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We have reached thread four. New posts are coming in fast and furious.

Here's the old thread >>28802
Here's a pastebin of the story in the old thread.

Dedicated chat thread to offload off-topic and OOC chatter: >>>/c/7002

I still haven't done any error checking on either of the first three threads. Once I do that, I'll also archive the old threads and add links to the pastebin. In the meantime, you can use archive.org
Thread 1: https://web.archive.org/web/20170612190855/http://pregchan.com/d/res/11128.html
Thread 2: https://web.archive.org/web/20170612183649/https://www.pregchan.com/d/res/24451.html#24451
Thread 3 (only to September. Archive.org releases their snapshots on a 5-6 month delay. You'll have to manually change the capture date once newer captures are published):

Stat sheet as of the end of episode 3:

We are close to the end of episode 4.

Current vote is whether to help Sakura or Nanoha seal Rain.
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040f7 No.50894

File: 1545360292966.png (646.78 KB, 640x480, and Jump!.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

With a slight nod, they signal that they're ready. They run across the garden, gaining speed. Then, with a hop, a skip, and a magical explosion powered jump, they're launched into the air, roughly following the same course as the uzaina that they had thrown earlier.

With them gone, you have to decide how to pursue the Tree man.

>Try to copy the girls and magic overload your legs.

>Throw your cane and jump on it to ride it like Mercenary Tao.
>Use your cane to launch yourself.
>Launch yourself with the cane while overloading your legs.
>Stick to the safer method of travel, by ground.
>Write-in. [What?]

0d6ca No.50895

We need to make up some ground before Wood Man gets away, and we might as well learn how to manage our magic to boost speed. Not to mention we'll have a lot of girls to see across the city. A speedy rouge is a good rouge. Option 1.

d30e7 No.50896

I'll try and put together a good idea here when I have time to think it over in the next day or so, but I'm a bit reluctant to experiment with the idea of trying to give ourselves a Speed Booster or Space Jump just out of the blue without also figuring out the extra parts of said powers, namely how to not crash into shit at high speed or go splat from leaping thirty stories on the first go. Just throwing that part out there for the group.

…Also, I fucking love the idea of us going full Tao with the cane, but at no point during this season would we be able to just blindly pull off something a Dragonball/DBZ character could do without also having done the same kind of training montage they do, sadly.

fd098 No.50914

Option five. Time's of the essence and we can't risk hurting ourselves.

0d6ca No.50949

Since I've been watching My Hero Academia lately, I'm suddenly reminded of Deku and how things went for him at first, enhancing his body with his power…

Doesn't change my vote though.

4fea5 No.50969

I'm a bit hesitant to use the term "overloading" to describe what we should do next. Also, we've tried using magic to enhance our senses before, and I remember it pretty much always failing, except for channeling it through our hands for diagnosis and healing.
Channeling it through our STUFF, on the other hand, seems to be very effective.
So I vote for trying to pole-vault with the Compliant Rod.

4fea5 No.50970

Er, metaphorically anyway. Use the cane to enhance our jump somehow.

d30e7 No.50972

Yeah, the phrase "overloading" is exactly what I think would lead to >>50949, since Shadow made the Deku reference for me. I'm gonna go with Limits with either trying to pole-vault or potentially just angle the cane the right way and fire the extension backwards to launch us like a piston shot.

Though, that second idea re-introduces the issue of how we'd handle the landing, so…

fd098 No.50973

Canonically, Tuxie never seems to have a problem with landings.

d30e7 No.50975

We nearly broke our legs jumping off a ferris wheel on our first night on the job, so until we can confirm we've leveled up enough to not take fall damage or otherwise have a way to mitigate it, I'm going to always keep it in mind.

fc3d6 No.50986

>Stick to the safer method of travel, by ground.
As much as I'd find it entertaining to see us launch ourselves and faceplant in front of the enemy, I'm going to stick with the safer option.

On an unrelated note, does anyone know when archive.org is going to fix their captures for Thread 3? It's missing like half the thread, and all the later captures from 2018 just redirect to an incomplete capture from December '17.

fc3d6 No.50987

3e8d3 No.51073

Copy the girls

Stick to the ground

Pole Vault or piston shot with the cane

Running and using the cane to propel yourself up are in a tie right now. I need more votes.

727ec No.51081

Cane it. I wanna see us on someone's Epic Fail youtube channel when we faceplant.

d30e7 No.51087

It's still a much better experiment to try than rocket jumping with our feet as the rocket.

…Though I'm going to specifically add a detail that we pay attention to our landing and meet halfway in the process. If we don't get too far with this idea or it doesn't work as well as we're hoping, I say we abort out as gracefully as we can (read: action roll rather than faceplant) and go for just running the rest of the way.

4fea5 No.51110

Sure, I'm willing to add that compromise to my vote.

3e8d3 No.51114

File: 1545814880408.jpg (27.1 KB, 813x661, Pole Vault.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You're not sure if you quite have the magical ability or control to copy the sort of magically powered take-off that Cure Bloom and Cure Egret performed. However, you do have a magically extending cane that you can repurpose to perform something that's a cross between a pole vault and a piston shot. You take note of the direction that Curry Pan went flying and find a nice notch in the ground where you can plant your cane. It's not as flexible as a pole vault pole, so you can't store your kinetic energy in the flex of the pole, and you need to be careful to not try to bend your cane in such a way.

You back up to give yourself as much runway as you can. Taking a breath, you charge ahead, plant your cane, and as soon as you pass the point that your cane is vertical, you push your magic into the cane. Your momentum carries you forward, lowering the angle of your cane, and your little maneuver launches you up and forward. You give a whoop of joy at the fact that this crazy idea worked. You're pitching forward, but your cape serves as a drogue, and you straighten out after a half-turn, flying feet first.

While flying, you realize you should consider what you're going to do for a landing.
>Trap defused

How are you going to land?
>Write-in. [What?]

b4812 No.51116

Well, we already know we can infuse our cape with magic energy to harden it… can we extend that method to use the cape to glide down Batman style?

d30e7 No.51123

At some point, we legit need to figure out how Nanoha does Flier Fin and replicate it.

I'm all for trying the Batman option, though I'm also going to add in the safety net that, whatever we go with, if it should fail and we take the fall, we use our previously unlocked Pinpoint Barrier power on ourselves on whatever bodypart we hit the ground with. Might as well try and get used to using that.

fd996 No.51130

I never realized how similar the Batman option was to the Magic Kaito option until now. Cool.

But I'm not sure that idea would necessarily occur to Tuxie unless he reads one or the other, and he has to think fast. Try to use the cape as a parachute and use Blue's idea to magically cushion whichever body part might land first. Hopefully at the very least we'll avoid a "feet-ass-head" landing, as described by a distant relative-by-remarriage.

[hits "New Reply" and goes to get more coffee]

0d6ca No.51138

'Trap defused'. Haven't seen that in a while. I had better be more careful with my votes…

Once again, Blue's got the best idea. I'm down with this.

3e8d3 No.52306

File: 1548226758156.jpg (51.18 KB, 832x869, tuxedo_kamen_by_tiberan.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

The sound of your cape flapping the wind gives you a crazy idea. You might just be able to turn your cape into something like a wing suit. It's a bit of a pain to reach behind you and grab your cap, but you manage it. Pitching forward to be at a proper gliding angle, you throw your arms our while holding your cape and push your magic into it.

You feel yourself have some control over your fall. It's not a perfect glide, but it's close enough. Gliding head-first instead of feet first like earlier, you're able to spot the tree man right before he lands. Some quick estimates say that you'll land only about halfway between him and the bakery. Additionally, although you have control of your fall and you're still falling too quickly for a gentle landing. Fortunately, you have an additional idea. You have your pinpoint barrier, and you ready your magical energy to use it.

When you're close to the ground, you flare your cape to slow down as much as you can, drop your legs, and create a pinpoint barrier in your feet. Your knees buckle from the impact, but much of the force has been absorbed by the barrier. You fall to your knees before coming to a full stop, somewhat surprised that you pulled this off without killing yourself, or even hurting yourself.

You've landed in a quiet neighborhood, there's a car ahead of you, but it's moving away from you, so you probably haven't been seen. You double check that you are in fact fine, then you try to get a feel for you magic reserves. The use of your magic for the jump, glide, and landing pulled a lot out of you. You try to get a feel for how much. Still not too sure how to fully sense your own magical reserves, you can only get a rough idea. You feel you've burned a quarter or so of your total magical power on this jump. You assume a second one will require the same amount.

What do you do?
>Leap again.
>Leap to the girls instead [This will need a full leap, plus another, smaller, one afterwards]
>Pursue on foot.
>Write-in [what?]

b4812 No.52308

That definitely took a big bite out of our magic reserves, so I'm hesitant to immediately jump again.

On the other hand fate favors the bold and we're still over half of our power so I'm going with jumping again. Who knows, maybe we'll run into Sakura mid-flight and be able to hitch a ride.

d30e7 No.52316

Well, at least we didn't get hurt.

I'm gonna think on this one for a bit. Catching up to Wood Man with only half magic isn't much better of a proposition than losing him entirely.

0729b No.52329

Pursue on foot. We're in a time crunch, I think.

0d6ca No.52334

I'm starting to wonder if we should have stayed with the girls.

In any case, on foot. We'll need the rest of our power for the fight ahead. Or rather, I tend to be the cautious sort.

d30e7 No.52345

I think Moe straight up admitted we're off the rails at this point, so it probably would've been the better option from an "I have an idea what we're doing" standpoint.

I'm gonna throw in with going on foot, but I want to throw in an extra for us to try LIGHTLY pushing magic into our legs to see if it gives us some extra speed. All we need is a track runner boost, not to turn into Tuxedo The Hedgehog (Original Character DO NOT STEAL) and more importantly, we don't want to waste too much more MP here before what will inevitably end up in a fight.

4fea5 No.52369

>how Nanoha does Flier Fin
An absolute metric ton of bullshit math that would probably solve all of Earth's problems if we figured it out.

I like this idea. We need to start getting a sense of control and pacing if we're ever going to build up our reserves. I will vote for this.

d30e7 No.52373

>bullshit math

True. Well, if it comes down to it, I'm not above the idea of us making friends with the TSAB for exactly long enough to steal a Device. I'll add it to my long game plans.

3e8d3 No.52721

File: 1549516990993.png (540.94 KB, 640x480, Bookstore.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

As elated as you are about your successful magic boosted pole vaulting tecnique, it does burn a lot of magic. It's not something you can afford to spend right now. Keeping the general location of the tree man in mind, you set out on foot. It's not as fast as your previous glide, but you run at a sprint, and use your healing ability to constantly restore your muscles, allowing you to maintain that pace indefinitely.

You burst out of the residential neighborhood and into a rather quiet shopping district. The few people that are out and about give you strange looks, but quickly move out of your way.

3e8d3 No.52722

File: 1549517041612.png (594.52 KB, 640x480, Hangry.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You run down the street, but don't see any sign of the tree man. A shriek behind you grabs your attention and you look behind you. You drop to the ground, barely avoiding being hit by a swarm of angry flying books.

3e8d3 No.52723

File: 1549517078513.png (544.28 KB, 640x480, Uzaina.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

They pass by over head and loop around you, returning to their source. Curry-pan stands there, and the books circle near him forming a whirlwind. The books fuse and form a giant book monster, "UZAIIIINAAAAA!!" The tree man is standing next to it and shouts, "Your meddling ends here. Prepare yourself!"

You get into a ready stance to prepare to fight, but out in the open, your at a marked disadvantage.

What do you do?
>Attack [Rose, cane, fisticuffs?]
>Ask a question [what?]
>Taunt [how?]
>Flee for cover
>Write-in [what?]

cbff9 No.52728

[sleepily eyes the options] Find some cover. With luck, we can stall long enough to get even a minor magic recharge.

d30e7 No.52740

I have some ideas, but I don't have time to write it out here. I'll be in with it later.

0d6ca No.52748

I know whatever I come up with will pale to Blue's plans, but I don't try, I won't grow.

We're a rouge, so we need some hit and run tactics. Find something to hide behind before throwing a rose the first time we get a target. If the books get too close and start to swarm us, we'll need to use our cane to swat them away. And with any luck, another pair of girls will show up soon.

d30e7 No.52801

>[if] I don't try, I won't grow.

That's the spirit. Worst possible thing that happens is I give you a good explanation for why that idea wouldn't work. Besides, honestly, as much as we make the jokes about me having the best ideas and whatnot, that's usually more long-term and relationship related stuff. My combat planning kind of blows.

As it currently stands, we don't have a lot of good damage options to work with, and now that I think about it, we've never directly attacked a PreCure MotW before. We usually leave those to the girls. If a Youma is the equivalent of an enemy Mobile Suit, these things are more like Mazinger or Getter enemies. Which… means we're probably even more in trouble than I originally thought, now that I put it like that. Oh well!

Cover is an incredibly good idea, however, something tells me Plant Man isn't in the mood to dick around with us and any sort of cover we go for is only good for the time it takes for either the monster to crash through it or for him to flank us. And I'm not exactly keen on our chances to solo a regenerating book monster with just a cane and roses. This is one of those times where I seriously lament our lack of real stopping power. Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber would pretty much be perfect for this situation, but unless we get some serious Plot Hax kicking in here in a life or death situation… then again…

Okay, I have an idea. If it doesn't work, no big loss since it's an aside plan on top of what I was going to do, but if it does work, it solves a LOT of problems for us in the future.

Running for cover is smart. Running for cover is exactly what he expect us to do. So let's not run for cover just yet. We need to stall first and foremost, and what do villains love to do? Banter. So let's banter… or in this case, put that Charisma stat to work.

Step one, relax our stance, at least visibly. If at any point combat starts, then yes, we want to fucking book it for cover and go from there, pun semi-intended. Until then, don't adopt an aggressive position. Instead, take the time to give the area a fast glance, see what our options are for cover should we need to use it.

Step two, roll for Bluff and hope talking is a free action here. He knows we've whacked the fuck out of him a couple times, and that we're allied with at least one or both groups of PreCures, so hoping to convince him we're actually on his side somehow isn't going to work. However, we can still get him talking. "Not quite the way I was hoping to get you aside, but I suppose I'll take what I can get. So, am I to assume you're also after the Garden of Light?"

Now, with any luck, this question should throw him off his game a little bit and get him talking, because theoretically he should have no fucking clue what we're talking about. Sure, Jadeite and Poisony were working together and thus might've shared a little knowledge with one another, but somehow I doubt that trend has caught on just yet. Comparatively speaking, Dark Fall and Dotsuku Zone commanders mostly just seem to follow the strategy of "Attack the PreCures" rather than hatching plots and schemes like the Dark Generals are known for, but then again, killing the Senshi isn't the Dark Kingdom's endgoal to begin with like with the PreCure villains.

Anyway, so Steps 1-2 are stall for time and plan for where to go once that stops working, so now we're on to Step 3…

We're already a Thief class. Now let's try for Mimic.

This idea is INCREDIBLY situational and has a REALLY low chance of success, and therefore I want to give it a shot. So Step Three is to start trying to gather magic up into our free hand for an attack. We've seen Black and White combine their power into the Marble Screw, and more importantly, we've seen Nanoha just fucking blow shit away with Divine Buster. So, quietly, hopefully in a way that Karehan won't notice while we're talking, we should start focusing our magic into our free hand and see if it can build up to that same sort of level. If it DOES start to build up in the way we want it to, then start channeling magic into it until we get down to about 25% power. I'm hoping we didn't burn too much on the healing sprint on our way here, but we should definitely leave enough in reserve to not fully drain ourselves. If it does allow us to charge it up like that, then when shit inevitably kicks off, I want us to fucking aim at that Uzaina and pull the meta-spiritual trigger in its giant ugly butt-chinned face. If this somehow works, it's either a substitute for or a brute force awakening of the Smoking Bomber, and I'm a goddamn genius for thinking of it. If not, eh, it was worth a try. If we can gather up the power but can't fire it off, but it's, y'know, still powering up our hand? Leap towards the Uzaina and hit it with a fucking Texas Smash like we're goddamn All Might. Regardless of ANY outcome of either of these attacks, should they be successful in the sense of us being able to pull it off? We SHOULD have enough time in the aftermath to get the fuck to cover while the Uzaina is hurt and Karehan's jaw is on the ground. If it actually KILLS the damn thing, though? I imagine Wood Man won't want to keep fighting at that point.

As I said though, talking to stall and getting ready to dive for cover are the parts I expect to work. Bullshitting an attack out of goddamn nowhere would be a wonderful bonus.

4fea5 No.52809

I am quite all right with Plan Madlad, except the blowback might hurt our hand.
…Hopefully not, because I want to try it anyway.

d30e7 No.52813

It's a risk we pretty much have to take at this point. Besides, that's part of why I want to hold back some of our reserves, just in case my All Might reference turns into a Deku one and we end up fucking ourselves up and need to heal.

0d6ca No.52814

It occurs to me that in our attempts to allow our pokemon team of magic girls to level up their abilities, we have somewhat neglected our own abilities. Perhaps we should join in combat more often. But right now, Blue's got a plan, though I also doubt our chances of pulling off a one-hand kamehameha. But I don't have any better plans, so risk it for the biscuit!

And BTW, more MHA references are always good, I was seriously surprised how good that show is.

b4812 No.52816

Well, Blue's plan does have some weight in canon, We'd basically be trying to unleash Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber before he gets taught the attack by his future self during the Black Moon arc.

I love this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it! Let's do it!

0d6ca No.52843

And the only thing better than random anime references are random Ghostbuster references. XD

8b618 No.52908

"Who you gonna call? Someone else."

0d6ca No.52926

I said 'GhostBusters', not 'Casper'. XD

d30e7 No.52932

He didn't even bother shaving for the cameo!

8b618 No.52933

That was an actual "Ghostbuster" actor in "Casper", though. :-)

c9bc8 No.52947

>Garden of Light
Blue: Need to interrupt you. The phrase "Garden of Light" hasn't been used anywhere in the quest. You'll have to rephrase that.

d30e7 No.52948

>The phrase "Garden of Light hasn't been used anywhere

OBJECTION!!! Play the tape!

You hear a conversation behind you, so you slow down to listen in.

"The Garden of Fountains is under attack, mepo?"

"That's right, lapi."

"But with the heroes from the Garden of Light to help us. We're sure to save the Garden of Fountains, choppi."

"We'll try to help, but the Garden of Light is also under attack, mipo."

Both the orange-haired and ginger-haired girls yell in unison, "I don't understand any of that!"

Cure White starts giggling at the the antics of the two girls and gets her purple-haired counterpart's attention, "I'm Cure White, and that's my partner, Cure Black."

So as you can see, we did in fact hear both it and Garden of Fountains during the last episode, shortly after meeting the Splash Star girls. We didn't necessarily see which mascots were talking about which one was which at the time, but we can attribute both of them to the PreCures and therefore make this comment. And while we didn't see which mascot said what, we've also heard Mepple and Mipple talk before, so we know they've the mepo/mipo verbal tic. So we can easily spin enough of a line of bullshit to work with, here, and "confuse" Karehan for working for a different villain crew within acceptable reason.

3e8d3 No.52959

OK. Somehow I missed that while doublechecking the quest logs.

0d6ca No.52980

Excellent lawyering sir! But next time remember to slam your hands on your desk. XD

3e8d3 No.53000

And I figured how I missed it. I had "Match Case" checked when I was searching.

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