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File: 1490986753114.png (454.23 KB, 1023x777, vote_to_grow___round_2_by_….png)

7cc2e No.26428[Last 50 Posts]

Original Thread: >>101

Okay, so I think this is the last of the main threads to be resurrected (surprised it took this long, really). Here is the thread for the community to show off works they've either drawn themselves, had commissioned for them, or whatever. Just so long as it isn't commercial work, though do be nice and give credit to the artists if posting something that isn't your own work.

However this is NOT a request thread (we have two other threads for that, Edit and the regular Drawthread). If an artist asks for suggestions, that's fine, but no unsolicited requests. Also, do not post things from sites like Patreon or other paid materials without permission (I noticed that becoming a slight problem elsewhere, so I figured I'd address that right away).

This picture was part of a series that never got finished (maybe someday) that was a collab between Doomsan and IdleHQ.

a1fc9 No.26430

It has text. Seems finishes to me.

60519 No.26432

Does anyone remember the picture of 3 girls one on the left is happy in the middle is surprised and the right is yuki and her thought bubble shows a water splash means that her water broke and it's a birthday theme picture created by bellydoom i think can anyone find it please.

61143 No.26490

File: 1491100911049.png (68.49 KB, 1460x1624, sketches.png)

I have these sketches I made recently.

86729 No.26502

Was the bottom-middle image somehow inspired by the music video for Cyndi Lauper's "Ballad of Cleo and Joe"?

61143 No.26505

No. Someone mentioned a preggo belly painted as disco ball.

86729 No.26516

I see. I was just reminded of that video as Cyndi's own belly was made into a disco ball (as she was pregnant herself at the time).

Anyway, the sketch of the fairy has to be my favorite due to how adorable she looks trying to carry her massive belly.

f27b4 No.26852

File: 1492151914988.png (1.42 MB, 1375x3305, Tomoko Higashikata Belly.png)

I was bored, decided to make Tomoko Higashikata from diamond is unbreakable

84988 No.27313

File: 1493275067502.png (279.43 KB, 1154x800, Anghariad.png)

Well I finally had enough time from University work to make something. Here is another image of that "multilingual succubus" I drew a while back.

Description from my Pixiv:
"I decided to actually name this random succubus I drew once. Her name is Anghariad
[aˈŋarjad] (the "ng" is pronounced like the one in "singer" rather than the one in "finger," and the "h" is pronounced). She is very small at only 140 cm tall (4'7") and is perpetually pregnant."

I decided to make an original character, doughnut-steal out of her. I tried a different perspective with a bit more of a foot focus; the result is not that great, but at least I tried. I also wanted to do an image of a pregnant lady doing something mundane, like reading to her offspring (there are more than just sexy poses, you know).

f796f No.27326

There is supposed to be a circle over the [ŋ] in the IPA transcription. Whoops.

f1346 No.27327

File: 1493290537975.jpg (1.47 MB, 4160x2340, 20170424_160609.jpg)

When will God stop my sinful hand.

01cad No.27337

File: 1493335547687.jpg (167.45 KB, 800x488, tutorial___legs_by_hitokir….jpg)

Interesting. Is this supposed to be a gender-bent Squall?

Anyway, do you mind if I make some suggestions? I would suggest better lighting for your photographs and maybe outlining the drawing in pen so it shows up better. You also could make the feet longer. I posted a good reference image for your convenience (you can play around with the proportions, of course, but the lesson is still good).

f1346 No.27344

File: 1493345589378.jpg (1.43 MB, 4160x2340, 20170217_204033.jpg)

Thank you for the tips. I just haven't had access to a good scanner in a while and haven't felt like putting in the effort to go to the library to scan properly. Though thanks for pointing out the feet part, I didn't notice they were so small. As for pen, if given the chance I would prefer to scan and digitally line my pics instead but I haven't gotten a scanner yet. Looking over it again, her hands are a bit small too. Anyways, no it's my own original character Gale Tiggerwom. Nah but yeah, it's Squall. Their hair is really weird to draw from this angle since anime hair is the devil's avatar of the 2D realm. I've been drawing a decent amount but don't really share much due to the bad lighting. Plus I've been hiding from my guilt of not updating Vyrule Quest.

eabdc No.27578

File: 1493932831365.png (462.75 KB, 1404x800, bayonetta.png)


803ef No.27613

Oh sweet Jebus, this is amazing. Bayo is one of my fave games.

Guess that "don't f**k with a witch" thing went out the window, eh?

Awesome to see you're still around, narodii.

bedd3 No.27655

File: 1494168940963.jpg (55.77 KB, 640x480, IMG_2254.JPG)

As a longtime TDI fan, I've always thought Heather's exposed midriff was practically begging for a prego belly. :3

If you're interested, I have more catroon ladies with added bellies on my Deviantart: Pregolover100.

c4c7f No.27662

Why are you a fan of that show, it has the uglies animation I've seen ever and you know the series got canceled

fa0af No.27664

File: 1494191876019.jpg (220.93 KB, 1723x1208, IMG_2062.JPG)


Got some oc for ya.
Pic is the still image and link is animated.

c23a5 No.27665

Heh, that was cute!

eabdc No.27681

File: 1494298074460.png (1.2 MB, 848x1200, tentacles.png)

have some consentacles <3

eabdc No.27703

File: 1494371958725.png (1.05 MB, 848x1200, baphomet2.png)

i'm on a rolllll

707ac No.27716


These are beutiful.

60519 No.27747

yo hosea i really love your drawing of tomoko and all and i really love to see more may i have a request please.

f27b4 No.27832

Sure, watcha want?

cc661 No.27839

>h is pronounced
>supposed to be a circle over the ŋ
Do you mean that the h indicates a ŋ?

cc661 No.27840

*voiceless ŋ
Apparently, diacritics don't show up on chans.

44f0d No.27851

Yes, that is true. The diacritics do not show up (as I said before, there is supposed to be a circle over the [ŋ]).

a2c9a No.28104

File: 1495407634078.png (141.75 KB, 600x800, shibari.png)

beep beep

707ac No.28107

noble bondage!

2f3e1 No.28113

Beautiful and sexy. Great art
I love this one too
This is my favorite of them though. Keep it up please

0e3e3 No.28131

File: 1495459136884.png (57.37 KB, 753x657, pit.png)

I made something new. It's on Deviantart as well.

4ede3 No.28133


This is weirdly cute. I dig it!

a2c9a No.28281

File: 1495750550478.png (778.07 KB, 800x1200, cam.png)


a5cdc No.28293

Your works have been really good, but they've extra steamy lately Narodii, amazing stuff. I approve d-^_^-b

a5cdc No.28298


707ac No.28302

All this beauty. All this original art.
I'm weeping.

d46da No.31588

File: 1502385012922.jpg (4.23 MB, 3026x2910, Demoness_Color.jpg)

Here's a few pin ups and commissions I've done over the last few months

d46da No.31589

File: 1502385080219.jpg (3.89 MB, 3219x2817, Elsa_Preg.jpg)

d46da No.31590

File: 1502385125405.jpg (1.87 MB, 2083x2999, Twi'lek.jpg)

d46da No.31591

File: 1502385255646.jpg (4.93 MB, 2640x3804, Woods_2_Color.jpg)

I've got a Patreon, too, if people are curious about checking it out:

83dd9 No.31596

All these pregnant demons, devils, and fiends! My favorite! Some great art in this thread.

72e6d No.31686


Just wanted to tell you I love your artstyle.

ba662 No.31858

File: 1502853690178.png (443.42 KB, 1042x1028, Screenshot_20170815-214455….png)

Inspired by this great idea


811dc No.31865

Neat. Out of curiosity, is there any other way to get ahold of you? Like an FA or DA?

ba662 No.31876

My DA is Fkitzg

b7095 No.31887

cm by saburox a few months back

he didnt post it because he didnt want to get troll reported for kari being underaged

posted it once on hyperpreg but its dead mostly

b7095 No.31888

File: 1502922004740.png (427.18 KB, 1046x2094, qOChw4KLL.png)

oops forgot pic

21bb7 No.31917

I am tempted to upload this on multiple threads so that the front page shows nothing but this image. There's probably a rule against such actions.

811dc No.31957

File: 1503040136524.png (1.58 MB, 2400x2400, blairburf.png)

By SlickPens on DA

48afd No.32021


Pregnant big breastef kari is a tjing of miracles for sure

c023d No.32248

File: 1503703142479.png (421.06 KB, 800x1058, throne.png)

bit messy, but eh.

e0374 No.32267


It looks great.

7b673 No.32281

This is incredibly sexy

a95f6 No.32671

File: 1504610563482.png (192.22 KB, 539x683, rinrin.png)

here's a sketch of kagamine rin that i did (i hope i'm doing this right, i've never posted anything here before)

8afab No.32672

She's really cute. Looking good to me.

6057f No.32729

Loving the perspective. My dick commands you to finish it!

05161 No.35107

File: 1509639836838.jpg (542.05 KB, 2027x2390, 20171102_231948.jpg)

here's mine and im still noob at digital drawing

a87d7 No.35108

Nah m8, it looks fantastic!

0fb40 No.35110


That's quite nice! I love her expression.

811dc No.35112

Where can I throw money at you for more stuff like this?

a443d No.35228

File: 1509900529324.jpg (406.23 KB, 1483x2186, 20171105_234443.jpg)

Here's my 2B sketch an i do a lil bit paint on her

Still can't afford the game neither the ps4

2af67 No.35229


mole in place, all is good in the world

6767e No.35666

File: 1511011887224.jpg (411.89 KB, 1865x2963, Scan4.jpg)

“This work is drawn by Cheiken Lenovski, explorer and painter from 3rd era, who renowned for 3 years of his trip to empire of Tamur. Formerly it was known as ‘Sketch for young slave girl’ which drawn during this certain trip, but by recent study it found out heroine of the drawing is Princess of the Vinturion Principality, small country conquered by Tamur empire. After her country is ruined she given to Emperor’s most trusted general as a prize. Abused by general’s endless lust, she impregnated in very young age and dead by exhaustion during first childbirth, due to her age which obviously was too young to give birth. The last trail of miserable Princess, starting from 1500$!”

-In a private auction

Original drawing of mine.

09d5c No.35667


I remember seeing your work on Pixiv. I really enjoy your artwork! >w<

44818 No.35681

File: 1511056340209.png (1.83 MB, 4112x3850, Kaguya.png)

I am back from my hiatus (thanks, Breath of the Wild). Granted, not many of you even bother reading my comments, but here they are: I wanted to try something different with the lines, so I varied the line thickness a bit. The two-tone hair was obnoxious to color (I seriously cannot understand why character designers think it to be good idea, to be honest).

a95f6 No.35684

File: 1511068129113.png (417.67 KB, 652x783, ultimate_degeneracy_and_kn….png)

Rin and Knuckles

163a9 No.35786

b3194 No.35792

Thanks for the acknowledgement.

5ca3e No.35840

File: 1511365570240.png (299.23 KB, 800x1024, p.png)

something I drew quite a whiles back
a loooong while back

ddd3f No.35843

Looks great! Any chance you could make her give birth?

5ca3e No.35887

Never exactly thought that far in yet
Probably not for now?

a95f6 No.36368

File: 1513245291332.png (188.29 KB, 609x769, jijijijijinjuuih.png)

some hyper preg girl

b7095 No.36376


Nice. Been wanting to see her knocked up

99da8 No.36384

>>36368 Hot, looks like a very short japanese gal i dated who had preggo fantasy of carrying "a thousand" babies. (no kidding, knocked me on my ass saying that our first date)

bcd30 No.37016

File: 1515470890187.png (1.66 MB, 3504x3512, Mairead 2.png)

Here is something I just finished. This is my demon-cow lady Mairead (her description is on my Pixiv). I wanted to draw a woman with extra breasts, and this was the result.

1b5e2 No.37021

Omg I love to see more of the Multibreast :D
Good work

bcd30 No.37026

Thank you; comments are always appreciated.

681f4 No.37033

File: 1515565009841.png (537 KB, 1500x1200, carly 10.png)

a little sketch of one of my teen mom OC's, having her first baby with her boyfriend.

681f4 No.37034

File: 1515565076318.png (225.57 KB, 1289x817, fuuka 13_1.png)

and some sketches of fuuka, another teen mom from the game Persona 3

011b0 No.37035

06493 No.37041

File: 1515595196400.png (645.34 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper1.png)

I did not create this image set but feel the artist needs double the likes, reblogs, and follows they already have for creating it.

Artist is Blyzzarde
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=66735037
Tumblr: https://blyzzarde.tumblr.com/post/169514492616/more-hyper-pregnancy-progression-your

06493 No.37042

File: 1515595219849.png (627.16 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper2.png)

06493 No.37043

File: 1515595303463.png (633.2 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper3.png)

06493 No.37044

File: 1515595323010.png (644.66 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper4.png)

06493 No.37045

File: 1515595352631.png (628.92 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper5.png)

06493 No.37046

File: 1515595372860.png (630.58 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper6.png)

06493 No.37047

File: 1515595392193.png (627.29 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper7.png)

06493 No.37048

File: 1515595429490.png (618.64 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper8.png)

06493 No.37049

File: 1515595446523.png (588.72 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper9.png)

06493 No.37050

File: 1515595467692.png (607.43 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper10.png)

06493 No.37051

File: 1515595512387.png (587.3 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper11.png)

06493 No.37052

File: 1515595525525.png (603.14 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper12.png)

06493 No.37053

File: 1515595540527.png (622.26 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper13.png)

06493 No.37054

File: 1515595586188.png (678.13 KB, 992x1100, BlyzHyper14.png)

Sad that there wasn't a sex scene for the impregnation but literally every other aspect was fucking fantastic

9ee07 No.37055

really good detail

a1a05 No.37056

I love Blyzz's artwork.

99da8 No.37062

luv the weight of it, the grotesquely huge size and shape and the strain marks that make her "carry" look dangerOusly realistic.

bcd30 No.37071

While I understand that your intentions are good and hate to be a downer, but you really should not post things you did not make or commission in this thread as it defeats the purpose of this thread.

6c362 No.37235

File: 1516041374568.png (23.11 KB, 823x887, zt-75kTLu.png)

b7095 No.37246

File: 1516053520233.jpg (15.17 KB, 272x185, index (2).jpg)


this is fucking great preganon

though i do have some criticism. Dahlia is supposed to be thing despite otherwise having large breasts and hips. Her neck, arms and face seem a little to thick. Shes also supposed to be tall be she looms rather short here.

Not gonna ask for you fix everything, but at the very least you should slim down her neck and face a bit.

I also um…like my pregos more clothed too. Leaves more to the imagination, ahem

b7095 No.37247

File: 1516053545381.png (6.01 KB, 260x194, index.png)

fuck wrong image

76327 No.38826

File: 1518604500479.png (11.57 KB, 128x128, shime1.png)

I know I said I wouldn’t be making pregnancy content anymore, but I wanted to make a cute Shimeji for my OC Georgia. Just finished drawing all the frames, but they’re not final yet. Enjoy having a cute, gravid desktop companion.

DL for Shimeji-ee: http://kilkakon.com/shimeji/
Video Tutorial for Shimeji-ee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7fPCGh5xxo
DL for the Georgia Image Set: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1He7ggLRrgaS_0sO8U0sJjsAUhmjXc0nj

ab71d No.38827

I know you won't be fully back but it nice to see you about still.

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