can't help but think you'd better take the opportunity to kiss Beatrice before she has your seed in her mouth.

You step closer, gallantly putting your arm around her back.

You're careful to use the arm that will go around the opposite side of where Beatrice is holding her book.

She arches her back into you, her generous bosom brushes against your chest.

"Oh~? A little foreplay first? That's fine with me."

She's grinning as you press your lips to hers, giving her a small kiss, then another.

The third one is the one that raises the stakes. Her mouth parts and she accepts your eager tongue pass her lips.

You're tempted to grope her ass. That would really make her squirm. But it feels like too precious a moment.

Instead, you just hold her and enjoy the kiss… and her breasts against your skin.

…Eventually you separate.

Beatrice gives you a very smug smile.

"Mmm… it certainly feels like you're ready, King."

She lifts her leg a little and the rubbing sensation makes you realize your erect member had been pressed against her soft thigh.

You let out a little chuckle.

You move yourself to your bed, lying back on the fresh linen.

You look down and watch Beatrice grinning up at you from the foot of the bed.

She climbs on top of it, and you. Her face edges closer to your erection as she crawls upward.

She's nude, but she's left her hair up in her elaborate bun for this session. You think that simply must be intentional.

"Ahahaha. Relax. Enjoy this, King."

Suddenly, you have a good idea.

You tell Beatrice to stop.

"…Hoh? Why?" she asks.

You tell her to spin herself around so her hips are toward your head and her pussy is in front of you face.

You want her to have pleasure, too.


She purses her lips, and you wonder if she's going to refuse.

"I see. Ever considerate, aren't you, King?" she asks, rhetorically.

You see magic flash from her book.

Her form breaks apart into golden butterflies, which hover above you and before your eyes can catch up, re-shape themselves into the form of Beatrice on her hands and knees above you. Her arm and leg placement just right to avoid putting pressure on you.

Much more demanding your attention is the reemergence of the Golden Altar.

Her hot red slit among a beautiful tuft of blonde pubic hair, between those delicately soft thighs.

It's… truly a sight.

You can't help but stare.

You feel a finger poke at the tip of your cock.

"Pardon my interruption King… ahaha… but I'll be starting my half of the performance now. Apologies if you wish for further conversation: my mouth is occupied."

You feel Beatrice lower her head on you. You feel her hot breath on your cock's sensitive skin. Then, her tongue starts to slowly coil around you. It wraps along the outer edges of your foreskin and along the inner edges of your cockhead, stimulating your arousal and making you arch your back in an attempt to get more contact.

You'd… better do your part.

You bring your hands up and settle them firmly on Beatrice's soft rump.

You play at prying her cheeks, watching how it makes her pussy and anus flex.

Of course, you're concerned with her hot little vulva.

You crane your neck forward, inhaling the strong aroma of feminine arousal there.

Beatrice is obviously wanting this just as much as you.

You follow her lead and start by drooping out your tongue, to lick and tease along her labia lips and lap at her opening.

You like to think you've gotten better at this particular bedroom skill, but licking out a pussy from the other way around is a very different sort of animal.


Beatrice's lips are upon your cock, and she's taking the staff into her mouth.

Her lips are soft and warm as they purse tightly around you.

You can feel her mouth constricting as she sucks, hard.

It's enough to remind you of some of the tighter orifices you've fucked in your lifetime.

Your stimulation drives you to reciprocate and you bury your face deeper into Beatrice's pussy.

You swirl your tongue around where her clit is buried along the soft mounds of her opening.

You can tell you're doing something right. You can hear her muffled moaning, and feel her hips start to shake and quiver above you.

Beatrice bobs her head up and down at your crotch, establishing a rhythm along with her hips.

You're able to match it with a little effort. Your tongue gets a workout as you stroke and play with her lovely folds. As you suck and massage at her clit with your lips.

Each deed you do is repaid in kind. Your ministrations encourage Beatrice to move her mouth faster, deeper. To cradle your testicles with her soft hands and delicately probe around the base of your cock.

Beatrice's tongue is like a cruel whip of fire which extracts pleasure from your cock as she lashes out again and again.

You hear her throat making small sounds as she presses her head down in your crotch until her lips touch the very base.

She's… got your cock in her mouth. Your entire cock.

In desperation to push back, you wrap your arms around her thighs and pull yourself close.

You hold your breath as you flatten and wash your tongue over her proud little nub.

With your arms locked around her, she has no way to squirm to escape the sensation.

…But that's all right.

You've lost control of your ability to hold back.

You can feel your feet arch and your toes curl in pleasure as you start to shoot out your seed.

You hear Beatrice gurgling, her throat spasming with the sudden introduction of your load.

Your head is suddenly aware of Beatrice's thighs shaking, pressing and pinching your cheeks as she shakes with her own orgasm.

Your muffled cries fill the room in unison as you both finish your mutual oral copulation together.

You can feel your balls pulse and your cock still spurting out your fluid as her mouth finally comes loose from your cock.

You can't help panting, your brown streaked with sweat. Your mouth and chin slick with Beatrice's fluids and your own saliva.

You can hear Beatrice huffing air through her nostrils… Her mouth must still be occupied.

You let out a satisfied little sigh as your cock settles down from the peak of your orgasm.

That was… intense.

You'd rather be letting your seed out into the pussy of a fertile woman, of course.

But you can't deny the shared ecstasy of this sexual experiment.


Beatrice rolls herself over, coming up to a sitting position at your side.


You can see your semen leaking from the side of her mouth.

It looks like the last spurt of your cum missed her mouth entirely and instead found its place along the crevasse of her breasts.

…It's not a bad sight.

You watch Beatrice grin wickedly, her body heaving as she catches her breath.

"How very interesting, King…"

She reaches up with her free hand, wiping the seed on the side of her mouth.

"Mm… the seed of the man who has sired an uncounted number of children."

She stares down at her hand with your seed on it, enraptured.

…You have to admit.

Watching her do that is just as satisfying as the feeling of coming.

You try to find your wit.

You lick your own lips and say you're always happy to lose yourself in the magical embrace of the Golden Altar.


Beatrice hisses a laugh. Not her usual cackle, but a pleased, throaty giggle.

"Well then… we'll have to find more and better ways to appreciate each other as I swell larger with your child, King."

… You won't mind that.

You share a mutual moment of afterglow together.

fafde No.24817

Beatrice cleans herself up, eventually, with magic, and you cuddle appreciatively with her.

You can't help but grope your hands at her boobs and wist that, perhaps some time, you'll be able to feel her breasts around your cock.

"Truly? I suppose I don't mind… Perhaps you'll consent to my feet stroking you to satisfaction? I've been tempted to ask about that."


That was a different matter from sucking or worshiping her feet, you suppose.

It's something you'll consider, at least, you tell her.

"I did appreciate your shaved area, King. It made it easy to… maneuver, shall we say."


You can't help but take a moment to reach down and twirl your hand along her nether regions and stroke her pubic hair.

Does Beatrice ever think of shaving it, you ask?

Beatrice's eyes widen.

"No, King. I'd be giving a certain someone the wrong idea."


Your question is out before you can think about it.

Beatrice sits up.

"…Haven't you noticed, King?"


What is she talking about?

Beatrice's lips twist in a small frown.

"Mmhm. I suppose it wasn't something a mortal would think about."

She lifts her pipe, tapping it against her leg.

"You remember how us witches will have 'pets'?"

…You do recall hearing about that.

You remember Beatrice used goats in her magical experiments, so every other witch would know not to interfere with goats… right?

She nods.

"That's part of it. But tell me this, King. Suppose you had a favorite horse or mongrel. Would it not serve you to mark it, specially, so that it stands out among others?"

Eclipse is beyond a consideration like that, and you haven't really had reason to get involved in the kennels, but…

Of course it made sense.

But how did that connect to having a shaved pubic area?


Beatrice can see on your face that you made the connection, you think.

She nods, confirming it.

"That's right, King… Tharja is doing it to mark women as 'hers'."

Like a pet?!

You're sitting up as well.

"…No. At least not in the sense a fully matured witch would call a mortal their 'pet,' but it is definitely in the same sort of spirit."

But Beatrice and Tharja had talked when she first arrived.

You witnessed it.

You're definitely not Tharja's 'pet'.

Beatrice nods again.

"Correct… but Tharja isn't personally shaving your cock, is she?"

–No, she isn't.

You handle that yourself, with some effort.

… Though if Tharja isn't marking 'you', but she is 'marking' the other girls…

Tharja personally shaved both Elizabeth and Sully?

Beatrice confirms Tharja talked about properly preparing them for you.

"Really, King. I'm surprised you didn't realize this."

You knew enough about it, after questioning Sully.

But your mind didn't connect the potential significance. The symbolism, so to speak.

You ask Beatrice if she minds you bringing this up to Tharja.

She pauses, then gives a little shrug.

"No, it was not something told to me in confidence, but casual conversation. Go right ahead."

Well, then.

You swing your legs over the bed and get up to get your clothes.


You… need to clarify things with Tharja.

You're not upset. But you have to know where things stand.

And even then, you haven't met with Tharja yet, today. You're satisfied from Beatrice, but your body is also used to anticipating sex with your wife.


You watch Beatrice exhale smoke from her pipe, then her magic transforms her back into her aristocrat-persona.

"Very well, King. I shan't keep you. But, do go easy on Tharja. Remember, even now, she is like a newborn babe learning how to open her eyes."

…You understand.

You put yourself together and go down the stairs with Beatrice.

You can't let her leave the tower alone with the guard there, so you have no choice but to escort her.

Once you reach the bottom, you head out to Tharja's wing.

fafde No.24818

File: 1485352940716.jpg (288.26 KB, 1000x1200, Tharja-eager.jpg)

You pass by Sully, but you're too focused to really do much more than wave a brief greeting.

No doubt she saw the look on your face was different from how it normally is when you seek out your wife.

You find Tharja, sure enough, waiting for you in her room.

She's in the habit of not even locking her door at the evening, so you knock and let yourself in.

She moans excitedly in the torchlight.

"Hello, my husband…" she starts to say, her tone sultry.

Then, she blinks.

"…Is something wrong?"

You shut the door behind you and ask Tharja to lock it.

She's bewildered enough she does it without questioning you.

"Edward, what's wrong?" she asks.

She's naked, except for her circlet. She clearly was expecting you to ravish her.

You take her body in your arms, and hold her.


Your bewitching little wife.

The love of your life.

The Witch of Innocence.

Now that she's in front of you, you're not even sure why you're so worked up.

You had to choose how to word your question to her.

You don't want to upset her, but you just have to know.

Choice time:
>Be direct. Ask her if she's making Elizabeth and Sully into her 'pets'.
>Be subtle. Ask her why she's shaving women's crotches for you.
>Be gentle. Ask her thoughts on how she's 'helping' you impregnate Elizabeth and Sully.

de5f7 No.24820

>Be subtle. Ask her why she's shaving women's crotches for you.

b3cc0 No.24823

Be direct.
You can make it up to her in bed if she takes offense to your questioning.

61d3c No.24826

Sorry to divide the vote further, but I go for option 3.

4fbd4 No.24827

Option 3
Make it erotic for her to turn on more badly as edward ask~

98046 No.24828

Option 3.

We should be careful in our approach here. If we are too direct, it may end up hurting our relationship in the long run. Beatrice also advised us to be gentle with her.

However, we need to emphasize a point here. And that relies on us putting a little force behind our investigation. Not stopping at vague answers or incomplete. We know that there is a reason she is doing it and simply stating the fact that we have noticed something is off about it may be enough for her to come clean about it. Being subtle will probably see our questions answer-less or vague.

I believe that we should tell her that we are not comfortable with her claiming any women we bed or wish to as "pets", regardless of the outcome of this inquiry. I know she may not be for the idea, but she must understand we want to keep our magical footprint at a minimum for now.

What do you guys think? Is there anything wrong with my reasoning?

cd471 No.24832

>Be gentle. Ask her thoughts on how she's 'helping' you impregnate Elizabeth and Sully.

I don't think T's really aware of what she's doing, so we don't need to go all Inquisition. She's just been enjoying herself.

I think it'll be hard to stop her having ANY pets. Elizabeth is basically hers already.

What we might be able to do is limit their numbers and redirect her witchy instincts into benign stuff like breeding, while discouraging exploitation or nasty experiments. Just encourage her better nature and keep an eye on her. I think she already wants to be a 'good witch'.

9a6b1 No.24833


Option 2

8dff2 No.24834

Option 3

fafde No.24849

>1 vote for option one, be direct with your questioning.
>2 votes for option two, be subtle with your questioning.
>5 votes for option three, be gentle with your questioning.

Question Tharja gently, asking if she likes helping you impregnate women.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.24851

File: 1485522637477.gif (190.93 KB, 740x599, Tharja-confession.gif)

You decide to follow Beatrice's advice.

You can build up to questioning about who and what is a 'pet'.

Instead, you gently stroke Tharja's hair, murmuring a sweet gentle nothing to her.

Tharja, Tharja, Tharja…

Does she like helping you impregnate Elizabeth and Sully, you ask?

You feel her relax in your arms.

"Of course I do, my husband," she says, laughing. Carefree, happy laughter from your wife's beautiful lips.

You're not sure where to go from there.

But she continues on her own.

"Though, shouldn't you be getting even more women pregnant?"


"You know, there must be more fertile women here. What about among the peasants?"


You go over all the women you're working on impregnating. Malon, the blacksmith's widowed sister, the twin maids, and, of course, Beatrice.

Tharja steps back, and you can see she's frowning.

"That's all? Why don't we bring younger maids to the castle for you, Edward?"


You explain it costs much more money to hire maids who are specifically young, fertile, and attractive.

You don't mention you're currently holding an empty treasury after the cost of Beatrice's tower and the summer faire.

"Well… there might be an older maid or two who has a year of fertility left…" she offers.

–You're honestly not sure of that. Even the youngest of the 'older maids' had at least four decades to them. At least.

"All right, but is there really no one else in the peasant settlement? There has to be a few other women there. How would we get more peasants otherwise?" she asks.

You hold up a hand to beckon Tharja's silence.

You explain you did thoroughly explore the peasant settlement, and you picked out who was available.

Surely there were other women of child-bearing age there.

But they clearly already had families, or at least husbands.

You have morals, and you won't make another man a cuckold. Even a peasant.

The peasant settlement was done when it came to locating fertile women.

…Well. Surely there would be be more girls there who will mature into fertile women eventually, but you don't want to think that far ahead.

Possibly someone might become widowed as well. In which case it'd be no sin to romance the poor widow.

But you don't need to tell Tharja that.

Tharja crosses her arms, unhappy.

"But you had dozens of women back in your homeland, right Edward? It seems so unfair."

You're actually getting a little flustered now.

You agree completely with what Tharja is saying, but why is Tharja saying it?

You're happy Tharja's accepted your penchant for siring children, but she's almost… too enthusiastic.

It's certainly a far cry from when you first hear Tharja's pleas to not let her catch you in the arms of another woman.

Tharja holds her hands to her cheeks, blushing.

"Oh, husband… I just want you to be happy. I want you to spread your seed far and wide… I can't even remember why I asked you to hide your attempts from me. It's only right you impregnate every woman you meet."


Again, you have no disagreement with Tharja. None whatsoever.

You really do appreciate her attempts to help you, as well.

You just can't have her getting over-enthusiastic… or forget considering the other women's feelings.

You had to set her straight about Margaret and how you needed to respect her boundaries, after all.

Tharja nods, demurely.

"Of course I haven't forgotten, my husband. I've talked with them both, and encouraged them, but nothing else. Everything Elizabeth and Sully told you was their own will."

… You really don't doubt it, but…

You need to hear it plainly. You think you've given Tharja enough gentle build-up now.

She's not using magic to influence them, is she?

Tharja blinks in surprise, then shakes her head.

"No, that's not something I could do at all, Edward. I thought I told you when I first showed you I was a witch. Magic can't… force someone to suddenly think something else. It can't change a person's memories or their personality."

… You wince.

Were you forgetting that? So many things were told to you that late night.

What Tharja says did make sense. If there was a way to alter the mind so easily with magic, then witches would use it. Beatrice especially wouldn't be so concerned with secrecy if she could just 'magic' away someone's memories later.

It would've been too convenient to simply erase Daniella's memory of that night and go on as you were.

You let out a sigh of relief.

That's settled. You thank Tharja for putting up with your silly paranoia.

She smiles, with no ill-will at all.

"You should feel free to ask me whatever you like, my husband. I really don't mind."

Hm… In that case…

You ask Tharja why she got the idea to shave Sully's crotch for you.

You could understand Elizabeth's. You practically ordered them to bathe together, after all.

But Sully?

It seems like it would've been easier to just have her wait for you and let nature take its course.

As soon as you ask it, you feel silly.

Surely the answer is just going to be: 'I thought you liked it that way.'

Tharja smiles.

"Of course, it was to mark her as a woman I helped you have sex with, my husband."

'Mark' her…?

She nods.

"Yes. It wasn't enough to just talk her in to breeding with you… I wanted to add a little something that would really distinguish her from other women."

…Like a pet, you ask?

Tharja tilts her head, finger to her lips.

"You know, I was wondering the exact same thing… but not quite like a pet. Beatrice has been teaching me. A 'pet', in terms of the Pax Bernkastel, is something you would experiment with magic on. I wouldn't do that to them."

You hold back another sigh of relief.

You knew you could trust your wife to have the right consideration of others.

Her heart is pure.

She truly deserves the title of 'Innocence'.

"…That being said… I am thinking about how I want my legacy to unfold, Edward…"

Tharja looks at you with adoring, lovesick eyes.

"Do… do you remember what Knowledge said, that day?" she asks.

…The matchmaker?

She said a lot of things… including that you were incompetent.

Tharja shakes her head.

"Not that. I mean how she wanted your life to be part of her legacy as a witch. I've thought about her words a lot…"

Tharja pauses, as if giving something one last consideration.

"And… I think she was right."


Hold on, now, you start to say…

The matchmaker wanted to make you sterile. There was no 'right' in that!

Tharja's expression instantly turns apologetic.

"No, not at all! I don't mean like that. I mean, she had the right idea, she just went about it the wrong way."

…You still don't follow.

Tharja grins.

"You're a truly awesome person, my husband… bards will sing your story of how many women you made pregnant in your lifetime. That won't ever go away. You'll be immortalized, forever."

She gets a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"And… with a man so legendary… tell me, what does it mean to the witch who helped you along the way?"



Tharja goes on.

"What Knowledge wanted to do was evil… ending your legend to further her own… it was unfair to you, me, and every other woman you'll impregnate. She had the right idea, but she went about it the wrong way."

You watch Tharja's body shake with excitement.

"It's much better to help you, my husband! And that's what I've decided I want to do."

Tharja wants to help you impregnate women… to further her own legacy, as a witch?

She practically purrs, nodding her head.

"Mm… Not just as a witch, Edward… but as your wife."

She wraps her arms around you.

"We're united as one. Our souls intertwine. We complete each other. My legacy is your legacy… and vice-versa. It's only right that I help you. Of course, I'll bear as many children for you as I can, Edward, but I want to be alongside you… helping you… physically, in the room as you breed them, if possible, but if not, then I'll settle for encouraging other women to surrender to your manliness and accept the seed you sow inside them and the children that grow in their womb."

You're positively dumbstruck.

What a wife.

Tharja senses your apprehension and presses a kiss to your lips.

Not a passionate, needy, kiss. But an affectionate little peck.

She pulls back, blinking up at you.

"It's all right, isn't it…?"

Her tone is anxious now, with a little apprehension making its way in.

"I just… want to help you all I can, Edward. I want to be a part of your world. I can't do anything political, so I want to help you like this."

… She really does want this.

If you refused outright, you'd crush her. You… can't do that.

Tharja is your lovely wife.

You trust her. You really would die for her.

Nothing will ever change the love you share.


You have to settle out your feelings regarding Tharja's plans for her 'legacy'.

Do you want to be wrapped up with that?

You look in your heart and find the answer.

Choice time:
>You completely agree. What Tharja says is wonderful, and you're happy to be a part of it. Encourage her to continue to help you impregnate women.
>You agree, but with reservations. If that's what Tharja wants, you'll accept it… but, she must stop shaving women's private parts for the sake of 'marking' them as her having helped you with them. You trust her, but it's just too much.
>You need to limit Tharja's involvement. You appreciate Tharja's help, when you call for it, but otherwise that's it. She mustn't encourage any woman unless you specifically ask her to do so.

0b778 No.24852

Option one.

94410 No.24853

Option 2.

Just because of personal taste.

4f8db No.24854

Option 1

6068f No.24855

Option 1

98046 No.24856

Option 2.

f98c2 No.24858

Option 1

61d3c No.24860

Option 1, because I'm a big softie.

6863a No.24866

Option 1.

fafde No.24884

>6 votes for option one, embrace Tharja tying her legacy to yours.
>2 votes for option two, accept what she wants, but limiting how she 'marks' women.

Embrace Tharja's help.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.24897

You understand.

You more than understand.

What Tharja wants is no different from what you want as King. No, what you've always wanted, even as a humble Duke's son in Virilia. You had ambition. You wanted to make an impact on the world… and on the women you knew.

If that's how Tharja's decided to build her legacy as the Witch of Innocence, through you, so be it.

You take Tharja's hands in your own.

You tell her you'll gladly accept what she's doing.

You're more than happy to have her help you sow your seed, and even 'mark' women as hers.

It's only right.

And… actually a bit of a turn on.


Tharja wraps her arms around you again, burying her face in your chest.


You expected that reaction. You go ahead and let her squeeze.

"Thank you, so much…"

No need for thanks, you say.

You were just approving what she was already doing, weren't you?

Tharja blushes and turns away.

"Yes…" she says. Her tone practically saturated in embarrassment at being 'caught'.

That's fine, you tell her.

You're just glad you finally understood Tharja's motivations.

You ask Tharja if she wants to mark Malon for you.

You're sure she could be persuaded by Tharja after everything you've already done together.

You can't help but remember the time your seed was staining through her dress, and you find yourself smiling.

Tharja goes 'hm,' giving it serious consideration.

"Is she pregnant yet, Edward?"

–She might be, you admit.

She had said she'd missed her last monthly bleeding already.

Tharja separates, tilting her head.

"I don't know, it almost seems like I wouldn't have 'earned' it if I did it now."

–Well, there is a certain logic there.

Furthermore, she goes on to say, if Malon spends all her time in the stables, Tharja reminds you, then she doesn't want to go there.

She doesn't like animals.

… Why do animals make Tharja nervous, you ask?

Is there any special reason?

She shakes her head.

"No, I think I just don't like how they smell… they smell bad, and you look at them and they look back and I can't think of what they're going to do next."

Hm. You thought it might be connected to her witchcraft, but it sounds like a simple phobia.

You can understand her fear a little. Especially with Ruhemanian horses as temperamental as they are and not letting unfamiliar persons get too close.

What about if you and Tharja had to travel by carriage somewhere, you ask?

"I could handle that. There'd be a driver, after all," she says.


You move on to discussing the twin maids.

You haven't had sex with them yet.

Tharja's eyes light up with excitement.


…But, Margaret spends all her time with them.

It wouldn't be like how Tharja had a lot of alone time with Elizabeth and Sully. She'd have the same problem of getting close to them that you had.

Tharja thinks it over, biting her lip.

"When they're done being trained, I'll persuade one, you sweet-talk the other, and… we'll see which method gets results first?"

…That could work…

But, in your experience, when romancing a pair of sisters, one of them usually plays hard to get.

You decide not to use Margaret and Elizabeth as an example.

You really would like to see their twin bellies developing in unison.

"Me too, my husband."

You spend the rest of the evening with Tharja.

You're so excited talking about your plans to impregnate the country together, that you almost forget to have actual sex.


Tharja requests you take her from her hands and knees like how animals breed.

It's no time at all before you've released another batch of your hot seed inside her.

You and Tharja settle back on her bed. Awash in mutually shared orgasmic bliss.

You ask Tharja if she's really satisfied just shaving women, for now.

After all, hair grows back. Sully already has a little patch.

Tharja has to think it over.

"It's fine for now, my love. I can always think of something else later. Or just do it again as they start to show."

–You suppose it'd be impossible for a full-term pregnant woman to shave herself down there. It would definitely be a sign someone had done it for them.

You discuss the upcoming summer faire.

The summer faire should also bring women to the castle.

Surely as entertainers, and possibly some aristocrats.

Tharja kicks her feet, excitedly.

"Why don't you start a recruitment drive for more women like Sully? Then they would have a reason to stay here."

…In the army?

She nods.


You're not sure how that would go.

You remember the tradition only applied to women who were descendants of men who died in battle.

…Though you are King. You could easily expand that tradition.

That was something to think about.

fafde No.24898

You eventually separate from Tharja and go back to your tower to rest.

Sully sees you off, and the guard at the entrance of your own tower swears no one other than your maids have entered. Good.

You climb up the stairs only to immediately fall asleep.

You pleasantly re-visit the dream you had a while back about impregnating the entire Kingdom… only now Tharja is there with you, hurriedly shaving women as fast as you can penetrate them.

It would be comedic if it wasn't so arousing.

You're almost feel sad when you wake up from it.

You stop by Ricardo's office to stamp the weekly set of orders to keep the castle running smoothly.

This time, Ricardo stops you with new information.

"Your Majesty… there is a small issue that requires your attention."

All right. He has it.

You fold you arms and ask Ricardo to elaborate.

He nods.

"It's the matter of candles in the castle."


He nods.

"Candles are not cheap, Your Majesty. We have craftsmen who supply the castle with a steady amount… but the demand has increased since your predecessor's death. It's becoming significant to the point the cost of importing candles will go up over the rest of year."

He explains he's traced the source of who is consuming all of the castle's candles.

It's Tharja, of course.

You do remember one of the first encounters you had with Tharja was her complaining that Daniella let herself into her wing to extinguish and cut the candles. Now that she was gone…

…Well, you doubt Elizabeth was going to be doing that.

"Will you please speak with your wife for me about this issue, Your Majesty?"

Hold on, you say.

Why does Ricardo need you to ask Tharja?

This really seems the sort of thing Ricardo could handle by himself.


Ricardo hesitates.

"…Certainly, if that's what you prefer, but… the request may be more palatable from your lips, Your Majesty," he says.

… He does have a point. Tharja will listen to you.

But after spending so much time with the old master of coin, you think you've got a handle on his mannerisms.

There's definitely some unease behind Ricardo not wanting to deal with Tharja.

Was it just awkwardness?

…At any rate, you had to decide whether to play along.

It'd really be simple to just ask Tharja to not leave the candles out to burn in her hallway all day.

On the other hand, you are King and this is a trifling matter.

What's the worst that could happen if Ricardo and Tharja talk some more?

Choice time:
>Very well. Tell Ricardo you'll ask Tharja to limit her candle use.
>Refuse. Ricardo can run his own errands.

94410 No.24900

Option 1.

He's our friend and he's clearly upset about something. We can press him on that later.

4fbd4 No.24904

Option 1
Also maybe ask beatrice if she knew any spell that could make a candle last longer

d173a No.24905

Option two.

I'm getting a weird vibe here… This somehow feels like both a trap and an opportunity.
Yes, we don't want them butting heads (remember that these two got into a fight over him taking a book from her library before), but on the other hand, this feels too much like a choice that can bring some information into the light which we will need for the next showdown. The only question is which option is the right one to do that ;-) I feel like pushing the action is more likely.
Also: Think of what Beatrice told us about Ricardo. He has no spine, but it will regrow if he thinks he can "wield royal power" by using our friendship. Empty treasury or not, this really is a mostly trivial thing.

Of course I could also be completely wrong…

98046 No.24906

No, your assumption does seem well founded. Beatrice did mention that he will get more ballsy if given too much wiggle room. However, this is as you said, a trivial matter. I highly doubt that this will spark any flames of usurping us. If he starts to expand past his boundaries as an adviser/treasurer, then we bring the proverbial hammer down on his attitude.

The last sentence of the text has me concerned though. It may be a simple thought, but it definitely has a sense of foreshadowing to it. I do not believe it was ever brought up before, but we know little on the relationship of Ricardo and Tharja in the past. It has no doubt become awkward since Vlad revealed in his will that Ricardo was one of his bastards, if my memory serves me correctly. Maybe he is currently trying to avoid contact with her due to that odd relationship and fear of scorn?

61d3c No.24911

Option 1, but when we talk to Tharja, we take the opportunity to ask about how she and Ricardo get along and what she thinks of him. If he's nervous of her, we could confidently say he has nothing to worry about.

f98c2 No.24912

In agreement with this guy. So…
>Option 1.5?

d3d82 No.24916

I agree with this variation of option one

fafde No.24918

>5 votes for option one, agree to ask Tharja to limit her candle use. (With a note to follow-up asking Tharja about Ricardo.)
>1 vote for option two, make Ricardo ask Tharja himself.

Agree to Ricardo's request and ask Tharja on his behalf to limit her use of candles.

It is a trifling matter, which is why you decide to accept the request.

It's not as if you never see Tharja. Refusing will just make you look pompous.

You tell Ricardo you'll ask Tharja to cut it out.

However, if the supply of candles doesn't improve, you expect Ricardo will do something about it.

You don't want to find out it's some maid stealing candles after pinning the blame on your wife.

Ricardo bows, generously.

"Absolutely, Your Majesty."

You thank him for his due diligence and leave him to his parchments.

It really isn't a big deal.

You wait until you're alone with Tharja in her library, then explain the situation and ask her to be more conscious of her candle-use.

They really must be extinguished and cut when they're not in use. Or better yet, just use one of the torches to see around.

She's embarrassed, but swears she will.

"I'm sorry, Edward. I like the halls to look a certain way… but I never really thought about how I must be using them all up. I won't do that anymore."

Problem solved, it seems. It's that simple.

Though you decide to ask Tharja while you're here with her…

Has she talked to Ricardo since the coronation?

Tharja shakes her head.

"He returned that book he borrowed, and thanked me, but that was it."

In fact, Tharja gave orders to Sully not to let Ricardo into her wing because she wanted to be assured you and her had privacy.

…That's probably a good idea.

Unlike Beatrice, Tharja doesn't have magic for making her quarters silent from the outside.

Had Sully actually had to stop him?

"Not as far as I know," she says.


…Does she want to talk with him at all, you ask?


She hugs her book to her chest. Eyes downcast.

"I used to. I wondered what father was like… and what my mother was like… what I know is only what I was told from servants, growing up. Asking Ricardo for his stories would be the only way I could hear it, now."

You do vaguely remember Tharja trying to ask Ricardo something like that back when you eavesdropped.

She sighs.

"But, that doesn't matter anymore. I don't need to ask anything of him. He's not anyone important to me, my husband. Ricardo will always just be Ricardo."

She takes your hand and places it on her belly.

…Your heart skips a beat.

Tharja's still not showing a bump, but it excites you none the less to be holding her belly like this.

"What matters is the future," she says, her face bright.

You couldn't agree more.

Deep down inside, you can't help but shake a nagging feeling that this may be a sign of Tharja starting to move beyond her 'mortal life' concerns…

But who cares? She's still your wife.

You consider the matter closed and go off with Tharja to her bedroom to have sex.

It's too enticing to pass up after fondling her body.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

fafde No.24950

File: 1485951503772.jpeg (155.63 KB, 1200x900, happy-elizabeth.jpeg)

You watch Elizabeth at your meals since making her your 'slave'.

You can't deny she seems more confident… alert.

In previous times, she would stare at Margaret as she tasted the food, or react and wince when you had conversation with Tharja and Beatrice. She couldn't hide her jealousy, or that she was listening in to your talk.

That's changed, now. She's much more steady in her manner. She doesn't react so easily or show her feelings so much.


It's different from Margaret's professionalism.

Margaret was dutiful in her demeanor. You know from firsthand experience she has a more playful side that she let out those rare times you flirted with her.

Elizabeth on the other hand…

She's not suddenly acting like a competent servant. It's more like she's really lost her emotions.

That said, she's very happy to be held by you, and Tharja, when you take her to Tharja's room after your midday meal.

You look down at Elizabeth on Tharja's bed, naked except for that collar.

Her legs are up around your head, leaving you and her joined at the waist.

Besides that…

Tharja is naked behind you.

She presses her breasts against your back as she thrusts her body along with you, mimicking your own movements as you pound your cock into Elizabeth's soaking wet pussy.

"Speak your request, Elizabeth," urges Tharja.

Elizabeth looks up with a face twisted in the anguish of ecstasy.

"H-harder, Master… please…!"

That was another new one.

Elizabeth was now calling you master.

You can't help but think of how your titles with Elizabeth evolved up to this point and ponder what brought about each change.

But your orgasm is coming, so the thought is fleeting at best.

You look down at Elizabeth and tell her you're almost done using her body.

She's performed very well in that regard.

"T-thank you, Master… p-please give me your cum."

Her words are the final straw that wring your orgasm out of you.

You bear yourself down on Elizabeth and give her one final thrust… then one more, for good measure.

Tharja rocks her hips against you, and the entire room is filled with the tortured strains of all three of you moaning in a sexual symphony.

Elizabeth's crevasses pulsates around your cock and squeezes you as tight as only a dominated Elizabeth can.

Leaving you with a pleasant feeling of satisfaction as you ride out the last waves of your orgasm, your balls depositing their load in Elizabeth.

You lie down and rest on the bed next to her, catching your breath.

Elizabeth is panting next to you, trying to do the same.

Somehow, you hear Tharja's purring voice.

"Mm… very good, Elizabeth."

You turn your head and see Tharja collecting your semen from between her legs, bring her stained hand up in front of her face to show her.

"See? This is the proof you've pleased my husband adequately. Be ready to do more of that next time he feels like using your body."

"Y-Yes, Your Highness…"

You watch Elizabeth quiver underneath Tharja's gaze.

"Repeat after me, Elizabeth. Who do you belong to?"

"Master," she says.

"And who are you to Master?"

"His slave."

"And how will you repay your Master for the joy of giving your body to him?"

Elizabeth actually takes a moment to respond and you realize it's because she's shaking with pleasure.

"I'll give birth to lots and lots of his children. As many as this body can carry. My womb is his to impregnate, over and over."


You hear Tharja heave out a satisfied breath.

"Good answer, Elizabeth."

Tharja brushes Elizabeth's hair with her clean hand, then turns aside to busy herself at her desk.

You watch Elizabeth's face light up in a smile of joy and pure happiness at being told she's done a good job at something.

It's obviously a rarity for her.


You really have created a den of sin in this castle.

Still, your heart can't help but be moved by a woman who swears she'll bear you many children.

You drop the act for a quick moment and pet Elizabeth's cheek, telling her she'll make a fine mother.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

fafde No.24972

You go to check up on the fat maid.

You better keep her on a short leash.

You manage to track her down and put her back in her little office.

She brags to you that she's hearing good things from Margaret.

"The new girls are turning out splendidly, Your Majesty. They will soon be competent maids for you," she says, with a smile.

… Ugh.

Personally, you want to cringe.

You had talked to Margaret directly. She was honest in telling you the maids were neither smart nor dumb. Yet the fat maid has no problem with embellishing their progress to make it sound like something you want to hear.

The blame would fall on Margaret if you took issue with it, after all.

You decide not to call her on it. It will just make her take out her anger on Margaret to know she's been contradicted already.

How much longer does she expect for the maids' training to be finished?

"One or two more months. Three tops."

You're at your limit.

You inform the fat maid that estimate is what she gave you when they first started being trained, over a month ago.

She makes a show of looking shocked, and bows.

"I'm so sorry, Your Majesty! I mean from now… it must surely be less than a month. Two at the most."

She doesn't drop her ingratiating tone, but instead moves to change the subject.

"We know your summer faire will start soon, Your Majesty."

… Yes.

Summer was almost upon you.

The invitations for the minor nobles of Ruhemania to come attend should be reaching them soon, if they haven't already.

Of course, when they do arrive, they won't be expecting to sleep in a camp like the builders.

They'll be sleeping in your castle, within your castle.

Meaning, a lot of the rooms that are moth-balled will need to be properly cleaned and made to be of use by aristocrats.

She wants to let you know the next few weeks the servants will be spending a lot of time making those rooms up for them.

"Of course, we know how many families are being invited, Your Majesty. We can prepare accommodations for each one easily. We'll gladly start preparing one room for each family."


Though, if an entire family is sleeping in the same room, that may make it more difficult to seduce any notable fertile women who end up attending.

Their families will notice they're not there, of course.

You ask the fat maid, would it be extremely difficult to prepare more rooms?

You give the excuse that you don't like the idea of forcing your subjects to share cramped quarters.

The fat maid… hesitates.

"Ah… that is, they won't be small rooms like the one you once had before you were in the tower, Your Majesty. I promise they will have all proper accommodations and beds necessary."

–She's trying to avoid work again.

You get the feeling asking for more rooms to be ready will definitely require more organization from the fat maid and more work from your servants in general.

You look down at the fat maid and say you would be most disappointed for any guest to find the hospitality you provide them… lacking.

Your tone definitely implies you would hold her responsible.

At this, the fat maid really snaps to attention and bows again, swearing she will make every effort to make your guests comfortable.

"…But please leave the amount of rooms to prepare to us, Your Majesty," she begs, hands clasped in front of chest over her fat bosom.

"We know the castle very well. Trust us."

You think it over.

You are King. Your word must be followed.

How much of the castle should you order prepared for the guests?

If you leave it up to the fat maid, no doubt she'll only prepare the minimum amount of rooms.

You could add she prepare double the amount. That would ensure you have ample space to spend with any women. You don't doubt your guests would find it more pleasant as well.


You could order her to prepare the entire castle. That'd put a nice bee in her bonnet.

Why shouldn't the guests feel free to wander around? They shouldn't be allowed to see disheveled rooms filled with dirt. You don't doubt it'd be good for the castle, too.

Though you know that'd probably be stretching the limits of the maid hierarchy.

Choice time:
>It's not a time to intervene. Tell the fat maid you'll trust her to properly set up the accommodations for your guests.
>No buts. Order the fat maid to prepare double the amount of rooms necessary. If it requires more work from her and the servants, tough.
>You really want to set the fat maid on her ear. Order her to clean and prepare every room in the castle for the summer faire guests.

94410 No.24973

Option 3.

Part of ruling is theatrical presentation.

9a6b1 No.24974


Option 3.

bd466 No.24975

Option two.

We want to remove Helga and install Margaret as the head maid. This will work best if we challenge the fat maid but in a way that we can still rely on Margaret. If cleaning the whole castle is such a big task that even Margaret would have problems getting it done if she was head maid then we gain nothing here. We would piss off everyone equally.
If on the other hand the task of cleaning more but not all rooms is doable and Helga is simply lazy we can advance Margaret's position by letting her take over at least some the organisation effort.

b3cc0 No.24977

Option 2.

8dff2 No.24978


Option 2, I agree with his reasoning.

09987 No.24979

Option 3. Grandest possible for all things festival!

f98c2 No.24980

Option 2
Something about Option 3 screams 'unintended consequences'

4f8db No.24981

Option 2
I agree with wiz

61d3c No.24984

That's what I thought.

I also vote Option 2.

d3d82 No.24985

Option 2

fafde No.24996

>7 votes for option two, order the fat maid to prepare double the amount of rooms necessary.
>3 votes for option three, order the fat maid to prepare the entire castle.

Order double the amount of rooms she plans to prepare prepared.

You ask the maid to provide you with a number.

How many rooms is she planning to prepare?

"No less than fifteen, Your Majesty."

…Not bad.

It was enough for one family from each of your major territories, plus a few extra.

You think that is an honest response from the fat maid.

Still, you just needed a number.

You clear your throat.

You tell the fat maid she will prepare no less than thirty rooms for the summer faire.


Her eyes widen, but she has the composure not to gasp.

Will that be a problem, you ask?

You watch her hesitate. Finally, she lowers her eyes, avoiding eye-contact.

"It will be done, Your Majesty," she says, voice resigned and meek.


You will, of course, follow up with inspecting the rooms.

The fat maid lets out a subtle little wince, you think you've wounded her pride.

"Gladly, Your Majesty."

She dips herself into another bow before you can chastise her grunting.

"I'll start the preparation immediately as it pleases you, Your Majesty," she says.

…Very well.

She's dismissed, then.

You leave the fat maid to get to work.

No doubt the servants will be busy from here on out.

Still, it's your faire.

You'd rather not worry about some aristocrat making a complaint.

fafde No.24997

This concludes Week 7's events.

Week 8 will begin events related to the faire.

It is not necessary to pick what Edward should be doing in this time. His routine is, by this point, soundly established.

However, if there are any final scenes one might want to see, please use this time to write what sort of issue you might want Edward to change or get involved with.

If there's some bit of specific information you want to know that Edward could find out, a question to another character for Edward to ask, or any special interaction with anyone, this is the time to do it.

I will need a little time to plot the exact order of events for the faire, so do not hesitate to request this with the logic that the next update will come faster if there is no change to make.

I hope it's enjoyable.

19871 No.24998

I have a minor wish: Beatrice's portrait. We never followed up on it. It's an idle curiosity and of little importance as far as I can tell, but still I'd like to know.

91021 No.25011

I personally would like to talk to Tharja about how she plans on treating the women we do impregnate, cause in that last interaction, it seemed as though Elizabeth was being treated like cattle instead of a person. I am not entirely comfortabe with this mentality (since it may take more potentially interesting characters and degrade them), but if others don't agree, then I am alright with going along with it as it is.

f98c2 No.25019

Maybe we could broach the subject of somehow attempting to smooth over, or at least re-introduce Tharja and Ricardo. Tharja needs outlets of interest. So, while these such as(her father; Ricardo's knowledge of…) are not inherently of interest to her now,Edward needs to keep subtly influencing Tharja to seek out other areas to busy herself aside from fertility magic and all…which again isn't a bad thing. Maybe we could set them on a certain project together even, or something to that end. We just feel sorry for their lost sibling-hood, is all, and Nice Guy Eddie has thus far been able to (mostly) use his natural suave and charm to achieve all sorts of ends…

fafde No.25022

File: 1486204491640.jpg (225.06 KB, 640x905, Beatrice-Portrait.jpg)

Beatrice's Portrait

You almost forgot about it.

Beatrice made a very specific request to you for a portrait done of herself.

At least it allowed you to meet with the painter and show you were now King.

Your curiosity gets the better of you.

After your morning meal, you stop Beatrice before she leaves.

You ask her if she would humor you and show you the portrait.

"Oh~? Certainly, if it interests you, Your Majesty."

You step lightly with Beatrice back to your old room. …Well, Lorenzo's room.

You go ahead and open the door and step inside.

Well, the inside of the room isn't too different.

It seems the maids changed the sheets on the bed to something that looks a little more feminine, but that's about it. You see no particular special furnishing added to the room you've given to Beatrice.


There's a very impressive painting of Beatrice on the wall, depicting her in her full witch-persona, although lacking her book.

It's a very large painting. Almost true-to-life in terms of size.

It's certainly bigger than the one of you and Tharja.

"Are you impressed, Your Majesty?" asks Beatrice.

… She doesn't have her book out, neither has she changed back to her witch-persona.

You must assume she isn't using magic to hide your conversation.

So you can't outright ask if there's anything magical about it.

But… yes, indeed.

You ask if she personally modeled for it?

"But of course. I was with the artist all day to make sure every detail properly matched… if only an aristocrat of such humble origins as myself ever actually owned a dress like that."

Her tone is normal, but her face tells you she's having fun playing cloak-and-daggers with your talk.

It seems she didn't actually use magic to make herself look like how she's depicted when she was modeling for the painter.

She must have described it to the artist.

… No wonder she was with him all day.

You remember you asked the painter to emphasize the bond you shared with Tharja.

Surely, the painter must have asked Beatrice what quality she wanted emphasized in her own portrait.

You stare at it, trying to put your finger on what exactly it was.

"It's unique, isn't it, Your Majesty?" she asks, interrupting your thought process.

…It's very nice, yes.

"You haven't seen a portrait like it before, have you?"

No, you don't recall that.

Should you have?


Beatrice gives a little shrug.

"I'm very thankful to the man who made it possible… Your… Majesty…"

She leans forward, pulling at her neckline with a finger to give you a little flash of her breasts.

Oh dear.

Already, you can feel your manhood harden at the invitation.

That's too good to pass up.

Choice time:
>Invite Beatrice back to your tower for sex.
>You're too eager to make the trip back to the tower, have sex with Beatrice in her room. It's not like the servants don't know she's your 'mistress'.
>…On second thought, maybe you should hold off until later. Pass on sex with Beatrice.

741d2 No.25030

Option two. Have sex right there with portrait Beatrice watching real Beatrice getting pounded :)

61d3c No.25032

Option 2. Besides, I'm sure beatrice will appreciate the risk-taking and the eagerness.

6e10c No.25036

Option two. Bend her over the bed.

4f8db No.25040

Option 2
Very tempting for the invitation

d23e5 No.25052

Option 2

877da No.25061

Option 2.

fafde No.25078

File: 1486295260025.jpeg (173.69 KB, 597x773, Beatrice-impulse.jpeg)

>6 votes for option two, have sex with Beatrice right in her room.

Give in to the impulse and have sex with Beatrice.

You haven't done it with the aristocrat Beatrice yet.

You don't really have a reason to hold back, either.

You step closer and help yourself to Beatrice's breasts.


She raises her eyebrows at your boldness, but makes no move to pull back.

You grope at her freely, gently kneading the soft mounds through the fabric of her dress.

You lean in your face and whisper you wouldn't mind putting on a show together for the portrait to witness.

The real Beatrice being impregnated, right before its eyes.


Beatrice flashes a very pleased grin at you, and you can feel one of her legs wrap itself around yours. It gently strokes up and down your calf and forces your covered crotch to grind into Beatrice's.

"Oh, I shan't stop you, Your Majesty… it's only right I carry your babe, isn't it?"

She arches her back into you, and you respond by pressing your lips to Beatrice's.

Your tongues meet in mutual lust and desire, both of you getting caught up in the moment. Your hard muscle curling and enveloping Beatrice's own. Leaving you both gasping for more contact, more stimulation.

You… can't hold back.

You separate, and, hands on her hips, start to swivel Beatrice around.

She hesitates, but then gets the picture and turns her backside to you.

You push her forward until she's able to get a grip on the closest piece of furniture, which ends up being the bed.

Already your other hand has loosened your belt on your leggings and started to let them droop down, freeing your staff.

You're already hot and the tip freely drips with your precum as your hands go to find the hem of Beatrice's skirt.

You're desperately sliding her dress up her enough to expose her slit when you hear Beatrice speak.

"Hah… Very well… take me as you like, Your Majesty…" she whispers.


You whisper back that impulsive, needy sex is one of the most satisfying types of sex.

You look down at Beatrice's bare ass. Steadying yourself with your hands on her hips to align yourself.

She arches her back further, spreading her stance to invite your further in.

Then you start to thrust yourself forward.

Your cock easily finds the lips of her hot opening.

You let out a little grunt as your shaft starts to penetrate her. Your cock gently slipping through the slick, wet lips of Beatrice's pussy.


Beatrice lets out a cry as your cock fully sheathes itself inside her, your hips meeting her rump in a solid slap that echoes through the room.

It feels… so good to be able to have sex with Beatrice like this.

Your let out a hot pant as you remember Beatrice said to take her as you like, and you start thrusting into her in earnest.

Your hands slipping to the front of her belly.

You're not going to stop until this part of her starts to swell, you whisper.

"Mm… do you desire an impressive bump, Your Majesty?"

Damn right you do.

You want to see her belly stretch taut with your child.

Your hands creep upward to cup under Beatrice's bosom.

You want to see her breasts swell big with milk.

Your words can't help but ignite your passion further and you can't help but speed up your thrusts.

Beatrice lets out another moan at your hurried thrusting.

Part of you wonders if you should really be nervous about someone overhearing.

But, you don't care.

You need to impregnate her.

Beatrice twists her neck around to look back at you, her face delighted.

"Gladly… I'll gladly take your seed, Your Majesty…"

Beatrice moans again.

"Ah… leave it over there, will you?" she asks.



You pound yourself further into Beatrice's tight, soft crevasse, filling the room with the sounds of your lovemaking.

Her pussy grips you harder with every thrust, and you can feel yourself losing control of holding back your orgasm.

But that's fine.

As long as you're hilted enough to let loose your seed in Beatrice's valley, it's fine.

Your thoughts turn to imagining your seed taking root inside her womb as you come with a loud, satisfied grunt.

Beatrice shakes underneath you, her pussy contracting, squeezing every last drop of cum inside her as your balls empty themselves.

You hear Beatrice mumbling, her delicate hand pressed to her mouth as she bites down to keep from moaning.


You crotch is soaked.

You're sure your clothes are stained as well.


You pull yourself out, taking in the sight of Beatrice's red lips stretched from your session of sex and leaking full of your cum.

It's a small price to pay for the joy of knocking up Beatrice.

Hopefully this batch will set her on the way to being truly bred.

Beatrice's hand dips to her crotch, and she holds your seed to her pussy greedily.

She looks up to you with a very satisfied smile.

You take a moment to sit down and re-arrange yourselves. Your brow is hot with sweat after all the exercise.

It's then you notice there's a bit of clean laundry on Beatrice's desk.

That… wasn't there before…

Was it?


Beatrice holds a hand to her face, stifling a full cackle.

"You didn't hear…? A maid let herself in to deliver my laundry."



You were more engrossed than you thought if some maid opened the door, stepped inside, and then left again without you noticing.

Beatrice rubs her head on your shoulders… her breasts pressing into your arm.

"It suits you, doesn't it Your Majesty? We were occupied, after all. She knew better than to interrupt."

…Oh well.

You guess it doesn't matter.

No, it might even be preferable for the servants to get used to you having sex wherever you might be found.

Beatrice was just the most obvious partner, besides Tharja.

You get your revenge by sticking your hand through Beatrice's arm sleeves to fondle her breasts more directly.

You guess you can put it out of your mind, you say.

Beatrice's body is so very distracting, after all. It's her fault.

She snickers further, and lets you have your fun.

You spend a few more precious moments in afterplay with Beatrice before you run to join the drilling with the soldiers.

You shift your belt a little to cover the stains and hope no one will notice.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

fafde No.25093

You spend time with Tharja before sunset.

You've just finished making love. Your seed is still warm in her crevasse, save the little bit that flowed out from between her lips when you withdrew.

You share a mutual embrace in the warm afterglow.

The time passes slowly until Tharja speaks.

"Husband… what are you thinking about?" she asks.


Elizabeth, you say.

You're a little concerned about Tharja's words to her when you last lay together.

Tharja lets out a little gasp.

"What do you mean, Edward?"

… You think it over how best to say this.

You did go along with the whole 'slave' thing, you start to say.

Tharja's expression turns sultry.

"Yes, it was so generous of you to make her your slave, Edward."


If it was what Elizabeth wanted, that was fine.

You had freely dominated and encouraged Elizabeth's submissiveness before, after all.

"Exactly, my husband. I'm sure she'll birth you many strong slaves in the future."

…Hold on.


"Am I wrong? Don't slaves beget baby slaves, even if their masters sire them?"

–All right, that's enough of that.

You cough, finding your 'stern' voice.

If Elizabeth wants to play at being your slave, that's one thing…

But you won't go beyond that.

You're not going to whip her for a word spoken out of turn, or treat your children with her as 'future slaves'.

There's a limit to how far these things can go, and that's the line.


Tharja looks down, looking appropriately chastised.

"I'm sorry, Edward… you're right, I won't take it too far. I wasn't really thinking that's how your children with her should be treated."

She follows up her words by hugging your chest.

"But, being your slave has made her much happier. You see how confident she is now? She's not afraid anymore."

… You can't deny that, you suppose.

You're not sure you'd call it confidence, but she is much more sure in her mannerisms.

No, it's too late to back away from Elizabeth being your slave.

You put the collar on her, after all.

Tharja traces her soft fingers on your skin.

"It's really what she wants, Edward. I know."

If it's what Elizabeth specifically wants, that's fine. The play has its place.

But just with Elizabeth. You don't want every woman you're impregnating to become your 'slave'.

Tharja tilts her head.

"Even if they want to?"


You… aren't sure you'd meet a woman with such a deep desire to submit ever again.

You don't want to speculate. And you don't want to give Tharja a reason to encourage that behavior.

Just Elizabeth, you say. No buts.

Tharja nods.

"I understand… I promise I won't do that, Edward."

All right.

You let out a sigh of relief, and run your fingers along your wife's hair and face.

You feel better for having discussed this with her, you say.

Actually, you feel a little silly for getting so serious…

But, your wife definitely has the power to make her little whims into reality.

You had to make sure to steer her clear of taking any steps to a darker path, occasionally.

You spend more time with Tharja, talking over your day.

You mention being caught with Beatrice, and she laughs and tells you she's sure it's nothing new to the servants.

You already knew that of course, but hearing Tharja say it makes you feel better.

Eventually, you part, leaving her with a kiss.

"Good night, my love…"

You pass by Sully on your way back to your tower.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

fafde No.25104

Your mind can't help but wander back to the relationship of Tharja and Ricardo.

You love Tharja, and you know it's natural she wants to be secluded to practice magic, but she really should have some other interaction occasionally. Beyond you, Beatrice, and the servants. At the very least, you don't want her to forget what it's like to interact with 'normal' people.

Until you invite more aristocrats to the castle, if ever, that leaves Ricardo by default.

You might have been leery of Ricardo spending too much time with Tharja, but you know now that they're really siblings. –Even if that's weird to think about, with Tharja younger than you and Ricardo older than your father.

You decide to get a second opinion from someone intimately acquainted with both of them.

That's why you invite Beatrice to your tower one day. You sit together for tea with the witch.

You tell Beatrice your concerns, including the strange interaction with Ricardo asking you to talk with Tharja on his behalf.

…You preface the talk with a disclaimer.

You certainly don't want to steal time Beatrice has with Tharja for her training.

But, you want her opinion.

Would it benefit either of them for you to maneuver a relationship between the two of them?

Beatrice… weakly holds her pipe, smoke trailing out of it slowly.

"I think it would benefit you to think of this situation from your lackey's point of view, King."

She crosses her arms.

"If Tharja were to die, who would have the most to gain?" she asks.

… Uh.

No one? It'd just be a senseless tragedy.

Beatrice shakes her head.

"Who becomes King if Tharja dies without birthing you any children?" she asks.



… Ricardo, of course.

Your claim to the throne of Ruhemania isn't technically complete until she births you an heir.

Even if you were to live, with Tharja dead, Ricardo would be the only one with a legitimate claim.

She nods.

"Exactly. Now, knowing that, what would you think if you heard he was spending much time with Tharja?"

–You rule out 'physical attraction,' now…

Beatrice gives you a little grin.

"Sex the first thing on your mind, as usual, King?"

She cackles to herself.

You're really not sure what she's talking about, though. What other reason could there be?

Beatrice stops, taking a little breath.

"One might get the idea he was plotting something. Observing Tharja's habits for the opportunity to use a poison for the sake of killing her, for example."

…Well, you didn't have any reason to think that.

Beatrice's spying on Ricardo would've found that out, wouldn't it?

Even if he did try, Tharja is basically immortal. She wouldn't die anyway unless her book was harmed.

Beatrice nods, evenly.

"Accurate on both accounts, King… but does that man know you've been spying on him? Does he know that Tharja cannot suffer a mortal's death?"

No, there's no way he could know something like that.

He doesn't know anything about witches, and certainly wouldn't have noticed Beatrice spying on him.

He'd have no idea.

"He is, however, very used to operating under the gaze of a very paranoid tyrant… one who was constantly watching him to see if he overstepped his bounds or made any untoward moves to advance himself beyond his stature."

You're beginning to get the picture.

Ricardo was avoiding Tharja because he was afraid if you thought he spent any time around her, it'd be for the purpose of finding a way to kill her off so he could become King.

You're not nearly that paranoid, but he doesn't know that. Even if he did, he'd be following the actions of the 'wise vassal' and not even give the appearance that such a thing was possible.

You feel almost a fool.

Of course that followed logically, at least in terms of what you remember from the etiquette book.

Even when you asked about it, it's not like he could tell you "I'm limiting my contact with Tharja so you don't think I'm going to kill her."

That would have just made you more concerned.

"Indeed… ahahaha. Such is my guess, as it is. I spent much time watching him, King."

She leans forward.

"I won't tell you what to do, King… but you might ask yourself. Do either of these people really want a relationship? And if the answer is no, is it worthwhile to concoct one anyway?"

… Was there any moment Beatrice thought Ricardo wanted to know Tharja as a real 'sister'?

Beatrice… shrugs.

"He did lament sometimes, when he was alone, that he's gone without having a real friendship or 'youth'… but if I were to hazard a guess, it would be that he finds the gap between years far too wide to really think of Tharja as an 'equal', that way."

Especially with her being legitimate and him being a bastard.

"Still, if you really think it necessary, why don't you invite him to sit with us when we have our meals?"


That might be a good opportunity.

… Beatrice doesn't mind, you ask?

She shakes her head, grinning.

"The results may be interesting. I will make no objection! …It's up to you, King."


In that case…

Choice time:
>It might be a good opportunity for the two of them. Invite Ricardo to breakfast or lunch together with you, Tharja, and Beatrice.
>On second thought, perhaps you should leave Ricardo alone. Do nothing.

cd471 No.25105

I have some sympathy for Ricardo, but I don't think this is a good idea.

The age gap between them is huge and they have very little in common besides half of their parentage. Just being family isn't enough to make two people like spending time with each other. What will they do, swap stories of paternal neglect?

And didn't Beatrice explain before that Ricardo is reliably loyal - but only so long as we make it crystal clear who's in charge? Admitting him into our inner circle, into our family, effectively, is going to muddy that relationship. Is he our master of coin or our half-brother-in-law? Also, do we really want someone who isn't in on the witchcraft secret hanging around with our witches?

Besides, I don't think either of them desperately needs this. Ricardo seems happy enough with Margaret's physical companionship and a King who values his counsel - that's much better than he had before we arrived. Likewise Tharja now has Beatrice as a friend with whom she has much in common, a beloved husband and a hobby that can last an eternity.

Option 2.

61d3c No.25106

That's some sound logic, and I agree.

Option 2.

f98c2 No.25109

Oh hey, this actually got brought up, nice. Seeing as this was brought to impetus by our suggestion…
>Option 1
We do consent to the merits behind the argument(s) for Option 2, but really, Ricardo's been very fair and reasonable with us thus far for the most part, and honestly we're still wanting to get him in our 'good graces' so he's not so shocked when we ask to funnel his blood off for witchy rituals and the like. Plus the poor guy just seems pitiable.

4fbd4 No.25110

Option 2

fafde No.25188

I hesitate to close this with so few votes, but I'd rather not leave the vote up any longer.

>1 vote for option one, invite Ricardo to your meals.

>3 votes for option two, leave Ricardo alone after all.

Do nothing and leave Ricardo alone without presenting him with the opportunity to form a relationship with Tharja.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.25205

You sigh.

It did seem like the genuinely good-natured thing to do was get Ricardo out and feeling like something more akin to a human being than a living abacus.


Sometimes, you need to think about what situation is the best for you and your Kingdom as well.

Ricardo's a necessary cog in your machine.

Furthermore, he is, according to Beatrice, a relatively happy cog.

Better not to risk messing up your relationship. Or worse, his ability to do his job.

Beatrice gives you a measured nod.

"So, that's your decision? Ahahaha. I can't say I will miss seeing his wrinkled face," she says, finishing with a drag on her pipe.

Beatrice really doesn't like him, does she?


She lets out a puff of smoke, face shuddering as if tasting something bitter.

"I have no personal exception to the man… but I don't find his attraction flattering, nor was investigating him particularly interesting."

…You suppose you can't blame her, there.

No doubt Beatrice would feel the same way if Ricardo was your own age.

Is she glad you gave her a break from spying, you ask?

She shakes her head.

"I'm enjoying the time with Innocence, but spying on your behalf is just part of my repayment of my debt to you, King. If I thought it unworthy, I would say."

You decide this might be a good time to bring up the upcoming summer faire.

It's going to be a big celebration.

Certainly, a lot of people will be coming to the castle.

She may want to put off any 'training' sessions with Tharja at that time.

You trust your guests to honor the rules of hospitality, but someone might get lost and accidentally go through the door to Tharja's wing. It'd be a terrible tragedy if you three had to deal with a random person discovering witchcraft.

Beatrice tells you that keeping magic hidden will not be a problem.

She'll keep an appropriate low profile and pass as a normal aristocrat, and ensure Tharja does as well.


You ask if perhaps Beatrice would object to you… 'helping' her maintain a certain schedule?

That is, if the maids knew Beatrice was doing one particular task every day, it'd put them in mind that she had a 'routine' and she would seem more 'normal' in the eyes of the servants. Less mystery meant less concern and less chance of being discovered after all.


Beatrice's lips twist into a teasingly sly little grin.

You think she's picked up immediately what you have in mind.

"I won't say no," she says.


Looks like you can add 'after-breakfast sex with aristocrat Beatrice' to your list of things you do daily.

It'll take some energy, but less than leading her up the stairs for sex would take.


You really want to hear her announce that she's pregnant.

You can just imagine her giving you that devilish little grin and whispering in your ear that she's missed her period.

She'll be the fourth witch you breed, if everything has gone right.

fafde No.25206

Week 8

Assuming there's no objections, I thought it'd be appropriate to add "daily sex with: aristocrat-persona Beatrice," to the list of things Edward does.

Daily sexual activity: aristocrat-persona Beatrice, Tharja.
Also have sex with at least once: Elizabeth, in a threesome with Tharja.
Daily non-sexual activity: Practicing with lances with the guards/Visiting the stable to acclimate Edward to his horse.
Have sex with to impregnate: Sully.
Maintain relationship with: Ricardo/the senior guard.
Watch for problems with: The fat maid, the older guards, the architect and his men.
Research: Ruhemanian titles and holdings.
Delay researching: The new Church-trade book.

Though if anyone does have an objection or wants a change, feel free to give it voice.

New update coming soon.

16c32 No.25207


I'm OK with these.

98046 No.25216

Everything seems in order. I didn't mention this before, but thank you for addressing my concerns with Elizabeth earlier, aristo.

54059 No.25223

Looks good to me.

fafde No.25224

You're awoken in the morning by a knock different from the one you're familiar with.

You drag yourself out of your bed and open the door to find only one maid there to greet you.

You're still blinking away drowsiness, but you have the presence of mind to ask why there's only one of her.

She confesses she doesn't know, only that she was the only one assigned to service your room.

All other servants are working at cleaning other parts of the castle.

So, that's it.

You increased the servants workload, so the number of maids looking after you was reduced.

It was an indirect message from the fat maid to you, you think.

"You dare to give us more work? Fine. Less servants for you to order around."


You're probably over-dramatizing things.

It's entirely reasonable that the maids will be working harder to get the castle ready for the faire.

Complaining that less people will be working on your personal chores is a little beneath your dignity.

Still, you take the moment to tell the maid that you expect her solo work to be adequate.

If not…

…Well, you don't need to name a specific threat.

She swears she will have no problem seeing to your needs.

She seems more attentive than your usual maids. A little older, too.

You wonder if she's the fat maid's crony, and being assigned this work now because it'll be relatively easier than scrubbing the floors.

–Though you're not sure if your laundry, sheets, and climbing those stairs technically qualifies as 'easier'.

It could be the exact opposite. That the work is harder and she's being assigned to it as a 'punishment'.

…Oh well.

You dress yourself, then leave her to collect your laundry.

You'd better see that breakfast is served as usual and that Elizabeth and Margaret are both present.

fafde No.25225

You wind your way to the sitting room, walking the corridors along the way.

True to your expectations, you do see more activity from the servants. Many of them carrying cleaning equipment, or furniture, or just averting their eyes and walking hurriedly.

There's no way they're acting to put on a show of being 'busy,' you realize.

Oh well. That has nothing to do with you. You want your guests for the faire accommodated.

Perhaps it will lighten the servants' load a little when you start hiring younger maids.

You find Margaret waiting in the room, and an empty table before you.

You take your seat, giving her a 'Good morning'.

"Good Morning, Your Majesty."

You remember that Elizabeth serves you the food, and Margaret, as your taster, is not allowed to see the preparation or handle the food before it's served to you. Elizabeth must still be retrieving it now.

You consider some small talk with Margaret, but decide it'd probably just be returned with the usual pleasantries.

Margaret is very professional, after all.

Tharja arrives before long and you share a quick embrace before you sit down.

Beatrice follows, and finally Elizabeth arrives with your meals.

Well, your and Tharja's meals.

Elizabeth has to depart again to go bring back Beatrice's.

Usually another, older maid would arrive with Beatrice's meal, but today Elizabeth must deliver all three.

Of course, she only has two hands, so that necessitates her going back to the kitchen.

You give Beatrice a sympathetic look, which she responds with a shrug as if to say 'it doesn't matter.'

Margaret tastes your food.

She does not die, so you begin to eat.

Today is a hearty soup with bits of fat and meat in it.

It's not bad, as far as soups you've had in Ruhemania go.

This one at least isn't overwhelmed with onion.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

fafde No.25238

The ten minutes after you eat breakfast is spent with Beatrice in her bedroom.

Specifically, with her bent over at the waist and your dick spearing the soft, delicate folds of her pussy.

This time, you're not interrupted. –At least, in any noticeable way.

The furious slapping of your thighs against Beatrice's delicate rump slows then ends as you come deep inside her fertile pussy. Her muscles contracting and milking your cock for all its worth.


It actually makes you feel a little less homesick to just bend Beatrice over and take her like this. It reminds you more of your time in Virilia.

You watch Beatrice's chest heave as she catches her breath.

"Mm… until next we meet, Your Majesty," she says, readjusting her dress.

You separate and go your different ways.

Beatrice to Tharja's wing, you to the armory.

You're a little fatigued, but you'll call it 'warming up' for the drilling you're going to be doing.

You've gotten very adept at handling polearms over the past few weeks.

You think you're ready to try holding one while you're riding Eclipse.

You ask one of the guards to take a lance suitable to horse-led charging and have it ready at the stable for you.

You're confident at least you won't embarrass or injure yourself.

True to your expectations, you're able to handle the lance while on horseback relatively well.

Eclipse and you are growing closer. He's able to quicken or ease back on his pace at barely any prodding from you.

That's good.

You'll need to practice balancing a shield with your horse's reins.

Getting your horse used to wearing a bit of horse armor will be next.

Come to think of it, you'll have to get yourself fitted for some armor as well.

At least you can probably get away with partial plating, and you won't have to worry about moving.

Only what Eclipse can carry on his back.

The day winds down, and you eat your midday meal.

Tharja whispers she has a surprise for you, so please give her some time before you come to her quarters.

…All right.

You're curious, now.

Tharja's certainly sprung some surprises on you in the past, after all.

You decide to trust her and do as she asks.

You waste time wandering the castle halls for a brief period.

You happen to pass by the dungeon door.

You wonder if you should see about having that sealed.

At the very least, inquire if there's an actual key to keep it locked.

…You don't want to think about it, but there might come a day when you need to use it for its intended purpose again.

At the very least, you can't always burden the soldiers in the barracks with holding troublemakers like you did with the pig thief.

You're confident at least that the oubliette will go undetected.

Beatrice broke the handle to raise the trap door leading down to it clean off.

You're not sure you could even discern it from the rest of the stone if you looked for it, let alone raise it.

Even then…

There was no retrieving the bodies there.

Daniella and Simon were forever locked in their tomb.

Nothing would ever bring them out.


You decide this is a very unsexy thing to be thinking about before meeting with your wife.

You file it under something you might have to bring up to the fat maid, or possibly the senior guard, and leave the area.

You finally make your way to Tharja's wing.

Sully greets you, but gives you no warning of what Tharja's planning.

That's all right, you think.

You give her a salute and tell her to keep up the good work.

To your surprise, you find Tharja waiting outside her door.

She carries a torch in one hand, and her book under her arm.


She turns her arm to sweep the torch's light around the hall.

"See? I'm trying to use less candles, like you said."

…That's certainly appreciated.

Though, that's not the surprise, is it, you ask?

"…Hee hee hee."

She giggles, batting her eyelashes at you.

"This way, Edward…"

She pushes open the door to her room, leading you inside.

fafde No.25239

When you get in the room the first thing you see as the torch pierces the darkness is…


She's wearing that gown Tharja had her in before.

You give her a polite smile and nod a greeting.

You certainly don't mind sessions Elizabeth joins you two in your lovemaking…

But you're not sure how this is a 'surprise'.

You pause as Tharja sets the torch in the holder beside the door.

"Elizabeth! Present yourself," she commands.

"Yes, Your Highness."

Elizabeth's hands go to the hem of her gown.

Without any hesitation, she lifts it to you.

Exposing her shaved pussy and lower torso as she pulls it up to just below her breasts.

… So, Tharja 'trained' her a little more? Elizabeth was already less embarrassed around you both.

You turn back to look at Tharja

You're still not sure what the surprise is.

…Why is your wife grinning like that?

"Elizabeth, turn yourself to the side. My husband has still not noticed yet."

Tharja steps to the side, out of the light of the torch and Elizabeth moves.

"Look again, Edward."

You turn your neck back in front of you.

Elizabeth's turned to show you her profile.

Her gown still raised to show off her genitals, and… her…

… Oh.

Oh, God!

You missed it before.

In the low light and with Elizabeth facing forward, it was only natural you missed it.

Something so tiny…

Something so small…

But wonderful nonetheless.

Elizabeth has a bump.

No, it's too much to even say it's a 'bump'.

It's like a tiny little barest 'pudge' of a distortion.

Certainly it wouldn't be visible if Elizabeth hadn't bared herself.


This was it.

Elizabeth was pregnant.

Elizabeth was starting to show.

Finally, after all this time.

You have your confirmation.

Your virility is without a doubt, returned.

Instantly, your hands go to Elizabeth's stomach.

You excitedly trace your fingers around her belly-button and tickle her protrusion.

It's less than even the matchmaker's was when you summoned her that night in the library.

Eight weeks, perhaps? Maybe nine or ten?

You do some mental math and figure that must be Elizabeth's progression.

This might even put her ahead of Tharja. Or perhaps she's just showing sooner than her.

Elizabeth was certainly thinner than Tharja, after all.

You can't help yourself and you find yourself kneeling and pressing a kiss to Elizabeth's belly.

Elizabeth was pregnant!

Elizabeth, for her part, is happy to let you poke and prod her as much as you like.

"I'm… glad that my body could take your seed, Master."

She shakes with ecstasy as you continue to caress her. She's clearly enjoying the attention.

"I knew you'd be happy, Edward," says Tharja, at your side.

You pause, giving a hesitant look to your wife.

What about her, you ask?

She frowns, turning to the side to give you a better view.

"…Do I?" Tharja asks, hopeful.

Of course, her outfit leaves her belly relatively visible.

…Sadly, she does not.

A quick rub confirms Tharja's belly is sadly lacking any bump.

Though, that didn't mean anything.

It could simply be that Tharja was taking a little longer. All women had their own dates, after all.

Even at the birth, you couldn't be sure.

…In the back of your mind, you almost hear warning bells sound.

Elizabeth might be the one who gives birth before Tharja. That… could potentially be a problem with the succession of your Kingdom.

You quash that thought.


Elizabeth was your servant. She was a commoner. No way would a commoner's babe claim some right to your Kingdom, even if you openly acknowledged the babe.

Furthermore, there was a veritable castle full of cribs carrying your offspring back in Virilia. At the very least, it'd be more realistic to imagine a potential succession crisis coming from there than from Elizabeth's womb.

You decide to just accept Elizabeth's bump for what it is.

The first baby step to seeing full bellies in Ruhemania.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

fafde No.25298

You spend the rest of the evening with Elizabeth and Tharja.

Knowing that there was one woman in Ruhemania with a bump caused by you eases the stress of the day.

You eventually separate and travel back to your tower for a good night's rest.

Your morning meal is interrupted by a guard with a message.

He informs you that the priest and his caravan have arrived to conduct services in the peasant settlement and castle.

You thank him for the notice.

The guard then… hesitates.

"He's… uh, His Imminence has requested an audience with you, Your Majesty. Before he does the service for the peasants."


That's new.

You haven't really talked quietly with the priest since your coronation.

Outside of your confessions, of course.

The guard goes on to say, obviously, that you don't need to stop eating. The priest is partaking his own morning meal.

He tells you what room he can be found in and you dismiss the soldier.


You eat quickly, then excuse yourself.

You end up leaving before Tharja or Beatrice are done with their meals.

You meet with the priest who comes to conduct the service every two weeks.

He informs you that he's happy to attend the summer faire on behalf of the Church.


Of course.

The invitations for the faire would have included a notice to the Church. It made sense they would send the person with the most familiarity to the castle to attend.

The priest further informs you he looks forward to staying in the castle and not needing to make the journey back to the nearest monastery until the summer faire is concluded.


It's all you can do to nod and hold back your shock.

The priest plans on staying at the castle until it's over, it seems.

You suppose it makes sense.

The summer faire certainly isn't going to be held in just one day.

He informs you this means services will be conducted weekly instead of every two weeks.

…That's all very good, you say.

You look forward to having him as a guest, you say.

The old man nods, then gives you a little smile.

"Well, now, Your Majesty… that's actually what I wanted to discuss with you."

He tells you it's common knowledge that the castle has no chaplain.

That was an 'understanding' with King Vlad after the previous chaplain died.

King Vlad refused to appoint a new chaplain unless he personally met with any candidates.

But… men of the cloth are hardly idle people. It was impossible for a number of priests to travel out to the castle.

Furthermore, King Vlad had reached an age that his own personal travel was impossible.

In the end, it was accepted that he, the priest, would personally travel to conduct services every two weeks until such a time that King Vlad felt he could appoint him as chaplain.

You raise a hand to your face, covering your mouth.

Otherwise you wouldn't be able to hide your grin.


King Vlad certainly was clever.

He orchestrated that 'agreement,' then just never actually gave the priest the position he sought.

He got away with it, too.


…Because he was King Vlad.

Uniter of the country and savior of Ruhemania. It was probably one of the many tolerances afforded to him because of his exploits.

Why, though?

Why would he be so stubborn? Why not just make him chaplain?

… It could simply be because, as Ricardo said, 'King Vlad does not alter deals that King Vlad has already agreed to.'

But you think there might be a better reason.

King Vlad was probably nervous that the Church would discover, and get involved in, his witch-hunting crusade.

The priest coughs.

He tells you that he has a humble request, which he's being asked to make on behalf of the Church as a whole.

He need not personally become chaplain, though he would certainly appreciate the gesture.

However, if not, he has a collection of dossiers with the names of various other priests in Ruhemania who would be suitable for the role.

He will thank you to accept them, look at them, and make your decision on who will become chaplain by the time he departs the castle after the faire has concluded. That priest will then eventually make his way to your castle and join your court.

…Of course, if you decide to make him chaplain, he will stay behind and send his caravan back to the monastery with the message of your decision.

You're not alone with the priest. There's a few attendants he's brought with him here. You can't talk too openly.

You can't just offer him a bribe to go away and forget about it.

At the same time…

You're not King Vlad.

You doubt you'll get away with an outright refusal. Even if you are King, you know refusing a direct request of the Church would never lead to something good.

They're not going to let this slide.

The priest waits for you to tell him your decision.

You wish Beatrice had been able to find out more about his personality.

You finish your thoughts, then take a breath and tell him your answer.

Choice time:
>Very well. Tell the priest you've decided to make him your court chaplain.
>Tell him you'll accept the dossiers on potential candidates and you'll have your decision when the faire concludes.

bac7f No.25300


Option 2.

47463 No.25301

Option two, maybe with the addition that the priest can toss in his own dossier as well.
I see no reason to exclude him from consideration. He should have his fair chance. In fact I mostly want option two because it gives us time to decide not because I particularly dislike the priest. He might be better than other candidates who were specifically chosen by the church (i.e. we have to assume they're all spies).

In fact if there is any way to get away with it, I really like Vlad's idea of meeting each candidate before giving them the job. I feel like the dossiers will be next to useless for our purposes. Probably most of them will say how pious candidate X is. What we want to know will certainly not be in those dossiers. Will he tolerant adultery in the name of knocking up women? Is he expecting to become Edward's right hand that is to be asked whenever the King makes decisions? In short: Will he stay out of our business?

What we need is a chaplain that can be reasoned with. It's probably unrealistic to hope for someone who gives us completely free reign, but someone like Ricardo would be nice. He fulfills his duties and stays out of our business otherwise.

Also: We know that Edward has a preference for nuns. We should find out if there is a possibility to get a female chaplain. (I know, it's a long shot, but maybe the church in Ruhemania allows that somehow)

And finally: Having the priest in the castle for a few days almost certainly means that he will get wind of Edward's adultery. We should expect some lecturing on that topic.

93731 No.25302

Option 2

8dff2 No.25303

Option 2 with the addition of the priest's dossier as well.

Going for a nun is certainly hot, but it's definitely playing with fire.

47463 No.25304

Well of course we cannot just ask him outright. I was thinking more of talking with Ricardo about the rules of the church in Ruhemania.

98046 No.25306

Option 2. We will have to tone down on our "meetings" with our mistresses for the duration of his stay. This also means Beatrice and Tharja will have cease all magical ventures for the time being. Don't want the priest walking in on something that could get us in trouble.

On the subject of the dossier, we should have Beatrice review candidates with us. She has shown great insights on people in the past. However, we should not go through each of them for too long. It takes a lot of time and resources for each interviewee to reach us, so the Church might get pissed if we take too long.

The Church is obviously trying to obtain more influence in our lands and based on the rumors surrounding us as "the Mad Rutting Beast", it can be assumed that the list will contain at least one nun. We simply must be cautious in our choice. Don't want to end up with someone disgusted by impregnation or will actively look for witchcraft.

47463 No.25307

Why on earth would they include a nun if they want to gain power? If the nun falls for Edward, that would only weaken the churches position, while a priest on the other hand is impervious to that and can use any single instance of infidelity as leverage against Edward.
The list can only include a nun if the church overestimates their own abilities (in this case: the chastity and will power of the nun in question) and underestimates Edward's abilities (his charm). It is never a good strategy to assume that your opponent makes obvious mistakes like that.

98046 No.25308

My thinking was that if they sent a nun and Edward ended up in a intimate relationship, the nun could try to convince us to do things on behalf of the Church. It is more likely someone would hed the words of one's lover than a associate. For example: build a chalpel for the peasents, increase donation size, and build missionaries. Though, the infidelity thing would fall apart if the nun was part of it. You do raise fair points.

I only mentioned the nun due to the fact that in the chat, I (and I believe a few others) brought up the idea of introducing a nun character to impregnate. I just thought this was one of aristo's attempts to implement something a few of the reader's asked for and leaving it up to the entireity to decide whether or not to pursue it. For example, the twin maids option we had earlier was one such of those occasions.

fafde No.25310

Edward would know there would be no chance of a female chaplain. Nuns exist of course, but they're not leaders in the Church hierarchy. They wouldn't conduct services or perform rites priests do, and like the court chaplain would be expected to do.

47463 No.25311

I thought that might be the case, but as long as there was a non-zero chance, I was willing to investigate. But since that's off the table, we can concentrate on the other questions.

61d3c No.25313

Option 2, include this priest, and maybe if we're lucky, we'll find a priest with a history of sexual sins. XD

b7e30 No.25318

Option 2

fafde No.25324

>7 votes for option two, ask the priest for the dossiers on the other candidates. (With several notes to ask for a dossier on the priest as well.)

Delay the decision and focus on reading about the possible candidates for the position of court chaplain.

…It's probably best if you delay.

If you pick a chaplain from a list, at least it will buy you a few weeks as the message travels back with the priest to the monastery after the faire, then to the priest you select, and then whatever time it takes for the new priest to get here.

That's your thinking, at least.

You tell the priest you would like to fairly consider all possibilities.

You will thank him for the dossiers, go through them, and make your decision before he leaves.

The priest nods, and has an attendant bring you several parchments, tied and sealed shut with a wax seal.

It looks extremely official. You can't help but feel the weight of the Church's expectations.

You ask the priest if the dossiers include any information about himself?

"…No, Your Majesty. I thought my deeds spoke for themselves."

He reminds you that you've attended his sermons, he's heard your confessions, he personally performed your coronation, and he is well known both in the castle by the servants, and by the peasants in the peasant settlement. Not to mention he personally researched your inquiry about the nomads in the east at your request.

… Well, yes.

You can't just say all sermons begin to sound the same after a while. Or that all of that other stuff is meaningless compared to appointing a priest who will let you get away with impregnating all the women without causing a fuss.

He does say, however, that he's open to hearing any questions you may have about himself. You need not ask now.

"Choosing your chaplain is your royal right, Your Majesty… but please, do choose," he says, gently.


It sounds like he was expecting you to just make him chaplain right there, without bothering with any of this other research.

He might take it as an insult if you end up appointing him anyway after making a point of considering all possibilities.

…Well, whatever.

It's your castle and your council, not his.

You'll have to get a feel for what sort of questions to ask from the dossiers provided and use that to interview the priest.

You personally take the documents.

You'd rather not trust the attendant to deliver it to your room.

The priest clears his throat again.

"There is… possibly… one more issue I wish to discuss with you, Your Majesty… after the sermon today.


You start to ask what about…

But, he hastily adds that he doesn't have time to explain.

"I apologize, but I can't delay my first sermon any longer."

…Right. At the peasant settlement.

You can't help but feel your relationship with the priest should come before the peasants, but you play along.

You rise together, and say you will gladly see him after the service if he feels it necessary.

You depart your meeting with the priest, with your dossiers.

You take the time to climb your tower's stairs and deposit them in your room for you to look over later.

The servants are too busy to task one of them to do it. Besides, you'd rather not trust such important material to a maid. Even if they're not literate to read them, they could lose or destroy one by accident.

fafde No.25325

After a brief spar with the guards, you go to the sitting room to take your lunch.

You can't help but feel some anxiety over what the priest said.

He could 'possibly' have 'one more issue' he wants to discuss.

What could it be?

You look between Tharja and Beatrice.

Was it about them?

You're not so paranoid to think he knows they're both witches.

But maybe he wanted them to attend the service?

Tharja does usually skip the sermon. At least she has since you arrived.

Beatrice had attended, once, but as an invisible ear in the confessional booth.

You're not sure Beatrice would know what to do to fake looking like a normal believer.

… No, it couldn't be that.

How would the priest know about Beatrice existing?

If it involved them, he'd likely speak to them directly.

More likely it involved you personally.

Was he going to give you another lecture about 'lust'?

Had he heard from enough women about your sexual reputation to become concerned?

Or maybe he knew your history as the 'Mad Rutting Beast' and wanted to discuss it before the faire.

Surely the faire will have more women present.

You finish your meal.

You bid goodbye to Tharja and Beatrice and say you'll see Tharja later, after the service.

Tharja nods, without saying anything.

You take your place in the audience as the service starts to get underway.

You do quick check of familiar faces in the crowd.

Ricardo is there, of course. He never missed a service.

Neither Margaret nor Elizabeth are there. Neither is the fat maid. Only a few older maids are there. You suppose that's a result of giving them more work.

Sully is there. As are a large number of younger guards. The senior guard is also there, but none of the other older guards are.

… Oh boy.

You think you know what's coming.

You try not to anticipate it, and instead focus on the priest's sermon.

You do your best to pay attention, but it's hard to keep your head into it.

"…As sure as God set the stars in the sky, He gave us the nobility, that his flock may be protected and nurtured…"

You can't place your hands over your ears.

So you settle for holding on to your leggings as the predicted noise washes over you.

"Long Live King Edward!!" shouts a soldier.

"We love our King!"

"He's Just and Fair!"

"Thank God for Him!"

…You lose track of what's being said.

But no doubt every soldier in attendance said something.

Including Sully.

Hell, you're sure you heard the senior guard yell a brisk 'Long Live King Edward.'

Even a few maids got wrapped into it.

… Ricardo did not yell. You're sure you didn't hear his voice.

Though, you don't recall ever hearing Ricardo yelling 'Long Live King Vlad,' either, so you'll call it even.

This time, the priest doesn't act surprised. He takes the outburst in stride and moves on with his sermon.

You think this is definitely becoming a tradition.

At least inside Castle Valachia.

The sermon ends, and the priest offers to hear confession.

That invites you to participate first.

Your anxiety comes back.

Maybe you should attempt to meet any talk about your exploits pre-emptively?

You'd done little more than give him a list of generic sins, after all.

You take your spot in the confessional room.

The priest is ready to hear your confession.

"In the name of God, tell me what troubles you," he says.

You consider your options, and speak your mind.

Choice time:
>Give your normal confession. A list of various sins you've committed, with no details.
>Give a confession with your lust-based sins, and add on a speech where you unapologetically talk about how you intend to impregnate every women you can.
>Give a confession with your lust-based sins, and add on a speech about wanting to impregnate every woman you can… but frame it as a compulsion and not a conscious decision.

9a6b1 No.25326


Option 1.

0886b No.25327

Option two.

He knows he still could be our chaplain. If he reacts poorly, we can eliminate him form our list. If he's reasonable, he moves to the top spot.

61d3c No.25328

Option 1. Even though he's not supposed to speak of our sins to anyone, the fact that we're so high profile increases the risk. And if he turns out to want the chaplain position badly enough, he could blackmail us with our confession.

I know this is being extra paranoid for no good reason, but that's my thinking.

0886b No.25330

He and every other priest could blackmail us. I think the ship of hiding that particular set of sins has sailed long ago. The whole castle knows, the priest will know soon and the future chaplain will know within his first day in the castle.
We really have nothing left to lose here but owning up to them will be to our advantage. We're not blackmailable if we freely admit to those sins. Then we can go directly to the bishop if any priest tries to blackmail us.
Also: Openly owning up to some sins makes it slightly harder to falsely accuse us with others.
"He accused me of supporting witches? How ridiculous! If he wanted to harm my reputation he should have gone with something more realistic like adultery." Basically the old trick of handing over one knife to conceal that there is a second one.

98046 No.25331

Got to go with the Wiz kid here. Hard to publicly shame someone about something they did if they own up to it. And trying to hide it makes it seem like we are ashamed of ourselves.
So, Option 2. Let's go, Onion Knight!

b7e30 No.25337

Option 3, I don't want to be blackmailed but I do want to see his reaction, so this seems like a good middle of the road solution.

8e4d0 No.25341

Option 1

cd471 No.25351

I agree there's zero chance he doesn't know what we're doing already - because, uh, we told him. We already confessed to lust beyond our wife!

BUT - I do think it's a bad idea to suggest it's our overarching agenda rather than some fun we indulge in. Look at what he told us before when we confessed pretty openly to our lusts:

>"Sowing wild oats is natural for a young King"

>gives you a slight penance and tells you to concentrate your lust on your wife
>This will make your lust easier to contain until you only want to have sex with her.
In other words, we're fine as long as we play this off as youthful indulgence we're trying to cut down on (lol). Not a lifelong breeding program, no brakes on the baby train, proud sinner 4 life. Motivation is easier to hide than action.

So Option 2 is the subtly bad option. Option 3 is the horribly bad option. How do you think a medieval priest reacts to "I feel somehow *compelled* to sin"? I'll give you a clue, it starts with D and rhymes with Siemens. Do you want exorcists? Because that's how you get exorcists.

Option 1.

93731 No.25354

Option 1

12b1e No.25355

Option One

7e163 No.25356


Option 1. If he wants to ding us on the lust, let him. "I'm not going to stop/I CAN'T stop" is going to get us on the radar in a bad way.

f98c2 No.25365

Oh, just for fun…
>Write-in; turnabout, confess to Pride in hearing your name being shouted and cheered and taking personal satisfaction in your status.
Why keep things relegated to One (Lust) Deadly Sin in particular, all men sin in many ways…

ea066 No.25373

That is actually a good point… But not enough to change my vote.

fafde No.25385

>7 votes for option one, stick to your usual 'list' confession.
>2 votes for option two, confess that you want to impregnate every woman you can.
>1 vote for option three, confess that you're compelled to impregnate every woman you can.
>1 vote for write-in to confess to pride for enjoying the cheering.

Give a normal confession with minimal details.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.25392

You're overthinking this.

Whatever could be gained by preemptively discussing your… goals, regarding the wombs of all the women in the Kingdom, it's probably outweighed by whatever misstep you'd be making if that wasn't why he wanted to speak with you.

Instead, you tell him an honest, but detail-less, list of sins.

You confess to anger, which you directed toward a subordinate who deserved it. In a way that humiliated, but did not scar.

You confess to feeling a certain level of pride at hearing the cries of your cheering subjects. You never thought you'd hear something like that in your life, but you're glad you have, you say. No need to leave the details out of that when he heard it with his own ears.

And, of course, you confess to indulging, inspiring, and partaking in many different acts of lust with several different women.

The priest tells you that anger against one who deserves it is appropriate, and that you seem to be aware of the limits and the line between justice and cruelty. This is good.

He tells you that pride in seeing, or in this case hearing, your subjects' approval, is also appropriate. You are the King, after all. It is only a problem if you elevate yourself above God, or your works above God's works, or your order above God's order.

Witchcraft aside, you don't really feel like that's what you've been doing.

"Remember all Kings bow before the Heavenly King, Your Majesty…"

You, of course, quickly agree.

As for the lust…

The priest asks you if you followed the advice of holding your wedding ring while you have sex, to remind you of your obligations.

…You confess you haven't.

There's a slight pause.

"Well, at least you remember you have not done it. It would be worse if you shut it out entirely," he says.

He gives you advice that if you must have sex outside of your wife, try to make it unenjoyable for the woman. Otherwise, you will incite her lusts and spread your sin to her. He can only give you penance for your own lust. He can't give penance to the women too embarrassed to confess they've had sex with the King.

… You can't help but feel his advice is distasteful. 'Make it unenjoyable'?

You ask him if he's really suggesting you take advantage of women, and you can't hide the revulsion in your tone when you ask.

The priest clarifies.

He's not advising you to brutalize women for the sake of your lust, but at least try not to incite their arousal. It will put them in mind to sin. Don't hurt them with the sex act, but… bore them.

"Think of their souls, Your Majesty."

You can't bring yourself to agree, but you eventually stutter out a 'hm'.

It's rather silly advice, from a man who is supposed to be chaste and knows nothing of physical passion.

You realize the priest's expectations are shifting. He's gone from advising you to confine your lust to Tharja, to advising you imagine the other women you have sex with as Tharja, to advising you to remind yourself when you have sex that you are married, to advising you to at least try not to awaken the sexual desires in the women you have sex with.

You think this is another piece of advice you'll be ignoring. It's too little too late with most all of the women you're having sex with, anyway.

What will he be saying next week on the subject, you wonder?

He gives you penance to say in the form of a list of prayers, then asks that you please speak with him in his room afterward.

You can't exactly bark at him that you're a busy man and you won't be made to wait, so you thank him for the penance and excuse yourself.

As always, you make a show of kneeling before the altar as you say the penance given to you.

… You feel no catharsis from the act. You can't shake from your mind that you're forever a hypocrite masquerading as a believer now.

At least you can take some solace in knowing the Church makes unreasonable demands you wouldn't be able to follow even if you weren't an apostate.

You sit in the rows of seats and watch the other people come out to do their own penance.

Ricardo, of course, sits quietly. As do many of the older maids.

To your surprise, you watch the senior guard make just as big as show of kneeling before the altar as you did.

The younger guards, including Sully, stand with their heads bowed.

There definitely seem to be more people partaking confession today. At least from those who showed up at all.

Maybe it's because the seasons are changing.

Eventually, the priest emerges from the private room, and you accompany him back to his quarters.

Most of his attendants stay behind to clean up.

fafde No.25393

You find yourself almost alone with the priest.

He has a pair of attendants who are carrying his things for him.

You ask him if this is private enough for the 'issue' he wished to discuss?

He nods, saying there's no need to dismiss his attendants.

You're relieved.

At least it can't be something too important if he feels comfortable saying it in front of his underlings.

The priest tells you he's noticed something in the time he's spent at the castle.

It's about the Princess.

Your heart skips a beat as you realize he means Tharja.

He explains that Tharja hasn't come to a sermon since before you arrived at the castle.

Furthermore, that means she hasn't given confession.

For the sake of her immortal soul, he very much wants you to encourage her to attend one of the upcoming services before he departs the castle again.

"Concerning confession, the Church prefers at least one act of penance every season, Your Majesty."

It will also set a terrible example for the other aristocrats sure to arrive that the Princess is not seen at all attending the service.

… Inwardly, you curse yourself.

You'd thought the priest would have some bone to pick with you, but no.

It's exactly what you imagined was the problem. He was concerned because Tharja had played hooky too many times and he had noticed.

At least he hadn't mentioned Beatrice.

"Will you do this?" he asks.

It's a small issue, now.

Probably something he barely noticed and is only mentioning for the sake of appearances now that you've scheduled your summer faire.


Could Tharja handle it?

She obviously felt guilty regarding the Church. She refused to handle your prayer beads that one time, after all.

You felt guilty as well, but Tharja's been hiding from it.

You can't help but remember Beatrice's words about how new witches sometimes have difficulty coming to terms with being a witch. The Church was definitely something she didn't want to acknowledge any more.

Will she be able to put up a good act and play the role of the devout believer, now?

Will anyone notice and think it strange Tharja's carried her own book into the service with her?

…You suppose you could lock it in her room. It should be safe enough there.

… There might be a way out.

You could tell the priest Tharja's sick.

He might give her an exemption then.

Hell, she is pregnant. That was an easy reason for her to be sick.

–Of course, then you'd be letting the secret out at a time she isn't even showing, yet.

You have only a split-second to think it over.

You tell the priest your answer.

Choice time:
>Yes. Promise the priest that Tharja will attend at least one sermon and take proper confession. Apologize on her behalf for becoming too lax with her obligation.
>Make no guarantee. You'll mention it to her, but if she chooses not to come, that's that. She's of a shy disposition, and she needs her space.
>Announce Tharja is pregnant and feeling bouts of sickness and moodiness. Humbly beg him for a special exemption on her behalf.

9a6b1 No.25394


Option 2.

No need to get worried over this issue. Just tell the guy you'll try to let Tharja know just to clear his peace of mind.

93731 No.25398

Option 2

50993 No.25400

In all honesty, this could be bits and pieces of All of the Above, but the closest to accurate for the situation is Option 2.

So my vote is Option 2: We'll talk to her about it, but make no guarantees (though it probably wouldn't hurt to apologize on her behalf for being absent anyway)

61d3c No.25403

I'll also say Option 2, with an apology. In any case, we just need to buy time until we pick a chaplain who might be more understanding.

2cad4 No.25404

Option 2

cd471 No.25405

Ehh, I don't like any of these. I think Option 2 as written underestimates how big a deal it is for Tharja to play hooky from church like this.

She's the Queen of a nation now, not a cloistered princess. The example she sets reflects on us and her actions in public will be noticed. For the priest to take it up with us directly means that questions are now being asked about her piety. The Queen absolutely cannot be seen as an apostate, heretic or unbeliever, it brings our whole rule into question and we shouldn't have let it get to this point. Sooner or later Tharja has to play along, and saying 'eh she can do whatever she wants' suggests we don't take the Church's role in our country seriously.

That said 1 is kowtowing way too much and 3 both gives away her pregnancy (to two random attendants?!) and could lead to the priest helpfully offering to attend to her personally like he did her father - which will be hard to turn down and she would absolutely hate. So no good options.

Option 2 - but leave out the part about her having the option to decline. A king has to know how to say 'I'll think about it' in a way that sounds like 'Yes, of course'

85908 No.25407

Option 2

8dff2 No.25408

Option 2

fafde No.25412

>8 votes for option two, make no promises regarding Tharja attending a service.

Say you'll mention it to Tharja.

You don't want to overcommit.

Making promises on Tharja's behalf will be harder to back out of later if she really can't do it.

Furthermore, you don't want to take the chance of revealing your wife's pregnancy yet.

You tell the priest you've heard his request, and you certainly have your wife's immortal soul in mind.

You'll gladly mention it to her.


"'Mention it to her,' Your Majesty?"

Even the attendants have stopped to turn to listen to you.

It's clearly not what the priest wanted, nor expected to hear.

… You try to be nonchalant.

You hardly dictate your wife's every move. It's her own decision to attend and receive her own penance, is it not, you ask?

The priest coughs.

"Your Majesty… I don't think you understand the responsibility you now own, at such a young age."

… You suppose you are young, compared to the priest.

But come to think of it, you're likely younger than most Kings, as well.

Even 'King' Arturia was older than you.

The priest continues speaking.

"You're not just 'King of Ruhemania,' you are Ruhemania. You're the country made flesh."

He asks for your off-hand, and you, after some hesitance, show it to him.

He touches your signet ring you wear on your pinkie, the one that was pried off King Vlad's cold, bony finger.

"This ring, your vows, and the confidence of the Holy Church, binds you together with Ruhemania as one."

He then touches your wedding ring, the one you let Tharja pick out for you so long ago from the treasury. The one that, if Ricardo's explanation was correct, was surely also pried from the dead finger of some unlucky Ruhemanian noble.

"And this ring, it unites you with your soulmate, Her Royal Highness, Princess Tharja."

He finally lets go of you, but you can feel the coolness of the old man's wrinkled skin on you still.

The priest sits up in his seat again, his expression nearing a frown.

"Your wife must be in the graces of the Church and its doctrine, Your Majesty. If she wasn't, it would be the same as you, and the entire country, being outside of the Church's graces."

You thought you were past the age where a priest could intimidate you, but the fear washes over you like rain in a storm.

You clearly stepped over a boundary by trying to elude the priest's request.

Still, you try to defend yourself.

You point out that you have always, consistently, without fail, attended his sermons and given confession.

You also gave the Church a fair bit of money, but you can't throw that in his face without sounding like a scoundrel.

"Aye, and your piety has been much appreciated. Do not think it hasn't, Your Majesty. However…"

He lowers his voice, leaning in the slightest bit closer to you.

"Please, consider… many noblemen will be seeing you, and your wife, for the first time. You want to make a positive impression on them as well."

… Oh.

You get the message.

Tharja's absence will be noticed in front of the rest of the nobility that is coming for the faire.

It'd be embarrassing for you, and the Church, if there was no appearance from you and Tharja both.

…No, you think the priest must have some special idea in mind to 'introduce' you and Tharja to them.

They hadn't seen your coronation, after all.

There's still a way out of this.

You put on your best conciliatory tone, lower your eyes, and tell the priest you understand his position.


Tharja is of a very delicate, shy temperament.

She is not used to crowds, nor attention, and you don't want to startle her.

It would be terrible for your relationship, and for the country, if Tharja was to grow to hate you because you forced her beyond her limits.

… It's a lie only in as much as you doubt anything would tarnish your feelings for each other. But the priest doesn't know that.

You watch the priest's expression… soften.

"That is true…"

He trails off, in thought.

Hm. Looks like you guessed right.

The priest would surely have known Tharja from his previous visits to the castle, before Lorenzo died.

He must remember her as a shy, lonely girl. Certainly receiving no special attention from her father, or anyone else. There had to be a little sympathy there that you could play off of.

He shuts his eyes, and gives a little nod.

"I will compromise for the sake of your wife, Your Majesty."

He puts forth his idea of a 'compromise'.

Tharja must attend a service, but she is welcome to leave at any time. As long as she appears, is seen by others, and hears at least some measure of his words, he will be satisfied with that.

However, Tharja must also take confession.

He will privately meet with Tharja at any time, at any private place, to hear her confession. It need not be after the end of a service among others waiting nearby for their turn.

He absolutely must hear it. Uncleansed sins hang heavier on the soul without regular confession.

"Once a season, Your Majesty. The standards simply must be upheld. Her Highness must realize she has obligations as wife to the King, beyond being a meek Princess."


You're not going to get out of it. You think this is the best 'deal' you're going to get out of the priest.

You tell him it will be done.

You'll speak with Tharja and straighten out the details.

He thanks you again for your understanding, a relieved tone to his voice.

You, meanwhile, are feeling a little like you've swallowed a block of ice, but you nod and do your best to look amiable.

You start to get up…

"Oh, and please bring that other noblewoman to attend the service, Your Majesty."


"The one who was at your coronation. I have not seen her at all. Please, she must also attend."


He had known about Beatrice. He'd known all along.

Of course, she was at your coronation. It was obvious she was an aristocrat and not a peasant.

And he was choosing now to mention her. That sly old man.

You don't have the stomach to argue over Beatrice. You already risked a confrontation with Tharja.

You tell the priest she will attend, before he notices you hesitating about it.

You then quickly make your exit from the room.

fafde No.25413

You try to keep your steps down the hallway away from the priest's door slow and steady.

Meanwhile, your thoughts are racing.

Not just Tharja, but Beatrice must also attend a service.

Beatrice was surely lower in importance than Tharja, in terms of being seen worshiping by the other nobles.

But, she was the only aristocrat at the castle besides you, Tharja, and Ricardo.

Of course she stood out.

This was going to become a tight-rope you need to navigate without falling over into the abyss.

You definitely don't want to look like a heretic to the Church, or possibly invite some sort of Inquisition on yourself.

You're not sure what would be the best route to take.

At the very least…

You had to get the three of you on the same page.

There's still a little daylight left before sunset.

What were you going to do?

Choice time:
>Time to have a meeting with your witches. Find Beatrice, take her to Tharja's wing and discuss the situation with the priest.
>You don't want to risk upsetting Tharja. Take Beatrice to your tower and discuss the situation alone with her.
>You need a meeting… but someplace more secure. Take Beatrice and Tharja to your tower to discuss the situation.
>Don't panic. Proceed with your schedule as normal. Go to Tharja's wing, spend time with her, and then decide what to do.

894b9 No.25414

Option one. Why wait?

61d3c No.25417

Option one. The sooner we meet, the sooner we get a plan together.

98046 No.25423

Option 1. We need to think where the most secure place for this meeting to place would be.
Beatrice's tower is insecure as seen with the maid coming in while we were attending to the needs of the throne. Our tower may be more secure, but there may be problems that arise with the guards (this is me being a bit paranoid). We also could get interupted rather easily there.

Tharja's may be the best option since 1) no servants are allowed near the place with the exception of Elizabeth and Sully, 2) the priest would have no interest in visiting her since we have already expressed that we will handle talking with her, and 3) we aren't necessarily going to talk blatantly about magic. The entire point of this meeting is to talk about them attending on a monthly basis. Unless one of them slips up, it will never be mentioned.

93731 No.25428

Option 1

bac7f No.25430


Option 1 pronto.

8dff2 No.25437

Option 1. This is something that we should take care of as soon as possible

77b2b No.25443

Option one

fafde No.25445

>7 votes for option one, find Beatrice and take her to Tharja's wing to make a strategy.

Bring Beatrice to a meeting with you and Tharja immediately.

You decide it's better to address this sooner rather than later.

In that case, you want to have both Beatrice and Tharja with you to hash out your strategy.

Surely Beatrice will have some ideas… and perhaps a calming effect on Tharja.

Hell, after that visit with the priest, you could use a little calming down, yourself.

The question was…

Where was Beatrice at the moment?

You don't think you've ever met with her after your lunches before sunset.

Have you?

In any case, you needed to decide how best to locate her.

Choice time:
>Try the obvious place. Go to Beatrice's room, formerly your room, formerly Lorenzo's room.
>You don't need to search for her personally. Flag down a maid, tell her to stop what they're doing, find and give Beatrice a message to meet you in Tharja's wing.
>Maybe Sully saw her at some point. Go ask Sully if she knows where Beatrice is.
>Elizabeth might know best. See if you can find her.

ab215 No.25447

Well she said she would be working on the new spell book in the afternoon. She doesn't have her own tower yet, so she had to find another way to work in peace.
Surely she has a way of not being disturbed by most mortals, so sending a maid won't help.
Sully will have seen her only if she works in Tharja's wing which I don't because she expressed before that she doesn't like the dark atmosphere there.
I'm not sure if Beatrice likes Elizabeth enough to make her an exception to whatever do-not-disturb-spell she utilises.

That leaves only Edward himself and only Beatrice's own room. Let's try our luck there.

Option one.

61d3c No.25457

Option one. Best bet right now.

98046 No.25462

If I may ask, is there any reason she wouldn't be in Tharja's wing already? It is a more secure place for the training of Tharja and for making the books. In which case, Sully would know where she is, since Beatrice must meet with Tharja personally for this kind of thing. I am just trying to ask questions here.

e4723 No.25467

No strong reason, but she did express a preference for her own space because Tharja's "style" of darkness didn't fit her.

98046 No.25471

I am going Option 3. Tharja has to be taught some time in the afternoon, so she has to leave her wing (if the place isn't in there). Sully must of seen her at sometime at this point and asked out of curiousity. If we are wrong and Beatrice is teaching her there, then it saves us a trip.

4fbd4 No.25474

Option 1 its almost sunset soon probably she be in her room already at this time if happen to pass by sully ask if she happens to see her

8dff2 No.25476

Option 1.

I wonder what the consequences of this choice are since it seems like a really odd time to make one.

2cad4 No.25529

Odd time for a choice. Dont feel like the safe option.

Option 4

f98c2 No.25538

Sure, Option 3. Curious choice juncture indeed…

53cd1 No.25545

Option 1.

fafde No.25595

>5 votes for option one, look to find Beatrice in her room.
>2 votes for option three, ask Sully if she's seen Beatrice.
>1 vote for option four, ask Elizabeth if she knows where Beatrice is.

Go yourself to try to find Beatrice in her room.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.25837

You'd rather not involve someone else. You think you can find Beatrice yourself.

She must surely be in her own room. She said she would be working on creating new spellbooks for future witches in the evening once she started tutoring Tharja, after all.

With that thought in mind, you proceed to Beatrice's room.

You stand outside Beatrice's door.

You're not sure how to proceed.

If Beatrice is working on a new spellbook, then she likely has some sort of magical protection in place to prevent anyone from intruding on her.

She could nullify one's sense of sound, and vision, after all.

But… then again.

Were you assuming too much?

One of Beatrice's concerns with being given Lorenzo's room was she would not be able to practice witchcraft, since there is no lock on the door.

Even if there was, one room was not enough solitude to satisfy her.

All the same, perhaps you should've commissioned the blacksmith to craft you a lock.

…It's too late for that now. The blacksmith is likely at work providing materials for your tower.

You try to remember the previous times you visited Beatrice here.

The first time…

… You'd discovered Elizabeth and Beatrice together, with Elizabeth brushing her hair.

But moreover, you had knocked three sharp raps on the door.

Perhaps Beatrice will recognize that pattern if you knock that way?

You glance around, to make sure you're alone.

There surely were maids passing by occasionally, but less of them now compared earlier in the day.

Even so, you're a strong man, not a weak old woman.

You doubt any of the servants would be able to emulate your knocking-style if they tried.

Still, you wait until you're sure you're relatively alone.

You rap your knuckles against Beatrice's door, three times.

You wait.

"Please, come in!" you hear Beatrice say.

You push open the door.

fafde No.25838

File: 1489065563582.png (442.18 KB, 666x666, Beatrice-anticipating.png)

You find Beatrice by herself, sitting on her bed, her room empty of any activity, save burning candles on the desk.

"Your Majesty, it is a pleasure," she says, aiming a grin your way.

… Well.

No sense wasting time now.

You hold out your hand for Beatrice and whisper that you would appreciate her company.

In a different area of the castle.

Beatrice raises an eyebrow, but nods.

"As you wish, Your Majesty."

She extinguishes the candles, and you both leave the room.

You let Beatrice walk three steps behind you.

The priest is now in your castle. You don't want to be caught walking around with a woman who is clearly not your wife in an intimate embrace.

You think after going through a few corridors, Beatrice realized you're leading her to Tharja's wing of the castle.

You reach the front of the entrance to Tharja's wing and encounter Sully.

You almost forgot she would be there.

Sully sees Beatrice, and you see her back straighten a little more in an attempt to look more formal.

"Your Majesty," she says, in greeting.

You don't need to introduce Sully to Beatrice.

At least, not right now.

You tell Sully to please guard the entrance. No one else besides Beatrice and yourself should be allowed to pass.

"Uh… as you wish, Your Majesty," she says, nodding.


Sully stands aside so you and Beatrice can pass, and you push onward, through the passage and the other corridor.

It's dark, so you lift a torch from outside to guide you.

The candles are, true to Tharja's promise, still unlit.

fafde No.25839

You knock on Tharja's door.

In response, you hear a little giggle.

"It's open, my husband!" says Tharja's voice.

You push open the door and step inside with the torch and Beatrice.

Tharja is…

Well, stark nude, except for her tiara and an alluring smile.

Her smile quickly is replaced by a look of surprise at seeing Beatrice with you.

"…Is Beatrice joining us tonight, Edward?"

You watch Beatrice give a small shrug from the corner of your eye.

No, you explain.

You tell Tharja to lock her door.

You then whisper to Beatrice that she should set up one of those 'no-hearing' spells, or whatever it is.

What you need to say is private.



As if sensing your seriousness, they both do the tasks you request of them. Beatrice retrieves her book from her satchel, reassumes her witch-persona in a flash of golden butterflies, and Tharja retrieves her key from her desk and locks the door.

"What is this about, Edward?"

"I'm curious as well, King."

There's no sense building up to it.

You tell both witches that the priest who comes to do services every two weeks is staying at the castle while you hold the summer faire, from now until the end of the faire.

He has his own room, he has servants with him, and he definitely has a presence here.

He is also very aware of who attends his services and who does not.

You were asked, directly, to have both Tharja and Beatrice attend a service and partake the confession ritual.

At hearing the news, Tharja gasps. A look of shock mingled with horror on her face.

Beatrice, meanwhile… looks rather bored.

She takes a puff of her pipe.

"Is that all? I thought it would be something serious, King."


It sort of is, you start to say to Beatrice.

You're not sure if Beatrice is entirely aware of the role the clergy plays in society.

But, they have tremendous influence. Over how your Kingdom is run, over the hearts and minds of your subjects, and a tremendous reserve of wealth and resources to draw from.

As the priest said, it's by the grace of God that you are ruler of Ruhemania.

Nobles and peasants both are loyal dedicated followers of the Church and follow their teachings.

The Church hierarchy in Ruhemania would report back to the Pope, who was their centralized authority.

It would be a terrible catastrophe if the Church began to consider you lacking in your devotion. To say nothing of consorting with witches.

Even if the Church likely isn't aware of what real magic is, 'witchcraft' was certainly an abomination.

Beatrice exhales a puff of smoke.

"So don't let him find out then. I'm sure Innocence and myself can make it through a little bit of fabricated devotion. Religious words and items has no power over magic, King."

…That's good.

Beatrice's words give you a little more confidence.

Certainly, Beatrice is fine at acting the part of being a mortal. She may have arrived at the castle in a suspicious fashion, but she has carried herself rather well.

"Don't forget I observed the confession act, King. Crafting an appropriate confession and saying the right words will be no challenge for me," Beatrice goes on to say.

That's right.

You gave her the opportunity when you asked her to spy on the priest.

It wasn't your intention, but it was probably very fortunate you did so.

…You take a deep breath.

Maybe it wasn't so bad after all.

You're sure Beatrice can pass as a normal believer, and Tharja should be able to get through just one service.


You blink your eyes as a strange sound reaches your ears.


You turn and see Tharja, huddled on her bed.

She has a book in her lap.


Of course, that has to be her witch's book.

"I… can't do it…"

She hugs the book to her chest.

Oh dear.

You join her on her bed, making soothing sounds in an attempt to calm her down.

…It doesn't stop her crying, of course.

But she rests her head on your shoulder and hugs your chest, as the sobs ease through her.

Right. It wasn't going to be that easy.

Tharja hadn't even wanted to touch your prayer beads when you held them out to her back then.

You never did bring up the subject of the Church again.

You continue to hold her, stroking her hair and skin.

"I'm sorry…" you hear her say, finally, as her sobs soften and turn to sniffling.

It's all right, you tell her.

The priest…

The priest is willing to be flexible, you say.

Tharja just needs to attend one service, and only for a little while.

He said he'd be willing to let her get up and leave before the entire service was complete.

She could just make an appearance and leave.

You watch Beatrice turn her head.

"Are you sure about that, King?"

…Well, yes.

He said as much, after all.

Beatrice makes a 'hm' sound, closing her eyes and taking another puff of her pipe.

"I think not. This priest obviously considers himself a man of importance. Have you ever had an important man tell you that you only had to listen to half of what he wanted to say?"

You can't help but recall a scene from your childhood.

Your father had told you that you had his permission to interrupt a session with a tutor if you wished to take a break, so you had told the tutor after about ten minutes into your lesson that you wanted time to clear your head, then just skipped the rest of the lesson in favor of idle play.

Your father, when he heard about it, had made it very uncomfortable for you to even sit down that week.

Beatrice nods.

"Precisely. I imagine this man's promise to you about being satisfied with Tharja merely attending 'part' of a service is just that… a promise. If you try to follow the letter without giving him his due, he'll think of some way to retaliate for the perceived insult."


You can't deny Beatrice's logic.

No doubt the priest wouldn't be satisfied with Tharja just sitting through ten minutes and then leaving in the middle of it.

At the very least… he did promise he would hear Tharja's confession alone, when she chose. Perhaps she could do that at a different time and prepare herself mentally.

Tharja stares down at the floor.

She really doesn't seem to like the idea.

"…Beatrice, couldn't you do it for me?" she asks.


"Hoh~?" says Beatrice.

Tharja jumps to her feet.

"You could use your magic to take my shape… like you did with Daniella, couldn't you? Then you could attend the service for me!" she says, taking Beatrice's hand with her own.


That might be an idea.

The priest had requested both Tharja and Beatrice attend, but…

Tharja only has to attend once. Perhaps they could alternate?


Beatrice has an unsure look on her face.

"I… could do that, but…"

Tharja tilts her head.

"What's the matter?" she asks.

Beatrice frees her hand from Tharja's grasp.

"I certainly could take your shape with magic, Innocence, but…"

Beatrice grimaces.

"First of all, it would leave me with little room to improvise, magically. If I had to use my magic for something else, I couldn't maintain that spell and do whatever else needed to be done at the same time… potentially."

–Does that matter, you ask?

Beatrice is going to be in a room with mortals, after all.

It's not like she'll need to be ready to summon stone statues to battle for her.

Beatrice laughs.

"Ahaha. Perhaps not."

She sighs.

"At the same time, it's a risky proposition… Daniella didn't have people bothering her, or interacting with her. I never needed to utter a word when I played the part of Daniella serving King Vlad his breakfast, save for summoning the guards after the fact. If I have to interact with others with your face and your voice, it becomes… more difficult."

Hm. And a full service is not short. She'd have to do it for hours.

The priest has some experience with Tharja personally, doesn't he?

Tharja averts her eyes.

"…Yes. Of course, I gave confession and attended his services before I became a witch."

You nod. You had already assumed that much.

"But it's not like we were that close, my husband. I never really confided too much to him."

You hear Beatrice make a tortured little sigh.

"Aaaaaaah. There's another issue, King, Innocence. Taking another witch's shape… it's rather taboo. It's just not done. No more than you would fly another country's flag when you sent forth your army, would you, King?" she asks.

…Certainly not.

That was downright unthinkable.

Tharja reaches out with her hands for Beatrice's again, her bare breasts heaving with the motion.

"But I'd be asking you to do it, Beatrice."

"I understand, Innocence… But it's really impossible a ruse to maintain…"

"I'll tell you everything I know about that priest! It's really not much!"

"But if even one detail was off, the entire thing could become unraveled…"

"No one would ever know!"

…Oh boy.

This argument was getting deadlocked to the point of embarrassment.

Neither Tharja nor Beatrice look comfortable with either idea.

You decide maybe it's time for you to step in to this 'witch's table'.

It might still be days, or even weeks, before you start to set your plan into motion…

But you need to take the first steps now to properly prepare, at least.

Choice time:
>Tharja needs to confront and get over her fear of the Church, not embrace it. Talk out her issues with the Church. She should be able to get through a service without asking Beatrice to do some extravagant plan.
>Beatrice shouldn't be so apprehensive. It's the safest plan, and you're sure she can pull it off. Encourage her to forget the taboo of impersonating Tharja.
>Actually, you have a suggestion for your own plan. (Write-in.)
>Actually… you'll just let them go back and forth a little more. Don't intervene.

94410 No.25840

Option 1.

8dff2 No.25842

Option 1.

I'm now pretty curious about what's up between Tharja and the Church. If something bad actually happened between them, we might be able to solve the problem. If Tharja is just feeling guilty (because she's a witch), then we can reassure her that Queens have to do things that they find distasteful for the good of the kingdom.

61d3c No.25847

Ah, welcome back Aristo. I was just talking about you in another thread. Tell me, have you been working with roses as of late?

I had the same thinking. In any case, I would like to know exactly what the problem is, then we can figure something out. And maybe we can console her afterward the service as well. Option 1.

310f5 No.25851

Option 1.

f9458 No.25853

Option 4.

abc17 No.25856

Option one

93731 No.25857

Option 1

50993 No.25880

I'm going to go with Option 1 here, for a couple of different reasons.

First off, we probably should get to the bottom of why Tharja seems to be so nervous when it comes to the church. Was it because of dear departed witch hunter maid, or something else? Either way, she'll have to deal with the church sooner or later (no doubt they'll be in Edward's and Tharja's business once there are babies to baptize at the very least).

Secondly, Tharja should consider who she's likely going to be seated with at the service. Since she's the queen, more than likely she'll be right next to the King (in other words, her dear Edward). That should help calm her nerves to have him right there (not sure if they can somehow manage Beatrice also being near, that might not be an option depending on seating arrangements). Also it might lift her spirits to hear some of that "Long Live King Edward!" stuff

2cad4 No.25904

Option 4

f98c2 No.25908

>Option 4
>Women be squawking, women be squawking
>Apologies to Chris Rock (actually no, never mind, you owe us for Grown Ups 1&2…)

01530 No.25962

Option 1. But make it more about helping Tharja get over her fears then convenience to us. Make Edward frame it in a way that he is trying to genuinely help Tharja get over her issues out of his affection for her rather than for political maneuvering.

fafde No.26026

>8 votes for option one, address the issues Tharja has so she can attend the service herself without incident.
>3 votes for option four, don't interrupt Beatrice and Tharja's argument.

Plan for helping Tharja confront her issues with the Church so she can properly attend a service herself.

Poll closed. Update soon.

79c30 No.27434

aristocrat? Everything okay?

fafde No.27444

You clear your throat to get the witches' attention. They both stop arguing and turn to you.

You have an observation to make, you say.

Beatrice could probably pull off what Tharja is suggesting. You don't doubt it would be no problem for a witch with her level of skill.

But it's a temporary solution, at best.

Surely there would indeed be other times Tharja would need to interact with the Church.

You're almost positive Tharja would need to be present at the baptism of your children, for example.

It's much better in the long term to try to address Tharja's fear than anything else.

You watch Beatrice give a nod.

"Indeed. Thank you, King," she says.

There's real gratitude in her voice. You think Beatrice really was uncomfortable with Tharja's idea.

Tharja, meanwhile…

She huddles her arms to herself, stepping back and sinking back down on her bed.

"…I'm sorry," she says, her body tense.

You take her hand in yours.

…Can she explain her fear, you ask?

Tharja wipes her eye with her hand.

"All right."

She tells you about how her duties regarding the Church changed after she became a witch.

"I was never exceptionally pious, my husband… of course I had to attend service and give confession, but no one ever said to me: 'You must do this.'" she says.

It sounds similar to your own experiences, actually, although you were told you had to attend, from time to time.

But that only made sense.

You were a man. When King Vlad commanded you to attend services, you were his heir.

Even in Virilia, it was assumed you would inherit your Father's dukedom.

Not to mention all of your 'sinning' was very visible in the sight of the swollen bellies throughout the castle.

"Soon after Lorenzo died, I… was told I would need to stay for a 'special' visit with the priest after the service."

She squirms uncomfortably.

"It surprised me, but I did as I was told. I left my book in my room, because I knew it would look strange to have it."

You hear Beatrice smack her lips, disapprovingly.

It's not too surprising to you, you think. Tharja would just have become the official heir to King Vlad's throne. Even if she was a woman, it would make him more interested in her relationship with the Church, without question.

"That service was… terrible."

What she describes next is similar to your own experiences.

The sermon seemed a little more hollow.

Partaking in the little rituals during the service felt alienating instead of making her feel like she had done something to bring her closer with her fellow believers and God.

Confession gave her no catharsis.

Because… she knew deep down her soul wasn't clean anymore.

"I decided I'd just stop going. I just wanted it all over with."

You watch her bite down on her lower lip.

"After that service, the priest took me to a small room, alone. I thought he was going to confront me about my confession, but he said he had another role to perform. He had to inspect me for 'impurity'."


Beatrice lifts an eyebrow too.

Tharja's body shakes with tension.

You give her hand a reassuring squeeze until she calms down.

Finally, after a few moments, she goes on.

"He told me to… strip naked… sit down, and spread my legs…"

… Oh, no.

You realize it, now.

"The last time I saw the priest he was examining my maidenhead," she says.


You recall your time on your bed with the matchmaker. About how she reported on the 'purity' of the brides and the evidence provided. In some cases it was their word, in other cases, a body check.


Obviously, someone would have needed to perform that body check.

You imagined it would be some matronly matchmaker doing it on behalf of their guild or some such thing.

Apparently not. The Church had sanctioned your wife's virginity.

You were glad for the information at the time you heard the bridal profiles, but now that Tharja is your wife and you know the full circumstances, you can't help but feel outrage on her behalf.

He didn't do anything else, you ask?

Tharja shakes her head.

"No. Later, Father explained it was because he had decided on a husband for me. But, at the time… I was sure the priest was going to say he knew I had become a witch and he was going to look for evidence on my body."

… You want to tell Tharja that's silly.

But, someone did become suspicious of Tharja's witchcraft. It just wasn't the priest.

You take a deep breath, considering things.

Tharja's issues with the Church aren't too different from your own.

You're sure if you're there to support each other, Tharja can handle getting through a service, and perhaps a confession later.

It was simple, really. You were prepared to be there for her.



You almost forgot Beatrice was in the room.

You turn back and ask her what's wrong?


"May we speak, privately?" she asks.

… You give a glance to Tharja.

She nods, so you decide to move with Beatrice to the library.

You go out first, just in case Sully or someone else had come into the wing for some reason.

It's deserted, except for the portrait of you with Tharja.

fafde No.27445

File: 1493557816466.png (437.63 KB, 534x1000, Beatrice-conflict.png)

Beatrice follows behind you into the library, and you take the moment to shut the door and move a chair in front of it, with some effort.

You don't want what happened that night to happen ever again.

Beatrice illuminates the room with her butterflies to spare you the bother of a torch.

What is it, you ask?

Something she didn't want to say in front of Tharja, you expect.


As opposed to her usual mad energy, Beatrice looks distraught.

"King, do you remember what I told you about new witches?"

You can't help but give a little sigh.

Beatrice has told you a great deal of things. Which, specifically?

"Hm. Fair enough. Ahahaha~."

Finally some good humor returns to her.

"I'm very glad for the opportunity to tutor Tharja you've provided me… She is a devoted young witch, and the novelty of playing as her teacher has not passed."

You nod. You know how important avoiding 'boredom' is for a witch.

Beatrice nods, and paces… which for Beatrice, means simply gliding about to and fro.

"That is why I am very, very disturbed to hear Innocence still places such value in these mortal 'considerations'."

She swirls her pipe around, letting the smoke curl in twisted patterns.

"It is, in a word, reprehensible. I cannot thank you enough for intervening as you did just now. A witch who would take care of mortal society's expectations while ignoring the taboos witches share is scarcely a witch."


You simply thought it was more straightforward to help Tharja with a mental block than ask for Beatrice to exert herself.

But, you can understand Beatrice's point of view.

"Tutoring Innocence allows me to teach her how to properly use and develop her magic rather than waste her time, but I am not so much drilling into her the expectations of what it really means to be a witch. Partly because she must still be Princess Tharja, and partly because…"

She hesitates.

You can't help yourself. You finish the thought for her.

Beatrice isn't teaching Tharja as much about "witch society" because that basically… amounts to herself, Beatrice, and perhaps Erika, who none of you will be seeing any time soon, hopefully.


Beatrice's lips turn in a frown, her eyes falling shut solemnly.


Her frown turns into a scowl.

"I see now that is a mistake. It is an injustice to her power to sit and let these mental conflicts within herself fester, King. She needs to be broken of this mortal mindset, as soon as possible."

… Beatrice isn't suggesting she be allowed to 'spirit Tharja away,' is she?

She recoils a bit from your accusation, lips pursed.

"No. That would devastate her as well, King. However…"

She gestures with her hand.

"With your permission, I would like to, shall we say, intensify my tutoring of Innocence. I'll teach her how to comport herself as a witch should, and abandon any anxieties about her mortal teachings. …I guarantee that will be better for her, in the long run."

… Beatrice might be right.

Tharja abandoning her mortal mindset to become a witch was going to come, eventually.

You had left that door open for her by telling her she mustn't kill herself when your death came, hopefully at an old age.


It will definitely have an effect on her personality, you think.

Furthermore, as interesting as witch society is, there are no other witches for her to interact with. It's the equivalent of teaching her a set of manners that are centuries old and not used anymore.

… Then again, it probably was the most straightforward way to address Tharja's issues with the Church: let Beatrice teach her how the Church is irrelevant.

The alternative was you would have to help her with her issues personally.

It'd take work… but you would both be there for each other.

You still felt your own doubts when you attended, after all.

… Well, nothing was going to happen overnight.

But in the meantime, you had an idea for what the best course of action would be.

Choice time:
>Agree with Beatrice's plan and give her your permission to school Tharja in the 'ways' of witch-society.
>Tell Beatrice to hold back. At least for now. You'll deal with Tharja's issues in your own way.
>Suggest the opposite. Beatrice should know more about mortal society.

07474 No.27446


Option 1, and welcome back, Aristo.

93731 No.27448

Option 1 thajra needs to learn more she new to being a witch afterall

Welcome back!

4e869 No.27450

Welcome back! Good to see you still kicking!

I can't say I'm completely happy with this choice, and I'm afraid for how it might change her personality, but for the long run, I say option 1.

e0da6 No.27451

I kinda like the current Tharja.
Option 2.

91021 No.27452

First off, good to have you back, aristo.

Secondly, in this situation, we are making efforts to reconstruct the witch society (making new members either through books or more… orthedox means). So, Tharja adopting more of the witch mindset will be helpful in the long run. However, Beatrice needs to understand why these concepts (like the Church) are so important to us mortals, so as to better explain why they don't matter to Tharja. It is one thing to say something is wrong; it is another to explain why. Another reason for us teaching may be so we can more closely bond with Beatrice during this.

So maybe we should have a bit of a hybrid of Option 1 and 3, where we teach Beatrice about certain mortal things so she can better dismantle them for Tharja. Thoughts?

4f43f No.27453

Option one. We've chosen the witch path, might as well get everything we can out of it. Tharja needs to learn how to witch properly and sooner is better than later.
(And I really want her to get working on those fertility spells again)

f98c2 No.27456

This idea/option, with the added caveat of perhaps mentioning that a certain part of Tharja's personality and epitaph as 'Innocence' is derived from the way she behaves in instances exactly like this, for better or worse. It's important to temper and direct that, but not wholly abandon it.

5d1a1 No.27463

Option 3. If witches are to survive, they must blend better and understand the affairs and desires of mortals to walk amongst them.

The way witches were in the past is flawed. There is a reason they were plagued by civil war and being hunted by fearful and pious mortals. The way they once approached power is wrong, and they must reform, evolve, and change in order to survive.

8dff2 No.27464


I also choose option 3 because of this reasoning. While a certain detachment from society is necessary (for reasons like the immortality of witches), being completely removed from society will lead to back to the fear of and hostility towards witches. If witches blended in better, following some of the mortal ways, it could have a similar effect to the change we've seen towards gay people in real life.

cc8bf No.27466

>It is an injustice to her power to sit and let these mental conflicts within herself fester
This is just Beatrice projecting her own feelings about being a witch onto Tharja. She wants to turn Tharja into a copy of herself, someone who no longer cares about mortal stuff and lives only to exercise their magical power.

I on the other hand think the old-school witches were & are deeply fucked up people and Tharja should be trying to learn from their mistakes, not emulate them! For instance, Beatrice is wrong in thinking that everything from a witch's 'old' life is better off dumped. Perhaps that really was best in her case, but Tharja's circumstances are totally different. She has a whole mortal life as a person and a public figure she needs & wants to lead, and if doing that means putting off being a 'proper witch' for a few decades of her eternal lifespan, even slowing down her magic development a little, then so be it.

Beatrice's plan isn't in Tharja's best interest. She thinks it is, and she's honestly trying to help out, but I think she's mistaken. Let's just deal with our wife's anxieties like a supportive husband.

I vote Option 2.

492ec No.27469

Option 1, it seems the easiest and I kinda like the idea of a cackling witch Tharja since that's basically in line with how she was in her game of origin.

29cba No.27470

Option 3.

2cad4 No.27477

option 1.
welcome back aristo

fafde No.27481

>6 votes for option one, give your blessing for Beatrice to train Tharja 'socially' as well as magically.
>2 votes for option two, deny the request, commit to personally helping Tharja instead.
>3 votes for option three, suggest the opposite, that Beatrice needs to integrate herself more into mortal society.
>2 write-in votes for option one with shades of option three, allow Beatrice to train Tharja, but make sure she understands the context of what influences she's trying to break. (Close enough to option one.)

Agree with Beatrice's plan to upgrade her tutoring to include expectations of witches' society.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.27511

File: 1493727784138.png (470.37 KB, 534x800, Beatrice-pleased.png)

You shut your eyes.

You can't help but recall the time Beatrice asked what you thought about learning Tharja was a witch, and if you had any regrets.

Of course not. You didn't know the human Tharja. You fell in love with the witch Tharja.

What Beatrice wants is only right.

You do confirm, however.

You ask Beatrice, Tharja maintaining and developing her own 'style' is fully in-line with becoming a proper witch?

She nods.

"Absolutely… witches need to have the freedom to make their own decision as to what they value."

You nod, recalling Beatrice's relationship with Virginia, Witch of the Finite World.

In that case… you won't make an objection.

Beatrice grins, taking a very deep puff on her pipe.

"Very good, King," she starts to hiss, pleasantly, smoke slipping from her lips.

It's not exactly a 'joyous' expression, but she looks indeed happy.

You think you really pleased Beatrice with that decision.


You speak softly, but firmly, interrupting her own thoughts.

Beatrice inclines her head, quizzically.

You think it would benefit Beatrice if she understood exactly how much certain values mortals had affected them, especially regarding the Church.

You know directly asking about a witch's life before they became a witch is taboo…

But Beatrice doesn't seem to have any frame of reference for just how powerful the Church is, in the hearts and minds of everyone.

Including yourself.

Beatrice brings a hand to her face, considering.

"Yes, you make a fair point, King. Very well… I shall pursue some education as to the subject."

You nod. You offer up your own experience, if Beatrice thinks it appropriate, but Tharja can probably explain it best.

Ruhemania's Church services obviously had some customs that were a little strange to you as a foreigner. Tharja would know it better, once she moved past the initial reluctance.

"In that case, I shall retire and allow you your time together, King. Give Innocence my regards, and… I'll kindly ask you to walk me out so your guard outside does not get the wrong idea."




What's Beatrice's hurry?

It was late enough. You're sure Tharja wouldn't mind if Beatrice joined you both for a round of baby-making.

Tharja was already in that way, but it wasn't confirmed with Beatrice yet.


Beatrice makes a sound of displeasure.

"Apologies, King, but there might be another obstacle regarding that…"


Had Beatrice seen the priest observing you both going off together?

She raises an eyebrow.

"No, King… a dripping red obstacle, between my legs."

… Oh.

Beatrice's menstruation had come again.

She nods, frowning.

"Apologies, King. Perhaps next month will be when my womb cooperates."


You're disappointed, but you suppose it's something else to look forward to.

… Although…

It didn't necessarily preclude sex with her tonight.

Didn't Tharja say ovulation could overlap with menstruation?

Even then, it might be nice to let Beatrice know she's wanted and attractive.

Or maybe she would be interested in stimulating Tharja's pleasure as you and Tharja have sex.

Choice time:
>Invite Beatrice to have sex with you and Tharja anyway, they can both focus on Tharja. (Menstruation will not be described.)
>Invite Beatrice for sex regardless. You really don't mind her menstruation, and it might be possible to impregnate her anyway. (Menstruation sex scene will be described in detail.)
>Wish Beatrice a pleasant evening, see her out of Tharja's wing.

52228 No.27513

Option three.

540a3 No.27516

Option 3.

91021 No.27517

Option 2.

I feel like it is the right choice here.

4fbd4 No.27523

Option 2
From what i know during ladies period they ovulating a lot

ee6b6 No.27531


61d3c No.27535

Option 3

5e4c2 No.27536

Option 2

492ec No.27540

Option 3

f98c2 No.27541

>Option 2
>Make like Charlton Heston and part the Red Sea

bac7f No.27543


Option 3.

2cad4 No.27545

Option 3

fafde No.27553

The vote is close, but this is the sort of choice where if I write the sex-scene, I'd like a majority of people to enjoy reading it.

>5 votes for option two, ask Beatrice to stay for sex with you and Tharja and try to impregnate her while she's menstruating.

>6 votes for option three, wish Beatrice a good evening and see her off.

Wish Beatrice well and see her safely out of Tharja's wing.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.27614

…You wish Beatrice a good evening.

The idea might amuse her, or even be appealing to you if you were in a certain mood, but that day is not today.

Hopefully it won't be an issue by next month.

She nods.

"I'll be working on the new spellbook then, if you have cause to find me. Give my regards to Innocence if you will be so kind, King. Ahahaha."


That's a good point.

You confirm with Beatrice she does her work in her room after you share dinner, and she does not have visitors at this time.

She did, however, pick up on your manner of knocking, so you officially make that your 'signal'.

Beatrice swears she'll take the threat of the Church and the prospect of training Tharja out of her devotion seriously, then transforms herself back to her aristocrat persona.

Meanwhile, you move the chair to its original position, allowing you to leave the library.

You step out of Tharja's wing with Beatrice.

Sully, of course, is dutifully at her post.

You watch her and Beatrice share the tiniest of glances with each other and she passes.

It's a small interaction, but it reminds you of the complicated relationship Beatrice has with your guards.

You already exchanged farewells, so you simply exchange a nod with Beatrice and let her depart alone. She gives you a respectful curtsy.

"Your Majesty."

Then, she walks away, her hips sashaying exaggeratedly as she goes.

… At last you could get back to Tharja.

You turn back to the entrance of Tharja's wing and watch Sully give you a salute.

It's enough to make you stop for a moment.


Sully was another woman who wasn't yet confirmed as pregnant yet.

Perhaps it was time to change that?

You're sure Tharja wouldn't mind if you invited her in.

At the very least, you know how Tharja handles sex with your submissive maid-slave Elizabeth. What about your tomboyish guard?

Part of you wants to see that.

…Although given how emotional the scene was with Beatrice, it might be a good idea to give Tharja your undivided personal attention.

Choice time:
>Invite Sully back with you to Tharja's room, work on impregnating her.
>You're not sure if Tharja's mood has recovered. Return Sully's salute, go have sex with Tharja.

f540f No.27615


Option 2.

a26a9 No.27616

Yeah, I vote for option two as well.

8dff2 No.27617

I vote for option 2

540a3 No.27618

Option 2.

4fbd4 No.27619

Option 2

4e869 No.27624

Option 2 also

492ec No.27632

Option 2

cc8bf No.27637

Option 2.

fafde No.27653

>8 unanimous votes for option two, rejoin Tharja alone.

Focus on Tharja.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.27686

File: 1494326912129.jpg (599.34 KB, 1600x2600, Tharja-embraced.jpg)

The thought of impregnating Sully again was appealing, of course, but…

You're concerned for Tharja.

You'd hate to think you would go back to see Tharja still upset emotionally about the prospect of interacting with the Church again.

You just return Sully's salute and give her a smile.

She smiles back, and you wordlessly make your way back through Tharja's wing.

You keep a hand on the wall to steady yourself, since the light is dwindling to nothing.

You find the grip on Tharja's door well enough.

It doesn't occur to you to knock until you've already turned it.

It's unlocked, at least.

You step into the room, torchlight dancing around and illuminating the walls, bed, and desk.

But… no Tharja.

Had she gone into the library in that brief second you spent walking Beatrice out of the wing?

You slip your hand from the door handle to scratch your chin in thought.

As a consequence, the door slowly falls shut.

A split-second before it does, it occurs to you.


Tharja's hands wrap gently around your torso.

Her bare breasts press against your back.

"Welcome back… my husband," she whispers, playfully.


You really do need to remind yourself not to fall for the 'witch hiding behind the door,' trick.

You turn around and share a warm embrace.

Your lips find hers and you press a tender kiss to her pliable lips.


Your kiss elicits a happy moan from her. Before long your kiss becomes deeper, and you open your mouths for a lovely french kiss. Tharja's tongue is soft, hot, and curls around yours perfectly. Your arms hold her close as you're overcome with passion for your wife, the woman you love.

It's enough you completely forget about the stress of the moment that you were both preoccupied mere minutes before.

You don't want to separate…

But the heat of the moment is interrupted by the aching of your lungs and you finally break for air.

You whisper to her, as your hands drop to start disrobing yourself.

How would she prefer you both lie tonight, you ask?

You're more than eager, you haven't had sex even once today.

Your manhood is so hard you have trouble freeing your leggings. It's painful even for you.

Fortunately, you won't have to wait long.

Tharja's quick hands move to help yours. It seems she's just as eager to have you inside her.

"I want you to take me so many different ways, my husband… mount me, put me on top of you, press me against the wall… I'm happy for anything…"


You won't mind fulfilling all of those wishes… if not all at once tonight, then eventually.

But, Tharja's giving you the initiative here. It's your right to take it.

What were you in the mood for?

Choice time:
>You want to act like you're impregnating her for the first time. Have her lie back and wrap herself around you as you fuck her missionary-style.
>You want to hold her and comfort her. Put her in your lap and let her set the pace, as you stare in to each other's eyes.
>You want it to feel impulsive, but against the wall is a bit much… bend her over her desk.
>You're feeling possessive. Place her legs on your shoulders and bend her back as you have sex missionary, take all the control for yourself.
>You actually recall a while back when Tharja was curious about foot-play when you performed it for Beatrice. Suggest that to her. –As a novelty, not a regular thing.
>Something else. (Write-in.)

As a little note, please choose something you would like to read in a sex-scene.

2cad4 No.27687

option 2

93731 No.27691

Option 2, make it really deep~

4e869 No.27693

I say forget about the church by being enthusiastic. Option 4

8dff2 No.27694

Option 3

47774 No.27698

Option three.

f685b No.27700

Option 2.

f98c2 No.27713

Option 3

f1c03 No.27714


Option 2.

5595f No.27718

I vote option 5, even though I know I will be the only vote for it

a13c2 No.27729

Option 3

e04e1 No.27730

Option 2

6ba75 No.27750

option 2

05833 No.27752

Option 5

2b3c6 No.27753

Lets swap this up a bit, vote for this

4f5f7 No.27757

Option 5

e33bc No.27769


fafde No.27770

Some things to note.

Please, when you are voting, state what option you want. Elaborate as much or as little as you like, but please do not link to another vote and say "I like this one." It adds another step when I am tabulating the votes as I check what vote is being referred to, and it is bad for the voter as well as there's the possibility they'd link the wrong one. Please state clearly what option you are voting for.

These are two separate voters, right? There is a different ID, and the time-stamp difference is significant, but the use of the same handle (that is not the site's anonymous-name) made me pause and double check. I will, of course, give the benefit of the doubt.

At any rate…

>6 votes for option two, hold Tharja and comfort her in your lap.

>4 votes for option three, dominate Tharja and bend her over the desk.
>2 votes for option four, take complete control and drill her with her legs over your shoulders.
>4 votes for option five, introduce foot-play to Tharja.

Place Tharja in your lap, embrace her and comfort her as you penetrate her.

Poll closed, update soon.

0eceb No.27771

I would hope the person (or people) who submitted those votes were trying to simply use the ID system to their advantage.

At any rate, I guess it does not matter, since they voted for an option which did not win. However, it is sometime suspicious with the influx of new IDs for options.

Keep up the good work Aristo

93731 No.28125

I wonder whens the update gonna be up its already been weeknsince the pole closed

fafde No.28128

File: 1495456094449.jpg (147.56 KB, 800x1230, Tharja-loving-top.jpg)

You just want to hold her.

You whisper to Tharja that she's so precious you always want to hold on to her.

That includes while you make love.

You'll sit on the bed and have Tharja climb in your lap.

You can see Tharja's smile in the torchlight, and you know what you've decided pleases her.


Her arms wrap around your bare torso, and your bodies unite in warm heat.


Tharja's lips release a hot moan as you envelope her lips with your own.

Your hands find her bare breasts and she arches herself into your touch.

Her bust… is definitely getting bigger. It won't be much longer before it's her belly you feel grow under your hands, too.

With that in mind, and without letting go you kick off your boots.

You don't need the torchlight to guide you as you pull Tharja back to her bed.

Your entire world is you, Tharja, and the little life you've put inside her.

Your rump finds Tharja's bed easily enough.

You pull her on top of you. You're strong enough that supporting your wife like this is barely an exertion.

Tharja knows it too, and she's giggles excitedly as her legs settle around your body.


You can't help but take in a sharp breath as Tharja arches her back. The soft cheeks of her bare butt brushing along your erect staff.

"May I…?" she asks.

…Heh. Ever the obedient wife.

You're almost tempted to deny yourself to her, but it's a fleeting notion.

Your cock is already throbbing from the stimulation. You can't delay the chance for pleasure.

You tell Tharja to move as she likes… you want nothing more than to be inside her again.

She gives a soft little nod.

"I need you, too…"

She lifts her hips, reaching down with one hand to position your manhood so it can properly spear your wife's fertile valley.

She spares the slightest glance downward, and you can feel her hot labia lips brush your cockhead.

…It's too much.

You planned to let her set the pace but…

The feel of your wife's soft pussy against your sensitive glans is too much.

Tharja isn't even trying to tease you.

Still, you arch your back and your hands find her generous curves.

…She gives a little gasp.

Her eyes look up and your gaze meets hers.

You let out a grunt, an inarticulate question. Was she all right with this…?

Her face is soft and the look she gives you is completely trusting.

She nods, demurely.

…So you respond by pulling her hips downward.

Until the underside of her legs are flesh with the tops of your thighs.


She lets out a surprised little moan.

You watch her neck arch and her chin raise in surprise at the suddenness of the penetration you've given her.


She's more than ready for you.

You've lost count of the number of times you've made love with Tharja.

Surely it must number in the hundreds by now.

Her vagina is more than ready for you, only you.

Your mutual arousal guiding your rod through her canal, making it slick and pleasurable.

Even so, she must be feeling some pain with your sudden invasion.

So you release your grip and let her extricate herself just a little.

"Aah! You're so… big… today… Edward…"


You can't help but feel a little bit of pride.

It was definitely the circumstances of waiting until the end of the day to have sex for the first time.

Your sexual schedule in Ruhemania had been almost constant, even if the number of girls for you to impregnate was technically smaller than Virilia.

Tharja sets her arms on top of your shoulders, and gives you a beguiling little look.

"I'm… ready now…"


You shift how you're sitting and wrap your arms around Tharja, hugging her close.

Her soft ample breasts press against your masculine chest and you can feel the edges of her erect nipples on your skin.

Your position lets Tharja move herself along your length easier. Her legs flexing herself, her thighs squeezing around you, her vaginal muscles milking your cock for all it was worth.

It's… bliss.

Sex with your wife was true bliss. Not merely from the sexual pleasure, but the way you held each other, and her heart beating with yours, the love you share…

That joy was endless, and you only wanted more.

You know, deep down, it's impossible that Tharja will birth more children than every other woman you make a mother combined…

Even if she were to be pregnant with septuplets each ten months for the next two dozen or so years, you certainly weren't going to slow your pace with the other women in Ruhemania.


At the very least, you can truthfully say you've had sex with your wife more times than any other single woman.

No maid or peasant in Virilia could ever match that.

You're moved from your thoughts by the hurried motions of Tharja in your lap.

She slides herself down your manhood with abandon. The slaps of her legs hitting your thighs filling the room with lewd sounds.


You catch a glimpse of her face framed by torchlight.

Her face is a reflection of her senses. Mouth open; tongue out and naked; eyes rolling back.

The pleasure your dick is feeding her pussy is overloading Tharja with pleasure.

You… aren't much calmer.

Indeed, spurred on by the presentation, you let your own tongue hang out…

…then find hers with yours for another kiss.

The slapping sounds of your sex is slowly replaced by the ministrations of your tongues together in your kiss.

You've both reached your limit.

You wrap her up strongly, firmly, as your hips meet in slow thrusts as you can feel your orgasm taking over.


You thrust.


You thrust..


Your cock erupts forth with your seed, hilted in your wife's crevasse.

You fall back with her on the bed, and Tharja's orgasm falls right along with you.

Her feminine muscles squeezing you just right to urge your balls to empty all the seed they can, as your cocks throbs out all the semen it can in spurt, after spurt, after spurt.

You're releasing so much you can almost feel your testicles ache in an attempt to squeeze out more cum for your wife's pussy.

Surely you've provided her with a load that would impregnate any able-bodied lass.

Her lips suck away at yours greedily, and you wrap your tongue around hers.

Your mouths picking up the passion your lower orifices shared as you kiss through the final steps of your orgasm together.

The only distraction of Tharja's body with her own being the strands her long hair that somehow find their way to be tangled up in your kiss.

Your perception of time and the time that has passed already is long gone.

But at some point you have to both open your eyes and separate enough to allow air to reach your lungs.

You share a passionate embrace with Tharja in the afterglow of your lovemaking.

Hah… hah…

"Haa… Edward…"

Your lips are practically touching already, even with your kiss so separated.

"I love you."

The intensity of the moment moves your wife's voice to a squeak.

But no other voice could so move you.

You love her too, you say.

You reaffirm your mutual devotion with another kiss.

You roll gently onto Tharja's bed and settle into post-coital cuddling and basking in the warm afterglow.

There's no need for any other words to be said.

The feeling of holding Tharja while you both recover your senses and breathe is more than enough.

fafde No.28129

… It must surely be night by now.

Tharja's face has found a home nestled in your chest.

You idly stroke her hair and she traces the ridges of your torso, taking in the definition of your muscles.

Heh. She's not the only one admiring how her spouse's body has changed.

You pull her up and share a playful kiss at your realization, the action provoking a rush of giggles from your lovesick wife.

"Oh, Edward!"

Her smiling, joyful face is a true treasure.

You share a few more kisses.

"Will you stay here with me tonight?" she asks you.


You know you won't be doing much sleeping in that case, you muse.

Tharja blinks her eyes.

"Oh, are you overtired, my husband? I can… cast magic to encourage us to sleep…"

…She could. It might help ensure you're rested, at least.

How long would you sleep… or at all?

Choice time:
>Stay with Tharja after a long day. Have her use her magic to help you sleep and awake at sunrise.
>Stay with Tharja and sleep… but have her use her magic to wake you both in-time to have more sex before you start your day together.
>Stay with Tharja, but who needs sleep? You want to satisfy each other with more sex until you both pass out from exhaustion.
>Gently apologize and go back to your tower.

93731 No.28130

Option 3 once not enough~~

Well that suprised me didnt think it be up
Soon as i commented its been a week since pole was closed

2cad4 No.28132

option 1

d4b78 No.28134

Definitely option three, the mad rutting beast makes his return

bb8ad No.28137


Option 1.

6e10c No.28147

Option three, for sure.

4e869 No.28149

Option 2 I say.

f98c2 No.28150

Option 2

992ae No.28164

Option 1.

8dff2 No.28166

Option 2, would rather not be to tired if something important comes up.

aee16 No.28174

Option 1

5d1a1 No.28176

Option 1

19221 No.28185

Option 3

20e11 No.28191

Option 3.

fff52 No.28198

Option 3

dcab9 No.28207

Gotta go option one. I am mildly suspicious that there could be a reason we might want to get up in the morning.

98046 No.28208

Option 1.

01530 No.28453

Option 1

fafde No.28558

>8 votes for option one, have Tharja use her magic to put you both to sleep and wake you up on time.
>3 votes for option two, have Tharja put you both to sleep, but wake up early for more sex.
>6 votes for option three, forgo magic, have sex throughout the night until you pass out naturally.

Have Tharja use her magic to let you both have a restful night sleep and wake up at the right hour.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.29211

File: 1497616109213.jpg (22.98 KB, 300x186, jousting.jpg)

As worthwhile as more sex with Tharja is…

You need to be ready for any new situation that develops with the Priest or the Faire.

You tell Tharja to let you both sleep until sunrise.

You look forward to waking up with her beside you.

You say, pressing a kiss to her hands, held in yours.

Tharja nods, and after rubbing her face with the hand you kissed, stands to get her book to cast her spell.

Yes… This was how you were going to do it.

Not with announcing yourself as King Edward, controller of All Witches, but with subtle manipulation.

Tharja and Beatrice can easily do things most people take for granted, after all.


Before long, the air… feels drowsy.

You keep yourself awake long enough for Tharja to rejoin you on the bed.

"Good night…"

You're asleep before she says much else.

You wake with Tharja, put on your old clothes, and go out to take your breakfast together.

The sunlight that reaches the inside of Tharja's wing tells you that you indeed rose for sunrise together.

It is a little bit of a challenge to not give into the temptation to resume what you started last night… but you're able to contain yourselves. Just barely.

Still, you exchange little kisses, and you both can't help but caress each other as you put on your old clothes together.

Breakfast is uneventful. You were almost expecting something more, but it seems if the Priest has any other requests to spring on you, he isn't doing it at that moment.

That leaves you with your day open, and you bid farewell to Tharja and Beatrice as you go about your routine.

You want to make that sparring practice. You'll be needing all the strength you have.

Sparring is relatively uneventful. The guards seem to be working just as hard as the servants are.

That's to be expected. You're actually going to have visitors for the Faire.

You can't help but recall that you've universally heard patrol duty as 'boring' from the guards you've spoken with.

At the very least, they'll have new faces to worry about.

–Though hopefully nothing quite so dangerous as Varillo's Gang.

Your practice ended, you go to the stables to meet with Malon and see about Eclipse.


You find the stableman waiting for you.

Moreover, he starts to kneel and says he must speak with you.

…You move hastily to tell him a bow will suffice.

You don't need him kneeling into the dirt and muck around the stable.

He thanks you, then starts to speak.

You're afraid for the moment he's finally going to mention your relationship with Malon to you…

But what you instead hear is something else entirely.

"It be about the upcoming jousting tournament Y'Majesty."

He explains that with the Faire so close, preparations are starting to be made.

An area of land to set up the contest has been chosen. Names are being counted…

A small number of your loyal guards have requested permission to compete.

Moreover, the senior guard approved their requests.

Of course, it's likely there will be some visitors from the Faire who will also compete…

But they would need to have prepared and brought their own horse to do so. Or at least visit the stable often enough for a free horse to become acclimated to them.

There's a decision you need to make.

He knows from your practice with Eclipse that you intend to compete.

You confirm it to him.


Is he to advise you against it?

"Nay, Y'Majesty… but some might be hesitant to raise a lance against their King if they knew he was competing… or rather, if they knew which competitor he was, and if they were facing him."


That is certainly a possibility, you say.

But the guards should know your reputation for wanting a fair fight.

You're sure they will compete with all their strength and give those in attendance a good show.

"Aye, Y'Majesty… but can the same be said about those traveling here?"

…Hm. Perhaps not.

As good-natured as your reign has been, you doubt your reputation for fairness has spread far enough to reach everyone in the Kingdom, yet.

Certainly, you imagine they'd want to avoid a bad first impression that might come from ramming their King with a wooden spear.

The stableman nods.

"That's why I wanted to ask… would it serve Y'Majesty for the jousting tournament to be anonymous?"

–Is that possible, you ask?

He nods.

"Everyone will be in armor, and then everyone will just be called 'the first rider,' or 'the second rider,' and such."

The winner will, of course, be unmasked and allowed to bask in the appropriate fame of winning the tournament.

But when the competitors are first announced, it won't be told to anyone who is competing against who.


What about Eclipse?

Your horse was truly the finest example of equine.

Surely people would realize you're riding a truly remarkable horse and put together that you must be the King.

The stableman shakes his head.

"Your horse will be armored as well Y'Majesty… and as quickly done as each match is, I doubt anyone would get a good look at it enough to see exactly whose horse it is."

… It's a fair point. Although you hope your horse is appropriately lively for the tournament.

It was certainly something to consider.

If you won the tournament anonymously, it might win you more glory in the eyes of those attending.

It will seem more like a genuine contest of skill, and not merely your opponents intentionally losing to curry your favor.


If you were to lose, and lose badly, as least it wouldn't be too embarrassing either.

Unless your helmet was ripped off, but you think if that managed to happen, you'd have bigger things to worry about. Like the massive head injury you had suffered.

–Though there would be some glory in reaching at least second place. If only the winner is unmasked, it would be the same as if you were eliminated in the first round.

That was something to consider.

Your mind can't help but fall back to Tharja and when she asked to watch you spar with the guards.

She really wanted to cheer for you, but you told her not to.

A joust would certainly be a much more appropriate venue for cheering.

She'd lose out on that joy if the tournament was anonymous.

You nod, trying to give yourself time to think about it.

There's pros and cons to both sides, but…

Choice time:
>Yes, the tournament will be anonymous. Each participant will wear generic, unmarked armor. The winner will be dramatically unmasked at the end.
>No, the tournament will be completely public. Each participant will fly the standard of his house, if available, and be announced plainly for each round of the competition. A chart of who placed where will be compiled at the end.
>A mix of the two. The tournament will be anonymous until it's down to the final two participants. Their identities will be announced then, for a final dramatic match.

c9879 No.29212

Wb mang.

Option 2.

93731 No.29213

Option 3 this way thaja can know who you are in the armor while you alone being anonymous to the public

Welcome back aristo!

53512 No.29216

Welcome back, aristo. We missed you!

I vote for Option one.

f98c2 No.29217

if this is an acceptable/applicable write-in option, then…
>Jousters will compete under an alias
Unless this is too similar to option 3, of course…

4e869 No.29219

Option 2. While it will be nice to let Thaja know, we'd also have to ask her to cheer just as enthusiastically for other participants as well, lest she give away which one we are.

4e869 No.29220

Crap I wrote the wrong vote. Option one! 1!

8dff2 No.29221


I vote for the write in

53512 No.29222

The only reason for this is that you want to be Ulrich von Lichtenstein, admit it!
And I'm totally up for that! I change my vote to the write-in.

fafde No.29223

I'll allow this, but it's basically option one with a stylistic change, so I will count it as a vote for option one.

07b2f No.29225

Option 3.

1dcaf No.29258

Option 2

2cad4 No.29267

option 3

5d1a1 No.29273

Option 1.

fafde No.29386

>5 votes for option one, make the tournament anonymous until the winner is dramatically unmasked at the end. With the opportunity for the riders to compete under their choice of an alias to make it interesting.
>2 votes for option two, keep the tournament as a completely public competition between public individuals.
>3 votes for option three, make the tournament anonymous until the very last match and unmask both competitors for the final bout.

Make the tournament anonymous, with a little style allowed.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.29424

There are solid, compelling reason to make the tournament anonymous.

However, having the entire thing be a competition between "rider one" and "rider two" is overdoing it.

You might have problems with the peasants being unable to count that high to keep track of who is who. Possibly a few of the nobility as well.

You tell the stableman that you approve of his idea, but all jousters will be able to pick an alias for themselves.

'The Black Knight' or 'the Green Knight' some such thing. Might as well allow them the chance to be creative.

The stableman nods and tell you he will organize the contest in that way, then.

You hold off on giving him a name for what you yourself will be riding under. You can think of that for later.

In the meantime…

You ask if you can have your horse fitted with armor for a little practice.

"Aye, we have that ready, Y'Majesty."

You spend the mid-morning riding your horse with the armor on. Eclipse doesn't seem bothered by it, but it's a little harder to direct him in this state as the reins feel a little different.

You suppose it's not too much of an issue. When the tournament comes, you'll only be driving him in a straight-line.

Still, while it's easier to dress a horse in armor than a person, it does shorten your time with the beast a little bit.

You leave it to Malon to put the horse in the stable and see him properly wound down.

Next time you'll try holding a shield, pole, and have the animal armored, all at once.

Then you would only need to practice doing all of that while wearing your own armor.

Your early return from the stable means you have a little time left before lunch.

You wonder if it would be reasonable to have sex with Beatrice.

You're halfway to her quarters when you realize…

Ah, yes. She's going through her monthly cycle. You'll wait another week before propositioning her again.

She might not even be done with her sessions with Tharja anyway.

In the meantime, it wouldn't be too much of a bother to do something else. This could be a chance to micromanage your castle, or just unwind a little bit.

How should you spend your free period before you go to take your midday meal?

You rule out doing anything involving the visiting Priest. You hadn't quite recovered from your confrontation the other day.

Choice time:
>Go to the treasury and check on Ricardo. You want to make sure the finances are in order.
>Go to the site of your tower being built and check with the architect on the progress being made. See if work is progressing smoothly.
>Check on the servants and see if they're working hard enough to prepare your castle for its future guests. See if the fat maid is showing due diligence.
>You're still wearing your clothes from yesterday. Go bathe and change into fresher ones.
>You might not want to meet the Priest, but this could be a good time to check on the dossiers he gave you. Go to your room in the tower and look them over.

8dff2 No.29425

Option 5 because it gives us something to talk about the next time we see the priest.

4e869 No.29426

Option 5 as well. Let's look over the files. Though we can still at least change our clothes when we're done.

f98c2 No.29437

>Optionem V
>Option 5

07b2f No.29441

Option 5.

99402 No.29447

Option 5

10f5c No.29472

I'm going against the flow here and vote for option 3. I want to know what Helga is up to, if Margaret handles the situation well and how the twins are doing.

fafde No.29501

>1 vote for option three, check on the maids' progress and their work.
>5 votes for option five, look over the dossiers from the Church on potential chaplains for your castle.

Go look over the dossiers from the Church with the spare time you have.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.29527

File: 1498202176812.jpg (120.81 KB, 800x600, nun-too-soon.jpg)

There is something you will need to make a decision about.

That is, what to do about the Church insisting you appoint a court chaplain.

You think it's time you open those dossiers and look over them.

Certainly, when the Faire is in full swing, you think you'll be a little more distracted than at present.

You make way for the stairs to your tower.

The guard at the entrance tells you no one has visited, excepting the maid who visits you in the morning, who was told you weren't present. She has since departed.


You tell the guard if any guest comes they may be escorted up, if they have a good reason.

You would like to be able to concentrate on the task, but you'll allow interruptions in an emergency.

He salutes and says it will be so. You proceed up the stairs.

You find the door to your room shut, so you open it and step into your room.

The shutter is up, so you take it down to allow some sunlight in. Gaining enough light, you shut the door.

You spy the clean set of day-clothes for you to wear on your bed, and take the moment to change.

At least you'll smell moderately less like a horse in time for lunch.

You have a seat at your desk with the dossiers you've been given.

Each one is sealed individually with wax, so you have no choice but to break the seal on each one.

You open the first one, and skim the contents.


It seems it's not just a profile on the candidate for your position, it's also an order for you to add your sigil to, as much as if Ricardo had drafted it personally.

There's a spot for you to pour wax and stamp your signet ring to confirm you've selected that man for the job.

Perhaps this is a way to make your decision and present it to the priest without actually telling him personally who you've chosen.

…Though he could simply open it up and look.

You take a glance over the actual writing.

In the name of God, the Holy Church, presided over from the Holy City, by the Holy Father, in the season of Abundance and the approaching Jubilee…

…You skip a little as it's clear the official introduction is going to be long-winded.

For the eyes of the Royalty only, the Holy Church addresses His Royal Majesty King Edward of Ruhemania…

You can't help but read that sentence and get a little shock from it. Enough to cause you to reel back from the page a little bit.

Here was an official Church document addressing you as 'King Edward'…

You thought after so many weeks from your coronation you might be over the shock of suddenly being 'King,' but that is not the case.

You wipe the beads of sweat from your forehead with the heel of your hand and continue reading.

We submit the following candidate with full confidence he would be a proper representative of the Holy Church and would fulfill His Majesty's need for spiritual guidance and act in accordance with His Majesty's wishes…

Finally it gets to talking about the man.

Father Jerech, in service to the Church for two score years. Has given public liturgy for one decade in years. …

…Your eyes begin to glaze over. It lists a long list of 'years' he's spent doing various Church tasks, but that doesn't at all tell you anything about his personality.

You sigh. Maybe it's just this one…

You crack open the next one.

It's exactly the same, only with a different name and a different number of years listed.

You put it aside with the first and crack open another…

Then another… then another…

You're beginning to lose hope. You have only one last dossier to open, but you do so, scattering a bit of wax on your desk as the seal breaks.

You start to read the fifth dossier and notice something different as you read.

Father Tomas, in service to the Church for three years…

–Three? Not three score, or three decades, even…?

That's a huge discrepancy. It suddenly gives you an idea.

The profiles are bland, but…

Clearly there's something to read in-between the lines with the number of years listed for each service they've been performing.

You read along and see something else in Father Tomas' dossier that makes him stand out.

Notice: Father Tomas is in the process of becoming experienced in his Fatherly responsibilities. If chosen, he will be accompanied to the castle by a friar and two nuns to help him in his duties…


Your eyes stop there.


Oh, God.


Your thoughts can't help but jump back to Virilia.

You impregnated many women there. Experienced, inexperienced, cute, warm, flirty, brash, cold…

… But the nuns you knew…

Impregnating them was definitely some of the most exciting and satisfying experiences of your life.

It had taken you days, perhaps weeks of planning, conversation, flirting, and courting, but the forbidden fruit of a Holy Woman offering you her maidenhead and bearing the baby you would sow inside her Holy Womb had made the effort so worthwhile…

Your only regret was that your father intervened and they were sent away before you could see their bellies properly swell full.

… You find yourself wincing suddenly as your manhood gets instantly erect recalling the deeds.

No doubt your lack of sexual activity this morning is also exacerbating the situation.

You try to turn your attention back to the document.

Father Tomas would bring with him two nuns…

The prospect was enough to make your cock strain with excitement already.

You can't help but think that alone should win him the position.

Nuns… nuns… nuns…!

You take a deep breath.

You imagine… if ever you were to impregnate another nun, ever, in your entire life…

This was probably the only way it was going to happen.

Even if you were to visit the Bishop, you doubt you would be allowed to explore the monastery to the point you could find yourself in the convent where the nuns are cloistered and have your way with them.

Surely there would be consequences for that.

…Though there might be consequences anyway.

Even if you could arrange such a jaunt somehow, having them at the castle means you could have the pleasure of actually watching them develop and perhaps even birth the child you gift them with.

You put Father Tomas' document aside.

You run back over the previous ones you've looked at, this time keeping an eye on exactly how many years they've spent doing what.

There might be some insight you missed before.

Well, you can't puzzle out anything too interesting.

Father Jerech, the first profile you looked at, had the longest years spent with the Church. You surmise he was likely the oldest candidate.

Although it says he spent so many years serving the Church, it seems he only started performing duties relating to being a Father recently.

The other profiles have years ascribed to service and performing liturgy as rather close numbers. One score and one decade eight years. Three decades and one score and five years, etc.

Father Jerech however has two score serving the Church and ten years liturgy?

Either he was doing something else, or he only decided to get involved in doing service recently.

That might be a sign he was old, senile, and likely to let you 'get away' with more bad behavior. …Perhaps.

The other three dossiers might as well be the same person. There's nothing that sticks out about them.

You weigh your options.

On the one hand, Father Jerech, an old man of the cloth with lots of experience but only a few years actually doing something.

It's possible that would mean he was so old he wouldn't pay much attention to the affairs. Or at the very least, if on the contrary he was strict and scornful, at least he would be expected to die soon.

On the other hand, Father Tomas, an obviously young man who was inexperienced, likely eager for duty… he would bring with him nuns.

Sweet, delicious, tempting, Forbidden Fruit, nuns…

You can't help but gleefully forget you actually have a responsibility as your mind wanders to the thought of nuns again.

You calm yourself and consider… you could pick one of the other three more 'generic' dossiers as your Chaplain. They likely would attend to your castle as well as the current Priest who comes to visit for the service does. With the bonus that they would need to build up a relationship with the castle and peasant settlement.

Or, you could just make the Priest who is already here your Chaplain.

He'd probably be happy, though less so than if you had chosen him before reading the dossiers.

All you have to do is take one of these to Ricardo, get some hot wax poured on to it, press your stamp, and it would be done.

Choice time:
>Your heart is alight with the prospect of nuns. Hire Father Tomas as your Chaplain.
>Your mind is wary of the Church paying too much attention to your affairs. Hire the old Father Jerech in hopes that he will be slower to see any potential heresies you commit.
>Hire one of the generic priests. At the very least, having a fresh face at the castle means you have time to make a good impression with him.
>None of these inspire you with confidence. Hire the priest who has been visiting the castle since you arrived as Chaplain. It's what he's long wanted, surely.

5c1ab No.29530

I fear this may be an awful decision, but I vote for option 1.

6e10c No.29531

I sense a trap. Option 2, Father Jerech.

93731 No.29532

Option 1, and hoping the two pair of nuns are both twins~

50993 No.29535

This is a difficult thing to consider tactically, but I actually think Option 1 might work, and not just because of the nuns.

If Tomas really is a young man without much experience, we might actually be able to get away with quite a bit here. First off, he might actually be intimidated by the crown as much as he is the church, so there's a chance he'll stay out of our business, or perhaps could even be swayed to let Edward do as he pleases with the right argument (like some of those Old Testament stories with men having wives and concubines and being fruitful and multiplying and such).

Secondly, while a long shot, a young and inexperienced priest might actually be easy to lead astray (while Bea or Tharja may not have any interest in actually doing anything with him, they could certainly play the tempress). Either that or, like above, Edward could try and use the good book itself to make Tomas re-think his beliefs. Problem with this is it could lead to being back to square one as far as having the church on our back about a chaplain.

Third…..I just have this weird hunch. Total longshot again, but maybe there's even more forbidden fruit here than just the nuns? (Hey, there's that old legend about a woman who somehow became Pope and almost got away with it until she gave birth in the middle of a crowd or something).

4e869 No.29537

Option 1. I have no particular thing for nuns, but I'm also hoping there's more to gain with a younger father, though we'll have to keep out eyes on the friar as well.

42545 No.29538

Option 3: I think jerech is likely to be a witch hunter, and we need to be in the church's good graces, so nuns is a really bad idea.

8dff2 No.29540

Option 1.

I agree with some of the other posts that having a younger priest will be better because it is easier to bend him to suit our needs. The nuns are a plus, not the main reason.

Father Jerech smells like a trap. I think that Edward completely misread the situation with him and that he is probably a witch hunter (he's been a Father for 10 years, it's been 10-15 years since Vlad's crusade against witches ended). I think he was put on top of the pile to get us to quickly choose him and keep suppressing the tradition of witches in ruhemania.

07b2f No.29542

Option 4.

Option 1 sounds too good to be true. I have a feeling the nuns accompanying Tomas would likely be older nuns. Probably Mother Teresa old.

f98c2 No.29547

Option 3
Nuns are great and all, but that addendum of a friar following along with is kind of worrisome. Jerech *probably* isn't a witch hunter, but he's old and if he kicks the bucket, wouldn't Edward be right back in this same position again? He can at least mold a generic 'lowcard' priest into his personal scion, if Ed plays his cards right…

a4652 No.29554


Option 1.

02eab No.29556


b3756 No.29557

option 1
let the debautchery commence :)))

fafde No.29577

>8 votes for option one, hire Father Tomas.
>1 vote for option two, hire Father Jerech.
>2 votes for option three, hire a generic Father.
>1 votes for option four, appoint the current Priest in your castle as Chaplain.

Hire the young Father Tomas and the nuns and friar he will bring with him.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.29604

There are all sorts of ways this could go wrong.

The nuns could turn out to be long past breeding age, for example. They might be old enough to rival King Vlad for longevity.

Who knew what personality that friar would have?

In addition to whatever man Father Tomas turned out to be.

….And yet.

Nuns. Nuns you could impregnate.

Nuns trump everything.

Your balls won't let you make any other decision.

You make sure to set Father Tomas' dossier aside, then wrap up the rejects so you don't accidentally get them confused.

You're not sure what to do with the others, but you decide it's probably safer to return them all to the Priest. There's no sense actually keeping them.

You're grinning like mad as you get organized, eager to feel the satisfaction that will come from stamping the order.

No time like the present.

You start to get up from your desk and head out the door of your room.

You… stop, before you open your door.

… Well, this is embarrassing.

You know you're hiring Father Tomas as a way to get access to nuns.

You know you will actually have a chance at impregnating these nuns.

Which means… your penis knows you will have a chance at impregnating some nuns.

Your hard-on is large enough in your leggings it sticks straight out from your crotch, making it plainly obvious to anyone who looks at you.

No doubt it's impressive, but you'd rather not show your lewd self off so intimately to anyone walking through the halls of your castle.

You scowl, knowing this wouldn't be a problem if you had given in and woken up this morning to have another session of sex with Tharja.

At the very least, it would have taken the edge off of your libido.

You stand there and wait, pacing a little, trying to control your lust.

It's impossible. Each time you think you're finally starting to calm down, you remember you're carrying the order that will allow you access to nuns, and your cock surges with another rush of energy.

Urgh… You can't help yourself.

You really do have a thing for nuns.

So cute… so innocent… so forbidden…

The most rarest of women to impregnate.

Even more-so than witches, now that you think about it.

You glance down at your discarded clothes you wore yesterday.

You can't help but recall your words to Sully when she became so curious about your manhood.


Maybe it wouldn't hurt to let out your 'desire' like this, just once.

Then again…

You spy the satchel that you carried your small things you brought with you from Virilia to Ruhemania.

You could always just put the dossiers inside of that and carry it in front of your crotch as you walk.

Hopefully by the time you actually get it handed over to Ricardo, you'll have distracted yourself enough.

Choice time:
>Relive the time you impregnated the nuns of Virilia and masturbate.
>Don't waste your seed, just hide your erection and carry on.

dcb99 No.29607


If Option 1 comes with a flashback scene, then friggin option 1.

f98c2 No.29609

There are far worse things Ed could do than walk around the castle sporting wood. Isn't this kind of in line with his reputation, for better or worse? Surely there's someone who would appreciate his…status….more than a misc. piece of cloth or cleaning rag…
>Option 2
>My hard will go on and on…

fafde No.29617

I'll confirm the implied flashback scene as a result of this choice. (Though that may not be the only consequence.)

b4f26 No.29618


In that case, I shall confirm my choice.

Here's to hoping a pregnant nun scene or something.

245b5 No.29621

Option two.

We literally have a sex slave at our disposal. Let's visit Elizabeth.

3527c No.29622

Option 2.

93731 No.29623

Option 2 and look for someone available ~

8dff2 No.29631

Option 2.

We should visit Elizabeth and see if we can dress her up looked a nun (if she's okay with that)

fafde No.29678

>1 vote for option one, masturbate and relive your experience impregnating nuns.
>5 votes for option two, don't masturbate, just hide your erection and continue on.

Continue on to have Father Tomas' dossier stamped.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.30125

You shake your head in an attempt to clear it of your lust.

The experiences you had in Virilia are many and exciting, but not worth you wasting your seed now in the present.

You actually feel a little guilty even considering it.

Your seed was to be let out inside a fertile womb, not left to stain some clothes.

–Failing that, at least inside a woman you had already impregnated. Failing that, at least brought forth by her.

That's enough of that.

You pack up the dossiers in the satchel, leaving out the copy of your marriage certificate and your old razor on your desk.

It's been some time since you relied on this old satchel to carry your personal items, so you have to shake it free of a bit of dust.

You decide to leave the shutter off of your window and continue out the door.

The walk down the stairs doesn't contain your erection, and you bounce with some pain each step.

Just as soon as you become distracted, your mind once again calls to light the reality of nuns being present in the castle, and the process begins again.

You really need to get rid of these documents.

You reach the end of the staircase, and awkwardly hold the satchel about crotch-high.

You wave a vague-salute to the guard at the bottom and hurry on before he notices.

You can't help but feel some level of embarrassment.

You feel almost like an adolescent again, struggling to hide the swelling of your groin at inappropriate times.

The march to Ricardo's office seems unnaturally long.

You find Ricardo in his chair working on some documents.

You cough to get his attention and you exchange greetings.

You tell Ricardo you have something for him. He raises an eyebrow.

…You can't help but feel some revulsion at the prospect of Ricardo thinking you mean your penis.

You quickly take the dossier for Father Tomas out of your satchel and shove it to him before his eyes watch you too closely.

It's an order to hire a new Father to serve as your court chaplain. You'll be delegating all responsibilities the current Father who has been visiting to him, and he'll be invited to your court.

He nods, rising to fetch a red wax candle and setting it alight with the help of a torch.

A few moments, and a little spattering of wax later, he invite you to press your signet ring on it.

You bring up your off-hand, awkwardly, and stamp the order, with only the slightest of wincing from the heat of the wax.


It's done.

You let out a sigh of relief.

–Oh, that's right.

There's a number of other dossiers, you mention to Ricardo.

Does he want to file them away, you ask?

Ricardo inclines his head a little.

"I think very much the Church will want them returned, Your Majesty."


Why's that, you ask?

"Guarding their own policies. If we kept a document of theirs that we, strictly speaking, didn't have to, then they would likely think we were planning on counterfeiting it."

… That's something you hadn't considered.


Had Ricardo ever done such a thing?

He quickly shakes his head.


You'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

But what relevance could a dossier about a prospective priest tell you that would enable counterfeiting?

You doubt you'd ever have a need for a fake order to hire a priest.

Ricardo smacks his lips.

He looks up, and you realize he's checking the entrance.

He then turns the dossier back to you, and beckons you closer, with a whisper.

"See the pattern of the greeting here…? In the name of God… etcetera, in the season of Abundance, and all that?"

You nod, glancing over it again. What of it?

"That's a 'code'. A formal way of marking their documents under the guise of etiquette… I guarantee they have many different ways of writing exactly what season it is. If there was any deviation, the Church's messengers would spot it."


Very interesting.

In this manner, etiquette itself becomes a way to maintain their own interests. Amazing.

Ricardo's taught you something rather fascinating.

How did he pick up on that, you ask?

He gives a little shrug.

"Of course, we have our own methods as well."


Naturally. You should have expected that as his answer.

It's natural to say that every noble house that relies on written messages would have something like that.

Ricardo again, gives you a shrug.

"I can't say for certain about every family… but certainly any landed aristocrat must have some unique system to preserve their intentions."

You nod, you suppose it'd be a bit of a hassle to have a complicated system set up like that.

Certainly most peasants and servants would be illiterate and could only be instructed verbally.

It would take a family with holdings to really benefit from what Ricardo describes.

You're still nodding and feeling smart when… a thought occurs to you.

It… was… highly probable that your Father had a system like this.

He was an Independent Duke. He had holdings to take care of. He certainly fit the description.

That would mean his own orders would have his own little signature etiquette 'code', devised by his own scribes.

… You can't help but swallow and feel a lump in your throat.

Beatrice's fake order she handed Ricardo when she first arrived.

She had explained counterfeiting your seal from the design of your sash of Virilian nobility was 'child's play'…

But no way would an isolated witch like Beatrice know the intricacies of etiquette to script the order properly.

Even if she did, they wouldn't match with whatever 'codes' Virilia had put into play…!

You can't help but feel a rush of paranoia overtaking you, making your feel suddenly like shivering.

What if some unlucky day, the order Beatrice produced was unearthed, and aired for the world to see?

"Your Majesty?"

You blink and ask Ricardo what he wants.

"The… other dossiers, you mentioned?"



You hastily dig the others out of your satchel.

You feel sick, but at least the suddenly rush of panic drove away your arousal to the point your leggings feel comfortable again.

You hand them over to Ricardo and tell him you expect him to handle the delivery of them to the priest.

You don't feel like personally delivering them.

"…Naturally, Your Majesty. I am at your service."


You thank Ricardo, and hastily back your way out of the treasury.

You're practically wringing the satchel in your hands as you step out.

fafde No.30126

File: 1499344799169.jpg (17.86 KB, 210x240, tharja-question.jpg)

You manage to calm yourself down on the way out of the corridor.

Whatever the order looked like, Ricardo hadn't questioned it.

He had likely filed it and not given it a second moment's thought.

There was no danger, short of the document coming out, then someone from Virilia personally coming to say 'That can't possibly originate from Virilia, which is on the other side of the world, because we live in a backwater swamp of a country!"

Even if it did, it didn't prove witchcraft existed. At most people might think you had met an attractive courtesan and hid her true origin, or some such thing.

You let out a breath of relief as your thoughts race to something more rational, and you realize you're hungry.

A glance out the window tells you it should be time for your midday meal.

You step a little quicker, hoping to find the sitting room ready.

You find your way to the sitting room, Tharja and Beatrice there with Elizabeth and Margaret, and a tray of food for you all.

"Good afternoon, my husband!" Tharja greets you, with all the joy that could be found in the world.

You smile, saying hello to her and Beatrice.

You take your seat, eager to start eating, placing the empty satchel at the side of your chair.

You can't help but notice Tharja staring at you.

Moreover, doing so with occasional glances to Beatrice.

Do they have something in mind…?

You watch Tharja start to giggle, then she sets her silverware aside.

"Husband… I was wondering if you would make your preferences known to me."

…Oh. Surely.

You imagine she must be wondering if she could cook you something again, or some such thing.

What is it, you ask?

She turns her lips up in a devious smirk.

"When you're about to release your seed inside a woman… what do you prefer they say to you to encourage you?"


Your hand pauses mid-raising a morsel of food to your lips.

Tharja meets your eyes and goes on.

"Something like… 'put a baby inside me'…?"


You almost chuckle. What is Tharja saying?

It's a fair question, but…

She's not even whispering the question, she outright blurted it in front of everyone present.

A glance at Beatrice tells you she's interested in hearing your response too.

The words have their predictable effect on you.

You can feel your face flushed and feel your erection stir once more.

Tharja continues.

"Or would you prefer something more direct, like 'breed me'…? Or something pleading, like 'let me carry your child'?"

Oh, dear.

She's clearly not planning on stopping her hypothetical suggestions.

You almost want to rebuke her, but…


Three out of the four women present are intimately acquainted with you and your preoccupation with procreation. Even Margaret had to know most of the story already by this point.

Margaret is diplomatically repressing any reaction to Tharja's words. She stares straight ahead and doesn't bat an eye.

Elizabeth too, it seems. Surprisingly.

You'd better think of a reply for Tharja, or you might have the same problem you did earlier with a hard-on you couldn't hold down. Things might get out of hand.

You don't have the heart to angrily rebuke her, though. If you go that route, you'll do it gently.

Choice time:
>Be mindful of manners first. Tell Tharja you'll consider her question and answer her later, privately, when appropriate.
>Answer honestly. You appreciate anything said, as long as it is sincere.
>Answer specifically. 'Put a baby in me' sounds perfect. (Or any other phrase.)
>Tease her. Stay silent and let her continue listing things, goading her on.

e6918 No.30127

Option two.

5d1a1 No.30128

Option 2.

07b2f No.30131

Option 4.

8dff2 No.30134

Option 4

4e869 No.30139

Option 2. It seems to be a happy medium.

ce8c5 No.30142

4fbd4 No.30149


f98c2 No.30151

Interesting battery of choices lately…
>Option 4

e4a2e No.30202

option 4

01530 No.30214


e7645 No.30223


Option 4, wanna see where this goes.

fafde No.30233

>4 votes for option two, anything is all right as long as it's sincere.
>7 votes for option four, goad Tharja in to listing more examples to choose from.

Don't reply, tease Tharja back.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.30560

File: 1500121592096.jpg (32.65 KB, 225x350, Tharja-grin.jpg)

You really can't keep the smirk off your face.

You don't know what Tharja is planning, but it wouldn't be the first surprise she's sprung on you in this sitting room. Not even the second.

You'll just wait and see where this goes…

Is that all, you ask?

There must be other options.

She looks surprised, but only for the briefest of seconds before grinning right back.

"Knock me up? Seed me? Give me a family? Make me swell? Gift me with swollen breasts, hips, a swollen belly and a healthy child…?"

…You start to squirm in your chair as your excitement flares up again, spreading your legs wide to accommodate the bulge in the crotch of your leggings.

"Release your seed inside me? Make me waddle? Give me a bump… please… please?"

It's affecting Tharja too. You can hear real emotion in her last sentence.

Those are all things she has most likely whispered to you at some point.

You give a sudden jolt in your seat as you realize Tharja has slipped off one of her shoes and is stroking your leg under the table with her foot.

M-Maybe you should stop this.

If Tharja goes on much longer, this lunch is going to take on a very lascivious mood.

This could easily lead to an orgy.

>All right. Time to bring Tharja back to Earth. Tell her that's enough, restore the decorum of the room, and let it end.

>There's no hiding your excitement for each other. Clear off enough of the table to have sex with Tharja, right there, with everyone watching.
>An orgy might not be a bad idea. Inform everyone present that if they don't have predilections against sex, or other duties to attend to, they are welcome to stay for open sex with you and Tharja.

2cad4 No.30565

option 2

8dff2 No.30566

Option 3

4e869 No.30568

Option 1. Delayed gratification for this one. Gently bring her down, smile, and promise that we will give her good opportunity to put her vocabulary to use before the day is out.

542b6 No.30572

Option 3

38625 No.30574

>There's no hiding your excitement for each other. Clear off enough of the table to have sex with Tharja, right there, with everyone watching.

07b2f No.30575

Option 1.

e7645 No.30578


Option 1.

f98c2 No.30581

Option 2. It's lunchtime…

75184 No.30582

Option 3

d0164 No.30598


2cad4 No.30617

Sleddok; changing my vote to option 3. was 2. sorry read wrong

fafde No.30619

No problem. Noted.

>3 votes for option one, deny the sexual urges for the sake of decorum.

>2 votes for option two, have sex with Tharja right on the table.
>5 votes for option three, have an orgy with the women present who consent.

Let the situation develop into an orgy.

Poll closed, update soon.

fafde No.30620

File: 1500287484782.jpg (79.74 KB, 500x437, margaret-tense.jpg)


You feel Tharja's foot snaking its way higher, until she's outright grinding her stocking-shod foot on your erection.

The look on her face tells you she's very impressed with the size of your excitement for her words.

…You've reached your limit.

You clear your throat, and nod, gently removing yourself from Tharja's under-table manipulation.

No sense on possibly wasting your seed in your pants.

You tell everyone present that in addition to the food, you're faced with a new hunger that is consuming all present, no doubt.

Furthermore, with the upcoming summer faire, there's no need to refrain from certain… festivities.

Anyone who wishes to stay and partake in the sexual acts you're about to commit may do so. Those who wish to leave may also do so, you say.

You're not looking at Margaret as you say it, but that's who you're directing the statement to.

Which is why you're surprised when Beatrice speaks.

"I shall refrain… for reasons you're well aware of, Your Majesty."

She lets out a subdued giggle. You realize she must be talking about her… monthly curse, so to speak.

"I see no need to leave, however. Just consider me a part of the furniture," says Beatrice.

Hm. Well, that was all right you suppose. It's nothing Beatrice hasn't seen.

The person who you expected to move doesn't.

You finally lift your head and look up at Margaret.

Had she possibly changed her mind…?


Margaret's face shows an unsure tension, you can see it in her eyes.

It's certainly not the face of a lady excited at the prospect of sex.

"I… as your taster, Your Majesty, I am not permitted to leave the room."



You remember her explanation last time things were about to get interesting in here.

Margaret can't leave the room… because if she did, she could purge herself of the meal, and escape being killed by poison you ate.

You exchange glances with the other women. Tharja looks annoyed Margaret is making herself an obstacle to her fun. Elizabeth, however… you think you can see her nipples hardened and poking through her garment.

It may just be your imagination. Nonetheless, she looks almost to be shaking with excitement.

You're tempted to order Margaret away from the room, regardless of her duty. But…

It really is in your best interest not to. If you order her to leave now, you'd likely do it again in the future.

You're fairly certain you haven't just been poisoned, but who could say what would happen, down the line?

You are about to invite a number of unfamiliar nobles into your home. Not to mention the carousers from the faire. You really have to have your guard up and be concerned for your well-being.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Margaret's free to stand in the corner and plug her ears. She doesn't have to pay attention to fulfill her role as taster, does she?
>You'll relocate the orgy then. Take Tharja and Elizabeth back to Tharja's wing. Ask Beatrice if she'll stay and witness Margaret remaining in the room until her duties are complete.
>You're too overwhelmed with lust to think of a solution. If she can't leave, Margaret's free to stand there and stare off into space during your orgy, then. …Maybe watching you have sex will excite her.

2cad4 No.30623

Option 2

f4918 No.30624


e7645 No.30625


Option 2

07b2f No.30626

Option 3.

d6c6f No.30633

Option 3

5d1a1 No.30655

Option 3.

4e869 No.30656

Option 2

8dff2 No.30677

Option 3

38625 No.30688

>You're too overwhelmed with lust to think of a solution. If she can't leave, Margaret's free to stand there and stare off into space during your orgy, then. …Maybe watching you have sex will excite her.

8ca3a No.30700

Option 3

c43d5 No.30713

Option 3 sounds most interesting.

d6c6f No.30722

Option 3!

dcf3f No.30728

Option two.

93731 No.30739

Option 3 ! Let the lust demon inside awaken!! XD

cc8bf No.30740

This is getting kind of fucked up.

Are we really going to force a woman who insisted she didn't want to have sex with us to stand there & watch us having an orgy? That includes her sister? It feels abusive to me.

Option 2.

dcf3f No.30741

Moreover: Elizabeth may slip up and call Edward "Master" in front of her sister!

8dff2 No.30743


I'm going to change my vote to Option 2.

I had originally wanted Margaret to get carried away and join us, but the anon above is right that it's kind of abusive.

98046 No.30745

Option 2.

We have to be considerate of Margaret's feelings and take this elsewhere.

01530 No.30748

Option 2. The other options seem too dickish.

542b6 No.30749

Option 2

c7c0c No.30766

Option 3

I think the very fact that the option presented her joining in as a clear possibility points toward it being a valid option. Aristocrat never been dickish or backhanded to us before.

fafde No.30771

Not to object (because being fair to the audience is absolutely what I strive to always do,) but I feel the need to point out that "Maybe she'll join in," is less stating what the result will be and more what Edward's mindset would be if he in fact made that choice. Because, as established, Edward is generally speaking a good-hearted (if breeding-obsessed) person, and certainly his motivations would be of that nature. Having an orgy in front of Margaret to taunt her for no reason would be a mean-spirited action beyond him, so this was to state exactly what his motivations would be in such a case.

The vote is close, but the total votes tallied is a very large number and I'm not sure if more are coming. I am also nervous about leaving the poll up for even longer because I want to get back to putting myself in a rhythm of maintaining updates steadily. I do like to have clear favorites when it comes to results, but the needle must fall eventually…

>10 votes for option two, relocate the orgy and ask Beatrice to watch Margaret.

>9 votes for option three, have the orgy right in the room, with Margaret watching.

Relocate the orgy.

Poll closed. Update soon.

c7c0c No.30780

That's my point, I did not think you'd present any clear trap options, or deliberately mislead us. The possibility that it would work was there, and when else would we get an opportunity?

7e163 No.30782


On the latter note, maybe it's time to start putting (reasonable) time limits on the polls to keep momentum going? I know you don't want to exclude anyone, but lately I think the timeframe has been extending itself - a poll takes a bit more time than normal to resolve, people get in the habit of checking/voting once every week or ten days, thus the next poll takes longer, people get even more lax, etc.
If you start chopping off the poll after a couple days to keep yourself on a schedule, if people want to feel included they're just going to have to check a few times a week. No one's connecting from the ISS here - we all have computers and phones and are probably checking fairly often. If the story goes where they don't want it to they'll just have to vote next time, won't they? :)

fafde No.32076

File: 1503316913847.jpeg (87.5 KB, 636x900, Tharja-ass.jpeg)

…It was tempting to just let Margaret stand there and watch.

This is a woman who has seen you naked, after all. Even if she declined to pursue a relationship with you. Surely the commoners had less modesty than the nobles.

But, no.

There were all sorts of problems that could arise from that.

Elizabeth might raise an objection, or accidentally call you 'Master' in front of Margaret and invite wrong impressions.

–Possibly you'd suffer some performance anxiety.

…You cough to get everyone's attention back to you.

You ask Beatrice, if she intends to stay in the sitting room and will bear witness to Margaret until her duties are complete?

Your tone implies you certainly are hoping the answer is 'Yes'.

Beatrice blinks in surprise, but nods.


Leaving your meal half-eaten, you take Tharja and Elizabeth from the room.

Tharja is practically squealing with giddiness and delight at your boldness. You're sure you see a blush on Elizabeth's face too.

Meanwhile, your erection has come back in a very obvious way.

Under pretenses of hiding it, you let both girls walk in front of you.

…Tharja soon has the idea to let the distance close between you and rub her posterior against your crotch, glancing back with a lustful gaze in her eyes.

It's very hard to keep your composure as you relocate yourself to Tharja's room.

There's no guard in front of Tharja's private wing. Sully must not be by, yet.

It is technically speaking still time for the midday meal. Possibly her schedule as a guard begins a little after this time.

Tharja gently orders Elizabeth to pull down a torch from beside the entrance and lead you all forward, rather than doing it herself.

It seems Tharja's very comfortable with her position in front of you.

You're almost at your limits as well.

With you all entering the privacy of Tharja's wing, you wrap your arms around your wife's ample thighs as you waddle forward, eager for in eventual penetration.

Avoiding any accidents, Elizabeth leads you down the hallway and the next corridor to Tharja's room.

Tharja unlocks the door with the key from her pocket and you press yourselves inside.

No sooner have you entered than Tharja locks the door behind you, and you find yourself embraced by your wife from the front, and your maid from the back.

Mm… Having both bodies against you is very pleasant… indeed.

You feel like quite the piece of meat, sandwiched between these two fertile beauties as you all hurry to disrobe.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

fafde No.32467

Your mind has been occupied with fornicating since before your midday meal.

You're desperately eager to devote your body to the act as well.

You can hardly undo your tunic fast enough, working on setting your sword aside and letting your leggings follow.

Tharja already has her garments discarded and is naked except for her circlet and wedding ring.

You can't help but grin at the ravenous look she gives you.

Then her gaze turns to Elizabeth.

"…Oh," she says.


You look over to Elizabeth and see she's stepped back, waiting her turn to disrobe.

Well, Tharja's room isn't quite large enough you can all move about that freely without bumping into each other.

You shove your clothes in a corner to make room.

Tharja suddenly takes a step toward Elizabeth. A hungry twinkle in her eyes.

…You recognize that mischievous look.

"Husband… I have a good idea."

–What's that, you ask?

You're standing there naked with your manhood ram-rod hard, but you go ahead and ask your wife what she has in mind.

Tharja smiles, and picks the hat Elizabeth likes to wear right off her head.

"Why don't we do a little role-swapping…?"

She places the little cap on her head.

"Today, I'll be the submissive maid who likes to be dominated, and Elizabeth can be your caring, assertive wife, who helps you satisfy her need to submit to an ideal, perfect man."


That is an interesting scenario. One you weren't sure you would have suggested on your own.

You have to admit, the idea isn't terrible. A cute sort of mental role-playing.

You're sure it satisfies Tharja's whims, but…

Elizabeth looks alarmed.

"Your Highness… I couldn't possibly do that," she starts to say.

Tharja draws closer to her.

"No titles here, Elizabeth. We're equals now…" a soft hand goes to brush her face. "…besides, you can do it if ordered to, can't you?"

Elizabeth hesitates, becoming considerably confused by the apparent contradiction in Tharja's words.

Tharja's fingers dip to tease her silk lace collar.

"It's all right… as long as you're wearing this, you can serve your Master however he pleases."


There's a brief pause as Elizabeth shudders with cool ecstasy, obviously pleased with that idea.

Tharja lets her hand drop, then turns to you.

"What do you think, my husband? Would you gift even a humble maid such as I with your royal seed…?"


You would, and have, of course. Many times over.

The question was, did you feel like treating your wife like this? Surely Tharja will enjoy the novelty, but you can't help but remember the time Elizabeth had asked, naively, about when you would both be married…

…No, that's not worth thinking about. It was months ago and Elizabeth's relationship with you both has changed.

It came down to your own preferences.

Choice time:
>It's a cute novelty. Treat Tharja like your 'maid' and let Elizabeth act like your 'wife', and take turns with them both.
>It's a little too much effort. Tharja can be Tharja and Elizabeth can be Elizabeth, like normal.
>Actually, you'd rather see how Tharja makes use of Elizabeth as her personal maid. Encourage Elizabeth and Tharja to focus on pleasing each other as you have sex.

6e10c No.32469

Option one.
Let's indulge our wife on this one. If either girl ends up not liking it, we can always stop, and it should be fun.

48372 No.32470

Definitely Option 1, no harm no foul. Both girls will find it cute, and no real reason to be contrarian just to be contrarian

67db7 No.32496

Option one

2cad4 No.32501

option 1

07b2f No.32506

Option 3.

e7645 No.32509

Option 1.

8dff2 No.32510

Option 1

4e869 No.32513

Option 1 (prays that there isn't some sinister consequence down the line.)

8e5e6 No.32522

Option one. And tell Elizabeth to treat Tharja the maid like she wants to be treated by her queen. This way we will learn something here.

86896 No.32547

Option 1

fafde No.32550

>9 votes for option one, let your wife role-swap with your maid.
>1 vote for option three, encourage Tharja and Elizabeth to experiment sexually with each other.

A session of sex where Tharja and Elizabeth swap roles.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.33618

You do have something to ask, you say.

Tharja looks at you with questioning eyes.

Will Tharja be having Elizabeth wear her circlet, you ask? Or wedding ring?

Tharja puts a hand over her ring finger, protectively.

"No," she says, firmly.


That's enough for you to hear.

You're convinced this game won't go too far, at least where Elizabeth and Tharja's mindset is involved.

Elizabeth had certainly changed since you made her your 'slave', but no need for her to swing to the opposite extreme and start thinking she's to be Queen.

You tell Elizabeth to imagine she's like Tharja… and treat her as she'd want to be treated.

Meanwhile, you explain the concept of a 'safe word' with Tharja. Something she can say if she feels uncomfortable and wants the play to stop.

Tharja seems intrigued by this concept.

"I wouldn't just say 'no, stop', my husband?" she asks.

Sometimes one gets caught up in the moment and will say something like 'stop,' but more in keeping with the mood of the act than an actual desire to cease it, you explain.

Elizabeth had murmured a 'stop' more in her role as someone being dominated than as herself, for example.

The purpose of a chosen 'safe word' that wouldn't be randomly said was to avoid any conflict like that.

Tharja grins wickedly, like she's found a new toy to play with.

"That's a wonderful idea, Edward… it truly shows how smart you are."

–Well, you didn't particularly think it clever… it just felt like a natural solution.

Still, you thank your wife for her kind words.

A safe word is chosen by the three of you.

You look back to Elizabeth, who has waited so patiently.

You tell her you think it's time you all begin.

Your balls could barely stand maintaining your arousal for so long without properly letting forth your seed.

For the first time, perhaps, you cede the initiative to Elizabeth, telling her to take control as she would.

Elizabeth puts a finger to her lace collar. There's still some hesitance, some fear, in her eyes… but then you see her nod.

"Turn around," she states, neutrally.

It must be the first time she's ever said a command to nobility.

You gladly do as she says.

You end up facing your wife, her beautiful naked body facing you, with Elizabeth directly behind you.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

fafde No.33642

You don't have to wait long for Elizabeth to give you 'direction'.

You find it in the form of her hands on your cock.

Her right hand takes a firm grip on your shaft, while her left caresses your testicles.

You gasp in surprise, but let Elizabeth experiment.

"Ed…ward…" Elizabeth sounds out, testing the word.

…Yes, my wife, you ask?

You're not one for calling Tharja 'my wife', unlike how how she likes to call you 'my husband'.

But it seemed like the perfect words to maintain the illusion.

Elizabeth extends her other hand out behind your back to gesture at Tharja.

"Do you see how I've prepared her for you, Edward? What part of her would you like to start with?"

Tharja smiles up at you, hands behind her back.

She arches herself up on her tiptoes, sticking out her chest for you.

You tell Elizabeth the maid she's picked out is lovely and you can't wait to explore all of her…

Bbut there are two very generous points to start with.

Tharja gives a little giggle.

"Silence, maid," Elizabeth commands, with a steelness in her tone you weren't expecting.

Tharja wasn't expecting it either, and she actually stops giggling.

…Oh boy.

You did tell Elizabeth 'treat Tharja how you would like to be treated'…

But maybe with Elizabeth's fondness for being dominated, you should've expected that wouldn't bring on her an entirely gracious persona.

Elizabeth reaches out and takes your arm with her hand, guiding your hands to Tharja's chest.

Though with her behind you, that means her hand is more on your upper-arm than otherwise.

Still, you get the picture.

You find your hands, rough from your daily activities with the guards and taming your horse, on Tharja's ample breasts.

You've embraced her many times, but her skin feels particularly hot at the moment.

"Are they not fine tits? Will they not feed many of your children?" Elizabeth asks, softly.

…They will.

Of course, your wife is already pregnant a few weeks and her breasts are showing that.

There is certainly room left to grow, but you don't doubt she could feed four or five hungry babes all at once.

Tharja's face becomes dreamy at your words, her eyes melting with love at the compliment and honest appraisal of her assets.

"Edward…" she starts to say, her tone truly engrossed.

Then, Elizabeth harshly clears her throat.

It shakes Tharja out of her daydream-like state.

"He's to be addressed as 'His Majesty,' maid," she says.

"…Yes, of course, Your Majesty," Tharja says to you.

The words sound lousy and lackluster from her. Out of all the pet names for you that you've ever heard from Tharja, 'Your Majesty' wasn't one of them.

Indeed, you remember Tharja was one of the few to refer to King Vlad familiarly as 'Father' instead of 'His Majesty'… most of the time, that is.

Oh well. You can clearly understand Elizabeth is having fun.

"Examine her hips, ass, the soles of her feet, the state of her teeth, toenails, fingernails… slap her ass and hear the squeal, even, my husband. You shall find this maid in all accounts ready to be bred."

…All women are ready to be bred, you can't help but think.

But you go ahead and make a show of doing so, with Tharja helpfully turning herself around when it comes time to examine her backside.

"Go on, slap her," says Elizabeth.

…Hm, it seems she's really expecting you to do it.

Tharja says nothing. You take that as implied consent.

You raise a firm hand and land it true on Tharja's buttocks, earning an audible moan from Tharja.

You'd compare it to the time you birched Elizabeth, but the manner, circumstances, and results were all glaringly different.

Elizabeth practically purrs in your ear.

"There the~eere… my husband. –Hear that sound she so willingly makes? That's the sound of a true whore."

… No.

You say the safe word.

You turn around to Elizabeth so suddenly she lets out a little gasp as her fingers suddenly lose their grip on your manhood.

"Mas…ter?" she asks, bewildered.

But, you don't care.

You tell Elizabeth you don't appreciate at all comparing Tharja to a whore.

–No, you don't want any woman you've impregnated compared to a whore.

Elizabeth shrinks back, her eyes clouding in tears and fear.

"I'm… sorry…"

But, you've lost your temper already and can't hear her. You have more to say.

Prostitutes don't have sex out of caring. Prostitutes care nothing for romance, or feelings.

Prostitutes don't want to get pregnant, and will do anything to keep from becoming pregnant.

Therefore, you cannot abide prostitutes and you don't want anyone you gift with your seed compared to a whore.

Does she understand, you ask her?


Tharja's voice snaps you back to reality.

As well as her breasts against your back.

"Edward… I think she's got the idea," she whispers.

… Oh.

You've calmed down enough to notice.

Elizabeth truly looks miserable, she's on the verge of sobbing, clearly, tears welled in her eyes.

"I'm… forgive me, Your Majesty… it was… a mistake…"

…You sigh.

You gently switch your tone from being stern to soothing.

It's all right, you tell her.

You're sorry for… overreacting.

Elizabeth unintentionally touched a nerve she didn't know was there, and that's not her fault.

Elizabeth listens, looking down.

"I'm sorry…" she manages again before her tears finally start to fall.

… Ugh.

You feel like a jerk and a bully now.

You give Elizabeth her first taste of domination and then lose your temper.

…At any rate, the mood went from sexy to sad very quickly.

Tharja coughs, clearing her throat.

"Elizabeth, dear, why don't you wait outside my room for a moment?"

Elizabeth nods, starts to take a step, then hesitates.

"Should I get dressed?" she asks.


Tharja steps over, lets a naked Elizabeth outside her door, then locks it again.

fafde No.33643

File: 1506428930756.jpg (439.13 KB, 850x1244, Tharja-book.jpg)

She turns back to you.

"…Edward?" she asks.

All you can do is sigh, and hang your head.

Elizabeth touched a nerve, you explain.

Tharja asks to hear about it, so you tell her.

You don't hate women who act as prostitutes. They fill a necessary role for some men, surely.

–But you weren't one of them.

You lived to spread your seed. To gift every woman you knew with a lovely child and the special role of motherhood.

…You had gone with some friends to visit a few women of ill-repute during a festival in your native Virilia.

You were already familiar with the experience of a woman's embrace at the time, but some of your friends were not and it was to be a shared experience.

But the girls there…

They horrified you.

They advertised themselves as adept in the skill of keeping themselves free of pregnancy, and they cared little for the art of 'seduction'… at least from your end.

Seduction only mattered to them in the case of how many clients and coin it would earn them. Children would make business impossible.

Bringing in emotional attachment and personal feelings into a brothel was taboo. At most they appreciated hearing you enjoyed their bodies, but certainly had no intention of opening up emotionally.

…You suppose you can't blame them with how many men they must 'perform' for.

But you personally couldn't handle it. You stopped your 'session' with the lady you chose and waited outside.

Of course your friends hadn't cared. They enjoyed themselves, and took your reticence as performance anxiety. They teased you mercilessly. No doubt they were pleased that for once, they could boast of a sexual encounter you hadn't achieved. Worse, you lost your allowance to her regardless.

So… Elizabeth's word had hit a part of you that was more sensitive than you realized.

… You almost mention you tolerate Beatrice being thought of as a 'courtesan' by people in the castle but that was only for the sake of keeping witchcraft a secret…

But luckily you realize Tharja hasn't cast that spell and Elizabeth is outside the door and could possibly overhear something, so you stop.

Tharja listens attentively to your story.

It's news to her, of course.

You've never told anyone about this.

Tharja doesn't judge, she just wraps her arms around yours.

You can feel her breasts against your chest and her book on your back.

"I'm so sorry, love… I understand completely. But, Elizabeth won't understand any of that… I doubt she even knows what a prostitute even really does."


That's true.

Elizabeth probably only knows 'whore' as slang for 'a woman who desires sex in a sinful way,' without even connecting it to prostitution.

You can't help but feel you're the one who has blundered, not Elizabeth.

"It can't be helped… let's give up on role-switching for today. I'm sure she'll love to be dominated by you. –It's her way of thinking you care about her."

You nod.

Yes, you can be satisfied with that. If she's still in the mood at all, of course.


You let out a much smaller sigh.

You were so consumed with lust, you truly wanted to turn your midday meal into an orgy.

It's a little disappointing it had to turn out this way. It feels much more like any other day.

Tharja makes a little 'aww' noise, tracing a finger around the muscles on your back.

"I promise, Edward… when we're all big and swollen, I'll bring every woman in the castle here for one big… belly… orgy."

…Well, now.

That was certainly something to look forward to.

Tharja sure knows how to get you in the mood, you say.

She laughs, breathy little laughter.

"That's one of the most important skills a wife should have!"

She gazes up into your eyes, licking her lips.

"It goes so well with… taking your seed and bearing your children…"

Tharja's lips part, her tongue remaining out.

It's a clear invitation that you pounce on and you press your lips to hers in a hard, needy kiss.

You eventually call Elizabeth back in. Tharja unlocking and re-locking the door behind her.

Fortunately she had time to catch her breath, calm down, and is more than happy to submit to her Master.

Soon, you have her pinned against Tharja's bed.

Her tiny bump brushes your abdomen as you spear her roughly with your engorged cock.

She happily dissolves into a happy puddle of a woman whose only concern is the pleasure you bring her and the seed you let loose inside her.

Her cries of "Yes… yes… yes…!" reverberate through the room.

Tharja does more than watch, of course.

She takes Elizabeth's legs and helps her steady them around your waist so you can penetrate her more deeply, keep her more intimately connected to you.

At least, until you're letting out your seed… into Elizabeth's deepest depths of her pussy.

You spend time with Elizabeth and Tharja, taking turns satisfying your wife as well.

It's perhaps not an orgy, but it's good enough.

Later when you're truly tired of sex and of more mood to reflect, perhaps it better you didn't call for outright orgies in the castle… at this particular time.

The priest was here, after all. Soon the halls would be even more crowded.

You'll be satisfied with just this… and whoever else is happy to join you.

Surely there would have to be some fertile women coming to the Faire.

You turns your head and see Tharja clutching her book to her chest as she rests on the other side of you and Elizabeth.

…Did she always do that?

You were sure she always put her book down when it was time to have sex.

The only person who didn't do that is…


…Beatrice must have told her never to put her book down.

This must be a result of the new 'training' she's giving Tharja. How to 'comport herself as a witch should'.

You suppose you can't complain.

You'd hate to think any slight lapse in attention could harm Tharja by losing her book.

You let yourself doze…

fafde No.33644

File: 1506429250420.jpg (494.94 KB, 850x495, Castle-prepared.jpg)

The next day is more hurried. You get the impression that the staff is truly rushing to make the castle have the proper accommodations for the Faire.

You see more maids in the hallways, the food is less complex and more simple recipes, there are less guards when you go to spar.

Even the stablehands seem busy, and you notice all of your carriages are missing from the stable, along with a fair number of horses.

Meanwhile… you as King, have only as many responsibilities as you choose.

You've set all these plans in motion with your decisions and your orders to those under you. It was up to them to carry it out.


You think it might be worthwhile to keep an eye on one group. Just to make sure everything is going according to plan.

Your intervention could prevent some catastrophe, or keep some other problem from forming.

…Or perhaps you'd just get in the way.

Well, tough. You're the King. It's your royal prerogative.

You want to make absolutely sure everything is up to standards.

The only question was…

What group was most deserving of your attention?

There were surely several possibilities.

You could check with Ricardo and make sure the castle finances are doing all right.

You had stretched the gold reserves to their limits to accomplish the Faire. If there was any chance of not being able to settle your debts, you'd better know.

You could check on the architect and the builders of your new tower.

You doubt the men you hired are going to ignore the festivities. You should make sure no progress that's already been accomplished is lost, though.

You could check on the maids.

You'd intimidated the fat maid into being 'honest' with her work, but perhaps it was worthwhile to check on her.

You could check with the senior guard about the state of the soldiers.

No doubt new schedules were being drawn up and more guards would be needed in more places. You could make sure every measure for security is accounted for.

You could check with the peasants.

You're not sure specifically if they know what's going on, but it could be worthwhile to make sure their needs are being met too.


You could check with Beatrice and Tharja.

This would be their first real test to see if they could hide witchcraft even with a few more mortal eyes upon them. It'd be to all of your interests to hear what plans they had, if any.

You don't want to end up stalling the whole preparations… which you very easily could do so if you just marched to every last group and started demanding explanations and setting quotas.

You'd better choose only one group to focus on.

This was your last chance to make any changes before the Faire began, it should be who you anticipate problems with… or at least are most curious about.

Choice time:
>Check with Ricardo and make sure you're not about to run out of money and be left with nothing to pay your revelers before, during, or after the Faire.
>Check with the architect on the status of your tower and what he plans to do during the Faire.
>Check on the maids and if the servants' performance will be impeccable during the Faire.
>Check with the senior guard and the state of security within the castle during the Faire.
>Check with the peasants and see the state of the commonfolk you depend on in the castle and what they're preparing for the Faire.
>Check in with Tharja and Beatrice. Knowing what witchcraft will be going on during the Faire is important.

e9491 No.33646

Option 3. Check on the maids.

We know that the head maid is pissed and lazy. She might try to cut corners or bully her underlings during the preparations. Also: We have not checked up on the twin in forever.

The other options seems much less of a concern to me. Ricardo, Beatrice, the senior guard all the closest thing to experts we have. They are all professionals and have no problems with speaking up if they think they discovered an issue. We should trust them to do what they do best.

The architect will not tolerate sloppiness because he knows his life is on the line should the tower be of inferior quality. All we have to fear are delays because the workers enjoy themselves instead of building the tower. But more visitors to the faire are a plus right now and if there are delays because of that, well so what? It is only early summer, there is plenty of time to get back to schedule after the faire.

And the peasants… Maybe that is only a failure of my imagination, but I cannot think of any serious problem that might arise in the village.

8dff2 No.33648

Option 1

There will probably be unexpected expenses caused by the Fair, so we should see how much we have left to spend.

4e869 No.33652

I had a feeling the role reversal might go badly, just not quite this way.

I agree with this. Trust the professionals except the one that can't be trusted. I'm sure the others would send for us should anything critical arise.

Option 3

f98c2 No.33655

>Option 5
Unexpected and seemingly innocuous choices can be fun! Also, welcome back Aristocrat.

5902b No.33658

Option 1

86896 No.33668

Option 3

fafde No.33687

Thank you very much. Continuity is the key to Impregnator Kings and always has been. Starts and stops are hazardous and this sort of story works better if I can keep my mind focused on it daily.

After the direction the choice puts the story in is resolved (possibly there will need to be another choice after this before it is fully resolved, so after that choice if necessary) I think I will make a new thread to start off what I have planned for the Faire, because I think the post-limit is capped at 500 comments? It'd be less awkward to make the transition now than later.

There's a vote with more votes than the others, but not a majority, so I'd like to be able to close the vote after a few more come in.

Please continue to vote.

I hope you find Impregnator Kings enjoyable.

Don't forget also the chat thread is still open here: http://pregchan.com/c/res/4340.html It has not had any discussion in a while but I hope that will change as the updates return to being more regular.

c7359 No.33689


Option 5, establish public presence.

0ef4b No.33698

Option 5.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for the common folk.

07b2f No.33705

Option 3.

5e4c2 No.33732

Option 6 - Check in with Beatrice (and Tharja) on witchcraft - Mostly just missing Beatrice.

fafde No.33752

>2 votes for option one, check with Ricardo and make sure the castle finances are in order.
>4 votes for option three, check on the maids and make sure your orders are being followed.
>3 votes for option five, check on the peasants and the state of the settlement.
>1 vote for option six, check with Beatrice and Tharja and the state of witchcraft in the castle.

Monitor the maids closely before the Faire begins.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.33757

There are good reasons to keep a close eye on all of the different groups you can think of who keep the castle running.

You'd like to visit them all, but one part of being King is trusting those to whom you delegate authority.


You have no reason to trust the fat maid.

Beatrice has told you the truth about her. Her true nature isn't a good-natured woman who has her position through competence and seniority, but through cronyism and bullying.

The maids will definitely have an impact on how your aristocrat guests will be treated. That also makes it worth keeping an eye on them.

You ponder the best way to go about it.

You doubt you'll catch the fat maid in her office. She'll definitely be wary about anyone spotting her 'loafing'.

This best time is either right in the morning before she wakes up, or catching her during a meal.

You can't be sure exactly when she eats, or if she eats with the other servants.

That leaves surprising her when she wakes up.

If you wait until the maid who wakes you up in the morning comes by, it'll probably be too late.

You'll have to wake yourself up.

If you had Tharja's magic, it'd be easy to ask her to set a time…

But before doing that, you decide to try sleeping with the shutter off of your window first.

Hopefully the light of dawn breaking will be enough to rouse you.

You overlooked, of course, that having the shutter open also means letting the wind in.

The night sleep is uncomfortable for you, but it does have the desired effect of letting you gauge the time.

You have your clothes on before the sun rises.

You should easily catch the fat maid this way.

You place a hand on the wall and trace your way slowly down your tower's steps.

The guard stationed at the bottom of your tower is visibly surprised to see you dressed and ready.

You simply give him a quick salute, which he returns.

You find your way to the servants' quarters.

You don't actually go inside. That'd be too much to physically drag her out of bed.

That, or the older maids might get the mistaken impression you were there to see Elizabeth, Margaret, or one of the twins.

You don't have to wait long.

The first maid out of the room is the maid you recognize as taking over servicing your room

She's startled to see you, the King, standing there and lets out an appropriate gasp.

You ignore it and tell her simply you would like to speak with the head maid.

She nods, quickly ducking back inside to fetch her.

You've scarcely waited a minute before the fat maid shows herself to you, in all her fat-ness.

She greets you with a generous bow.

"How can I serve you, Your Majesty?" she asks, putting on a gracious tone.

You say you'll spare her the pleasantries.

You want to be sure your orders are being followed and you're here to check on her progress.


You hear her suppress the tiniest bit of a grunt.

"Yes, everything is being followed according to your orders…"

She tells you that absolutely every effort is being made to get your requested number of rooms available.

"Every available maid is working hard for you."

Yes, this includes her. She is personally scrubbing the floors.

You can't help but show a little bit of doubt in your expression.

But the fat maid defiantly holds up her hands for your inspection.

… You've never closely examined her hands, but they do look chapped.

She likely is telling the truth.

Very well, you say.

But it's not enough to personally hear so.

You want a full report after you take your midday meal. You'll meet her at her own little office, and she must personally show you around so you can inspect the rooms she's designated as 'prepared' and the rooms that are still left to clean.

Ideally you'd like to get a glance at the hierarchy as well.

The fat maid looks at you with neutral, pursed lips.

"…Of course, Your Majesty. I will be there."

She accepts your request with only the slightest hesitation on her part.

You deduce she must think that if she has to spend time explaining her progress to you, that means less time she'll have to actually work.

Interesting, but you have a counter. You'll ask her to delegate her explanation to one of the other maids when you check on her again.

That should prevent her from taking this as an opportunity for a little vacation.

Your conversation is not at all private. Other maids filter out of the servants' quarters as you speak. Fortunately they have the presence of mind to not interrupt your talk.

The exception being the pair of maid twins, who see your face and share surprised gasps between them.

It's about that time you finish raking the fat maid over the coals and dismiss her.

She gives you another bow, and promises to be there at your scheduled meeting with her.

There's still some time left before your meal begins.

You haven't talked to the twin maids alone yet…

You wonder if this would be a good time to start?


Another thought occurs to you.

You watched all of the older maids file out of the servants' quarters. You watched the young twin maids make their exit…

…Where are Elizabeth and Margaret?

You can't help but lean a little closer to the door…

Were they sleeping somewhere else?

You give it the slightest nudge and leave it just the littlest bit ajar.

fafde No.33758

File: 1506772027371.jpg (317.75 KB, 639x639, Elizabeth-Margaret.jpg)

You hear voices from inside the servants' quarters.

Moreover, you recognize them instantly as belonging to Elizabeth and Margaret.

"–you do need to do it. Why are you acting this way?…" asks Margaret.

There's hesitation before the reply.

"But… I'm doing my assigned duties," responds Elizabeth

"That's not enough when your only duty is…"

A pause, and you hear an audible sigh.

You realize you've stumbled on what sounds like a very private conversation.

It's definitely Elizabeth and Margaret. Whether there's a third person in the room or more is unknown. But, given that you watched every maid you know by sight exit the room already, and they're talking so familiarly, it likely is only them.

–Should you listen?

It was definitely eavesdropping.

Though you can't help but remember the time when Beatrice first arrived and she helped you listen in on Tharja and Ricardo's conversation.

Her words of: "Now you know something you didn't know. That's always worth a little effort," come back to you.

Do you follow her lesson, or reject it?

… It might be better to just see if you can chase after those twin maids.

Choice time:
>Listen in to Elizabeth and Margaret's conversation.
>They deserve privacy. Leave them and just go to the sitting room to wait for breakfast to be served.
>…The twin maids are getting away. Leave the conversation to catch up to them and see how they respond to a little flirting.

813d8 No.33760

Option one. Ideally we will learn something about Margaret that will help in seducing her. Or we may hear the worst-case scenario: They are talking about Elizabeth's change in behaviour and Margaret is close to discovering that her sister has become our slave. In which case we would need to interrupt.

0ef4b No.33763

Option 1. We can't let this opportunity get away.

07b2f No.33770

Option 1.

2cad4 No.33773

option 1

8dff2 No.33774

Option 1

be07e No.33775

Option one, for sure. This could be important.

86896 No.33780

Option 1

95869 No.33793

Option one

fafde No.33809

>8 votes for option one, listen in on their conversation.

Eavesdrop on Elizabeth and Margaret.

You feel bad for eavesdropping, but you haven't any idea how the sisters really interact.

This is too good an opportunity to ignore.

You move your ear a little bit closer to the crack to hear better.

"They can't punish you, no, but… I'm telling you, you're going to end up with a snake in your bed or something," says Margaret.

A long pause.

"I'm doing my assigned duties," repeats Elizabeth.

You hear Margaret make a disgusted noise.

"That doesn't help when all you're assigned to do is just a joke. Everyone knows what you're really doing!"

You hear footsteps, but not coming toward the door. It sounds like Margaret stepped closer to Elizabeth.

"Is that what you want, Libby? To be his whore? –His whore?" she asks.

… Oh.

You immediately are put in mind of your failed attempt at role-reversal with Elizabeth.

Her use of the word 'whore'.

Come to think of it… Elizabeth wouldn't have even used the word if someone hadn't exposed her to it.

But you didn't think that way. Even if you had, you doubted it'd be Margaret who was responsible. But… now you know better.

"…You mustn't talk about His Majesty that way. He doesn't like people using that word…"

Margaret cuts her off.

"What is wrong with you?! Do you not know how hard I've worked to keep you safe until now? Do you not care?! Are you going to throw that all away… just to play at being his whore?!" She puts heavy emphasis on the word.

–There's a pause, and you hear something said softly enough you can't make it out.

"What did you say?" asks Margaret, her voice shocked.


"What did you say, just now?" asks Margaret again, sharper.

"I said: you're jealous, my sister. It's obvious. –And it doesn't suit you."

Elizabeth's voice has a calm matter-of-fact quality to it.

Margaret's reply, however…

"You… You…!!"

The voices stop for a moment.

You actually consider whether you should burst in, but then they start up again.

"When are you going to wake up from your stupid fairy tale?! Do you know how hard you're going to have it?! I'm not going to be able to look after you!"

You hear a little whine.

"You've always looked down on me! You can't stand it now that I'm the special one… that he's gifted me with his seed and his child!" you hear Elizabeth yell back, her voice showing angry emotion for the first time.

You hear a scoff.

"You think he doesn't want to have his way with me?! Oh, Libby… you poor naive little girl."

A very long silence settles over the room. It stretches on for about five seconds.

"…I don't need you to tell me what to do anymore," Elizabeth finally says.

"If that's what you want, then fine. …Be his whore."

You hear footsteps again, this time coming right to the door.

Your reaction is quick enough. You've spent too much time sparring for your reflexes to be poor.

You step away and duck behind the nearest corner.

…Even then, it's about a dozen more seconds before you hear the door open and someone leave.

One of them must have stopped the other to say one final parting word.

You learned something terrible.

You had suspected that there might be trouble with Margaret and how you made Elizabeth your 'slave' and impregnated her, but…

It sounds like you've set off issues both sisters had for each other. And not just recently, but ever since you decided to make Elizabeth only responsible to Tharja. In other words… months ago.

At least it sounds like Margaret doesn't know the exact nature of your relationship with her.

This is bad.

Moreover, you're not sure how, or if, you can fix it.

You can't put Elizabeth back in the normal maid hierarchy… you're sure she'll be immediately bullied again.

Elizabeth would not doubt take it as an extreme demotion, too. Maybe a sign you were abandoning her.

Even then… it wouldn't undo Margaret's frustration. With Elizabeth and possibly you as well.

You give a little sigh.

You ponder what to do.

Perhaps this was worth bringing this up to one of the maids…

You'd have to admit you spied, but you could clarify things at least.

Or… maybe not.

What's done might just be done.

Choice time:
>Go to breakfast, ask Elizabeth to meet you privately and ask her about the content of the conversation. She's your 'slave' and you should be able to order her to confess.
>Go to breakfast, ask Margaret to a private meeting and ask her about their conversation. You want to hear her side of the story.
>Go to breakfast and then go about your day like nothing happened. You can think about what to do later.

c7359 No.33816


Option 2, rare of a chance to hear Margaret's say on all this.

5e4c2 No.33820

Option 3 - This never happened. We will find another way to right the situation.

8dff2 No.33821


Option 2 as well.

I'm worried about doing it so soon after we heard them (admitting to eavesdropping) but doing it now will allow us to try and solve the problem faster.

4e869 No.33823

Alas, the ramifications of our actions have bit us in the ass.

I share your concern, but I also don't see another way to fix this.

Option 2.

4fbd4 No.33826

Option 2

07b2f No.33829

Option 3.

0ef4b No.33835

Option 2.

I'm curious to hear more about this.

fafde No.33845

File: 1506941337324.jpg (17.15 KB, 210x240, Margaret-balk.jpg)

>5 votes for option two, talk about what you witnessed, with Margaret, privately.
>2 votes for option three, say nothing. Keep what you witnessed a secret, for now.

Bring up the conversation to Margaret and find out her side.

Margaret is clearly upset with Elizabeth, and you're responsible.

You want to keep this from possibly becoming a worse situation.

But, for the moment…

You need to eat breakfast.

You make your way to the sitting room, before stopping halfway.

It might be tipping your hand too much to show up immediately.

You decide to waste a few minutes first.

You stop at a random window and watch the horizon. You listen to the birds starting to sing.

While doing so, you convince yourself talking to Margaret is the right decision.

Margaret has a good relationship with the other maids. At the very least, she is probably still also teaching the twins from the pig farmer's family.

Someone will likely tell her 'His Majesty was waiting at the door outside the servants' quarters this morning,' or some such thing.

It will only be a little mental work on her part to piece-together you might have been listening while she had her spat with Elizabeth.

A little more confident, you make your way to the sitting room.

Margaret is there, of course.

She looks professional and reserved, as always.

Showing no signs that she was just involved in a fight with Elizabeth at all.

You bid her a morning greeting and take your seat.

You ponder the wisdom of broaching the talk right away, but decide against it.

Even if she looks fine outwardly, her emotions may still be running high.

You'll allow some distance before taking her aside.

Nothing happens to interrupt your breakfast.

Tharja arrives, Beatrice arrives.

Elizabeth and another maid bring your meals without a fuss, and you allow Margaret to taste your meal.

She does not drop dead, so you begin to eat.

You set your utensils down.

Your meal is over. Tharja and Beatrice will be done with their portions soon.

You say to Margaret, as if you had not planned this talk and only thought of it suddenly.

Margaret, you say.

You'd like to clear the air on your past words, as well as actions, and would appreciate her ear in private.

Not for long. You know the maids are busy.

Margaret blinks in surprise, but nods.

"As you wish, Your Majesty."

You nod.


Beatrice watches your interaction, curiously.

Tharja also raise an eyebrow, but continues eating without mentioning it.

Of course, it's obvious what everyone in the room is thinking.

They think you're going to apologize for your call to have an 'orgy' and putting her in an awkward spot.

They don't know what you really know.

Elizabeth collects your dishes and takes them away. Beatrice and Tharja depart as well.

You march with Margaret back to your tower.

…But Margaret balks once she realizes where you're taking her.

"Pardon me, Your Majesty… your tower is certainly private, but it may perhaps be too private? I… would like to be able to quickly return to my duties," she says.


You think you understand.

If you take Margaret back to your bedroom, people will likely think you're… being as intimate with her as you are with all the other women.

She probably doesn't want to give that impression to the other maids.

–Or perhaps she thinks you intend to force yourself on her?

… This was the first obstacle, you realize.

This was going to set the tone for how your 'talk' with Margaret went.

Choice time:
>Tell her you really must have privacy and the tower is the only feasible location. Reassure her that it won't be the first time she's been alone with you in the tower before. But, you must insist on the tower.
>It's really her reputation she's worried about. Offer to bring a guard up the tower with you. They can stand outside the door as you talk.
>Very well. Tell her to wait, and you'll borrow the library in Tharja's wing. That's isolated enough. You can warn Beatrice and Tharja to not practice any witchcraft until you're done talking.
>Turn the proposal back around on Margaret. Ask if she knows of any private places to talk, and put her on the spot to suggest one.

c8072 No.33849

Option four.

caa62 No.33853

Option four

8dff2 No.33854

Option 4

0ef4b No.33855

Option 1.

She won't have anymore ammunition against Elizabeth. She might be pissed at us for a while, but if she's in the same boat as her sister, it might help restore their relationship a bit.

c8072 No.33857

Except that she won't simply spread her legs for Ed. She has rebuffed all advances so far. I think that she has to come to her senses on her own on this one. All Ed can do at the moment is some damage control to the sister's relation.

4e869 No.33861

Option 4. Let's keep her comfortable.

4fbd4 No.33862

Option 4

07b2f No.33879

Option 4.

74a58 No.33896

Option 4

fafde No.33903

>1 vote for option one, insist on the tower.
>7 votes for option four, turn the proposal back on Margaret and ask her to name a private place to talk.

Turn the request back on Margaret and put her on the spot.

Turnabout is fair play, you decide.

All right. Can Margaret name a private place for you both to talk instead, you ask?


Margaret goes quiet. She clearly wasn't expecting you to turn her request on her.

"…I cannot. Apologies, Your Majesty. Privacy is not something afforded to most servants," she says.


You know from Beatrice's report on Ricardo that Margaret has been meeting with him. That she's been offering her body to him.

They must have a private place for such trysts. Perhaps more than one.

But Margaret isn't willing to tip her hand to you that she knows of any places in the castle that are private.

That was something to consider. Although you doubt Margaret is about to confess her relationship with Ricardo to you.

Well then, you start to say, gently.

If there is no alternative, there is no choice but to go to the tower.

It's the most natural place for you both to talk, after all. You'll try to be brief so her duties don't suffer.

Margaret pauses, then quickly brushes a hair away from her face.

"…As you wish, Your Majesty," she says.

Margaret doesn't look happy, but you clearly outmaneuvered her there.

You proceed onward to your tower.

The guard is still patrolling, and he salutes as he sees you coming. You return it.


This would normally be the time you tell the guard 'I'm going to be in my tower, I don't want to be disturbed by anyone, except perhaps Tharja.'

But, that definitely carried the implication 'I am taking my mistress up there to have sex.'

If you give the same command to the guard now, he'll probably assume that is the case, with a new maid who caught your eye.

Is that the impression you want to give?

Perhaps you should tell the guard you're going to your tower, but the older maid assigned to you is free to ascend if she has duties to take care of?

…Though that could potentially mean your conversation with Margaret would be overheard, or interrupted at least.

You need to give your order to the guard.

What should you say?

Choice time:
>Standard order. You're going to your room and you don't want to be disturbed. No one else can ascend, except Tharja.
>Relaxed order. You're going to your room, but if your maid comes by to do work or there's some other business that demands your attention, they're free to ascend.
>No order. Just stay silent and head up with Margaret. He can think what he wants and make his own decision.

c7359 No.33905


Option 2.

07b2f No.33908

Option 2.

be703 No.33910

Option two.

8dff2 No.33912

Option 2

be07e No.33925

Option two.

4e869 No.33929

Option 2 *hopes this one goes well*

218e2 No.33932

Option 2

fafde No.33940

>7 votes for option two, a relaxed order to the guard to allow anyone with relevant business to visit while you're in the tower.

A relaxed order that doesn't imply you're taking Margaret to your room to have sex.

Poll closed. Update soon.

The new update will be in a new thread as this thread is nearing the bump limit.

fafde No.33946

The new thread is here: >>33943

I hope everyone enjoys reading and using their one vote.

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