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af75b No.29324[Last 50 Posts]

Hello everyone! You may or may not know of the game Fetishmaster made by Hcoder, but here's some news I hope you all will like:

I made a mod for it!

Not a small one either, the amount of files in the game have gone from around 2300 to 3500, and the existing files have also been edited and reworked a lot. The list of changes is so long that I would not be able to fit it in this post, so there's a document along with the download which details (hopefully) all of it.

The mod basically adds more content to everything in the game, including CoC-style sex scenes, a quest log, additional races and much more.

the game itself can be found at fm-dev.blogspot.com or co.uk or whatever, and the mod can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pyyq9x32fh101e5/MaternalReads_FMmod_0.1.7z

Installation notes are in the zip file, but you basically just overwrite your old gamedata folder and everything in it with the contents of the one in the zip.

I have playtested it myself and tried to get it as playable as possible, but there may still be some bugs in it. Please use this thread for discussion and bug reports, I'll try to answer any questions and and I hope you all like it!

42c58 No.29326

What exactly is the Fetishmaster game?

af75b No.29327

It's a Text-based erotic game in the style of Corruption of Champions if you've ever played that, or Trials in Tainted Space.

Basically you play as one or several characters and there's a big focus on changing your character to your preference (fatness, height, looking like a cow, etc.) and making this character have sex with whatever people you meet.

7b20f No.29328

So how much preg content is there? Any warnings on some extreme stuff?

af75b No.29330

Preg was obviously a big focus, though I'd like to specifically make more pregnant sex-scenes in the future.

I personally wouldn't really call anything in it extreme, there's no gore, no underage, no scat or urination and the only non-human things you'll have sex with are tentacles and slimes. The mod does account for extreme amount of semen released during orgasm though.

cddd0 No.29331

So, I've never been a big fan of CoC-likes but I do like interactive pregnancy content, so I'm checking this out. But I keep hitting the same wall: My proxies keep leaving and I can't get any more because I have no money. Is there any way to proceed at this point besides "start over"?

af75b No.29333

Aside from making sure your proxy's mood and tiredness stays within acceptable parameters, there's not much you can do.

However, if people are interested, I could make a quick debug thing which creates a character that will never leave.

cddd0 No.29334


Honestly, I just don't have the patience to do everything that leads up to the smut, so maybe this just isn't for me. XD

d5ffe No.29335

File: 1497741120690.jpg (124.5 KB, 1146x696, Pregnancy Show.JPG)

Been a while since I played this game. Good to hear of your expansion MR.

My end game experience was trying to breed the ultimate, well, breeder proxy that could actually remain mobile throughout the later months of a high multiple pregnancy. Could never pull it off, and she eventually remained stuck in the hospital from literally being too pregnant.

Screencap is from the local brothel which you can either do a pregnancy or big tits striptease/show. Varying descriptions based on how pregnant your proxy was.

e268c No.29336


Mind showing some of the pregnancy sprites?

9bc6f No.29345

I encountered one bug that prevents to enter the workroom of the fun house. I use the vanilla 0.985e P1 version for your mod.

52198 No.29347

Also having this issue, along with a similar one with a body measurement experiment in the hospital.

b66b1 No.29348

I'd be interested in that. I'm a lazy fuck so I'd LOVE that.

af75b No.29355

Thanks for the reports, there's a patch here: https://www.mediafire.com/?758ve739schdwd5

This should fix those two issues you're having.

8d76b No.29356

hi guys, i downloaded the game on my mac, but its saying i don't have the app required to open it, would anyone happen to know what the app that would allow me to open it is called ?

Thanks and sorry for the stupid question haha

b7520 No.29358

Is it available on smartphones? Like Android or Ios?

33253 No.29359

Did you have Java installed on your computer?

2f6b5 No.29369

What's the fastest way to get a character pregnant? I've been playing the game for a bit now, and still haven't gotten a character pregnant or even come close.

d2772 No.29378

so doing the search walk in the chapel area, i found a hole and then it failed to produce any walking options or a continue after using the walking option. I disconnected and tried to progress time to get my proxy back but it froze the game.

Probably more information than what you needed for the bug report but doesn't hurt

af75b No.29388

Thanks. This and some items have been fixed with this patch: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lcfg4sceroet1pd/Mod_patch_0.1b.7z

the patches include the old patches as well so you only need the most recent one.

33253 No.29389

I've been playing this mod for a while, it's really great, but I discovered a few glitches:

1) Some buttons doesn't work. Beside the one named here there is also a purchasing a regeneration machine, which do not worked.

2) After I beating the boss at the Chapel the game the sprite of the boss is showing on all other locations, I, also, couldn't complete quest, sine the Dr. Sarif do not take this quest from me

f817d No.29405

The doctor in the maternity ward doesn't allow me to turn in the nine items for her first quest.

af75b No.29406

Regarding the regeneration machine, are you sure you have 500,000c on your proxy? It all needs to be in your proxy's inventory in order to buy it.

There's a patch here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8lgn62fj085bc1r/Mod_patch_0.1c.7z

It fixes both your second issue and >>29405 this one. Thanks for both your reports!

f817d No.29417

Thanks for fixing it! Great mod. I really thought that people had stopped modding on this engine.

d2772 No.29418

thanks for the quick responses. Another bug I came across, if you loose the goblin fight,the continue walk doesn't do anything. it's just a button.

cf516 No.29422

Can you write up a guide that will help you get into the pregnancy content because right now I am having a hard time knowing what the best method is.

33253 No.29427

Well, I'm cheated to get a lot of many
In purpose of the testing, of course!
So, yeah, I have the money to purchase it

33253 No.29428

For now the best way to get your proxy pregnant is:

1) Go to sewers on the path to hospital, and collect some of the eggberries there

2) Go to brothel ,eat the eggberry and take clients then.

3) Let the client to cum inside you

4) …

5) Pregnant! (if you were lucky enough)

33253 No.29432

OK, I'll be able to take out the first quest for the Dr. Onakamaru, but the for choose a bust to fertility doesn't work

2f6b5 No.29436

I've figured out how to get the character pregnant (I used the black dildo). Though I was wandering if there was any "special" births besides multiples? Like pantie birth or while in a maid outfit, things like that.

48d8f No.29439

never played the game before but whats the pregnancy content like without the mod?

7dbbe No.29442

I've tried "cheating" to get money but I just dont get it, what variables do you modify to mess around with items and quantities so that I can get alot of money?

d2772 No.29443

the game is more focused on expansion. Specifically Belly, and Breast expansion. The pregnancy content is the same. you can have twins and occasionally triplets. The births are just bland "her water broke" and you do the home birth and it's like "she gave birth" and then there's a child in the proxy list that you can't control until it's age is 16. You can give it up for adoption and activate the "blessing" that will speed up the aging process to 16.

Birthing material might be a thing that can get modded in, but it hasn't been focused on because it's not really a niche the author has.

d2772 No.29444

if you go into dev mode, you can go into the debug walk after activating the proxy and click on "add money" it'll give the player (not the proxy) 200,000 coins if i remember right. you have to go back to management and transfer the money to the proxy to spend it for most things.

cd25e No.29446

I read about a black dildo that you can rarely get at the temple at night.

I "pocket" it, but it does not show up in my inventory nor does it show up in the masturbation menu… also there is no masturbation choices for dudes.

0fc44 No.29448

I just started playing so I' not sure if I'm over looking something or if its an event but I saw mention of a sewers and chapel. Can someone give me directions?

cd25e No.29449

Sewers are on the way to hospital (speaking of, I think there needs to be an option to leave it) and the chapel is found in deeper in the woods, chances of finding it are random

0fc44 No.29450

for me the only options while heading to the hospital is the hospital itself and Hilltown. Am I in the wrong area?

d2772 No.29451

did you add the original mod files that the author posted to your game file?

0fc44 No.29452

which was the one was his?

d2772 No.29455

so the mod is in the very first post. he's done a few patches that you only need the most recently posted patch for it all. so 2 downloads for this mod.

09760 No.29463

I have the kau pendant but it never gives me the option to go to the village.

d11f6 No.29464

Hi, could someone tell me please, what is the best way to get your proxy a hyper pregnancy?

c1222 No.29467

It's a 'hidden' species. You can see when one pops up in the agency tab when using dev mode. It'll be a ton of ovulations back-to-back. Alternatively, use dev mode or travel the sewers to get tons of egg berries. Once you see the ovulation message in the journal, chow down to boost production.

In the same vein: Maternal-Reads, is there a way to silence alerts? When a hyper breeder goes overboard, it's a bit of a pain to mash 'close' 10 times on the alerts tab.

cd25e No.29471

Has anyone encountered the mermaid at the beach, I have yet to find her, and can you only talk to the other encounters there or is sexual activity with them not implemented yet? Oh, there is a minor spelling error while "searcging" the beach.

2e7e7 No.29478

I've been playing this for the last day or two, since finding it, and it's been interesting so far. It's nice to see FM getting some love. Thanks for the work you've done! :)

If anyone is interested, there's a couple other mods (mostly fat and weight-gain, but with some other expansions), being worked over here:

I just dropped a post over there with a link to this thread, on the theory there might be some overlap of interest: http://www.weightgaming.com/forum/index.php?topic=825.0

ee0e7 No.29485

1) After defeating the boss in the chapel, I'm unable to actually collect the crystals. It seems like the event for that is looking for a "Boss1Killed" flag, when the only flag actually being set is "Boss1Quest" upon its defeat. No idea if that's intentional or not.

2) Alternatively, the other possible event there doesn't seem to work as the condition for loading the button requires the Boss1Quest flag to not be set but also requires the boss to be defeated… which sets that flag to 1. The actual event file has the proper conditions, but it won't ever be called.

3) The Tentacle Toxin throws some errors when used, and I have no idea if the effect is actually being applied as a result. From a quick glance I think the effect string is badly formed.

ee0e7 No.29486

4) Again, no idea of the intentions, but access to the kau village is essentially cut off - event conditions in forest/edge_kt_path and forest/edge_kt_shrine include a false statement and can never be met, even with proper flags set.

b0324 No.29488

The Black Dildo is only usable with larger vaginal capacity. Use the Vaginal Stretch option until you have access to the Horse Dildo, which has around the same size requirements as the Black Dildo.

There is also a special scene for males in the anal play section of the Black Dildo.

b0324 No.29489

If you play via the dexMode, you can go to the debug menu and hit the addLewdness button twice. That way the proxy lewdness values will be at around 80 which makes most sexual acts not incur mood drops.

From there you only need to watch out for tiredness which can drop mood as well.

b0324 No.29490


You can use the method in >>29467

However you can pull off the same with a normal proxy, however I personally find their pregnancy times too long.

I'm not sure to what degree of hyper pregnancy you prefer, but be aware that going past 120-150 foetuses will cause the game to have some severe lag.

df6bc No.29491

First let me say how happy I am that there is another modder working on FM! I thought I was the only one. Maternal-Reads, you should send me a message somewhere so we can compare notes!

I'm the one that wrote some of the previous mod content in this mod. Its from an older version of my mod, though it does build upon some of it, so that's great!

I haven't had to time to play test this yet, but I plan on doing it a bit.

If anyone has more interest in fm; i actually moderate a sub forum for the game here: http://www.weightgaming.com/forum/index.php?board=10.0

4d600 No.29494

The boss1 stuff is mostly upcoming content, in case people were interested in seeing the boss turn into an NPC you can interact and have sex with. The main quest also at this point ends with the crystals. The kau village, however, was disabled for testing purposes and should be enabled. Unfortunately right now I'm away for a couple of days and can't really get much fixing done. Thanks for letting me know of the issues though!

d11f6 No.29498

Sounds neat, but I'm really curious: what plans do you have for your mod?

b0324 No.29499



Since Maternal-Reads is going to be mia for awhile, I went ahead and re-enabled Kau Village, fixed Tentacle Toxin Concentrate, and the Fitness Task.

If there are any other bugs that popup, I'll be happy to fix them before Maternal-Reads gets back.

48d8f No.29522

For his scanning quest how do you do untrained strength?

48d8f No.29523

nevermind ifound out

4d600 No.29529

Since the base of the game is now pretty well established (items, questlog, balancing and such), what I plan to do next is more enemies, more scripted sex scenes, more interactable NPCs and more races, that kind of thing. Deciding what exactly will be worked on will mostly be decided by the patreon polls.

2e3ee No.29533

There seems to be a bug where after giving birth, breast size decreases to the point of being flat. May have something to do with spamming breast reduction meds from the hospital during the pregnancy, but they were X-cups before birth.

b0324 No.29536


During Pregnancy, breast size will increase by a certain value based on how many foetuses there are. However, breast size increase via pregnancy is temporary, so after pregnancy the value will revert.

You can check your proxies non pregnancy breast size under breasts.size in the debug menu.

b0324 No.29539

For some odd reason, when I edit the RNA of a character, I get an indexOutOfBounds Exception that wasn't in the game before. Anyone know what the issue is?

df6bc No.29541

Which gene did you edit and how did you edit it?

cd25e No.29543

I have a couple of bugs to report. Every so often, whenever I do something (search area, enter shop, train) time does not progress and the action not performed. I noticed that this usually happens around 12 and 18 o'clock. The only thing that works is disconnecting the proxy and use another one, which brings me to the other bug, duplication of proxies. Right now I have 5 of the same proxy, that was after 1 of these "time stop" glitches.

b0324 No.29544

When I hit Edit RNA from within edit character, the moment I click on a gene, I get a indexOutOfBounds Exception within the console.

b0324 No.29545

Check if you are using Fitness as one of your task. If you are the lack of time progression is due to a error in the Fitness task. You can either stop using the Fitness task, or download the hotfix I put up

c1222 No.29546

Does this also fix the regen machine bug?

b0324 No.29548

Not Yet. I'll look into the regen machine now.

b0324 No.29549


Here you go. This hotfix has all the old stuff that I fixed, plus the regen machine and Onakamaru's fertility treatment.

I did take some liberties with the Fertility treatment fix since I was unable to figure out what exactly Maternal-Reads was trying to do with the returned String.

b0324 No.29550

@MaternalReads - Are you open to user submitted content or are you planning on keeping this a solo effort?

ee0e7 No.29561

-The huge fertility wish is broken - consumer.getDNAGene only works for items, I think. Changing it to self.getDNAGene works fine.

-Not a bug, but it'd be a lot cleaner looking if the Wish flags were combined into a single WishEvent flag ranging from 1-4 instead of four different flags that never go above 1 and that all seem to get reset at the same time. Just a personal preference, though.

-The text descriptions for the paizuri actions pull size descriptions from the person on the receiving end instead of the proxy performing the action. Inversely, the images for the breast fondling actions during sex seem to be pulled based on the proxy's breast size, rather than the size of the person getting groped.

a471e No.29575

While I'm grateful for the work put in and the scope of what is being attempted, there's still quite a bit of content that is either not showing up at all or completely broken.

-Kau Village is enabled now but doesn't generate any npcs.
-The Minotaur never spawns in the Kau Village house. I just get "Nul" errors when I enter when he is supposedly inside.
-I can't continue Felix's quest because Kiana never shows up in Kau Village to talk to.
-Interactions with both the boss (healing her) as well as taking the crystal in the chapel don't show up as options.
-Trying to fuck someone's ass leads to a menu with buttons that do nothing and no way to go back forcing a reset.

I would also recommend either adding more content to the sewers or upping the chance of event procs significantly. You shouldn't have to mash your rmb 20 times between slime battles. It also makes it incredibly hard to leave the sewers without just abandoning the proxy and letting them come home on their own.

a471e No.29576

Also want to add that breast descriptions seem to be messed up. I'm getting "orange sized H cups" showing up.

4d600 No.29578

I never noticed that paizuri was taking values from the wrong person, but those kinds of errors are fairly common and can easily slip by in testing.

I did not create the Kau village and I didn't create any extra content for it. To be honest I don't really know how the kau village questline is supposed to go and as far as I know there's not really any content in the village either.

Expanding on the content in the sewers is definitely something I want to do in the future though, and balancing the game further will of course happen as more reports come in.

Is your character fat at all? I realized when testing it myself that some incorrect calculations with breast size versus cup size were happening when your character gets fat, but I couldn't find exactly why. This is a problem when just playing FM without the mod as well.

Thanks for your continued reports! I'll be back tomorrow and can then start fixing all these errors that have popped up. I hope the game is still enjoyable, glitchy as it is for the time being.

cd25e No.29589

Minor bug report
I started a new game with all patches included, around a couple weeks in, one of my proxies has duplicated into three after saving kau from tentacle beast, health potions don't heal upon consumption and magic shop owner won't accept old parts time to time.
Minor Gripes that can be looked at your leisure
The mermaid has yet to be seen in game, despite spending many a night exploring the beach, the cow girl at the farm doesn't actually give you the broken power crystal to fix, and during pregnancy there is no indication on how many children the proxy is holding until after birth.

df6bc No.29593


I've actually figured out what the problem is there but haven't figured out the solution yet.

If you look in the breasts organ file, you'll find that it never sets breasts.size to account for fat volume. I confirmed this with H.Coder on his blog. Unfortunately I don't know what the correct formula should be. I've taken a few attempts at it with not great results.

The mermaid showing up is literally just RNG. It's a 5% chance, so it's already unlikely you'll find it. I think what often happens is that other events just get chosen instead of it. I know that i don't see it often.

The cow girl isn't programmed to give you an actual item. its sets a flag for that character that they have it. Which should honestly be changed at this point.

There really should be a way to see how many children you're carrying in game (not debug). It would make sense for the hospital to have an event there for that.

ee0e7 No.29606

The first issue is caused by the scheduler being disabled in templates\system\world_next_hour.tpl

The second is caused by templates being disabled in events\kt_village\inside_mira_house.walk, and the conditions being commented out inside those templates.

The third is part of another mod, right? I didn't have the same issue; everything worked fine there.

The unexpected end of the chapel content was already noted.

I can't help with the anal stuff, as I haven't tried it.

On another note, the slime fights seriously need rebalancing. If your proxy's stats are too low to reliably hit or flee, or can only hit for a couple points of damage, you're fucked. Slimes don't stop regenerating at 100% health, and they don't do any real damage, meaning the fight could go on infinitely.

I don't remember now if it's part of the base game or another mod I installed ages ago, but there is a uterus scanner that shows a bunch of fertility-related stats, including fetus count, but hell if I remember how to unlock it or what package it might've been a part of.

b0324 No.29612


The Uterus Scanner in Maternal Read's mod has been moved into Onakamaru's Office in the maternity ward. You need to have at least 5 children, then go get a medical checkup, where the doctor will give you a keycard for the Maternity Ward. Then you need to look around til you find Onakamaru's Office. Uterus Scanner is available for 5k Gold.

The fourth part of Felix's quest is part of Nostordamus' mod, and isn't part of the original game. I do still have the mod files for his mod, and I did integrate them into my personal version of the game. But I'm not sure MaternalReads would provide any support for that mod since it is really a clusterfuck and requires lots of grammar and formatting fixes.

a471e No.29637

You can also edit the event file for the base and remove the flag condition for the scanner if you want it unlocked by default after you meet the guy at the start.

There's 4-5 files for inspect_uterus for different sizes I assume. I'm not sure if you need to edit all of them but it's probably recommended to prevent an error.

a471e No.29638

2. Fair enough. It's been a while since I played and I honestly can't remember what parts of my file were 3rd party mods or not.

3. I would get the error from both my proxy as well as reading the descriptions of actors in the brothel. It would often happen with characters that didn't have any noticeable body fat.

Just as another thing I've noticed. I'm not sure if it's a mod conflict or not but I had to go in and delete out the gene modifier from the first Maternity reward "fertility choice". The button wouldn't do anything when clicked otherwise.

b0324 No.29640

No fertility choice was broken but I forgot to put the fix in my hotfix.

Here's the link with the previous hotfixes plus the fertility choice fix.

0fc44 No.29642


the download has been taken down, could someone post the patch that fixes the regeneration machine posted by Slivz

af75b No.29643

Now that I'm back, here's another patch which fixes the issues that have been posted (most of them, at least)


However, there's still a big problem which I actually can't seems to solve, and it's the duplication of characters after losing in combat. Stranger still is the fact that this doesn't happen on my FM folder that I originally used to create the mod, it only happens when you apply the mod to a fresh unmodded FM.

If any other modders could lend some insight as to what's causing this, I would be very grateful.

af75b No.29644

I forgot to write my name but this post is by me. I guess just in case people don't know, I've also started posting more stuff on my DeviantArt recently: http://maternal-reads.deviantart.com/

af75b No.29645

Nevermind to the patch in this post, turns out the fertility treatment still wasn't working properly. But now it should be!


Sorry for the double posts.

7555c No.29646

I'm at the fun house lounge and the "To Work Room" option doesn't do anything.

b0324 No.29647

Did you apply the 985e patch? That was suppose to fix the cloning issue.

af75b No.29650

Thank you, no I didn't. I'm glad I asked before spending too much time trying to find a way to fix it. I should include that in the next patch then.

fa2c9 No.29658

Anyone know why after the milking duel in the kau village, the milkbarn and quest reset? It's after event "intro_machine_second_2.walk" When you hit continue, it puts you back in that second part of the village, but it tells you to inspect the building again and resets the quest. No errors or anything.

b66b1 No.29660

Do I need to compile all the fixes, or just the last one and the main mod?

df6bc No.29666

Oh, while i am here i have a mod to highlight that i think you will all like.

It's a mod that allows you to select your starting proxy. I've tested it and it works with Maternal's, though it doesn't include the new races they've made.

It comes with my highest recommendation. I don't play without it.

download link is here: http://www.weightgaming.com/forum/index.php?topic=88.0

b69cd No.29670

Mind asking for the base version of this?

c0f9a No.29673

I've been messing around with the development mode, is there anyway to increase the growth rate and/or increase the length of time your proxy is pregnant for?

b0324 No.29675

You can find the base version of the game on

The Milkbarn isn't part of Maternal's mod, but when I used it on my version of the game, there was nothing I needed to fix. No quest reseting or anything.

Growth Rate can be increased by the fast_preg_organ that you can get from the Onakamaru Treatment, using Gestimin after 30 children birthed, or using Broodmother Brew. As for pregnancy length, better than messing with devmode it is probably easier to make an item that increases a fetuses growth time.

7555c No.29679

I've been poking around and it looks like the option crashes because there's something wrong with Zoe.

df6bc No.29680

yeah i poked around with zoe a bit.

It crashes because when you enter the work room before having met zoe it tries to references zoe's variables without her existing. If you put a line including zoe's character the beginning of the work room file it fixes the error.

af75b No.29684

Here's yet another patch, fixing the issues with Zoe and the brothel workroom, the duplication glitch, rebalancing the slime heal to heal a bit less and not going over its max health, some writing errors in the brothel, the fertility reward from Onakamaru's quest and some other things.


Just as a reminder you don't need any other patch than the latest one; all the fixes are incuded in the latest release.

48d8f No.29690

i dont know if its related but after using this patch i cant "use the work room" in the fun house

48d8f No.29691

well actually looks like on of my proxy's are bugged since im able to get in on other proxy's

2cbf2 No.29692

Whats the deal with the Kau Village? I cant start up the shaman quest with Daria. There is no "Approach Kiana" option after being invited by her to start it. Just "Meet Mira" Which isnt right. Throws Nulls.

48d8f No.29693

is any one elses bugged like that?

b0324 No.29696

Shaman Quest is not part of Maternal Read's mod nor is a part o the base game. compatibility is not currently supported.

59ade No.29731

I see. Thank you. Few other issues. I can't get the crystals David asks for from… The monastery is it called? I forget the name. The new area with the "boss" and goblins. I beat the boss chick. It says "here are the crystals he needs" but all I get is "leave" for an option and the quest never advances when going back to David to check. And where can I get these "special leaves" the neighbor wants?

df6bc No.29733


The quest isn't completed yet.

Also the leaves are kitty mint's dropped by catgirls

09760 No.29734

How can you get pregnant from the black dildo? Is it a chance thing or do you have to be ovulating?

4b169 No.29741

Ohhh the kitty mints that's right. Speaking of getting pregnant. I can't make it happen. Was trying for an hour last night with a male/female proxy. Ovulation says 6, but fetus count remains zero. All while using the egg berries.

551c5 No.29742

I've used eggberries and the uterus doesn't seem to actually go into the ovulation phase.

af75b No.29751

It's both; the dildo has a small chance of ejaculation on use and characters only get pregnant while they're ovulating, so you need to use it a few times while ovulating to get pregnant. It's a low chance since it was designed to be a rare thing.

Are you sure the female character is ovulating? That's usually the problem when trying to get pregnant. There's a guide which explains pregnancy included in the mod download, you can check it to make sure you understand how it all works.

Thank you for the info. A fix for this will be included in the next patch.

cd25e No.29826

I have started a new file, went looking for the black dildo. 5 in-game nights and no sight of it. Don't know if I already have it and now accessible for current proxies or have yet to find it.
Also, on street there is sometimes cash on ground, I pick it up at 6 and I couldn't continue, had to disconnect proxy now there are two of them.

af75b No.29853

Your proxy needs to have a decently wide vagina to use it since it is pretty big. It won't show up in the masturbation menu if you can't use it, but the text in the menu will tell you that you have it. If you don't have it then keep trying; the chance of finding it is pretty small.

If your proxies become doubles, it's likely you didn't get the latest patch. It should fix the issue.

cd25e No.29867

Finally got it, works on anal not so much on vaginas, and this is after I used it to turn dude into girl. I already got the latest patch installed.

af75b No.29870

I just tested getting the dildo and using it in the vaginal stretching menu and it all worked as it should.

When your character gets turned into a girl their lewdness lowers and as such they may not be able to use dildos again until you raise it, can your character use any other dildos?

cd25e No.29881

Yes, the other dildos can be used, including massive one, but the black one isn't responsive. Also, if you click Black Dildo first then one of the other dildos, there is no continue button.

0dc22 No.29929

just reporting a few bugs I came across not sure if just me but using .1e i came across issue with Zoe first my game threw an error with clock.isEven not sure what went wrong but commenting out that allowed it to continue. After that during the second meeting with Zoe
it threw an error for a text tag and again removing them fixed it. not sure the original cause of these bugs or if I am the only one encountering them using a 32bit version of java but thought I should bring them up. Also might be a bug with a gender changed magic overloaded fertilty boosted male using the black dildo need to do more testing. Anyway keep up the great work and I can't wait to see what's next.

99fd8 No.29983

Just finished a test of the black dildo worked fine must have been a glitched character causing issues with it when I tried the first time.

8e04f No.29988

Hey, so I tried running the base version of the game but it showed me ERROR resources directory not found or corrupted!

Any ideas on how to fix it. I haven't tampered with the game with your mods.

af75b No.29993

Thank you for your bug reports anyway, it's still worth looking into.

What are you playing it on? Windows 7/10/etc. ?

8e04f No.30001


I'm running on Mac, which might complicates things.

af75b No.30124

Yes, unfortunately it does. I can't really help you there either as I didn't make the base game and can't fix functionality in that way. There might be a way of getting it to work, but someone more familiar with Macs would have to divulge how to do it.

d5a12 No.30135

Can you tell what version of Java installed on your system? The game is created with the 8 version, if you have another version installed, try to remove it and install Java8

8b5d7 No.30208

In base/vag_stretch/black_dildo_cum

This IF statment
if (proxy.getStat("generic.sex") != 2 && proxy.hasOrgan("penis"))
[Proxy]"'s crotch starts to prickle violently, and as [heshe] looks down [heshe] can see [hisher] ";IncludeRange(proxy.getStat("penis.size"), "penislength");" dick rapidly diminishing in size, enough so that when it stops there's nothing there but smooth skin.";


Compiled script error! Look in script:

if (proxy.getStat("generic.sex") != 2 && proxy.hasOrgan("penis"))
Current variables context: eb900379-de34-4237-97ea-35028a5f3d94 Used: 11 time(s).

If I remove the if statement the event works. I tried fiddling with it a bit but I'm not enough of a programmer to figure out why the If statement breaks my game.

8b5d7 No.30209

For some reason
Didn't get my proxy pregnant not sure about that at all. I waited a few days after the first black_dildo_cum event pregnancy finish.

0dc22 No.30210

For some more comprehensive bug testing you might want to try seeing which part of the if statement is causing the bug. by that I mean remove the && and one of the proxy statements. if it runs for one and not the other then we can narrow down what exactly is going wrong here.

8b5d7 No.30211


There's 2 unbalanced bracket

at the end of proxy.getStat("penis.length") * 0.3
proxy.getStat("penis.width") * 0.15

It's missing the ) at the end of those.

8b5d7 No.30212

Took your advise, found that you can't nest scripts tag <% %>. Including those used in simple tags. Which is why when I tried to break it apart almost the entire thing causes an error.
I changed the entire if statement to
res = "";
if (proxy.getStat("generic.sex") != 2 && proxy.hasOrgan("penis"))
res = proxy.getName()+"'s crotch starts to prickle violently, and as "+ proxy.HeShe()+" looks down "+proxy.HeShe()+" can see "+proxy.HisHer()+" "+IncludeRange(proxy.getStat("penis.size"), "penislength")+" dick rapidly diminishing in size, enough so that when it stops there's nothing there but smooth skin.";
proxy.removeOrgan("penis"); proxy.removeOrgan("balls"); proxy.removeOrgan("pouch"); proxy.removeOrgan("pouch"); proxy.removeOrgan("male_body"); proxy.removeOrgan("futa_body"); proxy.addOrgan("female_body");


That fixed it.
Also while I was testing it…
in daria_startwalking/add_penis
There's several lines that start with consumer.addOrgan or consumer.setStat. it cause an error and they should all be changed to proxy.addOrgan and proxy.setStat

af75b No.30217

Thank you both for the reports! Yes, Clock.isEven is an error, as it should have been Clock.isEvening().

I have gone through the Daria event files and fixed them as well. They were made early in development and as a result had quite a few errors in functionality and presentation. The black dildo events have also been fixed now, the last patch had the fixed files in the incorrect location. I also noticed a small error in the character viewer which has now been fixed.

Patch 0.1f here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4ovmhv0bms3h00p/Mod_patch_0.1f.7z

No need to download the earlier patches if you get this one.

I hope the initial bugginess isn't souring people too much on the mod! The coming releases shouldn't have this problem.

8b5d7 No.30227

In city/redlight/cafe/kitchen_futa_milking

The last part of the event needs to be rewritten as such. It causes the game to lockup otherwise (unlike the normal error).

Maybe have a bug reporting thread on http://www.weightgaming.com/forum/index.php?board=11.0 might be easier to keep track of these bug reports.

<% res = proxy.doAction("orgasm");"";%><%
You looks on the counter. It shows the amount that will be paid for your donation: <%
c = res.get("penis", "cum");
pay = (Integer) c/10;
if (pay > 300)
%> coins.

af75b No.30229

You're right. here's the fix for this: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y07i1cwi5j7aixz/Mod_patch_0.1f_cafefix.7z

As always, no need to download anything but this latest patch.

1ab60 No.30274

Game created with old Java 6, JRE or Open JDK 7 and 8 will work too.

Error "resources directory not found or corrupted!" caused by not providing resource folder as a parameter of command line with FetishMaster.jre file. look inside starting script start.sh or start.bat to see how it's should be started.
Don't try to start game by double clicking on FetishMaster.jar file in dist folder - it's will don't work.

af75b No.30305

I did some bugtesting and noticed a slew of things that weren't working correctly, such as:

- the braids hairstyle having incorrect text
- the sex scenes when losing to goblins causing an error
- Zoe (I don't understand how she was working just fine for me prior to release)
- a minor error with butt descriptions in the character viewer
- breast fondling during sex taking images from the paizuri folder instead of the fondle folder

and some more minor things. The latest patch is available here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wh4w0jhiqsdfwif/Mod_patch_0.1g.7z

11314 No.30312

the debug add items doesnt work for me

11314 No.30313

to clarify
debug add items works once, then never again
after using it debug refuses to work
also the uterus scanner doesn't scan a uterus with a large number off babies (i think above 10, i am unsure)

af75b No.30317

I just tested both add items in the debug and scanning the uterus with 42 babies and they both worked fine.

If you save and reload the game, do you still have this problem?

11314 No.30322

99fd8 No.30362

debug menu is glitching out if you have spoiled holy water as the Zoe skin change function in the menu cannot resolve Zoe.getStatText either because she has not been initialized if done before encountering her or because it can't find Zoe as a variable. Also, not sure if this is important but I never saw any generic.skintones with a Text value so that might also be an issue.

cd25e No.30368

I received a null phrase after using the magic dildo the first few time prior to the overload scene. The black dildo doesn't seem to impregnate anyone after the ovulated, nor does it trigger the third secret scene after the magic dildo overload. I also have yet to see a hyper-breeder in the management agency, and I have looked everyday for 2 in-game months, plenty nekos and kaus and the occasional goblin, but no hyper-breeder.

99fd8 No.30370

some clarification after going to the brothel and initializing zoe the debug menu works and doesn't crash on entry then a few days passed and I tried to used the debug menu again with the same proxy and the command window gave this error for it

unable to resolve token: unable to resolve variable 'zoe'

hope that helps to narrow down the problem.

af75b No.30372

Skintones are numerical values with corresponding text values in a description file. This is because I figured it would make for slow and interesting changes in skin tone over time when having children over generations. As long as it shows up correctly in the character viewer nothing is working incorrectly. The debug thing though, that's obviously working incorrectly. (Even though I advice people to play without the debug menu!)

The null phrase technically doesn't cause any problems, but they still shouldn't be there and I'm glad for the reports.

The black dildo cumming does happen, but there was some text related to the event that didn't show up. Still, the cumming is rare and is not a 100% chance of taking either. With a normally fertile female the chance of conception should be around 40-50%. Still, I have upped the chance of the cum event happening to 10%, so that it happens a bit more often.

I just tested the black dildo scenes and they worked fine, are you sure you meet all the requirements? The scene with the strongest effects require you to:
- Be a woman created by a man using the black dildo
- Have undergone the Onakamaru fertility treatment
- Have experienced the magic dildo overload
- Have not undergone any other vaginal black dildo overloads

Regarding hyperbreeders, they are very, very rare and unless you have the debug on you won't notice any differences from a normal female. I'm likely going to up the chances of them appearing a bit.

cd25e No.30383

Ah, I see what I did wrong with the dildo. Will have to use a new proxy.

Two more report enquiries: How often does Goblins ovulate, because my Goblin hasn't in two months? And does the Magic Shop dude actually make the milker, because I waited a week for him to "make" it and he still asks for more.

a471e No.30392

>unless you have the debug on you won't notice any differences from a normal female.

actually, if you pay attention to the description and contract price you can tell before hiring them.

Hyperbreeders will have near max arousal descriptions for their genitals (wet ect) and will often have a price around twice the normal rate for human women.

d9097 No.30432

I met the wolf girl in forest but I seem to not be able to select the uhhh…sure? button. Is this a glitch?

a471e No.30435

Not being able to click on a button usually means that the event it links to can't resolve, so, maybe?

I had it work on a futa human fine. Were you using some kind of other race?

cd25e No.30449

We are supposed to be able to see our skills in the physical training area yes? Because I see no indication of that in my game.
There is also problem with appearance descriptor, when describing a pregnant proxy, it go "She has She has a cradle-able belly" and the likes.
Also, got a male kau proxy, used black dildo until he is a girl, but without udders. Also, interesting tidbit: if you give goblin full fast-preg, a broodmother organ, and the hyperbreed organ they would ovulate 4 times a day every 10 days and not get bigger than a medicine ball.

2a36f No.30505

I found a couple of fairly minor errors. The quest for Mrs. Smith doesn't actually provide the reward, and the updated paizuri scripts accidentally reference iTarget's breast size rather than that of the proxy. Otherwise, it's been awesome and I've had no problems!

af75b No.30517

Goblins should ovulate normally. Did you enable your proxy's ovulation message? You need to enable it for each proxy individually. You can turn on the message in the "Waking Options" menu when you wake your proxy.

The magic shop man takes a week to fix it, I just tested it and it worked fine. Are you sure you actually gave him what he wanted? I didn't make this quest and I didn't change anything in it either, so it should be working as intended.

Yes there was a small error with that event which has now been fixed. The error only triggered for proxies without penises, which is why it sometimes worked.

Your first errors are caused by conflicting priorities in event files, the reason it happens is because I forgot I had trimmed down the amount of files in the game by a large amount but when people apply the mod to the base game it brings all of those deleted files back into the game. This has been fixed now though, at least for these two errors.

Kau males already have an udder actually, but now those events will actually make it a visible size.

I'm not getting the paizuri error, but nevertheless I've included my functioning paizuri files in the latest patch just to be sure. The Mrs. Smith error has been fixed too.

The latest patch is here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lphuw00apvyixu3/Mod_patch_0.1h.7z

Thanks everyone for the continued reports!

8b5d7 No.30558

Wow, I didn't know you were able to see your skills there. I applied the new patch and it still shows p_training1 instead of p_training. Is that something for your mod specifically?

If you make the event condition p_training1 to 0 then it won't load at all and then I get the new options.

2a36f No.30559

Thanks for the quick fix! The paizuri error looks like it was present in the initial release and the fixed versions weren't included until 0.1h.
I've also come across another error. It's an issue with the new fetish cafe "very high" milking template. I know what causes the issue, it's the IncludeRange that's supposed to describe the proxy's breasts. I don't know WHY it causes an error, though.

af75b No.30564

You're absolutely right. I fixed the error and then promptly forgot to actually include the fixed files in the patch. They'll be included in the next one.

The error was just a " placed in the wrong spot, which is a hard error to spot in the actual file and generally requires bugtesting to notice. Nevertheless, it has been fixed and will be included in the next patch.

I'll wait a little bit and see if there are any more errors reported before I post the next patch.

ad8cf No.30579

A stupid question, but how to complete a Dr. Onakamaru's quest? The one where she asking to provide her a samples of goblins

d6851 No.30595

I have a couple other mods alongside this one.

But sometimes when I make a largest wish at the temple and it succeeds I have to wake the proxy once a day for up to 4 days until I get the waking template that mentions the wish change.

but every waking template before the nth day just reads 'null' and it says the error is


Cannot invoke method: Include

cee39 No.30596

I seem to have found another one, actually. It's also an issue with the base game it seems, but since you've modified it, I figure you'd want to know. The script city/hilltown/david_mtq1_yes.walk doesn't include any choices and loops every time the default continue button is pressed, removing 3000c every loop.

af75b No.30599

All you need to do is to get to the goblin village. Search around the chapel and there's a small chance you'll come upon the trail leading to it.

If your wish doesn't trigger the next day it's likely because of the other mods. The error you described was there though, and it has been fixed

You're free to tell me of errors in the base game and I'll fix them. The david_mtq1_yes was set as a return point which is what caused the problems, it was likely just done by accident. I'm including a fixed version in the next patch.

I'm waiting a little bit more until I post the patch so that I can get a couple more bug reports in.

ad8cf No.30601

OK, I've finally found them. But, maybe, you should make a chance higher? Because it's takes too many time to find them

cd25e No.30616

I finally saved enough coins and bought the regen machine and have placed it as one of my hyperbreeders tasks, for each individual hour it said "null".
Also, not a bug but suggestion: a way to gauge how long a pregnancy will last or a timer until birth.

8b5d7 No.30719

In base/ass_play/magic_dildo_ass_overload
The Event Conditions is proxy.getStat("ass.width") > 3 &&
your missing the rest of the Event Condition.

Also in the 3 versions of
The event text implies that it starts a pregnancy but you need to add

self.setStat("uterus.phase", 1);
self.setStat("uterus.cycle", 0);

Before the dildo = Character("dildo",

otherwise it doesn't work unless you happen to be ovulation at the time. Also I would add an additional event condition that checks if you are already pregnant.

fde5b No.30744

Do I need to install every single modpatch in this thread or just the latest one?

af75b No.30746

I didn't make the regen machine and the related events/tasks, but I've added some text to fix the null message. It actually worked properly but I doubt the null message was meant to be there.

The magic_dildo_ass overload wasn't made by me either, but it's been fixed. I assume the missing event condition was supposed to be a check if it had happened before to the character or not.

The black_dildo_cum events were created very early when I hadn't yet learned the intricacies of the game very well and as such they've been very glitchy in general. Thankfully they've been getting better with the continued bug reports.

Only the latest.

a471e No.30750

>better than messing with devmode it is probably easier to make an item that increases a fetuses growth time.

It's important to remmeber that Hcoder made it so pregnancy is calculated via developement of the actual fetuses themselves rather than some basic timer.

There are ways to speed up pregnancy but if you overdo it, you can effectively give "premature birth" and no children will be generated after the birth scene. Both chugging gestimin as well as the one mod that adds a fetus growth multiplier can cause the same error.

You can rig the system to have your proxy go through a whole pregnancy in a week but it's pretty hard to get that to happen and have actual children be generated at the end.

9f304 No.30764

Is anyone else having a problem with milking proxys? I'm going through the Felis quest and it's awkward since when i go to the Training menu and try to milk her, it says "0 ml milked" though she has like 1300 ml in her breasts. I checked with the scanner. Now she's grown from a C cup to a G cup before the thing Felis gave me ended…

9f304 No.30765

Sorry for the lack of readable spacing, I'm rather new to actually posting instead of lurking.

8b5d7 No.30811

Which phase of Felis' Quest are you actually talking about? I've gone through the entire question line alright a few times.

9f304 No.30815

The second part of the quest that causes lactation for about a week, doesn't cease if overfilled. Any character that I run through that quest is bugged and not being milked by anything, even the cafe.

60de6 No.30816

thank you for this mod. I'm using the latest FM version and the proxygen mod with yours.
I cant activate the bodyshape experiment in the hospital, and i cant work in the fun house, the "To work room" button produces an error.

60de6 No.30826

nvm my last comment, got it working with a clean install.
There is an error with penetrating anally in the fun house.

af75b No.30828

Are you using any other mods? Milking works perfectly fine for me. Given the extensive changes in this mod (it is really more of an overhaul than a mod) it likely conflicts with almost every other mod out there.

Anal sex is another thing that wasn't made by me and only seems to be half-finished as it basically uses vaginal calculations for everything. I've fixed the error and it should be at least functional for now but I'll likely make it more elaborate in the future.

Anyway, there's a new patch here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/64k2g7kygypojvo/Mod_patch_0.1i.7z

It fixes the errors reported with the black dildo events, ups some event chances at the chapel, fixes a lewdness wish that was working incorrectly and a bunch of other things.

af75b No.30829

And of course only the last patch is needed, as always.

48d8f No.30838

just wondering is there some sort of bug that makes some pictures not show up? and if so would that be because im loading a previous version save when updating?

fe254 No.30840

File: 1500605682100.jpg (59.84 KB, 889x480, Capture.JPG)

Any thoughts? No mods other than yours. Also running most current patch

48d8f No.30842

no other mods just base game and this mod at the newest patch 0.1i,hmm it might actually be me not meeting the requirements for the pics now,it seems its the cum inflation pics and my proxy has a gaping vagina so maybe i havent ran into any one that has that much cum

90d00 No.30849

99fd8 No.30866

Updated to 0.1i and now it won't let me get to the goblin village to unlock them race for proxy use. It triggers the trail event but won't give me the button to go to the village I can only ignore it.

This is most likely a flag not triggering. It was working before I updated so I am not sure what change caused this.

af75b No.30867

There aren't pictures for every event yet. Are there images that you know should show up that aren't?

I haven't done any work regarding the kau village. I'll see what this error is about though.

This is an error that happened because I'm restructuring the goblin village for the next major release of the mod. A fixed file was now pointing to a folder that does not exist in the current release.

The fix for it is here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/81ryxq2k7ew1wk6/Mod_patch_0.1iFIX.7z

Only this last patch is needed when patching your game

48d8f No.30873

when i last played on a earlier version and a different save,when someone would cum enough to increase my proxy's belly a cum inflation pic would show

1ff96 No.30943

This actually happens because that quest is totally unfinished. The nulls are actually produced by commented-out scripts. I haven't messed around with it enough to know if those scripts actually work, though.

1ff96 No.30944

Also, this is an edited script that makes the game display whether or not a character is an active hyperbreeder when displaying details in debug mode.

8b5d7 No.30954

In Template
sea\girl_massivebust_response_big.tpl this line

<%IncludeRange("breasts.size", "breastsize");%>

Needs to be replaced with

<%IncludeRange(proxy.getStat("breasts.size"), "breastsize");%>

Also in template

<%IncludeRange(proxy.getStat("breasts.size"), "breatsize");%>

Should be

<%IncludeRange(proxy.getStat("breasts.size"), "breastsize");%>

Also there's no choices to continue or exit after the event

8b5d7 No.30956

I don't know how to fix this one but if you make a fertility wish and it triggers


then you'll get a null screen starting your proxy. The console log says:
Error: null pointer: gene.setChangeRate(gene.getChangeRate () + 0.004)

The DNA stuff confuses me.

9fca3 No.30959

I only get the "Leave" Button after defeating the woman in the chapel, even when I bring a Health Potion with the proxy, nothing happens. Is this content not finished?

And can we have direct links to the chapel and the goblin village after finding them for a few times?

Thank you.

af75b No.30961

Were you playing with a character that didn't originally have a uterus, like a character transformed by the black dildo?

That content isn't finished, but you should still be able to give her the potion. I'm including a changed version of those events in the next patch.

8b5d7 No.30970

Yes, that's the case. This character was transformed by the black dildo.

af75b No.30979

That's why the DNA pointer pertaining to the uterus turns null. I have fixed the error and will include the fixed files in the next patch, but unfortunately I don't think that such a proxy will ever be able to get the DNA boosts of the huge wishes.

A proxy like that doesn't have any vagina and uterus DNA since they weren't born with them, so they subsequently cannot have their DNA boosted. The only way to fix this would be a way to add DNA after birth, but as far as I know there's not a way to do that in the engine. If someone has worked more with DNA in the game than me then I would be delighted to hear of a way to do so.

A shortcut to the goblin village will be added in the next major release of the mod. As voted on by the people on patreon that's also a place that will be expanded on in the next release.

1ab60 No.30988

You can load DNA and RNA genes from file. If existing character variable is "proxy" (object of Creature class):


This code will load pre-defined genes from file gamedata\dna\some_file.dna
It's the same file type that can be used for creating new characters.
The same for RNA:


.tdna templates not supported.

af75b No.30989

Oh! Well, that certainly opens up new possibilities with the game. Is there some documentation on the functionality of the game that I'm not aware of, perhaphs? Did Hcoder ever provide some form of modding tutorial listing the functions for the game?

Thank you for the info!

1ab60 No.30990

In the game blog exists page SDK. It contains some drafts of modding docs, and partial source code of game (most useful, these functions found in it).

bce09 No.31006

Does Fetish Master is open source? Or it is freeware?

df6bc No.31081

Fetishmaster is not open source but there is no cost associated with it.

However it is really easy to mod. the engine is closed source, but it's designed to use content that is completely open to be edited/added/removed

60238 No.31159

Would also like to add that breast licking seems to take your breast description instead of the target's

60238 No.31160

Also, the only thing getting erect in the descriptions seem to be the nipples

af75b No.31165

You're absolutely right, thank you for the reports. The erection thing was just a blank space which caused an incorrect equivalence check when checking if your arousal is high.

The fix will be included in the next patch.

bd0eb No.31228

I'm running into a problem were ass size doesn't increase with fat, and when seeing if I could flip around some code to fix it I also found that none of the proxy have the "ass.weight" gene.

af75b No.31241

I just checked this and it seems I managed to comment out most of the script for the ass recalculations before I posted the mod. I had probably been testing something.

Thanks for the report, I'll have the fix included in the next patch.

af75b No.31308

More info on this: The more I delved into the fat distributions for various body parts the more incomplete functionality I found. I've been fixing this over the last few days and things seem to be functional and logical now with some reworked scripts.


The fixing of this introduces some new aspects which may or may not prove to be a problem. The major one is that butts will have weight and breasts will weigh significantly more if your proxy is fat. This might affect your character's speed and dexterity too much. Cup sizes for fat characters will likely be much more accurate than they used to be, but cup sizes for thin ones might go the opposite direction.

If you experience anything about your proxy's weight, breast or butt size when playing, please report the issues here.

Newest patch here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pn2pttpp1etpb23/Mod_patch_0.1j.7z

As usual, you only need the latest patch when patching your game.

ee0e7 No.31409

I don't know if anyone's trying to use this mod at the same time as Dohavocom's newest mod, but his new combat system breaks enemies that aren't designed for it, to the point of causing unrecoverable crashes depending on the circumstances.

I've thrown together a quick and half-balanced patch to make the enemies in this mod compatible with his new combat system, with enemies mostly matching his level of difficulty. It's not perfect (the boss just recycles the goblins' attacks to save me some time), but it stops the crashes.

Unfortunately, this mod's new attacks based on body-part sizes no longer function due to the changes to the combat system, although it's probably feasible to reimplement them as special attacks or modifiers. This also doesn't do much to resolve any other conflicts between the two mods (though the only glaring one is the difference in how character descriptions are handled).

If anyone wants it, the patch is below. I've only lightly tested it, but it doesn't seem to break anything. Just be warned that the boss will likely be even more difficult to handle now.


56f34 No.31411

Thanks for your work. Same goes for OP.

ee0e7 No.31475

It looks like the udder organ has been redone mostly from scratch (which is good; it relied too much on the character's breasts as it was), but it doesn't look like you're calculating the max lactation rate anywhere, aside from adding to it during pregnancy. Also, is there any particular reason the fat calculations for it were scrapped?

ee0e7 No.31478

Actually, I think I see the issue regarding lactation rate. It's defined as a gene in bodyparts/cowgirl_female_udder.dna and kau\udderbreasts.dna, whereas the female kau DNA template uses kau\udder_female.dna, which leaves it undefined.

56f34 No.31568

I hate to do this, but after a week of playing I've yet to find the black dildo and chapel. Could someone please tell me how to find them? Thanks.

27cb8 No.31569

The Black Dildo you get as a gift from Neferi, from a proxy working there a lot and doing well. Just keep working at the Fun House.

You find the Chapel by exploring in the forest. Get into the Mirkwood, and keep searching.

56f34 No.31571

I got a magic dildo from Nefari, not the black one. Do you know the percentage chance of finding the chapel, because I already spent an hour searching through Murkwood.

af75b No.31576

The black dildo only has a 5% chance of appearing at night at the temple.

As for the chapel, did you visit David in hilltown and actually start the quest? If you don't you can't actually find the chapel. If you did, then the chance of finding it should be 10% per "search".

56f34 No.31595

Thanks for the clarification.

56f34 No.31599

So black dildo is very rare. Still, it's weird that I still have not found the chapel. Whatever, I'll just wait for whenever you update next. Can you check that these events are still active? I poked around the scripts in dev mode, but couldn't find much since flags appear to be hidden.

af75b No.31601

I just tested it out with the latest patch and it seems to work fine. Try visiting David once more and then search mirkwood again.

If you feel that you're running into too many tentacle monsters, try going there with less arousal.

ee0e7 No.31604

> If you did, then the chance of finding it should be 10% per "search".
Realistically, since the priority for the event is the same as a tentacle monster fight, it's probably less. I don't recall enough of my statistics classes to tell you what the chance would be at any given time, though.

af75b No.31605

This is true. I seemed to remember giving the trail event a higher priority, but I gave it a check just to make sure and they both share the same priority. This might be changed in a later release.

ec422 No.31606

Are there any plans to automate some of the offspring management? It gets kinda tedious to go through each new infant after larger pregnancies.

ebd89 No.31614

I've looked for hours now, and I've still not found any hint of how to customize/make an Agency worker. Starting new games and restarting over and over, just to sort through names until I get one that doesn't replace five letters is becoming a nightmare, and the RNA/DNA mess is complicated as all heck. Any tips?

88b20 No.31616

In the character editor I normally load a worker template and just edit the values. As for DNA/RNA, DNA is what can get passed to an offspring, and I think it just determines starting values and maybe growth during childhood. RNA is the current values for your stats. H.Coder made a couple of tutorials for editing. They're in kind of broken English, but you should be able to understand it.

Link: http://fm-dev.blogspot.com/p/sdk.html
(Character editing is the Bio SDK link. It's called SDK but it's just a text document)

438b2 No.31617

As a general feedback, I find trying to selectively breed proxies using Todd's DNA enhancements now is really difficult. Capping the money making and remove automated ways of making money makes the end game (or one of the ways for endgame) effectively impossible considering how expensive it is to edit the DNA and the amount of proxies you'll want to apply it to vs before.

Perhaps look into the balance for endgame? Btw my endgame is making a super hyper proxy. One that has high stats by genetics and hyper sized body parts.

a471e No.31626

RNA is the displayed values while DNA is what their offspring will look like.

For whatever reason, RNA and DNA rarely actually match up when it comes to aesthetics like hair or skin color. Even things like breast size can vary greatly based on what's supposed to be passed down.

I used the debug menu to clone a proxy I liked so I could have a younger version of her only to have the clone of my white blond proxy be dark skinned with black hair every time. And she was blond to begin with fresh out of the agency.

The genetics system in this game is pretty complex but oddly doesn't actually follow real world rules very well.

2e7e7 No.31632

> I don't recall enough of my statistics classes to tell you what the chance would be at any given time, though.

Cumulative probability of having found it after x number of tries = 1 - (1 - p)^x, where p is the probability of finding it on any given attempt.

If the odds are 10% per attempt, then
P after x attempts = 1 - (1 - 0.1)^x = 1 - 0.9^x
P = 52% at x = 7
P = 90% at x = 22
and gets closer to 100% past that, the more attempts you make.

af75b No.32181

File: 1503537629446.png (19.88 KB, 425x568, zoe.png)

Here's an update I posted about the next major release, figured people here would probably like to see it as well.

The goblin village (as voted on) has been more fleshed out. There are both quests and a merchant there now, though I'm still adding more.

As voted in the last patreon poll, items now have increased (or decreased) effect based on your intelligence stat. Bascially every item which changes body stats have been changed to include this change, but items that restore health or basic foods (like coffee or regular meat) have stayed the same.

Both Zoe and the goblin matriarch now have custom portraits drawn by me. A poll will probably be held in the future to see if people want the matriarch herself to have more content.

The character viewer will now give you a little bit of text on what race you look like. If you're short, green and have big elf ears then it'll basically say "[insert name] is a human but looks like a goblin."

There's a new item which restores racial look of body parts, for example if you're a human and have elf ears then it has a chance to restore your ears back to human. It has a chance to restore the look of any body part but will not change sizes. This also works for kau and goblins.

There's a bit more stuff finished and more in the works, but these are some of the upcoming changes you can look forward to in the next release!

3e213 No.32375

I see to be having issues with saving. getting the error "Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" Java. lang. OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space". figured maybe i just increase the heap space but would a game like this really need that much anyway? I was thinking possibility of mem leaking. not sure, just thought I'd mention it. If anyone knows a fix I'd appreciate the insight.

6b21c No.32391

I get that to, to the point where I can't have more than one character any more or it happens.

f8a5e No.32393

u, how do u get the game to work

af75b No.32395

That's strange, It's not something I get even with 10+ characters on one save. Is this only with the latest patch, did it work properly before?

If you've tried playing the game without the mod, does the same thing happen?

3e213 No.32410


I was good up until roughly got one preg with 51. my guess was a character limit issue but seeing as >>32391 tried to drop them down to 1 with the continued issue my guess would be a linking between some sort of character cap and a mem leak associated. Im not too apt in this sort of stuff so thats purely only a guess. if I start a new game completely it saves just fine.

3e213 No.32413

going to take a look with jconsole tonight and see where the mem is getting hammered at.

3e213 No.32416

File: 1504046771456.jpg (50.71 KB, 1005x208, rgedrg.JPG)

here's what I ended up with. I'll be honest I havent a clue what Im looking at here but based off the tutorials that got me to this point anything with loads of generations could be the culprit of the leak. Hope this helps!

af75b No.32426

I don't know much about java myself, but it seems like arrays of objects are taking up the memory, which is how fetuses are treated in the engine.

Unfortunately this would mean it's an engine issue, which only Hcoder could fix. Another way to solve it might be to allow your java more memory which you sometimes have to do with games like minecraft, though I'm unsure whether it would actually work or not.

bc886 No.32427

File: 1504056492594.jpg (108.58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>Programming in XML

3e213 No.32429

unfortunate. wish I had the knowledge to fix that. Well, i figured out a way around it for now, using jconsole I just dump the garbage right before I save and it saves perfectly fine. I can live with that.

6b21c No.32444

It seems to be pretty random what can trigger it. As someone else mentioned, getting your character super pregnant can do it. Also getting their body parts too big/producing too much of anything can trigger it too.

0b615 No.32447

File: 1504103434437.png (423.09 KB, 1274x992, Снимок экрана от 2017-08-3….png)

Being play this mod and encounter this little bug.

0b615 No.32448

[target's] belly

df6bc No.32464

It's a typo in the script

the script should say [target]'s instead of [target's]. should cause any problems with the game though.

0b615 No.32465

It didn't bother me too much either. Just thought that I should write about it, so it could be fixed in the future relise

a4d82 No.32608

Wow, how did you even managed to make Proxy that pregnant?

8bba6 No.32610

*cough cough* eggberries *cough*
You can seriously crash your game in 1 go with a hyperbreeder and some eggberries. Think powerthirst.

ebd89 No.32611

I ended up eating eggberry after eggberry, ovaria after ovaria, and got 1251 kids at once. It was a literal fight simply to not lose them as a Proxy afterwards with the SPECIAL chocolate being all they ate for a week. Daria probably gave me a ton of funny looks for that one.

df6bc No.32621

I would say that anyone having issues with running the game with a ton of babies should make sure they're using the 64bit version of java. a couple other people on the weight gaming form had that problem till they upgraded till 64bit java.

6b21c No.32666

I just updated my Java so I'll give this a try and see how it works, thanks.

6b21c No.32675

This guy again, forgot to come back and edit this or whatever but it totally worked. There are a few other memory errors (like eating a ton of food then having sex) but I think they might be unrelated. The proxy size/amount and pregnancy issues cleared right up.

9478f No.33750


6b21c No.33901

I'm pretty sure this is dead in the water. OP fucked off and gated their mod behind patreon.

8b759 No.33902

OP, or that Dohavocom(sp?) person?

af75b No.33907

File: 1507030642055.png (35.32 KB, 681x765, goblin.png)

I've been working on the next release of the mod and haven't been getting bug or error reports, so there hasn't been much to post recently. The next release is mostly in the testing phase, so it should be released very soon.

Supporters get access a month earlier, but everyone gets access to the latest release after that.

df6bc No.33931

Like maternal, I also give my releases to patrons a month early, but otherwise they're free to everyone. I don't post update on weightgamming so as not to hijack this thread =P

800d5 No.33969

Does the public relise is going to be patched compared to the early patron version? Or it's will be the same

df6bc No.33974

I usualy end up fixing missed bugs, yes. It's usually stupid things is messed up like using a < when i meant to use a > though. Once i release stuff for my patrons i generally don't add any new content to that particular update. At that point I've shifted new development to a new folder.

b9dcc No.33982

Think of it this way. The patrons get to bugtest it, so that when the public gets our hands on it, we have a smoother, more bug-free game.

6b21c No.33994

I don't buy it. Aside from the questionable morality of profiting from someone else's product to begin with, patreon has a long standing history of being the death of interesting projects in the name of personal greed.

As fun as this game is, I'm done with the modded side of it.

56f34 No.33998

The original dev, H.Coder, states on his blog that he considers Fetishmaster to be a game engine with some built-in content, and that he has no intention of making money.

As for Patreon, while I think crowd-sourcing can be a great way for unknowns to finance projects, the system just wasn't intended for this.

The site was originally advertised as the online version of giving $1 to a talented street busker everyday while walking to work.

Now Patreon is more like that time a few years ago these two fucks took a month to service my grandmother's VCR and then charged her $40 per hour.

There was already a thread that discussed the major issues with Patreon, and the general consensus was that people should only donate to projects based on what exists now, and not on what could be.

8c244 No.34036

There is no reason to pay for the patreon if you guys don't like it. That is the great thing about guys like Maternal-Reads and Dohavocom. They just want to get their stuff out there to people, that is the main thing for them.

But they put their time into these things. And yeah, they could be doing it for free, but they believe their time is worth something, and I and about 50 people that back them tend to agree.

They aren't getting ripped off, and there is nothing unfair going on, they just choose to incentivize them with money so they are more likely to work on something we like, and as a perk, we get to play stuff earlier.

df6bc No.34042

I've explicitly spoken to H.Coder about creating a patreon, and he was cool with it.

Most of my patrons give me a dollar at my tipjar level, which means they get updates a month ahead of time, but it's mostly the former, a tip jar. I have a few that give a little more so that I'll make them a custom item for them.

I've been modding FM for a bit over 3 years. I figured I'd put out enough content, of a good enough quality to set out my hat. You don't have to put anything in if you don't want!

93cad No.34045

When doing Dr. Felis' third quest I don't get what I'm supposed to do. I use the medicine, pick to do a full day of stimulation and it just doesn't go above 200mL, or it just fluctuates until the medicine, that is supposed to take a week to wane off, stops working. When I use another one it seems that my milk production is entirely reset.

af75b No.34057

How much milk a proxy's breasts can produce is limited by their size. For a full 1000ml they don't need to be too big, but if 200ml is the max for your proxy then they might be too small.

What is your proxy's breast size?

1ab60 No.34062

Milk production speed and how much breasts can hold is separate values. Production is not related to breasts size.

In the FM blog new post about it. It's seems he read this thread.

af75b No.34063

I know production is not related to breast size, but if you're only able to get 200ml at maximum from a proxy then chances are their breasts aren't big enough. Either that or the proxy isn't given enough time to build up milk.

83c23 No.35037


af75b No.35040

Don't worry, the next release of the mod will be live on the 18th.

b6c56 No.35048

Public release or the patreon release?

af75b No.35057


b6c56 No.35109

OK, thanks for reply. Can't wait for the next release!

a8647 No.35185

this mod have any conflicts with
Dohavocom belly mod?(im new in this game and of cours in moding this game)

56f34 No.35189

No, they're fully compatible.

a8647 No.35192

a8647 No.35193

Thenk and how work this mod?(sorry for mystake)

56f34 No.35202

Read OP

a8647 No.35208

I dont know if i dont install the mod good or i was but with this mod i did a new save and in day 5 i dont find anything new (i checked all the shops anything new)

4d580 No.35226

What is OP?

56f34 No.35230

Original Post. It has installation instructions.

4d580 No.35235

Thank and i have a last question to have all updates need to download all patches or only last?

56f34 No.35238

Only the latest.

ee0e7 No.35255

You'll need the mod from the first post and the last patch (0.1j), but nothing in-between.

Additionally, Dohavocom's mod overhauls combat, which can cause the game to lock up when the enemy is something that his mod or the base game doesn't cover. I did a half-assed compatibility patch a while back, so install it if you're using both mods and combat freezes against slimes or goblins. >>31409

f8514 No.35258

thank but has frozen the combat but has frozen for cat girl ,i think the patch will help

83c23 No.35308

17th. You hotfixed the mod on the 18th, you didn't release the update on the 18th. Hotfixes are for fixing developer mistakes, they're not release versions.

You really need to rethink your entire business model, tbh. You charge monthly then don't release updates for 2-3 months at a time. You don't keep a public changelog so new patrons don't have any idea what they're paying for. It makes it look like you're taking advantage of people when you don't keep public documentation.

That kind of model encourages people to snipe posts and leak content. If you continue in this way, you should accept that you're going to encounter that kind of abuse. Consider that if you throw a fit in response, you're going to make things worse as anons on any given chan are always hungry for more reasons to shit on patreon. It would certainly bring some much-needed attention back to Fetish Master, at least. Wish the engine creator hadn't abandoned it.

At the rate of development and release rates compared to the content within, however, I'd expect that public documentation would only make it worse when you reveal you take long stretches of a time not working on what an entire subset of your patrons want you to work on. Anyone under $8 has spoken that they do not care about your art at all.

Anyway, that's enough warning. I don't think you thought about the future distress you could cause yourself by setting your model the way you have. It might be more appropriate to separate the patreon projects entirely instead of keeping two entirely unrelated projects in the same one. I don't know if patreon forbids that now or not.

56f34 No.35312

Patreon is based around donating to the creators as a whole, not picking specific projects.

Public patch and version notes along with development milestones would be appreciated. Right now as a non-patron I have no idea if this project is still alive, and this is possibly keeping other interested people from donating.

Also, if you're schedule only allows for releases every two or three months, then why not charge patrons for each major update instead of a monthly rate?

af75b No.35316

Content leakers will always be a thing on patreon, I'm unsure if it's happened to this mod yet but when a project gets big enough it's practically an inevitability.

Keeping a public changelog is good advice though. I did make a post on patreon pre-release about what was going to be in the current release, but that might have been patron-only. As it is now the changenotes are always included in a document with the current release.

Please understand that there are no "long stretches of a time not working on what an entire subset of your patrons want you to work on.", at least when it comes to the mod. If this were about my stories that would be true, since I'm having trouble finishing up the story I'm currently working on. With the mod, I do work on it regularly. If you're expecting the content output to match something like Trials in Tainted Space then I can only apologize and say that it isn't really feasible as a single person who also has to work outside patreon to make ends meet.

Though I am very happy and grateful that people are showing such enthusiasm for the mod, please know that it will never be the sole focus of my work or my patreon. If you do feel that your pledge does not match the value of the content put out, the mod is free for everyone to download after just a month.

And please don't take this as an angry rebuttal; I do hear what you're saying. I do know that as a project increases in size and scope things do have to change.

af75b No.35317


Also, here's the 0.1.1 release notes. This is for the release that will go public in about a week.

— Additions and changes —

*When checking your proxy's skills in the physical training menu, you now also get a list of their relationship levels
with applicable NPCs.

*The uterus scanner now gives you an estimate in weeks on how long your proxy has left before birth. The text in the
uterus scanner event has also been changed slightly to clarify the information.

*When taking body measurements you now get information on how much your belly, butt and breasts weigh.

*Onakamaru's second quest now has entries in the quest log at the base.

*The goblin village now has three quests.

*Kate at the item shop now has two quests for female/futa proxies which involves getting pregnant. These quests will
likely remain repeatable with different characters. You'll need to talk to her a few times to build up your
relationship before she'll talk to you about it.

*Goblin clients are now available at the brothel after completing the three quests in the goblin village.

*Proxies with a penis that isn't excessively big can now have a little fun with the matriarch after you finish the
quests in the goblin village.

*Mood now works like health, meaning that your proxy will not immediately close their contract and become unavailable
if their mood is low. Instead, when their mood goes to zero or below they will return home, and this can happen twice
before they permanently leave the third time. Just like with K.Os (deaths) this will reset with time.

*Almost every item effect is now affected by your proxy's intelligence stat. The higher above 50 your intelligence is
the stronger the effects from items will be, and weaker if it's below 50. This variance is designed not to be too
noticeable at normal intelligence levels. The items that are not affected are mostly the regular food items like the
cream eclairs, meat or coffee.

*A few items have been tweaked and rebalanced slightly. Most notable is the change to eggberries, which should no
longer be repeatable for extreme ovulation.

*Characters who would be physically unable to enter the sewers are now unable to do so. (characters with oversized body

*Zoe at the brothel has a new sex scene for proxies with penises. It has several different variations for different
penis sizes and cum amounts in particular but the two biggest variations are penises below 47 length and penises above

*Zoe now has a custom portrait.

*The goblin matriarch now has a custom portrait.

*The receptionist at the brewery now has a custom portrait.

*Gobbo gulp now has a custom image.

*More images have been added when scanning a proxy's uterus.

*New item - Ring of Regeneration. Heals 1 HP per hour while in a proxy's inventory.

*New item - Resistance Pill. Returns your bodyparts to those appropriate for your proxy's race. Won't decrease or
increase sizes, but will for example turn goblin ears to human ears if used by a human. Every part has a 40% chance
of changing.

*New item - Demon Gulp. Stronger version of gobbo gulp with some additional effects. Becomes available during the goblin
village quests.

*New item - Sweet Slurp. An alcoholic drink which raises lust slightly and gives a temporary vulva size increase.
Available at the goblin brewery.

*New item - Chamomilio. A drink which boosts a proxy's regeneration rate for a full day, but also increases caloric
intake for two full days (makes you gain more weight). Available at the goblin brewery.

*New item - Melon Guzzle. Heals some health, restores a little mood and removes some tiredness.

— Bugfixes and errors —

*Fixed an error at the chapel which made spoiled holy water impossible to collect.

*Fixed some minor typos in both the goblin sex scenes and Zoe sex scenes.

*Fixed some minor typos in the freeform sex events and templates.

56f34 No.35329

Thanks for responding.

df76a No.35340


Sublime response. Well done, sir!

49173 No.35353

Where do I find the milk separator for muffin top quest? Belanika said it's in the city, but I've looked everywhere and can't find it. Even looking through the events I can't seem to find it. Any hints?

df6bc No.35363


Go to high town and talk to David. you need 3000 gp, but that gets reimbursed by Belanika when you complete that part. I know Maternal's mod adds some dialogue with David, and you might have to talk to him a bunch of times to get the option to purchase the advanced milker

49173 No.35379

Thank you! It took me talking to him 4 times before he had the dialog to continue the quest.

49173 No.35380

Should have been targeting this one. Don't know why I clicked my own X(

af75b No.35652

File: 1510943422840.png (26.38 KB, 523x707, halloween.png)

Here's the public release of 0.1.1, with an early bugfix included!

This will be compatible with your old saves, but the contracts for your old character won't work in the new and (in my own opinion) improved way where a mood of 0 does not instantly remove your character from the game.

Included in the download is a full document of patchnotes, both for the base mod and this update.

Just to be clear again: you do not need any other download than this one if you want to play.

The download is here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/x1s728x3jc9r53f/MaternalReads_FMmod_0.1.1a.7z

If you encounter any bugs or issues with this release, please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

35cfb No.35655

When can we get some info on what items do? Some descriptions aren't exactly precise and I'd very much like to know if I'm getting something cumulative that should be gulped 10 units in one go or not

af75b No.35659

In the patchnotes there are more specific descriptions on what the items do.

Items you find outside generally have pretty weak effects, while the ones made in the alchemy lab are stronger.

39442 No.35661

Does anyone get errors when doing the vag stretch with dildo or horse dildo?

ed737 No.35668

This is fucking insane!
I spent hours (two ingame months) to get into the chapell and trying to find the Goblin village. And still didn't managed to do this! It should be a fun fetish game, not the pushing "search" button simulator! And keep in mind that I started to cheating at some point, advancing the proxy's characteristics so I don't need to rest at home, and even with that I just push the "search" button without any hope of finding the Goblin village! Please do something about this!

af75b No.35669

Did you not manage to get to the chapel at all? Did you go talk to David in hilltown and actually get the quest to go to the chapel?

I've been testing it a bit and I am not getting any errors. Are you trying to run other mods on top of this one? Is your proxy a different gender than they started out as?

ed737 No.35670

Yes, I've managed to get to the chapel? and, again, I just pushing the "search" button

af75b No.35671

The chance of finding the trail to the chapel is 10% per search and it has a high event priority, so if it took more than 10 searches then you really just got very unlucky. Still, I'm upping the chances for the next patch.

To get to the goblin village from the chapel, all you need to do in this release is encounter a goblin and then choose the "Follow the trail leading away from the chapel" option. Encountering one is roughly once per four searches, so they aren't particularly rare.

ed737 No.35673

I did ffar more then four, but I'll try again. Hope this time I can find a goblin

39442 No.35675

I restartet and the error did not come up again, but your filter_coffe.item is bugged. I had to copy the original one over to my folders, its the preg check.

35cfb No.35676

What exactly do I have to do in Todd's experiment? I scanned myself at home, came back to him, now I don't know how to give results to him in "untrained strenght" though

af75b No.35677

Ah, thanks for notifying me. The script>>35673
checked for a fetus before checking if the proxy was pregnant, so it worked for pregnant proxies but not normal ones.

Let me know if it doesn't work and I'll look over the events again.

ed737 No.35680

It is worked! I've finally managed to meet a goblin

f7180 No.35692

The doggy style sex event is missing under events/sex/vagina, so this means i cannot penetrate julia. :-(

71c94 No.35697

I can't finish the Kate's quest. My proxy is pregnant with 10 and there is no button to besides standart: exit, trade, talk.

af75b No.35723

I just checked this out and it turns out there actually appears to be no doggystyle for the proxy penetrating someone, there's only doggystyle scenes for the target penetrating a proxy.

This is obviously not how I had planned things and I'll create this functionality for the next release.

The Kate quests require a specific amount of babies; the first one is only a single one.

If your proxy has a hard time only having one, try having kids with a nekomata or kau instead since they'll have significantly less kids with humans.

f7180 No.35726

What happens if you start the Kate Quest with a male proxy?

af75b No.35727

Having a uterus is a prerequisite to starting the quest, so a male proxy wouldn't (or shouldn't, at least) be prompted to start it.

df6bc No.35791


I've found a logic in error in kate's quest. No matter what i did, i couldn't get the later part of the quest to fire. took a look at the files and made sure i had all the right variables set.

Still couldn't get it to work.

Went through the logic, and i think this line is the problem in both kate_talk_preg files:

"if ((int)((int)(GetFoetusGene(proxy, 0, "foetus.grow_time")+GetPerFlag("last_fertilization")-proxy.getAge())/24/7) < 15)"

It's just an order of operations error. right now it's dividing the proxy's age by 24 then 7. so the number that gets subtracted will never lower the number to below 15.

it should be this:
" if ((int)((int)((GetFoetusGene(proxy, 0, "foetus.grow_time")+GetPerFlag("last_fertilization")-proxy.getAge())/24/7)) < 15)"

Just added a pair of () around everything in the if besides the /24/7 . My initial test show that this works fine now. it also does not result in a newly pregnant proxy triggering the later event

af75b No.35798

Yeah, that calculation was one I did and I used it in a couple places before I realized it didn't exactly work as intended. I made a fixed version of it but obviously didn't manage to find all the places I'd used the nonfunctioning one.

Thanks for taking the time find the error!

ae1ee No.35804

It is happen! At last, the Fetish Master is OpenSource now, God bless the heaven for this gift!

1ab60 No.35848

Some items in the mod not working at all. In the items scripts can't be used tags <% %> they cause errors.
For example in the green_glob.item:

res = "<%self.getName();%> downs the green ball of slime, and as soon as it settles in <%activePartner.HisHer();%> stomach <%activePartner.HeShe();%> feels the consequences of <%activePartner.HisHer();%> actions through some intense stomach pain.";

This cause error, tags like this can be used only in "Text for consume item" field.
In script field should be only pure script code. For this case:

res = self.getName() + " downs the green ball of slime, and as soon as it settles in " + self.HisHer() + " stomach " + self.HeShe() + " feels the consequences of " + self.HisHer() + " actions through some intense stomach pain.";

Also only "self" reference in item script can be used, not "activePartner" or "proxy".

af75b No.35854

It's strange how these things get through despite all the items being tested prior to release. I'll have another look at the items in the game for similar errors.

Thanks for reporting it, I'll have a patch up for the errors reported here sometime during the weekend.

1ab60 No.35858

Actually there is two source of such errors:
1. references "activePartner" & "proxy"
2. constructions inside <% %> with " symbol.

Simple <%self.getName();%> seem's to working in item (though not supposed to, initially), but <%self.getStat("generic.str");%> is cause errors.

92cc4 No.35871

Question for the second goblin brewey quest - is she looking for a watermelon? It's the only non-contaminated fruit that I can think of, but with one in my proxy's inventory, there isn't an option to give her it after finishing the first part with the Demon Brew.

1ab60 No.35882

GetPerFlag should't be used in items scripts too - it's generate error if item used from base screen. Better to use class method directly:


This will work without errors.

1ab60 No.35884

I think right script line will be:

if ((int)((int)((GetFoetusGene(proxy, 0, "foetus.grow_time")+self.getFlag("last_fertilization")-self.getAge())/24/7)) < 15)

af75b No.35894

Yes, you're absolutely corerct that she wants a watermelon. I just checked it though and while the correct event exists and works, there's no way to access it.

I'll include the fix for this in the patch.

92cc4 No.35921

Was having some trouble brewing the Watermelon Whiskey. After checking the brewing events via debug, noticed that some quantities were off:

- Events removed 10 watermelons instead of 5 as listed requirement.
- Tentacle beast semen in event script required 20 instead of 15 as listed requirement.

Recipe worked fine after switching the amounts as described above.

af75b No.35933

Here's patch 0.1.1b!


It basically fixes most of the errors posted in this thread since the 0.1.1a release.

This fixes Kate's and one of the goblin village's quests not triggering correctly, some alchemy recipes being labeled incorrectly and most notably rescripts every items in the game. It might not be very noticeable but all items should now be safe to use from the main screen while not connected to a proxy, and in general they should be much more stable.

92cc4 No.35936

Kudos on the patch Maternal!

Question with Zoe in the Fun House Brothel; what are the requirements in order for her to agree to 'Make Babies' with her? Didn't get anywhere looking through her events via the Event Editor.

af75b No.35939

If you're getting the option but she's denying you, then there are a few requirements you need to meet:
a hip width of at least 95 (the hips will be described as "wide")
a uterus max volume of at least 9000 (about 40% more than a normal character)
a breast size of at least 10 (something around F-cup and beyond)
a vaginal width of at least 10 (fairly wide, but achievable through dildo use)

All of these stats can be increased organically through repeat pregnancies.

ee0e7 No.35941

I know it's a lot to ask, but in the future, do you think you could use the standard mergedown formats in instances where you're overwriting the base game's events? In most cases, there won't be conflicts either way, but in certain cases you're causing avoidable incompatibility; there's one instance where you'd block off content from the base game if the player was running the Git version of 0.99.

For example, the Git version adds a new event chain in the Red Light District. Because you overwrite the file /events/city/redlight_district.walk to add the Boxing Arena, you'd need to manually patch the file so that both events are accessible. However, if you created a blank event whose name extended the original (say, /events/city/redlight-district-mr.walk), marked it as Merge Down in the editor, and only included the button for the Boxing Arena, the game would simply merge it into the original event. In that case, no matter how the original file gets updated over time, your files don't need to be changed and no one needs to make manual patches.

Again, most times it won't matter, but I'm a guy who likes to install everything at once, and when more people follow a set of standards, things are less likely to blow up in the players' faces.

af75b No.35943

That's a good idea, I wish I'd thought of it before I really started working on the mod.

I can't guarantee that I'll rework the whole mod to work that way, but I'll look into it and evaluate.

1ab60 No.35953

Well, in previous public version Merge Down feature contain bug in the logic (fixed in git already), so it's been problematic before.

I like to ask you directly: do you allow me to use part of the mod features in the main game? I like to integrate changed organs and some game mechanic in first place - almost all these changes good to balance (it's have problems in vanila, I know). Also with this, hardcoded ogragns of git version become compatible with mod.

Anyway, I like you mod, it's given me motivation to return to the more active working with game.

e5e2b No.35971

Hi Maternal-Reads, how did you get rid of the "mood over time drop"? And why doesn't it work for the offspring and only for the agency proxies?

af75b No.36000

Yes, you can integrate the organs to vanilla if you want.

I don't know! I think I know of the problem you're talking about, but I thought it was just a one-time thing when it happened to me and I haven't experienced it since. If I did fix it then it's been too long and I've unfortunately forgotten how I did it.

af75b No.36155

Here's the patchnotes for what's going to be in the next release of the mod! This is what's done so far, so there's still more to come before the actual release.

— Additions and changes —

*A doggystyle position is now available when your proxy is the one with a penis. Previously doggystyle only worked when being penetrated. This change enables sex with people whose bellies are too large for missionary.

*Zoe now has a sex scene specific to pregnant proxies. This scene has some altered dialogue if the offspring happens to be hers.

*Reading erotic books or hentai will now give you some text letting you know your proxy's general lewdness level.

*The way vaginal goo works has been reworked. The changes don't affect gameplay too much, but the pussy pump can now get vaginal goo from anyone with a vagina and is not reliant on the effects of the magic dildo to work. More vaginal wetness still equals more bottles. Character who previously produced many bottles will likely produce less. Items that change vaginal wetness capacity have been edited to account for this change.

*The descriptions for vaginal wetness have been expanded and slightly edited.

*Using the black dildo and turning the proxy into a female now turns your proxy into a "genetic" female, and as such DNA boosts will work properly for the proxy and their offspring's DNA should recognize the mother as a real female.

*Kate now has two more quests after her first two. They follow a similar format to the previous ones.

*The questlog at the base has been updated to clarify that you have to wait half your pregnancy time to complete the Kate quests.

*The exploration option in the "Green Street" of the old city has been expanded, with new things to find and a new 'disease' to contract.

*More flavor text regarding goblins has been added to various areas, like when conversing with Kate or Zoe.

— Bugfixes and errors —

*Further spellchecking and expanded text has been added to base game events.

*The read books option in the library is no longer a return point.

*Fixed spelling errors for the vagina stretching events, which used simple tags incorrectly.

df6bc No.36159


Do you have a timeframe for the next release?

92cc4 No.36163

So aside from hyperbreeders, what's the recommended way to progressively have more babies with each pregnancy? Thus far, my procedure with a prospective proxy baby factory has been:

1. Drink a Fertility potion via the Alchemy Lab.
2. Drink a Brood-mother potion via the Alchemy Lab.
3. Get Dr. Onakamaru's treatment.

This usually ensures the proxy will get pregnant with octuplets, plus or a minus a few, but that seems to be the ceiling on the number of conceptions. Chowing down on Eggberries / Ovaria Fruit seems not to have any effect on extra ovulation.

From peeking at the size descriptions, it looks like a proxy can get much more larger than what I'm capable of getting.

af75b No.36166

I don't have a specific date, but I'm planning on not taking as long as the last update took while still managing the same or more content.

You can also get a regular fertility treatment for 10000c at the hospital. Generally, just drinking more fertility flasks will raise the number of conceptions as they raise the amount of eggs during ovulation. Getting pregnant and giving birth also has a small chance of raising that number.

There are also the bonuses you can get after you collect 100 Daria blessings and the random wishes at the temple.

55774 No.36226

when I try to talk to Kate with a futa proxy that has no embrios I get an error that locks up the game. using the latest version of the mod from this thread.


4079a No.36236

Seriously, when will we get a table with all item effects? I really wish that was available or the in-game ones were more descriptive/there was someone or something to pay for a better description of what a item does. It really takes away my willingness to play more of it

7da60 No.36246

How are you getting this option. been playing for a bit and never saw it

2e7e7 No.36249

In order to see the option in the first place the proxy needs to have a uterus and vagina, have a sufficiently high relationship score with Zoe, and a sufficiently high "desire for preg".

Also, see >>35939, they give a run down there on the conditions needed to get Zoe to agree to do it, after you can see the option to try it.

2e7e7 No.36251

The vague descriptions are supposed to be about exploring the world and environment, giving a sense of discovery. I wouldn't want to see that removed entirely.

My thought was that after you use an item a couple of times, find out what it does, and then after that, you get the upgraded description when you look at them.

Of course, that would require a global flag being checked and/or set for every single item, as well as someone to do the work of writing all the alternate descriptions.

But if you just want an out of game quick reference, then you can poke around in the .item files in the gamedata folder. Either open the items from the Development tab if you're playing in Dev mode, or they're just txt files with different extension, so you can open them in Notepad, Word, whatever, and see what they do. Copy the info from each item into one txt file or a spreadsheet or something, that there you go.

9f304 No.36502

Playing on mod patch 01.1B and I still cant get Kate's preg thing to play properly.
Debug is telling me to look near {… (int)(GetFoetusGene(consumer, 0, "foetus.grow_time ….} Please explain where the logic error is?

af75b No.36626

I apologize I couldn't post this sooner, like many I've been away for christmas.

Here's the new patch which fixes this error: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q6vx9u613cl1chu/Mod_Patch_0.1.1c.7z

In addition to that being fixed, I have currently set it so that Kate's quests are able to be completed as long as you qualify for the MINIMUM number of fetuses instead of needing an exact number. Before switching it back to the originally intended way there has to be some kind of item or event to limit ovulation to lower numbers of ova first.

b4e5a No.37064

how did you get the ring hourly script to work i'm trying to make an orb that works on lewdness but nothing works

af75b No.37123

You might be confusing lewdness and arousal; lewdness is your character's general comfort level with sex and arousal is how horny the character is at the moment.

If that's not the problem then just scripting your desired effect in the "run hourly" box at the bottom left of the item editor window should work.

a3667 No.37144

I'm pretty sure that part of the item system is broken.
Try making the item add a custom effect (which you will need to create with the effect editor)
self.loadEffect("generic.arousal", "arousal_orb");

b4e5a No.37856

made effect and item but all i get is errors what am i doing wrong

+++ Game time: Day: 1, 15:00
Compiled script error! Look in script:
if(self.hasItem("ring of devine")){

addStat("generic.health", 100);
addStat("generic.mood", 100);
addStat("generic.str", 100);
addStat("generic.end", 100);
addStat("generic.cha", 100);
addStat("generic.int", 100);
addStat("generic.dex", 100);
addStat("generic.spd", 100);
addStat("skill.swimming", 100);
[Error: unable to resolve method: fetishmaster.engine.scripts.ScriptVarsIntegrator.addStat(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer) [arglength=2]]
[Near : {… if(self.hasItem("ring of devin ….}]
[Line: 1, Column: 1]
Current variables context: 4844ab52-e592-47d5-ab15-074c90925854 Used: 1 time(s).
{GeneProcessor=class fetishmaster.bio.GeneProcessor, game=class fetishmaster.engine.GameEngine, Creature=class fetishmaster.bio.Creature, InternalClock=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.InternalClock, icalc=class fetishmaster.interaction.InteractionCalc, task_image=, characters=[Yuto, age 29y.o., Bryan, age 25y.o., Ria, age 26y.o., Luna, age 26y.o., Jan, age 26y.o., Emily, age 19y.o., Sara, age 26y.o.], world=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.WorldScripts, This=fetishmaster.components.StatEffect@4fb8735b, map=class java.util.HashMap, workers=[Emily, age 19y.o., Yuto, age 29y.o.], player=Player, age 0y.o., item=class fetishmaster.items.ItemProcessor, debug=class fetishmaster.utils.Debug, Agency=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Agency, agency=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Agency, CreatureProcessor=class fetishmaster.bio.CreatureProcessor, its=fetishmaster.components.StatEffect@4fb8735b, Calc=class fetishmaster.utils.Calc, clock=fetishmaster.components.GameClock@6407dc2c, list=class java.util.ArrayList, Geometry=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, GeometryCalc=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, interCalc=class fetishmaster.interaction.InteractionCalc, self=Emily, age 19y.o., geometry=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, calc=class fetishmaster.utils.Calc, creature=class fetishmaster.bio.Creature, status=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Status}

1ab60 No.37862

addStat is a method of Creature class, it's should be used with proper syntax as method with character. Like this:

self.addStat("generic.health", 100);

af75b No.38431

File: 1517943294271.png (21.11 KB, 501x445, skinship.png)

Release 0.1.2 will be publically available on february 23! Since the previous releases have been a bit glitchy there was some bugtesting for this version to make it more stable.

Here are the full patchnotes:

— Additions and changes —

*You can now have sex in a doggystyle position when your proxy is the one with a penis. Previously doggystyle only worked when being penetrated. This change enables sex with people whose bellies are too large for missionary.

*Zoe now has a sex scene specific to pregnant proxies. This scene has some altered dialogue if the offspring happens to be hers.

*Reading erotic books or hentai will now give you some text letting you know your proxy's general lewdness level.

*The way vaginal goo works has been reworked. The changes don't affect gameplay too much, but the pussy pump can now get vaginal goo from anyone with a vagina and is not reliant on the effects of the magic dildo to work. More vaginal wetness still equals more bottles. Character who previously produced many bottles will likely produce less. Items that change vaginal wetness capacity have been edited to account for this change.

*The descriptions for vaginal wetness have been expanded and slightly edited.

*The way virginity works has been slightly edited. Characters can no longer be born as non-virgins, and characters

are instead determined to be non-virgins when they appear in the agency. You can now see if a character is a vaginal virgin in the character viewer.

*Using a health potion now has a slight (4%) chance to restore a character's vaginal virginity.

*Using the black dildo and turning the proxy into a female now turns your proxy into a "genetic" female, and as such DNA boosts will work properly for the proxy and their offspring's DNA should recognize the mother as a real female.

*Kate now has two more quests after her first two. They follow a similar format to the previous ones.

*Some more dialogue with Kate has been added.

*Completing Kate's fourth quest now makes cocoa butter craftable at the alchemy lab.

*The questlog at the base has been updated to clarify that you have to wait half your pregnancy time to complete the Kate quests.

*The exploration option in the "Green Street" of the old city has been expanded, with new things to find and a new 'disease' to contract.

*The 'disease' will slowly and temporarily reduce your character's strength while also raising their arousal and limiting their max mood to 80. It lasts for a week or until you can get your character pregnant, at which point it slowly raises your character's mood instead.

*A few more pregnancy-related proxy comments when waking up have been added.

*More flavor text regarding goblins has been added to various areas, like when conversing with Kate or Zoe.

*Slimy Scale, which drops from aquaders, now raises your swimming skill slightly up to a max of 50 when eaten.

*Merril now has a custom portrait, and her portrait variations used by the game have been replaced.

*Images for fondling medium-sized and giant-sized breasts have been added.

*Images for licking breasts have been added.

— Bugfixes and errors —

*Further spellchecking and expanded text has been added to base game events.

*The read books option in the library is no longer a return point.

*Fixed spelling errors for the vagina stretching events, which used simple tags incorrectly.

*Fixed improper capitalization in the breast lick events.

*Recalculated the uterus scanner's pregnancy time estimation. Now it displays the exact amount of weeks left in a character's pregnancy.

*Fixed the template conditions for having a proxy talk after waking up. Previously it could become unavailable even if pregnant.

*Changed the script for the faster pregnancy organ, making its intended effect more accurate.

1ab60 No.38561

File: 1518102113591.jpg (129.92 KB, 907x1057, d95099cc352051bee6a433c22e….jpg)

Feels like this.

584bb No.38580


New Merril art? lawdy

50d52 No.38736

>install netbeans, it's easy!
>SORRY you need to separately download the sdk!
>SORRY this is the incomplete file despite being a direct link from this very same installer

ee0e7 No.38787

If you're trying to install NetBeans just to compile FM… don't. Just download the 0.985 version and patches from the official website. The source for 0.99 is still a work-in-progress, and some of the changes include things like hard-coding organs, which means the updated versions of the organs in newer versions of this patch won't work without being ported and doing a full recompile. There's also a couple conflicts where the content from this mod would block new/incomplete content from 0.99 due to merge issues.

If you insist on having a compiled version of 0.99, I can compile a clean version for you, but there's no guarantees things won't crash and burn, nor will I update it when the official source updates.

I also can't say I had any issues installing NetBeans, although package management in Linux is generally more straightforward.

1ab60 No.38797

On recent linux distributives like Ubuntu or Mint you don't need anything from outside. NetBeans exists in repo's (not most recent version, but it's enough) and for java SDK can be used OpenJDK (7 or 8) - it in the repo's too.

1ab60 No.39237

>Release 0.1.2 will be publically available on february 23! Since the previous releases have been a bit glitchy there was some bugtesting for this version to make it more stable.

af75b No.39264

File: 1519478799111.png (11.35 KB, 483x493, buns.png)

I apologize, an emergency shift got in the way.

You can get the 0.1.2 release here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bwok1d36tq9aj0b/MaternalReads_FMmod_0.1.2.7z

Please report any bugs you may find and I'll fix them as fast as I can!

ebe94 No.39351

Don't know if this is a bug or if I'm not discovering new requirements, but Merrill's "make me bigger" quest never starts with your mod. I was aware of the base game checking to see if you completed the pet store quest (that unlocks gestamin); this doesn't seem to be the case here.

1ab60 No.39374

Some items throw error if used from base.
It's caused by a fact that simple functions like GetPerFlag("last_fertilization") (it's in filter coffee) use internal variable that only set up in walking mode.
In items this check should be: consumer.getFlag("last_fertilization")

caf59 No.39381

I'm getting an error message every time my character uses the "cum in self" masturbation option. Not sure if it's relevant, but they're a male turned female through the black dildo, who subsequently got their cock back through the kitsune blessing.

caf59 No.39382

Forgot to include the error log, here it is:

294b0 No.39390

no doggystyle sex with julia possible?

f438b No.39469

I've had that problem as well and thought it was just me doing something wrong

caf59 No.39475

I'm getting frequent, random freezes when taking any action that advances time after giving birth and applying daria's blessing to the newborn. Here's an example error log: https://pastebin.com/cEWTPFVb

It doesn't always happen, I can load a save from an hour before and it might not happen again the next time, but ever since the character gave birth it's been extremely frequent.

af75b No.39493

I've tested this twice with the mod and it's worked like it should. Does it the "Merril's request" option not show up for you at all?

This has been fixed in the patch.

I'm not sure exactly why this was happening only to male-turned-female proxies, but I was still able to fix it. These proxies seem to be the most error-ridden part of the mod.

This has also been fixed in the patch.

I can't seem to replicate this error and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with anything the mod adds. I'd still try to fix it, but I'm kind of at a loss for what's going wrong if it only happens sometimes. Is anyone else having this problem? Are you playing some kind of specific race of character?

Thanks everyone for your reports, a full release with the patch already applied can be found at:

I'm posting a full release with the patch included as the game is fairly small in size and it would probably just be more convenient to people to not have to look for both the main release and the patch.

ebe94 No.39501

I have almost no experience with CS barring html in notepad when I was a kid, so feel free to call me out for being in error, but I believe the issue is that your mod's quest1_done.walk for the pet store is missing this line of script found in the base game:

SetFlag(&quot;uren_quest_done&quot;, 1);

The sexperiment.walk event for Merril has that flag as a condition, so it can't start. I'll add that this isn't new, as I could never get the sexperiment.walk to run in the version prior to this one either but didn't really bother digging, and no one else ever mentioned it so I just assumed I was being a space cadet.

09760 No.39514

Does anyone know where to meet the sorceress? I already meet her at the brothel and she invited me but I can't find her house.

7025d No.39527

so making my ideal proxy i cant figure out how to change there age,does anyone know how?

5e5f4 No.39529

Your update to a *free* game was a day late. Relax.

9a840 No.39531


Hi MR, just a heads up that there is an error in the conditions for chapel/goblin_village/brewery_demon_gulp_create.walk - it is checking for the "MatriarchQuest" flag to be equal to 8, so you cannot purchase Demon Gulp at a later step. (I was at step 11 when I discovered this.)
I fiixed this by changing the last condition from "GetFlag("MatriarchQuest") == 8" to "GetFlag("MatriarchQuest") >= 8".
Appreciate all your work on this mod!

9a840 No.39532

Whoops, one more related bug. You don't currently receive the Demon Gulp after paying for it! XD
It was missing "AddItem("demon_gulp", 1);" in the script tag.

af75b No.39636

Thanks. I'll wait a bit more and see if any other reports come in before I post another patch.

9a840 No.39686

I found a bug related to the Chapel boss. If you help her before grabbing the crystals, you can no longer pick them up, and can't complete the quest with David.
It looks like grabbing the crystals requires the "Boss1Killed" flag to be equal to 1, but you can help the boss if it's equal to 1 or 2. If you help the boss, the flag is set to 3, locking out the chapel_crystals.walk event.
Maybe the cleanest way to resolve this would be to add the crystals to your inventory in the chapel_helpboss.walk event if the flag is currently equal to 1.

And is it still possible to complete Belanika's quest line? I can't seem to meet Romul in the Kau village. I think I poked around in those events and much of that stuff was commented out.

9a840 No.39687

Oh, and it looks like you can't turn in to David if you help the boss first.
Event condition for david_home_main_quest_stage1done.walk has "GetFlag("Boss1Killed") == 2;" – perhaps this should be "GetFlag("Boss1Killed") >= 2;" ?

f51b8 No.39747

Any plan to introduce hypergestion or overdue pregnancy ?

af75b No.39833

unfortunately I think that would require editing the game engine itself, but I'm not sure. I could certainly look into it.

f51b8 No.39858

I don't know how the game is coded but the way I'll do it is to make some sort alternative birth scene where to proxy a "born" in game term as in they appear in the proxy list but give them an overdue/unborn flag that give them special interaction/block normal one and they still take space in their mother's belly

f51b8 No.39859

Though that may be too much work, I was just wondering if it was part of your plan for the future of the mod

f2ddc No.39866

How do I find Zoe?

f2ddc No.39869

Also how to I access the mall and office,I feel like I'm missing a lot of content.

be7f2 No.39870

Hi, people! I had issues, sometimes the game don't save, and I don't know what to do with this, can someone help me?
It happens more when a huge amount of time ingame is reached

e4aa3 No.39904

Are any of your proxies extremely pregnant? I can't save whenever one of them is pregnant with 100+ kids.

1ab60 No.39908

Genes foetus.grow_rate and foetus.grow_time from mother side control how much time pregnancy will lasts, and how much foetus will grow. But it's used at impregnation time, these values passed to fetuses. If game see that at least one of foetuses surpass value taken from foetus.grow_time - birth actions triggers.

Through pregnancy it's possible to access this value from script, but not so easy. It's need to be something like this - sample: proxy.getOrgan("uterus").getHook(0).setBirthReady(<desired_pregnancy_time_in_hours>);
.getHook(0) will return first foetus object, but they need to be set all. So to discover how much of them present can be used construction like this: proxy.getOrgan("uterus").hooksCount();

af75b No.39911

To find Zoe you need to get the brothel contract by pleasing at least 15 customers at the brothel. You'll get an "Investigate room" option next to the workroom option.

I'm not sure if you're confusing mall with something else, since that's not an area in the game or the mod. By office I assume you mean Onakamaru's office, which you can access by either going to the treatment ward at the hospital while pregnant with 4+ kids or or buying a keycard outside the hospital for 2000c. (this option only appears if you have at least 20,000c. on you.)

92cc4 No.39912


I have the opposite but similar problem in that I can't load a save once it gets high up in ingame time. Just hangs. Too much going on in the background I suppose?

Also, came across a bug I - The 'More Fertility' option button doesn't appear to function with Daria once you obtain enough points with her via donating babbies. Tried the bigger breasts / butt option and they do work.

be7f2 No.39933

>Are any of your proxies extremely pregnant? I can't save whenever one of them is pregnant with 100+ kids.
Not really, but my proxy has a really huge bely just cause of fat, so, maybe, the belly has something to do with this?

2e7e7 No.39948

I believe he's thinking of Dohavocom's mod. That adds a couple new locations, including an office and a mall off the Hilltown location.

If that is the mod you're looking for, there's an update thread here: http://www.weightgaming.com/forum/index.php?topic=833.0
Or he's got a Patreon over here: https://www.patreon.com/dohavocom

He's currently working on an update to that mod, but it's overdue, and not much info on when that might be coming other than a vague 'hopefully soon'.

f2a2e No.40009


Yeah the update is coming. Slowly. I have a habit of biting off a lot of content for updates. I'm tying to get a bunch done each day, but there is a lot of stuff to write


It could be due to the memory limit being reached. make sure you have the 64 bit version of java, installed?

be7f2 No.40140

>It could be due to the memory limit being reached. make sure you have the 64 bit version of java, installed?
OK, I tried a 64 bit java, and it seems to work fine now, thanks :3

79999 No.40252

You can add hours to their age but can't subtract them

3aeda No.40381

wanted to ask if the newest version of this mod is fully compatible with dohavocoms belly mod, cause the button for the body shape experiment is not working for me and it seems it is caused by this mod, will try the fix that got posted in the forums but still wanted to ask, cause i will install it completly new

83c23 No.40436

cum in self still nonfunctional


83c23 No.40437

furthermore selecting futa as partner, having hyperbreeder initiate, and having futa cum inside caused futa to take all the semen and the hyperbreeder was empty

af75b No.40440

Thank you for the report. Are you using a normal futa or a character who has changed genders?

83c23 No.40450


83c23 No.40451

note this was also after swimming toxin but i doubt this is the sole factor involved

5b55a No.40784

Hey one of my saves is broken. I got an error message in debug mode


af75b No.40856

Have you been using any other mods in addition to this one? Did the save just suddenly not work or is it old?

5b55a No.40889


I'm not using any other mods. The save is not very old I don't think. I don't know how old is old.

af75b No.41077

If you can't load the save at all, I would recommend updating your java and making sure you have the 64 bit version as that seems to solve a fair amount of issues.

03f17 No.41616

Does anyone know why Kau cannot also be a Breeder? I can have a Demonspawn that is also a Breeder, but not a Kau. Does it have something to do with the udder?

af75b No.41767

When you say breeder, you mean the kind of character with very large penis and testicles and not hyperbreeders, right?

Inheriting traits from a parent doesn't happen all the time, but kau shouldn't be incapable of inheriting those kinds of breeder traits. The udder shouldn't be a problem since that is a separate organ and breeders just have very high penis- and testicle stats.

d65a3 No.42009

I can't remember if this is from the base game or not, but looking at the event code, it looks like there's supposed to be a chance to get 2 items when crafting in the lab based on your intelligence. This doesn't seem to be functioning. A character with 99 int will still never make more than a single item.

af75b No.42026

It's from the mod, thank you for reporting. I realized I forgot to upload a patch that had fixed some things, so I fixed the issue you mentioned as well and you can grab the latest patched version here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7fnd83v8ujl9c8g/MaternalReads_FMmod_0.1.2b.7z

This is a full version of the mod plus the most recent patch, so you don't need to download any other files for this to work.

d65a3 No.42283

Well the new version does fix the "cum in self" option, but it seems to have broken the alchemy even further. Clicking the button to craft an item now does nothing but produce an error message. My character has 70 int, if that's relevant. Error log: https://pastebin.com/3TfqA6EF

1ab60 No.42290

>Does anyone know why Kau cannot also be a Breeder? I can have a Demonspawn that is also a Breeder, but not a Kau. Does it have something to do with the udder?
No, this is how game genetic simulation work. Native Kau do not have hyperbreeder gene. Also males do not inherit it in active state. Basically to have hyperbreeder kau (hybrid) you will need some selective breeding:
1. Have male child from hyperbreeder (m1).
2. Have female child from kau and m1 (f1). She will inherit hyperbreder gene from m1, but also in passive state.
3. Have female child from f1 and m1. If both parents have passive gene - it can become active.
Incest not needed, but just a shorter path.

d65a3 No.42309

I managed to fix the broken alchemy myself, despite having only a very rudimentary understanding of code. I just removed the extra chance from "if (Chance (Chance((activePartner.getStat("generic.int")-50)*2))" and now it's working perfectly, extra item included.

af75b No.42442

The lab file events were fixed but for whatever reason only the properly fixed broodmother brew made it into the patch through some mistake on my part. This and the Merril sexperiment have been fixed in this: http://www.mediafire.com/file/39wyw036g6kzs5h/MaternalReads_FMmod_0.1.2c.7z

Thank you for your continued reports!

af75b No.43553

I realized I forgot to post this here, so here's the current patch notes for the next release!

*The main quest now has an additional stage. It involves getting access to a room in the sewers and solving a small puzzle. Getting access to the room can be solved in one of three ways.

*The sewers have been expanded with more available events, where you can get cursed, find items and more.

*Julia now has a scripted vaginal sex scene available at her house for proxies with penises.

*Julia now has a scripted oral sex scene available at her house for proxies with penises.

*Julia's home has been expanded upon with more different dialogues and comments.

*Changed the way the black dildo works with normal vaginal use, specifically regarding the random impregnation it can cause. The proxy no longer needs to be ovulating to have a chance of impregnation while using it.

*There are now "curses" in the game that you can get from doing certain things. So far there's one involving oviposition, one involving long-term breast growth and one involving food spontaneously appearing inside the proxy's stomach.

*Lines acknowledging the curses have been added to the waking up dialogue.

*Losing to goblins at the chapel now has a chance of another outcome involving pregnancy for female proxies.

*Added some more variations to the goblin huge breasts sex scene, specifically for larger breasts and nipples.

*Added another variation to the goblin matriarch blowjob scene for extremely large penises.

*You can now ask daria to increase or decrease your height after gathering 100 of her blessings.

*You can now ask daria to decrease your age by three years. Can only be done by proxies that are at least 21.

*Pregnant proxies now have around a one in five chance of taking 20% less damage from an attack.

*New items - Small and large eggs. Standard food items.

*New item - Hormone Booster Plus. Enchances general sexual characteristics, such as enlarging breasts for women/futas and enlarging penises for men among other things. Futas gain the effects of both male and female enhancements but at a slightly reduced level.

— Bugfixes and errors —

*The Zoe and tentacle beast sex scenes now properly remove your virginity.

*Losing goblin battle scenes now removes the correct amount of money from your inventory.

*Changed the template for looking at male breasts slightly, now it won't say that a male character has breasts unless their breast size is above 1.

4fc97 No.43637

Sewers and curses are very exciting!

6fa6f No.43739

File: 1528381630238.png (77.66 KB, 1425x734, fm_save_bugfix.png)

I was able to fix this on one of my save files.
1) Open up the save file in a text editor and go to the line number mentioned in the debug.The contents of that line will be </map>.
2) Find the PREVIOUS value of <int>16</int>
3) In the line after the <int>16</int> will be another int, decrease that value by 1.
4) Save and load.
5) Repeat until all errors have been taken care of.

The int that you change keeps track of how many objects are being mapped to. In my example, there is only 1 <fetishmaster.component.StatEffect> Object, but the count is saying there are two. So when the game engine goes to rebuild the world it hits a null where the 2nd Object should be. Not sure whether it misses the 2nd object when it's saving or if it's accidentally increasing the count of the objects. To be figured out. Have fun.

4dcb7 No.43741

What happens if I delete "treatment_stage1_hyperbreeder" So that hyper breeders can ungergo the treatment in the maternity ward? Would it even do anything?

4dcb7 No.43742

Also I cant help but notice the weights are a bit "light" my character has a waist thats as large as she is tall yet only weight 58kg. Shes 162cm in height.

4fc97 No.43761

It is pretty simple to edit those events such that a hyperbreeder proxy could get the treatment, but be warned: that's a lot of babbus a lot of the time

af75b No.43780

It was a while since I tested those events but I'm fairly sure I remember that giving hyperbreeders the treatment resulted in some kind of error. In the end I decided just to have it disabled for balance reasons.

Yes, even with some tweaks (like making butts actually have weight) the weights are still inaccurate. I'll continue and try to and make it closer to what it should be.

8671c No.43862

I tested it and it seems to work fine. No bugs, though maybe duration might be a little weird. I forget how long it takes a hyperbreeder to gestate fully.

be3f7 No.43938

Hi MR. Been really enjoying this mod. I do have a couple issues though.

-Buying the big milkers from Neferi can make nipple size go out of control from just regular milking if you're not careful. Would appreciate a separate option in tasks.

-Eye/hair color gene values make no sense. Stated values aren't actually expressed and it's making it frustrating to get all the scans for the DNA experiment. More clarity would be appreciated.

-Appearance rates for P. Banana and Peach feel kinda low to me. It feels like it takes weeks just to get a handful. Maybe have it so certain stats improve find rate? IDK

Anyways, looking forward to this upcoming release!

f269a No.44016

Was using debug and got this returned.
wondering where the file that is responsible for the bug is located.

+++ Game time: Day: 597, 13:00
Compiled script error! Look in script:
IncludeRange(proxy.getStat("generic.abdomen"), "bellysize");
[Error: could not access: proxy; in class: java.lang.Class]
[Near : {… IncludeRange(proxy.getStat("generic.abdomen ….}]
[Line: 1, Column: 14]
Current variables context: 6ad090d5-c8d3-4edb-a49d-dd7c63efe258 Used: 119 time(s).
{GeneProcessor=class fetishmaster.bio.GeneProcessor, game=class fetishmaster.engine.GameEngine, Creature=class fetishmaster.bio.Creature, InternalClock=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.InternalClock, icalc=class fetishmaster.interaction.InteractionCalc, selectedWorker=Akari, age 22y.o., characters=[Akari, age 22y.o., Futa, age 32y.o., Julia, age 18y.o., Kiana, age 19y.o., Merril, age 20y.o., Vicky, age 23y.o., Zoe, age 23y.o., Brooke, age 26y.o., Julian, age 25y.o., Dylan, age 33y.o., Maiko, age 26y.o., David, age 27y.o., Jack, age 22y.o.], world=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.WorldScripts, text=human, map=class java.util.HashMap, workers=[Akari, age 22y.o., Futa, age 32y.o.], player=Player, age 0y.o., res=, a=titanic, item=class fetishmaster.items.ItemProcessor, b=a, debug=class fetishmaster.utils.Debug, Agency=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Agency, c=Akari, age 22y.o., agency=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Agency, ctv=Akari, age 22y.o., CreatureProcessor=class fetishmaster.bio.CreatureProcessor, Calc=class fetishmaster.utils.Calc, clock=fetishmaster.components.GameClock@17636a4, list=class java.util.ArrayList, Geometry=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, GeometryCalc=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, interCalc=class fetishmaster.interaction.InteractionCalc, self=Akari, age 22y.o., geometry=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, calc=class fetishmaster.utils.Calc, creature=class fetishmaster.bio.Creature, status=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Status}

4fc97 No.44020

looks like an error with a template, or maybe just an error in an event that calls a template

af75b No.44029

The suction cups aren't an addition done by my mod, but making a separate task for them is a good idea. With item drop rates I'm always looking for amd making additional areas to put items in so that they can be gathered in more spots, but I could make them a bit less rare too.

Do you remember what exactly you were doing when you got this error? The error itself is easily fixed but it would be hard to find without some clue as to what was happening in the game when this occured.

Thanks for the reports and suggestions!

4dcb7 No.44038

Are there any mods that work with this? Ive only tried Proxygen so far and that seems fine. I take it Dohavocom's stuff wont work, but what about some of the others?

f269a No.44039

was on the management screen and selected a proxy it then gives me this error

4dcb7 No.44100

Whats the ETA on that update MA?

f269a No.44112

Does anyone know what the conditions for Zoe to show up are?

f269a No.44115

Found her. and a bug when having intercourse with her(she is catching).
+++ Game time: Day: 1602, 20:00
Compiled script error! Look in script:

img = "char/zoe.png";
if (zoe.getStatText("generic.skincolor") == "purple")
{ img = "char/zoesuccubus.png"; }
unable to resolve token: unable to resolve variable 'zoe'
Current variables context: d842969c-56b7-43f1-a2db-f372653a7741 Used: 3 time(s).
{GeneProcessor=class fetishmaster.bio.GeneProcessor, game=class fetishmaster.engine.GameEngine, img=char/zoe.png, Creature=class fetishmaster.bio.Creature, InternalClock=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.InternalClock, icalc=class fetishmaster.interaction.InteractionCalc, selectedWorker=Akari, age 26y.o., characters=[Akari, age 26y.o., Andrzej, age 17y.o., Angelina, age 18y.o., Daria, age 23y.o., Human, age 35y.o., Julia, age 20y.o., Kiana, age 22y.o., Merril, age 22y.o., Vicky, age 26y.o., Zoe, age 26y.o., David, age 20y.o., Maya, age 26y.o., Shigeo, age 27y.o., Wojciech, age 22y.o., Caleb, age 20y.o., Mira, age 19y.o., Romul, age 30y.o.], activePartner=Akari, age 26y.o., world=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.WorldScripts, map=class java.util.HashMap, workers=[Akari, age 26y.o., Andrzej, age 17y.o., Angelina, age 18y.o., Human, age 35y.o.], player=Player, age 0y.o., item=class fetishmaster.items.ItemProcessor, debug=class fetishmaster.utils.Debug, Agency=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Agency, agency=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Agency, CreatureProcessor=class fetishmaster.bio.CreatureProcessor, Calc=class fetishmaster.utils.Calc, clock=fetishmaster.components.GameClock@1bb832f, list=class java.util.ArrayList, Geometry=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, proxy=Akari, age 26y.o., GeometryCalc=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, interCalc=class fetishmaster.interaction.InteractionCalc, self=Akari, age 26y.o., geometry=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, calc=class fetishmaster.utils.Calc, creature=class fetishmaster.bio.Creature, status=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Status}

+++ Game time: Day: 1602, 20:00
Compiled script error! Look in script:
cannot invoke method: Include
Current variables context: d842969c-56b7-43f1-a2db-f372653a7741 Used: 3 time(s).
{GeneProcessor=class fetishmaster.bio.GeneProcessor, game=class fetishmaster.engine.GameEngine, img=char/zoe.png, Creature=class fetishmaster.bio.Creature, InternalClock=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.InternalClock, icalc=class fetishmaster.interaction.InteractionCalc, selectedWorker=Akari, age 26y.o., characters=[Akari, age 26y.o., Andrzej, age 17y.o., Angelina, age 18y.o., Daria, age 23y.o., Human, age 35y.o., Julia, age 20y.o., Kiana, age 22y.o., Merril, age 22y.o., Vicky, age 26y.o., Zoe, age 26y.o., David, age 20y.o., Maya, age 26y.o., Shigeo, age 27y.o., Wojciech, age 22y.o., Caleb, age 20y.o., Mira, age 19y.o., Romul, age 30y.o.], activePartner=Akari, age 26y.o., world=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.WorldScripts, map=class java.util.HashMap, workers=[Akari, age 26y.o., Andrzej, age 17y.o., Angelina, age 18y.o., Human, age 35y.o.], player=Player, age 0y.o., item=class fetishmaster.items.ItemProcessor, debug=class fetishmaster.utils.Debug, Agency=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Agency, agency=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Agency, CreatureProcessor=class fetishmaster.bio.CreatureProcessor, Calc=class fetishmaster.utils.Calc, clock=fetishmaster.components.GameClock@1bb832f, list=class java.util.ArrayList, Geometry=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, proxy=Akari, age 26y.o., GeometryCalc=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, interCalc=class fetishmaster.interaction.InteractionCalc, self=Akari, age 26y.o., geometry=class fetishmaster.utils.GeometryCalc, calc=class fetishmaster.utils.Calc, creature=class fetishmaster.bio.Creature, status=class fetishmaster.engine.scripts.Status}

af75b No.44120

With a mod this extensive that changes the base game in several places it is unfortunately unlikely that most mods will work with it. The smaller a mod is the more likely it is to work.

I'm looking to post it at the end of the month. I will be gone for the next week but once I get back I'll do some testing before release.

I fixed this error and uploaded a fixed version here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d3s1y3jcmu5bn36/MaternalReads_FMmod_0.1.2d.7z/file

Thank you for letting me know!

4dcb7 No.44200

So theres a bug ive been exploiting in FM since day one where if you remove a proxy from the workers in debug mode and re-add them it sorta breaks them so that they cant ever leave and… cant have children. Pregnancy works. Birth doesn't. Children just vanish. But this is needed for my playstyle which is pushing the envelope as to how many babies one proxy can have. Needed because the most ive managed before the game crashed is 15,000 with Dohavocom's mod. However I noticed with yours MA there seems to be a cap of sorts. No matter how much more fertility I add I cannot go above 1,200. Is there maybe a way to nullify that?

1ab60 No.44235

If children is missing after birth - they are count as dead. Game do checks about: if mother carried to term or have premature birth. But events for such case not present. So game just silently discard them if they not alive. I think you can't just raise count of children in pregnancy - it's cause premature birth if moither belly/uterus can't stretch enough or fast enough…
Also, children from NPC (not proxy) is hidden, so I think it's also possible that if you re-add proxy though debug, she not get correct agency contract. And this contract should be a mark to game - what to do with live children from this character…

4dcb7 No.44273

"I think it's also possible that if you re-add proxy though debug, she not get correct agency contract. " That is most likely what im experiencing as it does that with any number of babies. But what could be the cause of this "caP" im getting?

e1610 No.44638

Hi guys, I've been playing this for a while now to see how it works. At first I got stuck with male proxies and found almost no reasonable job to make money. Eventually I found the debug mode then add money to hire new female proxies. I'd like to add more scenarios like working in a farm or magic shop or creating new spots like logging camp in the forest so that male proxies can do some sort of realistic job other than trading items. I can't afford to have someone to create commissioned content so I'm stuck with messing with the code to create my own modification. Is there any guide in modding this game? I can't access weightgaming.com, censorship policy in my country really sucks.

2e7e7 No.44648

weightgaming.com has been down for a while now, it's not just you or your country.

If you're looking for an intro to modding FM, try this, the original creators page for FM: https://fm-dev.blogspot.com/p/mods.html
There are a few docs to get you started under SDK, in the sidebar.

And you'll also want to check the Git, for the code:
I don't have links handy for the git of Maternal-Reads and the other modders, but you might be able to find them with a little searching.

That should be enough to get you started. Good luck!

f438b No.44649

You can look at the coding for other stuff. Just make sure to look at all of them cuz if you don't add a way to get to a new area it'll be useless.

158bc No.44833

Thank's a lot man, at least now i know where to start.

0d1bb No.44838

Anyone know the situation with WeightGaming?

38e0c No.44840

Do I have to install each patch on this thread or only the latest one?

af75b No.44847

Only the latest one. I started out posting only the fixed files in small patches but since the game is small in size anyway I now post a full patched version when a patch is released.

626e5 No.44914

I have a question regarding post birth pregnancies. So far I've made 3 different characters on 3 different saves and with every single one after I give birth to a human child they never ovulate again. I know the guide says it may take a while for them to start ovulating again but I've manually gone through 2 years ingame time and the ovulation message never popped up again.
Is this normal? Am I missing something here?

af75b No.44954

That certainly does not seem normal. I'm going to have to look into this.

d28e3 No.44960

>>44914 Do you have your proxies doing one of the milking activities? I've found that proxies need to stop lactating post birth before they can start ovulating again.

18098 No.44965

That's pretty lame. Do you know if there's any way to fix that? I'm not so familiar with coding so I have no idea

0d1bb No.44968

Yep. Lactation needs to stop before ovulation can start. Not sure how to fix it. Its a base-game issue.

626e5 No.44976

They were, yeah. Managed to start ovulating at around 2 years and 3 months while lactating so it doesn't seem to be a flag issue.

4fc97 No.44981

I've always used a modded gestamin to get around the ovulation delay post-birth.

Had no idea lactation could influence it, always thought it was something to balance the hyperbreeders since that's the only proxy type that I breed.

5b55a No.44982

technically lactation inhibiting ovulation is semi-realistic.

1ab60 No.45020

Yes, though lactation is not true birth control, woman who breasfeed properly get longer (somtimes much longer) time to establish menstrual cylce after birth. So, I think, game try to simulate that.

9a840 No.45037

There's a line in the script for the uterus_post_phase of the uterus.organ file that causes it - it increases the duration of the postpartum phase:
pftime+= self.getStat("breasts.lact_rate")*100;

Even if your proxy's lactation rate never rises above the lowest possible rate after birth (20 ml/hr), that's a minimum of 83 additional days, assuming your proxy has a postpartum rate of 1. Regular milking is going to bump that up quite a bit (416 days if you're at an average max rate of 100 ml/hr).

I wound up commenting that line out (adding "//" at the beginning of the line) because, realistic as it was, I didn't want to stop milking in order to resume ovulation.
Later I actually wound up making an item (cleverly named "Anti Lactatids") that would cancel lactation immediately.

9a840 No.45038

Actually, for the sake of convenience I've zipped up the two files necessary to add the Anti-Lactaids to the game. They can be purchased at the hospital for 100 coins. (I figured stopping lactation should be much cheaper than starting it.)
I don't know how the patching system works to ensure compatibility with other mods, but since there are only two files (anti_lactaids.item is new, and hospital_trade.walk was changed to make the item available) the only conflict would be if the hospital trade event is altered by another mod.

Anyway, here's the link:

f840a No.45161

Soo, any news on the next update? The last given ETA was over two weeks ago…

6b21c No.45165

Pretty sure this went the way the other one did, and most patreon projects do. Enjoy the pay wall or gtfo.

f438b No.45171

Yup. It's been on the patreon for 9 days now. Hopefully we don't have to wait a whole month for free

4fc97 No.45200

Waiting a month for free honestly isn't that big of a deal. Looks like most of the bug testing is done in this thread anyway so might as well wait for the patch's patches.

0213e No.45211

if you create a new event with the name hospital_tradeb or similar in the same folder and enable the 'Merge Down' option in the event editor it'll combine the two events together.
Make sure you only put the script to add the item to the store in the second event

0d1bb No.45228

Soooo do I have to create a new profile with WeightGaming now? Seems to be under a different format now.

83c23 No.45279

most of the bug testing is done by non-patrons, no bug reports have been posted in this thread at any point during an early access period

45848 No.45283

That's what I'm saying, bug testing is done here for the most part. That means there's no reason to get it before the anons here do.

69351 No.45300

Do M.R. and Dohavocom's mods work fine together? (Most recent free builds.) And do you still need the combat patch some anon made further up?

f2a2e No.45317

So since i saw some people asking about it.


The server weightgaiming was on went down because the host did something with the firmware. The host was then extremely unhelpful with trying to get it back. Anyway, the owner passed ownership to another member who set up a new forum software. Unfortunately we lost about a year's worth of post data. if you created your account before like march last year you'll have to reset you password and you'll be fine. Otherwise you'll have to recreate your account.


My mod is not inherently compatible with maternal's due to changes i made to the combat engine. That's the only real incompatibility though. I think a user posted a compatibility patch higher up in this thread though.

69351 No.45318

Thanks for the reply. Would mod install order make any difference at all? Keep up the good work, love your mod so far!

ee0e7 No.45342

A bit late, but I don't actually remember the install order I used when making the combat patch. Since MR's mod essentially contains the base game anyways, I'd start by unzipping it and then installing Dohavocom's, then the patch; if that doesn't work it'd likely be pretty harmless to just re-install MR's mod on top of everything and then apply the compatibility patch again.

9a840 No.45373

Good to know, thanks!

0d1bb No.45435

I get 221 files flagged for replacement when dropping Dova's mod into M.R.'s. Or I can skip them. So would this in theory be choosing which functionality you want between the two mods?

0d1bb No.45483

Anyone know where to get ProxyGen now?

f2a2e No.45537

Not necessarily. It's best to overwrite. I don't know what effect not having those files would do.

Thanks for bringing it up. I had the file backed up so i reuploaded it. The download link can be found here: https://forum.weightgaming.com/t/proxygen-v0-1-1-start-menu-mod/770

In the bottom of the OP and in a post further down.

fb320 No.45588

I have this kind of problem too. I installed version 0.9-is by the way, the latest one with extra events for muffin top eating contest and elven village. Basically the problem is pretty similar. I have two proxies one is a normal female and the other is female breeder. The breeder one got pregnant with 56 embrios and the game saves just fine until the normal one got pregnant with 250-something embrios. FYI I use the developer mode and edited several parameters related to fertility treatment and several other interactions. I downloaded JDK 8 and finally I can monitor the heap space with jconsole but I can't find any way to dump my garbage collector stuff. I can only find "perform GC" and after clicking it the heap dropped from 180-ish to 60-ish but still I can't save my game.

I wonder if anyone could kindly share step-by-step instruction on dumping this "garbage collector" stuff and finally can save my game progress. I tried finding how to do this on google and youtube but it only get more and more confusing and maybe irrelevant to this subject.

Sorry guys, kinda 'whiney' here but sort of "need help". :)>>32429

0d1bb No.45740

Any reason as to why the breast scanner breaks when letting a proxy with an extreme lactation rate swell? Talking like 6,000ml an hour. If I let it go without milking the scanner breaks, displays no picture and only shows the nipple info. Any ideas on how I could fix that?

9a840 No.45743


What I ran into was that my proxy's breasts were massive enough to have a maximum volume greater than Java's maximum integer value (2147483647, or about 2.1 billion). Keep in mind that this is milliliters, but that still is half a million gallons!
Most of the values are stored as floating point numbers, which are more precise and have higher maximum values. But when displaying it to you, the game tries to convert to an integer so you don't have a whole bunch of numbers after the decimal point. And that's when Java shits the bed, lol.

I think what I did was set up a series of checks to see if the raw value was greater than that max integer, and if it was, then would divide by 1000 first, then cast as an integer and report that value as liters.
If it was STILL larger than max int, then I'd divide again, cast as int, and report as "hundred liters" or "thousand liters" or whatever.

It was pretty clunky the way I first did it, so I'll see if I can find the relevant template and clean it up.

edd71 No.45744


I just removed the (int) bits from the events so it reports it as a floating-point number. For some reason, that fixed it. Might have trouble with really preposterously large numbers, but it fixed the issue for me.

9a840 No.45750

Yeah, that's it exactly. Integers can't be any larger than that in Java.


I'm not able to make changes and upload right now, but if you edit the breasts_inspect templates in templates/base/breasts/ you'll see a line that says:
Maximum volume <%(int)activePartner.getRNAValue("breasts.max_volume")%> ml.

Without having to do a whole bunch of checks, I believe a simpler fix would be to replace it with:
Maximum volume <%Math.floor(activePartner.getRNAValue("breasts.max_volume"))%> ml.

This will keep it in ml., but should drop all the decimal points for readability. (It'll end in .0 but that's probably fine.)
That Math.floor() method works with values up to 1.7976931348623157 x10^308
Just out of curiosity, I plugged in that amount of milk into Wolfram Alpha. It's a volume that is, uh… significantly larger than the estimated size of the universe*. So you should be covered, lol.

times as large>>45740

1ab60 No.45854

Version 1.3 of mod released july 6 on patreon. I really hope that public verson will be not much late from today…

af75b No.45901

I'm sorry, I was unavailable for all of the 6th due to an emergency but the mod is now up at this link:

Since the question usually comes up: if you want to install this mod you only need this, nothing else that I've posted in this thread.

7bd5f No.45909

Awesome. Anything major to watch out for?

78e93 No.45914

So I found that when i tried to do a home birth for the eggs pregnancy, nothing would happen and I'd have to wait for the proxy to give birth on her own. Not sure if a bug or other mods messing it up

af75b No.45915

Other mods tend to interfere heavily due to the extensive nature of this mod, but I'll look into the issue.

af75b No.45916

Turns out that a template I made sure to double check the functionality of still managed to have a small error in it. A hotfixed version is here:

92705 No.45961

How do you get the food curse? I've used the nectar but nothing happens not even a description of using it.

af75b No.45964

Try this version: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=20604039&i=2492905

The release had an older version of the item which I had missed. The code made it only work in some situations, but now it should work fine. The item also stacks now.

be3f7 No.46067

Bug report! The milking task doesn't seem to be working for me. Breast massage still works fine, just not the automated version.

Also, I've found that it's incredibly easy to game the shopkeeper's pregnancy sidequest with the egg pregnancy you get from the sewer. Just once with ~11 small eggs is enough to finish the entire questline.

be3f7 No.46107


Okay, nix the first part of this. Turns out I'm just a dumbass.

af75b No.46121

Huh, I didn't think about the interaction that the eggs would have with her quest. I think I'll create a separate reaction for her when a proxy has eggs and not a regular fetus to get around it.

If people find other exploits like this you're welcome to report them, game balancing is something I would like to do as well as bugfixing.

ab478 No.46127

Once the game bugs and prevents saving is there anything that can be done at that point to save? I try to clear all tasks to "rest". Wait days, weeks, months. Walk the proxy around town. Interact with some stuff. All in effort to get the application to clear the error preventing it from saving. No luck.

1f087 No.46159

Why is it pregnancies can't go over 1200 fetuses? No matter how many fertility potions I take that seems to be the max. I understand the game really slows down at this point, but it still works. Also why is it with your mod the pregnancies are more resource intensive? On my other version of FM with Dova's mod I can hit 20,000 fetuses before the game crashes. What gives? And is there some way to… Make a fake baby per say? A resource friendly pregnancy system that can allow such large numbers?

af75b No.46317

There is a bit more code involved with my mod in regards to pregnancy and bodily functions in general, but nothing that should severely inhibit foetus numbers to that extent.

As for fake babies it might be possible with babies that have no body and therefore no scripts to run, other than that I'm thinking about adding fetuses that are individually larger, changing larger numbers for larger sizes.

36513 No.46505

Goblin matriarchs chain of quests isn't finishing. I can turn in the watermelon and be rewarded with the gem & regeneration ring infinitely. Brewery never updates to offer watermelon_guzzle, matriarch's blowjob event never opens.

af75b No.46800

Thank you, the blowjob event existed but had no path to it but is now available as intended after the completion of her quests and getting the ring. The brewery also stocks melon guzzle after completion of their second quest.

Here is the latest fixed version of the mod: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=20604039&i=2567278

16b02 No.47059

I like the wakeup text for the new curses, I should look into a priority system for the wakeup lines.

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