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Here's a Pregnant Manga with any manga series that has a female characters with their pregnant belly.

Find any manga series that has a female with pregnant belly.

Ichigo no Gakkou chapter 5
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Only find the series 02-06

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Reading this.. actually changed my mind about watching JAVs..

I'm done.

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Actually, these comic series are dark.

The story is about a pregnant prostitute with a child struggle in a real society.

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Could you post the link? I can't find it

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>Bougyaku no Kokekko

No pregnancy yet as of chapter 31, but probably something to keep an eye on. Someone's translating and uploading it to Mangadex.

The gist is that it's a zombie apocalypse except with giant chicken monsters. In chapter 20.5, a mad scientist starts breeding chicken mutants with women in order to produce the "perfect human" or whatever, so pregnancy might pop up as a plot element in the near future.

Only mentioning it here in case I forget to check up on it.

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Well, here it is.

From chapter 32.5.

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So is that dude the baby or what?

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seems like it

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How the fuck did an adult sized man fit in there

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1) He didn't that's why she exploded.
2) Anime.

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They don't think it be like it is, but it do.

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I read the whole thing, and it was quite good.

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That's some nightmare fuel right there

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I've always found stories involving societies with biomechanical technology interesting

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I cant find chapter 5, anyone know where i could find it?

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it's on mangadex, but you need to register an account

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Thanks guys, i really appreciate it

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no idea what sauce for this is, but I got it off 2chan

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don't do this to me, log boy

distraught pregnant women give me the shame tingles

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[quails!] Fuuuuuck I remember this chapter.

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anyone know the sauce? I already find it on google, yandex, saucenao but no result

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Translations are up to chapter 17, so in a month or so you'll probably be able to read it in English

3ab9b No.54384


thanks man

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So, Okusan is pregnant, but the author is taking it very slowly…which is fine by me! It would be nice to see an author taking their sweet time with a pregnancy arc.

Here is a page from chapter 103, where Okusan may be just starting to show, or (most likely) is just a bit chubby. I'm going to pretend that it's the very start of a pregnant tummy.

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Where are you reading the RAWs? I've only been finding up to chapter 95 and 96 online.

8a0f9 No.54703


A combination of sites, mostly Chinese ones. There's one site which has up to chapter 100, but they're locked behind a VIP system. However, you can bypass that using Google Image search: click the arrows to go forward once in the archives >>>


That said, chap 100 is still locked behind VIP. Unless, of course, you know the url to the image itself (just change the image number to see the other pages in the chapter ie. 01 > 02 > 03 etc)…


As for chapters 101-103, censored versions (ie missing pages) are available on another Chinese site >>>


How did I find all these? Let's just say I've been pretty thorough in trying to find Okusan raws on the internet. It's not easy! No one uploads Okusan raws unless a volume drops, and at that point, I just buy it. I'm so looking forward to volume 15's release…

65b57 No.54706

Wow, very impressive researching skillz. Thanks for the info. Side note, love your animations.

8a0f9 No.54720


Thanks! :3 If I somehow find more Okusan, will let you know

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According to the translation for this its a case of false pregnancy.

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If you were in doubt that Okusan is pregnant, here is her suffering with sickness (not exactly my thing, but it's nice to know she really is pregnant). The chapter also features a (presumably) bra-less Okusan, but is censored (dang Chinese website!). Oh well. It's better than nothing. I sure am looking forward to those tank releases.

Also, the chapter cover has a pregnant belly, but…it's not the best drawn one. Makes me fear for the time when Okusan starts to show. Don't fuck it up, Masakazu-san!

7c00e No.56333

I don't mind authors taking their time writing pregnancy arcs. However, most authors seem to spend more time on the early weeks of characters' pregnancies and then speed through the later parts of pregnancies. I don't know why authors do that, but it makes me sad.

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Haha, yeah Ooi draws them really low for some reason guess no one showed him the curve actually starts from below the ribcage/sternum. Looks like she's trying to smuggle a water melon.

I remember in Ashitaba-san some of the time their bellies looked off but on a few of the covers he got it right so who knows, With Kyouko being a little thicker than most of the other women he's drawn maybe he won't fuck it up, either way even if the art is bad the characters are still charming enough.

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When I saw there was a manga called "I Became the Mother of the Strongest Demon Lord's 10 Children in Another World" I figured they would cop out and she was just adopting them or something, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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Zangekikan, ch 13

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