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File: 1506269712474.jpg (3.8 MB, 3200x5000, 67b1bae7a6e9537d6f81a36071….jpg)

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The third hit its cap, as with the ones before it. So begins a new thread of delightful edits.

Same rules of common decency; Don't spam requests, be patient, be polite.

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662f9 No.38001

Why would we be grateful that you're being rude again?

5f8eb No.38008

File: 1517224847539.png (509.87 KB, 700x996, 1517090918542.png)

Here's my attempt, hope you like it.

5f8eb No.38009

File: 1517225074565.png (180.87 KB, 600x800, 1509859713434-edited.png)

And, along with it, my (hopefully) final attempt at getting this one all tidied up.

81e72 No.38010

Hmm… I think the angle of belly is unnatural.

77cb6 No.38011

Seems that you followed the position of the breasts when drawing the shape of the belly instead of the hips, resulting in a belly pointing sideways instead of more forwards.

You can refer to the position of the navel on the original to get an idea.

Though I understand that if you did that the hand would be in the way. Also, extra shading would be required especially to convey depth with a frontal shot like that.

Overall it doesn't seem like a very easy piece to do. I commend your efforts and urge you to try an easier edit where the subject is facing more to the side.

5f8eb No.38029

Yeah, that was a bit of a trickier one. Maybe I'll take some more shots at some easier ones here later.

20644 No.38041

Ehh, sorry but it still doesn’t look natural. Better than before, but still not right.

92846 No.38055

damn it, wrong thread, and of course I can't delete. Sorry.

c6ef8 No.38158

File: 1517442395272.jpg (174.67 KB, 1000x1437, 98cd362c530b7297b6ff1b1182….jpg)

Such tits need a nice belly otherwise they will never be useful.

6a275 No.38164

File: 1517452386587.png (758.48 KB, 777x1087, e898b2a842231fce7566705157….png)


0fcce No.38165

File: 1517453172150.jpeg (371.47 KB, 1520x1920, F54C4E0C-FC92-4770-BDC4-1….jpeg)

Can someone please give Corrin a nice 9 month bump with a popped outie? Editing Sakura is completely optional. Please and thank you!

735b5 No.38250

File: 1517611260309.jpg (844.72 KB, 1840x1080, Tinkerbell pain.jpg)

If someone could give Tink a fairly swollen tummy, that'd be great.

b0372 No.38258

File: 1517623722419.jpg (125.81 KB, 1840x1080, tink1.jpg)

b0372 No.38259

File: 1517623851289.jpg (125.59 KB, 1840x1080, tink2.jpg)

>>38258 2 of 3

b0372 No.38260

File: 1517623933209.jpg (125 KB, 1840x1080, tink3.jpg)

>>38259 3 of 3 enjoy

3aecd No.38261

all of these, god yes. :D

9e107 No.38262


This is really nice! Can someone edit this one to make it look like her water's breaking?

b0372 No.38264

File: 1517631057770.jpg (125.36 KB, 1840x1080, tink4.jpg)

735b5 No.38265

Holy shit, didn't think it'd get something like this. Almost feels like a still sequence, just without the facial expressions. Thanks a bunch.

91bfa No.38266

Best remove that before the rude anon with the word salad comes back.

735b5 No.38270

What now? Why would anyone complain about these?

ff130 No.38279

Wait, did >>38260 do something wrong? Is it bad to post a sequence on this thread?

ff130 No.38280

File: 1517663714331.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 15170117267629.png)

ff130 No.38282

Source for original artist?

b5076 No.38290

>>38280 It looks good, thanks.

59f77 No.38304

File: 1517697462434.jpg (257.9 KB, 850x961, IMG_4139.JPG)

Can I get a big belly on this please?

c889a No.38338

File: 1517752587981.jpg (1.98 MB, 4091x5935, __kurihara_mari_midorikawa….jpg)

Ive seen a decent edit of this before but I cant find it

34d54 No.38345

File: 1517758154943.jpg (118.25 KB, 726x1101, star_on_the_beach_by_wild_….jpg)

Edit plz

8b9b7 No.38354

File: 1517766704867.jpg (255.75 KB, 600x800, ad12a5c6fdb088963163200b47….jpg)

34d54 No.38370

File: 1517787231136.jpg (72.98 KB, 736x732, 7bed35d55be0e51e80df1878b0….jpg)

7d986 No.38378

Can you make them both pregnant?

2c275 No.38388

File: 1517838827812.jpg (56.48 KB, 730x1095, wiswp.jpg)

34d54 No.38393

a35c3 No.38394

The more you ask the less likely it'll happen. What are you, 12? Relax. Your life doesn't depend on this shit

0f487 No.38409

File: 1517882310052.jpeg (133.08 KB, 774x1000, pbeach.jpeg)

34d54 No.38425

File: 1517924989022.jpg (32.24 KB, 500x842, acddbe33062e50521df5398ff0….jpg)

Hey! Please, edit Tomoko as 9 months!
(Make she's slightly tucked up shirt)

5775b No.38430

File: 1517942708378.png (547.7 KB, 736x732, star edit.png)

5775b No.38432

File: 1517948180777.jpg (442.61 KB, 900x1273, trap marco preg.jpg)

did a edit of shadman

ccbd0 No.38433

Nice! I love how comically their bellies stand out.

ccbd0 No.38434

As a thumbnail it looks nice, but up close I see a problem with both line weight and smoothness. It's actually kind of green at the bottom of the belly curve…

5775b No.38437

File: 1517954858961.jpg (676.7 KB, 900x1273, fixed marco.jpg)

went at it again and I'm not sure if i got it?

04318 No.38468

File: 1517979316779.jpg (403.95 KB, 900x1273, 2017-09-29-latino-fuccboi-….jpg)

Wonderful edit of pregnant Marco. Will it be alright if this picture can be edit with a huge pregnant belly too, please?

27562 No.38471

File: 1517983581904.jpg (665.74 KB, 1661x1799, 1517742374685.jpg)

This is a weird request, and I should probably wait until next thread, but could someone put panties on her? White panties with pink frills and pink bow? i like panty birth

5775b No.38474

File: 1517999891884.jpg (562.62 KB, 900x1273, preg marco 02.jpg)

15759 No.38498

File: 1518045761061.jpeg (379.07 KB, 750x843, 073B24E4-2DDE-40C6-B8AF-7….jpeg)

Could someone please edit this photo and make her look 9 months with twins?

b0541 No.38499

File: 1518046428138.png (494.32 KB, 734x1088, request.png)

Could anyone get this?

6924d No.38513

File: 1518053510076.png (253.08 KB, 1025x913, 1514977311293.png)

6924d No.38515

File: 1518054715492.png (718.7 KB, 606x843, New Canvas.png)

94d0e No.38517

File: 1518055025853.jpeg (262.07 KB, 636x900, 2B3142D8-E9F9-4F2F-876D-C….jpeg)

Subject: Dawn

Franchise: Pokémon

Pregnancy Progress: 9 Months

Number: Twins

Extra Challenge: Move scarf and add nips + Remove panties

Shouldn’t be too much

6924d No.38532

File: 1518059009755.png (1.76 MB, 1893x2422, adsfasgasgasd (1).png)

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