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File: 1500691382944.png (323.42 KB, 800x800, pink.png)

2bbae No.30874[Last 50 Posts]

Since I deleted my NSFW blog and old pregchan died, a lot of my old stuff sort of disappeared. Regardless of whether or not I think any of my stuff is cringy or ugly I'll be uploading everything I had saved to my external harddrive, since I'm sure y'all are interested.

Starting with one of my rare recent doodles. I am wildly out of practice.

2bbae No.30875

File: 1500691468836.png (68.55 KB, 300x300, 132806188545.png)

Drawn 3/10/12

2bbae No.30876

File: 1500691499633.png (73.07 KB, 400x400, 132824095133.png)

Also on 3/10/12

2bbae No.30877

File: 1500691548866.png (171.11 KB, 580x660, baby-plansa.png)

This was a rando I was drawing for a "Rocket AU" tumblr thing. 7/31/13

2bbae No.30878

File: 1500691888917.png (77.25 KB, 605x480, birth.png)

This was an unfinished PSD. No idea what it was supposed to end up as. Don't know if I was going to color it or something.

2bbae No.30879

File: 1500691914327.png (112.25 KB, 548x448, cynthia.png)

Drawn 2/25/12

2bbae No.30880

File: 1500691952648.png (289.28 KB, 624x662, cynthia01.png)

cringes at old style


2bbae No.30881

File: 1500691994812.png (204.15 KB, 650x730, gardenia-rib-kick.png)

Drawn for someone on pregchan in ye olde days I think.


2bbae No.30882

File: 1500692297396.png (336.4 KB, 900x1000, leafbirthsketch.png)

The color version is around here somewhere? Hmm.

2bbae No.30883

File: 1500692442937.png (139.12 KB, 600x480, ouka1.png)


2bbae No.30884

File: 1500692542537.png (232.92 KB, 800x680, permission.png)

More of that rando rocket AU. Only really had shared this with one person.

2bbae No.30885

File: 1500692583856.png (233.18 KB, 870x629, preg1.png)

I think I was doing RP threads with these ladies.


2bbae No.30886

File: 1500692647700.png (183.01 KB, 399x354, pregticia.png)

Genderbent versions of Morty and Falkner.


2bbae No.30887

File: 1500692813154.png (178.8 KB, 800x800, sabrina.png)



2bbae No.30888

File: 1500692869400.png (152.8 KB, 718x574, sharklady.png)

Something something crazy japanese lady wanted to give birth to sharks and there was an article.

(lowkey same)


2bbae No.30889

File: 1500692920810.png (332.44 KB, 992x1028, shiranui6.png)

I totally forgot about this one.


2bbae No.30890

File: 1500692959922.png (122.39 KB, 361x622, viridian-kids.png)

What a mess pff


2bbae No.30891

File: 1500692982670.png (191.36 KB, 752x800, wiifitbirth.png)

I think this has been posted.

2bbae No.30892

File: 1500693086718.png (232.58 KB, 926x733, bounce.png)

Moving into slightly newer stuff, I think this was all the stuff on my tumblr before I deleted.


2bbae No.30893

File: 1500693137918.png (122.25 KB, 640x480, doodle1.png)

I started playing CoC around this time and RPing it with a friend so there's a couple doodles involving that.


2bbae No.30896

File: 1500693375134.png (280.25 KB, 1024x686, hina-birth.png)

More CoC ridiculousness


2bbae No.30897

File: 1500693471252.png (Spoiler Image, 382.75 KB, 800x600, mia-hermit-birth.png)

Under the spoiler is furry; it's Mia from .hack. I drew her every now and then but only saved like two images since it's rare for furry content to really do anything for me.


2bbae No.30898

File: 1500693681686.png (113.95 KB, 460x488, cute-doc.png)

Oh yeah this guy


2bbae No.30899

File: 1500693717764.png (88.34 KB, 783x379, ehhhhhh.png)

what is this


2bbae No.30900

File: 1500693781451.png (106.85 KB, 710x554, hyena1.png)

Ah right the hyena girl and cat girlfriend - this was pretty popular actually. I don't remember if I posted these here. 1/8


2bbae No.30901

File: 1500693793901.png (94.35 KB, 710x554, hyena2.png)


2bbae No.30902

File: 1500693871267.png (104.67 KB, 710x554, hyena3.png)

shakes fist at flood detector

I get the point of it but the struggle is reaaaaaal


2bbae No.30903

File: 1500693908683.png (95.13 KB, 710x554, hyena4.png)

This was one of my weirder kink drawings.


2bbae No.30904

File: 1500693940742.png (114.24 KB, 710x554, hyena5.png)

If you can't tell what's going on, hyena girl is giving birth into her girlfriend.


2bbae No.30905

File: 1500693968525.png (99.9 KB, 710x554, hyena6.png)

Cat Girlfriend is digging it.


2bbae No.30906

File: 1500694003044.png (100.21 KB, 710x554, hyena7.png)

The little bob tail is precious


2bbae No.30907

File: 1500694103862.png (247.53 KB, 892x760, kakyo1.png)

lmao welp I already posted 8/8 so instead here's a doodle for a rando ask on my tumblr

2bbae No.30908

File: 1500694129366.png (238.19 KB, 800x750, kakyo2.png)

There really was a lot more mpreg in my archives, looking at it.

2bbae No.30909

File: 1500694146701.png (97.94 KB, 648x548, kicks.png)

That guy again!

2bbae No.30910

File: 1500694171713.png (356.55 KB, 579x757, kogabok.png)

I miss the old tumblr buddy lmao


2bbae No.30911

File: 1500694209814.png (129.69 KB, 537x600, oh.png)

My werewolf character in a tabletop game ended up pregnant.

This was not a Good Thing.


2bbae No.30912

File: 1500694238788.png (275.89 KB, 640x480, pregseo.png)

eyy more .hack that wasn't Mia


2bbae No.30913

File: 1500694280754.png (160.26 KB, 449x746, relaxed-doc.png)

I liked the guy's design. He's cute.


2bbae No.30914

File: 1500694326141.png (165 KB, 738x566, suga-sit-down.png)

More from Haikyuu phase


2bbae No.30915

File: 1500694380823.png (119.3 KB, 460x488, tumblr_ntqim1DGeh1tzz2o8o2….png)

Pregnant doctors, real cute, I love 'm.


2bbae No.30916

File: 1500694429182.png (343.89 KB, 640x480, yoko.png)

Hahah I should redo this, this is bad.


2bbae No.30917

File: 1500694452156.png (226.87 KB, 599x600, yosucuddles.png)

Yosuke from P4


2bbae No.30918

File: 1500694488964.png (406.44 KB, 615x882, yosugay.png)

This is probably the nicest looking one from '15

I feel a little bad for people who don't like mpreg but like my art LMAO


2bbae No.30919

File: 1500694574180.png (194.84 KB, 676x567, bashou.png)

Wh… what


2bbae No.30920

File: 1500694609472.png (287.19 KB, 705x635, heika!!.png)

God this art is bad


2bbae No.30922

File: 1500694639696.png (81 KB, 348x556, maxie.png)

You guys would not BELIEVE how popular mpreg Maxie was on tumblr.


2bbae No.30923

File: 1500694703784.png (146.72 KB, 490x531, shush.png)

This was much better kyo kara maoh fanart


2bbae No.30924

File: 1500694754662.png (93.07 KB, 357x547, yuuri01.png)

No actual content but connected to the last image, and I do think it looks cute.

2bbae No.30925

File: 1500694829938.png (Spoiler Image, 153.86 KB, 549x433, mia-struggle.png)

Another furry art of Mia from .hack.

2bbae No.30926

File: 1500694995795.png (212.97 KB, 1000x800, fubuki bitch birth.png)

Are you guys ready for NEW CONTENT???


there's like none


2bbae No.30927

File: 1500695070843.png (522.42 KB, 1600x1200, self indulgent mob.png)

Aaaaand that's all folks.

There's "more", but they're posted elsewhere on pregchan, typically in the draw threads.

I'll drop by with a few more here and there but I'll pretty much come back when I make my WritScrib where y'all can see anything new I draw there.

3d154 No.30928

>I feel a little bad for people who don't like mpreg but like my art LMAO


7d7ec No.30930

Well there's definitely some things in here I didn't see before. Unfortunately I fall into that category of liking your art but not being a fan of mpreg, but I'm not going to hold that against you. There's a LOT of nice stuff here, and I'm glad you're still drawing.

2bbae No.30937


I definitely need to draw it a lot more than I have been, because last time I was consistently drawing it was 2015. That's two years ago!! Geez.

1a32d No.30939

Oh man It's great to see your stuff again after your blog went down.


14b0b No.30945


Thank you so much for all of this! I'm a big fan of your stuff, mpreg and all (the hyena girl stuff in particular really revved my engines) and I was super sad to see your blog go. :)

1b66d No.30947

I knew I'd seen this somewhere!
Unfortunately, I think someone blatantly copied your picture.

49eca No.30949

Holy shit it's YOU! I remember you from tumblr! I had a few miscellaneous pics from you saved on my hard drive that weren't from your tumblr so I had never made the connection. I really loved the catboy who tries to hold in his baby but ends up giving birth anyway.

What did humanity do to deserve you?

14b0b No.30955


Would you mind posting those pics? I'd quite like to have copies.

2bbae No.30960

Well that's a little lame. At least they put the effort into actually cleaning it up with lineart, I guess.

aaayyy I knew I drew that set but for some reason they weren't saved on my harddrive. I've never been great at organization.

Totally flattered at the excitement, hahah!

49eca No.30971

File: 1500844441104.png (84.55 KB, 500x500, catboy birth 1.png)

49eca No.30972

File: 1500844470440.png (94.89 KB, 500x500, catboy birth 2.png)


Don't give birth until I get back!

49eca No.30973


Well, it seems the server doesn't want me dumping the rest of it because it's flooding. Oh well.

49eca No.30975

File: 1500849472494.png (97.01 KB, 500x500, catboy birth 3.png)

ff2d4 No.30987

File: 1500858237181.png (70.5 KB, 540x362, ouDcjbp.png)

If I'm not mistaken, this was your art too? I was the anon who you drew it in response to so I'm biased in my love for it.

49eca No.30991

File: 1500861709399.png (71.32 KB, 500x500, catboy birth 4.png)

49eca No.31015

File: 1500930292418.png (81.75 KB, 500x500, catboy birth 5.png)

49eca No.31017

File: 1500940465555.png (73.31 KB, 500x500, catboy birth 6.png)

49eca No.31018

File: 1500940949883.png (101.37 KB, 500x500, catboy birth 7.png)

14b0b No.31019


Thanks for the re-up! This series is still super hot.

82b0d No.31035

Where can I throw money at you to get some of this?

a41a9 No.31040

love this series! Well done

2bbae No.31045

You can email me! (fancyfennekin on gmail) Y'all just don't send me spam. :y

2bbae No.31046

ALTHOUGH I will note that my paypal uses a different email; email me details first then we'll discuss payment.

82b0d No.31086


49eca No.31087


So you will only post stuff on WritScrib and not here?

2bbae No.31096

File: 1501132679517.png (299.27 KB, 800x800, mobbump.png)


I'll be putting a link here to my WritScrib when that goes up. Most of the images will be free to look at, meaning you can bookmark the writscrib to keep updated on it. When WritScrib comes out of beta that'll basically mean you can throw a few coins my way as a tip if the fancy strikes you.

If I ever put stuff behind a "paywall" it'll be something that took me a whole weekend to draw, like a couple comic pages or something - and I don't see myself drawing anything that intensive any time soon.

In other news I doodled something today, hoorah. Nothing fancy.

499c8 No.31109

Is this Mpreg or male-morphs-to-fem? Pregnant men are cool. To develop female traits like breasts…cooler.

2bbae No.31110


I never think too hard about trying to parse what my actual fetish line of thought is doing, at the end of the day I like my faves to have a birth canal and to get pregnant and be doted on and then give birth. That's all I need in life lmao.

I also don't mind people looking at my stuff and reading anything else into it, it's self indulgent garbage might as well enjoy it however you want.

2bbae No.31117

File: 1501182151185.png (123.96 KB, 800x800, i can't stop.png)

god my art is garbage right now ffff

(more practice doodling)

14b0b No.31120

There's absolutely nothing wrong with self-indulgence. You do you. And please continue to share the results of you doing you, 'cause it's hella cute and sexy.

2bbae No.31179

File: 1501301532785.png (127.23 KB, 800x600, mob achy.png)

2bbae No.31182

File: 1501304833038.png (205.84 KB, 600x600, mob again.png)

whoops I forgot some detail

2bbae No.31226

File: 1501399770003.png (204.6 KB, 800x587, mizuko_p2-panel.png)

My birthday is middle of next month so I'm drawing myself a couple pages of a comic thing for myself.

Here's a sneak preview :o

14b0b No.31239


Happy impending birthday! Looking forward to seeing it. :)

2bbae No.31255

File: 1501448600061.png (241.12 KB, 900x482, mizuko p2 done.png)

Finished the sketch! I won't be posting the full version of the dumb comic until WritScrib I think.

49eca No.31291

Do you take requests?

2bbae No.31309

I'm currently taking commissions! I have too many commissions to do requests right now (and also am in a bit of a financial hole)

49eca No.31358


Sent you an email.

2bbae No.31399


Thank you! Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I'll respond to it tonight!

42e1b No.31413

PokeAnon, trust me. Looking at what you can do, I'll say you have a much shorter/easier path to getting back in the drawing saddle than I do.
Mpreg isn't my thing, but at least you draw it well!

49eca No.31419

For mpreg do you prefer dick birth or anal birth?

2bbae No.31420

Thank you!

Neither! my "mpreg" is actually kind of not truly mpreg. I prefer them to have birth canals at the least or just be cuntboys at the most.

d1e83 No.31421


Is there one missing? And holy cow this was cool to see. I'll have to bug you for something like this…

2bbae No.31432

The last one was posted somewhere else on pregchan! A couple of my pieces have done that.

49eca No.31433


Are you cool with Pokémon preg or only human preg?

2bbae No.31443

I like Pokémon pregnancy as well! I'm kinda mildly into furry? Like furry isn't a turn-off even if it's not something I always actively pursue.

2bbae No.31444

File: 1501973384323.png (301.01 KB, 800x800, $pregnant beret.png)

A completed $5 commission!

2bbae No.31445

File: 1501973430773.png (208.9 KB, 800x800, discord gimme_sympathy.png)

And another completed commission

14b0b No.31448


I'm a little hard up for cash at the moment, but there's definitely going to be a time in the future where I'd jump on a commish from you.

In the meantime, though, might I be able to interest you in a trade? Story for a pic, or maybe a pic that you'd like a story snippet written for?

2bbae No.31449

I'd have to finish the paid commissions first and even decide what I'd want in return, but you've been pretty supportive of me, so I wouldn't mind doing this sometime! Go ahead and give me an email, just as a sort of placeholder?

14b0b No.31450


Do you have a Deviantart or Furaffinity account? Best way to reach me would be to drop me a line there. If not, send an email to doombeez(at)gmail(dot)com. I don't check that often, but I'll give it a look if I'm expecting a message.

82b0d No.31452

I sent an email (or two) and was wondering if you got them.

49eca No.31456


These are hot and cute! Thanks for doing your thing!

2bbae No.31457

I kind of abandoned my DA years ago and I don't really have a furaffinity (I probably could make one and do well on it though, huh) - I'll contact you later!

I'm not on all day every day, but I should be responding within three days of an email unless there's an IRL emergency!

Thank you for the praise!!

82b0d No.31458

My apoogies then.

14b0b No.31468


Apart from everything else, FA is a great place to drum up business for kink art commission. Furries tend to pay their content creators very well. :)

1b1ec No.31472

10/10 Great Stuff!

2bbae No.31894

File: 1502929279517.png (138.29 KB, 800x800, $Charles Flannery birth.png)

Completed commission!

2bbae No.31895

File: 1502930465353.png (260.4 KB, 800x800, $Zlash Blair.png)

A quickie commission!

99f44 No.31931

Who are they?

99f44 No.31932

Are they supposed to have females giving birth I mean come on I don't take commissions but I can I pay you?

2bbae No.31952

That's Wally and Flannery, both from Pokémon.

Your sentence is a little… wonky… so I'm answering to the best of my understanding.

Sometimes I draw females giving birth, sometimes I draw "men" (really, hermaphrodites or cuntboys) giving birth, sometimes I get distracted and just draw cute and charming pregnant people. You can, in fact, commission me if you're willing to wait a couple weeks for me to finish it (I have a pretty seizable list of them to finish).

99f44 No.31954

I mean how? Do you take requests?

2bbae No.31961

Email me! I have my email in this thread.

99f44 No.31964

How can I email you?

49eca No.31976



99f44 No.31981

Which one the app? On the computer? Do you take requests?

2bbae No.31989

Just… email me?

And no, no requests, just commissions! I draw only for myself for free :'D

99f44 No.31991

I email already but what is your icon?

49eca No.32006

Are you ok for more commissions PokeAnon?

2bbae No.32012

My icon is my sister's very cross-eyed cat!
I am! It'll probably take me two weeks give or take to clear out my entire queue, but I wouldn't consider that too long of a wait compared to usual.

82b0d No.32017

Oh my gosh that cat is adorable.

49eca No.32141


I didn't notice it somehow can you post it here?

82b0d No.32156

File: 1503507017052.jpg (56.27 KB, 640x638, 94206b74-2f88-4cca-b9e5-72….jpg)

49eca No.32528

Pokéanon what's other between a human being pregnant with a Pokémon baby or a Pokémon being pregnant with a human baby?

49eca No.32531



ed99a No.35451

File: 1510528838412.png (664.97 KB, 900x900, $brendan may.png)

Some art I commissioned off of PokeAnon.

ed99a No.35452

File: 1510528898523.jpg (82.16 KB, 900x900, gallade birth.jpg)

ed99a No.35455

File: 1510532389059.png (463.04 KB, 900x900, straining gardevoir.png)

99f44 No.35457

Would you draw Delia Ketchum giving birth to ash?

2bbae No.35458


I'll take that commission, yes. Email me.

ed99a No.35470


Not >>35457 but if you draw this I want to see it!

99f44 No.35473

What are you talking about?

ed99a No.35478


If PokeAnon decides to draw Delia Ketchum giving birth to Ash I really want to see it.

99f44 No.35480

You can see for $15

82b0d No.35556

Are you still taking Commission? I tried contacting your commission account but got no reply.

7d7ec No.35562

Hey PokeAnon, out of sheer curiosity, are you on Discord at all? I know a server where some of the other artists of the community hang out (and you can advertise for commissions there too, if you want).

In the meantime, your art is awesome as always.

2bbae No.35566

I should have replied to everyone I received a message from.
Yeah, I am! I would like that, actually.

7d7ec No.35577


Cool. The address for the server should be discord.gg/fZbAd5b (it's just called The Nation, based on the ImpregNation dA group, but it's a nice little preg community hangout).

82b0d No.35579

I sent another email…. did you change emails for business?

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