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Continued from >>420. Post about pregnancy-related vidya and online adult-oriented games.


Violated Heroine:

Tainted Elysium (Alpha): http://www.atticusarc.com/

Carnal Souls (Alpha):

Nimin Fetish Fantasy:
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473c8 No.51424

No, you need to rename all the characters, change the setting to America, and replace all rice balls with hamburgers, or else I'll feel lost and confused.

edf75 No.51425

5dedf No.51428

sorry to ask this
how to use those translate file?
just put them in the data file?

b5e37 No.51429

File: 1546585672505.png (382.61 KB, 640x480, working_title1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Oh hey that's one of the games I offered to translate.

It may win the next poll once I'm finished with the monster sized game: Anera

btw hows this for the title, there wasn't much I could do to stylize it unfortunately

cf135 No.51432

The game comes with a file called "Game.rgss3a". Download a decrypter for it (first result on Google with "rgss3a decrypter"). With it, open the .rgss3a file and click on Tools->extract all files. This will give you an Extract folder with two folders, Data and Graphics. Delete Game.rgss3a (or store it somewhere else in case you fear screwing up) and put the two folders in the game's folder, then copy the files from the translation patch into Data, replacing if asked.

bdd68 No.51434

The writing is a bit too small I think

01952 No.51438

Increase the size of the subtitle.

d04f4 No.51454

File: 1546645317580.jpg (252.85 KB, 1920x1080, Tekken 7 Screenshot 2019.0….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

d04f4 No.51455

File: 1546645361104.jpg (241.74 KB, 1920x1080, Tekken 7 Screenshot 2019.0….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

d04f4 No.51477


Good for you!

2e094 No.51489

Wait did i forget to mention that the link is the mod on the pic?..

b5e37 No.51501

Ok, so far I figured out her last name is actually Charn and the MC mistakes it as chan. That's why the MC begins calling her that.

The first option feels awkward because the whole honorifics thing is never brought up anywhere

I think I can do a combination of 2 and 3 now because the MC would just be calling Paruka by her first name and not something like Ms. Charn

b5e37 No.51502

File: 1546720691589.png (384.12 KB, 640x480, working_title2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Also, here's the new title I've made

b56a2 No.51509

>pregnant women beating the shit out of one another

i don't know how to feel about this, but i support your endeavors nonetheless

well done

473c8 No.51510

01952 No.51515

The subtitle seems a little squished. I don't think you really need it to fit within the tower.

First one to have her water break loses.

cf135 No.51521

If you feel you really need the subtitle to fit inside the tower you could format it like

b5e37 No.51524

I was just trying to make it match the original as much as possible, the subtitle for that one was super small

21b77 No.51567


okay seriously. what game is this, cause in another thread there is this image


this has to be from something. what is it called

01952 No.51568

b5e37 No.51612

File: 1546998333124.png (28.02 KB, 213x216, alulun.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Translation report:
Going through all the events is a huge slog, so I'm working on the maps to make it more bearable for myself
I've translated a fourth of all the maps and I've finished the prostitution event for the old man

Also why is this plant loli enemy t-posing

b1d94 No.51735

Had a chance to play through this recently. The menus and items/accessories you can buy have translations, but not the actual text. It makes for a somewhat confusing game, but here's what I can tell about the plot.

1. You are Hazumi, and you've recently moved to a new country.
2. You wish you had money to buy chocolate and baum cakes from the convenience store.
3. A friend suggests the best way to make money is through prostitution. The country has a declining birth rate, so the "take your kid and raise it" political party came to power, made prostitution legal, and any girl who gives birth will get a lot of money for carrying a kid to term. The government will then take the kid and raise it so girls are encouraged to pop out as many kids as possible.
4. The friend is also really pregnant. (She has no portrait, and the sprite doesn't indicate this.)
5. Meanwhile, there's a once-every-ten-days debt collector who comes and takes money from you.

So the game revolves around your character prostituting herself. She uses a 'dating app' to find a guy with traits or not (things like "likes kissing" or "hates dark nipples" or "premature ejaculator") and they offer different rates. You have sex with them, and you can either have a long drawn out scene where you select sex acts from a menu, or you can skip it. (It's much more worth it to play it out, because otherwise you barely get any money.)

The game operates in that Hazumi has a certain amount of 'AP'. It takes 3-4 AP to prostitute herself, and 1 AP to do most of anything else. (1 AP to take a bath, 1 AP to squeeze her breast milk out, etc.) In the early game you barely have any AP. How do you get more?

1. Buy cakes and sweets from the convenience store and eat them, and Hazumi will have more AP the next day.
2. Buying certain furniture (a better bed, a better shower with hot water) will give her more AP because she's sleeping better, etc.
3. Going to sleep intentionally before you use up AP helps you carry it over to the next day.

Besides that, Hazumi has a 'charm' rating. I'm not sure exactly what the relationship is, but the higher it is, the more clients seem to pay you for prostitution and the easier it is to satisfy them. You get more charm by buying jewelry to wear, or by buying more furniture.

Did I mention when the game starts, Hazumi lives in a bare house, with just a tiny futon, a bucket to wash clothes, and a bath tub? Getting money means you can buy her furniture so that she actually has a house to live in. And the more furniture you buy, the more 'charm' she gets. Don't ask me how that works, exactly. I guess the implication is if you buy an actual kitchen set to cook food, Hazumi isn't just eating cakes from the convenience store anymore, so she seems more charming? Or maybe she has more confidence because she's given the room she lives in a carpet and a table to sit at instead of just a big empty room.

The game keeps track of Hazumi's menstruation status and what phase she's in. Including when she menstruates. The game stops short (unfortunately?) of depicting her dealing with actual blood or anything and you can still prostitute as normal. (Though some people have the "likes menstruation" or "hates menstruation" trait.) The only real consequence of menstruating is sometimes Hazumi announces it's "particularly heavy," and you lose AP unless you take a painkiller.

The game gives you a lot of ways to avoid pregnancy if you don't want to deal with it. Contraceptive pills are apparently illegal, but you can ask your partner to wear a condom on 'dangerous days.' (Then you, the player, chooses if they actually do it or not.) Even then, you can wash yourself out in the bath to lower the chance, and even if you do get pregnant, you can go to the OBGYN and ask for a 'treatment' to halt the pregnancy. Hazumi seems hard-wired to be nervous/anxious about actually getting pregnant, though you can choose to have her decide to carry it. There's little scenes here and there as she reacts to getting bigger, but that's about it. (There is a birth scene.)

Besides prostituting, there's two part time jobs you can do. One is just a simple job of stocking merchandise at the convenience store, which doesn't require a minigame and the boss will just pay you a certain amount in exchange for you AP you have left that day. The other job is working as a maid cafe waitress. You talk to customers, they tell you what they want, you get it from the other worker and serve it to them. You get 'combo' bonuses if you let the orders stack up and then fulfill them all at once to make it more like a memory game. Certain customers will also ask you for sex or to drink your breast milk if you're lactating. They might give you a tip, but otherwise I think it just counts as giving them a normal order, and you can say 'no' and then they'll order something else.

Besides that, the game reaches a point there's not a lot to do after you see the first scenes… You can measure yourself day-to-day or as often as you like, but after a while it feels like it doesn't really matter. Of course Hazumi's waist balloons when she's pregnant, but does it really matter if she has an 88 bust or an 89 bust? The portrait only changes for pregnancy, and I couldn't find any obvious correlation between doing something like eating a lot of food and seeing if she gets fatter or starving herself and seeing her get slimmer. It just seems to fluctuate randomly and only by a few cm, so what's the point? Maybe to give the player some idea of her dimensions when she's pregnant? That's about it.

There's an option to keep your baby and raise it that I found opens up after you have your first kid, but you have to pay 1,000,000 yen for it. (Around $10,000, the most costly furniture item is around $4,000?) Not sure how that changes the game.

There's a 'slum' you can visit and buy illegal medicine like contraceptives, and there's a path where some lowlife student at your school discovers it and blackmails you with it into having sex, but I'm not sure how much that changes anything other than something that takes away 1 AP a day.

There is one innovation that separates this game from the Violated Heroine way of keeping track of pregnancy: the game differentiates between Hazumi being fertilized and impregnated, and the embryo implanting into her uterus. It's possible to have sex on a dangerous day, get 'fertilized' and have the game count Hazumi as 'impregnated,' and she'll even miss her period, but she won't get pregnant because the embryo didn't implant in her wall. That's a little detail I was surprised to find out, and it confused me when I first played until I realized what was happening.

That said, it's relatively easy to get pregnant, even without buying any of the expensive 'ovulation/implantation' medicine. Just keep having sex on dangerous days, have the guy cum inside you a lot, then go to sleep without washing it out. It may take a while, but it's bound to happen that way.

I'm not sure what else is left to do other than that. There's a separate 'money' system where you can sell your breast milk for 'points' at the OBGYN, and then use those points to buy 'advanced biotechnology' that will do things like tell you when you've been fertilized, but I'm not sure if it actually opens up new paths, or what. The game also seems to hint there might be a path if you get pregnant at the exact same time as your schoolfriend, but I'm not sure if that's a tease at real content, or just interaction for the sake of interacting. Most of the time the schoolfriends just say the same line, it only changes if you're pregnant.

All in all, it's fun and interesting, but doesn't quite mash the fetish button enough for my tastes, I thought. YMMV.

If you need help with the prostitution sex scenes, here's what you do:
1. Get access to the pharmacy, buy 'lotion'. It's cheap.
2. Start the scene, use 'lotion' from the medicine menu.
3. Hazumi gets turned on by her breasts being groped, sucked, or her nipples played with. This usually doesn't turn on the guy. Hazumi will also get turned on by kissing. It's not necessary for Hazumi to be turned on except if she needs to become wet so the guy can fuck her, but using lotion bypasses that requirement.
4. Alternate between fucking the guy, sucking him off, and titfucking him. If the guy is 'satisfied,' the scene will end before the timer reaches zero and you earn bonus pay. It's worth extending to get this. What 'satisfies' the guy isn't necessarily just cumming a lot. Try having him cover your body in cum, or fill your mouth with cum to the point it dribbles out your chin, or fills your pussy so much it overflows.
5. If you get a guy with 'premature ejaculator' choose him, because they are super-easy to satisfy. They cum really quickly, really fast, and after a few times, they're done.
6. It is possible to have Hazumi cum if you really work at it, but I didn't see any special dialogue or result from it.

There's not much challenge after that. The 'debt collector' comes so slowly and asks for so little money it's really easy to meet that goal. I don't even know if you get a game over for failing to have the money. So just fill your house with more furniture.

If you get a desk and 'do your homework' every day, you also get a charm bonus due to having 'more confidence'.

There's a "see birth statistics" accessory you can wear, and it will tell you what NPCs are pregnant, can become pregnant, and how many kids they've had. I don't know if this actually opens up any paths or is just a little fun 'aside' as you realize the 'old woman' in the OBGYN clinic is pregnant.

One thing I felt was missing from the game is that although Hazumi prostitutes herself, can have sex with cafe patrons, be blackmailed by that one guy, and there are a few unique prostitution clients, she never really has sex because she wants to have sex or have sex for love… kind of disappointing, but I guess if that was possible the game might become NTR? Whatever.

The programmer continues to release content and seems to be working on translating more of it to English, so I will update if anything changes.

e55b6 No.51747

Hmm so there will be translation soon. Great, I dont understand the mechanics even the premise was that simple

e55b6 No.51748

Oh yes, anyone can help me? I've finished this game but obviously I'm missing lots of scenes. I only managed to make Caldera (The pirate girl) pregnant, besides Lizette ofc.

Maybe some walkthrough (I cant understand the one from the dev's blog, the machine translation sucks) or share the savedata of this game?

b1d94 No.51886

Continuing: I discovered the game does have an ending. If you save up the money to keep your child, you don't suddenly have a kid in your room while you do other things like some games with pregnancy. The game ends.

It's a surprisingly happy ending. It talks about how Hazumi faced many hardships of being a single mom, but she grew to know the joy of motherhood and raising a child… it's surprisingly happy and realistic. After that you get a new game+ and a shot of breast-feeding.

So as long as you keep giving up the kid, you can play forever and keep popping kids out.

(Realistically, since the game is modeling this as 40+ weeks passing for a pregnancy, eventually she'd graduate school and grow older, but such an issue isn't dwelled on.)

Cute little game. Hope the dev does more with it. It'd also be nice if it was explained just what the weird pregnancy drugs do. (The explanations are in English, but they don't do anything to really explain.) I wasn't sure, but after taking a few of them, suddenly I had a belly that swelled up to full-term at 12 weeks, and stayed that way until I was pregnant for over a year before finally giving birth.

01952 No.51905

There's a new game plus mode that let's you carry over stats and certain items, such as bio mods. The amount of charm carried over to each new game increases up to the sixth.

If you drink seven ramune the marbles turn into a candy that raises charm by 77 when consumed. You can only do this once.

Eat one dessert and two food/drink items, and AP will increase by two for the next day.

https://wiki3.jp/hadumi (Japanese wiki)

d30a4 No.52112

Fuck that game. It's obviously an inflation/weight gain game with the pregnancy as an afterthought. It even uses the same system to track character self image for being fat and for being pregnant which leads to some really weird shit.

b1d94 No.52471

No one mentioned "Ayura Crisis" yet? There's no pregnancy content, per se. She doesn't actually get pregnant and develop a bump or anything. But, she does talk about being impregnated, a lot. Practically all of the scenes where she's being fucked with a dick have her talking about getting pregnant, or outright begging the guy to knock her up. "Cum inside me…" "Impregnate me…" "I want a baby…" Not just once or twice. If she gets a dick in her vagina, the impregnation kink button is mashed, hard. This also happens in two scenes where she isn't actually having sex. She is strapped onto a VR machine that makes her think she's having sex, and starts crying out that she wants a baby. Or she's mesmerized by monsters she imagines as a lover and begs them to breed her.

That might not be enough for everyone, but I thought it deserved a mention. There's an english version that doesn't have a perfect translation, but it has a pretty good translation.

cf135 No.52482

File: 1548778221693.gif (1.98 MB, 390x205, Well there it is.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

>No one mentioned "Ayura Crisis" yet?
>There's no pregnancy content, per se. She doesn't actually get pregnant and develop a bump or anything.

b1d94 No.52491

Still deserves an honorable mention.

9b35f No.52584

File: 1549155775334-0.jpg (352.91 KB, 560x420, RJ210153_img_main.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1549155775335-1.jpg (233.49 KB, 1198x797, WS241387.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Just came across these two games which look as though they could be interesting. Both are by the dev 'Labratory' who seems to have a thing for pregnancy and slimes or tentacles.

Here's the first: Gizelle, Guardian of the Garden



The story seems to be that there's a town, secreted away from the world. In this town, people live in peace with tentacles. One day, the high priestess of the town (the lady with the staff) appointed the Main Character Gizelle to be the town's protector. As such, it is her duty to go around helping people out and solving problems, and possibly (probably) carry and give birth to a tentacle child (or children?).

Stand out points: isometric town/building exploration, different outfits, progression, the MC isn't the only pregnant character, and consentacles.

Someone wrote a review (in Japanese) of the demo, and posted it here with screenshots:

9b35f No.52587

File: 1549156851417-0.jpg (147.53 KB, 960x640, d_135261jp-004.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1549156851417-1.jpg (302.69 KB, 560x420, RJ228123_img_main.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1549156851417-2.jpg (154.25 KB, 958x638, WS990700.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1549156851417-3.jpg (160.65 KB, 958x638, WS990887.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


The second game is…

Tentacle Dungeon RPG: Rothbart's Trial



The story seems to be that you play as Shirley, an adventurer in training who kinda skipped out on training one day, was caught, and told to go enter the slime dungeon and serch for various items as training. Shirley gets quests from her mother and has to explore the dungeon to find the item/do the thing/complete the quest, while fighting off various slime foes.

Stand out points: The gameplay seems to be a 2.5 dungeon crawler like Legend of Grimrock or the Wizardry series, there's a lot of different sprites, clothing damage, progression, and different cgs depending on if Shirley is pregnant

Here's a review by the same guy that did the first one:

730d5 No.52599

Good post, my friend. Might try these later

f1054 No.52644

Any birth content in either? They seem interesting as is, but I'd like to know.

b5e37 No.52698

File: 1549425593907.png (979.09 KB, 958x723, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Progress report: I'm not dead, also I've translated pretty much the entire town(which is most of the work). Now I just need to translate the dungeons and several more events.

29c00 No.52705

Can't wait for this :D
Keep the good work up

b5e37 No.52817

File: 1549832764276-0.png (751.04 KB, 959x718, page1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1549832764276-1.png (827.66 KB, 959x719, page2.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1549832764276-2.png (831.72 KB, 959x718, page3.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1549832764276-3.png (803.3 KB, 957x717, page4.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

b5e37 No.52818

File: 1549833772825-0.png (849.04 KB, 961x717, page5.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1549833772825-1.png (856.87 KB, 959x718, page6.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1549833772825-2.png (849.74 KB, 963x718, page7.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1549833772825-3.png (824 KB, 963x718, page8.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

1cfbc No.52819

you're the hero we need, but not the one we deserve

edf75 No.52820

Uhh for the game endure and escape, I can’t download it because my computer will screech at me about what VIRUSES MAY BE IF I DOWNLOAD THE GAME

b5e37 No.52821

Are you downloading from the dlsite?

698d7 No.52824

Crossover nobody asked for

c763c No.52825

God, pregnant moe anthropomorphization of game development is great. Developers are always expanding projects unnecessarily, always pushing the due date back, always making you wonder if it'll ever come out at all. File sizes are getting ever larger and without modern technologies it wouldn't even be possible to deliver them. Some games are fully developed before the publishers cancel the big date and then they're just stuck there for decades until there's a leak. Every time you play a game that's so bloated it cam barely run just imagine the kind of labor put into it

edf75 No.52827

I tried going to the English patch link, but every time I try to start the game up it boots me out because it thinks that there are viruses in there and won’t let me continue

b5e37 No.52828

11edb No.52830

This is utterly spot on and I hate it.

edf75 No.52835

i downloaded the sd thing it wanted me to why does it keep asking me

b192f No.52836

What ever happened to seeds of fate anyways?

75e25 No.52839

Not sure, last time I heard anything about it was back in august.

b5e37 No.52845

??? I'm not sure what you're talking about

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