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Second thread only took five months to hit the post limit, and that's even with a devoted discussion thread to offload some of the off topic chatter.

Here's the old thread >>24451
Here's a pastebin of the story in the old thread.

I still haven't done any error checking on either of the first two threads. Once I do that, I'll also archive the old threads and add a links to the pastebin.

Stat sheet as of the end of episode 2:

We are wrapping up episode 3, scene 3. We still have one more scene in episode 3 after this.


You are Chiba Mamoru, seventeen years old, first year university student. Orphaned at a young age, you are plagued with strange dreams and visions, always centered about a beautiful woman trying to tell you something. They are usually accompanied by the absolute worst headache. You also have a bad habit of waking up at odd times, in a public place, dressed in a tuxedo. You must have some sort of amazing social life getting invited to the kind of parties that you wear a tux to, but you have absolutely no recollection of going to, or even being invited to a party.

You are also Tuxedo Kamen, infamous jewel thief and ally of magical girls. Potentially. The girl in white told you to recover the Silver Crystal, as it is the key to restoring you sealed memories. The lovely blonde girl, Sailor Moon, seems to also be after the Crystal. This competing interest may be the undoing of any potential alliance between the two of you.

However, neither personality is currently aware of the other. An annoying gap in the memories of the two personas inside your body.


Rules are the same as always. Vote for your preferred option. Write-ins are always welcome, but may not always be used if they don't work. Write-ins that don't win, but had some popularity before the end of voting will affect the final result if I can make it work. External knowledge is allowed unless it becomes a problem.
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0dce8 No.35799

Offer to help Nanoha control her magic.

Can't remember if Mercury has her scanning goggles yet. If she does we should ask her if she can pick up anything.

d9899 No.35800


Helping Nanoha with her magic might give us a bit of additional insight into our own powers, actually. But on the other hand, my default response to shit picking on Ami is to find a way to punch the fuck out of it.

Also, went back and looked, Mercury definitely has the goggles at this point, so if we're gonna help Nanoha with her magic, we should suggest the other girls maybe try keeping that cloud off of Mercury long enough that she can use her own scanner.

45a2c No.35809

Write-in: It's time to delegate. Have one of the girls help out Mercury and send the other four to four more of the trees; let's say the ones to the left, right, and the upper rights. Even if they can't find a Jewel Seed, they could at least keep the trees busy.

Then, Yuuno should take Tuxie to Nanoha; if helping her will aid Tuxie with his own magic, this could be the chance to unlock his clairvoyant abilities, even if it's just at a low level. (In which Mamoru will never lose his keys again. :-P)

eaed6 No.35811

I don't think it's a good idea to do that at all, Fem. The seed could be at any of those trees, but firing blind like that only serves to get us all separated, and if someone runs into trouble like that it can only end badly. Not to mention, no matter the breakdown of who we send out, sending them out alone would result in a couple of solo Cures, and I don't know about Splash Star but we know B/W are at a major disadvantage when split up.

54eda No.35817

Personally, I say have the younger cures help Mercury, while B/W serves as a tree distraction team while Moon and TK serve as a either a second distraction team but also on standby in case someone gets in trouble.

45a2c No.35818

We have a lot of ground to cover, though, and not a lot of us. If we pair off the Cures with their respective partners, that still leaves lots of ground to cover and Nanoha to help. I'm not sure what else to suggest. :-/

d9899 No.35820

That's why I'm suggesting we double up on the scans between helping Nanoha and getting Mercury to try if people can keep the cloud off of her. Even narrowing it down by one or two trees is a big help at this point.

45a2c No.35821

You may have a point. I'll change my vote to this: Keep Bloom and Egret with Mercury like Shadow suggested, send Moon with Black and White, and try to help Yuuno and Nanoha with the chance of unlocking the clairvoyance.

45a2c No.35822

Send Moon with Black and White to check out the tree in the lower right, I should say.

f4005 No.35827

Splash Star is in slightly less trouble because shields, but they also need to be close by to transform and use their finisher, so that's a no-go on splitting them up.
Femanon's modified plan from >>35821 works well enough.

d9899 No.35837

A much better plan, and I agree with this since it doesn't change my idea any.

We should probably also try and figure out where Sakura is. It just occurred to me that a sentient rain cloud trolling us is probably a fucking Clow Card.

0dce8 No.35839

Yeah, I'll back Fem on this.

bc113 No.35842

Oh my god, I have no idea what's going on. Sooooooooo…… I'll back Fem, I guess? Damn, I really need to watch these shows.

0dce8 No.35891

What I'm guessing…
Nanoha: "You got your Clow cards in my jewel seeds!"
Sakura: "You got your Jewel seeds in my Clow cards!"
Everyone else: "Oh sh-"

b3c40 No.35901

File: 1511496635590.jpg (407.71 KB, 800x565, Black and White.jpg)

>Nanoha: "You got your Clow cards in my jewel seeds!"
>Sakura: "You got your Jewel seeds in my Clow cards!"
>Everyone else: "Oh sh-"
Moe: *tents his fingers and cackles* That's correct.

Also, I love it when I can get some discussion going. I quite enjoyed seeing you guys try to think through this.

It takes you a while, coming up with several ideas and shooting holes in all of them, before you finally come up with a plan that might work. "I think I can help with Nanoha's control problems. I can control the flow of my magic, and I think I apply that to her control problem. Mercury, use your goggles to scan the trees for the jewel seed. Bloom and Egret, cover her in case that cloud comes back.

"Black, White, and Sailor Moon, head over to that tree." You point to the tree at 5 o'clock on Yuuno's map, "and see if you can't find the jewel seed there."

The girls mutter in agreement. Yuuno lowers his head and closes his eyes for a while. When he opens them, he says, "We'll meet Nanoha on top of the big tree in the middle. Just follow me."

"Wait!" Cure White calls out. "We saw the jewel seed that Jadeite was holding, so we know what it looks like, but how will we find it in a tree that tall?"

"Right!" Cure Black chimes in, "We don't have a search spell."

"Oh." Yuuno comments.

Quick time voting interrupt:
>Just use your eyeballs.
>Ask if Nanoha or Sakura could give you a lift, and Yuuno can go with the girls.
>Have the girls serve as extra protection for Mercury instead of scouting.
>Write-in. [what?]

d9899 No.35903

Hmm. I suppose we did just assume they might be able to sense it if they get close enough or just otherwise be able to tell. Now I'm really glad we didn't try to send anyone solo.

Anyone have any thoughts?

0dce8 No.35904

We could have them act as protection for us while we attempt to help Nanoha learn control. No one really likes getting tree'd in the face while teaching.

bc113 No.35920

I agree. Tree-ing is painful.

c2a92 No.35927

But then who will watch the danger-prone Moon? I think Yunno should go with the girls.

d9899 No.35928

I think Neal was including Usagi in his idea.

0dce8 No.35931

I was.

d9899 No.35978

Hmm. A thought comes to mind.

White and Black are both like "Oh, we don't have a spell for this sort of thing", which I get. But before we redirect the two of them and Usagi to guard duty, let's at least ask them if they might be able to try sensing out for this sort of thing, or hell, if they've ever tried using magic sense of any sort in the first place. It might be worth a go.

If it turns out they can't, then whatever. They can stick with us, no big deal. But this is a free opportunity to at least try some experimentation here, might as well use it.

c3fcc No.35991

This depends on how fast and loose Moe is playing with canon, but it's a worth a shot. I'll second this idea as an add-on.

71c00 No.35993

I'm not sure how to vote here. Maybe just have Yuuno or Tuxie tactfully remind Black and White they know what a Seed looks like, so it's better than nothing?

d9899 No.35998

Like I said, it's worth a try. Worst thing that happens is it turns out they can't sense anything.

b3c40 No.36068

File: 1512115045431.png (822.5 KB, 960x720, Area search.png)

Here's a big juicy update.

"You know what the jewel seed look likes. Have either of you three tried sensing something before?" You inform and ask Sailor Moon and Cures Black and White.

The three of them look at each other and shake their heads, "No."

"Then you have an opportunity to try it out." You reply, "And if you can't figure it out, you can serve as extra cover for Sailor Mercury."

"That sounds good." Cure White replies.

"OK." Sailor Moon mumbles after a short while. She clearly would rather go with you, but at least she's grudgingly agreeing.

"Lead the way Yuuno!" You exclaim.

"Right!" He responds, and scampers off towards the center tree. "Stay on the platforms." As he runs, the ferret creates floater field circles. You follow along behind him climbing into the air, similar to the way that Sailor Mercury did the day before. You hear the giggling once more behind you and you hope the girls are on top of things.

Yuuno leads you to the top of the center tree. Unlike the surrounding circle of trees, this one isn't attacking anyone. At the center of the crown, the tree seems to have formed some sort of platform. Nanoha is standing there waiting for you while Sakura orbits the tree, keeping an eye on everything.

When you approach her, Nanoha says, "Tuxedo Kamen, Yuuno said that you could help me control my magic?" Although she phrases it more like a question.

"That's the plan." You tell her. "I'm not sure if it will work, but I can manipulate my own magic, so it's worth a shot."

"OK!" The girl beams. Her expression changes into something more befitting a nine-year-old girl than the serious expression she had earlier. It really drives home just how young the girl is; she barely reaches your sternum.

"Turn around, and I'll see what I can do." You say.

Nanoha turns around and starts to fidget a bit, not knowing what to expect.

The height difference is too much between you two, so you kneel behind the girl. You place your right hand on her belly, and wrap your left hand over her left hand on her staff. You pull her back so she's against your chest, the top of her head barely reaches your chin.

Nanoha gasps in surprise but quickly composes herself and says, "This is how my brother helps my sister train."

You grunt in acknowledgement and wonder what exactly it is that the girl's brother is helping their sister train in, but the question can be put off for later. For now, you try to remember what it feels like when you're able to control your magic when it's inside of a rose. You extend a small tendril of magical energy out from your right hand. At first, it's rebuffed by Nanoha's barrier jacket. You try once more, but you imagine the tendril being sharp and stiff, like your penetrating darts. There's resistance to your intrusion, but the focused tendril soon pushes through her dress. Since your hand was below her jacket, your magic tendril only had a single layer of her uniform to penetrate. Once past, you guide it to her belly button and your magic tendril enters the young girl.

Nanoha inhales sharply at the sensation of your magical energy mixing with her. She rests her weight against you while she gets used to the new sensation.

You're practically overwhelmed by the chaotic mass of magical energy inside of the girl. Any doubts you may have had about Nanoha's magical potential have been wiped away. Clearly the girl's problem isn't a lack of magical power, but a lack of the control and experience to harness it into a useful form. Trying to focus on the flow of your own magic was not sufficient to prepare you for this, but you can only image how blind you'd feel without that experience.

You're able to maintain the shape of your magical tendril inside of the young girl, but you can feel that bits of magical energy are flowing in and out of your control. Your magic and her magic are not being separated by the boundary of your tendril, but rather your will is temporarily controlling some magic inside of the girl and then exchanging that for other bits of magic. Cautiously, you poke around inside of the Nanoha with your tendril. You follow the gradient of her magic, down towards the stronger concentration.

There are two things that grab your attention. Continuing forward, you reach the first object. It's stronger, brighter, than the surrounding chaotic flow of magic. You gently prod it and take in its general shape and conclude that it must be Nanoha's womb. You're not sure how you know, but you can tell that her womb has matured enough; it's ready for new life to be created within.

Satisfied with that, you move your tendril towards the other object. The second one is much brighter and appears to be the source of her magic. However, as you bring your tendril closer to the second object, the chaotic storm of magical energy emanating from it blows away the tip of your tendril, and your control over it collapses in a chain reaction.

You open your eyes and focus on the real world, rather than on the magic inside of Nanoha. The girl is leaning against you completely and breathing heavily. You stick your head forward and see that the nine-year-old is blushing. Playing with her womb, even indirectly with a tendril of magic has sexually aroused her. However, it's not just her that it had an effect on. Your own erection is straining your pants. Fortunately, you're kneeling, so your bulge is between Nanoha's legs rather than pressing against her. You rest your chin on her wet brown hair and say, "No wonder you're having trouble controlling your magic. There's so much of it inside you." You rub her belly and you feel that you made a small hole in her dress right over her belly button.

"I'm going back in again." You warn Nanoha, then once more form a tendril of your magic. Her barrier jacket once more resists your intrusion, but it feels different this time. The obstacle is not directly ahead, rather like a field from the surrounding fabric of her dress squeezing your tendril to prevent it from entering. You once more shape it like a dart, squeeze past Nanoha's barrier and enter her through her belly button. When you're comfortable and think your tendril has a good vantage point you tell Nanoha, "OK, try casting it now."

The brunette tenses up and starts her incantation, "Lyrical, Magical…" The entire chaotic mass of her energy shoots up.

Your tendril is buffeted by the sudden flow, but you're able to maintain it. "Stop, stop!" You shout, interrupting her. "You're using too much power at once, that's why you're not able to reliably control your magic." You think back to the spell that she's able to cast reliably, Protection. It requires her to release her magic in every direction, and using more of it only makes the shield stronger. But when she's trying to cast a spell with Raising Heart, trying to funnel her magic into the device is overloading her ability to control it.

"You have to try to hold back. Try to use just some of your magic, not all of it, and don't try to force it, let it flow out from you." You tell her.

"How do I do that?" She complains.

"Just…" You're at a loss how to describe it. You think back to when you tried limiting the flow of magic into your cape in your second battle against the red-skinned youma. "Just try to be less forceful."

"Lyrical magical…" She starts her incantation with a quieter voice and less pause between the words.

To your surprise, it's helping. She's still trying to push through more magical energy than she can control reliably, but it's no longer the full mass of her magical potential that she's trying to squeeze into her device. You come up with an idea. If she has too much energy, all you need to do is drain it. You start draining her of her magic, pulling it back into your arm through the magical tendril.

"Search for the root of the misfortune." Nanoha finishes, her voice is audibly less strained.

Raising Heart accepts the spell from Nanoha and in her robot voice says, "Area Search." A large magic circle appears beneath you and Nanoha. Nanoha points Raising heart to the platform that the two of you are standing on and a pillar of pink light rises up. It bursts into multiple pink streams that split up and bounce around the area.

b3c40 No.36069

The streams are sending back images to Nanoha. You can catch glimpses of them as you are tapped into Nanoha's magic, but they flash by too quickly and are too distorted for you to make anything out.

Nanoha stands up straight and her eyes snap open. "I found it!" She exclaims.

"Really?" Yuuno asks from nearby.

"Mhm." She answers. "That tree!" Nanoha points to the tree at one o'clock with her staff.

"Good job." You praise her, tapping her belly with your fingers, but leaving the palm of your hand in contact with her the whole time to not break your connection with the tendril of magic inside of her.

"We'll get closer and seal it right away." Yuuno states.

"No. I'll seal it from here."

"That's impossible! We have to get closer."

"If Tuxedo Kamen helps me, I can do it!"

Before you can respond, Sakura flies close to the tree of you on her winged staff and exclaims, "Wow! That was a lot of magic, Nanoha!"

Nanoha moves her head out from under your chin and cranes her neck to look at you. She's still beaming with pride from successfully casting the spell, and from your and Sakura's praise. "You'll help me, right?"

What do you do?
>How can you resist a cute girl asking you nicely?
>Get everyone, get close, and seal that jewel seed.
>Write-in. [what?]

Do you want to send Sakura to pass along a message to the rest of the team?

b3c40 No.36070

File: 1512115189405.png (990.17 KB, 960x720, Tree.png)

d9899 No.36077

Write-in time!

While I honestly figure she probably CAN seal it from here, I'm totally against the idea of doing it for a distance for a reason Sakura will agree on.

Shake our heads and tell her that it wouldn't be a good idea, because while we don't doubt she could do it from this distance as she's definitely strong enough (Y'know, give her a compliment because that was a pretty good step forward for her), we learned the hard way with Poisony and the Illusion card that there might be someone/thing waiting for us to do all the work so they can snatch it. The closer we are to the seed when we seal it, the less time any interlopers would have to beat us to it afterwards.

Now that we know where the seed is, let's just regroup with the others and go from there. If I'm right about that damn cloud being a Clow Card anyway, Sakura should probably grab it while we can.

01b7b No.36078

I'm more worried about Nanoha's accuracy at this point. (And wondering how she hasn't just exploded from all that magic overwhelming her.) We should definitely regroup at the one o'clock tree and wait, so send Sakura to everyone else to spread the word while Tuxie, Nanoha, and Yuuno get back to the ground and join everyone else.

Then we brace for anything and everything that could possibly happen.

45623 No.36080

Agreed, we also don't know how Wood is going to react to someone trying to take her new power source away.

5d847 No.36082

Nanoha is not just brimming with overwhelming magical potential, she's in the top 3 mentioned in all of canon until at least the end of StrikerS. The other two being Fate and Hayate, but Hayate kind of cheated by basically being given her Device's Linker Core. Devices usually don't have Linker Cores; they're made primarily to help their user run the calculations behind spell "programs" more quickly, correctly, and efficiently.
For a Device to have a Linker Core *and* that kind of intelligence means it's basically an artificially-made human.
But I digress. The point is that you don't need to worry about the amount of power that Nanoha contains. You need to worry about her EXTREME workaholism and tendency to over-exert herself, as she actually damages her magical potential by doing that once.
Fortunately, losing magic potential won't be a problem until she's at least another decade older.

Anyway, Blue raises a good point. If we go with option 2, then we definitely need to make sure that Nanoha knows she did well. So I'll fall in with his plan.

58e08 No.36086

I would like to point out that we have learned some very important things in things in this update. 1: We can use our magic to poke around in the bodies of others. 2: The womb is a source of magic. Which makes me wonder if it can be tapped into. 3: We can tell if a girl is old enough to conceive. This means we can likely manipulate fertility. 4: Such contact is stimulating for all involved. *cough* My thanks to Moe.

Anyway, for the time being, as much as I would like to let Nanoha do her thing, we can't let the other evils get their hands on more power. Compliment her, maybe set up a perimeter while we help Sakura and Nanoha with their respective sealings.

b3c40 No.36090

>1: We can use our magic to poke around in the bodies of others.

And that unlocks…
>Magical control - level 2: You can direct your magical power into another person. Allows observation and manipulation of the target's internal magical environment, as well as siphoning off their magical reserves.

>2: The womb is a source of magic. Which makes me wonder if it can be tapped into.

You're not completely wrong, but it's much more nuanced than this.

58e08 No.36093

Oh, I'll believe it's nuanced since you put enough thought into its inclusion. But I still think about how the girls might tap into such magic, how villains might abuse it, and least likely how TK might use it.

d9899 No.36108

>How villains might abuse it

I'm gonna stop you riiiiiiight there, Shade. I've seen enough magical girl themed H-games to know where that line of thinking goes.

fe447 No.36117

>I've seen enough magical girl themed H-games to know where that line of thinking goes.

Fun fact, the mechanics test that I originally ran to see if I could do this used Beat Angel Escalayer, Beat Blade Haruka, Venus 5, Djibril the Devil Angel, Battle Teak Lakers, Mahou Shouhjo Ai, Mahou Shoujo Erena, and others.

It failed horribly because the idea was that players would act as a battlefield commander, similar to the tactician in Fire Emblem (the first US one, whatever number that is). It would have required me to run quests like a normal person (pick a day and devote it to QMing live). There wasn't enough interest to make that possible, and I didn't have enough time (still don't) to run it.

Speaking of no time, no update this week. Go ahead and keep discussing how to proceed, and then vote on an omake.

Episode 1:
The Wind verses the Wings
Onegai [already seen]
Meteor Shower [already seen]

d9899 No.36118

My biggest complaint about mahou shoujo h-games is that they always seem to universally follow the lines of either corruption via copious amounts of rape, or tentacle/monster breeding bad endings. Not that I dislike either one when done well, mind you, but seeing it in every single one I've played gets old. Though hilariously, I did see one one time where one of the girls went dark, then the MC ended up fucking her back to the light side a bit later on.

Still, corruption in general's a bit of a sore point with me. It's one of those things I'm fine with as a bad end route if you fuck up or decide to go evil route because you want to, but I dislike it when it's an inevitability forced on the player. The example game I just gave? Said girl that gets corrupted gets grabbed like literally two days into becoming a magical girl through no fault of the player character. The villains dialed in on her from the very start. It's also not a fast process of corruption, either. It takes like five scenes before she finally breaks. I'm not a fan of that sort of thing.

This is why I like SRW's way of doing it so much. Yeah, people get grabbed and brainwashed, but all you have to do is kick the shit out of them the next time they show up and someone'll start talking to them and snap them out of it with no lasting effects. It's so much simpler to deal with.

Anyway, omake. I'm gonna go with Wind and Wings just to get it off the list.

58e08 No.36120

Actually Blue, I wasn't thinking like that. (Okay, maybe for a second, but not seriously.) I was thinking as the womb's source of magic being used for a nefarious end. G Gundam and Wild ARMs: Alter Code f have villains that use women for the reason that their bodies can create life, and those ladies weren't even magical.

Omake vote: Catscratch

0dce8 No.36121

Omake Vote: Catscratch

d9899 No.36123

I think it says something about how much I know about the original Wild ARMs that despite not having played more than an hour or so into Alter Code F, I'm pretty sure I know exactly who you're talking about just out of context.

01b7b No.36128

Omake vote: The Wind vs the Wings.

bc113 No.36131

Catscratch, because that sounds more interesting than the mechanics of flying. :P

0dce8 No.36154

Pretty sure it's Sakura trying to use The Windy on The Wings.

bc113 No.36157

Again, I have no idea what's actually implied, I just go by the names.
And honestly I flipped a coin, then came up with that joke off the top of my head when Catscratch won.

d9899 No.36161

Yeah, the thing at this point is that even without context, it's just process of elimination. It's either gonna be CCS or Sailor Moon, and only one of those has a cat involved.

I'll go with CCS between the two because honestly, I have the entire first season of SM on my computer and I have no problems checking episodes as needed whenever we hit a Sailor Moon scenario, but I can't say the same about CCS, so I don't mind the refresher.

fe447 No.36178

Catscratch it is. See you guys next week for the return of the main plot.

"Why does morning have to come so early?" The blonde girl complains as she runs to school. In her rush to get to school, she doesn't see a black cat lying on the sidewalk. Usagi trips over the cat and falls flat on her face. "Owwwwwwwww!" She cries out, covering her face.

"Huh? Did I just step on something?" She wonders. The girl turns around and exclaims, "A cat!" She scoots over, picks it up and apologizes, "I'm so sorry."

The cat has a pair of band aids on its forehead and mewls pathetically when it's picked up.

"A black cat, huh." The blonde girl says, completely forgetting about having tripped earlier. "How cute. Sorry about that." She leans in and kisses the cat.

The cat freaks out and scratches Usagi's face wildly. With the blonde girl no longer in her face, the cat starts pawing at the bandaids on her forehead.

"Why are you wearing bandages?" Usagi asks once she's no longer being scratched. "Do you want me to take them off? Alright." She peels the pair of band aids off of the cat's forehead and it immediately jumps out of Usagi's hands, lands on her head, and jumps to the top of a fence near a park.

Cat and girl look deep into each other's eyes, seemingly entranced. Usagi takes note of the crescent moon shaped bald patch on the cat's forehead. Her attention is finally pried away by the ringing of the school bell. "Oh no! I'm late!" She cries out as she resumes running to school, leaving the cat behind.

b3c40 No.36257

Extra-busy week is over, now I'm just back to normal busy.

I assume no comments on the omake since it doesn't give any new information, unless there's someone here that doesn't know the basics of Sailor Moon.

The vote was pretty unanimous on regrouping to avoid the jewel seed from getting stolen, not because we don't trust Nanoha. I'll get started on writing the next update soonish.

0dce8 No.36258

Can't wait for it Moe, glad to have you back.

82275 No.36339

Sounds about right. Good work.

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