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File: 1516057008760.png (1.06 MB, 3044x6000, pregnant_peach_by_4eyez95-….png)

fcd15 No.37251[Last 50 Posts]

Thread #1: >>2094
Thread #2: >>24142
Thread #3: >>24142

Since the last thread reached 500, I thought I'd open the fourth one. If you're unaware, Drawthreads are where pregchan users request drawings of characters they want to see pregnant. I'll let others go first, because I can't draw anything semi-detailed for shit.

Here are the rules, totally not copied from V3:

1: No asking for a specific artist to draw your request unless they explicitly ask for something to draw. You want a certain artist to draw something for you THAT badly, commission them.
2: Provide reference pictures if you can - it might make the request a LOT easier to draw, or at the very least more visible to artists (otherwise just try to be as detailed as you can for what you want, but it may take longer to draw without a visual).
3: DO NOT SPAM THE THREAD. If you make a request, do not post a new one until it has either been drawn, or a reasonable amount of time has passed since the first request was made.
3B: Let's keep it relevant here, people. If someone's breaking Rule 3, just ignore them, report them if necessary, and move along. Don't waste valuable posts arguing with the trolls.

Have fun!

fcd15 No.37252

thread 3 is >>28505 fuck me

43a59 No.37254

File: 1516060858977.png (1.65 MB, 1215x2160, 1562EA57-36A1-49D8-B819-16….png)

Could someone draw a pregnant ruby rose from rwby thats 9 months pregnant with twins?

c2767 No.37256

can someone please draw this request?

fffe0 No.37311

File: 1516073819362.jpg (438.47 KB, 1000x1300, zone_tan_and_lemmy.jpg)

Requesting Zone-tan pregnant with Lemmy's child, and he's being super protective of her.

fcd15 No.37355

File: 1516185869407.png (291.92 KB, 1000x1000, francisca_by_bakabakakiki-….png)

How about some of that new Kirby character, Francisca (a.k.a. best girl)?

bc827 No.37378

Can we request childbirth also?

d3b0c No.37379

a4fbd No.37390

Listen, I know we're supposed to ignore trash requests, as per rule 3-b, but I am so sick of that exact same picture of Ash's mom. It's not even a different frame of animation.

bc827 No.37394

Are you mad? I don't understand are you the same anon who told me to say yes? People use fanarts like that that's all I have and I'll find the different image it's should be realistic

bc827 No.37395

I mean come on she's beautiful with that

bc827 No.37396

File: 1516310229596.jpg (42.23 KB, 600x337, IMG_7376.JPG)

How about this one?

5e020 No.37403

Aren't you the Anon that got really rude because no one wanted to do your request?

bc827 No.37404

34b3e No.37437

Someone has already done something similar to this.

bc827 No.37438

Well that's different it's not to good to me but any artist not just like that can do anything but read carefully

0f856 No.37440

File: 1516344591570.png (302.15 KB, 528x546, 1515728901806.png)

Requesting Minori from Senran Kagura happily pregnant with sextuplets. Something like this but with a happier expression.

34b3e No.37441

File: 1516348788655.jpg (184.53 KB, 1004x1080, Mod test.jpg)

5e020 No.37443

Bless you, my child.

34b3e No.37444

I am merely a scavenger and not deserving of such blessings as the art is not mine.

The games allow you to make such content yourself. Check out >>>/b/708

37c83 No.37471

File: 1516410185078.png (67.28 KB, 1220x2292, tumblr_ot5o1tUWwL1r5le4go1….png)

Requesting that emoji slut ending up pregnant after fucking too many dicks ,please. Don't ask, I just want to see the inevitable consequences of her slutty ways.

5d310 No.37586

File: 1516472540349.jpg (494.71 KB, 667x934, VJ_sprocket.jpg)

Requesting a heavily pregnant Sprocket from Viewtiful Joe, annoyed at the prospect her belly might not have finished growing.

1f485 No.37588

File: 1516475337700.png (225.07 KB, 388x512, T_TheMorrigan_Default_Card.png)

I can't find any preggo shit for any Smite goddesses. For the sake of the jokes, the Morrigan knocked up with triplets. She has the largest ass relative to body size of any goddess, so ass-up view preferred; but I don't wanna be a demanding little bitch.

32048 No.37590

Let’s not start a fight in the chat mkay?

32048 No.37591

I might as well make a suggestion how about this character? https://e621.net/post/index/1/leggy_lamb

301e4 No.37638

File: 1516549693506.jpg (305 KB, 1200x900, emgan.jpg)

Could you do one of those of my OC?

d3b0c No.37662

Beep beep

b3cc3 No.37665

Is that Idlehq?

620fb No.37672

Alright, here's an idea.


This alien bounty hunter Kitraandra, having been fattened up significantly, with a huge baby bump and big boobs dripping milk. Arms and legs encased in slime.

620fb No.37673


This is the figure I want her to have. Imagine her with thicc thighs, a huge butt, boobs and a fat pregnant belly.

37c83 No.37674

Wow, that belly is beautiful. I've personally always wanted a follow-up to this pic where Leggy carries some energetic wolf babies who won't stop kicking inside her.

deaf7 No.37679

c'mon guys, /f/ is over there.

32048 No.37680

Is there another source of this or is this the only place with this art?

fffe0 No.37707

File: 1516679438797.jpg (13.94 KB, 236x308, ms_marvel.jpg)

Requesting a pregnant Ms. Marvel smiling embarrassingly.

cc9c6 No.37805

Here's an amusing fact
try looking her up as an adult…

f63d9 No.37818

File: 1516854963817.png (481.06 KB, 671x1008, 5f722202956b9b848a12d3cb3a….png)

I requested her in the last thread and got someone's interest, but I may as well repost her to the new thread.
Tali is 6', E to F-cup breasts, slightly chubby just about everywhere below her neck, with a decent number of faded scars and stretch marks on her body from previous pregnancies and/or general weight gain.

I've got an F-List profile for her that has ref pics for both her build and outfit ideas.
(Also thank you to Schpog for drawing her last thread!)

194c0 No.37859

File: 1516908241693.jpg (102.55 KB, 749x1024, Sakuya.jpg)

Sakuya from Okami giving birth to either a large seed, or a peach-like object.

194c0 No.37878

Don't get pushy, bub. If someone draws it, they'll draw it. A week is nothing compared to the wait some people have had to endure.

bc827 No.37879

Yes I don't know why am I losing my patience from any artist in from pixiv accounts but nicer and tight like anyone else such as
And more
(FYI I don't wanna get banned)

194c0 No.37896

File: 1517008180715.jpg (35.19 KB, 452x834, Dr. Holiday2.jpg)

You might not get banned for being pushy, but you sure might wind up alienating all chances of getting the things you want done if you bumping a request with rude questions like "anyone home?"
And what do the two pixiv people have to do with anything? If they've agreed to do something for you (which some artists there are nice enough to do from time to time), just WAIT. Flipping around from artist to artist in the hopes of getting what you want isn't going to go over with anyone. So just be patient sit tight.
So this post isn't entirely wasted with a rant, here's a request anyone can do; pregnant Dr. Holiday from Generator Rex.

bc827 No.37998

Now look what you did?

bc827 No.37999

Sorry I didn't mean too

194c0 No.38003

Just stop. Don't respond, don't give us this "I'm sorry" crap, don't do anything. Just be quiet and stop mucking up the threads.

bc827 No.38016

You will be banned sometime

194c0 No.38022

For what? Telling your dumb ass to sit still and be quiet? Don't fucking make me laugh. It's hilarious how you switch between pleading for mercy and then threatening people like you believe you've got any authority here after all the shit you've pulled. Just stop it already and shut your mouth.

bc827 No.38027

Now you're just disobedient(Having your squabbling posts deleted should have been a hint to STFU)

5e020 No.38028

File: 1517270251705.png (172.94 KB, 1024x1136, _request__xandra_by_sqwark….png)

I can take on a request.
Only the one though, so it's a first come first served basis.
This is the quality I'm up to, so if you want something like this I can oblige.

194c0 No.38030

File: 1517271139646.png (137.41 KB, 360x650, Anzu DL.png)

Oh, so threatening. No seriously, shut the fuck up already and stop being nuisance to us.
Requesting a pregnant Anzu/Tea.

fffe0 No.38036

File: 1517280137657.jpg (26.19 KB, 620x704, quake.jpg)

Requesting Daisy from Agents of SHIELD pregnant while wearing her suit.

d15a8 No.38273

File: 1517646218455.jpg (91.71 KB, 680x1101, Kurenai.jpg)

I'd like to make a request.
Requesting a pregnant Kurenai, trying to cover up her belly and failing.

1a026 No.38342

File: 1517757177551.png (329.33 KB, 624x614, Sanaki_PoR.png)

Requesting Sanaki from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance pregnant with triplets, preferably bare belly.

6c3a2 No.38424

File: 1517922906451.jpg (367.86 KB, 1000x1500, 1516866106386.jpg)

Requesting Claire, the latest memeworthy sex doll on the other chan, with a hose and a well, "full-term pregnant" belly, asking, "How do you like the new upgrade? I can go bigger, if you want…"

fffe0 No.38427

File: 1517927553148.jpg (27.36 KB, 145x500, Mary_Jane_Watson.jpg)

Requesting Mary Jane from Spectacular Spider-Man showing that she's pregnant while quoting her "Face it tiger, you've hit the jackpot" catchphrase.

301e4 No.38512

File: 1518053231470.png (60.1 KB, 768x992, preguminati.png)

Can someone turn this into something good?

fcd15 No.38560

File: 1518097400483.jpg (594.4 KB, 1050x1200, 2435911 - Animal_Crossing ….jpg)

Requesting a comic where the female AC villager gets plowed and impregnated in one panel, and is shown happily pregnant in the next.

d3b0c No.38665

File: 1518308335363.png (62.51 KB, 690x854, Sprocket.png)

5d310 No.38680

OR here, it looks amazing! Thanks for making it!

92afa No.38683

File: 1518319228646.png (8.21 KB, 484x417, preggochan.png)

Credits to Deanasawr-X on Deviantart

92afa No.38684

File: 1518319575792.png (11.01 KB, 404x683, unknown (1).png)

Credit to Mr. Rion, or Pivete-o-Grande in Deviantart

92afa No.38696

File: 1518326069498.png (1.17 MB, 1660x3041, Illuminati.png)

And i did this one <3

bc827 No.38699

Delia Ketchum giving birth to baby ash in fully nude sitting sad grunting please? (Don't hurt me)

92afa No.38700

File: 1518328143356.png (51.81 KB, 243x464, i_regret_everything.png)

A last one, made by TheSuperiorThatMan

33828 No.38701

File: 1518331286835.jpg (1.06 MB, 3390x2339, 154-155.jpg)

Use the older version of her.

86090 No.38707

File: 1518333605778.png (375.46 KB, 590x808, 166910A7-0E96-40B2-B55A-F7….png)

Requesting a hyper preg bulma

31731 No.38713

File: 1518336777250.png (91.01 KB, 357x642, Wilhamena.png)

I'd like to request Wilhamena carrying a child and feeling its kicks with her hand please!

5cf88 No.38715

Holy shit. Nice.

301e4 No.38735

Four drawings? Sweet! Nice work!

c92da No.38748

File: 1518412121275.jpg (2.02 MB, 3024x4032, 20180211_225405.jpg)

Someone hit me up on discord for this. I hadn"t seen the other pics, so I went a really different route. >_>;;

e68c2 No.38749

That’s great. XD

301e4 No.38750

Awesome :)

301e4 No.38752

Although, the more I think about it, the more curious I am to see how it would look if you drew a version that looks more like the source pic.

6c3a2 No.38790

I absolutely love your style! Hits all the right buttons and it's cute on top of all that!
I know it's a bit of an imposition, but could you possibly draw my request?

fffe0 No.38798

File: 1518531456643.jpg (115.83 KB, 715x1104, lady_death.jpg)

Requesting Death from the Deadpool video game cradling her pregnant belly?

d3b2d No.38802

File: 1518535614845.png (8.44 MB, 1967x3305, [Kimono-mania]_Babysitting….png)

Could sum one draw a sequeel to this pic? I made a mistake and made a whole new thread requesting this, my Bad xD

0f856 No.38817

File: 1518573064421.jpg (116.42 KB, 560x560, __manyuu_chifusa_manyuu_hi….jpg)

Requesting a very pregnant Chifusa.

b4a2f No.38842

55bad No.38886

File: 1518791180295.png (1.25 MB, 4000x5000, Blair v2.png)

I hope this isn't too much to ask, but is there any chance I could get a pic of this girl with a modest 9month belly giving birth into her swimsuit?

55bad No.38929

File: 1518878901985.png (14.84 KB, 500x500, transform this.png)

Also, I saw the previous "make this good" and woke up early with it in mind. Threw this together in paint in, like, 5 minutes.

92afa No.38933

File: 1518889097286.png (12 KB, 315x564, why_i_am_doing_this.PNG)

A friendo did this one

You can follow him here

fffe0 No.39105

File: 1519139704905.png (1.05 MB, 742x1050, motoko.png)

Requesting a pregnant Motoko from Ghost in the Shell striking a badass pose.

301e4 No.39106

How about a pregnant Slenderwoman?

5d310 No.39121

File: 1519176047124.png (135.28 KB, 400x485, cammy meele ref.png)

Requesting Cammy Meele from Ace Attorney Investigations 1 carrying a round baby bump so huge it's ripping out all the buttons of her outfit one by one.

b7e53 No.39159

File: 1519256546932.jpg (156.66 KB, 640x1136, d73b27ff71dde8bb61f44ade86….jpg)

Hey new here so decided to do some request and some for myself. Here is what i have just finished!

b7e53 No.39160

File: 1519256723725.jpg (158.44 KB, 600x1024, Picc1.jpg)

b7e53 No.39161

File: 1519258359794.jpg (157.42 KB, 736x1010, 758534d4c3e43757a6f7f29bd0….jpg)

Last one for the night

5d310 No.39226

File: 1519400014679.png (353.98 KB, 743x1226, brenda and maribel - Pkmn ….png)

Requesting Brenda and Maribel from Pokemon Duel with huge pregnant bellies.

e2a3a No.39400

File: 1519607991605.png (461.02 KB, 960x468, eYHL10C.png)

These girls, nine months pregnant, please…

92afa No.39423

File: 1519668553438.png (Spoiler Image, 886.51 KB, 1656x2789, Cammy Meele.png)

Gave this one a try <3
Hope ya like it

07c31 No.39437

OR here, it looks awesome!

18c44 No.39449

File: 1519694280206.png (11.6 KB, 760x920, Rinkah I guess.png)

I saw the other two of the "make this good" thing and I came up with this

fff93 No.39454

I actually made a “Can you make this good?” thread

1a026 No.39478

File: 1519752374302.png (136.94 KB, 473x903, 20180225_011503.png)

Requesting my android maid oc be drawn heavily pregnant and confused.

e53fd No.39537

File: 1519877898438.png (318.23 KB, 700x1080, Ahsoka_rebels_1.png)

I would love the shit out of someone if they were able to draw a heavily preg, Rebels-era Ahsoka dressed up in the "Slave Leia" Bikini. Ty to anyone who does this

19fb9 No.39545

Or even in this kit would be still really great

And when you say "love the shit" out of someone you mean…?

e53fd No.39556

You're looking at the wrong person for monetary incentive. XD I simply mean you'd have my immense adoration and appreciation. I know most of ya would choose to do something else

301e4 No.39582

File: 1519959906168.webm (743.31 KB, 600x600, __earth_chan_original_dra….webm)

How about a mother Earth-chan?

27bf9 No.39705

File: 1520216838617.jpg (75.55 KB, 566x599, Helena.jpg)

27bf9 No.39706

>>39705 Helena Walker from ARK Survival Evolved but heavily pregnant.

5d921 No.39738

File: 1520265245158.jpg (379.65 KB, 720x872, 65b045eb-8321-4cf7-92e8-50….jpg)

Not a badass pose (I might do that later!) but since I did an alike request earlier…

Also, pregchan gets blocked on all of my PCs after a short while, so I can't post here often. But I will do some of the requests and post them over at my tumblr: Schpog-preg.tumblr.com

I'd be thankful if somebody could share them here, too, then, once they are done!

c23b7 No.39780

File: 1520346239516.png (449.74 KB, 500x600, mercy.png)

so there was a chunk of time there where I was confused about the timeline in Overwatch lore (I haven't played in a while and it sounds like the story's always been a mess anyway) and I thought Mercy was a couple decades older and stayed young because of her medical research, so I kinda enjoyed this fantasy where Mercy and Pharah are fucking and then Mercy reveals that she was Pharah's surrogate mom way long time ago, so Pharah finds herself getting aroused by the idea that she grew inside her girlfriend. If anyone thinks that's worth drawing go ahead, I guess, i just like the idea of someone carrying someone they're not related to and then romancing them later. I guess it's kinda like the alien impreg stuff

fcd15 No.39844

File: 1520505121686.png (183.77 KB, 450x600, nikki_from_swapnote_by_bar….png)

Since nobody's requested anything from you yet, I'd like to request one of two images involving the same character, please. (The character is Nikki from swapnote)

1. Nikki looking really worried after her water breaks.
2. Her getting fucked while pregnant.

Thanks in advance, SD!

fcd15 No.39845

File: 1520505615546.png (281.05 KB, 700x965, 1823937 - Fondly_Scarlet N….png)

Here's another ref for her bust and height and stuff.

If you're not up to the other options I gave you, A pinup or general preggo pic would work too.

96b2e No.39846

I think someone did already do a request. But it is up to SD.

e8435 No.40085

File: 1520992537275.png (53.73 KB, 183x462, 5688-1530116023.png)

requesting a heavily pregnant Sukuuyo Mankanshoku in any state of undress.

5d310 No.40123

File: 1521117439105.png (721.26 KB, 800x600, Queenharpy2.png)

Requesting Queen Harpy from MGQ rubbing her huge pregnant bump with her fluffy wings.

ec267 No.40200

File: 1521413361850.jpg (479.6 KB, 1936x2582, 20180318_154342-1.jpg)

I don't know where to share original works anymore and I drew this in honor of March 18th, fertility goddess day. She's inspired by Thor, my second favorite fertility god.

5540f No.40287

File: 1521704166931.jpg (195.85 KB, 1920x1080, 1521680844381.jpg)

Any chance of seeing something interesting with Mrs. Diaz, now that she's been canonically shown pregnant in the show?

5540f No.40288

fff93 No.40290

I’m getting rugrats movie flashbacks here

bc827 No.40301


bf60b No.40320

A good while ago there was a request of a pregnant Suguha from SAO. Well… I fulfilled that back then.
And been working on this for the past week or so on and off https://kumichan.deviantart.com/art/Link-Start-Suguha-and-Leafa-736795333

6c3a2 No.40565

This can't be "real" in the story, I mean the Diaz's are a little goofy sometimes, but Marco Jr. and how she's acting? This has to be someone messing with Marco using magic, trying to get him to leave Mewni.

5540f No.40583

Having watched the whole episode… It *looks* legit. Or if someone is messing with Marco, there were absolutely no hints in that ep (that I saw, at least), and it'll have to be be revealed later in retrospect; which, honestly, really isn't the style of storytelling StarVs goes in for.

bf60b No.40618

There was another request thread a while back. Someone requested Zelda from BotW in her pray gown. Sooo… I drew stuff https://kumichan.deviantart.com/art/Preg-of-the-Wild-738441969

3d6c9 No.40633

File: 1522682175099.jpg (100.6 KB, 1034x1026, kira004.jpg)

Sharing some vector drawings by mee

3d6c9 No.40634

File: 1522682192456.jpg (86.97 KB, 1024x1024, maya004.jpg)

3d6c9 No.40635

File: 1522682205611.jpg (107.76 KB, 1024x1025, tigi004.jpg)

a9680 No.40695

File: 1522775510399.jpg (1.53 MB, 3425x4961, Untitled-1 copy.jpg)

Well im just trying to improve my art here, if you guys wouldn't mind with my artsyle then i would love to do more the request

1b990 No.40698

File: 1522780021666.jpg (1.19 MB, 2794x3287, IMG_2703.JPG)

Hmmm if it ain't too much to ask. My oc's could use a new outfit.
Boxxie on the left. Much more outspoken but wears looser but more "covert" clothes.

Busty on the right. Much more demure but likes to show skin.

1b990 No.40699

File: 1522780091668.jpg (851.08 KB, 2240x2407, IMG_2704.JPG)

This is their new hairstyle btw lol.:8:
Did I mention they radioactive twins?
Anyways thanks in advance!!!

ec7b3 No.40718

File: 1522794997175.png (1.46 MB, 1277x1470, Lucy Liberty.png)

Here's a request for a lesser-known character. Lucy Liberty from the F-Zero anime, happy and content with a full-term belly.

2fe82 No.40884

File: 1523098258840.jpg (715.65 KB, 1440x720, PhotoGrid_1523098155959.jpg)

Requesting a Hyperpreg "Super Saiyan" Videl in her Great Saiyaman 2 outfit, doing a justice like pose in the right picture.

fffe0 No.41268

File: 1523921562309.jpg (164.07 KB, 724x837, TannahVard.jpg)

Requesting Tannah making the same pose she has in the source pic while pregnant. Bonus points if you include Vard as well.

2fe82 No.41325

Requesting Hyperpreg Pole Dancer/Stripper who Bartends at the same time. Long flowing hair, any kind of outfit.

7ea1f No.41349

If in same pose, might be better to ask on Edit Thread. >>41335

More likely it'll get completed as well due to it's bigger traffic.

2716c No.41454

File: 1524108061804.png (1.21 MB, 4243x2824, Nsdfgtfrerghgrfthvas.png)

I don't know if I requested anything here before, but I would greatly appreciate a pic of this girl laying some eggs.

f5a6d No.41458

File: 1524112681343.jpg (40.01 KB, 704x480, Crimson_Dragon's_seal.jpg)

this is a very odd request but i want Kisara from the yugioh series with a big sextuplet full term pregnant belly with this on her belly

3490a No.41515

File: 1524166517130.jpg (117.01 KB, 812x983, window_yoga_by_olympic_dam….jpg)

Can someone draw someone in this position in a bra and panties but with belly movement and either a tentacle or worm coming out oftheir mouth eith a bulge on their neck? It would be veeeery appreciated. If tentacles arent your thing then belly movement and like drool coming out of their mouth would be fine too thank you!

f3875 No.41880

File: 1524441588279.jpg (330.98 KB, 1727x1233, 1.jpg)

(please excuse me for my posible broken english)
I drawed this and it looks wrong, if someone redrew it, I would be really grateful

bc827 No.42071

File: 1524623127078.png (1.29 MB, 2560x1440, request7.png)

requesting dawn giving birth to ash's baby in fully nude please?

32048 No.42081

I have this weird case if deja vu, like I’ve already heard it before…

e1e1f No.42097

Hey, i feel like i know this artstyle

f3875 No.42138


32048 No.42144

No no not that. It’s like I heard this request before like spammed? It’s all fuzzy

9583c No.42163

Is that a horn on her head or an ear? Im a little bit confused

f3875 No.42171

its an ear, I know it looks akward

81a46 No.42207


What is the source of the girl giving birth?

Like what series or game is she from?

a4fbd No.42238

I think he managed to get an edit in during the bubble pop explosion. The Wendy one. He's probably got it in his head he can get more.

65f7e No.42239

He got several involving underaged pokemon characters and now is asking where the editor went, no doubt too self-consumed to allow whatever self-less person who served him to take a break.

2fcca No.42265

File: 1524862386655.png (1.68 MB, 1661x905, 1523206451438.png)

Requesting Narika from Conception 2 slightly hyper pregnant with significantly larger breasts, looking slightly red in the face to due the fact when transforming into her battle outfit it didn't take her new ample proportions into consideration and she is having quite a bit of a wardrobe malfunction in the chest area.

I'm surprised that there isn't more pregnancy art of Conception 2 considering the overall theme of the game.

747e6 No.42313

File: 1524992312166.jpg (134.03 KB, 500x565, CHAINSAWS.jpg)

Yes, I know that she's a robot, but it would be cool if someone would show Shattered Glass Sari some preg love.

8fcaa No.42424

File: 1525180294053.png (69.05 KB, 774x1032, act2.PNG)

Can someone draw this character pregnant, with the belly exposed under from the shirt?

e2a3a No.42685

File: 1525794126640.png (496.81 KB, 668x830, 5Mx7K2j.png)

I would love it if Pencil-Junkie would draw a follow up to 'Splash' and draw the just the original Gen-III Shelly heavily pregnant & laboring, please? I've linked the original artwork from Pencil-Junkie for all to enjoy. Please, stay awesome, Pregchan!

3958f No.42880

File: 1526190359213.png (433.01 KB, 500x729, ee746f714ccf2c0124225ea600….png)

Severa/Selena from Fire Emblem, please.

Perhaps in a position similar to this?

2716c No.42890

Bumping this

fffe0 No.42924

File: 1526304835693.jpg (22.74 KB, 321x599, Humba-Wumba.jpg)

Requesting Humba Wumba from "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts" rubbing her pregnant belly.

b176e No.42955

File: 1526382799533.jpg (1.27 MB, 3541x5016, emojipreg.jpg)

this was fun to draw!

32048 No.42957

Oof now she pergant

1c62a No.42958

Since a request from January just got done, I'm bumping this on the off chance it gets done.

1c62a No.42959

Also, I hate to admit it, but she's… kind of really hot.

5512f No.42968

First there's this >>39394 and now there's this.

This board continues to impress me…and, dare I say, expand my horizons along with certain waistlines.

6181f No.42975

Woah, I forgot about that request I did, thanks for giving these threads a new breath of life. And she looks great to boot.
With all her extra hormones I can only see her slut meter being off the charts!

bc827 No.42976


45803 No.43409

File: 1527644204027.gif (860.42 KB, 500x260, b39eb0ba6636e41315116444fe….gif)

I wonder if anyone is willing to draw a pregnant Hannah Annafellows from Black Butler II, nude and legs spread?

5e020 No.43580

File: 1528030902186.png (255.2 KB, 709x784, nia preg.png)

Eyyyy have some Nia from Gurren lagann!

2716c No.43584

Gonna bump this again

75b33 No.43719

File: 1528342261008.png (782.12 KB, 654x1760, beb7bcfdbddb4a8f350fc885f2….png)

Anyone up to try their hand at Takemi from Persona 5?

2a4ee No.43725

File: 1528352047404.png (1.27 MB, 812x1842, Gunnthrá_Heroes.png)

Gunthra with a maternal personality seems fitting to be drawn pregnant. Any size is alright.

2a4ee No.43726

File: 1528352084038.png (2.14 MB, 1642x1920, Gunnthrá_Fight.png)

Extra reference

2716c No.43959

File: 1528901778931.png (181.53 KB, 573x1000, BkB0KXg.png)

Any chance this purty girl can be drawn sitting cross-legged w/o her armor holding a belly?

5e020 No.43960

File: 1528906090735.png (350.99 KB, 1406x1650, holdingbelly.png)

Ask and ye shall receive.
(I'll add shading later if I have time)

1fbcc No.43961


Bumping this one from the third thread

2716c No.43978

Holy shit this is AWESOME!

2716c No.43980


I don't know if this is too greedy of me, but could I request a thing of this girl having her saiyan bab?

b4474 No.44040

File: 1529027879561.jpg (251.53 KB, 424x424, tumblr_mtt03cIiCh1sbshipo1….jpg)

There was a topic on 4chan's belly stuffing thread that talked about a scenario from The Witch and the Hundred Knight game.

The scenario in question was about Metallia, the titular witch, being cursed or something by what she calls Lord Peptobis, and this causes her stomach to expand to look like she's pregnant. The 4chan thread then had someone post a small fanfiction about this, and in that fanfiction Metallia poses in front of a mirror and mention something like "I think I'd pull off being pregnant for real rather well."
The moment I saw that, my mind was like "HELL YES, YOU WOULD!"

So here is what I'd love to see: Metallia with a 4-5 month belly posing with her arms up behind her head, and she has that maternal glow, but she also has her signature mischievious grin and a look on her face like "I'm definitely turning you on, aren't I?"

b4474 No.44041

File: 1529027975671.jpg (45.3 KB, 650x506, e3f625b9b19b684ed136538235….jpg)

Here's another reference pic, and further proof that a motherly Metallia would be outright incredible to see.

44889 No.44061

File: 1529055783082.jpg (340.46 KB, 1280x720, the-witch-and-the-hundred-….jpg)


For further reference

1fbcc No.44062

File: 1529060425545.png (1.84 MB, 1914x1070, image.png)

Another reference pic

0a165 No.44282

nicely done

2716c No.44306

301e4 No.44347

File: 1529618254234.jpg (36.19 KB, 319x600, 319px-Venus_von_Willendorf….jpg)

How about a pregnant Venus of Willendorf?

e53d1 No.44348

File: 1529619271090.jpg (202.41 KB, 754x1280, Venus of Willendorf-by-dno….jpg)

7da6b No.44384

File: 1529673042638.jpg (55.66 KB, 530x898, c993f96e9426a16f53894243ac….jpg)


How about the Jomon Venus from Japan?

fffe0 No.44740

File: 1530570475386.png (345.64 KB, 1000x962, Abby.png)

Requesting Abby Archer from Grossology looking proud of her pregnant tum tum.

1fbcc No.44744

File: 1530576097883.png (190.67 KB, 571x734, image.png)

Requesting Tatsumiya from Wadanohara nude, and looking content with her pregnancy.

1db59 No.44804

This is fantastic!

bf60b No.44806

So? I am slow. Very slow. A request on one of the old threads. Pregnant Earth-chan.

a4562 No.44821

File: 1530760106661.png (394.59 KB, 1355x1080, 44040 sketch.png)

Sketchy sketch for you

b4474 No.44828

This looks great! Looks just how I'd imagine she would! :D

bf60b No.44893

Hey that girl is cute. Well… uhh stupid brain. Why not draw her? But it wasn't that great of a movie. But it amused you. Guess Your Name wasn't that bad.

15068 No.45417

File: 1532283360668.png (764.78 KB, 2000x2500, konata[1].png)

My first request in ages, felt a bit inspired by the season and was hoping someone would be nice enough to draw a nice little summer scene with my OC Konata (pictured, though maybe a little bigger than she's supposed to be, not sure) and maybe a friend or two.

The scene I would like is this: Konata lounging either on a beach or poolside wearing a blue bikini (nothing fancy, fairly conservative on the bottom and her top showing some skin and cleavage but not a lot). She's supposed to be 6' 3" and have D-Cup breasts, just to help the reference (also only supposed to be having one baby, but if she's twin-sized it's not a big deal)

Joining her would be another girl, also tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes, A-cup breasts, wearing an off-white/cream colored bikini top and similarly colored swim trunks (there's a reason for that fashion choice) and maybe giving Konata a tum tum rub or a kiss or something cute going on between them.

If possible, a third girl with long brown hair, green eyes, and a similar build (and also similarly preg) to Konata could be next to Konata, dressed in a similar but soft pink bikini and looking very shy and embarrassed, with Konata maybe giving her a tum tum rub and being all "Hey, calm down. We're here to relax and have fun~"

Hope someone has fun with this

2716c No.45488

File: 1532412579846.png (1.28 MB, 4243x2824, Nsdfgtfrjhgfghjhgfdthvas2.png)

I hate to be greedy, but if anyone has the time, can this lovely lady get a pic of her giving birth?

fffe0 No.45608

File: 1532837402209.jpg (118.86 KB, 891x896, tak_hunny.jpg)

Requesting Hunny (left) revealing to Tak (right) that she's pregnant.

d198c No.45706

Do you want your OC portrayed like your description or like the art on the left? Because her breasts are (a lot) bigger than D-Cup.

Also do you mind it being in 3d? (;^ω^)

15068 No.45710

I kinda thought she was bigger than she was supposed to be in that pic (hence why I noted it and listed her measurements). Some swelling is okay for obvious reasons, but I would at least like to keep her close to what she's supposed to be.

And 3D is perfectly fine.

f615d No.45719

db5d4 No.45807

File: 1533505636989.jpg (67.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

can someone make ether
1.an image of a 9 month great fairy from hyrule warriors and link(same game) having some fun.
2.the great fairy birthing some babies wile link sands off to the side holding an sign that says"this is why you use protection,kids."

i would love for ether to be made,thank you!

2716c No.45882


c22a3 No.45922

Suggestion for a drawing? What happens if Tracer from overwatch uses her rewind ability while giving birth?

d198c No.45955

File: 1533823150996.png (4.09 MB, 2880x2160, img20180809063250 (1).png)

Already shared with NekoSabrina via Discord, but thought I'd put it here too if anyone wanted to see.

d198c No.45956

File: 1533823237790.png (5.14 MB, 3840x2160, img20180809063250.png)

Same image but wider.

57e55 No.46062

File: 1533995081819.png (152.61 KB, 446x706, 153343690214.png)

someone do preggo 5volt please

fe20a No.46173

File: 1534437167107.jpg (1.67 MB, 2480x3508, quicksketch wip copy.jpg)

Just a rough sketch but im doing what i could,

Maybe i would do some of these request if you guys are okay with my style

1fbcc No.46177

I certainly wouldn't mind you doing some of these requests

bc827 No.46180

File: 1534447855151.gif (36.48 KB, 450x786, easter_alice.gif)

Let's Alice pregnant nude or clothes? Birth or no birth?

bc827 No.46181

Sorry I was about to say try after let's

2e13d No.46186

…she's 7, so no…

10414 No.46187

i agree with you on this,alice's canon age is supposed to be 7 so a big NO from me as well.

a5562 No.46188

I'll do the older version then

0a50a No.46189

I don't think that's a good idea. Last time he refused an art piece because it didn't meet his standard and more recently he's been obsessively trying to bother the person who did an edit for him. I don't think anything good will result from this.

a5562 No.46194

So, he's kind of toxic requester?

1fbcc No.46195

Very much so

bc827 No.46199

That's a good idea to me

e261d No.46203

Not interested in doing it even if she was older.

bc827 No.46205

I wasn't talking to you now just try!

2e13d No.46206

Here we go again…
No one will do your UNDERAGE request so please save yourself the hassle and STOP asking for UNDERAGE characters because that's PEDOPHILIA and therefore ILLEGAL.

Alright? It's ILLEGAL. So no, pick a character that's of age… and by "of age" I mean one that's AT LEAST 18 OR OLDER.
Seriously, do you need to be told this?

b29c5 No.46209

It's not illegal, and this site has loli threads. No one has to do any specific request, and the best way do deal with this guy is to ignore him and report him when he gets whiny.

6061e No.46211

Ugh everytime this guy shows up it holds up the whole thread. I'm sick of it

bc827 No.46223

I told you for the last time age doesn't matter we always allowed here and loli threads don't have requestings on it jeez and I'm NOT whiny requesting underage characters is acceptable ok

6061e No.46360

Okay, but have you picked up yet that no one wants to do your request? You've been rude in the past and that shit comes back dude

18c44 No.46367

File: 1534722836357.png (10.67 KB, 847x479, Alice.png)

Here's your request, have a nice day!

04c64 No.46368

I clapped

bc827 No.46393

I meant sharkgirl204 not you your art is horrible and you're the rude one

18c44 No.46395

It's a joke bub.

bc827 No.46397

No this is serious

6061e No.46422


bcc41 No.46428

File: 1534875930362.png (1.07 MB, 1300x1953, narika pregchan rq unsigne….png)

This looked fun to tackle.

2716c No.46429


I am gonna bump this again, mostly to try and drown out the rudeness of the "person" responsible for >>46393

1b027 No.46430

I don't play this sort thing but the way you drew that anime exploding out of her dress absolutely demanded my attention, nice

bc827 No.46432

Oh they'll like me alright they will

1fbcc No.46433

No, they really won't.

17670 No.46434

first time visiting this thread and i already hate you

bc827 No.46447

Oh yes they do
No you ain't you and everone are the ones who keeps offending me

6fc76 No.46448


Shut the fuck up and stop these pitiful tantrums you cancerous piece of shit.

6061e No.46449

God you're such an entitled shit

594c3 No.46450

File: 1534898063425.jpg (155.02 KB, 1680x1050, 1234407633275.jpg)

Oh boy, it's ye olde barely grammatically understandable poster with the exact same "request" (read: demand) battery who single-handedly kills every single original content and/or edit thread this site produces!

386fc No.46466

File: 1534912775907.png (530.24 KB, 682x600, Dragongirl.png)

Would anybody be interested in doing a monstergirl?

I'm doing some ORIGINAL CONTENT DONUT STEEL involving dragon-people. I was wondering if anyone might like to help me with concept art.

What's required? Well, not much really. I guess what I'm asking is for you folks who draw to design your own Dragon Monstergirl. Based on the following criteria.

BACKGROUND: Generally anything you want. But, would prefer a few scenarios. 1.) A pile of gold to bask on, Scrooge McDuck style. 2.) A bathing spring. Large pools of water and showers and granite baths 3.) Some sort of tavern.

DESIRED PICTURE: Something involving a dragon monster-girl bein' preg. Could be laying eggs. Could be birthing monsters (lizardmen.) Could even be feasting on a fresh kill of something.. like a dinosaur. Go wild.

1.) Eyes: Choose between humanoid, 'draconic', or some middle ground between.
2.) Horns: Not required. Can be hornless, can be spiraled, can be pokey antlers like an eastern Lung. Can be curled. Can be over, can be under. Go wild.
3.) Face: Must be humanoid.
4.) Teeth: Can be more predatory and carnivorous, or can be omnivorous and humanoid. Could even go Jabberwocky-ish.
5.) Ethnicity: Any background is encouraged, from typical high fantasy European, to east or west African, to Middle Eastern, to Pacific Asian, etc. No limitations. You do you.
6.) Ears: Can be more humanoid and round ear-like, or can be replaced by fins. Can be pointy or not.
7.) Feet: Can be more like harpy talons and dragon talons, or more like human feetsies, but I must insist they look like they could walk for miles on them barefoot, if needed.
8.) Tail: 100% optional. You can have a dragon girl with one, or not. Long and ropey, thick and round, morelike a crocodile or alligator. Can have spines or be smooth, scales or even segments.
9.) Hands: Can be like normal human fingers and digits, or she can have longer nails, right up to claws.
10.) Extra appendages: You can give them wings, or just extra limbs.
11.) The Legs: Can be digitgrade like a faun, or humanoid.
12.) Head: Can have hair. From a normal human head of it, to a downright Final Fantasy behemoth type of mane mop, to no hair at all but a more draconic dome, more helmet than skull. But the human face needs to be retained.
13.) Skin: Those parts the scales don't cover can range from normal human skin tone to a flesh neutral colored scaling in its own right.

I encourage a wide variety of scale kinds, from big and thick scales with very apparent overlaps, right down to scutes, like bird feet. Right down to smooth but thick and sturdy scale-textured skin, until it's like glittery leather. And, in fact, your dragon girl can have nipples or no. Think of the dragonic elements like an overlapping organic suit of armor. An extra set of flesh. Like a set of pajamas.

The reference pictures are not of my characters and I did not draw them. They're just examples of what I'm trying to convey.

bc827 No.46467

You're the entitled shirt!
Look at you you're offended me

6fc76 No.46468


I don't give two flying fucks if you are offended, you are a vile piece of cancerous scum that has dragged every single one of these threads down with your constant and disgusting greed.

Learn to fucking type and shut the hell up you asspie piece of shit.

1fbcc No.46470

I don't think anyone could care less if you're offended

402e1 No.46473


no this is patrick

7ea1f No.46479

This sounds pretty ambitious if you're aiming for multiple artist contributing to this concept art collaboration.
Maybe you should start a new thread given it's kind of it's own project

386fc No.46483

I figured making a whole thread for my request was too self-indulgent, and would set a bad precedent. Like, 'hey everybody, draw stuff for my story' is too far.

However, giving a list of suggested criteria so artists can try their own stuff is a little different. And it only needs to be as ambitious as they themselves want to draw it!

d198c No.46498


Would you be fine with it in 3d?

I'd love to hear more about your project! It sounds very interesting. :D

2e13d No.46506

File: 1534993220467.png (159.09 KB, 979x647, lamia colour v2.png)

I did yer thing for ye!

386fc No.46512

I would be DELIGHTED to see them in 3D.
If you'd like to talk with me about it, I've got a Discord and email, if you'd like it.

e7a47 No.46516

Interesting, i might be join
This ain't me btw

6061e No.46517

File: 1535001264704.jpg (59.78 KB, 540x594, e4693d7ee86b4c3f25c5d704fa….jpg)

Does this count as necrophilia? Or is it okay because she's a ghost and not a corpse?

b4474 No.46518

File: 1535002394542.jpg (87.38 KB, 1196x675, HarukanaReceive-Episode6-2.jpg)

Very odd thing to ask. Just to answer the question, it'd only count as necrophilia if there is a clear indication of a corpse or something.

Anyway, to get back to normal, here is a girl whose belly is just asking for a tummy dweller!

6061e No.46519

Guess that makes sense. Damn Hirohiko Araki for making a cute dead girl!

386fc No.46520

The more the merrier!

6a1be No.46521

File: 1535006692524.jpg (286.26 KB, 1044x2742, Larxene.jpg)

No, nigga, YOU'RE the entitled one here. You've been through this, what, at least half a dozen times? If you honestly want this picture so badly, go fucking commission it. A lot of people are put off by the character being requested for one reason or another (though I imagine more so are just annoyed with the frequency of your request and attitude than any moral differences). Yet you constantly try to play the victim like some antifa moron whenever people tell you off. Just stop it already.

So this post isn't a complete waste; Requesting a pregnant Larxene.

abe4e No.46524

File: 1535010386221.png (389.35 KB, 1280x960, f2399b66242e39500ed240d458….png)

For those interested in monster girls, here's a cute imp who looks like she needs the treatment. ;)

d198c No.46536

Your Discord will be fine. :)

I'd also like to forewarn you that I'm relatively an amateur artist and may not be able to meet your expectations. >_<

386fc No.46540

aww. My expectations are pretty low.
Which isn't a knock at you. At the end of the day, you're still practicing and willing to do a free favor like this, so it's all fantastic.

You can find me on andolph#2081 on discord.

386fc No.46541

this goes for you too.
my discord is here if you wanna talk.

e9cd5 No.46546

Shouldn't this go to edit thread?

386fc No.46554

offer stands to you, too! I meant to put you in >>46541 but accidentally got twi of Penny's messages instead. x.x

d198c No.46580

File: 1535167771259.png (5.66 MB, 3840x2160, img20180825130352 labled.png)

386fc No.46584

This is amazing! Thank you!
The color scheme is so soft and pretty. And the more scaled edges look great, too. Love the horns.

This is a great take on >>46466

a4997 No.46586

[LIKE] ← makeshift Like button

f4165 No.46589

Dark doom Imp :P

d198c No.46625

Haha, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)

Also that [LIKE] is really cute. Thanks for that!

1fbcc No.46626

ngl this is cute

190a6 No.46670

File: 1535409378265.png (735.09 KB, 1052x744, IMG_2956.PNG)

Can I request Lillie lifting her dress to reveal her pregnant tummy to a surprised Ash, implying he fathered her child?

5910f No.46787

File: 1535630745440.png (58.6 KB, 800x600, Lavender.png)

If anyone wants to draw my OC Lavender, that'd be great! She's a 12' tall neko if you needed her height for any reason.

(P.S. I'm not expecting anything to be done, it's just be a nice surprise is all)

32048 No.46789

I’m suspicious of you

00d57 No.46791

Probably not that toxic spammer, language used is too fluent + other stuff.

Nevertheless, the toxic one will probably disturb whoever does this request in an attempt to get a similar one.

32048 No.46794

A request thread? How about a assaultron

32048 No.46797

File: 1535636601821.jpg (98.5 KB, 960x960, 2819528-untitled.jpg)

Here’s the pic

301e4 No.46826

File: 1535763980008.jpg (387.83 KB, 1200x1200, a1639549377_10.jpg)

I don't have a particular character in mind, but I'd like to see someone draw a pregnant woman with a certain…

A E S T H E T I C.

fffe0 No.46828

File: 1535773125860.png (463.23 KB, 1280x1280, Yan_Noe.png)

Requsting Crap-Man's OC Noe (right) showing Yan (left) that she's pregnant.

386fc No.47036

File: 1536254762045.png (272.73 KB, 500x281, Pennysdragon4small.png)

teasing with another pic!
(the pictures are enormous so I post smaller versons. Takes up less MB of space.)

2fcca No.47155

Thank you so much for doing a really great job on my request!

Sorry for not thanking you sooner, I've been gone for a couple of months now and honestly I kinda forgot about this request.

bc827 No.47538

File: 1537297277383.png (1.77 MB, 2560x1440, request19.png)

May I request to do Sofia, marina, alice, Anna, and Wendy giving birth of their husband's baby please?(No. Stop.)

7fe8d No.47543

Link to the original pic plz

1fbcc No.47545

I highly doubt this'll get done

1e443 No.47547

File: 1537305478945.jpg (100.85 KB, 750x750, 4ef5f53adb3fb64af65df217aa….jpg)

I second this.

98aab No.47550

File: 1537310776842.png (3.59 MB, 1085x1571, finalvape.png)

I modified one of my drawings to give it an
a e s t h e t h i c

eaf8d No.47551

Seriously, just stop with the fucking Disney girls. Some of us are getting sick and tired of them.

32048 No.47558

Lol even the mods are telling him no

9dda2 No.47563

Love your work bud, keep it up!

c1c0f No.47564

can you stop with the disney shit its pretty fucking wack

32048 No.47569

Are you kidding me? The mods are telling him to stop. So I’ll bet he’ll stop

14ef6 No.47589

Unfortunately, past behavior says otherwise…

32048 No.47608

So what, he’ll get banned for disobeying mods then

5d310 No.47611

File: 1537452939988.jpg (141.13 KB, 924x512, Hypna CR.jpg)

Requesting a heavily expecting Hypna from Culdcept Revolt

2716c No.47613

File: 1537458957143.png (346.02 KB, 811x989, justreff.png)

I would like to request this sweet grumpy trash panda boy to have a baby belly, sitting and hugging it with a grumpy face. I thank anyone in advance who picks this one up.

e20b0 No.47644

This is a really interesting design; I have a few questions before i start though.
1. Is his right hand partly a paw? Are the fingers fused together?
2. Are the brown parts fur, or just skin pigmentation?
3. Is that an accurate view of his feet, i.e. they're actually shaped like paws instead of human feet?

bc827 No.47645

I'm back baby and this time quit banning me and my request is not cancerous
No thank you because it's too damn beautiful
I won't
Like reference and fully nude

32048 No.47647

Lol have fun getting banned troll

594c3 No.47649

File: 1537568734223.jpg (32.35 KB, 352x240, 1168326860789.jpg)

Is there a fucking SE-Asia call center somewhere that you keep IP-jumping from? Holy crap…

9ab94 No.47650

File: 1537570648957.png (53.59 KB, 932x1520, racco 2.png)

I did a quick sketch of this cute boi

32048 No.47654

Mods are gonna have fun with him

bc827 No.47700

I am not a troll

32048 No.47707

File: 1537699194135.jpeg (31.65 KB, 800x450, 1F2732D9-10D6-409B-9B7B-6….jpeg)

3512b No.47713

File: 1537710354115.png (742.08 KB, 1000x1500, IMG_6704.PNG)

Could someone draw this girl rubbing her pregnant belly please?

bc827 No.47724

Are you freaking listening to me?! I am not a troll and take your reactions out

04c64 No.47726

If a mod is hijacking your posts and inserting messages into them telling you to stop, and you don't stop, then you're a troll.

18c44 No.47730

I'm pretty sure the better term to describe you is that you're a total dick.

bc827 No.47747

You're a total dick
Wtf I said I am not(Yes, you are.)

32048 No.47764

Admin is a good man

fffe0 No.47803

File: 1537819339609.jpg (135.98 KB, 800x800, Marina.jpg)

Requesting Marina from "Zig and Sharko" lounging on a rock while pregnant.

bc827 No.47972

Thanks for getting me lifted and now I want anyone to do this and I won't stop posting Disney girls for my requests because it's too dang beautiful >>47538

0a259 No.47989

Don't you mean horrendous?

594c3 No.47995

File: 1538111893081.jpg (65.18 KB, 790x593, 1210398008056.jpg)

6a1be No.48007

Dude, just fuck off already. If you're really THIS damned thirsty for Disney girls, then go and commission it. There's bound to be some artists out there who would do it, just not here, not after all the shit you've pulled. Just be thankful you aren't being banned from being able to view what's on this site.

bc827 No.48031

I told you I'm not going to commission it this is a free request and I Don't have any money I just kept saving on anything I won't fuck off until you say pretty please, ignore me, go to hell or you leave

18c44 No.48032

The mods can make you leave by force. No one is going to draw something of that caliber for free. Not everything in life is free. Artists need commissions so they can earn money to buy food, resources, and pay fees for things.

32048 No.48033

I do wonder, how long does a person have to wait until, they can rebump their request

6277a No.48043

Preferably forever.

See, artists aren't blind, friend. They scroll these threads, too. They can go up and down the whole thread and decide, "mmmm… not interested in /this/"

Rest assured, if they don't do your request, it's simply because they aren't interested, not because they don't see it.

But, posting a new request anonymously every 7-10 days shouldn't be a problem. Just make it noticably different. Not, "Marge Simpson in a BLUUUUUE Bikini." and then a week later, "Marge Simpson in a GREEEEEN bikini!"

Maybe someone completely different, because clearly it's not just the bikini color that the folks have no interest in drawing.

32048 No.48044

Hmm, if that’s so, I shall request something from the game starbound, preferably fpreg if that is okay

6a1be No.48050

It is not a free request, not when you have what, five girls in the pic? You'd be lucky to get a free commission with two.
>go to hell
You first, faggot.

5f3f6 No.48051


Fine then.
Pretty please go fuck off you pedophile troll, no one likes you here or in the real world. The other anons are telling you to shut up, the Mods are telling you to shut up, I'm telling you to shut the fuck up and go back to jacking off to kiddie cartoons or do the whole world a favor and get a fucking life.

On a lighter note, I just found out there's a new Addams family movie coming out next year. To celebrate it I'm requesting a pregnant Morticia holding a rose.

bc827 No.48053

Who the hell are you? You need to watch your fecking mouth go feck yourself begone
Yes it is! Commission is NOT necessary for requesters

bc827 No.48054

Btw where's the commission? Idk it's not here

32048 No.48058

How mods haven’t banned him for trolling baffles me

e7d95 No.48089

File: 1538256098625.png (733.52 KB, 787x1080, hypna.png)

this character design is insane and i love it.

6a1be No.48090

Go fuck yourself with a rusty rake, you goddamn fucking arrogant cunt.

fffe0 No.48092

File: 1538262586742.png (210.77 KB, 738x946, Mona.png)

Requesting Mona from the WarioWare games striking a proud pose while pregnant.

96d7c No.48175

i think hes switching IPs or something to avoid the ip bans

32048 No.48197

How do we stop this troll? If he’s switching ips, how else can we stop him

bc827 No.48198


32048 No.48199

File: 1538508580152.png (119.91 KB, 303x366, 7D771B12-46C1-423E-B166-2F….png)

79ca9 No.48202

Could someone draw a pregnant Anna from Shimoneta with (non pregnant) Okuma? Please!

3a6ff No.48204

He's only allowed here by my mercy (and pity). And because his antics amuse me sometimes. Just ignore him already.

bc827 No.48212

Do not ignore me ignore couchy(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

14ef6 No.48215

So our god is a benevolent one then, eh?

I really wish people would just ignore you ignore Couchy.

18c44 No.48229

Don't ignore me, wah

4a278 No.48234


3e204 No.48318

File: 1538758669619.png (1010 KB, 2400x3200, Lavender.png)

Hope you like it

6d8fd No.48324

d198c No.48327

It's fantastic, Arkone!

5910f No.48331

This was a very pleasant surprise to come home to after a long, but good day, Arkone, thank you!

5910f No.48332

Also, the fact that you went so far as to draw the background is amazing as I kind of disn't expect that to be drawn ^^;

58332 No.48357

File: 1538829830584.png (1.17 MB, 2400x3200, Android Maid.png)

96d7c No.48359

That looks really good! Thanks for drawing this Arkone

32048 No.48635

File: 1539375188115.jpeg (18.91 KB, 206x478, EF3BEE3A-5694-4D4E-AEAB-5….jpeg)

This might be over describing it but the female Assassin from half life 9 months pregnant with average sized breasts for those months on a wall, holding her belly or putting her hand on it the belly while it is moving a bit saying something like oof stay calm or just one more mission. This is probably also over described.

951aa No.48660

File: 1539438076388.png (55.93 KB, 209x285, chara_sapp.png)

Can anyone draw pregnant Sapphire from Tegaki Monster?

951aa No.48661

File: 1539438106366.jpg (88.59 KB, 320x480, 001.jpg)

cloth detail

bc827 No.48775

How many characters do we have to ask for requests?

32048 No.48792

Wait a fucking minute that id is familiar

32048 No.48793

I can’t put my finger on it though

32048 No.48794

Oh wait, it’s that retard who can’t be polite to anyone

bc827 No.48803

Wrong I just learned my lesson

32048 No.48805

Sureee you did

bc827 No.48837

Now about the question

9ab94 No.48840

You can ask for one or more characters, though asking for only one or two will appease to artists more than asking for 5.

bc827 No.48846

Well I see your point one or two is enough? Good but three or more will be paid right?

5910f No.48868

File: 1540040986203.png (41.8 KB, 800x600, Mary.png)

I'm here again with another of my characters from the maiesta system. This character was a broodmother so If I could get a hyperpreg picture of her, that'd be great!

bc827 No.49060

File: 1540853756584.png (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 2560x1440, request16.png)

Requesting queen iduna from frozen giving birth to baby Elsa in fully nude like reference

2716c No.49064

bc827 No.49065

Why? I ask for one character

2716c No.49077

Because you're rude, ungrateful, obnoxious and people have called you out before and asked you stop requesting Disney characters.

bc827 No.49080

Lol why do I have to? I just learned my lesson I can request anything

32048 No.49082

aaand that already makes me think you didn’t learn a thing

594c3 No.49087

have you happened to notice that every time you shit up the thread you literally drive off all the artists who might have an inkling of willingness to do someone else's request(s)? probably not, because you're obviously selfish and small-minded.

2716c No.49088

Go home.

bc827 No.49089

No thank you I prefer to wait and go home yourself
Are there any rules about this? Of course I've learned it you and your shit talk I got one character as a free request ok control yourself otherwise you'll banned c'est la vie
You're the one who's selfish And small-minded

I'll create another drawthread new rules no deletions if it's out of replies bye bye and don't make me send your scary faces pic out of your shitheads and don't banned me again ok

2716c No.49100

File: 1540992589011.png (624.71 KB, 720x622, 42vy5nfl31i01.png)

1fbcc No.49101

Glad to see that nothing's changed!

bc827 No.49115

Photoshopped nothing works on me

2716c No.49116

File: 1541011401182.gif (2.95 MB, 390x357, 1528178898402.gif)

Oh, you were leaving? Thanks.

bc827 No.49118

No and what franchise am I going to requested?

79006 No.49121

1. Autism Guy requests "[Disney girl] giving birth in full nude"
2. Others goad him into having a tantrum by pointing out that no one is ever going to do his requests
3. AG gets banned for a few days for being obnoxious
4. Repeat

bc827 No.49122

Are you referring to me? Nonsense I said about franchise am I allowed or not allowed to request it like Pokemon, Naruto, Nintendo, etc.

18c44 No.49151

Even if you make your own thread, no one's going to fucking care about it.

ac8e7 No.49347


I’m going to be completely neutral here. Yes, you can request whatever you want, but you aren’t guaranteed that you’ll get what you want. The artists have their own free will to draw the ones that they want to, and there’s nothing wrong with that as they’re doing free labour.

What’s not okay is having a bad attitude and spamming the thread, which you’re the prime example of after reading your previous posts.

Your grammar is also really terrible which I guess makes you sound more like an obnoxious brat. Learn your manners, and you’ll get treated way better on here,

Also thanks >>49100 for the nice meme face, saving that for my own use.

e6545 No.49369

File: 1541652171112.jpeg (383.97 KB, 1180x881, tumblr_pfgvo0nQCX1uoh9yio….jpeg)

How about these two whores working the streets, ready to pop? The one on the right should look like she's on her tenth baby.

6a1be No.49557

I honestly don't know if the guy will ever learn. It's been at least two years since he started posting and being a nuisance. Doesn't help that he constantly tries to act like he's the bigger man until threatened by a mod with a ban or told by an artist that they won't do his request that he changes tunes and begs for forgiveness.

44571 No.49596

So, what even is allowed here ?

Because the past comments show that Pokemon, Naruto and Disney is frowned upon as well as virtually any franchise.

15068 No.49599

Actually, I don't think there's really anything that's actually off-limits (though underage is generally frowned upon more by the artists than anyone else). The disdain for Disney seems to be more because that one guy tends to request it, plus I get the feeling most artists don't want to ruin their childhoods like that.

Anime is generally fairly accepted here. I think the reason that one request was met with suspicion is because it was similar in nature to the toxic requests (but, as was correctly pointed out, was requested by someone else).

6a1be No.49606

Far as I recall, nothing in the rules states that there are any taboo franchises, much less a limit on what can be drawn beyond the obvious no-nos like scat and gore. As Neko said, it just depends on the artist if they're down with drawing loli/younger girls or not. As for the stuff with Disney, I'd wager it's more because it's largely just been the one guy asking for the same few Disney girls (namely Wendy) over and over, and show no patience whatsoever. He's made requests and then barely manages to wait a full day before checking in to see if anyone will be fulfilling his request, displaying a childish level of tolerance for things. And his arrogance is just laughably pathetic, wherein he makes empty threats one moment and then begs for mercy at the slightest hint of authority readying to drop the ban hammer.

0083d No.49611

File: 1542332239752.png (449.64 KB, 1149x1500, grab me a hoors light.png)

>i'll check out pregchan real quick before i go to bed
>two hours later

i uh. i took "on her tenth baby" to mean "full of ten babies".

bafeb No.49612

The way I see it with this underage stuff, Disney is off limits because it's meant to be innocent and all that. When it comes to Japan, though, they know what they're doing so there's much less I can complain about.

14ef6 No.49669

Try >>>/f/

0abe9 No.49675

Is it possible to comission there, too?

e6545 No.49700

Not exactly what i mean but this works too, thanks!

Also dat filename is great

2716c No.49725

File: 1542603221310.jpg (362.43 KB, 623x1100, notsowingedvampirebgpostin….jpg)

Pregpire anyone?

d74ae No.49769

requesting a hyper pregnant Brandine Spuckler from the Simpsons pregnant with 60 kids because according to the wiki she has 60 kids so why not make her pregnant with all 60 of them?

45803 No.49836

File: 1543032538340.jpeg (311.66 KB, 960x1280, f28a647bbc93ba80466f3571b….jpeg)

I wonder if anyone is up to do Cordelia from Panel de Pon, pregnant and cowgirl position?

0abe9 No.49871

File: 1543116708514.jpg (98.6 KB, 738x800, f32b476c9719542c23b37cf33b….jpg)

Can anyone add kicks on this?

85801 No.49917

Can anyone draw a depiction of Experimental Learning by Mouse Stories on deviantart? I would be forever in your debt. Also an amazing read

bc827 No.49998

File: 1543541008841.png (1.32 MB, 2560x1440, request2.png)

Requesting aerith Gainsborough giving birth to cloud's baby in full nude (as long as I had a good behavior)

29ad1 No.50001


Source for pic on the right?

bc827 No.50023

29ad1 No.50036


But do you know the original artist?

1dc30 No.50046

File: 1543625208780.png (1.04 MB, 1303x1070, Peacekeeper.png)

Can someone draw peacekeeper in combat but with a modest, 7 month gut?

bc827 No.50047

1f485 No.50052

File: 1543640205411.png (491.5 KB, 750x770, pregkeeper.png)

29ad1 No.50065


Who drew the picture

bc827 No.50070

I don't remember

fffe0 No.50092

File: 1543793035089.jpg (207.35 KB, 1600x1067, Boltie.jpg)

Requesting Boltie from the 2010 film "Super" in a heroic pose while pregnant.

29ad1 No.50144

File: 1543861120195.jpeg (20.54 KB, 169x300, 6E0D16C4-3AAF-4303-BD08-B….jpeg)

Requesting an older 21 year old Fem!Frisk from Undertale giving birth sitting down with her legs spread but she still has her shirt on.

Baby can be pure human or half human/Asriel hybrid.

7b285 No.50215


Your OC?

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