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b3c40 No.28802[Last 50 Posts]

Second thread only took five months to hit the post limit, and that's even with a devoted discussion thread to offload some of the off topic chatter.

Here's the old thread >>24451
Here's a pastebin of the story in the old thread.

I still haven't done any error checking on either of the first two threads. Once I do that, I'll also archive the old threads and add a links to the pastebin.

Stat sheet as of the end of episode 2:

We are wrapping up episode 3, scene 3. We still have one more scene in episode 3 after this.


You are Chiba Mamoru, seventeen years old, first year university student. Orphaned at a young age, you are plagued with strange dreams and visions, always centered about a beautiful woman trying to tell you something. They are usually accompanied by the absolute worst headache. You also have a bad habit of waking up at odd times, in a public place, dressed in a tuxedo. You must have some sort of amazing social life getting invited to the kind of parties that you wear a tux to, but you have absolutely no recollection of going to, or even being invited to a party.

You are also Tuxedo Kamen, infamous jewel thief and ally of magical girls. Potentially. The girl in white told you to recover the Silver Crystal, as it is the key to restoring you sealed memories. The lovely blonde girl, Sailor Moon, seems to also be after the Crystal. This competing interest may be the undoing of any potential alliance between the two of you.

However, neither personality is currently aware of the other. An annoying gap in the memories of the two personas inside your body.


Rules are the same as always. Vote for your preferred option. Write-ins are always welcome, but may not always be used if they don't work. Write-ins that don't win, but had some popularity before the end of voting will affect the final result if I can make it work. External knowledge is allowed unless it becomes a problem.

b3c40 No.28803

File: 1496801862119.jpg (135.76 KB, 600x570, tuxedo_mask_and_sailor_moo….jpg)

As much as you'd like to fall asleep with this girl snuggling against you, there are other people watching. Plus, there might still be other youma around that you hadn't defeated. While thinking of a reason to just stay like that for a little longer, you also realize that sooner or later, Yuuno will end the spell that's keeping all the normal people in a separate place.

You roll a little to the left, and pull your cape out from under you. With that done, you sit up, still holding Sailor Moon close to you. Only then do you reluctantly release her and ask her to get up. Your head feels a little light, and you realize that your hat fell off. You spot it behind you. While reaching back to grab it. Sailor Moon quickly goes over to it and hands it to you. You thank her and put it on.

With your hat on and your blonde cuddlebug off of your lap, you're able to stand up. Your head starts to spin from the sudden change in altitude. You stumble a little and catch your balance. Sailor Moon, ever helpful, presses herself against your left side and wraps her right arm around you. Being a head and a half shorter than you, she probably wouldn't be able to stop you from falling if you lost consciousness, but you appreciate the gesture, in more ways than one.

"I guess we should head to the roof then." You say, looking at everyone. Your gaze stops at Cure White. Her gown is still tattered, and she's covering herself as best as she can with her hands.

Quick time voting interrupt.
>Give your cape to White again.
>Don't give her the cape.
>Remind White that she could try detransforming to get out of her tattered uniform.

d659d No.28805

Oh wow, I hadn't even realized that we hit the limit.

Anyways, we should hand off our cape again. The detransforming thing might work, but I think it's a breech of Mahou Shoujo etiquette to detransform right now? I'm not sure. It might also cause Yuuno's field to target her or something.

d659d No.28806

Me again. Cleared my browser history and forgot to put my name back in.

fb109 No.28813

Hand the cape over. It's pretty much a complete breech of etiquette for her to dehenshin, and wouldn't it'd drop Nagisa out as well? Probably not a good idea to forcibly make them reveal their identities just this second.

54eda No.28814

Being a gentleman scores points with the ladies always. Hand her the cape.

b8881 No.29085

I think the cape would make Cure White feel safer and like her modesty is preserved. Given Tuxie's a mahou-otoko, he should be able to put himself in White's position: He doesn't yet want to reveal his identity, so he shouldn't ask anyone else to do so if they don't wanna. It'd breach mahou-reihou. And like Shadow said, being a gentleman scores points. Remember how grateful Sailor Moon was for the cape?

After that, we need introductions and to ask the all-important query: "What is your quest?"

And then we need to be aware of a possible ambush. I still think everyone's been herded to the roof and it's not entirely a voluntary choice.

b3c40 No.29143

File: 1497490762668.jpg (85.82 KB, 1280x720, Crystal Seminar Roof.jpg)

You make your way over to where the two Cures are standing while still letting Sailor Moon support you. You're still a little light-headed, but you don't need her support anymore. Nonetheless, you like the fact that the blonde girl is pressing herself up again you like that. You free your cape from being stuck between the two of you, and let it slowly settle back down. The cape covers Sailor Moon, and your mind is full of things that you'd love to do to the girl while under the privacy of your cape.

Like before, you unbutton your cape and slide it off. In a smooth motion, you place it on Cure White's shoulders. She doesn't need your prompting to hold the cape in place while you fish out the gold chain to fasten it in place. Interestingly, Cure White doesn't have the cape closed tightly around her like she did previously. You glance down and confirm, if you were a little farther away, you'd be able to see her panties. Either she's teasing you, or you've awoken a bit of an exhibitionist streak in the girl. The lack of any teasing smirk on her face makes you think it's the latter. "There we go." You state, as you fasten the chain back onto the cape. "I took it back a little too soon, but you can hold onto it for a little while longer."

With that task out of the way, you proclaim, "To the roof! And keep an eye out for any ambushes.

Sailor Moon at your side, you lead the way up the stairs. The third floor is clear. The fourth floor is clear. After the fourth floor, the stairs have a less polished look to them. Going up one more flight, you reach a door. Cautiously, you open the door while looking to see if there's any danger. Like the two floors below, the roof is clear. "Come on up. You call out behind you. The coast is clear."

The rest of the girls, plus Yuuno and Luna, and join you on the roof. Yuuno claps his hands together and the grayscale bubble that you've been in shrinks until all of your are back out in the sunlight.

With everyone standing in more or less of a circle, you say, "Since I think we're all fighting for good, let's introduce ourselves. We'll probably be fighting together more, so we should get to know each other more. I'll go first…"

Quick time voting interrupt.
>Do you mention that your quest is the silver crystal?

1adaf No.29145

I actually can't think of any reason why we shouldn't, aside from a misplaced desire to follow canon. Or maybe some in-character trust issues? I don't know. Either way, I don't see any issues with being upfront with the girls.

d659d No.29149

Yeah, same here. Also mention that we think it's a way for us to regain the memories we've lost.

fb109 No.29152

Hmm, I dunno. Luna pretty much still fully falls in the Distrusts Us category, so telling her that we're looking for the same thing she is will probably totally cement us in her mind as either competition or an enemy sleeper agent. I don't really have any good reasons why we shouldn't besides that, mind you, so I don't see a reason not to mention it.

The amnesia thing is a different matter altogether, but not for the reason you might think. Us being upfront about our goal, we don't really have to explain. In fact, if Luna were to press us on why we want the crystal, we could spin it around on her and indirectly force her to admit her own motivations, dodging the question entirely for the time being. Amnesia, though? That's a trump card to hold on to for now simply because it makes us Mysterious. So far, we've done a remarkable job of looking like we have a flying fucking clue what we're doing when in fact we've just been winging it. And one of the principle rules of winging it is, unless your character is notorious for winging it, don't admit you're winging it. So we look a lot more like we know what we're doing, and later on we can admit we have amnesia when it's… well, let's just say when it's more convenient to say so and gain some sympathy points. That's my thought on the matter, anyway.

0dd48 No.29153

Maybe be vague about it. "I'm looking for something I hope will help clear up questions I have about my life. I'd be honored if, one day, any of you might be able to help me."

54eda No.29179

Can I just say that I find the opening pic ironic when we haven't taken anyone's virginity yet? XD

Excellent points all sir. We do have a 'cool factor' to maintain. We wouldn't be Tuxedo Kamen if we weren't cool.

Yes, let's be up front. We're leaning to work together and while we may end up working separately at times, we can still help each other with their respective goals.

16670 No.29181

This is a more refined idea than any of the thoughts that I was having. Let's go for it.

Upfrontness, while saving the amnesia discussion for a time when it's more "Ohhh, poor Mamo-chan!" and less "So why are you directing us during fights again?"

b3c40 No.29559

File: 1498290954362.jpg (77.06 KB, 960x720, Kaiju!.jpg)

>Can I just say that I find the opening pic ironic when we haven't taken anyone's virginity yet? XD
Yes, but I liked the image so much that I had to use it.

>Be upfront about the goal. Don't mention the amnesia.

"I am Tuxedo Kamen," You tell the group. You've already introduced yourself to most of the girls, but there's no harm in repeating yourself. You add, "Ally of those who fight for justice. However, my goal is to find the Silver Crystal," You see Luna visibly tense up in the way only a cat can as you mention the Silver Crystal, "to help me find some answers. I'd be honored if any of you might be able to help me." You point to Sailor Moon at your side to indicate that she should go next.

"I'm Sailor Moon." The blonde girl states. "Luna gave me this brooch," She points to the small bit of jewelry at the center of her ribbon, "And made me say some strange words, then I transformed in Sailor Moon. Now she says I need to find the Moon Crystal and the Silver Princess."

Luna grumbles, "It's the Moon Princess and the Silver Crystal."

Sailor Moon moon gasps in surprise, "Then you can help us find it, Tuxedo Kamen!"

"Yeah." You reply halfheartedly. Luna glares at you, and you both know you're thinking the same thing. Even if you cooperate now, sooner or later, you will have to fight over the Crystal.

Cure Black breaks the tension with her introduction, "I'm Misu- er… Cure Black." She points to the bluenette next to her wearing your cape, "White and I got roped into helping these two get back the Prism Stones from the…"

"From the Dark Zone." White chimes in.

"Right, the Dark Zone. Oh, and these two are Mepple and Mipple." The Cures pull out they're phones and flip them open, revealing the two oversized stuffed animal heads.


"We also say some embarrassing things when we transform." Cure White adds, trying to build a connection to Sailor Moon

Everyone's gaze continues clockwise and lands on Sailor Mercury. She appears to wilt under the scrutiny, but after a few moments, she gathers her courage and says, "I'm Sailor Mercury. I'm very new to this." Mumbling she adds, "My transformation is also embarrassing."

Next is the ferret. "I'm Yuuno. I'm an archeologist. My clan found some Lost Logia, artifacts of a long dead race. We called them the jewel seeds. We sent them off to the Space Time Administration Bureau on Midchilda for safe keeping, but the spaceship carrying them was destroyed in an accident, and the jewel seeds fell to Earth. I came to recover them, but I was attacked and injured. I needed Nanoha's help." He looks up the girl beside him.

"I'm Takamachi Nanoha." She says, "I'm in third grade, and I don't have a secret name. Raising Heart has a long password, but it's not that embarrassing. Yuuno gave me Raising Heart and we've been collecting Jewel Seeds. This was the second one we've found. Umm… I think that's everything."

You're about to say something, but you spot something moving a few buildings over. It's hard to make out as the twilight is fading to complete darkness. "What's that?" You ask, pointing. Something is towering above a building a few blocks away.

Everyone turns to look. "Is it some kind of Kaiju?" Cure Black asks.

Sailor Moon squeaks and presses herself against your side, "A kaiju? You mean like Godzilla!?" You instinctively squeeze her with the arm that you have wrapped around her. If she's going to do you the favor of pressing her breasts against your side, the least you can do is offer that gesture of protection while you fantasize of her breasts being full of milk.

"It's not heading for Tokyo Tower, so it can't be Godzilla." Cure White quips.

You hear giggling coming from straight ahead of you. Mercury's back is turned to you so she can look at the giant something or other in the distance, but you can see shoulders and back moving in a way that gives her away as the source of the giggling."

"Ami! You laughed!" Sailor Moon calls out. She's torn on whether to go hug the bluenette for coming out of her shell, or to stick to claiming you. She decides to continue pressing herself against your side, but looking down, you see a big grin on the blonde girl's face.

Sailor Mercury touches her earring, and you can see a bit of her visor as it appears. "There's something there." She says in a much more relaxed voice than when she was guiding your strikes earlier. "But it's not giving off any heat, or any mechanical signatures. It's five blocks away. At the park near the shopping center. We should go investigate."

Sailor Moon practically jumps out of her skin and exclaims, "Investigate! I need to go to the Chanela store and free Shingo!"

Cure Black joins in, "White! We need to go there too. That's the place with those animals I was telling you about that smell really nice hypnotized me."


"Um, Sailor Mercury." Nanoha says, "Yuuno and I will go with you to find out what that is, to make up for attacking you earlier."

"I already forgave you for that. But thank you. I appreciate it."

Anything you want to add or ask before the group splits?
>Write-in. [what?]

Which group do you go with?
>Go with Sailor Moon and investigate these Chanela.
>Go with Sailor Mercury and investigate the Kaiju.
>Go back to Sendai Hill where you woke up and see if you can find any traces of that evil presence you sensed earlier.
>Go home.
>Go somewhere else. [write-in]

54eda No.29566

Ah, to be strategic, or to be romantic, that is the question. And even then not a simple one.

The Cures are better at battling but are getting worn down, still I think that they with Moon would be able to handle themselves better than the less offensive and less experienced Nanoha and Mercury.

But, if we don't go with Moon, do we lose progress with her, or can we get brownie points by expressing our confidence in her and that we want to make sure everyone is safe.

Not to mention the fact that we're getting worn down ourselves and we may have to consider taking back our cape to restore our defensive capabilities.

So many factors, how is a Mascot supposed to make a decision? We're supposed to know what to do most of the time, darn it!

Okay, let us quip that a hero's work is never done, and arrange to meet up again at another time and place. Apologize to White and ask for our cape back (especially since we don't know what the situation is with our stuff returning to us). Then let's accompany Mercury and Nanoha.

fb109 No.29567

That fucking Tokyo Tower crack, oh my god. The fact that Ami laughed at it is even better.

This is pretty much just a chance to earn some points with whichever girls we go with, and while I'd like to resolve the Chanela issue given our previous run-in with the place, I think Moon and the Cures have it covered. Meanwhile, we're at about Rank 1 at best on the Social Link scale with Mercury and Nanoha both, so it's time we start working on that. I can go either way about the cape, but otherwise I agree with Shadow's idea.

d659d No.29572

Yeah, let's go hit the Kaiju.

0e1ab No.29590

Before I make a choice, can I ask if anyone has some kind of re-energizing spell they could cast on everyone? If we're splitting up, we need our stamina and endurance at top levels.

b3c40 No.29595

TK is able to use his regen to restore his own stamina, but I'm going to make an executive decision and say that healing spells don't restore stamina.

Healing: Target anyone, including self. Only healing, no stamina restore.
Regen: Self-target only, heals and restores stamina.

Also, nobody currently has a way of restoring magical energy aside from a good night of sleep.

b3c40 No.29648

File: 1498424383585.jpg (88.64 KB, 960x720, Stomping.jpg)

>Go with Mercury to fight the kaiju.

"A hero's work is never done." You lament. "Let us meet again next time." You pat Sailor Moon's head and say, "I'm confident you, Black, and White will be able to handle yourselves. Mercury and Nanoha may need my help more." Moving your gaze over, you add, "Although White, unfortunately, I need to ask for my cape back."

"Oh. OK." Cure White replies, and starts fiddling with the chain holding the cape in place.

You give Moon a parting squeeze and step over to her. As you undo the chain and put it back in your pocket, you reassure her, "Don't worry. Both Yuuno and I are going with the other team, so you don't need to worry about any guys looking at your torn uniform." Of course, you know that she's just as self-conscious about Cure Black seeing her like that, but you're banking on her not announcing her lesbian crush on her partner to everyone.

While you're unwrapping the cape from her, you lean down and whisper, "Thank you for the show earlier." Keeping true to the spirit of your words, you turn away from Cure White so everyone can see that you're being a gentleman and not peeking. Yuuno likewise turns around while you're securing your cape to the buttons on your jacket.

Satisfied that your outfit is complete, you say, "I'm sure fate will bring up back together soon. Until we meet again." You take a running start and leap across to the roof of the building across the street. Mid-air, you hear Raising Heart and Yuuno call out two spells, Flier Fin and Floater Field respectively. Sticking your landing, you turn around and see what's happening. Nanoha boots have small wings coming out of them like Hermes's sandals and she's flying across the gap. Yuuno has created a series of platforms out of the same spell that he used to break his fall in the classroom where you first met. He and Sailor Mercury are running along them as if they formed a bridge.

Strangely, your sensing powers are still fogged up from the warm glow you've come to associate with Sailor Moon being nearby. Since you're faster than Mercury, you stop for a moment. Ostensibly to let Yuuno and Mercury catch up, but in actual fact to focus on your connection to Sailor Moon. Sure enough, she's coming closer as well. Sailor Mercury did say that the giant monster you're heading towards was near a shopping center. Perhaps the store with the chanela is nearby. Maybe all of you didn't need to split up, or at least not yet.

Reaching the last building before the park, you see the beast. It looks like an overgrown salmon colored plush toy. It's chasing after two girls. You quickly realize it's Sakura and Tomoyo. The two split up, and the giant monster chases after Sakura.

Nanoha had circled around to wait for the three of you, but now she's flying as fast as she can to help the girl. You likewise jump as far towards them as you can.

In the air, you see the monster corner Sakura at the penguin slide and step on her.

b3c40 No.29649

File: 1498424424659.jpg (125.57 KB, 960x720, It wasn't very effective.jpg)

You curse your timing. If you'd gotten here only a few moments earlier, you could have saved Sakura from what you can only assume is a very gruesome death. Landing on park path surrounded by tree, you sprint towards the play area, dodging the stuffed animals scattered around the path.

Reaching the play area, you see the pink monster chasing after Nanoha. To your great relief, you spot Sakura and Kero sitting on the ground next to the penguin slide with shocked expressions on their faces. You slide to a halt in the sand next to them and ask, "Are you two alright? I thought I saw that thing step on you."

"It did." Sakura answers. "But it didn't hurt at all."

"Watch out!" Kero yells and points behind you.

"What…" You turn around and get hit in the face by a stuffed animal. "Oh. That's why it didn't hurt."

Nanoha is nearby flying around distracting the pink monster. You, Sakura, and Kero are by the penguin slide. Yuuno and Mercury have just entered the open area of the park.

How do you want to deal with this "threat?"
>Have everyone fire everything they have at it.
>Try to knock it over. [how?]
>Retreat, it's not posing a threat to anyone.
>Write-in [what?]

fb109 No.29654

I think I've got an idea for knocking it over, but it depends on how Chain Bind works. Does it just lock people down, or could Yuuno potentially channel his inner Rico Rodriguez and tether the kaiju plushie to something and reel it in?

54eda No.29655

Hmm… I'm leaning towards tripping it up, especially since it won't do much damage, but how…? I have half an idea of Mercury using water to make it slip, or maybe make mud to get it stuck, while Sakura uses Windy and Nanoha help push it over. Not sure though… Little help here?

fb109 No.29667

Our cane can probably help too, since if it stepped on Sakura and Kero and did zero damage, that means it doesn't have any weight behind it. We could probably catch one of the feet at an angle as it's stepping down and extendo-rod into it to help throw it off balance. Chain Bind being able to act like a zip-tether would help, but we've got options for knocking it over.

d659d No.29668

First we ask Sakura if this is another one of her cards, The we should try to knock it over. It's stubby little arms will make it hard for it to get back up.

The only method that might work that I an think of is to try to attack it's legs while it's in mid-step. Yuuno should chain bind the foot that's mid step as it's coming down, then we should try to use our extendo staff on the back of the knee of the other leg with the help of Nanoha while Mercury tries to undermine it's footing.

28fd4 No.29683

[looks around to make sure collection of stuffed animals isn't listening] Sakura has a Firey Card. Use that to burn the stuffed animal kaijuu.

17cf6 No.29685

Arson is always a great idea, but let's ask Sakura who the stuffed animals belong to first.

17cf6 No.29686

Wait, nevermind. A giant burning stuffed animals chasing us sounds like a bad time

(Sorry for double posting.)

c2adf No.29735

Would setting it on fire, then tripping it work?

e6075 No.29739

Maybe, though it's still kinda like setting the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man on fire.

47ed6 No.29740

I'd like to avoid the chance of lighting the park up in a raging inferno, but I'm all for tripping it up with whatever non-pyro options we can put together.

b3c40 No.29838

File: 1498893274774.jpg (90.04 KB, 960x720, Flying upskirt.jpg)

Knock it over using the cane. No on the fire.

Trip it up with Windy.

Ask if it's a card, then knock it over. Also, ask who the stuffed animals belong to. No fire.

Fire! Fire! Burn! Burn! Then trip it.

With things slightly calmed down, you take a good look at Sakura. She's wearing a simple dark blue dress with white trim, long white sleeves, and a white flower on her breast. She's also wearing a matching pair of dark blue slip=on flats. Her hair is tied up in two small pigtails and her hairties are adorned with two light blue flowers. "Do these stuffed animals belong to somebody, and is this one of your Clow Cards." You inquire.

"Yes. It's a clow card. It's small and looks like a stuffed animal, but it stole all the stuffed animals from Maki's store and turned into that!" Sakura answers.

"Oh, then it'd be a bad idea to try setting it on fire."

"Don't do that!" Sakura yells at you.

"Don't worry, don't worry." You try calming her down, and notice that Yuuno and Mercury have reached you. Taking a moment, you introduce everyone, "Sakura, Kero, this is Yuuno and Sailor Mercury. Yuuno, Mercury, Sakura and Kero." You quickly think of a plan, "Yuuno, use chain bind to knock that thing over. Once it's on the ground, we'll have more options to seal it."

"Right." The ferret nods and scampers off.

You feel a vague sensation, like a whisper brushing your ear. You look around, but you don't see anything nearby. Looking back at the action, Nanoha is leading the oversized plush toy towards Yuuno. She then sharply peels away and Yuuno calls out, "Chain Anchor!" Four chains made of magical energy emerge from a magic circle floating in front of the ferret. They shoot out towards the kaiju and wrap around its arms and legs. Yuuno pulls back on the chains, but instead of pulling down the not particularly monstrous monster, the chains pull back four regular sized stuffed animals.

"Is that not one giant stuffed animal?" You ask.

"Nuh-uh." Sakura responds, shaking her head. "The Clow Card is as big as a stuffed animal, but it gathered up all the stuffed animals from Maki's store and then it turned into that!"

"Then I've got another idea. Sakura, fly over to Nanoha and the two of you lead it between those two lampposts. Mercury, we'll trip it up with my cane."

The girls nod their assent, and Sakura pulls out a small talisman, "The key which hides powers of the Dark! Show your true form before me! I, Sakura, command you under our contract! RELEASE!" A yellow magic circle appears below Sakura's feet and her talisman grows to its full size as the beaked staff that you've seen her with before. Sakura pulls out a card and hits it with the beak of her staff, "FLY!" The staff grows a large pair of wings from the top, and the young brunette sits on it and flies off, like a witch on a broomstick.

b3c40 No.29839

File: 1498893308327.jpg (92.35 KB, 960x720, Explosion!.jpg)

You watch her fly away, taking a quick peek up her dress as she does so. Turning to Mercury, you say, "Let's go." You jog across the sand pit to reach the light posts that you had indicated earlier. Mercury stands by one, and you stand by the other. While Sakura and Nanoha are trying to get the plush kaiju to turn around and head towards the two of you, you focus your magic into your cane and get a good feel for how much magical energy you need flowing into it to get it to the length that you want. Confident that you know the right rate, you stop and let the cane retract; your magical reserves are still low, and there's no need to waste them while you wait. You tell Mercury, "When it's close, I'll extend my cane. Hold it over your head against the lamp post and we'll try to make that thing trip.

You look back towards the two girls. Nanoha and Sakura are having and easy time flitting in and out of range of the plush toy and dodging it's attacks. Once they have it lined up in the right direction, the Nanoha and Sakura lead it towards you and Mercury. Nanoha is pulling off more acrobatics, but it makes sense seeing that Sakura has to be careful not to fall off of her winged staff.

Once they're close, you start the measured flow of magic into your cane and extend it past Sailor Mercury and the lamp post. Waiting for the monster to get closer, you order, "Now!" You hoist your end of the cane as high as you can. A little later, the bluenette picks up the other end and likewise holds it over her head. Moments later, the stuffed animal monster trips over your cane. It seems to fall over in slow motion, but it's just an illusion because of how big it is. When it hits the ground, its body explodes in a cloud of stuffed animals that rain down in the park.

"Success!" You call out and retract your cane. You run over to the pile of stuffed animals to try to find the culprit. Sailor Mercury, Yuuno, and Kero run (and fly in Kero's case) to the pile of toys as well while Nanoha and Sakura loop around and fly towards the pile, looking at it from above.

b3c40 No.29840

File: 1498893334785.jpg (92.97 KB, 960x720, Jump.jpg)

A pink streak flies out of the pile and lands a short distance away. It's like a mini version of the giant plush monster that had been "terrorizing" the park. It jumps around with incredible speed, and Sakura goes into a dive to try to chase after it.

How do you help Sakura capture this creature?

>Set a trap. [what kind?]

>Chase after it as a group.
>Try to surround it.
>Shoot at it with ranged attacks until it stops moving around so much.
>Leave this to everyone else, and go take a look how the other team is doing.
>This is a waste of time. Go home.

010a3 No.29845

That went much less unpleasantly than I expected, thankfully.

Unless anyone has any particularly better ideas, I'm just gonna toss out the idea of getting everyone to try and herd it into another Chain Bind field and then lock it down. I'm really glad that spell is as OP as it is because it helps out so much for this sort of thing.

54eda No.29847

With out magic reserves low, I agree with this. Use our brains and someone else's magic. Though maybe Mercury's water can either help slow it down or herd it.

c2adf No.29849

Yeah, I'm with you two. But this does raise a question I wanna ask on the discussion thread.

d659d No.29851

That was gonna be my idea, but you went and sniped it. Gonna follow your lead here.

b3c40 No.31256

File: 1501450687310.jpg (61.7 KB, 960x720, 1 Jump!.jpg)

Well, this took almost a month. Lost my muse, found it again, got very busy at work, made a minor scientific breakthrough, found a joy for gardening that I never had before, struggled to get edit a gif into a webm and add sound, and a bunch of other miscelaneous things that sucked up so much time. But, the update is finally here, so lets go.

"Let's herd it in, and have Yuuno chain bind it." You check everyone's faces for any disagreement. Seeing none, you add, "Break!"

You, Mercury, and Kero spread out to run around the pink plush toy, and Yuuno follows shortly behind the three of you. Sakura flies around to get to the other side of the creature while Nanoha brings her arms close to her body and dives at it.

You keep on eye on all the synchronized action happening, and you feel proud of the level of teamwork that's been established. That is the moment that everything starts to go wrong.


The purpose of Nanoha's dive was to restrict the plush creature's choice of actions so it could be more easily herded. Rather than try to dodge, the animated stuffed animal jumps straight at Nanoha. With Raising Heart at her side, the young girl has to roll to not get hit by the Clow Card. Rolling in a dive causes her to lose her orientation and control of her flight. Nanoha almost hits the ground, but pulls out of the dive at the last moment.

Meanwhile, the pink streak flies through the air and collides with Kero in midair. The two of them fall to the ground. You and Mercury close up ranks to block any avenue of retreat for the plush toy. Yuuno wasn't prepared for the opporunity to present itself this soon, but ever a trooper, he quickly calls out, "Chain Bind!"

A magical circle appears in front of Yuuno and four chains of magical energry shoot forth at the spot where the Clow Card had been moments before. The pink stuffed animal had jumped away once more, and Yuuno's chains continue forward and capture Sailor Mercury.

b3c40 No.31257

File: 1501450799538.jpg (66.38 KB, 960x720, 2 Yuuno Blushing.jpg)

Two chains wrap around the bluenette's waist and cinch it even tighter. The other two chains each wrap around her upper thighs, lifting her blue miniskirt high enough to reveal a glimpse of her white leotard underneath. Mercury screams and pushes her skirt back down.

"Ah! I'm sorry! I'm Sorry!" Yuuno furiously apologizes and dissipates the magical chains, freeing the bluenette.

You can see that Sailor Mercury's leotard is a little frayed where the chains had wrapped around her waist, and that Yuuno is blushing so furiously that you can see his cheeks are red despite his fur.

b3c40 No.31258

File: 1501450847408.jpg (100.88 KB, 960x720, 3 Hanging on.jpg)

Sakura dives and yells, "Don't let Jump get away!"

You chase after Jump, but trading altitude for velocity gives Sakura the speed advantage. She flies past you and reaches out to grab the stuffed animal. She's leaning dangerously far to the right, but you're too far away to help. You're about to call out to her to regain her balance, but she manages to get a hold of the Clow Card, and slows down for a landing.

You breath a sigh of relief too soon. The pink plush hits the ground, and jumps again. Sakura's grip is solid enough to hold onto it, but it yanks her free of her winged staff. The staff falls uselessly to the ground, and Sakura hangs on for dear life as she's pulled high into the air by the stuffed animal.

On the ground, you're powerless to do anything other than watch as the girl leaves the ground behind. Nanoha flies after her, and you watch to see what happens next.

b3c40 No.31259

File: 1501450879164.jpg (137.08 KB, 960x720, 4 Falling.jpg)

At the apex of its jump, Jump uses Sakura's head as a springboard and jumps again, tearing itself free of Sakura's grasp, and causing Sakura to enter a freefall. The girl starts to panic, but soon calms down and reaches for her key. However, she realizes that she didn't put her staff away back to its key form, but rather left it behind on the ground, and she starts panicking again.

b3c40 No.31260

File: 1501450908442.png (1.12 MB, 858x779, 5 Nanoha and Sakura.png)

Fortunately for Sakura, Nanoha reaches her and matches speed with the falling girl. The two elementary school girls hug tightly in midair, and Nanoha slows their fall into a controlled glide.

While the duo is making its way to solid ground, Jump is also coming in for its landing. Yuuno once more steps up to the challenge and calls out, "Chain Bind times four!" Four magic circles in a diamond pattern appear in front of him and each of them shoots out four chains of magical energy in the general area of the falling Clow Card. What he couldn't do with precision, he manages to pull off through sheer quantity. One of the chains manages to hit the pink stuffed animal and wrap itself around it. However, a single chain is not enough to restrict the cards movements. As soon as the animated stuffed animal hits solid ground, it leaps again to the side, trying to break free.

b3c40 No.31261

File: 1501450938051.png (335.29 KB, 552x365, 6 Knocked out.png)

Yuuno dissipates the fifteen chains that missed and focuses on keeping the one chain that connected latched onto the Clow Card. He's able to hold his ground, forcing the stuffed animal into a circular path around him. The plush's trajectory brings the chain up against a lamppost and Jump is jerked violently to the side on a new trajectory. Its momentum causes it to spin faster and faster around the pole until it hits the lamppost, and is knocked unconscious. It then slowly unravels until Jump comes to a rest on the ground.

b3c40 No.31262

File: 1501450962231.jpg (118.97 KB, 960x720, 7 Sealing.jpg)

Nanoha and Sakura land near Sakura's staff, and the girl picks it up. She runs over the unmoving stuffed animal and calls out, "Return to the form you originally came from, CLOW CARD!" She taps the beak of her staff against the stuffed animal, and like with illusion previously, a blank card appears in the air, and Jump is sucked into it.

The card falls into Sakura's hand and Kero flies over to her. "Well done, Sakura." He commends. The to look at the sealed Jump card and Kero comments, "This guy is aggressive, but also stupid.

"Really?" Sakura asks.

Out of the bushes a dark haired girl with an older model video camera comes out. "Good job Sakura!" Tomoyo praises, "But now comes the hard part."


Tomoyo lowers the camera and answers, "We have to return the plush toys back to Maki's shop."

The two of them look at the stuffed animals strewn in the park and clearly aren't eager for the task at hand.

"Don't worry," Nanoha chimes in. "We'll help you."

"Of course." Sailor Mercury adds.

What do you do?
>Of course you'll help them out. Its an opportunity to talk to get to know everyone a little better.
>Really you should check in on Sailor Moon and the Cures.
>Your work here is done. Time to head home.
>Write-in [what?]

0dce8 No.31265

I'd love for us to stick around, but Sailor Moon and the Cures may need our help, so…

d9899 No.31272

I fucking knew before I even clicked it was gonna be Yackety Sax. Because of course it would.

I'm mildly torn on this one. The gentleman in me wants to agree to help and thus earn points with these three plus Tomoyo, whom we really should consider trying to make up with after the camera debacle as I'm pretty sure she's one of the "bonus" girls Moe mentioned at one point, but helping with the boring parts that happen after the battle is over kind of goes against Tuxedo Kamen's entire MO. Let's spin it as… having an odd feeling about how Sailor Moon is doing, and heading off to make sure they're okay. Not necessarily a lie, but it doesn't look quite so much like we're just ducking out of helping out like this.

b3c40 No.31276

>I fucking knew before I even clicked it was gonna be Yackety Sax. Because of course it would.

It's only fitting since the whole fight with Jump was supposed to be as much of a joke as it was in the anime (CCS episode 5).

Kero sums it up perfectly.

>"This guy is aggressive, but also stupid."

7e76e No.31281

That "whisper" concerns me. Have Tuxie express his regrets that he can't stay and help, but he needs to check on Sailor Moon and the Cures. Sakura, Tomoyo, and Nanoha are good-hearted kids; they could well understand the need to check on their comrades. And if Yuuno uses his chains to carry some of the animals, that'd make the task easier.

Not to mention, Sailor Mercury will naturally be concerned about her new friend Moon, so if she can't personally go, then Tuxie's the next best option.

54eda No.31296

While it would be nice to help Sailor Moon and the Cures, our magic is dangerously low. Helping with mundane tasks does just as much, if not more, to help us get closer to girls. And helping Mercury will indirectly help us with the other Sailor scouts.

I say option 1.

3a46b No.31414

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much recently. I found a link buried somewhere in this site that took me to a Discord channel for a preg-fetish themed tabletop RPG called Maiesta, so I've been kinda there recently.
Anyway, I'm voting with Shadow's idea. Helping Mercury could help the Senshi indirectly. And Tuxedo Mask's whole shtick of being just barely helpful at only the most critical moment is…well, honestly, it's long gone. And I'm fine with that.

b3c40 No.31479

File: 1502067525973.jpg (67.96 KB, 640x480, Chokehold.jpg)

3-2 to help Sailor Moon.

Your torn on whether to stick around and help the girls carry the plush toys back to Maki's shop, or go check on Sailor Moon. In the end, you decide that helping out Sailor Moon and the Cures is more important than helping the girls and possibly improving your standing with Tomoyo.

"Ladies." You announce, "I'll leave the cleanup to you. I'll check in on Sailor Moon and Cure White and Black, and see if they don't require assistance." Without giving them a chance to respond, you run off in the direction of the shopping center.

You reach the shopping center, but there's no sign of the girls. You look around for any clues as to their whereabouts, and your ears are assaulted by a painful scream that's cut off by a croaking sound. It came from behind the building, in the extended parking lot. Such an ear-piercing wail could only belong to Sailor Moon. Her scream fills you with urgency and you map out the fastest way to get to the back of the building. You get a running start, jump onto the metal housing of a trash can, leap towards an overhead lamp, grab it, swing up, and land on a crouch on top of it. Careful not to lose your balance, you jump onto the roof of the store and run to the back edge.

From your vantage point you have a clear view of the battlefield. A shared parking lot stretches from the back of this building, to the back of the next one. In the center of the parking lot is a large, bluish-purple, humanoid, iguana monster. She's holding the blonde heroine by the neck with her thick tail. Sailor Moon is struggling to free herself, unable to make a sound with the constriction around her neck.

Standing off against the monster are Cure Black and Cure White, the latter of which is still in her damaged outfit. You can only imagine that the monster has threatened to kill Sailor Moon if the girls move. That would at least explain why they aren't trying to fight the monster. Behind the Cures are the broken remains of a door; the back entrance to the pet shop you deduce. A group of people are peeking around the edges of the door frame to see the fight. One of the spectators has his flip phone open and pointed at the action.

What do you do?
>Rose the monster and hope it lets go of Sailor Moon.
>Jump down and sneak closer to the fight.
>Try to scare the spectators away with a rose.
>Write-in [what?]

d9899 No.31485

So, looking back through canon, Sailor Moon more or less has this fight without us. Luna will give her the necessary advice to ace the youma from where she is right now and we won't really need to even do anything. If we attack the youma now, that changes and this fight gets a lot messier.

The audience isn't that big of a deal either, since we're still at the level of "magical girl incidents are urban legends" as far as general awareness of things. Having a couple people who are aware of this are annoying, and maybe we should figure out who it is that has that phone so we can smash it later, but for the current moment of the fight, they aren't worth worrying about. And honestly, if the person with the phone turns out to be Shingo, I'm gonna say fuck it let the kid have a recording of his big sis in action.

So I'm just gonna say prep a rose in case things start to turn sour but otherwise continue observing from the overwatch point we've got right now. If Sailor Moon REALLY needs help we can jump in and fucking annihilate that monster, but for now we're better off staying back and letting Moon gain some levels on her own.

7e76e No.31495

Rose the phone and startle the spectators into running. For one, they'll be safer if they "de-ass the area with a quickness," as an explosives expert on "MythBusters" so eloquently put it.

For another, I wouldn't wanna take the chance that someone was getting panty photos of Sailor Moon if she were my prospective lady, and I don't think Tuxie would be too keen on that idea either. When it comes to this game, he could well be taking the Dark Schneider approach: His ladies are HIS, and he doesn't share easily.

d9899 No.31497

And now we should make dropping Megadeth on someone as our new goal in life.

I'm not necessarily against clearing the crowd out, but it worked out a little for Usagi and her brother that they talked after the battle in canon, which might not happen if we scare everyone off. And we can always keep track of who has the phone and jump them later.

7e76e No.31498

[high-fives you for getting the old-school manga/anime reference]

54eda No.31503

You are officially awesome in my book for using that quote. So many good lines from that show.

Let's jump down and sneak in closer. We don't have to act yet, just be close enough to in case we're needed.

fb73b No.31509

Ah Bastard!, that was a fun anime.

Anyways, I vote for sneaking closer in case things go off the rails like they have the last few times.

7e76e No.31515

[high-fives you as well]

b3c40 No.31516

All this talk about Bastard! got me to download the show yesterday. Skimmed through the first three episodes. I like what I see so far. I need to watch this at some point with all of that spare time that I don't have.

32a0b No.31517

It's a wild ride of insanity. The anime is kinda on the short side, but the manga goes on for a lot longer.

b3c40 No.31560

File: 1502320034770.jpg (65.58 KB, 640x480, Iguara defeated.jpg)

Stealthily moving closer wins.

Every instinct tells you to leap in and help the girl, but a coldly rational part of your mind tells you to stay put. Sailor Moon will never live up to her full potential if you always save her bacon. She needs to win this by herself and gain the confidence that she needs to face the challenges that you are sure will face her in the future. Nonetheless, you still stealthily drop to the ground, and sneak sneak closer to the action, ready to jump in when and if the situation worsens.

A voice from the darkness calls out and almost scares you out of your hiding spot behind the row of cars, "That youma's weak point is at the base of its tail!" You stick your head up and look around find the source of the voice. You spot Luna standing on the roof of a car. Tricky cat was blending in in the darkness.

Sailor Moon struggles to grab her tiara and she limply flings it at the base of the lizard's tail. The glowing and spinning tiara embeds itself in the monster's tail, but doesn't cut through completely. Still, the monster drops Sailor Moon and howls in pain. The blonde girl hits the pavement hard, and Cures White and Black spring into action.

"Now!" Black calls out.
"Black Thunder!"
"White Thunder! Our beautiful souls…"
"Shall crush your evil heart!"

Together they shout, "PreCure Marble Screw!" The two girls are struck by color coded lighting during the first part of the chant, and then they fire a black and white spiral beam of death at the lizard creature. It shouts in agony and then turns to dust from the magical blast.

b3c40 No.31561

File: 1502320058814.jpg (57.54 KB, 640x480, Sailor V fan.jpg)

Sailor Moon doesn't appear to be moving, and her tiara is sticking out of the pile of dust which is all that remains of the youma. The Cures give each other a high five, and White sees the onlookers. The bluenette remembers the tattered state of her clothes and tries to hide behind Cure Black. Most of the onlookers stay behind the door frame, but one of them dashes forward, a younger kid with light brown hair and a pad of paper and a pen in his hand. He calls out, "Sailor V! Sailor V!"

b3c40 No.31562

File: 1502320237669.jpg (34.54 KB, 640x480, Sailor V.jpg)

You grumble at the mention of Sailor V. She had foiled several of your earlier attempts at robbing jewelry stores, which is why you're now in the habit of scanning for the Silver Crystal as soon as you enter a jewelry store instead of grabbing the jewels to sort through later.

What do you do now?
>Keep watching.
>Take your leave since no one has seen you.
>Sailor Moon needs heals, heal her.
>Cure White needs some cover, give her the cape again.
>Intercept the kid and send him back to the store.
>Scare away the onlookers
>Rope Cure Black into helping.[do what?]
>Write-in. [what?]
>Mix and match.

7e76e No.31563

Hoo boy. We should've asked Mercury to come with us. She could provide some cover for a getaway. [facepalms]

Well, shikata ga nai. Motion to Cure Black to follow your lead, stand in front of Moon and White with Black to somewhat preserve their modesty, and do something to scare off the onlookers. Maybe say there may be other youma around, and it's best if everyone clears out. If they don't comply, throw a La Smoking Bomber onto the street to create a flash-bang effect and get 'em gone. That's my vote.

b3c40 No.31564

Just to clarify, that's a memory of Sailor V that Tuxedo Kamen just had, not her actually being present. Shingo is confusing Sailor Moon for Sailor V.

d9899 No.31566

So to clarify, the onlooker with the phone is definitely not Shingo, correct?

b3c40 No.31567


Shingo is running forward to get an autograph, from the girl he thinks is Sailor V.

Nameless NPC #453 is busy getting 300x225 pictures of the action.

d9899 No.31584

That's what I thought. Alright, let's fuck up that phone while the girls are distracted and clear out the crowd. Either tossing a rose at it as we approach or just jumping in and breaking the thing with our hands before holding up the crowd and telling them "The Show's Over"

54eda No.31603

Jump in, toss our cape to white, and shoo the crowd. Not safe, go home, etc.

b3c40 No.31690

File: 1502592306503.jpg (67.42 KB, 640x480, Luna Victory.jpg)

Only three replies, and all of them slightly different, but I hope I've blended the votes satisfactorily.

Taking stock of the situation you know what you need to do. Cure White's modesty must be preserved, that cell phone must be destroyed, and all the onlookers need to be scared away. With that settled, you jump out from behind the row of cars into the central lane. In the air, you unfasten the left button of your cape, and once you land, you sprint towards the girls while undoing the right button as well.

The brown haired boy points at you and yells, "Watch out!"

Sailor Moon stirs, and both Cures turn around to see what the boy is pointing at. "Tuxedo Kame-" Cure White starts to call out, upon seeing you, but you interrupt her by throwing your cape at her as you leap over Sailor Moon's prone body.

You land next to Cure Black and quickly order, "Help me block the view." While she gets next to you to form a wall and keep Cure White and Sailor Moon out of sight of the onlookers, you pull out a rose and throw it at the offending cell phone pointed in your direction. With your target stationary, it's an easy hit and you smile in satisfaction as the flip phone breaks into several pieces. The heads all disappear back behind the door frame. "Everyone get out of here!" You bellow in a commanding tone. "It's not safe. There might still be more monsters. Everyone go home, now!"

The boy is frozen in place, but finally gathers the courage to speak up. "Sailor V! Can I get your autograph?" His knees are trembling, and he's looking at you, clearly intimidated by your towering presence. "I'm a huge fan!"

"She's not Sailor V." You inform the kid. "Now go ho-"

"I'm not Sailor V! I'm Sailor Moon!" The blonde girl proclaims angrily. Being chocked by an iguana monster's tail hasn't managed to cause any problems with her voice at least.

"Well, you're cute too." He blurts out, before even realizing what he said. For a moment, you think he might run away, but he continues, "So, can I please have your autograph?"

"Hey!" Cure Black interrupts. "Aren't I cute too?"

"Of course you are Miss!" He replies, his resolve clearly reaching its limits. Mumbling he adds, "But she's blonde."

You have to hand it to the kid. He may be young, but he knows what he wants.

Cure Black quietly grumbles, "Hmph. Why is it that only girls notice me?"

You hear your cape rustling behind you, but you don't turn around to investigate. While you have to admire the kids courage, it's time for you to send him away.

"I have to ask you to do something, Shingo." Sailor Moon states from the ground behind you.

"Huh? How do you know my name?"

"I know everything. I want you to be nice to a cat near you named Luna. That black cat is certain to lead you to happiness."

"OK! Anything you ask!"

Double checking that no one is still looking at you from the back door of the store, you step up to Shingo and turn him around. "Sailor Moon needs to recover from her fight. Get going. Maybe you'll get an autograph next time if you're good to that cat."

With fears assuaged he waves back to Sailor Moon. "Bye Sailor Moon. I'll get your autograph next time!"

You watch him leave and breathe a sigh of relief. At the same time, you notice something missing. In the hallway behind the broken door, the scattered pieces of the flip phone are gone. It's owner must have scooped them up while running away. With nothing you can do about it right now, you turn back to face Sailor Moon.

Cure Black is to your left, a frown still on her face. Cure White is in front of her, fidgeting under you black cape. Sailor Moon is still on the ground, but she's spread her arms wide, her eyes are open, and she sighs. You notice that her pink choker is gone, as is the blue sailor collar. Her shoulder pieces are frayed, but otherwise intact.

What do you do?
>Take your leave. [Take the cape back or leave it]
>Tease/flirt/joke with Cure Black about what she said that only girls notice her. [Positive tone, or negative tone. Any specific lines?]
>Help Cure White with the cape. [Give her the fastening chain, put it on for her. Do you say anything to her about there being other people that saw her in her state of undress?]
>See if Sailor Moon is OK or needs healing, help her up.
>Anything you want to say to any of the girls or Luna? [what]
>Do you rope them in to help carry the stuffed animals back?
>write-in [what?]

b9042 No.31695

Hmm, I'd say help White fasten the Thain on the cape, then see about convincing them to help with the stuffed animal cleanup.

b9042 No.31696


54eda No.31727

So many girls, so many hearts to juggle.

Help Sailor Moon up (who is clearly looking for it), and give Black a positive comment (either along the lines of how we like the attention of girls, and/or how we like looking at a girl that is cute and kick ass) I could use help with that line though… I call upon my fellow horsemen!

d9899 No.31734

Partial mix of the two votes here. The line Shadow is looking for is "I notice you."

We don't want to say anything TOO romantic or flirty at the moment because everyone's attention is on us, and thus everything we do is going to affect the four girls present (Luna's here too, don't forget) and their perceptions of us, whether we have the God Text from the Telltale Batman game to tell us so or not. So we have to break it down ourselves.

Moon's already having jealousy issues and being too forward with any of the other girls in her presence before she learns to share will just make things more difficult for us in the longer run. But at the same time, giving Black some positive hints that she's wrong about not being noticed, or at least that we notice her ourselves, is definitely the right move. And we also have to be somewhat careful to balance White as well, as focusing on one Cure over the other, even though we definitely have more points with Honoka at the moment, would cause us to lose some of those points with the one we don't pay attention to and fuck that nonsense. I'm going for a harem route here, not some bullshit focus only on one girl at a time playthrough.

So we compromise a little. Give Nagisa that line, then before she has time to start blushing or otherwise reacting, turn to Honoka and give her a quick pointer on how to fasten the cape. Don't do it for her, or we'll spend long enough on it that Usagi will start to get jealous and probably stand up on her own, which will cost us with her. So once we talk to both Cures, turn and help Sailor Moon up because she most definitely wants us to help with that. And while we're at it, we should tell Luna good job on spotting the youma's weakpoint. None of the support team aside from Yuuno really like us right now and we need to try and start working on fixing that, and I say start with the kitty that's right in front of us.

Ideally, I'd like us to end up having one-on-one time with basically everyone we need to work up points with. The support crowd are perfect examples of this, Luna especially, in that the best way for us to end up changing their general opinions of us to a more favorable light is to end up alone with them for some reason during an episode and let them see for themselves that we're not a bad guy, we're just… not doing things the same way they are.

Also, I don't think we should try and get them to help with the stuffed animals. Maybe mention that everything seemed okay when we left everyone in the park, but trying to rope them into helping at this stage just feels like a jerk thing for us to do, given these three are probably the most exhausted at this point.

And besides, we'd be expected to help as well, and as I've previously noted in the past, helping with the mundane stuff at this stage of the game goes wildly against Kamen's current personality and MO. While we as the players agree that "The Crystal is my only concern" is a flawed mentality and we've discarded it, in character he does still prioritize finding the crystal and his memories as his main motivation for a lot of things, as evidenced by that little Sailor V memory flash. And while we ourselves care what happens to any of these girls and want to jump in to help when they get in over their heads, a good chunk of his motivation for doing so beyond player agency is because he wants to knock up some magical girls. That's a mentality that hasn't shifted very far from our first night on the job, and it's not going to do so for probably a good while. Once he's started to reach the point where he focuses more on helping the girls out than fulfilling his own agenda, even if he doesn't openly realize his own shift in mentality, we can be a nicer guy overtly and do stuff like help with stuffed animals or, I dunno, do shit like study group with the Senshi or something. And there's always a good chance that said mentality will involve Mamoru, and where our attitude will start to fall once the two of them stop being these two segmented fragments of a psyche bouncing back and forth and start being a coherent mind and personality.

tl;dr version of all this, Tell Black "I notice you.", Tell White how to fasten the cape on her, Help Moon to her feet, Tell Luna she did a great job, and Don't try and talk them into going to help with the park.

a62ae No.31739

Fair. I'll back this.

e3ba0 No.31765

As will I. I'm not quite as sold on the disconnect between his personality and the players' desires, though.

7e76e No.31772

I'll back this too, but I'd like to make an exception and have Tuxie ask if anyone has any energy left, and if they'd be willing to help with the plushie cleanup. We need ways to get the gals to bond, even if it's over tedious tasks, so they'll get along and be more willing to share Tuxie in the future.

54eda No.31773

Wow, my call actually worked.

A very enlightened and thoughtful reply. I applaud my fellow horseman.

d9899 No.31780

Ah, you guys knew I was due for another long rambling introspective. And besides, a short line is always better than a long sentence.

Once Moe stops opening the Kamen segments by mentioning the voice telling us to find the Crystal, I'll believe our priorities have shifted. Until then, I still see all the meddling he does as our doing rather than his own.

b3c40 No.31785

>So many girls, so many hearts to juggle.
If it's too many, I can always lock some girls out of the running. But that would be a dick move, even for me.

>I'm going for a harem route here, not some bullshit focus only on one girl at a time playthrough.
You damn well better be. A. I'm not running this game enough times for you to unlock a harem route in the way you would in a VN (finish every girl's story on separate playthroughs.) B. If you weren't I'd have to go find a new set of players.

Also, I see you're back in the groove of things and getting everyone to go with your idea.

We've got the main 5 votes. I'ma start writin'.

b3c40 No.31823

File: 1502826140185.png (723.49 KB, 712x480, Surprised Cure Black.png)


Offhandedly you comment to Cure Black, "Don't worry, it's not JUST girls that have noticed you." While she's trying to process what you just said, you pull out the chain that you've been using to secure the the cape from your pocket. Stepping past the surprised ginger heroine, you hand her bluenette partner the gold chain and advise, "You might want to clip this on to free your hands."

b3c40 No.31824

File: 1502826168152.jpg (42.78 KB, 570x570, Gold chain.jpg)

Cure White is holding both ends of your cape with her hands, and accepting the gold chain from you causes her to open the cape and reveal her damaged uniform. You can see her breathing quicken by her chest rising and falling faster. She opens her mouth, you assume to thank you, but quickly bites her lower lip and not a sound escapes her. You drop the chain in her outstretched hand and give her a knowing wink. "You've seen me put it on, so you know where it goes."

"Mhm." She replies with a nod, still not opening her mouth."

b3c40 No.31825

File: 1502826225333.jpg (62.49 KB, 640x480, Hand up.jpg)

With Luna and the other girls this close to you, you dare not look down and take a peek at the goods that Cure White is showing off, but you nonetheless appreciate her gesture. You turn around to face Sailor Moon. The blonde girl still hasn't made any action to stand up, and she has a dreamy, spaced-out, look on her face. You lower yourself, almost taking a knee, and hold out your right hand to the girl. "Sailor Moon, could I offer you a hand up?"

The blonde heroine jumps as her thoughts are yanked back to the present. "I, um, yes?" She places her right hand in yours.

With a firm grip on her hand, you stand up, pulling her up along with you. You don't need to look around you to know that Luna is most certainly glaring at you. So, without shifting your gaze away from Sailor Moon, you call out, "Oh, and Luna, good job finding the youma's weak-point. This would have been a much harder fight otherwise."

The black cat tries to 'harumph', but it comes out as more of a squeak. "I only did it to help Sailor Moon."

Sailor Moon turns around and beams at Luna, "Thank you, Luna."

"Ahh, you're welcome." She replies, flustered, "But you need to be more aware of your surroundings. I won't always be able to help you like that. You'll need to learn to fight on your own."

Sailor Moon frowns, "But now we have Ami, and Tuxedo Kamen, and everyone else, so I won't have to fight alone."

What do you do/say?
>Chime in in Sailor Moon's defense, she's still new to this.
>Agree with Luna, being part of a team means that everyone has to carry their own weight, and not depend on others.
>Take your leave.
>Sneak off with one/both of the Cures. [which one and how?]
>Write-in [what?]

eaed6 No.31832

I have something for this, but I want to write it out when I'm not on lunch break. Basic vote is basically agreeing with Luna but being nice about how we word it, though. I'll elaborate later tonight.

7e76e No.31845

Agree with Luna, but tactfully. Also remind Moon that her teammates might not always be with her, so she needs to respectfully listen to Luna's lessons about how to become an effective fighter. Then add something like "And then soon, you'll be doing the rescuing." (Maybe that should be said in a way that implies Tuxie likes strong, resourceful women?)

0dce8 No.31854

Sick and fuzzy headed so I'll wait until Midnight has done their write-up before voting.

d9899 No.31856

Fem's got the right idea for what I was going for, both in the way of doing it and how to provide the motivation.

Usagi's biggest flaw as a character, especially during the early stages, is that she's not so much lazy but unmotivated. If it's something she wants, she'll go to outlandish lengths to get it, but if it's something she doesn't care about, good fucking luck getting her to pay attention for longer than a few minutes.

Luna's problem is that she's pretty much the walking embodiment of all the stress and seriousness of the situation she's in as the mentor figure for the Senshi and their mission to find the princess, recover the Crystal, and beat the Dark Kingdom… a sitution that Usagi just does not fucking care about unless it's right in front of her at the time. As a result, her attempts to make Usagi get with the program usually result in a lot of yelling that gets blown off in record time and just causes bad vibes all around. She has the right idea, but her teaching methods don't work because the student in question is unmotivated to learn and she's too stubborn to figure out ways around that, at least in the early stages. They start to gel together more as time goes on, but for the first little while, it's rough going.

For all the bitching, however, Luna's right about things a good 90% of the time, especially in matters of a more general nature beyond the scheme of the week. Usagi does need to get her butt in gear whether she realizes it or not, but unfortunately for the kitty, she's not the one who can teach her that lesson.

We, however, have her wrapped around our finger. Remember that thing about Usagi and motivation? WE are her motivation. Forget sleeping with her whenever we wanted, we could probably talk her into jumping off a bridge if we smiled and said we'd catch her when she fell. In canon, Kamen generally never used this beyond the occasional sentence or three of a pep talk (sometimes ineffectively) but since we're smarter than canon, we can turn this around in our favor. So if she's gonna soak up every word we say, let's start building her up. Starting with the error she just made that we really do need to correct.

I'm just gonna freewheel here a bit with this, so don't mind me if it's a bit over the top. We might not even get a full sentence out before someone else interrupts. I assume she'll try and chirp in a little between line breaks, but given her personality, I don't expect the objections to amount to much.

"Actually, Luna's right. Sailor Moon, were Sailor Mercury or I able to aid you in that battle just now? Or Cure White or Cure Black?"

"No, we were not. I only arrived at the very end of the battle. Had Luna not told you where to aim, that youma would've killed you long before I or anyone else could have come to your aid. What would have happened had Luna not seen the monster's weakpoint? What would you have done then?"

"We are able to help you, that's true, but you must still be able to defend yourself if another situation like this arises. If you get caught by an enemy with no one else around to help you, the only one who will be able to save you is yourself. If you're not ready for that, you're going to get killed."

"So take Luna's advice, and learn to fight on your own. You need to get stronger, for the sake not only of protecting yourself, but for protecting everyone else as well. A team is only as strong as their weakest member. How would you feel if you were constantly being held back by a teammate who didn't pull their own weight in battle?"

"You have it in you to become much stronger than you are right now, you just need to reach that potential. I certainly believe you can. Who knows? You might even become good enough to pull me out of a tight spot some time. Heaven knows I've found myself in enough of them, so wouldn't that be something? I know I would certainly be grateful if that were to happen."

(I threw that part in just to give her a little fantasy to latch on to. Motivation!)

"So do your best to become stronger, and listen to Luna's advice on the matter. She clearly knows what she's doing. Isn't that right, Luna?"

b3c40 No.31860

>pull their own weight
Abridged Sailor Moon: I'm not fat! I'm big boned! I'll go drown my sorrows in ice cream.

I can hear that in Megami33's voice. I've got SMA on the brain. Speaking of Sailor Moon Abridged, it's turning 10 years old in two weeks.

7e76e No.31861


0dce8 No.31875

Wow, and I thought your last write-up was long. Still, it's very convincing though I hope Usage doesn't mind getting speached at. You've got my vote at least.

Wow, has it been that long?

16670 No.31877

Yeah, if More condenses Blue's speech, I'd vote for it 100%.
As is, it's more like 90%.

d9899 No.31883

-Takes a bow-

I am Midnight Blue, the fuckmothering Horseman of Tuxedo Kamen. I built a lot of harems and nailed a lot of girls to get this title and I have the skills to back it up.

My massive ego aside, like I said at the start of that bit I didn't expect Moe to use the whole thing. Would be nice, but then he'd be out of a job writing for Kamen if that sort of thing kept up.

54eda No.31884

Well, a little ego stroking does no harm. Did you study psychology? Because you nailed the breakdowns of the characters and how to motivate them really well. Not to mention that backing up Luna will help us out in the long run.

If it weren't abundantly clear, I'm down with this.

2d878 No.31897

This probably isn't a surprise to hear, but I hang out on roleplay boards. I'm good at understanding characters and dialogue as a result.

b3c40 No.31973

File: 1503105818434.png (1.4 MB, 1600x870, sailor_moon_s__face_sad__b….png)

Blue to the rescue.

As much as the cat is the physical embodiment of a cockblock, she is correct in this case. Sailor Moon isn't taking this superheroine business seriously. She's relying too much on other people to save her bacon. You chime in, "Actually, Luna's right. Sailor Moon, were Sailor Mercury or I able to aid you in that battle just now? Or Cure White or Cure Black?"

"They were tryi…"

"No, we were not. I only arrived at the very end of the battle. Had Luna not told you where to aim, that youma would've killed you long before I or anyone else could have come to your aid. What would have happened had Luna not seen the monster's weakpoint? What would you have done then?"

Sailor Moon's eyes start to get glassy and she lowers her head in shame as your words manage to break through her care-free facade. What Luna couldn't accomplish through nagging, you've managed to accomplish through sheer bluntness. Although to be fair, the key difference was the messenger, and not the delivery of the message. You stroke her blonde hair and and continue, "We are able to help you, that's true, but you must still be able to defend yourself if another situation like this arises. If you get caught by an enemy with no one else around to help you, the only one who will be able to save you is yourself. If you're not ready for that, you're going to get killed."

Sniffling, she looks up at you with red eyes barely holding back a flood of tears, "But I…"

You soften your expression as much as you can, she's exposed and emotionally vulnerable, so you proceed far more gently, "So take Luna's advice, and learn to fight on your own. You need to get stronger, not just for your own sake, but for protecting everyone else as well. We're a team now, but a team is only as strong as the weakest member. We all have our weaknesses, but not trying is a self-inflicted weakness. You have it in you to become much stronger than you are right now, you just need to reach that potential. I certainly believe you can. Who knows? Maybe some day, I'll need you to pull me out of a tight spot. Heaven knows I've found myself in enough of them. I know I would certainly be grateful if that were to happen."

The girl is looking up at you. Her tear-filled eyes broadcast her emotions, shame at being chastised, determination to improve herself, and a not particularly small amount of teenage lust from being so physically close to you. If you weren't surrounded by a cat that would scratch you without a second thought, and two girls that you haven't yet convinced about the joys of sharing you with other girls, you'd lean down and kiss her. Unfortunately, you continue instead, "So do your best to become stronger, and listen to Luna's advice on the matter. She clearly knows what she's doing. Isn't that right, Luna?"

The black cat looks at you like a deer in headlights. "Y-Yes." She stammers, "Yes, I know what I'm doing."

Before you're able to say anything about how unconvincing Luna just was, Cure Black jumps in, "Then we need to practice!"

You and Luna both turn to look at Black and ask, "What?"

"You know. Practice." She explains, not understanding why the two of you are unclear about such a simple concept. "Like in lacrosse, we practice playing so that when we have a competition, we know what to do."

"It's a good idea." You answer. "I just hadn't considered it." You glance at Cure White and see that she's barely containing her giggles.

"Yes. It's a very good idea." Luna adds, audibly displeased at having to agree with you. "It'll be good for you and Sailor Mercury to practice together with Cure Black and Cure White, and maybe the other girls too."

Her eyes still red from crying, but any hint of sadness gone from her voice, she cheerfully hugs your right arm and says, "Then we can all meet at the arcade! You'll be there too, right Tuxedo Kamen?"

With all the blank spots in your memory, you can't promise anything, in fact, for a daytime meeting, you can almost certainly promise to not make it. How do you proceed?

>Say you're unable to do so.

>Say that they should practice without you first.
>Say something else. [what?]

>Take your leave.
>Let them know where the other team is.
>Start up another topic of conversation [what?]
>Try to isolate one of the girls. [which one?]
>Something else. [what?]

7e76e No.31975

Say they should practice without him first, then tell them where Team Mercury is and ask if anyone has the energy to help with the cleanup. Like I said, if the girls can trade mahou-shoujo info and bond, even over tedious stuff, they'll be on good terms with each other (maybe even start getting some girl-crushes) and be more willing to share. Hopefully.

d9899 No.31978

>Blue to the rescue.

-Takes another bow-

Now if only I could get more people to recognize my genius in real life.

Bit of a combination here. We'll admit that our daytime schedule is… tricky to maneuver at best, and we won't make a promise to them that we can't keep. Make sure we say that part, because it softens the blow. Usagi'll still be down about it, but at least we're saying it in a way that doesn't sound like we're outright telling her no because we don't want to be there. Definitely tell them they should practice regardless, since the more they work together the better they will actually be at crunch time. And the sharing thing as well, but I'm looking more at the combat side of the long game this time.

After letting her down, yeah, let's go ahead and point them towards the others and then take our leave, since we're out of stuff going on tonight unless we run into a chance encounter with a new character on the way home. I'd love to leave them some kind of forward notice about avoiding the buses for awhile, but it was Mamoru that saw the bus disappear, not Kamen. I checked to make sure, and it was gone before Kamen woke up.

Man, we should consider writing notes to ourselves.

3a46b No.31992

Man, Blue keeps getting to the votes first…but anyway, I don't see anything wrong with that option. I'll cast my lot alongside it.
(I was honestly trying to figure out how we'd make the "no" sound more like a "maybe". I really need to stop doing this so late…)

0dce8 No.32007

Yeah, say that any schedules during the day you probably wouldn't make, but if they have any practices during the evening or night we'd try our best to make it to them.

b3c40 No.32027

File: 1503178525974.jpg (88.98 KB, 498x600, Tuxedo.Kamen.600.436891.jpg)

In a serious tone, you tell Sailor Moon, "I won't make a promise I can't keep. My daytime schedule is troublesome to say the least. As much as I'd like to join you, I doubt I will be able to make it."

Sailor Moon 'aww's in disappointment, and rests her head against your upper arm.

You continue, "But if there's a practice session in the evening, I'll do my best to attend." You make eye contact with everyone present, even Luna. "The other girls and Yuuno are helping Sakura and Kero clean up after the monster. If any of you have the energy to help them, they should be going back and forth between the park and a stuffed animal shop nearby. But with that, I must take my leave." You stroke Sailor Moon's blonde locks with your free hand and tell her, "You have to let go. We'll see each other soon enough."

Sailor Moon reluctantly does so, and you wink in the direction of both Cures, leaving it ambiguous as to which one it was directed at. "Goodbye ladies. Until next time." Then, you run off into the darkness. Shortly after reaching the sidewalk and rounding the corner of the building, the omnipresent warm glow disappears, and from behind you, you hear a loud cry of "Usagi!"

You gather that Sailor Moon detransformed, and Luna wasn't too happy about that. Regardless, you move on, leaving them to arrange their practice session, or go and help Sailor Mercury's group. Running down the dark streets, the darkness overwhelms you.

End of Episode 3.
Stat sheet as of episode 3: https://pastebin.com/bxVD59qH

Vote on an Omake:

Omake for episode 1 and 2 was done earlier this episode.

Episode 3:
The scent of battle
Feuer frei
Douse yourself in water and repent

54eda No.32031

Sheesh, I have to go help with something and I miss the vote. Oh well, not the biggest vote to miss on, and I still get to put in for the omake.

"Douse yourself in water and repent" sounds fun.

b3c40 No.32032

File: 1503196172736.png (21.73 KB, 827x812, Flowchart after episode 3.png)

>Sheesh, I have to go help with something and I miss the vote
Yeah, it was up for less than 24 hours, but we already had a consensus built up, and I was eager to end the episode.

For those of you that are curious, here's the flowchart updated as of the end of Episode 3. Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are labeled as such. The blue circles are the options that you have unlocked for episode 4, two from earlier, one newly unlocked, but we'll get into that once we start up episode 4. The yellow circles are episodes that are technically unlocked on the flowchart, but only appear that way because I haven't decided where exactly I want them in the story.

d9899 No.32034

And going to reiterate the previous request to lower the difficulty by about 0.2 on this episode thing by either giving us hints which way goes where or just throwing out some God Text in the vote because Serenity knows we really need to stop running facefirst into Precure plots if we're going to get somewhere with the others.

As for the omake… fuck it, none of these ring a bell. Douse yourself.

b3c40 No.32039

>we really need to stop running facefirst into Precure plots if we're going to get somewhere with the others.
It may seems like there's a lot of PreCure (and there is because there's a lot of it), but Sailor Moon plot has had more stuff show up. Also, aside from these early intro episodes, I'm trying to get every show to appear in each episode to not force you to stick with a certain group just because of blind episode choices.

Also, we've done 4 episode of Sailor Moon (present for 3 of them in full, and we missed the Channela battle), two of those are also Crystal episodes. We've done three episodes of PreCure plot (missed one fight, but also had Poisony appear as a guest villain in a CCS scene). We've done 3 episodes of CCS, but one was completely off screen and Jump had the plot off screen, but the fight included. Nanoha got the short end of the stick so far, with one episode covered off-screen and debuting as a guest in another show's plot. To reassure the Nanoha fans, she's included in all three of the available episodes, and one of the three has part of her story as part of the core.

Reluctantly, I have to agree. The speculation on the available paths hasn't been all that great. So, have a little Word of God on the available three episodes for episode 4.
>Go back to the so-called haunted forest and see what's up there.
Core Story: Nanoha, CCS, and ???
B plot: Sailor Moon.
Unlocks new series.

>Check out the talent auditions.

Core plot: Convoluted crossover shenanigans involving all four shows that are unlocked so far plus ???
Unlocks new series.

>Investigate what's happening with the buses.

Core plot: Sailor Moon
B plot: Nanoha and PreCure
Unlocks new character.

3a46b No.32041

Sure, "Douse yourself" sounds like a fine omake.

d9899 No.32042

Yeah, the buses is pretty much just straight up unlocking Rei, which we probably don't really even need to do just yet seeing as how we just got Ami. That can wait an episode or so like it did in the original show. (Ami debuted in Ep8, Rei was in Ep10) Coincidentally, not only was Kamen not needed for a rose toss in that episode, but I actually have a joke I plan on making when we get that far and I'm looking forward to using it.

b3c40 No.32061

File: 1503279776150.png (782.58 KB, 640x480, Mercury Power Make Up!.png)

Three votes for Douse Yourself.

Omake 3.3: Douse Yourself in Water and Repent

Unable to suck her energy out, the youma throws the bluenette to the floor.

Luna slides a blue pen to the girls and shouts, "Ami! Use this! Say, 'Mercury Power Make-up!'"

Ami picks up the transformation pen, runs between a row of computer desks, and does as she's told. With a sudden look of determination on her face, she holds up the transformation pen and shouts, "Mercury Power Make-up!" Her school clothes are washed away and replaced with an outfit resembling Sailor Moon's, but with light blue ribbons. "The Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit, Guardian of Love and Intelligence, Sailor Mercury. Douse yourself in water and repent!" She's surprised at the words coming out of her mouth, and for a moment, that spark of determination wavers.

"Say, 'Mercury Aqua Mist!'"

"Mercury Aqua Mist!" She forms two balls of water in her hands and quickly fills the room with a dense and blinding mist.


"Quick Nanoha," Yuuno says telepathically, "This way!" He scampers down the hallway to the back of the first floor. He and Nanoha scale the stairs and reach the second floor. There are two open door, the one on the right has a thick fog billowing out of it. "To the right. Stay close to the wall." The duo runs into the classroom and hugs the right wall.

"Good. We should be safe inside the fog."

Yuuno runs up to the source of the voice, a black cat and a bluenette in a sailor uniform. "We won't let you get away with this!" He shouts.

Nanoha is a little behind him, and swings Raising Heart at Sailor Mercury as soon as she's visible through the mist.

Mercury dodges, but stumbles on a chair and falls backwards.

Luna orders, "Use your water attack."

Yuuno shouts, "I'll take care of the students." A magic circle appears at his feet, and Yuuno summons a barrier, a pocket dimension that separates magic-sensitive people away from those that don't have any magic potential, keeping the latter safe. The pocket dimension has a grayscale copy of the world that exists outside the pocket dimension, limiting collateral damage to the real world.

While Yuuno is creating the barrier, Sailor Mercury creates several balls of water in her hands and fires them at Nanoha. Although it doesn't do much damage to her, Nanoha's barrier jacket gets wet from the attack.

As the barrier envelops them, Luna notices that the students have disappeared and angrily inquires, "What did you do with everyone?!"

"They're safe from your mind control now." Yuuno answers.

"My mind control? You're not the one's stealing everyone's energy?" Luna asks.

"No. We're here to destroy the monsters that are doing that." Yuuno replies.

"Oh no." Luna jumps in between Nanoha and Mercury. "Stop fighting you two. We're not enemies."

Nanoha keeps her eyes on the bluenette, but doesn't attack. Sailor Mercury looks at Luna and asks, "What?"

"There's not with the youma that's draining everyone's energy."

Another voice shouts, "There!" Moments later, Sailor Moon cries out in pain.

"We have to help Sailor Moon." Luna explains. "Sailor Mercury, dissipate the fog."

"Youma!" The unknown voice calls out.

"Oh no!" Luna exclaims. "The youma is calling for reinforcements."

Yuuno orders, "Nanoha, check the door."

"Right!" Nanoha replies and runs off towards the door. Moments later she calls out, "There's a bunch of red skinned monsters in the hallway!"

f8d90 No.32115

Should've known it'd be Mercury-centric. On to next stage!

b3c40 No.32137

>Also, we've done 4 episode of Sailor Moon (present for 3 of them in full, and we missed the Channela battle), two of those are also Crystal episodes. We've done three episodes of PreCure plot (missed one fight, but also had Poisony appear as a guest villain in a CCS scene). We've done 3 episodes of CCS, but one was completely off screen and Jump had the plot off screen, but the fight included. Nanoha got the short end of the stick so far, with one episode covered off-screen and debuting as a guest in another show's plot. To reassure the Nanoha fans, she's included in all three of the available episodes, and one of the three has part of her story as part of the core.

Oh, and the PreCures wandered into a Sailor Moon plot as well, so that bumps up their presence a little more.

Also, it's strangely quiet. Blue commented on the omake and the episode spoilers, and that's it. I know I didn't put up a vote for the next action in the story, but I expected some chatter from the story spoilers.

a6e96 No.32152

I just don't have anything to say at the moment. [shrug]

54eda No.32153

Well, I do appreciate the spoilers, and I feel somewhat justified in having tried to get us to the forest the past couple times we had that option. XD

56952 No.32191

See, those spoilers just made me want to check out the talent auditions. I love some reasonably written mega-cross shenanigans.

d9899 No.32195

I partially agree, but part of me wants to build up the party a little bit more just to see if it forces Moe to write extra people into that one. I'd rather do the forest and possibly get Rei unlocked first. Besides, Nanoha's a bit of a priority right now for building up.

b3c40 No.32196

File: 1503557907783.jpg (93.42 KB, 600x592, mamox21.jpg)

Then let's get started on episode 4. Spoilers for what each episode choice gives you are here. >>32039

You are Chiba Mamoru. You wake up with a deep dull ache in your shoulder blades. It's annoying enough that you take some painkillers before making yourself breakfast. Despite the ache, you start the day in an upbeat mood. A dozen red roses from Hanasaki Flower Shop are in a vase on your table. They look and smell wonderful as always. Your thoughts wander back to the flower shop. Kaoruko implied that she knew more about you than she let on, and so did Honoka's grandmother. She referred to the fountain incident. You had originally planned on investigating the the "haunted forest", out of curiosity, not from believing that it was actually haunted, but ended up waking up at the fountain in the park.

You can worry about that later, you have classes to get to today. You turn on the TV and listen to the news while you eat breakfast. Another deadly attack on a museum in Europe. This time the Museum of London was attacked. The Cheapside Hoard exhibit was ransacked, but the attack was stopped by Sailor V. Officials are not releasing any additional information due to the ongoing investigation.

There seem to be a lot of attacks on jewelry related stores and museums. It's good that Sailor V stopped those thieves, you think to yourself, yet at the same time, your mood deflates at the thought of Sailor V stopping someone. You wonder why that is, but nothing comes to mind.

You finish your meal and head to school. At the bus stop you remember something strange. There were hypnotized people on the buses yesterday, and one bus drove straight into a wall and disappeared into a dark portal. You're worried if you maybe shouldn't avoid the bus, but everyone looks normal, and you don't have time to make it to class on foot.

The bus ride is uneventful, and you're half-convinced that you dreamt the bus incident, but the memory is a little too vivid to be a dream. You barely pay attention during your classes, your mind occupied by other things. You could go back to Sendai Hill and investigate the buses some more, just to safely put it out of mind. You could also satisfy your curiosity and see what's happening in the haunted forest. Lastly, you could find out when Mikan is having her auditions and see if maybe there's some local talent for you to admire and hit on.

Classes are out what do you do with the rest of your day?
>Check out the haunted forest.
>Find out when Mikan's auditions are.
>Check out the buses.

d9899 No.32198

Onore, Sailor V! Your jewel thief thwarting days are numbered, you hear me?

Random side note, but I REALLY wish we had the meta knowledge that Artemis has Minako up to speed and is hiding out as CROWN at this point. I would vote to tell Luna solely to watch her go kick his ass so hard he doesn't land until the Death Busters arc.

Now then, let's finally look into that forest. Surely it can't be terrible or anything, right?

7a0c7 No.32204

Eh, I vote for the talent auditions just to see what Moe has planned.

c0443 No.32206

I think, since Mamoru uses the buses himself, that's a more immediate concern. He should put his mind at rest.

54eda No.32207

To the forest to unlock something new!

f2888 No.32223

OK, let's get the spoopy forest over with, since it's been available for exploration for quite some time now. Auditions can come with a fuller party.

b3c40 No.32226

File: 1503635026633.png (918.98 KB, 960x720, 1 Midoriya vs Sakuradai.png)

Haunted forest wins with three votes. Let's go.

Leaving your last class of the day, you decide to check out that haunted forest. You want to see what it is that's scaring the kids into thinking its haunted. The story you heard was that there was a group of kids that saw something there that scared them, not just some schoolyard ghost story.

Stil wary of the buses, you decide to walk to the forested nature trail that's the source of the haunted forest rumors. Along the way, you walk past a large park divided into several sports fields. On the first field is a game between the Midoriya Junior Football Club and Sakuradai Junior Football club.

b3c40 No.32227

File: 1503635077526.png (710.87 KB, 712x480, 2 Verone Boys Soccer.png)

On the next field, a team of middle school boys are holding soccer practice. Based off the uniforms and the crowd of spectating fangirls, you're pretty sure that they're their school's soccer team, and not a random group of boys playing a casual game. You in turn watch the watchers. The girls have some cute butts pointed in your direction, and only covered by the short skirts of their school uniform. However, you decide to keep going. After all, you can always loop back and check out these girls some more.

The next field after that, you find an interesting sight. A group of girls are holding some sort of practice, but you're not sure exactly what they're doing. You recognize most of the girls: the blonde dumpling head, Tsukino Usagi; the poster girl for the Crystal Academy, Mizuno Ami; your childhood friend with whom you haven't spoken in several years, Yukishiro Honoka; the girl you kissed out of a trance in the Chanela store, Misumi Nagisa according to Honoka's grandmother. Those middle school girls are also accompanied by a trio of elementary school girls: A girl with short brown hair that you recall seeing at your university before, but you're not sure where; a girl with slightly longer and more reddish brown hair; and a girl with long violet hair holding a video camera. The camera looks like the one that you had woken up with at the fountain, but from this distance, you can't tell for sure.

Nagisa is leading the group through some drills, sprints and agility training by the looks of it. The short haired elementary school girl is doing the best despite her disadvantages in physical stature, and Honoka is doing decently well. The rest of the girls aren't doing too well, either messing up the drills, or just not being all that fast. You haven't the foggiest idea what they're training for, but you admire the view. Based off their bouncing breasts, you're sure that none of the middle school girls are wearing sports bras, further leading you to believe that they don't know what they're doing either.

b3c40 No.32228

File: 1503635156793.png (468.23 KB, 657x531, 3 Sakura hit.png)

You can't hear what she's saying, but Moon Bunny starts whining about something. Nagisa points to a water fountain, and Usagi starts walking in that direction. However, the ginger girl follows right behind her, yells something, and the blonde starts off at an exhausted run for the water fountain. You can't help but chuckle and admire the two asses running away. After the blonde gets a drink, the two of them run back, and you get a very view of their bouncing bosoms.

After some more practice, you see a soccer ball fly over the fence separating the two fields and hit the young short haired girl in the head. Nagisa grabs the ball and marches towards the boys' field while the rest of the girls circle around the young girl to see if she's OK. You consider running down there and offering assistance, but a voice calls out from your left, "WATCH OUT! DELIVERY!"

b3c40 No.32229

File: 1503635182458.png (461.67 KB, 640x480, 4 Coming through.png)

A girl on an orange bike with a basket on the front is barrelling down the sidewalk. You instinctively push yourself flat against the fence, giving her as much space as possible. As she rushes past you, you realize that this is the girl that looked like Nagisa that you also rescued from the Chanela store. You assume the girl on the field is Nagisa, but now you're not sure.

What do you do?
>Run down there, see if you can help, or if they need you to call an ambulance.
>Chase after the girl on the bike. You need to find out who she is.
>Stay where you are and watch what happens on the field from a distance.
>Keep going to the so-called haunted forest and see what's happening there.
>Write-in. [what?]

18564 No.32230

The girl down on the field is a more pressing concern. We should head down there to see if we can help.

04c7b No.32231

Oh dear. On the one hand, this twins nonsense is interesting and should be investigated, but on the other hand, bonked out girl comes first. Not to mention it gives us a chance to mess with Odango Head, which should always be jumped on. Now if only I knew why I felt that way…

c0443 No.32238

Speaking as someone who's had two (possibly three) concussions in her life -one of which was bad enough to require observation at the ER-, I vote we check on the girl who got hit. Head injuries, even minor ones, are not to be fucked with.

54eda No.32241

Dang it Moe! We were *this* close to the forest, but I can't help but white knight. XD

Go check up on the injured girl.

d9899 No.32249

Let's be honest, we pretty much all would've voted to go check them out and see what's up even if we didn't have a casualty. We're predictable like that.

0dce8 No.32252

Can't argue with that.

3a46b No.32265

Huh. So the second Nagisa wasn't just a weird thing from earlier…OH! I get it now! Congratulations, fellow voters. We just unlocked Pretty Cure Splash Star!
Basically, Futari wa Pretty Cure (and its second season, Max Heart) were kinda divisive. They were halfway to kung-fu shounen land, and people thought that was kinda really weird. But at the same time, Futari wa PreCure was immensely popular, BUT, Toei had devoted two real-time years to Nagisa and Honoka (also Shiny Luminous, but no one cares about her. Sakura does a much better job at being Shiny Luminous, right Moe? ;P)
They didn't want to retcon that away, so instead, they made…not!Nagisa and not!Honoka >_>
A.K.A. PreCure Splash Star. It was criticized a bit for being too obviously just like their predecessors, so the second half of the season made them a bit more magical and a bit less kung-fu badasses.
Thus, we have two "Nagisas". Except one of them isn't named Nagisa, she's just basically the same character in every other way.
As for my vote, of course we're going to check on poor Sakura (I mean, cute little grade-schooler whom we have never before met and I don't know why you think otherwise.) :<
I've had a soccer ball kicked straight at my face before (unintentionally.) It hit me straight in the right eye. Gave me a huge shiner, and I think it temporarily…scratched my cornea or something? I'm fine now–it's been years–but soccer balls to the head aren't exactly a joke.

b3c40 No.32292

File: 1503780859708.png (604.02 KB, 702x568, Sakura Head.png)

Unanimous for helping Sakura.
Additional comments in the discussion thread.

There's one more mystery to add onto the pile of mysteries. Why are there two Nagisas? Even if you could keep up with someone on a bike, the need to ensure that the girl on the field is OK takes priority. You jump the fence, an easy feat as it's only about waist high, and half-run, half-slide down the grassy hill to the level of the field.

You run up to the circle of girls surrounding the girl that had been hit on the head. She's crouching, holding her head, and tears are running down her cheeks, but she's neither knocked out, nor crying uncontrollably, so it's not as bad as it could be.

"I'll be OK." The young girl says to the crowd surrounding her.

"Don't worry, Sakura hits herself on the with her baton during cheerleading practice all the time." The violet haired girl says.

"Hey!" The brunette complains.

"We need to check for a concussion." You say forcefully, ignoring the chatter of the other girls. You get on a knee in front of her and pull out your flip phone. Pointing to the tip of the stubby antenna, you say, "Follow this with your eyes." You move the phone side to side and in a circle, the girl's eyes track the antenna without a problem. That gives you some relief. "OK, no issues with your eyes. How about your memory? Do you remember your name?"

"Kinomoto Sakura." She whimpers.

"Good." You reply, trying to think of another question, "What's your homeroom teacher's name?"

"Mr. Terada." She answers, "I'm OK. My head just hurts."

You pat her shoulder and tell her, "I don't think you have a concussion. Just put some ice on it when you get home and you'll be OK."


b3c40 No.32293

File: 1503780887761.png (400.21 KB, 441x480, Nagisa Fire Gone.png)

You stand up and look behind you. Nagisa is returning, the anger gone from her gait, and you notice she's blushing profusely. You can only imagine how unsuccessful she was at chewing out the player that kicked the ball this way.

Honoka puts words to your thoughts and says, "I wonder where that threatening attitude went."

"I'll take Sakura home." The violet haired girl announces.

The young lighter haired brunette chimes in, "I'm exhausted. I'll head home too."

Still blushing and looking at the ground as she makes her way over, Nagisa announces, "I guess practice is over. We'll get together again next time."

"I know a nice wooded area where we can relax." Ami offers.

"Ooh! I'm going with Ami!" Usagi calls out.

With everyone else starting to leave, Honoka starts to thank you, "I'm glad it wasn't anything serious, but thank you very much for making sure she wa-." She cuts herself off as she gets a good look at your face and inquires, "Mamoru?"

You smiles at her, "Hey Honoka. It's been a few years."

At the sound of your voice, Nagisa finally looks up and notices you. "Ahh!" she screams pointing at you, "It's you! From the pet store!"

"Looks like the effects of the Chanela have worn off. I'm glad you're doing well." You reply.

What do you do now? The other girls are still close by, and you could easily catch up with them, but not if you stick around and talk with Nagisa and Honoka.
>Stick around with Nagisa and Honoka. [What direction do you want the conversation to go in?]
>Go with Sakura's group and walk her home. [Conversation ideas?]
>Go with Ami and Usagi. [Conversation ideas?]
>Go to the haunted woods.
>Try to get Nagisa and/or Honoka to join you in one of the three options above.
>Write-in. [what?]

3a46b No.32312

Oh man, another tough vote, and I checked on it late at night again.
Oh well, at least I was helpful in a metaknowledge sense. I'll give a vote when I've thought about it some more.

d9899 No.32323

Yeah, I'm having a really hard time with this one. We have a reason to talk to the Cures, but we could go any direction here and I'm not sure which we should hit.

8b22c No.32324

Ask Nagisa and Honoka if they'd like to take a walk and have a chat. Since Honoka knew Mamoru as a kid, they might wanna catch up and include Nagisa. As we move, we can subtly steer toward the woods.

d9899 No.32326

Best plan we've gotten so far. Let's go for it.

54eda No.32337

Let us be polite; we have just reunited with an old friend and a new one and it would be rude to take off.

Stick around with Nagisa and Honoka. I'm down with walking and talking and asking what has happened in the interim years as well as getting to know Nagisa.

e1d45 No.32346

Fem has a decent idea. I'll follow her idea.

c78d9 No.32367

Everyone's going for talking to Honoka and Nagisa, and asking them to join you for a walk through the woods. Catch up with Honoka after years of not seeing her, and have her introduce us to her friend.

Does anyone have any specific topics and/or questions that you want brought up?

06c37 No.32381

How about asking her what classes she's planning on taking eventually in college, and how her parents are doing.

4b472 No.32382

Sure, that all sounds good :)
Except, maybe college is thinking a bit too far in advance, maybe?

8b22c No.32383

Definitely ask how her family has been. Try discussing general plans for the future instead of college classes; that leaves room for Honoka and Nagisa to talk about what kind of clubs they might want to try in high school, for instance, or even which school they want. (Japanese high schools aren't regional, so if a student was from Hachiouji and wanted to attend a school in Tokyo, for example, they can.)

Mamoru could also ask if Nagisa and Honoka have noticed anything strange going on in the city, while reassuring them he won't think they're weird or paranoid if they admit to it. I know how good it can feel to tell someone "Yeah, I experienced this," and have that person say "Whoa, that's heavy stuff. Are you okay? Do you want to tell me more? Maybe I can help."

54eda No.32396

I fully agree with this. (Noit'snotbecauseI'msociallyawkwardandamascotdoesn'ttalkmuchinsocialsituationsanyway, whatareyoutalkingabout?)

8b22c No.32397

[offers high-five to fellow socially awkward person]

16670 No.32399

Oh, good ideas! :D

d9899 No.32401

No arguments here.

a55bf No.32406

File: 1504037191931.png (751.16 KB, 640x480, Park.png)

The brunette that you're reasonably sure is named Nagisa is flummoxed at seeing you again, so you turn the conversation towards Honoka, "I haven't seen you or your parents at those fancy parties Mr. and Mrs. Hina loved to put on."

"Mr. and Mrs. Hina?" She asks, confused at your choice of names for them, "Aren't they your parents?"

"Adoptive," you reply with a crooked smile, "Or at least unofficially." You don't want to go into the full details of the situation.

"Oh!" She says in shock, "I'm sorry, I didn't know…"

You interrupt her with a raised hand, "It's been a long time since that happened. Don't worry about it." Despite that, you feel a pang in your heart as the topic is brought to your family. You wonder what your life would have been like had your parents not died in that car accident and had you not lost your memories. Nipping the awkward silence in the bud, you reiterate your question, "What made you decide that those parties needed one less pretty face?"

She bites her lip as a blush forms on her cheeks. She may still be mentally kicking herself for braching that topic in such a manner, but your reaction has at least reassured her that she didn't commit a major faux pas. "They were a little to fancy for me." She answers. "I didn't want to dress up and go to a party when I could stay home with my grandma and read a book."

"I did always peg you as the smart type." You remark.

Nagisa chimes in, "That's why they call her the Queen of Knowledge."

"The WHAT?!" Honoka asks in surprise.

"The Queen of Knowledge." Nagisa repeats, sounding much less sure of herself. "That's what Rina and Shiho said your nickname was last year."

"I didn't ask to be called that." She mumbles, her eyes closed in embarrassment as her cheeks glow bright red.

Trying to salvage the situation, you ask Honoka, "Why don't you introduce me to your friend?"

"Oh! This is Misumi Nagisa" She replies, at least partially breaking out of her funk. "And this is… Mamoru. It's not Hina…" She pauses, realizing she never learned your family name.

"Chiba Mamoru." You inform her.

"Ah, Chiba Mamoru."

Nagisa bows, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise." With a little malice aforethought you add, "And I usually ask a girl's name before kissing her."

The brunette freezes like a deer in headlights. She clearly wants to take offense to what you did, yesterday, but she's at least honest enough to recognize that you did rescue her from whatever was happening in that pet shop.

"Wait, what?" Honoka asks confused.

"He's how I figured out that kissing someone can break them out of being hypnotized." Nagisa answers, her emotions still clearly mixed at the encounter.


With yet another pregnant pause building up, you inform them, "I was going to take a walk in the woods. Would you two care to join me?"

The two of them look at each other for a bit, and then Honoka nods, saying, "Sure."


Back on the road to the forest you ask Honoka, "Are your parents still trading in jewelry?"

"Mhmm. They're even more crazy about it now. They do everything internationally now, so they're only home once a year for my birthday."

"Ah, so that's why they stopped attending."

"Once a year!" Nagisa blurts out. "Don't you miss them?"

"Well, yeah." The bluenette replies, still clearly not used to her friend's outbursts. "But that's their job, and they have to do it."

"But, there's plenty of other things they could do so that they don't have to travel!"

"Yes, but that's what they love to do."

"But still, that's…" Nagisa's voice trails off as she fails to find words to express her distaste for that situation.

"But at least you still have your grandmother, and friends from school and clubs." You offer.

"That's true," the blunette agrees, "Science club is lots of fun."

"Science, fun?" Nagisa asks, confused by the very idea.

You and Honoka both laugh, and you reply, "I bet you're one of the sports girls, right?"

"Uh-Huh. Lacrosse." She proudly answers.

"I did a lot of track and field in high school, but studying geology is taking up most of my time now."

"Are you in college?"

"That's right."

"Oh, you looked a looked like you might still be in high school."

"I did skip ahead a year. That might be why."

"Oh." The brunette repeats, surprised by that fact.

As you enter the forested trail, you completely change the topic. "Have the two of you been seeing any weird things lately?"

"Like what?" Honoka asks. The waver in her voice gives away more than her innocent question.

"Like how everyone was hypnotized at the pet store where I saw Nagisa the first time. And by the sound of it, she then found you hypnotized as well. How something strange has been happening with the busses. And how there was that other girl that looked just like you, Nagisa, in the pet store."

"Oh! That's right!" Nagisa calls out, "Honoka, I wanted to tell you. I ran into someone that looked just like you at the fountain when…" She glances at you, "where everything happened. But she said her name was Mishou Mai."

That coincidentally lowers your wariness of the clones running around. It sounds like it's just a coincidence of two people that look alike.

The two of them are clearly hiding something, and failing at being subtle about it, especially the brunette. However, you have a hard time believing that they might be responsible for the strange incidents, especially since Nagisa was caught up as a victim in one of them. They may know more than they're letting on, but much of that might just be the sexual tension that you're sensing between them throwing off your analysis.

"I'm going to try to find out what's going on. If you run into any more strange things, or want to know what I've found out, let me know."

The two girls agree and you exchange phone numbers, you get Honoka's cell, and Nagisa's land line as the brunette doesn't have a cell yet.


Continuing along the trail, you see a small clearing. At the far end of it, next to a broken section of railing, is a man looking at the construction equipment on the road below. It's an unusual situation and you consider walking over that way to see what's going on.

a55bf No.32407

File: 1504037269799.png (91.25 KB, 175x330, Insects.png)

However, everything suddenly gets darker. You look up and see a thick swarm of insects flying overhead, blocking out the sun temporarily. They continue flying in the same direction as the trail leads, and the shadows passes over you quickly. Such purpose and unity is highly unusual for insects. This definitely qualifies as one of those "strange incidents" that you had asked the girls about.

What do you do now?
>See what's up with the man here.
>Follow those insects up the path and see what's going on.
>Split up with the girls. [give an IC reason if you go with this.]
>Write-in [what?]

f447a No.32411

Gonna guess that the guy messing with the equipment is one of our bad guys. Do we wnt to bother him or go check out the swarm that's probably attacking someone?

Gonna go with follow the swarm

8b22c No.32417

We might need to split up. Mamoru to check on the guy, the gals to check on the bugs. They might volunteer that's one of the weird things to investigate on their own.

5ebe8 No.32422

Hmm…well, at least the Cures can take care of themselves. A swarm of bugs and construction equipment…I kinda hate that I shut out a lot of episodes of magical girl anime, since most of those episodes don't get a lot done.
It's kinda biting me now.
Ehh, we can try the whole splitting up thing. Normally I wouldn't recommend that, but TK is the main character here, and the Cures are technically a full team on their own.
For the IC reason, I think Femanon has the right idea.

d9899 No.32425

I'm gonna go with Fem on this one. If the girls don't suggest breaking off to follow the bugs on their own, we should.

Also, smooth going on Mamoru's part. Talking to them for ten minutes and we already got their phone numbers.

54eda No.32452

[accepts said high-five]

While investigating both sounds alright, I can't think of a decent excuse we can give them in character to not go with them to investigate the insects. We're a gentleman, and a gentleman does not allow two ladies to investigate something potentially dangerous alone.

My vote: we stick with the girls and go after the bugs.

b3c40 No.32494

File: 1504149954813.png (318.8 KB, 704x480, Sweating.png)

3 votes to check on the man, 2 votes to follow the bugs.
Girls follow the bugs.

You see the two girls are looking at the insect swarm as well. "Strange things like that?" Honoka asks.

"Yeah. Like that." You reply.

Nagisa grabs Honoka's arm, "Quick. Let's go after them!" She starts off running, and drags the bluenette along until she starts running as well.

You consider following them, but the man standing by the precipice is bothering you. Something feels off about him, so you go up to him. You're about to greet him, but you hear him muttering something. Stepping closer, you see that he's sweating profusely and you're able to hear what he's saying, "I will teach these humans the wrath of nature. I will teach these humans the wrath of nature. I will teach these humans the wrath of nature."

b3c40 No.32495

File: 1504149980543.png (547.34 KB, 704x480, Butterflies.png)

Looking down you see the construction crew being attacked by butterflies, or possibly moths. Whatever they're doing is clearly hurting the construction workers and even managing to damage the equipment.

What do you do?
>Ask the man what's going on.
>Run up the trail and try to catch up with the girls.
>Run down the trail and try to get out of this area.
>Write-in. [what?]

8b22c No.32498

I don't think the man would be able to answer coherently; he seems entranced. Better catch up with Honoka and Nagisa to tell 'em what's going on.

0f1ca No.32499

To the Cures! Chaaaaarge! *Blares trumpet*

d9899 No.32512

Alright chums, let's do this! LEEROOOOOY–

54eda No.32521


After the ladies!

b72f7 No.32523

"… Oh my God they just ran in."

In seriousness, agreeing with following the girls.

8b22c No.32524

[stops laughing long enough to offer high-fives all around for everyone who took the Leeroy joke and ran with it]

b72f7 No.32525

[Gladly accepts the high five]

b3c40 No.32533

Unanimous vote to NOPE the hell out of this encounter and follow the girls to the other encounter.

Unexpected and messing with my plans, but so be it (I did give you the option to do so, so I can't complain). I should have something out for tomorrow, then I'll be gone for Labor Day weekend.

b1137 No.32541

It's not so much NOPE as "I think these encounters might possibly be related, asking the man what's going on won't work, and option 3 is the one that sounds more like NOPE to me.)

d9899 No.32544

Yeah, confronting the clearly possessed human of the week/monster of the week disguised as a human will probably end badly for us as Mamoru unless we decided to open up with slugging him in the back of the head, which we don't have enough evidence to reasonably do at this point. Best to keep it moving.

b3c40 No.32546

>confronting the clearly possessed human of the week/monster of the week disguised as a human will probably end badly for us as Mamoru

Yes, but not nearly as badly as trying to solo Jewel Seed powered Jadeite would have been.

d9899 No.32553

One! You have one bad idea and they never let you forget it!

54eda No.32554

*mascot snark engage*
Of course not, what are friends for? XD

d9899 No.32556

…I will end you, random small furry creature that looks adorable to everyone. Don't think I won't.

b3c40 No.32585

File: 1504305068876.png (411.06 KB, 704x480, Evil squirrel.png)

Something is very not right about that man. You probably won't be able to get any information out of him in the state that he's in, and a gut feeling tells you to keep your distance from him. Instead you decide to chase after the girls up the trail.

And yet there's even more strange things on the trail. The first thing you see is a squirrel on the trail with glowing red eyes. You keep to the other side of the trail and pass it. Afterwards, you spot a flock of birds flying down the hill, with a group intent much like the insects you had seen earlier, but flying in the opposite direction. Aside from those you can see, you can hear more movement in the forest itself. You certainly see know why people were saying that it was haunted, and it isn't even dark yet. You can only imagine how much worse it will be once the sun sets and more spooks come out.

b3c40 No.32586

File: 1504305140110.png (468.97 KB, 640x480, SS Transform.png)

Up ahead, you spot a pillar of light, mostly blues and violet, with a few specks of yellow in it. Along with it, you feel a reverberation in your head, matching in intensity with the pillar of light, stopping when the light dissipates. You come to a stop on the trail. Your head hurts from the unusual sensation, so you lean against a tree, hoping it passes.

b3c40 No.32587

File: 1504305186250.png (672.59 KB, 712x480, OG transformation.png)

A minute later, another pillar of light appears further up the trail, this one strobing every color of the rainbow, and your head once more pulses with the light. You squeeze your head, trying to get the awful sensation to pass, but it only stops once the pillar of light is gone.

It takes a while before you feel comfortable trying to move, and then your head lights up in pain. It's as bad as it was when you were at the fortune teller a few days ago. There's a spike of pain, and soon follow the hallucinations. A voice, exhausted from running says, "I have to protect ________." You realize that's your own voice. You're running, with a Western-style sword drawn. Who are you supposed to protect? Why do you have a sword? So many half-formed questions fill your head. Moments later, the pain and hallucinations are replaced by oblivion, and you crumple to the ground.

You are Tuxedo Kamen, infamous jewel thief, and ally to magical girls everywhere, except Sailor V. You find yourself in the same forest where you first found the Illusion Clow Card. Up the trail, you sense the unmistakable discharge of energy that indicates combat is taking place. There are two sources of evil energy there, one much stronger than the other. However, you can also feel a foul corruption making its way down the hill, spreading from tree to tree.

Behind you is the unmistakable warm glow that you've come to associate with Sailor Moon. She is likewise engaged in combat with something, but you can't sense what she's fighting, it's too diffuse.

Where do you go?
>Up the trail see what's happening there.
>Down the trail, help Sailor Moon.
>Write-in. [what?]

9ba31 No.32591

>Up the trail see what's happening there.
This sounds like two villains are fighting each other; a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, or if we help one side convert them to the side of truth, justice, and serafuku!

d9899 No.32593

Evil fighting evil pretty much always catches my attention, and it looks like there's a party breaking out somewhere else in town as well. Let's see what we can do here first before trying to fall back to Moon.

9644f No.32594

Yeah, Stick to stealth and investigate the situation up the trail before we decide to intervene or retreat.

16996 No.32597

If we go help Sailor Moon, we undercut what Tuxie told her about learning to rely on her own strength and become a more proficient fighter. If she took Tuxie's words to heart, then she should be okay for now. Up the trail first, then check on Sailor Moon second only if she seems to be struggling.

16996 No.32598

PS: Don't worry, Shadow-Mascot, I'll help protect you. :-)

54eda No.32605

Thank you kindly.


With the silliness out of the way, up the trail to fight evil!

5d847 No.32613

Eh. Let's make it unanimous. I don't want to screw everyone over too much with being a devil's advocate.scouting out the bad guys it is!

b3c40 No.32645

File: 1504554294436.png (1.7 MB, 1280x959, The combatamts.png)

You did tell Sailor Moon that she needed to learn to fight on her own and not rely on others. You'll be at odds with your own message if you show up now to help her. Plus, the battle further up the trail has piqued your interest. You break into a run and head up towards the source of the foul energy you sense spreading down the trees.

As you get closer to the summit of the trail, another energy starts spreading from tree to tree, but from the opposite direction. It feels like a reflected wave, but it's stronger than the original flow of foul energy, and without that distinctly evil taint. As the two energies mix, the trees start growing rapidly, taking on a misshapen form. You can hear the sound of combat right as the trail ends and opens into a clearing at the summit of the hill. You hide behind a tree and scope out the situation.

There are four girl fighting against a tree with a massive chin and a human-sized tree-man with purple leaves forming a mask. You recognize two of the girls as Cure White and Cure Black. The orange-haired and purple-haired girls wearing dresses that remind you of flower petals are new to you. The tree-man is fighting against the Cures, and the tree itself is fighting against the new girls.

The new girls are almost as off balance as the Cures were in their first fight. The only reason for the almost is they don't appear to have gotten as much of a physical boost as the Cures had gotten, and so their jumps appear to be less off balance and out of control as compared to the Cures' first battle in the amusement park.

Additionally, the two new girls also have shields. Like Nanoha, they're able to create a spherical barrier around themselves, and have been using it to great effect to stall the fight against the tree. However, each time they use it to defend against the nuts that the tree is launching at them, you notice a small bit of the petal-like portions of their dresses sublimate. You're not positive if they've taken a direct hit from their enemy yet, but their costumes show signs of combat damage regardless.

The tree swings a branch and appears to get a solid hit against both girls. However, you can see the glow of their shields beneath the foliage. The tree lifts its arm-like branch, and you can see that the girls each lost a whole shoulder petal to block that attack.

Contrasting the two pairs of girls highlights how much Black and White have grown since you first ran into them. Cure Black and Cure White are engaged in combat with the tree-man, and they're showing off how much their teamwork has improved. They're taking advantage of the fact that they outnumber their opponent. Like the way you and Sailor Mercury were taking turns attacking Jadeite while his attention was focused on the other person, the two Cures take turns playing bait and hook. Whenever the tree-man starts to focus on one of the girls, she starts to fight defensively and the other girl comes in with a punch or a kick to his back, causing him to open some distance before swooping down at them for another round. They're doing a better job than against Pissard. They're still trading blows with the tree-man, but they're coming out on top of the exchange, even if just barely.

What do you do?
>Help the new girls. [Rose, cane, unarmed?]
>Help the Cures. [Rose cane, unarmed?]
>Try to help both. [how?]
>Stay around and watch.
>Write-in. [what?]

68efe No.32648

We time a cane extension so that as the masked tree is in the air, we impact him in a sneak attack that causes him to launched into the big tree, helping both of the girls.

5d847 No.32650

Sure, why not. That's just crazy enough to work! It's probably going to have an insane DC that we won't see, but that stealth advantage, though.

d9899 No.32652

That's pretty much exactly what I was thinking, so let's do it. The challenge will be lining up the shot, but like Limits said, that stealth advantage.

The other advantage to this idea is that it forces the fights to entangle, and with White and Black having several levels over the new girls they can help back them up while we inevitably spearhead our own strategy in the encounter.

9c9a7 No.32659

Exactly. The shot doesn't even have to land exactly where we aim, either; it just has to be distracting as hell. And even if the girls can't annihilate the monster on their own, they can at least whittle down its HP.

b3c40 No.32677

File: 1504670305336.png (532.65 KB, 640x480, Fisting Trees, In the Fore….png)

I want to let you know how much I appreciate it when you guys come up with crazy ideas. It makes writing this a joy.

None of the girls are in any immediate danger and you want your surprise attack to give the biggest bang for the buck. The best way you can think of is to strike the tree-man with your cane while he's in the air and hit him into the tree. It'll take a little luck to line everything up to pull that off, but the challenge excites you.

You step back from the clearing, and make your way counter-clockwise between the trees. Fortunately, the fighting is at an impasse. The new girls aren't hurting the tree monster, but they aren't loosing too much of their outfits from casting their shields. Likewise, the Cures are taking damage, but not at an alarmingly fast pace. They aren't doing to much in turn, especially since the tree-man's dive bombing tactics bring him into melee range faster than the Cures can cast PreCure Marble Screw.

The tree is content to stay more or less in place and swing wildly with its branch arms and launch volleys of nuts at the new girls, and the Cures have no real reason to move too much from where they are, aside from dodging the tree-man's diving attacks. That simplifies things for you. You know the angle that he likes to attack from, so you line up the path that you expect him to cross and the tree further behind.

You get in front of a tree that's in the second ring of trees around the clearing. Two trees diagonally in front of you hide you from the tree-man's view, and the tree behind you serves as a backstop for your cane. You're ready for strike, but he comes in from too high, and you hold your fire.

This time, he aimed for Cure White. The bluenette barely dodges out of the way in time, but the tree-man bounces back from his impact and goes straight at her. Barely grounding herself in time, White catches his outstretched arm, and, redirecting his momentum, flips him towards Cure Black. The ginger-haired girl jumps towards the tumbling tree-man, fists cocked, and once more attacks him with a flurry of punches. She lands a few good hits on him before they hit the ground and he jumps back to open some distance. Not much later, he stops in midair, and attempts another dive bomb at the girls. You visualize his path, and you know that this time, he'll be in the perfect position. You aim earlier in his trajectory to account for his downward momentum. Holding the cane firmly with your right hand, and loosely guiding it with your left, you push your magic into the cane, causing it to expand.

>Sneak attack (you guys forgot about this didn't you?)

Your aim is true, and the far end of your cane connects with the tree-man and pushes him away from you. The impact almost rips the cane from your hands, but with the back of the cane resting in a notch in the tree, you're able to hold on. The extending cane is forcing you to move forward to maintain your grip. Your aim is true and the tree-man collides against the tree. The end of your cane drives into his chest, and he turns into a swarm of insects. The tree cries out, "Uzainaaaaaaa!" from the impact. The feedback from the impact interrupts your flow of magic to the cane and it starts to shrink again.

Your cane had been expanding so quickly, especially during the final few moments of your attack, that it propelled you past the first row of trees into the clearing. The Cures turn from looking where the tree-man was sent flying to where the attack came from.

"Tuxedo Kamen!" Black calls out, happy to see you. Cure White, on the other hand, has an embarrassed smile on her face. She's also glad to see you, but she's still coming to grips with the fact that she was flashing you yesterday.

Before any of you can exchange greetings, your attention is pulled back in the direction of the tree by two female shouts of exertion. The tree is off balance from the earlier impact and the two new girls are holding hands as they leap towards the tree. Their outside hands are glowing with a gold and blue energy. They hit the tree with a visible shockwave of discharged magic energy.

b3c40 No.32678

File: 1504670347505.png (583.6 KB, 640x480, Timber!.png)

The tree staggers backwards and falls over into the trees. The two girls stick a landing and look at each other.

"Wow!" Exclaims the girl in the pink and yellow gown.

"This is amazing." Adds the girl in the beige gown.

At the top of a tree, the insects start to reform into the tree-man that the Cures had been fighting earlier.

"Let's do it!" Cure White says, grabbing Black's arm.


The tree is knocked over, and the tree-man is returning to his humanoid form. The Cures are about to launch a Marble Screw, and you don't know what the new girls are up to. What do you do?

>Tell the Cures to switch to targeting the knocked over tree.

>Tell the Cures to hold their fire.
>Join in their attack with a rose. [charged or not?]
>Run over to the new girls and ask them something. [what?]
>Run over to the new girls and coax them to stay on the attack. [Do you assist them?]
>Mix and match.
>Write-in. [what?]

d9899 No.32679

>Crazy ideas

And this one wasn't even mine, for once. Or at the very least, I wasn't the first one to say it this time.

Hmm, this one's a little tougher to call. The girls have Wood Man here dead to rights with the Marble, so there's no reason to intervene in that so much, and wiping him out would free them up to help out with Wood Man.EXE, assuming the Splash Team isn't about to finisher the bastard themselves now that he's stunned. Anyone have any better ideas than just letting them all go for it?

ba888 No.32680

Hmm…tree guy is evasive, though, and the wording isn't very clear on whether Uzaina-tree (Splash Star's target) is about to get Marble Screwed, or if tree guy is.
If B&W are aiming at the big tree/Uzaina-tree, then I say let them have at it, but then we need to rally Splash Star to help us pick up the slack against tree guy.
If B&W are aiming at tree guy, then we need to shut down his movement options, and I'm suddenly unsure if we should use roses for that. These monsters are tree-based. I don't think attacking with plants will work all that well, despite their normal effectiveness.
So try to either pin him or push him towards the incoming Marble Screw with the cane, and then let Saki and Mai deal with the tree monster from *their* season. (Maybe call out a "Now's your chance!" or something like that, if they don't start their attack right away.)
Dammit, now I actually need to watch Splash Star so I can figure out more of what they can do -_-

Think what you like. I know at least purposely hinted that Sneak Attack was an option ;3

0dce8 No.32681

>Sneak attack (you guys forgot about this didn't you?)
I didn't forget about it, but I wasn't sure if it'd cause it to work 100%

That works.

b3c40 No.32682

> and the wording isn't very clear on whether Uzaina-tree (Splash Star's target) is about to get Marble Screwed, or if tree guy is.

Black and White are aiming at tree-guy.

719e7 No.32695

The question I tend to ask at the not-so-local comic shop's board game nights is "Who's/What's the biggest threat at the moment?" I'd like to know that before I make any choices.

b3c40 No.32700

The tree-man is the one with the stronger evil energy that Tuxedo Kamen sensed previously. As for which one is the greater threat, that's for y'all to decide.

a84d0 No.32702

In my experience, bigger does not always mean tougher or stronger. Tree Guy's likely the bigger threat if he has more evil energy.

0dce8 No.32704

Ah yes, the Bishonen Line. Humanoid enemies are usually the more dangerous ones.

b3c40 No.32706

If B&W are aiming at tree guy, then we need to shut down his movement options, and I'm suddenly unsure if we should use roses for that. These monsters are tree-based. I don't think attacking with plants will work all that well, despite their normal effectiveness.
So try to either pin him or push him towards the incoming Marble Screw with the cane, and then let Saki and Mai deal with the tree monster from *their* season. (Maybe call out a "Now's your chance!" or something like that, if they don't start their attack right away.)

So far there are two votes for this, and lots of discussion. Get your votes in.

a84d0 No.32707

If we're going to throw one, charge it up and throw it as a dart it'll probably lose any sort of plant elemental whatever we might be afraid of affecting it with if we do that.

67711 No.32708

Maybe? I'd say it's a toss-up :/

719e7 No.32720

Take out a knee joint on the guy Black and White are aiming for with the cane, then whirl on the other one with more evil energy and repeat the trick. No roses; Moe has a point that plant vs plant might not be effective, so err on the side of caution.

b3c40 No.32736

File: 1504826295417.png (668.63 KB, 640x480, Chargin mah lazor.png)

Bigger doesn't necessarily mean stronger. You're convinced that despite his smaller size, this tree-man is the greater threat as compared to the large mobile tree, so you focus on him for now. You consider using your cane to aid the Cures, but you settle on charging up a rose. Much like when fighting Jadeite, you push your magic into the rose straight ahead and the rose takes on a sleek dart-like shape.

You run further into the clearing, towards the tree-man and the downed tree, also getting closer to the new girls, while the Cures are still charging up the Marble Screw. Once you have a clear line of sight to the tree-man in his perch, you throw your dart, aiming at his right knee. He's still reforming from a cloud of insects into his humanoid form, but the lower 3/4 of him is already formed. Your aim is a little low, and you hit him in the shin.

His leg buckles, but he remains standing. Once's he's fully formed, he snaps the stem of your rose dart, and he starts absorbing your rose into his body, healing the damage you caused. The tree-man looks up just in time to see the incoming attack from Cure Black and Cure White. He near instantaneously breaks up into a swarm of insects, dodging around the blast. He does not attempt to return to his humanoid form and instead flies away.

The two new girls are looking at their hands in surprise, still not believing what they had just pulled off. You interrupt them and yell, "Now's your chance!"

The orange-haired girls yells back at you, still shocked by the surreal experience, "What do you mean, 'now's you're chance'?"

A pouch hanging from her belt starts bouncing around violently and answers for you, "Splash it with your Pretty Cure Twin Stream, lapi!"

You realize that these two girls are also Cures, it makes sense with the similarities between them and Black and White.

The girls give off a sound of confusion, but the pouch continues talking, "Hurry hold hands, lapi!"

Another voice joins them, this time from the pouch hanging from the purple-haired girl's belt, "Then call out to the spirits of the Earth and the Sky, chopi!"

"It gets harder and harder to understand!" The first girl complains.

You notice the large tree getting up again and you yell at them, "Just hurry up and do it!"


The two girls look at each other and nod. They hold hands and, starting with the orange-haired girl in the pink gown, call out:

"Oh Spirits of the Earth."
"Oh Spirits of the Sky."

The two of them are surrounded in a swirl of gold and blue particles, and the purple-haired girl in the beige dress continues the incantation"

"Now, together with Pretty Cure…"
"Release the power of a miracle!"

Together, they finish, "PreCure, Twin Stream Splash!" A gold and blue disk hovers in front of each of them respectively like one of Yuuno's magic circles. When they thrust both hands forward as they say 'Splash!', a stream of gold and blue water emerges from the disks. The two streams spiral around each other, and then envelop the tree.

The tree yells out, "Uzainaa!" as it's overwhelmed by the attack and returns to it's original form as a normal tree. A black spirit emerges from the tree and breaks up into countless little green spirits and a tiny blue orb.

"What…?" The pink-clothed Cure that called on the power of Earth asks, unable to comprehend what she had just seen.

As you approach them, you hear a voice from a pouch explaining, "The captured tree spirits were released, lapi."

The girl in the beige gown that called on the spirits of the sky looks up and says, "Ah! Something's falling towards us."

"It's a Miracle drop, lapi."

"A Miracle drop?" The orange hair girl asks while catching it in her hands.

"It's something we need to take back the fountains, chopi."

The girl shakes her head violently, "I don't understand any of that!"

You interrupt them and comment, "Looks like you just got roped into helping them."

The purple-haired girls asks you, "Do you know what's happening?"

"I don't know, but you're not the first girls to get roped into helping some fuzzy critters gather some missing trinkets." You answer.

b3c40 No.32737

File: 1504826317124.png (1.69 MB, 960x720, Giant Trees.png)

As the trees return to their normal size, you take a look around. Where you expect to see the city, you instead see a forest of trees, with some buildings peeking out when they're not fully obscured by the trees. Furthermore, there's a large cloud in the sky over the city and a light drizzle is falling on the trees below. The path towards the city will lead you by where Sailor Moon is still fighting.

"Where'd the city go!?" Cure Black asks.

What do you do?
>Time for some introductions.
>Head down towards the city. [Detour to grab Sailor Moon or no?]
>Write-in. [what?]

0dce8 No.32738

We can do some introductions later, we should probably see how the other fight is going.

eaed6 No.32739

Damn, I was afraid he'd bail on us with that swarm of bugs move. Any monster that can change into a cloud or mist or something similar is probably just going to be immune to frontal finishers as a rule. I was hoping he'd be stunned long enough that the move would ace him and we wouldn't have to think of a way to contain him. At least he didn't have a counter attack. Getting hit with Cold Mist would suck.

Anyway, let's go pick up Moon. We can probably make some quick introductions as we move, at least share everyone's working names.

719e7 No.32760

Eh, I think I prefer Gold Iczelion's Meteor Splash.

Anyway, Tuxie should call all Cures, ask them to come along, and haul ass to find Sailor Moon to see if similar problems are in her area. Then everyone should head to the city. I suspect Mipple and Mepple will pipe up in the presence of their kin and codename introductions will go from there.

5d847 No.32827

First of all, I don't normally do this, but "I told you so"s are in order here. I recommended the cane. (On a side note, when Moe quoted my post, it looked like he had just typed it up himself. Just for future reference.)
Anyway, we'll probably get another chance to smack tree guy later.
For my final bit of background info, that screenshot of trees covering the city is wonderful! Moe, you'd better have a video clip of that one scene ready when we get to the overgrown part of the city. I'm not letting anyone miss out on the first time we get to see <SPOILER REDACTED> without a VERY good reason.
And for my vote, I say…eh, why not. Group intros after everything stops going crazy seem to be our thing. Head to the city, detour to check on/grab Usagi.

d9899 No.32833

To be fair about the rose, my suggestion was a valid one if only from the experimentation standpoint. We can now confirm that not only do our roses have the Wood/Plant element and should be taken into account, but also that our standard magic enhancement ability only chances certain properties of whatever we enhance without doing much more to alter the element of said item. Roses gain Piercing damage but don't lose Wood element, for example.

ff2d4 No.32862

Wood/Plant being very apropos for Tuxie essentially filling the Sailor Earth role. Canonically, that is.

54eda No.32966

Nice move with the cane attack guys!

Anyway, back in the saddle, let's make for the city, Cures in tow, pick up Moon along the way, and maybe exchange names. As often as this happens, we might have to make business cards to save time. XD

eaed6 No.32970

Tuxedo Kamen
Professional Badass, Jewel Thief, and Rescuer/Lover of Magical Girls

First rose-throwing is free!

Call 889-3365-2636 to schedule an appointment today. Walk-ins welcome.

9d6a4 No.32975

I just laughed so hard I startled my puppy. :-D

b3c40 No.32998

Welcome back.

Got sick this weekend, but I'm better now. Writing some smut I promised some gentle/m/en a while back. Quest resumes soon.

d1f6c No.33001

*Tips invisible hat*

d9899 No.33077

The hardest part about that joke was making sure I got the Japanese phone number format right. I was so happy it gave me exactly enough numbers to spell out the name.

bc113 No.33108

I don't get it. 'Splain me.

a84d0 No.33111

Japanese cell phone numbers go XXX-XXXX-XXXX. Now take those numbers and key them into a phone number pad to see what it spells out.

bc113 No.33112

Oh, cool. Just let me grab my granny's flip phone….. (I actually don't have anything I can type that on.)

b3c40 No.33114

Nice. I didn't catch that at first.

Here's the smut I was working on the last few days. I'll either have the next post up tomorrow, or early next week. Definitely not over the weekend.


a84d0 No.33119

Wow, J. That's one I wasn't expecting.

54eda No.33126

*slow clap* Well done sir. Well done. XD

b3c40 No.33129

A year ago, someone mentioned the J subpilot girls going into heat. I took the ball and ran with it. Then I didn't do anything for a year and got tired of putting it off, so I more or less finished it. There's still more to add, but I figured I release it now and get back to this quest.

30b60 No.33132

I laughed harder than I should've at an airport at the hate sex bit. Keep it up, Moe.

d0f90 No.33146

Two words: wew lad.

b3c40 No.33555

File: 1506242734043.png (283.79 KB, 437x423, Shabon Spray.png)

Things got busy for the last two weeks. Mostly, but not entirely, the good kind of busy. And now back to your

"Everybody! Come with me. Sailor Moon is fighting at the base of the hill. We're going to help her, then find out why all those trees started growing in the city."

The new orange haired girl asks, "Sailor Moon? Is she like Sailor V?"

You mentally wince, but reply, "Yes, a little. Now, all of you, move it!" Leading by example, you turn around and jog back to the path leading down the hill. Glancing behind you, you confirm that the four girls are following you. Your thoughts turn back to the Sailors. If there's a Sailor Moon and a Sailor Mercury that both work together, it would only make sense that Sailor V would also be part of their team. Could the V stand for Venus? That would fit the theme of the other two girls. How many more Sailors are there to encounter? Sailor Earth, Mars, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn? How many more Cures are there to encounter?

You hear a conversation behind you, so you slow down to listen in.

"The Garden of Fountains is under attack, mepo?"

"That's right, lapi."

"But with the heroes from the Garden of Light to help us. We're sure to save the Garden of Fountains, choppi."

"We'll try to help, but the Garden of Light is also under attack, mipo."

Both the orange-haired and ginger-haired girls yell in unison, "I don't understand any of that!"

Cure White starts giggling at the the antics of the two girls and gets her purple-haired counterpart's attention, "I'm Cure White, and that's my partner, Cure Black."

The purple-haired girl replies, "Oh! I'm Mi- I mean, Cure Egret, and that's Cure Bloom." In a quieter voice that you can barely make out over the sounds of all of you running, she adds, "Who's he?"

"Oh. That's Tuxe-" White starts to answers.

Cure Black interrupts her and finishes, "He's Tuxedo Kamen!"

You look over your shoulder as your name is shouted and you see Black and White looking at each other with slightly confused expressions on their faces. You groped White's tit the first time you ran into her, and not only did she not react negatively, she's been flashing you glimpses of her underwear. It also sounds like you're the only male to have given Black any positive attention, and she's reacting well to it. Turning you attention back to the trail in front of you, you realize that you'll have to do something about the tension between them before it boils over. "Double-time!" You order and speed up. The footsteps behind you let you know that they're keeping up, but the faster pace has forced them to end their conversation.

At the base of the trail, you find the area getting foggy, and the occasional drop of rain falling on you. After exiting the trail, you head right, deeper into the fog. An ear-piercing wail that could only belong to Sailor Moon lets you know that you're headed in the right direction. However, the fog that you assume belongs to Sailor Mercury is getting thick enough that it's going to be easy to get lost. It looks like you're in some kind of a park as there are benches and planters full of flowers around.

What do you tell the Cures?
>Stick very close to not get separated.
>Stay back and let you deal with it yourself.
>Split up and cover the most ground.
>Write-in. [what?]

What's the general approach?
>Approach cautiously, scope out the situation, and take advantage of the fog.
>You're the cavalry, charge in to the rescue.
>Write-in. [what?]

d9899 No.33569

-White and Black starting to reach high enough Bond Level that they're inadvertently competing with one another-

Muahahahahahahaha. I mean, that'll become a priority to work through here pretty soon, but the plan is coming together.

As for the Cures, I'm gonna say tell them to form up on us. Egret and Bloom are still only Lv1-3 right now, and I'm not letting them fly solo just yet. Black and White can help a great deal with assisting their Expies in that regard once the fighting starts up again, too.

As for action, of course we're going to be careful as we approach… But I want to try something while we're moving.

So, back during the Jadeite fight, we tried powering up our mask to see through the Shabon Spray and failed. The mask bounced our magic right off in what I'm sure won't be a valuable last-second move we can pull on someone later on. But let's try something similar this time, and try casting Reinforcement on ourselves, specifically our eyes and ears, and see if that has any effect.

54eda No.33571

Thank you for returning Moe and yay for the good sort of busy.

I agree with Blue, form up, stay tight, and move cautiously. Now if only we could get some alone time with Black and White…

0dce8 No.33573

Agreeing with Blue's plan, but we reinforce our eyes carefully.

If the Fate/ series taught me anything, it's that if you're not careful in reinforcing your body parts, you'll blow them up.

d9899 No.33582

Oh right, yeah, full agreement. I don't think Moe plays *QUITE* by Nasuverse rules regarding magical backlash, but no reason to risk it.

We really do need a training episode where we just sit and fuck around with our powers to see what works and what doesn't. As much as I like these learn on the fly ideas, I want a chance to just throw some stuff at the wall to see what sticks without having to worry about dying if we fuck it up.

5d847 No.33588

I can get behind that, and also your plan.

cce62 No.33594

Everyone should stay close and proceed with caution. Have Tuxie be ready with his cane.

b3c40 No.33601

>Thank you for returning Moe and yay for the good sort of busy.
It's good to be back.

Wow. You guys wasted no time getting votes in, plus it's unanimous on top of that. I guess I'll just hit the ground running and get right back into this.

b8a87 No.33606

Just good timing :)

b3c40 No.33611

File: 1506325156352.png (635.78 KB, 640x480, Luna KO.png)

Sailor Moon stops her ear-piercing wailing, and you take that moment to tell the Cures your plan. "Girls, stick close. We don't want to get lost in Sailor Mercury's fog." You drop the bluenette's name for the benefit of the two new Cures. "We'll try not to be seen and find out the best way to help. The blonde girl and bluenette in sailor uniforms with miniskirts are on our side."

Sailor Moon starts wailing again, putting a halt to your conversation. You motion the girls forward and head deeper into the fog. As you cautiously approach the fight, you try directing some of your magical reserves towards your eyes and ears in the hope that you might be able to magically enhance them and let you see through the fog. Your view is still obscured, but your ears stop ringing from Sailor Moon's scream. It's still loud and interfering with your hearing, but to a much lesser extent now. To your chagrin, you don't see through the fog any more clearly. You stop the flow of magic to your eyes to make sure you don't hurt yourself somehow, but let the slow trickle of magic towards your ears continue to counter the effects of Sailor Moon's incapacitating scream.

>Class skill - Damsel in Distress: Ignore bangs: Use your magic reserves to undo the effects of painfully loud noises on your ears. Cures pain and ringing. If the loud noise is continuous, you'll still hear it, but you'll be able to focus on other sounds.

Now able to hear sounds other than Sailor Moon screaming, you proceed a little more boldly. You're able to make out a human shape in the fog. You continue closer. but you stop when you hear a noise at your feet. You look down and barely avoid stepping on a squirrel. There's a pile of unconscious squirrels surrounding Luna, who is also unconscious. You get down on a knee and you're finally able to get a good look at Sailors Moon and Mercury.

b3c40 No.33612

File: 1506325190295.png (582.92 KB, 640x480, Sailor Moon without Tiara.png)

Sailor Moon is on the ground, completely restrained by what looks like vines. She's screaming her lungs out. Her red odango covers are pulsing with her screams, amplifying them to a paralyzingly loud volume. It appears that her tiara is gone.

b3c40 No.33613

File: 1506325272765.png (1.44 MB, 640x1167, Mercury.png)

>Pretend that Mercury has her visor up and the other end of the vines are hanging loosely, not taut.

Sailor Mercury is not too far off from Sailor Moon. She's likewise wrapped in vines, but she's not completely immobilized. The vines appear to only be wrapped around her and not tied off. A tangle of loose ends drags behind the bluenette. She has her visor up, letting her see through her own fog, and is engaged in an artillery duel with a foe that you can't see. Mercury's arms are pinned to her sides, but she's still able to fire off balls of water at her opponent. At the same time, she's hobbling around as fast as she can with her thighs bound together, dodging the return fire of what looks like giant seeds.

A few ideas come to mind as to how to handle the situation.
>Heal Luna.
>Give Luna to one of the girls.
>Worry about Luna later.
>Try to get Mercury's or Moon's attention. [how, and which one?]
>Get in there and help free one or both of the Sailors from the vines. [how and which one?]
>Look for Sailor Moon's tiara.
>Attack in the direction that the enemy's attacks are coming from.
>Loop around and get an attack on the enemy while it's focusing on Mercury.
>Hang tight and continue observing.
>Write-in [what?]

Sailor Moon is going to have to take a breath soon. That'll be your opportunity to hand out orders. Between yourself and the four Cures, what should everyone do?

d9899 No.33622

Yeah, I thought this was Nephrite's doing after we saw the guy earlier and his wrath of nature bit. Okay, so good news bad news time. Bad news is, we're pretty much completely fucked for OTL as far as this one goes. Rei was supposed to jump in here, then we show up and rose it, then they ace the youma. That's clearly not happening in that fashion now. Good news is, at least we skipped that stupid boat date scenario as Mamoru.

Anyway, I'm gonna say we pick up the kitty and heal her, first and foremost. We would be an absolute dick to not help the kitty. If she wakes up as a result of the healing, which she probably should, tell her to hang on.

The current situation as it is, with the fog and the screaming, basically gives us the stealth bonus. I'd say… Tell Egret and Bloom to swing around wide and come in from the side to Moon and Mercury's position with the intention of freeing them from the vines or at least helping them dodge/defend. We don't have firepower to clear those things off the easy way, so we'll have to make due. Usagi's screaming should help them keep a sense of where to find them. Tell them to pass it on from Kamen that we're here to help… and to ask Mercury to thin the fog out once she hears the counterattack start. And let them know if they spot a tiara on the ground somewhere along the way, grab it.

Meanwhile, Nagisa and Honoka need to swing around in the opposite direction to set up a Marble Screw. I have faith that either Honoka can use the shots being fired to figure out where the youma is, or can figure it out if we have to explain what we're seeing, and they can pull a sneak attack once they're set up. Make sure to warn them to do it at an angle that won't nail us if they miss, though. Since the girls need a few seconds of setup for a Marble Screw, having them off to the side at a different angle from the others will do a pretty good job of blindsiding the youma, even if it does manage to dodge out of the way. And there's no way Mercury can miss seeing the shot, so she'll reduce the fog at that point since the girls will have lost the surprise attack anyway, hit or no hit.

As for us, I'm gonna say we make for the high ground. Make for the trees and the nearest Conveniently Placed High Branch for our shot, and prep a rose. Plant element means we won't get a kill shot, but he stunned the fuck out of it in OTL with his usual graze across the forehead move, no reason to think that wouldn't work here.

0dce8 No.33623

I'll support this.

54eda No.33634

You must be killer at chess, sir. I for one, could not come up with such strategy.

I don't have a better idea, so I support this.

ac52a No.33636

Not chess. Super Robot Wars.

Which this kind of is.

I'm withholding my vote until I have more sleep.

cce62 No.33649

I need to momentarily withhold mine as well. There's a lot of information to process this time.

cce62 No.33672

Write-in option: We should give Luna to one of the girls; I'm not sure she's hurt but for being knocked out, so she needs to be kept safe.

Next, get to Mercury and set her free so she can keep running interference on the youma while we free Moon.

Mercury could pinpoint the youma's location with her visor if needed, which means attacks could be done by everyone but whoever's holding Luna and Moon. The attacks will give Moon time to find her tiara and join in.

b3c40 No.34009

File: 1507245832134.png (265.75 KB, 321x480, Luna in glass.png)

Apologies for the unscheduled hiatus. I can expect to be pretty busy the rest of the year (and especially so in December), but I'll try not to leave you guys hanging.

You take a knee next to the pile of animals and pick up Luna. As you touch her, you see an image of a black cat inside of a glass tube. The cat appears to be sleeping, or in stasis. The image fades away almost as quickly as it appeared. You start to heal the kitty while you decide on a plan. Despite what you said earlier for the five of you to stay close together, you figure the best course of action is to split up. You motion for Black and White to get closer.

Shortly afterwards, Sailor Moon stops screaming to take a breath. You try to tell the two Cures to loop around and attack the opponent that's shooting at Sailor Mercury. However, the girls are rubbing their ears and show no sign of being able to hear you. Realizing that their ears must be ringing from Sailor Moon's screams, you touch of each of their ears in turn with your free hand. You don't like the increased strain on your magic reserves from healing two targets at once, but you quickly fix up the Cures' ears and tell them, "Try to outflank the enemy and hit it with your Marble Screw."

"Flank?" Cure Black asks.

"Got it." Cure White replies. She grabs Black's arm and runs into the mist.

You call over the two new Cures. You heal their ears and give them their orders, "Egret, Sailor Mercury is the one that's standing up. Help her out of the vines and tell her that Tuxedo Kamen says to thin out the fog. Bloom, Sailor Moon is the one on the ground. Untie her. If either of you see a tiara on the ground, give it to Sailor Moon. Go!"

You watch the two of them run towards the bound girls for a moment, but then you turn your attention to more pressing matters. You need to take the high ground. There's a tree nearby that will suit your purposes. You take a running start, run a few steps up the trunk, and jump up and away. You neatly land on the branch that you had selected. Pulling out a rose, you observe the battlefield, waiting for the fog to thin so you can have a better view of the combatants.

After what seems like a long time, but was less than a minute, you can see Mercury's fog start to thin out. Since the fog isn't contained by the walls of a classroom like last time, Mercury is able to dissipate the fog much faster than the last time. Furthermore, her efforts are aided by a slight breeze.

Your view of the battlefield rapidly expands as the fog thins. First, you're able to see the Sailors and the new Cures. Cure Egret is making quick work of the thorny vines wrapped around Sailor Mercury. However, you see that thorns are tearing through Mercury's white uniform. Unfortunate for her, but perhaps you'll have a nice view later on. The bluenette steps to the side and pulls the purple-haired Cure with her, barely dodging another attack from the enemy. Cure Bloom is ripping the vines binding Sailor Moon, but she's in visible pain from the blonde girl's wailing.

You hear Cures Black and White start the incantation for their attack. Then, the bolts of black and white lightning striking them mark their position clearly for you.

b3c40 No.34010

File: 1507245878348.png (813.37 KB, 640x480, Youma.png)

The fog clears enough for you to make out Cures Black and White and the monster. The monster is purple-skinned, green-haired elf-like creature. A tangle of thorny vines emanate from her hair, but they end at a surprisingly uniform length. The vines match the thorny ones wrapped around Sailor Mercury, but not the lighter green ones tightly binding Sailor Moon. You quickly put two and two together and realize that Sailor Moon must have cut Sailor Mercury free using her tiara. From your vantage point, you mentally draw some lines connecting the monster to Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon's possible firing arcs. Sure enough, on the other side of the enemy-Sailor Mercury axis, you spot a glint of metal, Sailor Moon's tiara.

b3c40 No.34011

File: 1507245903793.png (9.05 KB, 1122x825, Battlefield.png)

The monster is turned to the side to face the new threat. Instead of hands, she has a flower at the end of each arm. From each flower a seed sac at the two girls. At the same time, Cures Black and White fire the PreCure Marble Screw at the monster. The monster's right seedsac flies straight into the spiral beam of death, and almost instantly vaporizes. The attack continues and grazes the monster. Her right arm is destroyed by the attack. All that's left is a small cauterized stump of her brachium.

However, the other seed sac barely avoids getting caught in the Cure's attack and it reaches them. It hits Cure Black, bounces off of her a short distance, and erupts into a mass of vines similar to the ones that Sailor Moon has been partially freed from. With both girls right next to each other and holding hands, the vines wrap around the two of them. Faster than the two of them can react, the vines cinch tightly and tie themselves off. The two Cures are pressed against each other, face to face, and you can only imagine, breast to breast as well. You smirk, "Cure White is certainly enjoying it." The two of them struggle, but with their movement so restricted, they soon fall over. They land on their shoulders, fortunately neither of them landing head-first on the concrete pavers, and then they roll over so Cure White is on the bottom.

Luna stirs awake in your arms. Your healing has returned her to consciousness and starts to struggle in your arms, although you can feel that she's not fully healed yet from the squirrel attack.

You see Sailor Moon's tiara. Mercury is moments away from being free of the thorny vines. Sailor Moon is still only about half free of the vines. Cures Black and White are incapacitated, Cure Bloom is helping Sailor Moon, and Cure Egret is almost done helping Sailor Mercury. The monster has lost one arm, and hopefully lost the use of her thorny hair-vines. And the fog has mostly lifted. What do you do?

>Let Luna go.

>Tell her to hold still while you heal her.
>Write-in. [What?]

>Rose the monster.

>Cane the monster.
>Retrieve Sailor Moon's Tiara.
>Help break Sailor Moon free of the vines [how?]
>Help the Cures out of the vines.
>Get into the brawl and distract the monster so the girls can regroup.
>Write-in. [What?]

d9899 No.34014

That went about as well as I expected it to, if I have to be honest. I was hoping B&W wouldn't have ended up getting roped up, but no use worrying about it now.

Tell Luna to hold still, for now. Dropping her in her current state would just lead to a rude awakening, and there's no need for that kind of animosity when we're just now starting to get somewhere with her.

As for the actual fight, let's pick up on canon a little here and rose the bitch, piercing dart style. Fuck it, since we've still got the stealth damage bonus, aim to take out an eye with the shot. Take a page out of Fem's book and go for a crippling move. As soon as we let fly, go for the flying leap in the direction of the tiara and grab it.

My plan is to grab the tiara and throw it back to Moon while the youma's still stunned, but if Usagi's still too tied up for that option or the youma recovers before we can pull it off, my backup plan is to run interference while Luna gets the tiara over to her instead, once the kitty's awake and mobile.

cce62 No.34015

I could be really cruel and say we borrow Spark's "Death from above!" move (thank you, "Dominic Deegan"), but the spirit of my own dearly departed black cat would be gravely disappointed with me. :-P So let's put Luna on our shoulders and tell her to hang on; we can finish healing her soon.

So Black and White are tied up, Mercury's almost free, Bloom's helping Moon: If Mercury is almost free, then rose the monster in the eye (siding with Blue here) and tell Egret to go get the tiara; Mercury can finish freeing herself at that point and help Black and White, I think.

Although before I say anything about Moon, how many vines are left on her now, Moe? And is Bloom hurt other than a momentary case of tinnitus?

0dce8 No.34016

Going for the eye sounds good to me.

b3c40 No.34017

File: 1507269745914.png (365.97 KB, 366x480, Sailor Moon Vines.png)

>Although before I say anything about Moon, how many vines are left on her now, Moe? And is Bloom hurt other than a momentary case of tinnitus?

The three vines around Sailor Moon's torso are gone. One last set of vines around her skirt are keeping her forearms pinned, although she has free use of her wrists. Once those are gone, you can use her as a stationary turret. She still has another set of vines around her thighs (barely in frame), and another around her calves (out of frame).

And Bloom is OK aside from really bad ear-ringing.

dbfd3 No.34031

Okay, cool. Thanks. So Bloom should at least free Moon's arms so she could remove the other vines herself catch the tiara if Egret can toss it back to her. Then hopefully everyone will be ready to attack or defend themselves.

54eda No.34039

Tell Luna to hold still and hold on. Rose-dart to the eye. Tell Egret to get the Tiara, but help Mercury if she can't get herself free. With the girls coming free, we should then see if we can help Black and White if we get the chance.

5d847 No.34046

Good, classic reference. That's refreshing and heartwarming all together.
Hmm…finish getting the Sailors out of at least some of their bindings is step 1.
Tiara retrieval is step 2.
Keeping the youma occupied and possibly adding extra debilitating damage so that step 2 can work is step 3.
I think letting Mercury finish getting the vines off of her is good. It would free Egret up to get the tiara to Moon, who can cut through vines pretty easily with it.
And yeah, called rose shot to some important body part will help Egret do her thing without being harassed. Hopefully, Luna will follow Egret, since she recognizes how necessary it would be to get Sailor Moon's main weapon back to her. (I don't think she'll do it on our say-so, though, so we might need to explain if possible.)

b3c40 No.34184

File: 1507613662495.png (421.42 KB, 457x480, Rose.png)

You squeeze Luna closer against you and order, "Don't move too much, you're still hurt." To your relief, she stops squirming in your arms and allows your to continue healing her.

You turn your focus to the youma at the scene. She's screaming in pain and moving around a lot. That gives Egret enough time to free Mercury from the last bit of thorny vine binding her, and Bloom time to free Sailor Moon's hands. Unfortunately, that doesn't give you the clear shot that you need to hit the monster so you pull out a rose and hold tight.

Upon her arms being freed, Sailor Moon stops yelling and starts helping Bloom rip through the vines binding her legs. Mercury resumes firing water balls at the youma, turning the monster's attention to the girls assembled between it and you.

The youma brings her left arm to bear on them and spends a few moments deciding which one to shoot first. That moment of hesitation is all you need. You push your magical energy into the rose, and then push it forward once more. Your rose transforms into a sleek dark that you throw, aiming at the youma's eye.

You hit her in her left eye, right before she was about to shoot her seed sac at Sailor Mercury. Instead, she falls backwards from the unexpected attack and her seed sac is fired off uselessly straight up. You consider retrieving Sailor Moon's tiara, but Cure Egret is closer, and you decide to give the task to her. Announcing your presence from the tree you call out, "Now! Cure Egret! Get Sailor Moon's tiara!" You pull out your cane and point to the location of the discarded tiara.

b3c40 No.34185

File: 1507613688749.png (583.36 KB, 640x480, Death!.png)

Sailor Moon cranes her neck to look up at you and calls out, "Tuxedo Kamen!"

The purple haired girl looks around to find the source of your voice, and then looks in the direction of the cane to locate the tiara. She hesitates for a moment, but Sailor Mercury nods her head and says something. After some encouragement, Egret runs off to recover the tiara. Sailor Mercury does a very good job of pinning the youma in place, repeatedly pelting her with the water balls. The monster is clearly elementally associated with plants so her attack isn't doing too much damage, but it's still restricting the youma's movements.

Egret reaches the tiara, picks it up, and turns around. She calls out, "Bloom! Catch!" The purple-haired Cure throws the tiara like a frisbee to her partner. Her aim is less than stellar, but her partner stops helping Sailor Moon get free and quickly takes a few steps to get in the path of the tiara.

The brunette easily catches the wobbling tiara and calls out, "I'm in top form!" Bloom quickly takes the tiara back to Sailor Moon and hands it to her.

The blonde girl takes her tiara back and it starts glowing with magical energy. Seeing that Sailor Moon has the tiara back, Sailor Mercury stops harassing the drenched youma, letting it stand up and present a larger target for Sailor Moon's attack. "Moon Tiara Action!" She yells as she throws her glowing tiara at the youma. Since Sailor Moon threw from a sitting position, the tiara is slicing through the light rain slower than usual, but it turns out to be enough. The youma stands up just in time to be cut in two by the tiara and turns to dust.

Sailor Moon and Cure Bloom both yell, "We did it!" Egret turns around and smiles at the sight of them, but Sailor Mercury calls out, "Watch out! Above you!" Cure Egret looks up just in time for the seed sac that the youma had fired to fall down almost on top of her. She vainly puts up her shield just moments after the sac explodes and releases a torrent of vines at her, but the vines were already inside the perimeter and they quickly bind the girl. She's teetering on her feet, but without anyway to recover her balance, the slightest force will tip her over.

The pile of squirrels stirs and they dart back into the forest to escape the light drizzle, no longer under the monster's spell. A gray-haired man that had been unconscious is stirring, but still not awake. Presumably he was also affected by the youma. However, the vines are not turning to dust along with the youma, so it looks like you'll have to free everyone by hand.

Sailor Moon just needs to free her legs. Cure Bloom is looking back and forth between Moon and Egret, not sure whether to finish helping Moon or go free her partner. Mercury is looking at Bloom, ready to go to whichever one the other doesn't go to, and further away are Cures Black and White bound together. White is of course squirming, taking advantage of their close quarters. Luna is healed to full.

>Help free one of the girls from the vines. [which one(s)? Bare hands or use one of your items?]

>Tell Bloom and Mercury which girl to help. [Cross series or same series.]
>Dramatic parting words and tell them to meet you in the city as you're going ahead to help Sakura and Nanoha. [What do you say?]
>Try to get one of the girls alone.
>Write-in [what?]
>Mix and match.

Also, what do you do with Luna?

d9899 No.34189

Not bad. A little sloppy on account of how three out of four Cures ended up in bondage vines, but given that OTL needed a fire elemental I'd say this went incredibly well for us.

Tell Luna to hang on, then let's go help White and Black since they're the furthest away. As for the other girls, I'm going to suggest cross-series assistance, just to build up some Lily Rank points and let them talk to one another. Once we get over to the monochrome pair, put Luna down and let her help if she chooses, and otherwise let's see if we can focus magic into a rose in a way that gives it more of a blade than a point. If that's no dice, a sharp-tipped dart will still do just fine as long as we're careful about using it.

…Random thought, but we haven't tried using Reinforce on our hat yet, have we? I wonder what that one would do.

0dce8 No.34205


I think we should help the closest before we head off to go help Sakura and Nanoha.

Maybe reinforcing the hat will allow us to preform an Odd Job maneuver?

54eda No.34206

Hmm… get down from the tree and set Luna on her feet. Don't hold onto a cat that doesn't want to be held.

Have Bloom and Mercury help Egret while we get Moon out of the last of her bonds. Give her a flirty wink before we move on to help Black and White out of their loving snuggle *Ahem!* I mean plant bondage.

4d32f No.34207

Use our hands to help Black and White; if Luna's feeling better, she can take her own initiative on what to do. (Shadow has a point about not holding on to cats who don't want to be held. They get squirmy as hell.)

Tell Mercury to help Egret and Bloom to help Moon. Once everyone's free, ask if they're still up for action.

d9899 No.34211

We're pretty torn on what to do about the kitty, so I should probably mention my reasoning for suggesting bringing her over to Black and White is to try and build points between her and the Cures. The cross-series Lily Rank building should probably be done with mascots as well, after all.

3fb32 No.34214

I'm guessing "Lily Rank" is a Super Robot Wars term? I just haven't heard of it before.
I notice that Luna calmed down after she realized we were just healing her. In which case, I think Blue's plan can work as written, without needing to worry about the grumpiness of cats. So that has my vote.

b3c40 No.34215

>Lily Rank
Lily is the translation of yuri. So, I'm pretty sure Blue is talking about getting the girls build up some lesbian attraction among themselves to make harem politics a little friendlier.

d9899 No.34217

I'm making a Hyperdimension Neptunia reference. Lily Ranks in Nep refer to the relation points you build by pairing people together in the party formation menu. High enough ranks generally unlock support skills, conversations, or ending requirements depending on which Nep game you're playing.

So I'm mostly just talking about getting them to be better friends and work together better on the field, but given the only male party member I have ever seen in the Nep series is a talking fish, we can go with the yuri idea as well and it works out fine by me.

b3c40 No.34237

File: 1507789517225.png (223.67 KB, 848x943, pokemon_trainer_tuxedo_mas….png)

This is the closest that I could find to a picture with Tuxedo Kamen and Luna together in a positive way.

You decide to help free the girls, so you jump out of the tree. As you land, you necessarily loosen your hold on Luna. The cat, well aware of the fact that she's been fully healed uses that opportunity to slip free of your grasp and land on her own four paws. In a very cat-like fashion, she ignores you and runs over to Sailor Moon. All things considered, that's probably an improvement over your usual interactions with her.

At first you consider helping Sailor Moon, but Cure Bloom is right next to her, and the blonde is almost free. Instead, you gently chide Mercury, "Go help free Cure Egret. She did help free you from the vines earlier." A quick glance over her confirms that her uniform is covered in a bunch of small tears from the thorny vines. You can see small bits of boob peeking out from the tears, but nothing too titillating.

"OK." She replies, but doesn't go at first. She takes another look at Moon and Bloom, and then runs off towards Egret.

Seeing the bluenette go to help Cure Egret, Cure Bloom turns her attention back to Sailor Moon and helps with the last bit of plant matter binding the girls.

You jog over to Cure Black and Cure White, admiring the sight as you approach. Your erection visibly tents your pants, and you don't have a good way of hiding it, instead hoping for the girls not to notice it.

Cure White has managed to get Cure Black to start squirming to try and free themselves of the vines. The vines are sufficiently tight around them that they only real way for them to move is to press their breasts against each other and pull back. It's a strange sort of breast humping and you're not sure if they're even getting any pleasure from it. Either way, Cure White is clearly enjoying being bound to another girl like that.

While neither of them have noticed you yet, you pull out a rose and decide to test out another way of charging the rose. You push some magic into the rose, and then direct it to the sides, hoping to create something with an edge, rather than a point. The flower closes back up into a bud and hardens into a pommel. The stem flattens and widens, with the thorns creating a serrated edge on both sides of the stem. The point is relatively dull, and not much of a stabbing weapon, but certainly useful as a slicing weapon. A very short section of the stem remains round and thorn free. It's not enough for you to grasp it in a traditional manner, but you place the pommel in the palm of your hand and clench your fist, letting the stem go between your index and middle finger. It looks like you have a long claw. You could easily hold two more roses like this and give yourself three "claws".

Cure Black has her back to you, so it's Cure White that notices you approach them. "Tuxedo Kamen!" She calls out, "Can you help free us?" If you didn't know any better, you'd think she was completely earnest in her request and her struggles had nothing to do with rubbing up against a girl she liked. She lowers her eyes and then smiles while a blush forms on her cheeks.

So much for the girls not noticing your erection.

Quick time voting interrupt. What do you say to the girls?


>No [but thou must!]
>Congratulate them on the attack, even if they did get tangled up in more than they'd bargained for.
>Tease them that for serving as a great distraction, even if that wasn't their original mission.
>Obliquely let White know exactly what she's up to in a way that doesn't spill the beans to Black.
>Thank them for the show. Joke that they should kiss.
>Write-in. [what?]

d9899 No.34240

Hell yeah, Rose Claws. Once we get stronger, we should totally try and see if we can turn them into full on dagger-length blades and go all knife fighter with it.

Honestly? I'm gonna go for A, C, D, and E at the same time. We can make running commentary while we cut them loose.

0dce8 No.34241

Blue's running commentary idea sounds amusing so I'll go with that, unless Moe nixes it.

bc113 No.34252

I like it. Thirded.

d9899 No.34253

Oh shit, someone else is actually playing with us!

4d32f No.34254

'Fraid I have to be the dissenting vote here. Black and White are probably embarrassed and might not appreciate the teasing. Black probably isn't ready to admit what she's doing, and White certainly isn't ready to confess to her enjoyment, so teasing would also create some unwanted friction. Besides, Black's not teasing Tuxie about being turned on, so let's return the favor.

Just congratulate them on the attack, reassure them that everything will be okay, and cut them loose. As a femanon, I can definitely say that if I were in that situation, I'd appreciate the praise and comfort.

54eda No.34255

Down with Rose Claws for our rogue class. This is all sorts of classy and deadly.

I kind of like the running commentary, but for the sake of simplicity (and my own personal preference), I say tease them for being a distraction then joke about them kissing.

54eda No.34256

Thanks for bringing in another angle on this.

Moe, please disregard my previous post, I am changing my vote to agree with Femanon. We're playing the long game already, so let's stick with that.

b3c40 No.34261

b3c40 No.34262

File: 1507854198746.jpg (357.59 KB, 1186x557, Cure_Black_and_Cure_White.jpg)

"But of course." You reply, taking a knee near their feet. You grab Black by her ankle to keep the girls in place, and you slice through the vines binding their lower legs together. "You two did a great job disarming the youma." You say, as your work. The upper half of the thorns on the front of your rose claw snap off as you cut through the vines.

Cure White giggles and Black looks back and forth between her partner and you. "What did I miss?" She asks confused.

"Disarmed." White replies.

Cure Black groans upon realizing your bad pun.

You move your hand up to Cure Black's thigh and start cutting through the vines around their thighs, using the back of your claw this time. Cutting through the vines you continue your banter, "I'm not kidding though. You two did well." Your claw snaps in half as you finish cutting through the second set of vines, the thron free upper half of the claw falls between the girls. Part of White's gown got caught on your claw and there's a tear in the fabric showing off more of her thigh.

"You even made a good distraction, and that wasn't part of the plan." You move your hand up once more and cup Cure Black's bum. She tenses up and you can feel her toned glutes clench under your hand. You start cutting through the vines with the front of the bottom half of your claw. "Hope you don't mind," You say as you work. "But I need to make sure you two don't wiggle too much so I don't accidentally stab you with this." You tilt your head to point at the claw with your nose.

"Not really, no." She answers, but she hides her face under White's head.

Locking eyes with Cure White, you continue talking to Cure Black, "I'm sure you'd be more comfortable if I had Cure White holding you, but I need to cut through these vines to free her hands first." You wink at White and she responds with a guilty smile.

"Really, it's OK." Cure Black mumbles into White's cheek.

You move up and cut through the vines around their waist, using the back of your claw. The last of the thorns fall off your rose as you finish cutting through the vines. The rest of the stem snaps free of the pommel, so you discard the rosebud in your hand. Your claw appears to only have four uses before breaking.

There are two more sets of vines binding the girls. You have nine remaining roses.

>Create another rose claw and cut them free. [careful when cutting, or "accidentally" lighten their uniforms a little?]

>See what happens if you push your magic to the back of the rose.
>Tear through the remaining vines by hand.
>Try to slide the last two vines off of them.
>Write-in. [what?]

Free-form conversation:
>Write-in. [specific lines to say, or just a general gist]

4d32f No.34265

[groans] I think I just took about five points of pun damage.

Go ahead and make another rose knife, but let's not be disrespectful; don't touch the uniforms. The more respect Tuxie shows now, the more trust he'll build with the girls. That'll pay off later when sexytimes happen; I've heard when you trust your partner, you're more willing to explore limits and kinks and other fun stuff like that.

No matter how pervy the game is, I think Tuxie's a gentleman at heart. He may not share his ladies, but look at all the times he did his best to make sure nothing happened to Usagi and the Senshi canonically. And aside from the one time he kissed Usagi while she was zonked out, he hasn't done anything to make them uncomfortable.

5316b No.34266

Black is almost a dense shounen protagonist. I don't think she noticed Tuxedo Kamen's reaction to their situation.
*White*, on the other hand, is a lewd little scientific genius (she can bond with Mercury over that eventually :3) and knows exactly what she's doing.

As for the new vote, I want to test more magic stuff. As far as actually freeing the Cures, I say slide the last few vines off. Should be interesting. If anyone else has any options for conversation, I'm willing to listen.

a84d0 No.34267

I want to experiment a bit more with the pommel, but if nothing good comes of it I'm okay with just making a new claw. And being careful with the outfits. It's one thing to do it on accident, it's another to do it on purpose.

I don't have much for conversation topics at the moment, though.

0dce8 No.34269

Agreed, continue cutting their vines but be mindful of the outfits.

As for conversation topics, we could ask them how they encountered these two new Cures.

b3c40 No.34272

>Black is almost a dense shounen protagonist.
Yes, she totally is.

I don't think she noticed Tuxedo Kamen's reaction to their situation.
But to be fair to her, TK was behind her the whole time. She didn't see him until he got close to them, but by then, he was on one knee, which his his bulge.
>I want to experiment a bit more with the pommel,
I did write TK discarding the pommel, but that can be retconned if needed, or he can just pick it back up.

eaed6 No.34273

Oh, I thought that was the part you meant by back of the rose. Disregard that detail, but I'm still voting for experimentation.

b3c40 No.34274

File: 1507910266837.png (13.32 KB, 1122x699, Rose claw.png)

>Oh, I thought that was the part you meant by back of the rose
Ah, no. The rose claw is a two-edged weapon. It has a front edge and a back edge. Each edge is further divided into an upper half and a lower half. One "use" of the claw, strips the thorns off of one quadrant of the claw.

So by the "back of the claw" I'm referring to the edge that you would slice with if you do a backhand.

54eda No.34281

Yay for puns! And we get to feel Black's firm rear, and better yet, she doesn't seem to mind. Nice.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Let's be careful as we continue to attempt to free them, no matter the method. Though for the method, let's not keep them waiting as we experiment. Another claw.

As for conversation… could use some help, but I would like to include that we feel lucky to have beautiful girls like them helping us out and being willing to go along with our plans, even when they go less than perfectly.

bc113 No.34289

Not new, but finally speaking up.

This sounds like the best idea. >>34281 seems a little….. sucky-uppy?

b3c40 No.34454

File: 1508311738487.png (1005.75 KB, 882x800, Black and White.png)

Rose and ask them how they met the new cures. Apologies for any typos, but my head hurts like a mofo.

Although you're interested in testing out the last way of charging your rose, and also about testing the discarded rosebud pommel, you decide to go with what you know will work. You pull out another rose and charge it with your magic, once more pushing the magical energy to the side after charging your rose. It turns into the serrated rose claw again.

Placing your left hand on Black's side, your thumb right under, but not touching her right breast. You start cutting through the vines right below their breasts and ask, "How did you find the new Cures?"

Cure Black pulls her face out from under White's and answers, "There was a cloud of insects that we followed to find out what was going on. We saw a bright flash, at the top of the hill, and that's where we found them fighting that tree. Karehaan then attacked us to keep us from interfering."

You're being careful with cutting through the vines, but when you finish cutting through the vines under their breasts, you see that you still cut a little through Black's pink bow. It's a minor cut though, not revealing anything beneath.

"Tuxedo Kamen." White says, getting your attention.

You move up to the last loop of vines around them, but don't yet start cutting through them. You make eye contact with White and reply, "Yes?"

She wilts under your gaze, searching either for the words or the courage to ask you something. After an awkward moment of silence, she finally works up the courage and asks, "Before we transformed, when we were walking up the hill…" She pauses once more, and then blurts out her question, "Were you there with us? I mean, without your mask. In regular clothes."

"No." You reply, "I sensed a fight, so I came to offer aid. Although to my surprise, I found four beautiful heroines instead of just two."

Black turns to look straight at you, but she moves her entire body and rolls over, pulling White on top of her. Cure White gasps in surprise at the sudden motion, and again when her partner grabs her upper thighs for stability. Sure enough, Black's index fingers are brushing against the swell of the bluenette's bum. She asks you, "You really think I'm…" She can't bring herself to finish the question.

You wink at the ginger-haired heroine and watch as a mixture of emotions run across her face, shock, elation, embarrassment. She's at a complete loss for words, so you instead say, "Hold still." You cut the last vine binding them together and White rolls off of her partner. Quickly looking them over, you confirm that they're OK and that your rose claw didn't do too much damage to their uniforms. You get up from all fours to being on one knee, put the claw on the ground beside you, and offer a hand to each girl.

Cure White quickly places her left hand in your in a very feminine and formal manner, and you wrap your fingers around hers.

Cure Black takes a moment to process what to do, but then claps your right hand with hers, like a sports player being helped up by a teammate.

You stand up and help them get up. Before you can forget, you pick the rose claw back up. It's now at half length, but it still has two uses on it.

Cure White is grinning like the cat that ate the canary from the fun she had with Cure Black. Black on the other hand is too flustered to notice. A quick glance around tells you that Sailor Moon is free. She's looking back and forth between you and Cure Egret, wondering whether to join you, or follow Cure Bloom and Luna to help Mercury free Egret. Mercury has gotten half of the vines off of the purple-haired Cure and the two of them are working on dealing with the other half.

What do you do?
>Chat with the Cures. [give me a topic]
>Go over to Sailor Moon.
>Wave Sailor Moon over.
>Go to Cure Egret and help free her.
>Head out to help Nanoha and Sakura. [take any of the girls with you, or head alone?]
>Write-in [what?]

eaed6 No.34464

Hahaha, they're picking up on the masquerade. That's adorable. Too bad Kamen is legit unaware of Mamoru right now so our denial is as honest as it'll get.

As for action, I say wave Moon over while we go to help Egret. Ami will probably be done by the time we arrive, but it gets us grouped together for the next move.

6490a No.34467

Give Sailor Moon a reassuring nod, but go help Sailor Mercury and Egret. I agree with Blue that the help may not be needed by the time we get there, but then we can ask how everyone's doing, check for injuries, and ask if they're up to help Nanoha and Sakura.

54eda No.34470

The girls are faster at picking it up than we are, though I suppose that's to be expected. Though he doesn't know it's him, the idea has been introduced to his subconscious, and will return to nag at him at a later time.

I agree with these actions.

b3c40 No.34473

>Hahaha, they're picking up on the masquerade. That's adorable. Too bad Kamen is legit unaware of Mamoru right now so our denial is as honest as it'll get.
>The girls are faster at picking it up than we are, though I suppose that's to be expected.

This is the episode where Rei went with Mamoru on a date and then pointed out that maybe Mamoru and TK are the same person (And Sailor Moon of course didn't believe her). But since she's not here, Cure White got to do that.

bc113 No.34475

Agreed, with a side of >>34467 's chat topics.

d9899 No.34477

To be fair, they literally just saw Mamoru before getting into a fight, so I'd have probably made a comment about it if they legitimately didn't question it at all by the end of the day.

0dce8 No.34490

I'll back Blue

b3c40 No.34568

File: 1508562738954.jpg (184.93 KB, 650x650, sailor_moon_and_tuxedo_mas….jpg)

"I'll go check on the new girl," you announce to the two Cures in front of you. You turn around and look at Sailor Moon. Nodding, you wave her over towards Cure Egret. As you head over to the new Cure, Sailor Moon practically skips along.

The blonde girl reaches you before you reach everyone surrounding Cure Egret. "Tuxedo Kamen?" She asks, getting your attention.


"I did what you said yesterday. I mean I did it today, but you said it yesterday. Just like you asked." She babbles as Cure Black passes by both of you, turning her head to keep looking at the two you.

Sailor Moon's clearly nervous, and masking her nervousness by babbling on and on, without getting to a point.

Quick-time voting interrupt.
>Cut her off, tell her to wait until you free Egret.
>Cut her off, tell her to get to the point.
>Listen to her babble until she gets to the point herself.
>Interrupt her with a kiss.
>Continue onto Egret without replying.
>Write-in. [what?]

d9899 No.34569

Y'know what, it's adorable and I don't see a need to stop her. Let the babbling continue.

5e818 No.34570

Write-in: Let her talk a moment more as we keep walking, then interrupt gently. "Do you mean you relied on your own strength for this fight? Well done, Sailor Moon. Sailor Mercury must be glad you're becoming so dependable."

If anyone else can make that more eloquent and gentlemanly, go for it. The caffeine wore off a long time ago, so hell if I can be creative right now. :-P

5d847 No.34575

I want the kiss interrupt to work, but it's still too early.
I'm actually going to back Femanon's write-in. We get more Usagi being adorkable, and we get to be smooth in comparison.

54eda No.34580

Let's face it, most of us here are probably guys, and I've been appreciating the angles you provide from the opposite sex. I'm down with this.

Though if Black is looking at us, it makes me wonder…

d9e68 No.34585

Thank ya, I appreciate that. But what're you wondering? If Black might get jealous? Is she the type to get jealous, Lim?

0dce8 No.34587

Usagi is being adorable so yeah, going with Femanon's idea.

eaed6 No.34593

Well, pretty obvious I'm outvoted on letting her just go on, so I'll back the interrupt vote. Also, did you just give Limits a cutesy nickname, Fem?

cc1f2 No.34598

I'm not sure I'm the one who came up with it.

5d847 No.34600

In my sad, strange, lonely way, it's actually really flattering to get a cutesy nickname from a girl.
(Also, I may have suggested the possibility of the existence of such a nickname, but it didn't catch on, so meh.)

Now, to answer Femanon's question…in canon, Black was a bit more likely to pine over a guy, but that doesn't tell us much.
However, in the few instances where White got hurt…hoo buddy, the offender usually found itself thoroughly wrecked.
So she could have protective instincts borne of mild jealousy. It shouldn't be too hard to avoid that though, since we tend to reduce her to a blushing, stammering wreck on a fairly regular basis.

b3c40 No.34602

File: 1508651102096.gif (235.43 KB, 334x252, Excited.gif)

The consensus is to go with Fem's vote.

You put a hand on Sailor Moon's shoulder and guide her to walk with you towards the rest of the team sans White. She continues talking, "And she surprised us and tied us up, but I threw my tiara and it cut through the vines. It was so cool, but then I fell over."

The blonde girl runs out of breath saying all of that, and you take that moment to interject, "Do you mean you relied on your own strength for this fight?"

She beams at you and nods, "Mhm."

You pat her on the head and praise her, "Well done, Sailor Moon. Sailor Mercury must be glad you're becoming so dependable."

She opens her mouth and squees at your praise.

b3c40 No.34603

File: 1508651142947.png (359.45 KB, 640x480, Bloom bound.png)

>Pretend that it's just Egret's lower legs that are bound, and not her whole body.

Leaving her where she is, you take the last two steps to Cure Egret. Egret has just finished tearing through the vines above her breasts, and Mercury has started working on the last vines around the girl's calves. "Here, let me." You say. Crouching next to Mercury, you cut through the last set of vines, leaving your rose claw with a single charge.

Quickly looking Egret over, you see that she's no worse for the wear, although she's missing some shoulder petals from using her shield at the top of the hill earlier. You give her a hand and help her up. "Good job everyone." You say, glancing at everyone gathered here. Like her partner, Cure Bloom is also missing some of her shoulder petals, but is otherwise unscathed. Sailor Mercury, with numerous small holes in her outfit from the thorny vines that were wrapped around her is the only one with any real uniform damage. However, everyone, yourself included, is a little wet from the continued drizzle. Continuing on, you ask, "Is everyone OK? We need to figure out what's with all those trees. I can sense three more people fighting there. That should be Sakura, Nanoha, and Yuuno."

You get a smattering of positive replies. Sailor Mercury looks down at her uniform and inspects it for a while, then adds her voice to the chorus of yeses, "OK."

What do you do next?
>Great, let's go. [Any conversation topics along the way that you want to ask?]
>Offer Mercury your cape.
>Split up. [try to get yourself alone with one of the girls?]
>Write-in. [what?]

0dce8 No.34604

First option is my choice

I'm hesitant to offer our cape to Mercury since we've already offered it a lot to others in the past and I don't want it to become meaningless.

Conversation choice: Ask girls about how their training session went.

cc1f2 No.34606

Looking back over the past two threads, it turns out I did come up with it. Anyway, good to know that about Black. It could be useful.

My vote is we stick together until something happens to separate us, and ask what they learned in their practices, if anything.

d9899 No.34611

Agreeing with the vote and with Neal's thoughts on the cape. If someone has a legitimate wardrobe malfunction is one thing, but minor clothing damage isn't enough to warrant the cape yet.

54eda No.34636

Not so much that she would get jealous, but if Black would see how we treat the other girls and think that she's not so special.

Anyway, choice time. Option one, Dai-Yon-Ji team go! (And traveling as a group is just cooler.) Did we ask about how Black and White know Bloom and Egret? I don't remember.

d9899 No.34637

We did, they just sort of ran into them.

5d847 No.34641

I'm OK with option 1 :)

bc113 No.34688


b3c40 No.34884

File: 1509161163292.png (745.08 KB, 488x720, Tangled growth.png)

"Then let's go." You say, and head off at a brisk jog back towards the city. Leaving the park, everything seems normal around you, but the city skyline is obscured by trees. Lots of large trees.

Once you find a pace that's comfortable for you and the six girls and cat following you, you ask, "Did you girls have a chance to practice?"

"We did." Cure White replies first.

"I hope it went well." You add.

"Eh. It could have been better." Cure Black replies, not having any trouble talking while running at this pace. "Sakura was doing really well at first, but then she got hit in the head by a soccer ball, and we had to finish practice early."

"Ugh." You reply in sympathy, feeling White's eyes on you. "I hope she's OK."

"Mamoru had a look at her and said that she was OK." White replies, putting extra emphasis on the name.

You try to recall if there's a Mamoru that you know, but nothing comes to mind. Other than the girls, cat, ferret, and stuffed animal that you've recently befriended, your interpersonal contact had been limited to an annoying rivalry with Sailor V. With complete honesty you tell her, "I don't recall knowing anyone named Mamoru, should I?"

"Oh no." Cure White replies, denying what she obviously had implied "He's my friend. He was with us earlier."

With a crooked grin you ask, "The same friend that you thought I was earlier?"

The bluenette's face turns a bright red and she nods in reply.

With a slight chuckle, you reply, "It's alright. I know I can't prove it to you, but I'm just Tuxedo Kamen. No one else."

"OK." White says.

You can tell that she's not fully convinced, but she also hasn't found anything in what you just said to disbelieve.

Turning your attention back to Black, you prompt, "You were saying about the practice."

"Right. Sakura was doing really good. But Honok… Cure White! I mean Cure White!"

You try hard not to laugh at her, but you aren't completely successfully. "That's OK." You say. "Those little guys that live inside your cell phones spilled the beans that you two are Honoka and Nagisa. But it is good practice to use your secret identities when you're transformed in case someone is listening in."

Cure Bloom who is also finding the pace that you're setting very easy laughs at her doppleganger's expense.

Black doesn't take long to recover her composure and continues, "White was doing much better than I expected."

Cure Black can't catch a break and finish telling you about the practice. This time, she's interrupted by White. "Wait. Why did I do better than you expected?"

The ginger-haired Cure stammers, "Well, you're the Quee-, I mean you're not in any sports clubs, and you're in the science club. I kind of thought that without transforming, you'd run like a, well, like a turbo-nerd." She's aware enough to know that she's treading on thin ice, but she decides to answer the question honestly anyway.

"What?" White asks, not too happy with Black's answer. "I used to do Judo. We had to do drills like that all the time."

"I didn't mean anything bad." Black says frantically, trying to defend herself, "You just did better than I expected."

"No, I should apologize. I just really don't like that nickname."

Figuring that's a good enough point to cut them off at, you switch the topic of the conversation. "You seem really good at running a practice, Black. Are you the captain of your lacrosse team?"

"No way! I could never be as good as Nakagawa. She's an amazing team captain. When we split into small groups, she sometimes puts me in charge of a group, but the whole team? No way."

As you've been talking, there's been more trees showing up in the green belt, and they're getting larger as you get deeper into the city. Also, the rain has gotten much stronger since you entered the city proper. In the distance, you see two objects flying around a grove of large trees, dodging branches being swung at them by the trees. You can't tell for sure, but based on the power that you're sensing, you assume it's Sakura and Nanoha.

"There!" You point out, making sure that everyone know where you're all heading.

As the trees get taller and denser, you lose sight of the girls and hope that they're OK. Following their power, you soon enter a familiar looking residential district. With the additional trees everywhere, it takes you a moment to register that this is Sakura's neighborhood. However, that information doesn't do you too much good as the way forward is blocked by a thick tangle of interwoven saplings. The barrier is about twenty feet high, and thick enough that you can't see the other side. However, there is enough space for someone small, like Luna, to make her way through to the other side.

How do you try to get to the other side of the barrier?

>Climb over

>Cut through it.
>Blast through it.
>Have Luna try to get to the other side, and ask the other girls for an airlift?
>Write-in. [What?]

bc113 No.34886

>>20 feet high
>>interwoven saplings
I think someone's gone a little bonkers. Saplings are generally, like 5 feet tall at the most? A 20 foot tree would be just that, a tree.

ANYWAYS…. I'm thinking we ask Luna to attempt to get through, but to be careful not to gets stuck, so we can blast it to smithereens later if need be.
Also, I just noticed that my last post was a-nony-mouse. Oh well, it wasn't like I had any real insights to share anyway.

cc1f2 No.34887

Definitely ask Luna to see if she can carefully, caaaaarefully squirm her way through. If the vegetation won't yield to swipes from the cane, then ask for a life.

b3c40 No.34888

True, but the point I'm trying to get at is that these aren't thick tree trunks. They're in fact quite narrow. The impediment is not that you can't break through any one of them, but that the whole mess is tangled up and they're interlocking to a certain degree, so busting through it is a pain since you can't just chop them down one at a time and slowly move forward.

d9899 No.34903

I agree with asking Luna to check and see if she can make it through the wall, but part of me recognizes that if Sakura and Nanoha are flying around dodging branches being swung at them, they probably can't break off to come help us out. So my vote is for Luna to get through and find out what's going on, and maybe let them know reinforcements are coming.

As for the rest of us, we're not gonna be able to cut through it since no one has anything that does Slash damage, just Bash and Pierce. Climbing it could work, but while we could get over this, I don't think some of the other girls could. Not to mention, I half expect some sort of AA defenses up at the top that would further dissuade anyone trying to clear the top of the wall from either side.

So let's go with the straight forward option. Pick an area away from where Luna is trying to get in and then let's suggest that B/W hit it with a Marble Screw. And if they do make a hole in the wall, be ready to move through it before it regenerates and closes us off again.

cc1f2 No.34923

Changing my vote to the common chorus of "I'll back Blue on this."

54eda No.34940

I am down with the sick- I mean down with this plan.

0dce8 No.34947

Seems decently thought out. I'll back blue as well.

5d847 No.34949

To be fair, we have two slashing moves: Rose Claws and Moon Tiara Action. But we would likely go through too many to make any real progress without using all our roses, and who knows if Usagi's strong enough to contribute.
So yeah. Send Luna through to alert Sakura and Nanoha to incoming reinforcements.
Then Marble Screw a path in.

b3c40 No.35410

File: 1510457243943.png (249.3 KB, 897x957, Cape.png)

Apologies for the delay everyone. Real life hit me hard, then I decided I needed to decompress a bit and got sucked into a video game. I have a question up in the discussion thread, please take a look there as well.

Taking stock of the situation, you start giving orders. "Luna, head off to the side a bit and try to squeeze through the growth. Let Sakura and Nanoha know that help is on the way. Black, White, blast us a hole."

Luna a grumbles for a bit, but relents when Sailor Moon adds, "Please, Luna?"

While the black cat scampers a safe distance away to crawl through the vegetation, Cures Black and White get into position. They start the incantations and shoot a PreCure Marble Screw at the intertwined trees in front of them. Splinters and chunks of the tree spray out of the gash in the barrier. You just barely manage to shield yourself with your magic-boosted cape, and you see the girls around you getting hit by the splinters and taking damage to their uniforms. Putting your cape back down, you see the blast didn't go completely through the trees, and they're starting to grow back, healing the damage that had been dealt.

"Hurry! One more time!" You shout. "Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon get behind me."

Preparing for the next wave of splinters, the two new Cures throw up their shields. You throw your cape up like Bela Lugosi and pour some of your magical power into the cape to have it function as armor. Sailor Moon quickly hugs you from behind, clearly happy at the opportunity to get close to you. Sailor Mercury stands behind you and a little to the right. She seems unsure as to how close she should get to you, but Sailor Moon solves that dilemma by reaching out with her right arm and pulling the bluenette into the hug.

Not having expected that from her blonde friend, Sailor Mercury stumbles forward until she's also pressed against your back. She seems unsure of what to do, but Sailor Moon's arm is keeping her pressed against your back. The two sets of tits pressed tightly against your back make the next few seconds very enjoyable, but also passing far too quickly. Before you know it, the two Cures fire off the PreCure Marble Screw again, and another spray of splinters hits your group. This time though, the blast punched through the wall of trees, and much of the debris continued forward instead of being blasted back at all of you.

As much as you'd like to stay with the girls like that, the wall of trees is already regrowing and you need to move quickly before the hole is sealed off. "Go! Go!" You yell.

The four Cures start going and Sailor Mercury is trying to squirm free of Sailor Moon, but the blonde heroine is too preoccupied with hugging you to let go. You release your cape and give her thigh a slap with your left hand. That snaps her out of whatever day dream fantasy she was having and back to reality.

With Sailor Moon no longer holding you and Mercury tightly, the two of you run towards the closing hole in the trees. You jump through and the bluenette jumps in right behind you. You tuck and roll, coming back up to a crouch more or less gracefully. Sailor Mercury flops down rather ungracefully beside you. Since it took a while for Sailor Moon to get going, the hole is almost completely closed by the times she jumps in. She almost clears the barrier, but the wall of trees closes back up around her lower legs. The blonde girl yelps in shock as she's brought to a sudden halt by the new growth grabbing her boots.

b3c40 No.35411

File: 1510457269755.png (2.07 MB, 872x1600, Upskirt.png)

She falls to the ground even less ceremoniously than Sailor Mercury. Her front is on the ground, but her legs are still suspended in the air, which causes her skirt to flip up and give a clear view to everyone. It takes you little more than a quick glance to see that she's not flashing her underwear to everyone, as instead her leotard continues under her skirt. While she's certainly in a very immodest position, she isn't flashing her underwear at anyone either.

Sailor Moon is struggling to free her legs and you're about to help her, but you Cure Bloom's gasp catches your attention. "Is that alive?" She asks.

You follow the direction that she's pointing in and you see a light-colored furry creature falling from the sky.

What do you do?
>Pull Sailor Moon free.
>Run towards the falling critter and try to stop its fall.
>Take stock of the area inside the wall.
>Write-in [what?]

bc113 No.35412

File: 1510465242377.jpg (7.65 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Write-in: Have the girls help Moon by cutting her out with her tiara while we go catch the fuzzball. (AKA the "Why not both?" option. And no, I'm not sorry I attached a picture, I just HAD to.)

45a2c No.35414

Write-in: Whoever's farthest away from the wall should be told to catch the fuzzy; they have a better chance of getting their in time. Whoever's closest should be asked to help free Sailor Moon. If there's someone too far ahead to catch the fuzzy, but close enough to Sakura and Nanoha, they should go provide backup.

d9899 No.35433

Don't mind me, just gonna enjoy the view for a minute.


Right right. The falling critter is probably Yuuno. I'm gonna go with my own write-in, for as much as I'd love to oogle Moon's ass here, it's a little bit more important to catch Ferret Bro before he goes splat on the ground… Or I suppose if it's Kero, we could start working on getting some bro points with him too. Either way, it's important for us to be the one to catch him… And have Bloom and Egret come with us. Extra sets of hands and eyes in the rare event we miss the fall, and I want to start building them up. Have the others start trying to pull Moon free while we're gone.

54eda No.35438

*pervy master of mascots gets hypnotized by Moon's moon for a long moment*

Huh? Oh, right uh… Yeah, much as I'd like to help Moon out, we need to catch what's falling. Mercury and the older Cures can get Moon out while we and the younger blooms go for the catch.

5d847 No.35444

I'm game for this.

0dce8 No.35499

Gonna go with this.

b3c40 No.35552

File: 1510711720719.png (408.9 KB, 681x621, sailor_moon_barefoot_pixel….png)

>Ignore the cape, focus on the bare legs.

You glance back at Sailor Moon once more as she's still mooning everyone. Her long legs lead up to a plump rear. It's not fat, but you do note to yourself that it could be the first sign of her otherwise slim body packing on some pounds. You store the image in your mind, and start giving orders. You point to Mercury and the original Cures, "Try to pull her out." Pointing to the two new Cures, "Let's catch it."

Trusting Mercury, Black, and White to handle extracting Sailor Moon, you, Bloom, and Egret head towards the estimated impact point of the falling critter. Between the animal's light weight and its spread limbs to increase drag, it's not falling all that fast.

The three of you get into position with time to spare, and Cure Bloom immediately gets into a posture to catch a fly ball. You figure she plays softball. The rain has gotten stronger inside the barrier, and it's annoying to look up as you keep blinking to protect your eyes from the rain drops. A quick glance at Egret's beige gown let you see that the white fabric is getting visibly wet. If it weren't for the bow on her chest obscuring your view, she might make a good candidate for a wet t-shirt contest once she gets soaked from the rain.

A voice shouts "Floater Field!" and two magical circles appear below the falling animal. The two circles compress and absorb its momentum, slowing its fall. You're able to make out that the falling animal is a light brown ferret, Yuuno.

He jumps off from the magic circles and lands on Bloom's hand. Yuuno runs down Bloom's arm and stops on her shoulder, "Thanks for the catch, Cure Black."

"It can talk!" Cure Bloom yells.

"Huh?" Yuuno asks, tilting his head to the side.

"Actually, That's Cure Bloom." You explain.

"What? Ahhhh! I'm sorry. I got you confused with Cure Black! I'm really sorry!"

Cure Egret covers her mouth and giggles at the two of them.

You can't help but smile at their antics, but you do have pressing work. "Both of you stop." You say forcefully, managing to get both of their attention. "The ferret is Yuuno. He and Nanoha…" You point up in the general direction of the two flying girls, "are recovering jewel seeds. Yuuno, we found some new allies earlier today, Cure Bloom and Cure Egret." You point to the two girls in turn.

"Pleasure to meet you." Egret says, giving a little bow.

"Likewise." He replies with a bob of his head.

"Pleasure to meet you." Bloom adds, "Can I pet you?"

"What?" Yuuno asks, blushing a little, "Um, sure."

Cure Bloom scratches his head with a finger, and Yuuno gives off sounds of approval.

You motion for the two girls to walk with you back towards the rest of the group. You see that they've pulled Sailor Moon free of the growth, but her pink boots are still stuck between the regrown trees. "I'm happy you're enjoying the head scratch, but we came here to help Nanoha and Sakura. What's the situation?" Before he answers, you call the rest of the girls over.

Cure Black reluctantly lets go of Sailor Moon's boots, leaving them in their wooden prison. In addition to the small tears in her uniform from the youma's thorny vines earlier, Sailor Mercury has some grass and mud stains on her front, especially on the blue ribbon on her chest which did a good job of protecting the uniform underneath from the mud. Sailor Moon heads towards your group carefully, the wet grass and soggy mud feels strange on her bare feet.

Once the groups join together, Sailor Moon immediately hugs your right arm. You look down and see that she still has some mud on her forehead. Not surprising considering the way she landed.

What do you do?
>Chide Sailor Moon for her carelessness.
>Tease Sailor Moon over her landing.
>Tease Sailor Mercury over her landing.
>Ask if Sailor Moon is OK.
>Thank Mercury, Black, and White for helping extract Sailor Moon from the barrier.
>Ask Sailor Moon to let go of your arm and focus on the briefing.
>Write-in [what?]

d9899 No.35555

Combination time, thank the girls for helping Moon out and ask if everyone's okay, then just sort of nudge Moon and give her a nod in Yuuno's direction so she knows to pay attention before he starts talking.

45a2c No.35559

Very similar to what I was gonna say, so I agree.

0dce8 No.35567

Yeah, keep the smooth operator Kamen flowing and helping Moon focus on things.

54eda No.35587

I personally don't think we need to ask if everyone is okay as everyone seems to be okay anyway, but otherwise I agree with this.

b3c40 No.35794

File: 1511249201560.png (14.67 KB, 800x700, Tree combat zone.png)

You quickly thank the original Cures and Mercury for pulling Sailor Moon free of the growth, "Shame about her boots though." Seeing that the blonde girl's attention is still on you, you nudge her with your elbow and tilt your head at Yuuno to get her to focus her attention on the ferret. "What's the situation, Yuuno?"

With everyone assembled, Yuuno takes your prompt and explains the situation. "There's seven giant trees in here. The center one is growing out of Sakura's house, and its surrounded by six more trees. One of them has a jewel seed, but it's not the one in the center and it's not the second tree in that direction. Actually…" He runs down Bloom's arm and jumps to the ground. Yuuno shakes the water out of his fur, then draws a circle in some mulch. "We're here, and Nanoha and I already checked this tree. But the trees are attacking anyone that comes to close. It was hard just to get the two of us close enough for me to do a search on that tree. If I had a device, I could do a Wide Area Search. Nanoha tried, but she can't control her magic. I'd ask for your help, but since you can't fly, I'm not really sure how you can help."

b3c40 No.35795

File: 1511249234620.jpg (48.23 KB, 640x480, Wet Mercury.JPG)

As you consider how you can help, a giggle echoes near you. "What was that?" One of the girls calls out, but you're too busy looking for the source of the giggle to see who it was. You notice a small cloud appearing over Sailor Mercury. Suddenly, it opens up and a stream of water falls on the bluenette. She screams and tries to run away from the cloud, but it follows after her, keeping the stream of water centered on her. After a few seconds the cloud dissipates away with another giggle.

"Mercury, are you alright!?" Sailor Moon calls out, letting go of your arm and running over to the girl.

"Mhm. I'm OK. I just got soaked." She replies.

She's handling being soaked quite well. But the nice bonus is that you can sort of see her boobs through her wet leotard. Unfortunately, the area around her chest is made of a thicker material, and he breasts aren't as clearly visible as her flat belly.

What do you do?

>Offer to help distract the trees.

>Offer to help Nanoha control her magic.
>Leave the trees to Yuuno and the younger girls, something needs to be done about that cloud.
>Write-in. [what?]

Do you do anything to help Sailor Mercury?

b3c40 No.35797

File: 1511249386487.jpg (141.41 KB, 950x851, xxxbattery-289696-SAILOR_M….jpg)

Oops, saged a post I didn't want to sage. I removed the head from this picture because it was horrifyingly bad.

0dce8 No.35799

Offer to help Nanoha control her magic.

Can't remember if Mercury has her scanning goggles yet. If she does we should ask her if she can pick up anything.

d9899 No.35800


Helping Nanoha with her magic might give us a bit of additional insight into our own powers, actually. But on the other hand, my default response to shit picking on Ami is to find a way to punch the fuck out of it.

Also, went back and looked, Mercury definitely has the goggles at this point, so if we're gonna help Nanoha with her magic, we should suggest the other girls maybe try keeping that cloud off of Mercury long enough that she can use her own scanner.

45a2c No.35809

Write-in: It's time to delegate. Have one of the girls help out Mercury and send the other four to four more of the trees; let's say the ones to the left, right, and the upper rights. Even if they can't find a Jewel Seed, they could at least keep the trees busy.

Then, Yuuno should take Tuxie to Nanoha; if helping her will aid Tuxie with his own magic, this could be the chance to unlock his clairvoyant abilities, even if it's just at a low level. (In which Mamoru will never lose his keys again. :-P)

eaed6 No.35811

I don't think it's a good idea to do that at all, Fem. The seed could be at any of those trees, but firing blind like that only serves to get us all separated, and if someone runs into trouble like that it can only end badly. Not to mention, no matter the breakdown of who we send out, sending them out alone would result in a couple of solo Cures, and I don't know about Splash Star but we know B/W are at a major disadvantage when split up.

54eda No.35817

Personally, I say have the younger cures help Mercury, while B/W serves as a tree distraction team while Moon and TK serve as a either a second distraction team but also on standby in case someone gets in trouble.

45a2c No.35818

We have a lot of ground to cover, though, and not a lot of us. If we pair off the Cures with their respective partners, that still leaves lots of ground to cover and Nanoha to help. I'm not sure what else to suggest. :-/

d9899 No.35820

That's why I'm suggesting we double up on the scans between helping Nanoha and getting Mercury to try if people can keep the cloud off of her. Even narrowing it down by one or two trees is a big help at this point.

45a2c No.35821

You may have a point. I'll change my vote to this: Keep Bloom and Egret with Mercury like Shadow suggested, send Moon with Black and White, and try to help Yuuno and Nanoha with the chance of unlocking the clairvoyance.

45a2c No.35822

Send Moon with Black and White to check out the tree in the lower right, I should say.

f4005 No.35827

Splash Star is in slightly less trouble because shields, but they also need to be close by to transform and use their finisher, so that's a no-go on splitting them up.
Femanon's modified plan from >>35821 works well enough.

d9899 No.35837

A much better plan, and I agree with this since it doesn't change my idea any.

We should probably also try and figure out where Sakura is. It just occurred to me that a sentient rain cloud trolling us is probably a fucking Clow Card.

0dce8 No.35839

Yeah, I'll back Fem on this.

bc113 No.35842

Oh my god, I have no idea what's going on. Sooooooooo…… I'll back Fem, I guess? Damn, I really need to watch these shows.

0dce8 No.35891

What I'm guessing…
Nanoha: "You got your Clow cards in my jewel seeds!"
Sakura: "You got your Jewel seeds in my Clow cards!"
Everyone else: "Oh sh-"

b3c40 No.35901

File: 1511496635590.jpg (407.71 KB, 800x565, Black and White.jpg)

>Nanoha: "You got your Clow cards in my jewel seeds!"
>Sakura: "You got your Jewel seeds in my Clow cards!"
>Everyone else: "Oh sh-"
Moe: *tents his fingers and cackles* That's correct.

Also, I love it when I can get some discussion going. I quite enjoyed seeing you guys try to think through this.

It takes you a while, coming up with several ideas and shooting holes in all of them, before you finally come up with a plan that might work. "I think I can help with Nanoha's control problems. I can control the flow of my magic, and I think I apply that to her control problem. Mercury, use your goggles to scan the trees for the jewel seed. Bloom and Egret, cover her in case that cloud comes back.

"Black, White, and Sailor Moon, head over to that tree." You point to the tree at 5 o'clock on Yuuno's map, "and see if you can't find the jewel seed there."

The girls mutter in agreement. Yuuno lowers his head and closes his eyes for a while. When he opens them, he says, "We'll meet Nanoha on top of the big tree in the middle. Just follow me."

"Wait!" Cure White calls out. "We saw the jewel seed that Jadeite was holding, so we know what it looks like, but how will we find it in a tree that tall?"

"Right!" Cure Black chimes in, "We don't have a search spell."

"Oh." Yuuno comments.

Quick time voting interrupt:
>Just use your eyeballs.
>Ask if Nanoha or Sakura could give you a lift, and Yuuno can go with the girls.
>Have the girls serve as extra protection for Mercury instead of scouting.
>Write-in. [what?]

d9899 No.35903

Hmm. I suppose we did just assume they might be able to sense it if they get close enough or just otherwise be able to tell. Now I'm really glad we didn't try to send anyone solo.

Anyone have any thoughts?

0dce8 No.35904

We could have them act as protection for us while we attempt to help Nanoha learn control. No one really likes getting tree'd in the face while teaching.

bc113 No.35920

I agree. Tree-ing is painful.

c2a92 No.35927

But then who will watch the danger-prone Moon? I think Yunno should go with the girls.

d9899 No.35928

I think Neal was including Usagi in his idea.

0dce8 No.35931

I was.

d9899 No.35978

Hmm. A thought comes to mind.

White and Black are both like "Oh, we don't have a spell for this sort of thing", which I get. But before we redirect the two of them and Usagi to guard duty, let's at least ask them if they might be able to try sensing out for this sort of thing, or hell, if they've ever tried using magic sense of any sort in the first place. It might be worth a go.

If it turns out they can't, then whatever. They can stick with us, no big deal. But this is a free opportunity to at least try some experimentation here, might as well use it.

c3fcc No.35991

This depends on how fast and loose Moe is playing with canon, but it's a worth a shot. I'll second this idea as an add-on.

71c00 No.35993

I'm not sure how to vote here. Maybe just have Yuuno or Tuxie tactfully remind Black and White they know what a Seed looks like, so it's better than nothing?

d9899 No.35998

Like I said, it's worth a try. Worst thing that happens is it turns out they can't sense anything.

b3c40 No.36068

File: 1512115045431.png (822.5 KB, 960x720, Area search.png)

Here's a big juicy update.

"You know what the jewel seed look likes. Have either of you three tried sensing something before?" You inform and ask Sailor Moon and Cures Black and White.

The three of them look at each other and shake their heads, "No."

"Then you have an opportunity to try it out." You reply, "And if you can't figure it out, you can serve as extra cover for Sailor Mercury."

"That sounds good." Cure White replies.

"OK." Sailor Moon mumbles after a short while. She clearly would rather go with you, but at least she's grudgingly agreeing.

"Lead the way Yuuno!" You exclaim.

"Right!" He responds, and scampers off towards the center tree. "Stay on the platforms." As he runs, the ferret creates floater field circles. You follow along behind him climbing into the air, similar to the way that Sailor Mercury did the day before. You hear the giggling once more behind you and you hope the girls are on top of things.

Yuuno leads you to the top of the center tree. Unlike the surrounding circle of trees, this one isn't attacking anyone. At the center of the crown, the tree seems to have formed some sort of platform. Nanoha is standing there waiting for you while Sakura orbits the tree, keeping an eye on everything.

When you approach her, Nanoha says, "Tuxedo Kamen, Yuuno said that you could help me control my magic?" Although she phrases it more like a question.

"That's the plan." You tell her. "I'm not sure if it will work, but I can manipulate my own magic, so it's worth a shot."

"OK!" The girl beams. Her expression changes into something more befitting a nine-year-old girl than the serious expression she had earlier. It really drives home just how young the girl is; she barely reaches your sternum.

"Turn around, and I'll see what I can do." You say.

Nanoha turns around and starts to fidget a bit, not knowing what to expect.

The height difference is too much between you two, so you kneel behind the girl. You place your right hand on her belly, and wrap your left hand over her left hand on her staff. You pull her back so she's against your chest, the top of her head barely reaches your chin.

Nanoha gasps in surprise but quickly composes herself and says, "This is how my brother helps my sister train."

You grunt in acknowledgement and wonder what exactly it is that the girl's brother is helping their sister train in, but the question can be put off for later. For now, you try to remember what it feels like when you're able to control your magic when it's inside of a rose. You extend a small tendril of magical energy out from your right hand. At first, it's rebuffed by Nanoha's barrier jacket. You try once more, but you imagine the tendril being sharp and stiff, like your penetrating darts. There's resistance to your intrusion, but the focused tendril soon pushes through her dress. Since your hand was below her jacket, your magic tendril only had a single layer of her uniform to penetrate. Once past, you guide it to her belly button and your magic tendril enters the young girl.

Nanoha inhales sharply at the sensation of your magical energy mixing with her. She rests her weight against you while she gets used to the new sensation.

You're practically overwhelmed by the chaotic mass of magical energy inside of the girl. Any doubts you may have had about Nanoha's magical potential have been wiped away. Clearly the girl's problem isn't a lack of magical power, but a lack of the control and experience to harness it into a useful form. Trying to focus on the flow of your own magic was not sufficient to prepare you for this, but you can only image how blind you'd feel without that experience.

You're able to maintain the shape of your magical tendril inside of the young girl, but you can feel that bits of magical energy are flowing in and out of your control. Your magic and her magic are not being separated by the boundary of your tendril, but rather your will is temporarily controlling some magic inside of the girl and then exchanging that for other bits of magic. Cautiously, you poke around inside of the Nanoha with your tendril. You follow the gradient of her magic, down towards the stronger concentration.

There are two things that grab your attention. Continuing forward, you reach the first object. It's stronger, brighter, than the surrounding chaotic flow of magic. You gently prod it and take in its general shape and conclude that it must be Nanoha's womb. You're not sure how you know, but you can tell that her womb has matured enough; it's ready for new life to be created within.

Satisfied with that, you move your tendril towards the other object. The second one is much brighter and appears to be the source of her magic. However, as you bring your tendril closer to the second object, the chaotic storm of magical energy emanating from it blows away the tip of your tendril, and your control over it collapses in a chain reaction.

You open your eyes and focus on the real world, rather than on the magic inside of Nanoha. The girl is leaning against you completely and breathing heavily. You stick your head forward and see that the nine-year-old is blushing. Playing with her womb, even indirectly with a tendril of magic has sexually aroused her. However, it's not just her that it had an effect on. Your own erection is straining your pants. Fortunately, you're kneeling, so your bulge is between Nanoha's legs rather than pressing against her. You rest your chin on her wet brown hair and say, "No wonder you're having trouble controlling your magic. There's so much of it inside you." You rub her belly and you feel that you made a small hole in her dress right over her belly button.

"I'm going back in again." You warn Nanoha, then once more form a tendril of your magic. Her barrier jacket once more resists your intrusion, but it feels different this time. The obstacle is not directly ahead, rather like a field from the surrounding fabric of her dress squeezing your tendril to prevent it from entering. You once more shape it like a dart, squeeze past Nanoha's barrier and enter her through her belly button. When you're comfortable and think your tendril has a good vantage point you tell Nanoha, "OK, try casting it now."

The brunette tenses up and starts her incantation, "Lyrical, Magical…" The entire chaotic mass of her energy shoots up.

Your tendril is buffeted by the sudden flow, but you're able to maintain it. "Stop, stop!" You shout, interrupting her. "You're using too much power at once, that's why you're not able to reliably control your magic." You think back to the spell that she's able to cast reliably, Protection. It requires her to release her magic in every direction, and using more of it only makes the shield stronger. But when she's trying to cast a spell with Raising Heart, trying to funnel her magic into the device is overloading her ability to control it.

"You have to try to hold back. Try to use just some of your magic, not all of it, and don't try to force it, let it flow out from you." You tell her.

"How do I do that?" She complains.

"Just…" You're at a loss how to describe it. You think back to when you tried limiting the flow of magic into your cape in your second battle against the red-skinned youma. "Just try to be less forceful."

"Lyrical magical…" She starts her incantation with a quieter voice and less pause between the words.

To your surprise, it's helping. She's still trying to push through more magical energy than she can control reliably, but it's no longer the full mass of her magical potential that she's trying to squeeze into her device. You come up with an idea. If she has too much energy, all you need to do is drain it. You start draining her of her magic, pulling it back into your arm through the magical tendril.

"Search for the root of the misfortune." Nanoha finishes, her voice is audibly less strained.

Raising Heart accepts the spell from Nanoha and in her robot voice says, "Area Search." A large magic circle appears beneath you and Nanoha. Nanoha points Raising heart to the platform that the two of you are standing on and a pillar of pink light rises up. It bursts into multiple pink streams that split up and bounce around the area.

b3c40 No.36069

The streams are sending back images to Nanoha. You can catch glimpses of them as you are tapped into Nanoha's magic, but they flash by too quickly and are too distorted for you to make anything out.

Nanoha stands up straight and her eyes snap open. "I found it!" She exclaims.

"Really?" Yuuno asks from nearby.

"Mhm." She answers. "That tree!" Nanoha points to the tree at one o'clock with her staff.

"Good job." You praise her, tapping her belly with your fingers, but leaving the palm of your hand in contact with her the whole time to not break your connection with the tendril of magic inside of her.

"We'll get closer and seal it right away." Yuuno states.

"No. I'll seal it from here."

"That's impossible! We have to get closer."

"If Tuxedo Kamen helps me, I can do it!"

Before you can respond, Sakura flies close to the tree of you on her winged staff and exclaims, "Wow! That was a lot of magic, Nanoha!"

Nanoha moves her head out from under your chin and cranes her neck to look at you. She's still beaming with pride from successfully casting the spell, and from your and Sakura's praise. "You'll help me, right?"

What do you do?
>How can you resist a cute girl asking you nicely?
>Get everyone, get close, and seal that jewel seed.
>Write-in. [what?]

Do you want to send Sakura to pass along a message to the rest of the team?

b3c40 No.36070

File: 1512115189405.png (990.17 KB, 960x720, Tree.png)

d9899 No.36077

Write-in time!

While I honestly figure she probably CAN seal it from here, I'm totally against the idea of doing it for a distance for a reason Sakura will agree on.

Shake our heads and tell her that it wouldn't be a good idea, because while we don't doubt she could do it from this distance as she's definitely strong enough (Y'know, give her a compliment because that was a pretty good step forward for her), we learned the hard way with Poisony and the Illusion card that there might be someone/thing waiting for us to do all the work so they can snatch it. The closer we are to the seed when we seal it, the less time any interlopers would have to beat us to it afterwards.

Now that we know where the seed is, let's just regroup with the others and go from there. If I'm right about that damn cloud being a Clow Card anyway, Sakura should probably grab it while we can.

01b7b No.36078

I'm more worried about Nanoha's accuracy at this point. (And wondering how she hasn't just exploded from all that magic overwhelming her.) We should definitely regroup at the one o'clock tree and wait, so send Sakura to everyone else to spread the word while Tuxie, Nanoha, and Yuuno get back to the ground and join everyone else.

Then we brace for anything and everything that could possibly happen.

45623 No.36080

Agreed, we also don't know how Wood is going to react to someone trying to take her new power source away.

5d847 No.36082

Nanoha is not just brimming with overwhelming magical potential, she's in the top 3 mentioned in all of canon until at least the end of StrikerS. The other two being Fate and Hayate, but Hayate kind of cheated by basically being given her Device's Linker Core. Devices usually don't have Linker Cores; they're made primarily to help their user run the calculations behind spell "programs" more quickly, correctly, and efficiently.
For a Device to have a Linker Core *and* that kind of intelligence means it's basically an artificially-made human.
But I digress. The point is that you don't need to worry about the amount of power that Nanoha contains. You need to worry about her EXTREME workaholism and tendency to over-exert herself, as she actually damages her magical potential by doing that once.
Fortunately, losing magic potential won't be a problem until she's at least another decade older.

Anyway, Blue raises a good point. If we go with option 2, then we definitely need to make sure that Nanoha knows she did well. So I'll fall in with his plan.

58e08 No.36086

I would like to point out that we have learned some very important things in things in this update. 1: We can use our magic to poke around in the bodies of others. 2: The womb is a source of magic. Which makes me wonder if it can be tapped into. 3: We can tell if a girl is old enough to conceive. This means we can likely manipulate fertility. 4: Such contact is stimulating for all involved. *cough* My thanks to Moe.

Anyway, for the time being, as much as I would like to let Nanoha do her thing, we can't let the other evils get their hands on more power. Compliment her, maybe set up a perimeter while we help Sakura and Nanoha with their respective sealings.

b3c40 No.36090

>1: We can use our magic to poke around in the bodies of others.

And that unlocks…
>Magical control - level 2: You can direct your magical power into another person. Allows observation and manipulation of the target's internal magical environment, as well as siphoning off their magical reserves.

>2: The womb is a source of magic. Which makes me wonder if it can be tapped into.

You're not completely wrong, but it's much more nuanced than this.

58e08 No.36093

Oh, I'll believe it's nuanced since you put enough thought into its inclusion. But I still think about how the girls might tap into such magic, how villains might abuse it, and least likely how TK might use it.

d9899 No.36108

>How villains might abuse it

I'm gonna stop you riiiiiiight there, Shade. I've seen enough magical girl themed H-games to know where that line of thinking goes.

fe447 No.36117

>I've seen enough magical girl themed H-games to know where that line of thinking goes.

Fun fact, the mechanics test that I originally ran to see if I could do this used Beat Angel Escalayer, Beat Blade Haruka, Venus 5, Djibril the Devil Angel, Battle Teak Lakers, Mahou Shouhjo Ai, Mahou Shoujo Erena, and others.

It failed horribly because the idea was that players would act as a battlefield commander, similar to the tactician in Fire Emblem (the first US one, whatever number that is). It would have required me to run quests like a normal person (pick a day and devote it to QMing live). There wasn't enough interest to make that possible, and I didn't have enough time (still don't) to run it.

Speaking of no time, no update this week. Go ahead and keep discussing how to proceed, and then vote on an omake.

Episode 1:
The Wind verses the Wings
Onegai [already seen]
Meteor Shower [already seen]

d9899 No.36118

My biggest complaint about mahou shoujo h-games is that they always seem to universally follow the lines of either corruption via copious amounts of rape, or tentacle/monster breeding bad endings. Not that I dislike either one when done well, mind you, but seeing it in every single one I've played gets old. Though hilariously, I did see one one time where one of the girls went dark, then the MC ended up fucking her back to the light side a bit later on.

Still, corruption in general's a bit of a sore point with me. It's one of those things I'm fine with as a bad end route if you fuck up or decide to go evil route because you want to, but I dislike it when it's an inevitability forced on the player. The example game I just gave? Said girl that gets corrupted gets grabbed like literally two days into becoming a magical girl through no fault of the player character. The villains dialed in on her from the very start. It's also not a fast process of corruption, either. It takes like five scenes before she finally breaks. I'm not a fan of that sort of thing.

This is why I like SRW's way of doing it so much. Yeah, people get grabbed and brainwashed, but all you have to do is kick the shit out of them the next time they show up and someone'll start talking to them and snap them out of it with no lasting effects. It's so much simpler to deal with.

Anyway, omake. I'm gonna go with Wind and Wings just to get it off the list.

58e08 No.36120

Actually Blue, I wasn't thinking like that. (Okay, maybe for a second, but not seriously.) I was thinking as the womb's source of magic being used for a nefarious end. G Gundam and Wild ARMs: Alter Code f have villains that use women for the reason that their bodies can create life, and those ladies weren't even magical.

Omake vote: Catscratch

0dce8 No.36121

Omake Vote: Catscratch

d9899 No.36123

I think it says something about how much I know about the original Wild ARMs that despite not having played more than an hour or so into Alter Code F, I'm pretty sure I know exactly who you're talking about just out of context.

01b7b No.36128

Omake vote: The Wind vs the Wings.

bc113 No.36131

Catscratch, because that sounds more interesting than the mechanics of flying. :P

0dce8 No.36154

Pretty sure it's Sakura trying to use The Windy on The Wings.

bc113 No.36157

Again, I have no idea what's actually implied, I just go by the names.
And honestly I flipped a coin, then came up with that joke off the top of my head when Catscratch won.

d9899 No.36161

Yeah, the thing at this point is that even without context, it's just process of elimination. It's either gonna be CCS or Sailor Moon, and only one of those has a cat involved.

I'll go with CCS between the two because honestly, I have the entire first season of SM on my computer and I have no problems checking episodes as needed whenever we hit a Sailor Moon scenario, but I can't say the same about CCS, so I don't mind the refresher.

fe447 No.36178

Catscratch it is. See you guys next week for the return of the main plot.

"Why does morning have to come so early?" The blonde girl complains as she runs to school. In her rush to get to school, she doesn't see a black cat lying on the sidewalk. Usagi trips over the cat and falls flat on her face. "Owwwwwwwww!" She cries out, covering her face.

"Huh? Did I just step on something?" She wonders. The girl turns around and exclaims, "A cat!" She scoots over, picks it up and apologizes, "I'm so sorry."

The cat has a pair of band aids on its forehead and mewls pathetically when it's picked up.

"A black cat, huh." The blonde girl says, completely forgetting about having tripped earlier. "How cute. Sorry about that." She leans in and kisses the cat.

The cat freaks out and scratches Usagi's face wildly. With the blonde girl no longer in her face, the cat starts pawing at the bandaids on her forehead.

"Why are you wearing bandages?" Usagi asks once she's no longer being scratched. "Do you want me to take them off? Alright." She peels the pair of band aids off of the cat's forehead and it immediately jumps out of Usagi's hands, lands on her head, and jumps to the top of a fence near a park.

Cat and girl look deep into each other's eyes, seemingly entranced. Usagi takes note of the crescent moon shaped bald patch on the cat's forehead. Her attention is finally pried away by the ringing of the school bell. "Oh no! I'm late!" She cries out as she resumes running to school, leaving the cat behind.

b3c40 No.36257

Extra-busy week is over, now I'm just back to normal busy.

I assume no comments on the omake since it doesn't give any new information, unless there's someone here that doesn't know the basics of Sailor Moon.

The vote was pretty unanimous on regrouping to avoid the jewel seed from getting stolen, not because we don't trust Nanoha. I'll get started on writing the next update soonish.

0dce8 No.36258

Can't wait for it Moe, glad to have you back.

82275 No.36339

Sounds about right. Good work.

b3c40 No.36358

File: 1513215991672.png (725.98 KB, 623x945, Nanoha and Tuxedo Kamen.png)

As much as you don't want to disappoint the young girl, you're not sure if it's a good idea to seal the jewel seed from this far away. You hug Nanoha and tell her, "I'm sure you could do it, but Sakura, remember when you sealed The Illusion and that redheaded woman stole it right from under you? Nanoha, I'm worried that the same thing will happen if you seal it from a distance."

Nanoha hangs her head and reluctantly agrees with you, "Oh. I guess that's true…"

She's clearly upset at your decision, but she agrees with your logic. It looks like she's just upset that she didn't get to show off some more. You pat her belly and reassure her, "Don't worry, you'll have plenty of opportunities to try in the future."

"Yeah…" She replies halfheartedly, but at least it's a noticeable improvement in her demeanor.

"Sakura. Go tell everyone to meet us by that tree." You point to the tree with the jewel seed, "And we'll figure out how to retrieve it."

Sakura hangs around for a bit and adds, "Umm. Nanoha. If you think you can seal it from here, I could fly ahead and grab it as soon as you seal it so no one can steal it. Would that work?"

Nanoha snaps to attention, but then sags her shoulders, "No, Tuxedo Kamen is right. We should wait for everyone."

Quick time voting interrupt.
>Stick with the plan.
>Sakura makes a good point.

bc113 No.36360

Stick with the plan, but reassure Nanoha again, and thank Sakura for offering.

c2a92 No.36367

Must. Resist. Adorable. Little girls. By talking. Like. William Shatner! *grabs chest* Hrrrrr!

I wanna give Nanoha her chance, but I can't tell if this is the GM throwing us said chance, or just making us doubt ourselves. D&D Paranoia, man.

Oh, for the heck of it, give her a chance. We can always rose something that jumps at Sakura/the seed.

d9899 No.36369

I'm going with this one.

I don't need the GM's help to be paranoid about something going wrong, it's an SRW game. Something will ALWAYS go wrong.

0dce8 No.36371

Sticking with the plan.

The hard part is not allowing your paranoia to give your GM *Ideas*

0dce8 No.36372

This is me.

eb250 No.36373

Definitely give Sakura a warm, gentlemanly thanks for offering, and mention given how things are going, that might be a chance they'll all have to take in the future. But everyone still need to regroup at the right tree and get to work. Then add to Nanoha, "Don't worry. There will no doubt be more chances for you to show us your best shot soon enough. Just remember what we've learned when you do so no one -especially you- gets hurt."

bc113 No.36377

This is a very good reassurance. I second this.

58c02 No.36383

This was me, I got logged out, sorry.

61d43 No.36385

This might be a bit metagamey, but I seem to remember a Nanoha episode with trees being the first one where I saw a certain technique become a staple of Nanoha's.
I would much rather we don't go without *that* for any longer than we absolutely have to.
That being said, Sakura's new add-on to the plan can work. I say we give these girls a chance.

61d43 No.36386

I am the previous anon, I don't know how that happened.

0dce8 No.36387

No worries, seems to have happened to a few of us

b3c40 No.36390

File: 1513402052658.png (488.5 KB, 394x744, Precures.png)

"That was very considerate of you, Sakura." You praise the young brunette. "But it'll be safer to go as a group and have everyone there." You stand up and pat Nanoha's head, "Don't worry. There will no doubt be more chances for you to show us your best shot soon enough. Just remember what we've learned when you do so no one -especially you- gets hurt."

Nanoha nods at your words. Reassured she replies, "Right."

"Sakura, bring the rest of the girls over to us. Yuuno, lead the way." You order.

Sakura flies off on her winged staff to call over the rest of the girls. Yuuno runs off the platform, creating magical circles of Floater Field beneath him. You follow behind him using the circles to run through the air down to the ground level. Nanoha flies beside you using the Flier Fin wings on her shoes.

The three of you land just out of range of the swinging branches of the tree at 1 o'clock. Not much later, Sakura arrives, leading the four Cures and two Sailors. Sailor Mercury and Cure Egret are both soaked. Clearly the mysterious cloud has claimed another victim. Sailor Mercury still has her googles on and she exclaims, "Oh, I see it!" She points midway up the tree, where the first branches are splitting away from the trunk.

There's a boy and a girl squeezed in an indentation in the tree. "The boy is holding the jewel seed." Nanoha explains, answering your unasked question. It's too high to reach from the ground. You'll have to get up high to seal it, either someone that can fly needs to reach it. You should be able to reach it by extending your cane as well.

How do you get to the jewel seed?
>Covering fire while Yuuno, Nanoha, and Sakura move in to seal it.
>New Cures use their shields to escort the sealers to the trunk, then the sealers fly up.
>Let Sakura seal from a distance.
>Get the kids out of the tree and seal the seed in safety.
>Write-in. [what?]

bc113 No.36391

Mmmmmm, I'm thinking get the kids out, but I'm not familiar with what the potential attacks of this enemy are(other than flailing tree branches), so…. Fill me in, then I'll make my final decision.

0dce8 No.36392

Right, meta gaming a bit but our two opponents here are two Clow Cards, The Wood (the big ass trees), And The Rain (the jackass cloud earlier).

Clow Cards are basically sentient/sapient magic spells that were created by the great Archmage Clow Reed long ago. They're normally sealed in card form thus the name.

The Wood card is capable of advanced Chlorokinesis. It's also normally very docile, only becoming agresive under outside influences.

The Rain card is capable of producing a torrential flow from it's cloud and is a mischievous little shit. It's also weapons grade adorable.

In the episode this is based off of, The Wood Card basically surrenders itself to Sakura, Sakura forgets to actually seal it, The Rain comes along and whips The Wood into a frenzy and together they wreck Sakura's house. Sakura eventually takes down the Rain which causes The Wood to calm down, and The Wood surrenders again and this time Sakura properly seals it this time.

However, with the introduction of the Jewel Seed, I don't think taking out The Rain will help here.

bc113 No.36393

Okay, with that little tidbit of knowledge under my belt, I'm actually going to write in keeping an eye on the seed while we get rid of Rain. My reasoning is, no matter what we end up doing afterwards, having ONE opponent is better than two, and the cloud is small but it's 'known' that we can remove it from the equation.

Also, metagaming is just a fact of life, no matter how hard we try not to. Might as well embrace it.

d9899 No.36395

Pff, metagaming. You guys think I was joking when I talk about checking the script during Sailor Moon episodes? I think if Moe cared too much about that he'd have stopped us by now.

Personally I think that the Jewel Seed is definitely the bigger priority here. The Rain can be a pain in the ass, but the seed is a straight up amplifier to all of the rest of the damage that either card can cause, and more importantly after Jadeite was throwing around that Master Spark with it during the boss fight I really don't want those things to fall into anyone else's hands besides Fate and Arf, and that's something we can't guarantee at any time that they aren't actively on the field. There's still a Zakenna or whatever that Tree Man is running around to deal with, as well.

I'm gonna go with a bit of a mix and match, letting the Splash girls run shield support and then Seal Team MG flies in, with Black and White providing covering fire as needed if things get a little hairy. Meanwhile, the Senshi keep an eye out for anyone attempting a blindside while everyone else is busy.

54eda No.36396

I agree with this, but what is TM doing? I suggest we keep watch over the younger girls as they make their run.

b3c40 No.36397

>I think if Moe cared too much about that he'd have stopped us by now.

Let me point back to the meta-gaming policy in the OP.
>External knowledge is allowed unless it becomes a problem.

So far, things have been mostly played straight from the shows, but with a few additions (like the Illusion shenanigans, Nanoha and PreCures being at the Crystal Seminar, and the original PreCures being there for the first transformation of the Splash Star precures). The plan is that things get more and more off script as the crossover continues. That means that metagaming should become less effective as the plot progresses.

d9899 No.36404

I didn't say anything about it but the assumption was that we're also keeping an eye out. Rose shots don't have quite the concussive impact as a Marble Screw or even a tiara throw, though, but we tend to spot stuff a bit faster than the girls do for the most part.

484df No.36406

Close, but you're missing a key detail: the Jewel Seed being stuck in a boy's hand next to a girl inside a tree is literally from an episode of Nanoha that all of you just derailed by preventing her from Divine Bustering it. So congratulations. Now she probably won't have the Divine Buster as an attack option for our next encounter -_-
Anyway, I'm fine with Blue's plan overall.

d9899 No.36407

…Fuck, I forgot about that one. Oh well, no point trying to backpedal on it now. Time to start thinking of alternative ways to encourage Nanoha to learn how to fire a MAPW.

(Though for what it's worth, I do remember how she got Starlight Breaker, so we'll be able to stick to that script at least. Kinda hard to forget THAT one.)

0dce8 No.36409

We haven't quite screwed ourselves yet. Not like we said we didn't believe she could do it, just that we wanted to make sure some asshole didn't swoop in and snatch it after she sealed it.

If the situation changes and the ranged sealing possibility comes up again, we can try it.

c1d23 No.36414

The Starlight Breaker is ICONIC. Hopefully our next chance for Divine Buster comes sooner than later.
And we kinda *did* screw that up, just not permanently.

b3c40 No.36473

> just not permanently.
You're putting a lot of faith in me not being a QM from hell. (Fortunately, your faith is well placed).

d9899 No.36477

I think if you were actually trying to screw us, you'd have done it a long time ago. Messing with us on occasion just to keep it interesting aside, it's not really any fun for a GM if his players lose all the time any more than it is for the players to get their day ruined. Those kinds of GMs don't get to run games for very long, in my experience.

b3c40 No.36509

File: 1514269029573.jpg (61.26 KB, 500x750, Merry Christmas!.jpg)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great holiday with friends and/or family. I've been busy as always, but the quest will resume soon.

b3c40 No.36778

File: 1515051462550.png (859.25 KB, 960x720, Flier Fin.png)

Alright, it's the new year, time to get back into this.

Standing outside the range of the tree's swinging branches, you come up with a plan to recover the jewel seed. "Bloom, Egret, the two of you escort escort Nanoha, Yuuno, and Sakura to the trunk of the tree. Use your shields to protect yourselves. Once you get that far, the three of you take off and try to seal the jewel seed. Black and White, you two blast anything that's coming too close to Yuuno and the girls when they're flying toward the jewel seed. Sailor Moon, Mercury, we keep an eye out in case anything else is coming in."

You, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mercury spread out and try to keep your heads on a swivel to look out for incoming danger. The two new Cures converse for a moment before splitting up. Cure Bloom, Sakura, and Yuuno partner up, and Cure Egret and Nanoha form the second team. Cures Black and White stand next to them and you see Cure White take Black's hand into hers and start swinging a little. You'd tease her for such a lewd act, but you're not sure if she'd get the joke.

The two teams look at each other to make sure they're both ready, the Cures activate their shields, and they take off running. Cure Bloom and Sakura quickly take the lead. You realize that they split along relative fitness. Cure Egret's drenched outfit may be slowing her down, but you can tell that she and Nanoha are clearly not as sporty as Bloom and Sakura.

A tree branch swings at the girls in front and Yuuno. Yuuno casts protection, reinforcing Bloom's bubble with his own. The combined shield holds against the attacking branch, but it knocks them back a short distance.

Cures Black and White start the incantation for a Marble Screw, but by the time they store the lighting, the branch had already hit the first group. However, while that first branch is moving back into position, a second branch is swinging to attack the second team. The two original Cures launch the PreCure Marble Screw at the second branch. They manage to break it off and it harmlessly tumbles off to the side.

With the first team slowed down from the attack, Egret and Nanoha take the lead. When they reach the trunk, Nanoha's staff says, "Flier Fin." Two wings appear on each of Nanoha's shoes, and she takes off towards the jewel seed.

Not far behind them, Sakura pulls out The Fly and strikes it with her staff while running and under the protection of Bloom's shield. Her staff grows a large pair of wings and she mounts the staff while running, not losing any momentum to mount the staff normally. Yuuno rides on her shoulder as she veers the staff upward. You can tell that she's learned from her earlier incident against the redhead that stole The Illusion. Sakura doesn't angle herself straight up but goes at a diagonal, allowing her to have some horizontal motion while her staff's wings flap hard to gain altitude.

You see another branch swinging towards Nanoha and you yell, "Nanoha! Watch out!"

Moments after you, Yuuno yells, "To your left! Use protection!"

Nanoha looks to her side in surprise, and just barely casts protection in time. Although the bubble of magic protects her, she doesn't have any footing, and the branch swats her out of the way. She has to start flying back towards the target when the branch finishes its swing.

Sakura makes it to the young couple under the shadow of that branch and finds her footing on the tree. She takes a hold of her staff and the wings from it disappear. The girl swings the staff at the jewel seed in the boy's hand and calls out, "Jewel Seed, seal!" Sakura hits the magical artifact with the beak of her staff and a white cloud swirls around the tip of her staff as the jewel seed gives off a brilliant blue light. The spectacle lasts only for a second as Sakura's magic soon wins out and the jewel seed is sealed.

With the jewel seed's massive power no longer supercharging the trees around it, the tree begins to shrink, quickly freeing the boy and girl from its clutches. Yuuno creates a floater field and safely brings himself, Sakura, and the unconscious young couple to the ground. All the trees in the area are shrinking, returning to a normal size, and the wall of interwoven saplings also shrinks away to nothingness.

b3c40 No.36779

File: 1515051499731.jpg (6.94 KB, 200x148, Rain_4.jpg)

The rain clouds covering the sky also start to dissipate. The sun shining down on everyone should help dry everyone off from the rain. A small cloud makes its way over towards your group, stopping above Sailor Moon. Sitting on top of cloud is a cute little girl dressed in blue. She pouts cutely at stares at all of you while Sailor Moon moves to not be right under it.

b3c40 No.36780

File: 1515051532789.png (225.29 KB, 192x720, Rain.png)

After a long stretch of silence, she re-centers her cloud above Sailor Moon, sticks out her tongue, and says, "Nyeeeeeeeeeeh." While she's doing that, the small cloud opens up and torrent of water falls down on Sailor Moon, drenching her just as badly as Sailor Mercury and Cure Egret.

b3c40 No.36781

File: 1515051632673.png (1.08 MB, 960x720, Tree.png)

The cloud laughs and flies off towards Sakura's house. That brings your attention to her house and you realize that there's still a tree growing out of it. It's much smaller than it was previously, with only a few branches sticking out through the open windows. You want to investigate, but you're interrupted by an angry cat. "You asked me to sneak in and got me stuck in the wall." She fumes, "And then no one thought to come and find me!"

"Oh. I'm sorry Luna." Sailor Moon says as she goes over to the talking cat. Her drenched uniform squishes in time with her bare feet on the wet lawn. "We were really busy fighting the trees." She hugs the cat.

Luna immediately squirms out of Moon's grasp, getting away from the wet uniform. "I guess it's alright," she harrumphs, not wanting to get any more wet than she already was.

What do you do know?
>Run in there and get that cloud girl.
>Check in on Nanoha.
>Ask Sakura if she knows why the tree is growing out of her house and what that cloud girl is.
>Write-in. [what?]

0dce8 No.36782

And Rain's still a little shit.

As a write in, gather everyone up together to see if they're alright, then ask Sakura what's going on wither her house.

81f15 No.36801

Seconded on all counts.

54eda No.36803

Option 3 because that will get Sakura to capture the cards, but take a moment to apologize to Luna (we got caught up in the moment) and enjoy the view of a sopping wet Moon.

bc113 No.36805

>>36782 Thirded, but…..
>>36803 apologizing to Luna should be a priority too…

a84d0 No.36820

Yeah, we should apologize to the kitty.

Actually, while everyone's grouped up, we should probably also ask where Kero is. We haven't seen him today, have we?

cfea1 No.37163

Hey, everyone. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this; I apologize if I left you all hanging.

I'm choosing the write-in option: Quickly apologize to Luna, and if we have a kerchief tucked into the tuxedo jacket's breast pocket, we should offer it to one of the non-drenched girls so they can help Luna dry off.

Make sure everyone's okay, including the tree'd couple, and then have the girls spread out to flank the Rainy as we all chase after. We can talk as we run. Sakura may volunteer info about the tree on her own, given where it's growing.

b3c40 No.37335

>And Rain's still a little shit.
Yes it is.

No worries. My Christmas/New Years was a lot less busy than usual, but in return, the start of January has been a lot more busy than usual.

I've got the next post started, just need to get some time to finish it.

d9899 No.37346

Yeah, I kinda figured the traditional "Moe is utterly fucked at the end of the year" had kicked in, just like the last tw–

Oh god, I just realized we've been doing this for three years now and we still haven't gotten Kamen laid. We're the worst. XD

0dce8 No.37347

… Fuck.

63bce No.37351

[glances at what Blue said] Maybe later?

d9899 No.37356

Probably, but I'm not really complaining. Harem routes are a slow burn, especially given how much work we've got to do for this one between recruitment, relationships, and actually kicking ass. It's the sort of thing that takes awhile.

Really, if we wanted to just Kamen to get some, we probably could've started nailing Usagi a couple episodes ago and called it a day, but that would've locked us down in the process, and that's no bueno.

54eda No.37357

The worst? Au contraire. We're a bunch of nice guys, hence we finish last.

Then again, a nice guy should always finish last. Amirite? ;)

b3c40 No.37363

To be fair, we've gone through three late December/ early January stalls. However, the quest started at the end of October 2015, and then we had the three month break in 2016. So really, we've just about reached two years of actual play time.

And yes, harem routes are usually the longest and with the slowest burn. Plus, there's still more girls to meet, more bad guys to fight, and still all of the girls to bed.

d9899 No.37368

Oh I know, I'm just razzing you. And if we really wanted to be ornery about it and only count the updates/voting posts as actual play time, we've probably not got more than a full actual month of playing this game between all of us. I do roleplay boards elsewhere and you pretty much just have to assume you're in for the long haul. If I wanted instant gratification I'd just go watch an actual porn video.

b3c40 No.37381

File: 1516261509567.png (524.83 KB, 775x572, Receipt Number X.png)

The girl on the rain cloud soon reaches Sakura's house. Having missed your chance for immediate pursuit, you instead head towards Sailor Moon and Luna. Trying not to be too obvious, you look the blonde heroine over. Between the bow and the extra material over her chest, you're not treated to a good view of her breasts through her wet uniform, but her long bare legs glisten as the sun strikes the water droplets on her legs. You turn to the cat and tell her, "I'm sorry, Luna. I thought we'd need someone to scout ahead and warn Yuuno and the girls that we were coming, but I underestimated just how powerful the PreCure Marble Screw is."

"Then maybe you should leave the strategy to me next time." She replies.

"Luna!" Sailor Moon complains, "Don't be so mean."

The black cat "hmph"s and tries to find a spot to dry off.

That could have gone better, but you have other things to worry about than a wet and unhappy pussy. Everyone's heading over to where Sakura, Yuuno, and the young couple landed, and you follow the crowd. Nanoha is the first to make it there and you see Sakura hand over the blue Jewel Seed. The jewel is absorbed into the red orb of Nanoha's staff and in a robotic voice it states, "Receipt: No. X"

b3c40 No.37382

File: 1516261532832.png (1.07 MB, 960x720, Unconscious kids.png)

When you reach the group, you pull out the handkerchief from your left breast pocket. The end that had been sticking out is a little damp from the rain, but otherwise dry. You hand it to Cure White and ask, "Could you offer to dry Luna off? You know how cats are when they're wet."

"Sure!" She replies, takes your handkerchief and heads over to Luna.

You kneel next to the unconscious couple. Hoping they're OK, you place your hands on them, focusing your healing powers. After a mere moment, you feel your healing energy bouncing back off of them. "They should be OK." You tell everyone. "They had a few scratches, but they're just tired." You take the boy's outstretched arm and wrap it around the girl that you assume to be his girlfriend. "They just need some rest. Speaking of which, is everyone OK?"

b3c40 No.37383

File: 1516261577181.png (348.89 KB, 600x673, Sakura showing her head.png)

You get a mumble of positive replies, but Sakura says, "I hurt my head earlier today. Could you see if you could maybe make it feel better?"

"Of course." You reply. Having topped off your magic reserves by siphoning Nanoha's magical energy, you had magic to spare. You take a few steps her her and touch your hand to her head.

Sakura closes her eyes and purrs as the magic flowing out of your hand heals her previous injury. She leans into your hand and stumbles forward.

You catch her with one arm and hold her close to you. She rests her head against her abdomen and you stroke her hair as you heal the head injury that she had sustained.

You're acutely aware that there are six girls plus Yuuno looking at the two of you. Not wanting to give the wrong impression, you ask the girl, "Sakura, do you know why there's a tree growing out of your house?"

"It's The Wood." She answers. "I found a Clow Card today, but I didn't have time to sign my name on it because I was late to practice. I had to ask Kero to do my chores today so I could make it in time."

"Actually," you ask, "Where is Kero?"

"I think he's still inside." She replies, "I hope he's OK."

"I'm sure he's fine." You say to reassure her, "But we should go see if he doesn't need help."

Sakura looks up at you and smiles, her cheeks are a little red. "Thank you." She says, beaming up at you, "My head feels much better now.

"You're certainly welcome." You reply, letting go of her, "Now about the tree…"

b3c40 No.37384

File: 1516261611679.png (179.56 KB, 193x591, Tomoyo.png)

You're interrupted by someone shouting, "Sakura! Sakura!" Everyone turns to look and you see Sakura's violet-haired friend, Tomoyo, running up the street. She's in a blue dress and holding a camcorder in one hand and a picnic basket in the other.

"Tomoyo! What are you doing here?" The brunette asks.

"I saw the trees acting strangely, and I thought it was a Clow Card. I brought a costume for you to change into. Quick, let's go inside so you can change."

"But the Clow Card is inside my house…"

What do you say?
>The two of your will be fine. Go chance and tell us when we can come in.
>We can all go inside, then Sakura can change in a bathroom or in another room.
>There's no time. We should all go in and seal the Clow card before it damages the house any more than it already has.
>Write-in. [what?]

b3c40 No.37385

File: 1516262127802.png (1.05 MB, 960x720, Unconscious kids fixed.png)

That was supposed to be this screenshot.

d9899 No.37386

Ergh. Legitimate prudence would be to say no, fuck the cosplay, because we don't have time for it.

But that would cost us Tomoyo points, and we're kind of already on the wrong foot with her as it is. We've at least had time to work with Kero since then.

But at the same time, Rain's probably going to start something if we leave anyone unattended for very long, and it's only a matter of time before Sakura's house turns into an arboretum if we don't move it.

If someone else has some thoughts on this, go for it. I'll back a vote later on. For now, though, I'm gonna go with a write-in first half of the vote and have Kamen think to ask if Sakura has any family who might be in danger with this shit happening literally in her own home.

0dce8 No.37388

Go with option 2, but remind them that this is a dangerous situation so keep the cosplay simple and try to change quickly.

"It'd be bad if something attacked you while you were separated from us and in the middle of changing."

54eda No.37389

The only reason I see to be in Tomoyo's good graces would be to be in Sakura's good graces. And right now, she's more worried about her home than her outfit. But… Maybe we can comprise.

Write-in: suggest that Sakura capture Rain before it gets away or makes things worse by feeding Tree. Our team of girls can help find it. One Rain is captured, then Sakura can change and put on her show for Tomoyo. If the other girls want to stay, they may, otherwise they can head back to their respective lives. Unless something else attacks *knock on wood*

63bce No.37393

Now's the time to be firm but diplomatic. Kero might need help and two Clow Cards need to be given to Sakura's keeping, so say to Tomoyo "Ojousan, thank you for coming to support your friend at such a risky moment; it's very kind and brave of you. But I'm afraid there's no time for costumes, no matter how well-crafted they are. There is far too much for all of us to take care of as soon as possible. Is there a way you can get home safely?"

If there isn't, we may need to spare a fighter to escort Tomoyo home while everyone else tries to come up with a strategy about how to handle the Cards. (Actually, how much time do we have before sundown and all the girls are expected to be home?)

bc113 No.37399

I second this, but she could always hang around to see Sakura try on the costume AFTER we save her house.

d9899 No.37406

>The only reason I see to be in Tomoyo's good graces would be to be in Sakura's good graces.

You clearly forget the part where we can sleep with Tomoyo as well, since she's one of Moe's "secret" girls for the season. Hence why I'm interested in trying to recover our losses in the first place.

I think I'm gonna go with Neal on this one, to let her change but tell them to be careful about it, because an escalation of Rain and Wood can be handled if shit kicks off, but if Tomoyo starts to think of us as trying to yuri-block her from getting to watch/be around "her" Sakura, and you know she thinks of it that way, we're gonna have problems down the line and not just in the getting laid department. I legit do not want to have to deal with something avoidable like Tomoyo's bodyguard squad having shoot-on-sight orders on us just because we've been antagonizing her too much.

5d847 No.37552

Hmm…I'm kinda torn on this decision between Femanon's idea + Luc's add-on, and Blue's idea. And it's late where I am. So, good night.

b3c40 No.37595

And here I was thinking. We've got a tie, but hopefully Limits will stop by soon and break the tie.

cca12 No.37661

After some careful deliberation, I think that we can handle Rain and Wood without Sakura for a few minutes. Without any Jewel Seed or truly villainous plots going on (Rain is pesky, but not *too* much of a threat imo), we should be fine.
So in that case, I'm going to toss my vote behind Blue and Neal. We can start setting boundaries once we've established a better relationship with Tomoyo. Otherwise, we might get a "you're not my dad" reaction, and make no progress towards anything.

b3c40 No.38686

File: 1518323800242.png (200.24 KB, 190x596, 1 Kero.png)

Well, that took much longer than I had anticipated. Sorry about that. My end of December fuckery wasn't as bad as usual, but in return, my January fuckery was worse than usual. Now, back to the game.

You're torn on what to do next. A part of you wants to send her away, she doesn't have any magical powers, which means she'll only be a liability for the upcoming fight. However, another part of you doesn't want to get any further on her bad side than you already are after that camera incident. In the end you decide that it'll be better to let her stick around, perhaps with some luck, an opportunity will show up for Sakura to seal the Rain before Sakura changes.

"Miss Tomoyo," You start, "I think we'd all feel better if you kept a safe distance until we took care of the Clow Cards. Then you and Sakura can can dress and record her. However, I know you won't listen to that, so I think the best compromise if for all of us to enter Sakura's house, make sure it's clear, and then you and Sakura can slip away into a bathroom and change quickly." You emphasize the last word, and get an affirmative nod from the newcomer. "Sakura," you add, "Is there anyone in the house that that we need to worry about?"

"No," she replies, shaking her head, "My dad and brother are both busy today. I was supposed to do all the chores today. Wait! Kero's in there. I asked him to do my chores for me today! I hope he's OK." Sakura runs off towards her house, and Tomoyo bolts after her.

You swear under your breath and run after them, the rest of the girls and Yuuno running after you. Inside you see the house is full of branches from the growing tree, and Kero is caught in one of them. Sakura is already at his side and by the time the rest of the team crams into the entryway of Sakura's house, the young girl has freed the talking flying animal.

b3c40 No.38687

File: 1518323857584.png (1.05 MB, 960x720, 2 Seal.png)

"Were you tending to the garden?" Tomoyo asks from behind her camera, recording Sakura freeing Kero. Although she sounds serious, the fact that she mentioned Clow cards earlier leads you to deduce that she's playing it up for the camera.

Without your additional knowledge, Kero assumes that Tomoyo's question is genuine and replies, "No, it's a Clow card. Something's causing Wood to misbehave." He drops his voice to a whisper and orders, "Sakura, seal it off now."

Sakura looks back and forth between Tomoyo and Kero, "I was supposed to change…" She looks around and sees that she'd have a hard time reaching anywhere where she could change. "OK," she replies and nods. Sakura readies her beaked staff and starts her incantation, "Return to the form you originally came from… Clow Card!"

b3c40 No.38688

File: 1518323888051.png (1.04 MB, 960x720, 3 Retreat.png)

The girl strikes a branch with the tip of her staff. The branches begin to glow with an eerie bluish light, and they retreat down the hall and through a doorway with stairs leading down to what must be the basement.

b3c40 No.38689

File: 1518323937901.png (809.17 KB, 960x720, 4 Sakura.png)

"You look lovely, Sakura!" Tomoyo exclaims from behind her camera.

Sakura turns to look at Tomoyo and blushes from the compliment. It looks like she was about to say something, but whatever it was slips her mind as Tomoyo drags her off to change. The young brunette turns her head to everyone standing in her doorway and says, "You can keep your shoes on, I'll have to clean everything up later anyways."

With the blessing to enter from Sakura, everyone enters and spreads out around the ground floor while Sakura and Tomoyo go to the bathroom to change.

b3c40 No.38691

File: 1518324151759.png (196.71 KB, 319x720, 5 Card is missing.png)

Suddenly, Kero interrupts everyone with a loud yell, "Ahhh! The Clow card is missing!" You see him flitting around the entryway.

Tomoyo and Sakura are already in the bathroom, but haven't closed the door yet. Sakura sticks her head out and looks down the hall, "That's right. It must be in the basement."

Post keeps getting discarded because of flood detection let's see if a little filler lets is go through.

b3c40 No.38692

File: 1518324183113.png (645.33 KB, 960x720, 6 Advance.png)

You head towards the door to the basement, bringing you near the bathroom, and you hear a deep rumbling. The rest of the girls come to the hallway from the lounge to find out what the rumbling is. You see branches starting to grow back out of the basement. As soon as they pass the basement door, the branches speed up and start growing faster as they advance down the hall.

The girls behind you scream and scatter. Some of them are running back into the lounge, while others run upstairs. You know you won't make it back to the front door or even to the stairs.

What do you do?
>Press yourself against the wall, use your cape to protect yourself and hold your ground.
>Back up a bit and duck into the kitchen on your right to get out of the way of the branches.
>Run forward and duck into the bathroom with Sakura and Tomoyo.
>Write-in. [what?]

d9899 No.38719

Hmm. This one might be a bit tricky. The listed options pretty much boil down to tank it, dodge it, or be a perv on Sakura.

I'm -severely- torn on that last one because there's not really any good way we can try and spin ducking into the bathroom with them while we know she's changing, oncoming wall of branches or not. It's one thing if we do stuff like minor groping during a battle or that magic scanner thing we did to Nanoha earlier, because those aren't overtly perverted so much as minor "accidents" that happen during a crisis. This one's just a straight up Love Hina move if we pull it, and I don't think we're high enough points with Sakura to get away with a blush rather than a scream and a staff to the face, not to mention Tomoyo and Kero jumping us as well. So one way or another, I'm voting we definitely don't go into the bathroom.

Aside from that, I'm not sure. I've got a thought about one thing, though, and I'd like to ask the GM for clarification on it.

Does the door to that bathroom they're in open inwards or outwards? I would assume inwards because most do, but I want to make sure they aren't getting trapped in there if the branches block off the hallway.

34ca4 No.38725

Outward, and it's open wide right now, so it'll get stuck open when the branches fill the hallway. Also, Sakura hasn't started changing yet.

The reason Sakura only stuck her head out is because Tomoyo is still holding her hand. Also Kero isn't with them. He was by the entryway looking for the card.

d9899 No.38726

Ah, missed that part but I see it now. Okay.

That clears up my both my issues with ducking into the bathroom and my worry that they'd get blocked in and couldn't get out without having to destroy the door.

Y'know what, I'm gonna say shout a warning at those two while we make a dive for the bathroom, and power the cape up as we duck in just in case it tries to force through the open doorway. Sakura's basically our only option for fighting this thing in a way that won't destroy her house, so she's definitely the priority member here.

34ca4 No.38727

Actually, I'll take that back. The door opened to the outside in my mind's eye and was open just about to the max so it was pressed against the hallway wall. However, you're right, pretty much all doors in a house open to the inside (with the exception of closets and basement stairs).

So, the door opens to the inside. Everything else stays the same.

54eda No.38729

Get in the bathroom and keep Sakura safe and alerted to the situation. Changing will have to wait.

e05ef No.38737

Write-in: Use cape to shield self and duck into the kitchen. There's more room to maneuver there (for now), and it's closer to the lounge and bathroom, where we can at least talk to Sakura, Kero, Tomoyo, and whoever wound up in the lounge without having to yell too much. Yelling will have to happen with whomever made it upstairs.

b3c40 No.38844

This is what I get for not updating in almost a month, half of my players are MIA. Fortunately, that gives me more time to catch up on everything else.

0dce8 No.38851

Sorry. Was waiting for more of a response before I put my two cents in.

I'll back Blue

b3c40 No.38852

No worries, I'm the guy that disappeared for nearly a month.

975b5 No.38855

Hmm. I've been looking at the plans back and forth, and I can't visualize any of it like I want to, but Blue raises a good point about why we might need to protect Sakura specifically.
So I'll go with that.

b3c40 No.38856

File: 1518679114339.jpg (19.98 KB, 236x212, Kinomoto House Floorplan.jpg)

OK, I haven't the slightest idea how I managed to get the layout of Sakura's house correct. Despite searching for floorplans, I wasn't able to find one until now. My mental image was pretty decent, but after seeing the layout, I'm rewatching episodes 1-4 on fast forward, and everything fits together. I'm sure there's an artbook or something that has a better layout of everything, but at least we don't have to work off of just my mental picture of the house.


Standing in the hallway probably isn't the best idea. Right gives you the dining area and kitchen, and with it, lots of space to maneuver in and options for avoiding the branches. Left gives you the bathroom, along with Sakura and Tomoyo. Your instincts tell you to protect these girls. You run left and enter the washroom. There's a sink, mirror, cabinets and two doors. Presumably one to the toilet and one to the bath. The branches growing out of the basement block you from returning to the hallway for now, but they're sparse enough that once they stop growing you should be able to crawl through. At the moment though, none of them are growing into the washroom.

Above you, you hear footsteps of people running down the hall upstairs. Two of them come to a rest above you. You can hear the entire house groaning from the strain of having a rapidly growing tree inside.

Just as you feel that the branches won't reach the washroom, a new growth branches off from the existing branches and enters the washroom. It's soon followed by more growths branching off from the other main branches.

What do you do?
>Hold your ground, use the cape to help bolster your defense.
>Grab the girls and retreat past one of the doors. [toilet or bath?]
>Grab the girls, push them past one of the doors, and close it behind them while you try to hold off the branches yourself.
>Tell Sakura to use one of her cards. [Windy, Fly, or Illusion?]
>Write-in. [what?]

d9899 No.38865

Hmm. Hey Moe, is there a cooldown for Sakura's sealing spell? I don't think the house can take too many multiple applications of tree growth before we have a problem, but at this point I feel like our best bet here is to have Sakura continually casting the seal until we can work our way downstairs to the card(s, because Rain's probably down there at this point).

b3c40 No.38866

Not really, maybe a few seconds to catch her breath and focus on a new spell. However, her seal spell is pretty magic intensive. She'll hold out longer than when she was maintaining Windy and her Shiny Sakura, and trying to seal Illusion.

This is why I have the write-in option everytime. Completely thwarting my plans and making me modify the possible futures of the episode.

713c9 No.38867

This one's tough. Better go with a write-in again.

First, quickly apologize to Sakura and Tomoyo for just barging in; hopefully they'll understand that Tuxie wouldn't do that if it wasn't an emergency.

Second, hold fast with the cape so Sakura can pick a card- ah, shit. Which card _can_ she pick that'll help beat this one and won't add to the destruction of her house? Whichever it is, she should pick that and then help Tuxie clear out the branches in whichever areas of the ground floor they can get to without tiring too much.

If there's a way to tell the other girls to hold out as long as they can, that needs doing too.

0dce8 No.38869

I think they'll understand from the branches trying to force their way in. In the episode Sakura used The Watery to take down Rain and The Wood chilled out on it's own after the little shit was captured.

Have we already asked Sakura what cards she has?

54eda No.38870

I'm down with this.

bc113 No.38877

I suppose this works, although I feel like seal-rushing the card is the more tactical option.

d9899 No.38878

I feel like we have asked her, if the card list Moe provided is any indication, and it's not that great. Fly and Illusion are pretty much useless in this case, and Windy -might- be able to help but letting off localized cyclones indoors is generally considered a Bad Idea if you're trying to preserve said indoors.

I'm gonna go with straight up asking her if she's got anything that would work here, and if she does not, telling her to go for a seal-blitz strategy to get us down there and stop these cards. It'll exhaust her if we take more than two or three tries to get down there, but we legitimately don't have much else right now that we can use that can clear through those branches without punching holes in her house along the way.

I consider it a Failure Condition if we start having to trash her house in order to do this, full stop. If we have to drain her SP to clear this stage with minimal damage to her home, so goddamn be it. Besides, I'm pretty sure we can figure out a way to recharge her if we have to, if the bit with Nanoha earlier is any indication.

b3c40 No.38900

File: 1518829341609.jpg (66.64 KB, 730x1095, tuxedo_mask_crystal_by_mik….jpg)

"Sorry for barging in unannounced." You apologize to the fully dressed girls and shield yourself with your cape from the incoming branches. "Sakura. Do you have a card that can help us?"

She pulls out her cards and looks through them, "Windy, Fly, Illusion, Jump. No, nothing." The first branch hits your cape, and you feel the additional magic draw as you reinforce your cape. The branch doubles back in recoil, but you still feel the full brunt of the impact. The remaining branches join the first one. Although you're able to deflect the points of the branches with your cape, the force of the branches is pushing you back.

What do you do?
>Have the girls push against you to help you hold off the branches.
>Have Sakura use one of the cards. [which one?]
>Seal frenzy.
>Retreat. [toilet or bath]
>Write-in. [What?]

713c9 No.38902

Time to start sealing.

bc113 No.38904

It's time to S-S-S-S-SEAL!

d9899 No.38905

Seal rush time, but let's try and actively move forward as much as possible between seals. She still has to seal Rain as well, and we're fucked if she runs out of MP before we can seal both of them, not to mention there's still at least one MotW still running around to have to worry about.

b3c40 No.38907

File: 1518845226971.png (1.08 MB, 960x720, Rain and Wood.png)

Three unanimous votes is enough to convince me.

Running out of options, you tell Sakura, "Seal it again."

"But won't it just grow back again?"

"We'll rush to the basement, and if it grows back before we get there, you'll just have to seal it again."

Tomoyo interrupts, "But what about Sakura's outfit?"

"It'll have to wait for later. We're in a bit of a situation." You reply.

Tomoyo makes a disappointed sound, but doesn't argue the point further.

"Sakura, ready?" You ask.


You pull your cape back some, giving Sakura some space on your right between you and the wall.

She readies her staff and once more calls out, "Return to the form you originally came from… Clow Card!" The branches once more take on the eerie blue glow and start their retreat.

As soon as they do, you order, "Come with me," and take a few steps to reach the door to the hallway. There, you project your voice and yell, "Everyone meet up in the basement." The branches in the washroom have retreated into the branches in the hallway, but you can't go any further forward until those branches retreat into the basement. You hear footsteps upstairs, so you know that the girls that ran up heard you and shouldn't be too far behind.

The tips of the branches pass you, and you make a break for it. Sailor Moon and Cure Black are running down the hall towards you. The blonde girl is still dripping wet from earlier. You turn left and head for the basement.

You almost reach the bottom of the stairs when you hear the same rumbling from earlier. You slow down and ready your cape. You look behind you to make sure that Sakura is just a few steps behind you. Although you were prepared for the branches hitting your cape, your legs slip out from underneath you and you fall painfully on your tailbone. Despite that, you were able to deflect the branches enough for them to go over Sakura's and Tomoyo's heads. Looking up the stairs, you see that Sailor Moon and Cure Black will not have that same luck.

Fortunately, Sakura knows what to do and repeats her magical incantation while striking the branches with her staff. Once more, this drives the branches to retreat. You focus on healing your tailbone and then step into the basement as soon as you're able to. The water in the basement is up to your ankles and you can see why Sakura has been failing to seal Wood. That annoying cloud from earlier is hovering over the main trunk of Wood and apparently empowering it. Wood continues shrinking until it's a sapling, and then Rain's rain overpowers Sakura's magic and Wood starts growing once more.

You see Wood is growing in such a way as to fill up the basement rather than going straight for the stairs. Sakura and Tomoyo are in the basement, the latter of which is already recording. Sailor Moon is on the last step with Cure Black right behind her. You hear two more sets of footsteps are at the top of the stairs, but they won't make it in time unless you find some way to slow down Wood.

What do you do [mix and match]?
>Taunt the cloud and try to get it away from Wood. [Who should do it?]
>Attack the cloud with something. [Rose, extended cane, Moon Tiara Boomerang, or Windy?]
>Have Sakura guard the base of the stairs.
>Have Sakura move in and try to seal a card. [Wood or Rain]
>Have Cure Black get into melee range. [Wood or Rain, and if Rain, how, since it's floating?]
>Have Cure Black guard someone. [Who?]
>Have Sailor Moon scream.
>Have Sailor Moon guard someone. [Who?]
>Write-in. [What?]

d9899 No.38909

Well, it's pretty clear that Rain needs to go first, and there's really only about two or three seconds left before Wood grows out and causes another problem here, so let's solve this.

Tell Sakura to seal both if she can but focus on Rain, and cane shot at it. That'll either force Rain to dodge or knock it silly for a second, which serves the dual purpose of stopping it from powering up Wood any further and keeping it distracted while Sakura runs in. There's not much Usagi or Nagisa could really do here, honestly.

bc113 No.38910

This is perfect, from what I can tell.

713c9 No.38924

Having done some unintentional butt-surfing down stairs a few times, reading about Tuxie landing on his ass made me cringe in sympathy.

Anyway, write-in: Black should guard Tomoyo while she films and Sakura while she seals Rain. Tuxie and Moon should keep Wood off-balance with the tiara and the cane; ranged attacks are the way to go here.

54eda No.38930

I'm down with this. It also lets Sakura do slightly more work and grow a little more.

…why do I suddenly feel like we're managing a team of pokemon and we're trying to rotate the team so everyone levels up?

0dce8 No.38931

From what I remember of the series, Sakura used Watery to take out Rain, but she doesn't have it this time around.
This seems good.

bc113 No.38932

Oooh, yeah! More chances to give praise and get a little closer to getting in her pants!
Because we essentially are?

b3c40 No.38934

>…why do I suddenly feel like we're managing a team of pokemon and we're trying to rotate the team so everyone levels up?

Because my prior experience with creative writing and smut (aside from RPing on f-list) was pokemon (or more accurately, moemon) smut. Archive.org link because the asstr admins forgot to update their certificates.


b3c40 No.38936

We have a winner, but one clarification.
Who is Cure Black supposed to guard? Tomoyo may be putting herself in unnecessary danger by insisting on filming Sakura, she at least has the common sense to stand back as far as she can while still being able to record.

Meanwhile, if you want Sakura to go for the seal, she'll have to advance. Black won't be able to cover both of them at the same time.

d9899 No.38939

I figured I'd sit back on this since I wasn't voting for this option, but if no one else is around to step in…

Nagisa should go with Sakura. If Tomoyo's in the "back row" right now, that means she's closer to us. Worst case, we can move to defend her ourselves.

bc113 No.38940

This sounds about right.

60054 No.38951

I didn't think about where Tomoyo might put herself, so I apologize for the oversight. Blue has the right idea, so Black should guard Sakura.

b3c40 No.38952

File: 1518940728354.png (924.98 KB, 960x720, Stairs.png)

You only have so much time before Wood will block off the basement and any hope for reinforcements. Pulling out your cane, you start shouting orders. "Sakura, seal that cloud now. Black, cover her. Sailor Moon, use your tiara on the branches."

Everyone quickly agrees. You extend your cane and try to smack the growing tips of the branches. You deflect them slightly, but they quickly return to their original path. Sailor Moon throws her tiara and cuts off the two branches reasonably far back. Those two stop, and for a moment it looks like she's at least stopped those from growing further. However, they soon release new shoots from the severed end and start growing as well. You use one hand as a pivot and swing your cane with the other. This allows you to interfere with the tips of the branches as well as you can while you wait for Sailor Moon to throw her tiara again.

You glance down the row of books and see Sakura and Black running towards Wood's core and the rain cloud. Sakura trips over a root that was barely visible under the water and falls face first into the water. It's not deep, and Cure Black helps her right up, but it costs her a precious few moments. By the time they've reached Wood's central trunk, Sailor Moon has thrown her tiara once more, cutting through two more branches and stopping them temporarily as well.

Cure Black leans against Wood's trunk and offers Sakura a boost. The young brunette has a hard time finding purchase since she's holding her staff with one hand and water is running down Wood's sides. She finally worms herself up so her legs are dangling down, but her torso is under the rain cloud. A quick glance to Tomoyo confirms your suspicion. Her camera is focused on Sakura, ready to capture anything that might be visible through the leg holes of Sakura's red playsuit. "She's so lovely." The violet-haired girl mumbles.

With Sakura so close to it, the blue clown-like creature pops out of cloud and giggles. Suddenly, she releases a torrent of water on Sakura and slowly advances forward, getting Cure Black thoroughly drenched as well. Making indistinct happy noises, the cloud continues forward towards your group.

Without the rain to power it up, Wood's growth slows down, but doesn't stop. You wrap one arm around Sailor Moon's waist, and the other around Tomoyo. You move the two of them out of the way of the two lead incoming branches. The footsteps reach the bottom of the stairs and you look to see who it is. Cure White jumps over the first branch and lands with a splash right next to you. Her jump was on pure instinct and she doesn't stick her landing just right, leaning too far forward, losing her balance, and falling against your chest.

You don't have a free hand to catch her with, so you're forced to let her stop her fall with your body. Of course that means that she's pressing her breasts against you, and you have no problem with that. Sailor Moon shouting, "Ami!" takes your attention from the brunette's boobs and back to the situation.

Sailor Mercury was running right behind Cure White and clearly had no chance of dodging the incoming branch. It had wrapped around her left shin and she fell forward, onto the branch. Now, it's continued growth is pushing her back up the stairs.

"Use your boomerang again!" You order, and let go of both Sailor Moon and Tomoyo. With the torrent of water from the cloud blocking her view of Sakura, Tomoyo turns her attention to Sailor Mercury. The blunette's head is below her legs, so her tiny blue skirt has flipped up and her leotard is visible to your group.

While Sailor Mercury is holding onto the tree branch to not slip off and make the trip up the stairs any more painful, Sailor Moon readies her tiara and throws it at the branch near the base of the stairs. She severs the branch that's holding Sailor Mercury, but that's not enough to free the girl. The bluenette struggles to free herself, finally having to pull her left leg from her boot in order to free herself and run down the stairs before the other four branches reach the stairs and cut her off. She joins you and the girls in the relative safety of your corner. While catching her breath, she takes her other boot off and discards it, clearly not comfortable running with heeled boots on one foot and the other foot bare. You see that the ribbon on her chest has been ripped off from her fall. You now have a clearer view of her breasts through the wet white material, but its thickness obscures some of your view.

There are more footsteps upstairs and you hear a robotic voice say, "Flier Fin." Nanoha must be nearby, and the footsteps must belong to the two new Cures.

b3c40 No.38953

File: 1518940772114.png (13.07 KB, 839x613, Basement.png)

Nanoha is on top of Wood's core trunk, and Cure Black is on the floor next to it. Rain has drenched the two of them and is no longer interested in them. It's heading towards your group where You, Tomoyo, and Cure White still haven't been soaked. Sailors Moon and Mercury are with you, but they're still wet from when rain soaked them earlier. What do you do?

>Orders. [Write-in.]

0dce8 No.38954

Sakura might be able to use Windy to blow Rain up against the wall to help neutralize her while Nanoha uses Chain Bind to try to keep The Wood growing away from everyone?

d9899 No.38969

Seriously? This whole time, it's been more interested in just getting people wet than causing actual trouble? Fucking Clow Cards.

I'm going to assume Moe meant Sakura's the one standing on Wood's core, not Nanoha. If Rain's only interested in drenching people, and Sakura's right behind her while she's focused on us…

We need to learn some fucking telepathy from Yuuno at some point, communicating this stuff would be so much easier. Alright, then… Tell White to advance forward with you, slowly. Give a quick primer on why, and then tell Mercury to be ready to hit it with a water ball when it gets close. It's the closest we've got to Watery, and while we don't know that in-game we DO know that Moon throwing a tiara would probably kill the little brat and that's a bad thing. Hopefully, Rain's too focused on us and White to care about much else, so when it gets close, Mercury can tag her and we can hit it with our cane from close up. Then yell to Sakura to seal the damn thing and get this done with while it's stunned.

0dce8 No.39008

Blue's idea is better, I'll go with it.

54eda No.39016

I'll go with this.

60054 No.39017

I really have no ideas here. Sorry, guys. :-/

b04be No.39018

Yeah, that's not the first time I messed up and switched names for those two. I think it's the first time I didn't catch it during editing.

d9899 No.39019

No worries, Moe.

You could just go with my plan, Fem. I dunno why you've been playing the dissenting opinion option so much lately. >_>

60054 No.39023

[gestures to the last time everyone agreed with my plan] Sometimes it works. [small smile]

For lack of other ideas, I'll support Blue's. I especially agree with trying to Bind Wood so it can't interfere yet again.

d9899 No.39024

>Chain Bind

Oh right, I was going to respond to that but ended up rewriting that post. Does Nanoha actually know Chain Bind at this stage? I know she's got Protection and we helped her figure out Area Search, but I don't remember if she's got anything else. Hell, does anyone remember if she's even used Divine Shooter?

b3c40 No.39027

>Seriously? This whole time, it's been more interested in just getting people wet than causing actual trouble? Fucking Clow Cards.

If I can quote Neal.

>The Rain card is … a mischievous little shit. It's also weapons grade adorable.

The little clown girl is just having fun. It's just that her definition of fun involves getting other people wet.

b3c40 No.39028

No Chain Bind, no Divine Shooter. You guys avoided Nanoha learning Divine Shooter, and I don't think she canonically learns chain bind in S1 (meaning you guys will need to distort the setting sufficiently to get her to learn it if you want her to).

d9899 No.39049

Chain Bind's… honestly not that hard. We have a canonical master of defensive/support Mid-Chilan magic here already, and we've already established that Yuuno is OP as fuck with that spell so it would be a GOOD idea for him to teach Nanoha how to use it. We just have to get the two of them to sit down and actually practice long enough to learn it without something blowing the fuck up around them first.

…I can already hear Moe cackling madly at that sentence.

b3c40 No.39050

File: 1519019606394.png (1001.18 KB, 960x720, Happy Rain.png)

Cure White has since regained her balance, and has a slight grin on her face. You don't have time to figure out if this was planned by her, or just a lucky coincidence, but you have more important things to worry about at the moment. You grab her wrist, move away from the rest of the girls, and say, "We're the bait. She's not trying to hurt anyone, she's just trying to soak people."

From behind you hear, "Protection." That's soon followed by the sound of something hitting a shield. The branches, obviously.

"Mercury," You call out. "While she's heading for us, blast it with your water attack. Hopefully that'll stun it, and Sakura can capture it."

"OK!" She splashes her way into position.

"Black. We can try the PreCure Marble Screw if this doesn't work." Cure White offers.

You and Cure White stand apart from each other as best you can in the space between the bookshelves, and the girl beelines straight for the bluenette at your side. At that moment, Sailor Mercury shoots a salvo of water balls from her hand and hits the blue clown girl.

The elfin creature laughs and jumps for joy in her cloud, enjoying getting wet and having someone else play her game with her. It hasn't stunned her, but it has stopped her movement, at least for a while, even if it hasn't stopped the torrent coming out of the cloud.

Sakura takes this moment to run up and swing her staff at the creature, but it's too high up, and even holding the staff from the very back, she's not able to reach it and seal it. She looks at the bookshelf and then at you and says, "Help me up and I can seal it."

At the same time, something splashes down behind you. Nanoha has crawled down the stairs between the branches and reached the basement. Yuuno and Kero are with her.

"Rain was causing Wood to misbehave!" Kero exclaims. "That's how they formed this jungle."

b3c40 No.39051

File: 1519019650167.png (965.99 KB, 960x720, Shooting Mode.png)

Nanoha levels her staff at the rain cloud and the staff robotically states, "Shooting Mode, Set up." The staff takes on a new form, it's longer, there are wings at the neck of the staff, and the head of the staff has changed to what might charitably be described as the barrel of a railgun. "Tuxedo Kamen! If you help me control my magic again, I can seal it!"

Which adorable nine-year-old do you assist?
>Pick up Sakura so she can reach Rain and seal it.
>Help control Nanoha's magic so she can seal it.
>Have the Cures use the Marble Screw first.
>Write-in. [What?]

0dce8 No.39055

Nuke the little shit from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

>Help control Nanoha's magic and cross fingers and pray she doesn't blow up the entire house along with it.

d9899 No.39058

Goddammit that thing is too fucking cute for me to stay mad at.

Combination of agreeing with Neal but also telling Sakura to turn and take care of Wood while we handle Rain and getting Mercury to ready another shot in case it starts trying to move again.

This is our best chance to get Divine Shooter so let's do it, but goddess above I hope she doesn't Divine Buster the house.

54eda No.39067

Going two for one, good idea. But yes, let's help her try not to level the house.

Which brings up a point. Two (I think) of the anime here had magical resets whenever stuff got damaged, but I know CCS didn't. So is there a magical reset we can use in case of damage, or not?

0dce8 No.39076

I mean, it's probably not Starlight Breaker quite yet…

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