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File: 1505687805211.jpg (231.62 KB, 800x1813, Red ones 1.jpg)

8c0ea No.33258

Heyo fellow fetishists! I've noticed we have a lot of request threads. Edits, sources, even new art. But one thing we don't have is translation requests. There are SO MANY good pregnancy/birth/preg-adjacent works that, sadly, don't come from a place where English is the primary language, or maybe it IS and you just don't speak it. Well, for those multi-lingual masterminds that don't mind helping out us poor, simple-minded mono-speakers, this can be a thread where, like the other request threads, if a picture/story is not in the language you desire, you can ask and see if anyone is willing to help you out!


Do NOT assume that just because one piece gets translated that the person who did so is automatically required to translate everything you want them to. This is on a 100% voluntary basis, and it's if someone sees something they want to be able to read anyway, and wants to share that info, or if someone knows where it's already translated at, sharing a link to that place. If it's a couple pages long or not a proper series, post the pages, if it IS a self-contained package, try to just post a link to wherever it goes so you're not posting 30 pages of something that one link would have worked just fine on.

So, all this said, I'll kick it off with a request for a work by "hakosaku" that I have taken to calling "The Red Ones", about a strange parasite that the artist seems rather fond of, as they revisit it in a later series that I would also love to see translated. But let's see if we can get this one first. :3

8c0ea No.33259

File: 1505687844304.jpg (378.7 KB, 800x1682, Red ones 2.jpg)

Page two of five.

8c0ea No.33260

File: 1505687862737.jpg (460.38 KB, 800x2478, Red ones 3.jpg)

Page three of five.

8c0ea No.33261

File: 1505687886674.jpg (396.81 KB, 960x1875, Red ones 4.jpg)

Page four of five.

8c0ea No.33263

File: 1505687908637.jpg (585.13 KB, 800x2222, Red ones 5.jpg)

And the sweet climax. :3

83d58 No.36941

File: 1515257708111.jpg (1.12 MB, 1280x4478, 66657791_p0.jpg)

Here's a new one.

c6695 No.36943

How about this?
[幸せ共和国 (幸せのかたち)] かたしぶっ40週
[12CUT] わたしとかんとく
[Airily Steps] しょうがない妹
[Airily Steps] パンツを履いたら堕とされた
[Airily Steps] 人妻いとこに淫語を吹き込み孕ませるの図!!

That's all of my silly request for translations =P

83d58 No.36944

By the way, there's a browser extension called Copyfish OCR for Chrome and Firefox that works well on this kind of text.

7f1cb No.36954

I would love to see some more of Nurupon's works translated. As far as I know the only translated one is PonPon Sex Education.

Here are a few examples. I know they are rather long so I don't expect them to get done but I don't think they come up much.


b4b60 No.37092

File: 1515697191267.png (2.79 MB, 1280x4478, 66657791_p0.png)

Rough translation, too lazy to refine it

18b68 No.37108

While that squish is pretty great, I hope the guy making this picture moves on from his loli/pettanko with tan lines phase.
That's almost all he seems capable of drawing >_>

48986 No.37154

Can anyone please translate this:

(Hyperbirth / extreme)

Not looking for anything fancy, a simple text file will do. If poss, I would love the rest of the series too:


da37e No.37166

Could ya just post the actual link so it doesn't look like a malware trap?

48986 No.37184

3c3e3 No.37197

File: 1515970777904.png (965.84 KB, 1600x1200, 8b23062809ef553844404a182a….png)

No one asked for this, but I tried my hand at something.

This is quite literally JUST google translate (with the tedious act of drawing each symbol and making sure it's the correct one) and polishing the sentences up so they made sense in the right context. (Found out through another thread that google translate is apparently surprisingly accurate, for the most part. It puts you near where you want to be)
Is it correct? Mostly, I believe. It's at lease CLOSE to the original.
Do I have any way of knowing? Nah.

Anyway, it was fun to do, even if the results aren't 100% accurate.

68581 No.37233

File: 1516040128249.jpg (613.08 KB, 1102x800, Dominion-28545425_big_p0.jpg)

There's this Pixiv artist, Dominia, that has a large number of image sets on his page, and some of them have text and dialogue that I believe are in great need of translation.

I'll post the link later.

db04b No.37239

In my experience Google Translate is okay, it attempts to create sentences which means sometimes the translation is pretty inaccurate. I use it in bits combined with my basic Japanese

68581 No.37257

File: 1516062628501.jpg (726.13 KB, 999x1100, Dominion-28545426_big_p5.jpg)

22f61 No.37391

i posted this in a different thread already, but i figured it couldn't hurt to ask in this thread. anyone want to have a go at this?


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