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File: 1501279742704.png (387.93 KB, 1000x1100, 63198873_p0.png)

d3774 No.31161


He retired from making art and gave us an archive linked above

So, post what you can guys

09c01 No.31162

File: 1501281419905.jpg (72.41 KB, 373x281, 4121422325_fd74319092_o.jpg)

He'll be back. They always come back.

faa02 No.31163

$20 says his mom discovered his "hobby" and made him quit.

351f8 No.31167

Plenty of artists and content producers quit. Because we treat them like utter shit.

25f95 No.31168

You're an awful person

I made this thread in honor of ChirsGuy

And you're treating his retirement as a joke

09c01 No.31169

To be fair, it *is* kind of hard to take it seriously when a 17 year old kid announces he's "retiring".

db490 No.31170

I know right?
"Boy, I have save states in classic video games on emulators older than you."

cf8d2 No.31171

Alright, but he can say something like that because he actually DID something. If you wanna rag on him then go produce something yourself and say "mine's better, they didn't try hard enough/aren't serious about it"

Until then, just be happy someone else is doing work for you.

3dde1 No.31172

Yup. I remain on the outskirts of things. And still felt people being like this towards me.

Maybe one day my caring for drawing will return and I'll draw something. Till that day, I'll enjoy my short break that changed into a long break.

c6151 No.31173


79cfc No.31175

Best wish to ChrisGuy, you will be missed in this community.

71c8c No.31177

He's in a better place now, away from people like us.

25f95 No.31184


Enough drama, let's get to posting

731dd No.31201

Even Maiesen is planning to stop drawing right now.

Man, we really lost a tonne of artist in this community.

465b2 No.31205

That's kinda where I am too.
I'm not going to lie and say that I am an artist. I'm quite far from it. I just got burnt out animating and editing.
I just don't get the same satisfaction producing content for this community anymore.
Not everyone, but a large group of the edit thread just spam image after image without really thanking anyone, and with these immature spammers occasionally coming in and de-railing the thread, I don't feel it's worth me posting. (That's just my opinion. Don't start any wars with me.)

There are far better editors and animators out there than me so I'm returning to "fan level" so I can admire what's produced from a distance rather than produce stuff.

Tying into what Chris was saying in his journal post, I can agree with it. I can't seem to draw anything anymore without it becoming either fetish related or explicit.
Thus, I need a "long break".

351f8 No.31206

I'll say it again.
What "community"?

65506 No.31207

I said no more drama

I made this as a tribute

NOT an argument

09c01 No.31210

I don't know why you're pushing this meme that everyone here is rude and ungrateful. Other than that one clown that always asks for "Tinkerbell in full nude" in the draw thread, I don't find that to be the case at all.

The ratio of requesters to editors is always going to be high. If someone is actually spamming, report them. Also, the best advice I can give is to do these things first and foremost because you want to. Doing them expecting lavish praise and e-fame in return is a recipe for disappointment.

It's not an argument, it's a discussion.

465b2 No.31212

I wasn't doing it for fame, I was doing this because I enjoyed it. I just got annoyed by the rudeness of the requesters.

5a928 No.31213

considering the reason he posted on his da

he either went full sjw or got a girl, tried smashing but couldnt get it up

faa02 No.31223

Probably the latter

47c51 No.31240

Isn't someone gonna post something from the archives?

674ce No.31273

You linked it, why don't you?

0e394 No.31277

It won't open for me for some reason

47c51 No.31310

Doesn't anyone care about this thread anymore

bff4c No.31311

I don't think it's that nobody cares. It's just that a discussion was had and resolved, people who wanted the art got it, and that's the end of the story. What more is there to do?

47c51 No.31312

Oh i don't know…


If you're gonna ask why I don't do it refer to >>31277

875a9 No.31313

So you started the equivalent of an online funeral with the ulterior motive of getting the guys works. Then when all the reflection is over and done you wonder why no one cares anymore just because you didn't get what you want.

Now I see why you kept interrupting valid discussions as to why he retired and the states of other artists, it's just because you didn't care about the event itself and wanted the files.

You've said in >>31168 that you made this thread in honor of chrisguy3. As you can see, I am having trouble believing that when you emphasize on how no one posts images from the archive and are now throwing a tantrum. Makes me think you only valued him for his work.

You should have just straight up asked for help with obtaining the archive from the first few posts instead of assuming people would play into your hands or would bother reading your mind.

47c51 No.31314

Fine, I see nobody cares about ChrisGuy anymore

Could someone delete this thread so I don't have to live in shame

351f8 No.31319

I have no idea why you were expecting people here to care about artists in the first place. Especially artists that cut off the stream of free content.

faa02 No.31321

It's like paying for a stranger's funeral thinking the family will hand over a multi-million dollar inheritance out of gratitude.

351f8 No.31322

Thus, only replace 'family' with 'complete strangers on the other side of the country'.

db490 No.31323

This thread should exist forever as a sign of what not to do.

be8a3 No.31412

Where are the mods so that they can make this happen?

cdd3b No.31477

File: 1502066504252.jpg (88.53 KB, 921x831, 1vuAEQg.jpg)

>the community isn't rude and ungrateful guys i swear
>this entire thread

c6151 No.31484

edgiest thread this side of the Mississippi.

>>31477 it's really only like 6 threads, and the occasional pour over into new threads like this.

To all artists:
if you are sick of a lack of appreciation, and you're already well known, just start making commission threads when you feel you want to do a bit of editing/drawing.

or if you're really sick of unappreciative twats, but still like the chan, just do what us talentless peons do. Post publicly available content to your favorite threads. (or private content, though you're liable to spark a shit storm like this one)

2e545 No.31493

Settle down, guys. I know you wanted to pay tribute to an artist who left the community, but there is some backstory to this.

As we all know, the two subjects Chris drew the most were SpookyDice and PreggoMyEggo (although I don't think he ever drew them looking anywhere close to how they might have looked irl). Apparently he made some images that crossed some lines with at least Eggo (haven't heard Spooky's take on it) and he got some serious backlash for it (he never posted them on dA, but they ARE in the archive).

Now, I'm not going to try to defend him beyond the fact he probably just let the hormones run his brain a little too much. He still fucked up pretty bad, and I believe he realized that, hence why he retired.

Mods, do with this thread as you will.

81ca0 No.31539

You know, its shit like this thread and the video of the mpreg cockbirth on the frontpage of /r/ that makes me and other people in the community not want to use this website

62f58 No.31548

Then don't.

7bb98 No.31575


Just don't click the link if it bothers you so much. This is a big fetish community with different things in it that will not necessarly be your thing.

d3774 No.31708

Quick update, we have a week left to download the art in the archive so let's kick this thread into overdrive



eb072 No.31723

I liked ChrisGuy's stuff as much as the next guy but the link of all his art and more is right there.
Just download it.
Thread over.
Nothing more to discuss.
If you can't download it then use a different browser. If it still doesn't work then tough luck.

The dude got into some trouble and is now suffering the consequences. Let it be.

If you want to find his super old stuff that isn't in his collection then I suggest google and some patience.

81ca0 No.31753

theres a difference between hyper mpreg and live-action watching someones cock split open with yellow liquid pouring out

6b140 No.31758

After looking through that archive, I can see why Chris retired. I'm going to assume that Spooky and Eggo weren't too thrilled about some kid drawing himself fucking their brains out and turning them into sex slaves.

As for the posting of images, his old art is pretty bad, and all of the good stuff is on his twitter and pixiv. There's probably some good stuff on this site too.

8528c No.31970

Well, good job Pregchan

Chris is gone now and the only thing that he made that's on this thread is the header

He erased everything, all his accounts are gone, the Archive is inert, we have nothing left

Good job Pregchan, a god is dead and his legacy is all but forgotten

8528c No.31971

You're right, what community ignores the death of a god

5cfb5 No.31972

If everybody else downloaded the archive, then there isnt anything to worry about.

8c546 No.31974

I'm wholly confused by this thread. Who is this artist and what happened now?

eb936 No.31977

FossilDiggerPregchan wanted us to post this artist's work so he wouldn't have to download the archives himself. He tried to make it seem like it was a mourning/honoring the retired and got super upset when people actually had a discussion instead of posting art.

8528c No.31980

I couldn't open the damn archives

Go ahead mods, ban me and remove my shit thread

15015 No.31983

Okay, I'm curious. And this thread is hilarious. Anybody wanna reupload the archives? I wanna see the art that this fuss is all about.

And dude, if you just had been honest and asked people to share his art I'm sure somebody would have. Your overdramatic flailing is a hilarious as it is unnecessary. Just chill, learn some humility from your mistakes, and move on.

eb936 No.31985

I'll share my copy of the archives with you. Send me a note on DA if you have one. I'm Phuzzych1n on there.

8528c No.31986

First off, I'm sorry for not being honest to everyone here, I'm just anxious to see all the new stuff in the archive

As for your question, as I said before I couldn't get it to open for me, and from what people who saw the archive said it isn't much special, a lot of old stuff, some of his recent pre-retirement stuff, along with some never before seen art

eb936 No.31988

Lol, so you don't have winrar or something on your computer? I'll be honest, the outburst you had makes me feel like the archive should be kept secret.

db490 No.31997

I get weird vibes whenever people call this a community.
Chill with the collectivism, bro. The Chipmunk does that shit.

62f58 No.32005

What are you even talking about?

674ce No.32013

> death of a god

Jeez, kid. Don't act like this or you'll make people mad at the artist by association with your bullshit.

8c546 No.32036

After pouring over the evidence and timeline of events in this thread, I agree, it should be kept for future generations.

78342 No.33245

File: 1505686020634.png (388.97 KB, 1200x1000, Georgia_lazy1_fin.png)

My two cents on this entire thing: Chris was a kid when he started. As he got older, he did what a lot of kids do as they age, and made mistakes. Made the people close to him upset (understandably, some of those pictures made even ME of all people uneasy… )but his apology still felt very half-hearted and not well thought out. But my understanding is that it was not demanding fans or followers being douchebags, but rather his own actions causing him to lose friends (especially as one of them ended up pregnant irl and he apparently sort of didn't deal with that in the most mature way…)and sort of bowed out as a result of that.

HOWEVER. As an author, I can say that creating any form of art of any nature, fetish-y or otherwise, takes a lot more time than people believe. My friend is an artist, and I've seen it take him 2 hours to nail down a general line-art sketch. Not including coloring, shading, details, all of these things taking even more time than the earlier steps in order to create a quality product. On the writing end of things, a piddly, short story of only 1000 words can take me 4 hours easy. Some of my works don't even get to the supposed "good stuff" until that point, or even later, because I'm trying to provide the good stuff for my fanbase. Now that I've started a patreon, people actually pay me to continue making my dark, birth-y tales.

This leads to a conundrum. I would like, someday, to write a proper book. Do actual work that I can show to my friends and family without being ashamed of it on some level (yes, social conditioning even gets to me…)But with each story requiring an entire day to properly finish, some even longer, not including the incentives for my supporters due, which I have to balance because god forbid I so much as slow down the free content for fear people get mad at me, where does the time then come from to work on higher goals? Do I accept that I'm just going to write birth fics for peanuts for the rest of my days for an audience that, by and large, would faintly miss me if I vanished off the face of the earth? These are the questions that leave me losing sleep and make it hard to eat at times.

This said, I still enjoy my work, my fans are (mostly…)decent enough people up to this point. I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. But I say all this to point out that, regardless of if it was the real reason behind his leaving or not, it's a valid point to make. Sometimes doing this work is exhausting mentally and emotionally, and while filling someone's niche just right can be deeply satisfying, it's still frustrating, at times, to realize how much work you've sunk into something that you're honestly not going to be able to look back on and show off, to let your kids or grandkids know "Hey, back in my day, I was a pretty popular smut writer by the name of MuchBirth!" (well, maybe my grandkids, once they think I'm going crazy…).

As for all the stuff about posting his art here, yes, I have it downloaded, and no, I'm not going to blow this thread up with it. And yes, it's not like Chris died, I'm sure he's still going to draw, and who knows, someday he may even come back and do more preggo art. But this is a phenominon that will, to one degree or another, have been formitive. Very much so, exposing him to friendship, intamicy, emotional conections, physical lust, anger, hurt, betrayal. This isn't the passing of a life, nor the "death of a god" (psh, hardly…) but this is a reflection of pain. Very strong, very real, and tragic in it's own right.

And so, in accordance with OP's (rather selfish…) request, I'll honor one of the people who helped inspire my own works by sharing a single picture. My personal favorite.

A young woman, full enough to be on the cusp of labor, dressed casually, ven still in her socks, entertaining herself as best as her weeb nerd nature can. I think there's a lot in this picture that is sweet in it's clean, almost cute way, with an underlying eroticness, and understanding that in a short amount of time she's going to have to open her legs wide and push that baby out, and her entire life will change from that moment forward, if it hasn't already. But before all of that, there's just this girl, in a dark room, dressed for comfort, watching Kill La Kill.

Hope you find whatever peace you seek, Chris.

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