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File: 1514978952443.jpg (257.12 KB, 1109x1500, 71NSrMajFVL._SL1500_.jpg)

88d31 No.36734

The old VN thread got purged, so here's a new one - with a new release~

HaraChuchu (https://vndb.org/v1616) just got a first english patch, by LQT. Translates the full common route and all of Kukuri's route and epilogue.


88d31 No.36735

File: 1514979186671.jpg (1.35 MB, 2500x3498, HaraKano Cover.jpg)

There's also HaraKano, which LQT and Dekiru translations translated in full (and LQT made an erotic joke route for):


88d31 No.36736

File: 1514979303203.jpg (195.33 KB, 904x1045, Mamankyoushitsu Cover 01.jpg)


and Mamankyoushitsu, which LQT translated in full but only partially revised. At the moment, the common route, Saera's route, and Mimeri's route have been fully revised:


88d31 No.36737

File: 1514979363883.jpg (148.02 KB, 1000x1000, 71IneT4ilkL._AA1000_.jpg)


And Haramiko, which has been translated and revised in full, but is a shorter VN:


64e04 No.36738

All visual novel CG (relevant to this thread) known to E-Hentai: https://e-hentai.org/?f_gamecg=on&f_search=female%3Apregnant&f_apply=Apply+Filter

88d31 No.36739

File: 1514979811493.png (1.01 MB, 718x1000, 012e5615-e91f-425a-c275-9c….png)


For partially more translated, there's HaraPara:


Translated in full except for the ero scenes with the little sister, but also not revised so its very slipshod and low quality.

Junketsu Megami-sama:


1/3rd of the way translated, but requires a text hooker to read the english translation.



The common route is translated but the translator seems to have disappeared

Haratsuma Nurse:


Translated to an unknown extent by the same translator that did HaraMin

0703a No.36744

I'm a bit curious what VN has a biggest pregnancy in it?

67205 No.36745

They're all pretty stantard, so no hyperpreg sadly. Also, can you guys tell me where to download Junketsu Megami? Got my hands on Lune's release, but all the text is fucced beyond repair and i cant fap to sole pics.

4ef77 No.36746

Did you install and then launch with the system locale set to japanese? Remember, this is different from app locale.

Since the engine doesn't support formatting for languages other than Japanese, you need to use a text hooker.

4ef77 No.36747

>biggest pregnancy in it

Do you mean the VN with the biggest focus on pregnancy content? In that case, you should go with Mamankyoushitu, Junketsu Megami-sama, or Hara ChuChu.

ae531 No.36748

How do i download it?

67205 No.36750

Locale is jap as well as language, i guess its just the shitty torrent release (for which i spent 2 days of searching lol). Every other VN works like a charm.

67205 No.36751

File: 1515011534095.png (481.39 KB, 917x480, WTF.png)

THE screnshot.

88d31 No.36759


For VNs with the biggest focus on pregnancy…

English translated: one of the above titles. Most likely Mamankyoushitsu or Junketsu Megami-sama, as anon said.

For non-english visual novels… the following:

88d31 No.36761

File: 1515026026595.png (4.89 MB, 2400x2400, 81n0bLn6fdL._AA1200__waifu….png)




Plot: MC is regular(?) high school student, possibly an orphan. He is told by his school that he must join a highschool club (no matter how much he doesn't want to), and fortunately/unfortunately gets recruited into one by a fellow classmate. That decided, he heads home for the day… only to see what looks like a loli miko fox-girl pleasuring herself in one of the classrooms after school.

He notices her, she notices him, and he hurries away from the awkward scene back home. When he arrives back, however, he finds that the Loli miko Fox-girl is already there, waiting for him. Indeed, according to her she has been waiting for him a long time.

She explains that she is Koko, the local guardian deity for this region, and is here for him. She wanted to do something to promote better relations between the kami and humans (and maybe do something about the declining birth rate), so she granted the MC with the power of 'harakami' - the ability to impregnate the gods, and asks him to impregnate her. As the local deity, her status and condition affects and influences the region, so if she gets pregnant, then that should spur fertility throughout the region… or something like that.

MC agrees, and so begins their life together, as MC goes to high school and to club (with three other girls) and comes back home each night to Koko… and two other kami. Apparently Koko wasn't the only kami with an interest in the MC, and not the only one to want a child with him either: she is soon joined by the Tsukumogami (kami created from/of long lived tools) Ryuuzu, and the Shinigami (kami of death) Hisui. So begins their life together, and the plot continues from there.

Hisui best girl.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, Harakami is a title by CONCEPT, a very VERY loli focused eroge company, so while all the characters are highschool aged or older, hardly any of them look like it. Think of it like an eroge drawn in the style of Lucky Star.

4ef77 No.36762

Is this before or after applying the translation patch? Also, use a text hooker and see if it gives you anything legible.

88d31 No.36763

File: 1515026726963.jpg (54.13 KB, 800x600, NE06A_c.jpg)


Oyako Ninjutsu Kunoichi Pon Pon


Plot: MC is the son of a lord in feudal Japan. An assassin, Tsubaki, is sent to kill him, but somehow she messes up and gets injured. Rather than turn her over to whatever authorities or execute her, MC Lord tends to her wounds and lets her stay at his manor to recover. They are soon joined by Tsubaki's daughter Kikyou, who came to avenge her mother's (presumed) death and complete her mission. Tsubaki convinces Kikyou to stop, and the story goes from there.

e48d7 No.36764

With what emulator can you play?

88d31 No.36765

File: 1515028814310.jpg (209.49 KB, 810x633, images.jpg)


Kozukuri Onsen


This is the sequel to Oyako Ninjutsu Kunoichi PonPon, and is set in present day. Not sure of the story, but one or more of the characters appear to be descendants of the MC and the Heroines from Kunoichi PonPon, as the MC and Heroines from that game make an appearance (as ghosts) and speak to the character(s?) and urge them to continue the family line. Maybe.

88d31 No.36768

File: 1515031497889.jpg (144.36 KB, 514x800, mai.jpg)


Ninchi Shinasai!


Plot: MC is a college student, studying hard to become a doctor. In fact, he is studying so hard to become a doctor, he decides to stay at home on New Year's Eve and not take part in the traditional New Year's Shrine visit with his family and his childhood friend Honami's family (they are very close knit).

This seems entirely too sad to Honami, so she goes back to stay with the MC at home and keep him company. One thing leads to another, and they have sex. Some weeks later and Honami starts to feel strangely ill…

Both this and Kozukuri Onsen are High Running games - High Running's only two games before they went out of business. They're actually the spiritual successor to Team Flap, which made Oyako Ninjutsu Kunoichi PonPon. A lot of Team Flap's games also featured pregnancy, though I think Oyako Ninjutsu Kunoichi Pon Pon probably features it most heavily.

2180f No.36776

I've never tried that one, anyone know a good place to download the game itself? My first attempt turned out to be a big waste of time.

88d31 No.36783

File: 1515066582511.jpg (203.96 KB, 850x1094, 125636.jpg)


Yu no Mura Harem


Plot: MC's elder cousin Tomomi is a researcher in a lab, and MC is her assistant. In theory, Tomoi is researching fertility matters in the hopes of maybe doing something about the declining birthrates in Japan (or something?). but in reality… she spent most of the research grant on random things, and doesn't actually have any results to report.

In a last ditch sort of effort to get some findings to convince the government to continue her 'research', Tomomi decides to go with MC to a rural village which was rumored to have a legendary hot spring, the waters of which had mystical powers that promoted fertility in the village.

Tomomi and MC go to the village and find it… pretty uninhabited. There are few to no children around, and most of the young adults have moved away to more populated and prosperous locales. They also find the hot spring, and find out it's… not really that special looking either. If it once had legendary waters, it doesn't seem to now.

The story goes from there.

88d31 No.36784

File: 1515067997990.jpg (131.2 KB, 500x708, jacket (1).jpg)


Ringetsu Onsen


Plot: MC and his family run an onsen, but business is not going well. To get more customers, MC's mother starts a new advertisement campaign: come to our onsen, relax, and give birth in the mountains! A group of late term mothers come just for that, and the plot goes from there. Note: does not actually depict birth, I don't think.

88d31 No.36786

File: 1515068535852.jpg (92.8 KB, 582x800, main.jpg)


Elf Tsuma to Love Ichya


Plot: Months and months ago, the MC met a girl when hiking through nature. She was beautiful and tall, wearing a white dress and sun hat. The wind kicked up and blew her hat away, revealing pointed ears. She was an elf! Cut to the present and MC and the Elf woman (her name is Elena) are happily married and expecting their first child, and the story continues from there.

88d31 No.36788

File: 1515068906108.jpg (274.63 KB, 1037x637, gallery_3_32_31008.jpg)




Plot: The Youkai need a new leader, which for some reason must be the child of the MC. The different tribes of Youkai send their princesses (and their retainers) to the MC to try to make a child with him; the child that gets conceived will become the leader of all Youkai. Or something.

88d31 No.36790

File: 1515070384097.jpg (181.81 KB, 800x645, Baseball.jpg)




Plot: Gunpei is normal highschool MC who lives alone with his mother, as his father is always away overseas for work. One day, two women appear at his front door: Chiha and Tigurna. They say they are from Torupan, a small island monarchy in the Atlantic Ocean, and are here for Gunpei.

It turns out that the head of the Torupan royal family is dying(or something), and as such the Torupanian throne must be succeeded by the Princess Chiha, and soon. However, the throne has strict requirements; before Chiha can take the throne, she must first prove herself capable of continuing the royal lineage - she needs to have a child. She needs to get pregnant.

So Chiha and her maid Tigurna have come to Gunpei so that he can impregnate the princess and prove her capable of continuing the royal line, and thus ensure she takes her place on the throne.

Why random high school student Gunpei? It turns out all the overseas work Gunpei's dad was doing was not actually your usual businessman work; actually he was (and is) a bad ass body guard for the Torupan royal family and saved them multiple times in multiple situations (terrorist attack included). Initially, the royal family went to him to marry the princess and continue the royal family, but he declined saying that he was already married and his wife would never allow that sort of thing - but why not go with his son instead? So here the story starts -but it is not just the princess who has an interest in Gunpei, and the Torupan royal family is not without its enemies…

About 1/4th to 1/3rd of this game's story is pregnancy related.

88d31 No.36792

File: 1515070957473.jpg (96.64 KB, 800x600, 11-pw10051.jpg)


Snow Radish Vacation


This game is darker than you think.

Plot: The MC of this game is Kagura Inou. She is very young, very cute, and very pregnant. Months ago, she accepted a ride home from one of her 'teachers' on a snowy day. Things happened. The teacher left town, and Kagura found out she was pregnant.

Skip to the present, Kagura is many months along and working with her mother at a restaurant/inn type place called the Snow Radish. Her mom is pretty understanding of the situation her daughter is in (for reasons), and they make the most of things. But then new guests arrive at the Snow Radish - one of which is the same teacher as before, only now he is here with his new fiancee? So begins the story of Kagura trying to win over her former teacher and get him to accept responsibility for his child.

This game is darker than you think.

88d31 No.36794

File: 1515072413801.jpg (112.12 KB, 800x600, 58-pw0004.jpg)


Large PonPon


Plot: The MC of this game is Ayumu. For the record, he is the brother of Kagura Inou from Snow Radish Vacation. This story is not as dark as the universe around it.

Anyways, the story begins with Ayumu's girlfriend, Rurika, leaving him to continue her career in Paris, after one last night together. A scene or so later and Rurika is suddenly back - some weeks passed and she has returned pregnant with Ayumu's child (though barely, barely showing). Suffice to say, she got pregnant on their last night together, and now she has returned to get Ayumu to take responsibility. If this seems familiar to Snow Radish Vacation, it's not.

The game continues from there as Ayumu wrestles with his emotions, trying to decide if he's ready for all this, all the while as he travels back and forth between his house and the local clinic to meet with Rurika and help her as she deals with the problems of early pregnancy. Of course, she's not the only girl at the clinic, and not the only woman interested in Ayumu.

Set largely in the maternity ward of a clinic, the game is notable for its number of pregnant/potentially pregnant heroines. Unfortunately, only one of these heroines is visibly showing (excluding Rurika; you really have to look hard to tell with her) during the main game (though there are the usual end cgs). Fortunately, there is a sequel epilogue/quiz game (available as part of this: https://vndb.org/v4573) in which all the heroines EXCEPT one are visibly showing. Whether or not this confirms the harem end as canon for the Overflow universe is hard to tell, because the Overflow universe is really messed up. The Ayumu described in the Overflow universe does not seem like the Ayumu depicted in Large PonPon (though this was the first Overflow game, so maybe it was before they decided to make the Overflow universe what it is today).

88d31 No.36795

File: 1515073784727.jpg (68.06 KB, 800x600, 1145214310432.jpg)


Summer Radish Vacation


Plot: This is the direct sequel to Snow Radish Vacation (albeit after a decade or so). It is a dark story. It features the MC as he decides to start working at a restaurant, the Summer Radish, after a chance encounter with a girl who also works there, alongside her sister and… mother(?) Kagura Inou. Kagura, who is currently pregnant again (apparently with Ayumu's child?) and is a romanceable heroine.

88d31 No.36797

File: 1515075091159.jpg (30.32 KB, 289x542, Never ever.jpg)




Plot: MC works at a family restaurant in northern Japan. One day, he is attacked by ninjas, because apparently they need his seed or something? He gets saved by another ninja, but she also needs his seed? The plot goes from there.

Notable for being the last SwanEye works to be done in the style of the Hara series (after this, it seems the usual artist/artists for SwanEye departed), and for not giving one of the best girls(in my opinion) her own route. Or any route. Not even in the harem end. What the hell, man?

88d31 No.36798


For the record, all of these games feature pregnancy as more than just one cg or a single scene at the end of the story. If I included the games like that, the list would be hella long (and feature pretty much every Norn, Boot Up, Miel, and SoftHouse game)

3d8b3 No.36802

File: 1515079014009.jpg (57.25 KB, 500x800, 5688-669073924.jpg)

This women looks really familier…. close to Kanzaki Saera from Maman Kyoushitsu just Kanzaki Saera doesnt have highlights.

88d31 No.36806

File: 1515089622840.jpg (93.54 KB, 432x674, 159_Mamankyoushitsu_Tereka….jpg)


Not surprising, considering its the same artist.


The voice actress is different, though. Saera was voiced by Hakomori Yume (https://vndb.org/s3574) while Nanako was voiced by Aimoto Yuuki (https://vndb.org/s3571)

1d0e3 No.36807

Any ideas where I can find it? Most of the old links are dead.

e63d0 No.36809

>>36736 (Mamankyoushitsu)
>>36739 (Junketsu Megami-sama)
>>36768 (Ninchi Shinasai)

3 of them have labor/birth scene although the baby was not shown on it.
is there another like that?

88d31 No.36810


I used to have it, though now that I check my hdd and external hd, I can't seem to find the game or its install file. My apologies.

0703a No.36812

Wow, that is a lot of VN's
It's sad that there is no Hyper preg VN. I'll be really into it

173cc No.36816

What about Selen Ringetsu?

About to play it, but first to ask about the pregnancy CG.

836c4 No.36817

Does anyone have a Dl for Large PonPon?(https://vndb.org/v4572) all links for it are dead. Thanks for looking

88d31 No.36823

File: 1515109213272.png (1.62 MB, 1600x1200, 7681f2de-c6a4-42a6-aec5-bc….png)


The first version of Ringetsu (https://vndb.org/v4071) only went a little into depth with the matter of pregnancy. Each heroine would get pregnant, have one scene (no cg) where they find out they're pregnant, one scene where they deal with early pregnancy problems (no scene, no character model change), and then one scene when they're well into their pregnancy (with cg, with character model change), and then one final epilogue cg of them with their child. I would say it's close to what most games do of having only an ending cg, but then Ringetsu also had a harem route which went much more into depth (about four scenes worth, with multiple cgs for each scene).

Selen then remade Ringetsu into Shin Ringetsu (https://vndb.org/v4074) which added a heroine, went more in depth with each individual heroine on their pregnancies (adding an erotic scene for each when they're pregnant in addition to the scenes of the earlier version of the game), but then ditched the harem route entirely in favor of a two-heroine route (the one shown in the Shin Ringetsu hentai ova).

88d31 No.36824


I don't think you can find Large Pon Pon individually anymore. You might be able to find it as part of the Overflow Premium Trilogy Box, though, in which case it comes with Pure Mail (another Overflow game, tangentially related to the others) and the before mentioned Overflow fandisc, which has the Epilogue quiz game to Large PonPon 'Quiz de PonPon'.

Premium Trilogy Box:

88d31 No.36825

File: 1515111110366.jpg (63.3 KB, 800x600, 0D0A58C1.jpg)


If you happen to like Shino (the woman on the farthest right, the second eldest sister and with the 'smallest' belly of the four in the harem epilogue), her individual route actually got extended in the Selen Fandisc game 'Tsuma Mix'.


Tsuma Mix continues the story of a couple heroines from different Selen games (back when Selen actually made games), each in their own individual section of the game. Shino is the heroine they chose to represent Ringetsu, and her route is set a ways into her initial pregnancy shown in Ringetsu. She is pregnant and showing in every scene, though you never see any of her sisters.

Plot (for Shino's segment): Having successfully become an expectant parent with Shino and nullified(?), resolved(?), broken(?) the curse from Ringetsu, Ringetsu MC Naoto realizes that, oh shit, he's about to become a father; he needs to step up in life. She he resolves to go to university(or some school sytem, I think) and improve himself and his future prospects.

But he needs to pass the entrance exams first.

He tried studying at home to no avail (too many distractions) so he decides to rent out a room in a hotel and lock himself in there so he can batten down and study, study, study.

This would be all well and good, except for the fact that Shino has entered the stable period of her pregnancy, and she was really looking forward to making the most of it with Naoto. Cue Shino going to Naoto's hotel room and various sexy hijinks ensuing.>>36823

d83a6 No.36854


This also the source for the (im)famous overflow family tree and school days series seen here >>24270

8c8d4 No.36863

Jesus fuck, it's like a four dimensional moebius loop.

c8f7f No.36865


I managed to get this one installed, but I need help getting around the security.

cdfbf No.36875


In the game's folder, the edp4.dll file is the game's security file. Depending on where you got the game files from, there should be a cracked version of that file included with the rest of the game. Once you've installed the game, copy the cracked version of the edp4.dll file into the game folder (overwrite the old one) and then launch the game.

It MIGHT also tell you that you need to have the game's disc inserted when you launch the game (when you launch the game, a window might appear with a CD related error message). If this is the case and overwriting the edp4.dll file doesn't fix it, you need to mount the game's disc image file first, keep it mounted, and then launch the game.

836c4 No.36932

4ef77 No.36956


64e04 No.36961

This game appears to have only one pregnant scene per heroine (plus a harem scene), but I like the art. https://vndb.org/v17264

f5e38 No.36972

Does anyone have a mega link to an english one? I'm a total fucking idiot when it comes to anything computer or translation wise

4ef77 No.36976

Harakano, Haramiko, and Mamankyoushitu are the only ones listed here to have full English translations unfortunately.

f5e38 No.36977

Is there a way to get those things for free from that VN website or without going through the japanese websites? I have zero idea what I'm doing tbh

4ef77 No.36978

These are all commercial products so you'll either have to buy it from one of the Japanese sites or pirate it.

57176 No.37072


Anybody know how to get this game to work

I've install it but the game refuse to start

88d31 No.37086

File: 1515688734234.jpg (191.19 KB, 1540x900, tbm25584_pho01.jpg)


This is what my install folder looks like. Was your computer set to Japan region and locale when you installed? Is it set to that now?

4ef77 No.37089

It would be nice if people could read the thread first.

57176 No.37106

My system locale is Japanese

I tried running it as admin but it only show up on task manager for a few second before disappearing or show this error

57176 No.37107

File: 1515738657945.png (275.54 KB, 1366x768, del2.png)

4ef77 No.37110

The error message says "Failed to load system data". That means you have a corrupt file. Try reinstalling the game, but something probably went wrong while downloading.

Did you get an .iso or were all the files sitting in a .zip/.rar?

57176 No.37111


extracted from raw

4ef77 No.37112

Try running it through NTLEAS. That can sometimes make things work.

9e794 No.37114

5ac93 No.37115


Ryoubo - Maternity Insult - has some sizable bellies but nothing hyper. Unfortunately it's never to be translated since it's fairly hardcore fetish game. I can think of a few games with actual hyper bellies but they tend to be inflation games, not actual pregnancy.

f9d67 No.37120

What are the names of the hyper pregnant or inflation games? Links would be appreciated if you can

2180f No.37124

File: 1515813507710.png (1.21 MB, 1019x597, 0763471023.png)

Having played both of these, I can definitely recommend them. Both have CGs that make the heroines look pretty huge.

2180f No.37125

Do this. I get the same problem whenever I try to run games from that developer, but it works if I used NTLEAS

8cc43 No.37126

Princess Body AS.
But it's got a lot of other freaky shit in it.

57176 No.37138

File: 1515833251481.png (969.36 KB, 1366x768, del3.png)

4e93c No.37148

anyone got a dl for maternity insult?

88d31 No.37153

File: 1515858523995.png (1.78 MB, 1600x1200, 8e01b0fd-755a-4c02-9d86-e1….png)

3c49f No.37157

I also want to find it

91ba9 No.37275

anyone have a dl for Junketsu Megami-sama! "Tanezuke Shite Kudasai, Danna-sama!?

d8615 No.37854

anyone got a dl for this?

f5e38 No.38314

Alright. I think I might just be dumb, but how do I fix syntax errors with actually starting the game? I already set my Computer's localization to Japan, so I have zero idea what to do after that

67205 No.39525

Any tips for better machine translation? Set my "Translation Aggregator" for google trabslation ( which is the best one i've seen so far), but the trandlation quality is still very poor. Is there any way to improve it?

2180f No.39528

Maternity insult is strange. Seems to defy all my attempts to run translators on it.

3280f No.39533

Are the Swaneye, Swaneye+, Swan Mania, etc. games the only ones that feature animated scenes?

5280f No.39536

There's another one non-Swaneye game which had great animated pregnant sex scenes - [softhouse-seal GRANDEE] "Zettai Junshu Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou" (sample GIF >>7160), sadly this is the only game so far to feature pregnancy, other games made by the softhouse company didn't, though the animated sex scenes were great.

01700 No.39541

Can someone give me a download link for haramitama or host it at gdrive pls?Torrent's not working for me and i'm too lazy to leech rapidgator

3280f No.40170


I like the heroine's design in this VN. It's a shame that it's so short.

4ef77 No.40173

Miel/Norn can have some great preg content, but their catalog is a bit hit or miss because of a focus on quantity over quality. I personally don't care much for them since most works are NTR or corruption themed, and I can't stand piercings.

My favorites are Bushou Musume and Harem Fantasy.



4e88c No.40181

File: 1521359693721.jpg (129.33 KB, 800x600, image (2).jpg)


Correction: Miel is ntr/corruption, Norn is vanilla/true love. Same company, different branches with different focuses.

4ef77 No.40182

I don't pay enough attention to them to care. One or two pregnant scenes at the end isn't enough for me, and my Japanese isn't good enough to fully enjoy the dialouge.

If the characters don't have pregnant sprites and at least a couple of pregnant H scenes, I won't be interested enough to actually read it.

c4d4d No.40964

>Downloaded Maternity Insult
I was expecting pregnant hentai, but somehow i got the Feels. Good Stella root is glorious.

2180f No.40986

Does that mean you somehow got translation to work? I've never succeeded when it came to maternity insult. Seems like it tries to translate a single character 100 times instead of the sentences in the text box.

01c3e No.40988

where did you find a download for that?

01c3e No.40989

also am i just too retarded to find a download or are there just these rapidgator ones

c4d4d No.41004

VN reader works for me, but it only runs it once per restart (so if i close the game and NOT close VNR it doesnt work)
Literally 20+ pages of torrents in google. Same with NuriPuri.

57b9b No.41037

might have to be a little bit patient though since most of the torrents seem dead

c4d4d No.41131

Yep, took me a week or so lol.

c522b No.43390


This game has a good amount of pregnancy content.

67bf2 No.43444

where do you guys download them from please?

a56c9 No.43468

Them internets.

67bf2 No.43496

great. and i thought you are pulling it from youur arse…

a56c9 No.43515

Well no offense, but if you cant find the right reference in google, then…yeah.

a56c9 No.44935

Well what about those "inflation" games? Could use some ^^

55b60 No.45267

File: 1531878149689.png (486.93 KB, 800x600, 422f339f47e8db798134caec1d….png)

anyone know sauce for this one?

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