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fee73 No.31607

2 days ago I posted an old drawing of this character of my comic to ask for criticism, now I post this one so what do you think. And now some context
She is Akimoto Chizuru, age 20 years old, she is halfway through her pregnancy, 1 human month 5 months in fox time. She's finally confident enough to get outside, it's a long story but the important thing is that the future looks brighter than ever.

d6810 No.31611

Definitely better. I think her eyes are a little small for her face size, or her cheeks are just too big. Also, it looks like her tail isn't connected to her body.

Just so you know, if you're going to keep posting your own drawings for critique you should keep them all in one thread.

fee73 No.31613

You are right, the eyes are a bit of, and I knew that the tail wasn't fine, thanks for highlighting it, oh and I'll make it just one threath next time thanks for the advice.

5558d No.31618

Hi! I just came here because I like foxes, but do you have a link to your older drawing? I'd be more than happy to provide constructive criticism.

fee73 No.31619

fee73 No.31620

Oh, and I love foxes to!

d6810 No.31623

So what's this comic about anyways?

fee73 No.31625

Well it's the story of the members of a bloodline and the events through their lives, basically jjba but different

5558d No.31633

To be honest, I do so a lot of improvements over your old drawing.

In my opinion, I think the eyes look alright. I also do believe her cheeks are too big, but it mainly has to do with the position of the nose. I suggest you grab a scratch sheet of paper, and try to sketch her face with her nose lowered. You might need to move her eyes down too.

Your skill at drawing clothes is real good. Other than that, its real good!

fee73 No.31635

Thank you I will take it into consideration the next time, because I'm coming with more

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