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6923e No.33941

Welcome to The Legend of Vyrule Quest thread! Second thread has reached the bump after hiatuses, drama, and morally questionable voting. Here's some links to previous threads.

First Thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/86.html
Second Thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/7678.html
Discussion Thread: http://www.pregchan.com/b/res/15.html

"Instead of repeating all the rules and junk I’m gonna suggest that you read the previous threads to get caught up. The original thread’s opening has the basic premise, and new rules are introduced along the way. Hopefully they are a fun read. Now, onto continuing the next chapter!" -Houyo, May 9th 2015

6923e No.33942

As for catching up, here's the link to last chapter so people can get caught up. http://pregchan.com/d/res/7678.html#33211

Since the thread ended before we really got a chance to fully vote I'll leave it open for any last minute comments or votes.

1b02c No.33990

My vote was to drive off or recruit the young males without biting them (we've been there). More hands (paws?) to help out would be useful, meaning we can take a larger group with us when we head back into the temple. When we do split up take one of the two new wolfos with us so they don't plan anything without us there to see.
Goal: sex.

a56db No.33999

Option Three, no bites
Goal, Comfort

cdd19 No.34141

Heal up at the fairy fountain. Recruit the males, no bites, but once we're all set up and ready to go back into the temple, have the smaller of our girls mind our now hampered and wounded female, and the males and Alpha are to come along with you for extra muscle.

Comfort for now, we need to pull ourselves togher

bf09e No.34156

Y'all are no fun. The point is to spread our genes far and wide, right? That requires LADIES to pregger. :P

4f6a7 No.34157

I know. I get this is a CYOA, so we shouldn't make completely idiotic choices. But it's also a fetish CYOA. I feel like if some of these people dominated we basically would be playing basically a text RPG where we avoid pregnant content.

f79e8 No.34158

My only hangup about turning the two betas into girls is that I think we should do it later, after we've garnered a little bit more loyalty. And even then, that's only because I think doing it now would just waste our Sex points because we'd have to force it. I'm all for it otherwise.

fe198 No.34160

*shrugs* I'm just too empathetic. I wouldn't want to be turned into a woman and knocked up, so I wouldn't inflict that on others.

bf09e No.34177

Okay, that's actually a really good point.

6923e No.34218

File: 1507704595937.png (707.51 KB, 1366x768, Lost_Woods_(Majora's_Mask).png)

((Since we had the thread becoming full issue the votes were a little confusing, so this tally is what I'm running with.))

1> Beat them up 1
2> Have the pack attack 1
3> Befriend them 11
.> Bite them 5, Don't bite them 6

-Adventure 36
-Comfort 6
-Sex 23

You sit there for a moment and watch the spot they hid from sight. They weren't very threatening, and you didn't want to have to get into a fight that you didn't need right now. But maybe you wouldn't have to? After all, they may be victims of the curse as much as you are. You were once human, maybe they were too?

You think back to the events that caused you to end up like this. Your fight with the previous alpha and your current pack mates. You remember how the first bite transformed you into this nearly monstrous form, and how the second bite you received almost turned you into the previous alpha's new bitch. You shudder at the thought for various reasons, but as you remember it occurs to you that you may now in fact hold the same power in your bites.

That would solve the problem of leaving your pack mates safe to rest. Bite these two and turn them into more members of your pack! The thought of two more women to breed and watch grow heavy with your children is enticing… That might not make you any better than the previous alpha. Were you better, though? For some reason a small doubt sits at the back of your mind, but you push it aside. Yes, of course you are. You're at least not a mindless animal.

Which is why you're not going to attack them despite the growing tension in your jaws. Instead you try to make your appearance as non-threatening as possible as you wait to see if they show up again. You try to fill your voice with a friendly tone as you call to get their attention. You receive no response at first, but after the first few calls you see one of them slowly peek out to glance at you. He stares at you cautiously for a moment, curious to why you're calling. You reach out and motion for him to come closer. He seems skeptical, but eventually he steps out of his hiding spot. The other one peeks out as well, but he seems much less confident and tries to remains hidden.

You wave for him to come over while giving a friendly smile. He seems confused, but after a moment he begins to inch closer. You did leave him unscathed in your last meeting so he seems less wary of you than he might otherwise. Maybe the two of them were looking for more friendly wolfos? Friends in a cursed forest like this were likely hard to come by. Eventually he stops in front of you and curiously tilts his head. Unsure of what to really say or do you just sort of smile and wave towards the one still hiding. The one in front of you looks back before turning to look at you again.

Well, he seems to trust you. With the message that you're friendly clear enough you decide to turn around and head into the fairy fountain's entrance while you motion for them to follow.

Once inside you see the girls sitting around and relaxing, the heavily pregnant one soothing her aching body in the cool fountain waters. As you look about the cavern you notice the fairies still seem to be keeping themselves hidden. The girls turn to look at you as you enter, before growing tense as the see the two boys enter behind you. The two active girls snarl as they go into a protective stance. The boys flinch and begin to back away before you step between them and reach out your hands to calm the girls down. They seem confused for a moment, but a bit more coaxing causes them to stand down. Though they are far from relaxed as they watch the two new comers and sit near the pregnant one, just to be safe. You let out a sigh as you take the chance to relax and turn to look at your two new 'recruits'. They seem to be trying to relax as well, but are keeping to themselves near the cave entrance. Just to be safe.

You lounge about for a bit, but it's not long before the sense of unfinished business starts to gnaw at you. You've got the urge to get out there and start getting things done again. With your new friends you'll feel a lot safer heading back into danger while leaving some of the girls here to rest. They should prove useful one way or another, and if not…

You stop that train of thought before it can get too far and instead try to focus on a plan of action. Your first thoughts are to return to the haunted castle. Your original goal of trying to save that girl you saw still stands. You're unsure what they intend to do with her. None of them tried to posses her as far as you know. And of course there's two more ghost sisters to deal with too which with luck will help break the curse they unleashed upon the forest who knew how many years ago.

But you realize there were other options open to you as well. While you feel partly responsible for causing the girl to be taken you only just barely escaped with your life. And that was with three loyal companions at your side. The two wolfos boys may not be so reliable, and you'll be saving nobody if you're dead. Or worse. It may be wise to head back into the woods and potentially look for a way out. Or maybe even attempt to find a village where the girl had come from. After all she looked young, she couldn't have been living in the woods alone. And you do remember the queen saying there were people who lived here? Maybe they could provide you with some help. Though you still do look like a monster. It may help you while trying to travel through these woods, but it may hinder your attempts to engage with whatever society you find.

Or you could just… Stay here for a while. Obviously these wolfos know how to survive. Maybe living like this with them wouldn't be so bad? You do have a family on the way. Likely more than one too. If you ran off and died then the wolfos would have to fend for themselves with what may end up being a staggeringly massive group litter. Nobody could fault you for trying to be a responsible father, though could you really ignore the itch to get back out into the world?

-Seek Adventure.
-Find Comfort.
-Have Sex.

1> Head back into the castle.
2> Head into the forest and look for an exit.
3> Head into the forest and look for a hidden village.
4> Head back into the forest and explore aimlessly.
5> Settle down here and lead your new pack. (Starts next generation.)

Hearts: 3/3

RACE: Wolfos
-Leaping Power
-Tail Weak Point
-Wolfos Senses

-Alpha Wolfos Girl
-Short Wolfos Girl (Resting)
-Tall Wolfos Girl (Red Robed) (Injured) (Heavily Pregnant) (Resting)
-Skinny Wolfos Boy
-Nervous Wolfos Boy

-Animal Attunement: Able to befriend animals easily. (From Knocking up Mammaron)
-Arousal Aura: Able to tell when somebody is sexually open when horny enough. (From Goal: Sex 10)
-Ability Appraisal: Able to know what talents a person knows when adventurous enough. (From Goal: Adventure 10)
-Luminescent Light: Always able to light up the darkness. (From Knocking up Aura)
-Treasure Tracker: Instinctively know when treasure is nearby when adventurous enough. (From Goal: Adventure 20)
-Better Bruiser: Guaranteed win for a single fight with enough adrenaline. (From Goal: Adventure 30)
-Relaxing Rest: Able to secure a safe location to rest when in dangerous territory. (From Goal: Comfort 10)
-Submissive Surrender: Able to safely submit to a lusting opponent. (From Goal: Sex 20)
-Evasive Escape: Able to escape a hostile situation. (From Goal: Comfort 20)
-Absolute Allure: Able to seduce anything. (From Goal: Sex 30)
-Wolfos Womp: Improved sneak attacks. (From Knocking up a Wolfos)
-Alpha Wolfos: Increased Wolfos reputation. (From defeated Alpha Wolfos)
-Double Down: A single orgasm will not tire you out. (From Knocking up Two Women At Once)
-Restful Return: May safely travel to a loved one’s side. (From Goal: Comfort 30)
-Trusting Trap: Others are likely to follow or approach you. (From Knocking up a Deku Baba)
-Flaming Flourish: Can perform a weightless green flame spin attack. (From Knocking up Anny Poe)
-Magic Moths: Can summon moths that burst into flames. (From Knocking up Gaelle Poe)
-Insemination Inception: Can cause recursive pregnancies. (From causing a Recursive Pregnancy)

-Milk Rod: A magic rod that causes lactation.
-Royal Crest: A bronze emblem with three circles.
-Robe of Light: Aura’s robe from the Temple of Time. (USED)
-Anny Poe: A heavily pregnant green haired ghost trapped in a bottle. Wearing the Robe of Light. (AWAKE)
-Skull Mask: Mask of an ancient warrior. Worth at least 2 funds.
-Knight Shield: Classic Vyrulian Knight’s shield.
-Poe Sword: Worn out sword belonging to Anny Poe.


0dfaa No.34220

I don't like leaving tasks unfinished, so option 2 doesn't appeal to me at all.
Option 5 would break our promise to Mammaron and Aura, at least.
Options 3 and 4 seem to be trying to distract us without any promise of reward (so not even full-fledged sidequests.)
Option 1 + Adventure is my take on this.

3eb10 No.34221

Option One, Adventure

6923e No.34222

Not really distractions, just options. Since heading back to the castle is likely only going to have one result (AKA, go after next ghost girl), it would have been a bit of a heavy loaded chapter to include both recruiting the new wolfos AND heading back into the castle AND encountering the next ghost immediately after just leaving the castle the previous chapter. And I have a policy of providing at least 5 options per chapter even if that means sometimes having overlapping options or very unlikely options. And technically any option (expect for arguably ones that lose you the game) are going to lead you to rewards since a writer should ideally make what they write interesting. Just how valuable any reward would be is going to be different from reader to reader.

1b02c No.34223

Hold up. Check the inventory, Anny Poe is awake. We have a prime opportunity to learn more about the castle and her sisters before we head back in. Forewarned is forearmed and all that. After which we should get back to the castle. -Goal adventure.

bf09e No.34224

Seconded, but still comfort. gotta get that back to at least like, 15 before I'll vote for anything else.

a8515 No.34226

I vote for this too.

Goal: Sex.

ca485 No.34227

Good catch. Gonna agree with talking to Anny while we get set to prep ourselves for round two at the temple (and possibly talk her into reincarnating with her sister), and Goal: Sex. I want to push that up a little more.

3eb10 No.34228

In light of that new info, Communing with the Annypoe is a must.

So Adventure + Talk to Anny

263c0 No.34229

Goal: Adventure (I can't remember if we've hit 40 before and I'm curious if we'll get another ability.)

I agree with talking to Anny before we head back into the castle.

56cc2 No.34230

We've hit 40+ in at least one of the categories (cannot remember which one though) at one point and nothing happened.

c340c No.34232

I'm going to say option 1, but I want to talk to Anny first. Also, Comfort, as far as Goal is concerned.

533f6 No.34263

Good catch! I'd like to fit this in before we head back into the castle.

a5ce1 No.34264

I agree with talking to amy. while were at it Lets take some time to get the males and females in the pack comfortable together, such that they wont kill each other if we leave them together. I'd still like to have more bitches to breed, even though I don't want to force them, so maybe we can communicate an offer to bite and let the males choose rather to accept it, to be comfortable and certain of their role in the pack, or refuse it.

After all that of course I vote for the castle. and a goal of sex because I still want to see the wolfos breed at some point.

ec088 No.35310

File: 1510128499514.jpg (171.43 KB, 751x1000, IMG_3901.JPG)

I will also go with commune with Anny. While trying to get the Wolfos comfortable with eachother by showing they are with us. They will be invaluable when it comes to supporting the litters we have aired here.

We have only been a Wolfos for 2 days, and while the faeries were gracious enough to temporarily reinforce our mind, we're still in a race to break the curse on the forest and so regain our humanity (and potentially that of the other monsters of the forest) before our mind degenerates to fit our new body.

We are on the clock, and any information we can gain from Anny Poe may be useful.

Goal focus: comfort. (We are going to be dealing with the cursed and the dead. Having comfort built up will be very useful.)

ec088 No.35323


Since the warning "Threads are going to start being pruned in the coming weeks. Save or bump whatever you want to keep NOW!"

Is pulsing above OP posts in threads could someone preserve the first and second threads of this quest before they disappear?

>First Thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/86.html

>Second Thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/7678.html

ec088 No.35324

changing goal focus vote from comfort to sex. I thought comfort had to do with seeking enjoyment from making others feel comfortable or comforted, not us seeking comfort or being comforted.

6923e No.35376

Yeah, I saw. I've just saved backups of the webpages for now. I'm not opposed to them being deleted to save space, but I also would like to figure out some way to save them for future readers (probably off site).

Also, sorry for the long delay on chapter. I started typing up the newest one a week or two ago and my computer crashed and I haven't gotten around to retyping it. I'll be trying to do so shortlyl.

6923e No.35377

Comfort is pretty much "I want to be out of danger" mode.

5d7bd No.35390

Option 1.
Goal: Sex
We'll use the points in that category soon enough.

ec088 No.35476

dude use pastebins with expiration dates to save progress if your computer is unreliable.

6923e No.35479

It only happened the one time, so it shouldn't be a reoccuring problem.

6abe5 No.36001

I've now got the idea of us fucking a fairy or other small or magic being who's into cumflation and gets off on the pressure stuck in my head.

Not sure if the PC would find it appealing or a tease when/if they find out they haven't aceually knocked them up despite swelling them with seed. Both ideas amuse me.

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