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Continued from >>420. Post about pregnancy-related vidya and online adult-oriented games.


Violated Heroine:

Tainted Elysium (Alpha): http://www.atticusarc.com/

Carnal Souls (Alpha):

Nimin Fetish Fantasy:
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a57e6 No.53815

That bug has been fixed ver

4dd94 No.53817

Thank you for clearing this out for me. By any chance, do you know if there is any point in eating in this game? Doesn't seem to affect anything…

73bcc No.53821

It will increase AP or the "healthbar" in the next day if u eat properly (or till her stomach full), so u will be able to do more work

01952 No.53829

Eat two food items and one dessert item for a large AP boost.

6c4c1 No.53873

File: 1551984552337.jpg (338 KB, 560x420, del.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Looking for this game if anyone has heard of. Links would be great since its quite an old game

ツン×ボテ! ~臨月エッチでこの子も私も愛してよねっ♪~
TsunxBote! ~Love me as well as my baby inside me!~


6329f No.53874

I've actually tried looking for that very game, myself. I hit a dead end when all the links on Anime-sharing had expired and there were no reuploads.

4dd98 No.53875

How did you manage to get 7? The most i was able to get was twins and that was only once.

6329f No.53876

The ovulation drug you get from the slums increases your chances. If you really want to try for multiples, get to the third trimester, save before getting a checkup at the hospital, and see the results. If it's only twins or less, you can reload and it'll essentially 're-roll'. Multiples aren't actually decided until up at that point.

Too bad Hazumi doesn't look any different if she's having twins or she's having octuplets, though.

4dd94 No.53877

>Multiples aren't actually decided until up at that point

Now I've had a different experience - the # of little ones is decided at the starts of each pregnancy, and stays consistent through it. Through save scamming and flames I've modified a mere twins into a single one and then into 8.

The (physical) size of offsing doesn't depend on anything really - the only variable seems to be the number of feti. The only thing that differentiate the pregnancy period of hazumi's life is the circumference of her belly and the # of liters she can pump out of her milk jugs (I've seen >6 litres per pop, lel)

45d97 No.53878

Is this the game itself?

6329f No.53894

>The # is decided at the start and stays consistent

But it literally doesn't. You can save before the doctor, get a boy one time, reload only to get a girl, reload again and end up with twins or more. I've done it!

01952 No.53898

For the Hazumi translation, what do you think would be a good term for each period between sleeping. The game has no consistent measurements of time which is frustrating me. The Japanese "コマ" just means frame, as in a frame of time or a panel in a comic book. I could use "frame", "cycle", "turn", "period", or something else.

6ad05 No.53903

when do you know that you got twins or not?

a57e6 No.53904

As you say, "coma" means the frame of cartoons in Japanese.
At the same time, it has a meaning as a "one scene".
So it may be good to make it a "scene".

a57e6 No.53905

Everyone has sad news.
With version and higher released in Japan, the number of fetuses is confirmed when pregnancy is confirmed, and it is impossible to reload before ultrasonic examination.

01952 No.53908

Thank you for helping.

The version on DLsite English is

6ad05 No.53910

is it possible if we use x-ray option only without examination to know she got twins?

4dd94 No.53911

M8, I have and just like I said you can save scum the impregnation -> pregnancy day shift for a bigger amount of feti.
Funny enough the fact and even quantity of taken ovulation/implantation drugs does NOT seem to affect shit, as I've taken literally dozens and still got 1 bloody baby, which later I've savescummed into a decaplets. The only help in this case is aphrodisiacs, as they increment the amount of jizz by an insane amount.

BTW the game is really low of preg content, therefore I'm requesting moar (like violated heroine, etc - gameplay WITH my fav fetish)

a57e6 No.53912

It is possible to check with the x-ray option after a message that Hazumi gets pregnant at sleep.
However, if it is twin or more, knowing its number is impossible without ultrasonography.

a57e6 No.53914

File: 1552042853387.png (1.05 MB, 1329x1010, スクリーンショット (28).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

As you are thinking, whether ovulation / implantation drugs are used or not is important, and the numbers used are meaningless.
By exchanging "PRM - SJ6J27" with breast milk at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, you can pregnant with additional pregnancy at the beginning of pregnancy by turning on the duplicate pregnancy flag.(I do not know what the English version is being translated)
However, duplicate pregnancy can only be done once.

8f9f1 No.53917

>low on preg content
>literally the most complex preg system, even more so than vh

I'm not even sure what else you want there moyt. Maybe different birth scenes though yeah, I'll agree with that.

4dd94 No.53919

File: 1552055388247.jpg (122.94 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


Perhaps there is a game from a slavemaster/harem guy's perspective? I think running a literal breeding program is more fun from a guy's perspective. Only my opinion thought.

The irony is that I'm actually a game designer myself, and could code some simple games with my own/your vision, apart from sprites maybe. But I live in an…interesting country, and for that could easily get a life sentence as a porn producer :/

6329f No.53927

What I do is wait until the third trimester, save, and then visit the doctor and accept the ultrasound. If her CG changes to the biggest belly left bare in the process of the checkup, it means you're having multiples. If it doesn't change, you're having one (but you can reload your save and try again for a different result.)

01952 No.53930

That game already exists. It's called Free Cities: Pregmod. It's primarily a management sim though. Development is being done on 8chan's hgg board.

8f9f1 No.53940

I just like how intricate and focused the pregnancy system is in Hazumi. Most games just have it as an ending or an afterthought.

6329f No.53944

File: 1552088805486.png (778.57 KB, 700x691, yandere2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Same here. Any game that bothers with, and actually has CG for the trimesters of pregnancy are fantastic in my eyes. If only her chest could change in accordance to her measurements, too. I've got quite the soft spot for characters getting noticeably bustier with pregnancy. The best I can hope for is that this keeps getting updates, which is why I actually paid money for it in a show of support.

Pic sort of related, it's from a VN, but this sort of thing is far rarer than it ought to be.

01952 No.53946

Hazumi is in continuous development like a Patreon game.


4078f No.53947

Intl Women's Day. Love a strong powerful woman. she asks me to get her pregnant.

8f9f1 No.53950

This pasta needs some sauce man.

01952 No.53959

Update: I just (mostly) finished translating the OB/GYN department. It's hard to get a good estimate for total progress because the common events .json contains stuff relating to the other map locations while also being mostly sex dialogue . i.e birth is in common events and not OB/GYN because Hazumi can also give birth during prostitution. I like the attribute system for prostitution. For example, a client could get highly aroused or storm out in anger if Hazumi suddenly went into labor.

Current Progress:
Percents are rough estimates. (AKA, I pulled them out of my ass.)

Items- 100% Done
Common Events/Misc.- 25% Done
Prostitution/Hotel- 50% Done
Hazumi's Room- 75% Done
Convenience Store- 100% Done
Pharmacy- 25% Done
Furniture Store- 50% Done
Cafe- 10% Done
Classroom- 5% Done
OB/GYN Department- 90% Done
Slums- 5% Done

6329f No.53969

File: 1552129608420.jpg (113.5 KB, 625x591, bunnygirl.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

That's from '[Norn] Yandere na Onee-chan ni Aishitsukusareru Kankin Seikatsu'.

This one is from '[Norn] Harem Fantasy~! ~Chuunibyou ga Yuusha ni Natte Osananajimi ya Hime, Maou to Amaicha H na Kozukuri Bouken~'

I have a handful of examples I've saved, but I haven't collected any more in the longest time. Too many as of late just add a belly to the character CG and change literally nothing else.

d249c No.53972

R u using the Translator++ program? I'm interested to help coz I like this program, but idk where to start

01952 No.53973

That depends, is English your first language, and how much Japanese do you know?

What I really need is someone who has RPG Maker MV and/or JavaScript experience, can help me make sure everything works once I finish the actual translation.

d249c No.53974

English isnt my first language and my Japanese is terrible

Welp, looks like there's so much to learn for me ._.

01952 No.53978

Now I'm curious, so what is your first language?

8f9f1 No.53980

Thanks for the source. I checked out the images and was disappointed to find it was just Norn stuff. They do pregnancy progression sprites yes, but they're still just hamfisted into their endings.

643dd No.53982

File: 1552142304454.jpg (85.47 KB, 800x450, ITM0176692_s12.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

An older game, but there is a character who is originally pregnant and have few good scenes. My personal favorite.


6b7cf No.53984

I'm from the nation with +62 as our phone number

6b7cf No.53985

I'd dig it in, but I'm more into RPG games, except…

…any birth scenes?

aef53 No.53994

Same here mate, +62857********
Haha.. Forgive me guys, Out of Topic.

6b7cf No.54012


01952 No.54014

Why does your president look like an asian Barack Obama?

ff9e0 No.54023

Well, that's because they're the same guy. Second era of obama is his double LoL.

It's okay brother. I'll haunt you in your sleep with a scythe to re-circumcise you once more. *smirk

Well on a serious note though, I really love this hazuki game. Shame I'm only a leecher here. I wish I could buy the original copy and give some 'walk-around-gift' for the translators here. Maybe some local liquor if you like? Hehe

Thank's guys for translating most of this game's interface.

01952 No.54036

The translation is being done just by me. I'm using the UI translation patch by yugifan3 from ULMF that is included in the DLsite English release. You can save your thanks for when I actually finish and release it. For all we know, I could disappear tomorrow and this never gets done.

6b7cf No.54050

File: 1552229931952.png (179.91 KB, 544x416, ●アンネル-妊婦結婚1-6.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Anyway, remember Annell & Fletcher? >>51041
I'm trying to translate the UI and the items

6b7cf No.54051

Dont expect some quality english tho, but I'll do my best

8f9f1 No.54052

Yeah, Kedama Qube games should be the best candidates for translation tbh. Good gameplay, good preg/birth systems, and good plot (as far as rpgmaker games go ofc).

9bba4 No.54055



edb0a No.54057

Hell Yea mate!

88e1c No.54058

By the way, I'm kind of curious if this 'Translator++ - Game Translation Tool' thing might work with this Hazumi game, or I need to also translate other files that correlates into anything inside the .json files?
Cuz if no need to do the later I think it'll be a good side project for me.

But damn that translator works in x64 only. My poor old machine is now 'expires'

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