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We have reached thread four. New posts are coming in fast and furious.

Here's the old thread >>28802
Here's a pastebin of the story in the old thread.

Dedicated chat thread to offload off-topic and OOC chatter: >>>/c/7002

I still haven't done any error checking on either of the first three threads. Once I do that, I'll also archive the old threads and add links to the pastebin. In the meantime, you can use archive.org
Thread 1: https://web.archive.org/web/20170612190855/http://pregchan.com/d/res/11128.html
Thread 2: https://web.archive.org/web/20170612183649/https://www.pregchan.com/d/res/24451.html#24451
Thread 3 (only to September. Archive.org releases their snapshots on a 5-6 month delay. You'll have to manually change the capture date once newer captures are published):

Stat sheet as of the end of episode 3:

We are close to the end of episode 4.

Current vote is whether to help Sakura or Nanoha seal Rain.
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0d6ca No.49145

Once again, Fem with a good suggestion. I'm down with this.

4fea5 No.49154

Approved. Voting for this.
Yeah, Saki is the only one here who would've recognized us from the Chanela store (even though I think Nagisa, Honoka, and Mai were there too? At least Nagisa.)
Honestly though, my Precure-fu is worse with the early seasons. It picks up a bit with Precure 5 and Fresh Precure, then the objectively best season happens (HeartCatch), then Suite's OK, Smile is a dumpster fire, Dokidoki is decent (though Everything Is Blue's Fault), Princess is decent (though it has the most criminally underrated Normie Best Friend in all of Precure, and possibly the entire magical girl genre), Mahoutsukai is potentially interesting, and I've missed the past few years of Precure since, and why did this become me rating each season…?

4fea5 No.49156

And sorry for the double-post, but I have yo pre-emptively clear up that Precure Blue is not Midnight Blue.
Midnight Blue is not a guardian god, but he is far more intelligent than Precure's Blue. Precure's Blue is a dumbass who set literally every plot problem in that season in motion.
And I just realized that I conflated Dokidoki and Happiness Charge. Dokidoki tries to be HeartCatch and is just kinda there, Happiness Charge is written by the HeartCatch guy and breaks some *very interesting* new ground at season's end…but it has the idiot Blue.

8ed79 No.49157

I appreciate the clarification, as yes, godhood is something I have yet to achieve and if I did, I'm pretty sure I'd not be an idiot about it, though whether or not everything is my fault in this game is yet to be determined, given how much I influence things with my scheming.

And also, I'll change my vote to Fem's write in, since it's a bit smoother than the given option.

b4812 No.49159

Well, I'll change my vote to Fems to provide a united front.

2ec5f No.49160

Man, twice in a row? Y'all know how to make a femanon feel smart.

8ed79 No.49161

It's the previously established Midnight Blue effect where the smartest idea is the one people agree with.

81e6a No.49198

File: 1541208406599.png (428.3 KB, 640x480, Saki and Yuuko.png)

You blink twice and ask, "I beg your pardon?"

"Saki," The chubby girl adds, "Who's that?"

The auburn haired girl takes her chubby friend aside and says, "Yuuko, could you take the rest of the things out?"

Yuuko looks at you, then back to Saki, "OK." She heads back to the store, occasionally glancing back at the two of you.

"Chiba Mamoru." You say as introduction, "And yes, that's right. I snapped you out of that trance at the Chanela store. You ran off before I could get your name, though."

"Ah! It's Hyuuga Saki."

"Pleasure to meet you."

"L-likewise." She stammers, hear earlier excitement gone.

"So, is this your parents' store?"

"Mhm. They make the best bread, cake and pastries in town. Please try some."

"Oh, I certainly will."

>"Speaking of the Chanela store though, I found out who the other girl that looks like you is."

>"I'm glad I ran into you though. There's a lot strange things going around town, like how everyone was in a trance in that store, or what happened to the trees yesterday. Have you seen anything else strange going on?"
>"Do you have recommendations on what I should buy?"
>Write-in. [What?]

8ed79 No.49201

Honestly, none of these answers are bad, though each one spin the conversation in a different way. Option 1 is the one that's different in that regard, because it will get us talking about Nagisa as the subject and, assuming Mai stays sketching and doesn't interrupt, probably lead off to getting Saki to think about Splash Star's relation to the rest of the Mahou Londo Bell.

2 and 3 keep the topic on Saki herself, with the obvious differences of being on a professional level and revealing that Mamoru is at least a little aware of the masquerade, or keeping it strictly mundane and just giving us a chance to flirt with her a little, which is more light-hearted and could maybe get her to start crushing on us as Mamoru a little (we did get her first kiss, after all) but could potentially be a distraction if creepy flying dude above us decides to divebomb.

Honestly, we can go with any of them. Any thoughts?

b1b22 No.49212

I'm not sure about any of the options, so here's a write-in: Option two, but add that we're asking because we know people who were close by when the happenings occurred, and we're concerned for their safety.

Mamoru doesn't remember the actual happenings, but he did meet several of the girls beforehand, so it stands to reason he'd be worried.

8ed79 No.49214

I'm okay with this adjustment.

b4812 No.49238

Sure I can go with this, mostly because I can't think of anything else.

0d6ca No.49239

Expressing concern for other's well being is a good way to start getting closer to them. We can even add a bit of concern for her safety as well. Fem does it again.

b1b22 No.49257

Good point, actually. I didn't think of that.

3e8d3 No.49505

File: 1542003198469.png (145.72 KB, 451x210, Saki.png)

"I'm glad I ran into you though. There's a lot of strange things going on around town, like how everyone was in a trance in that store, or what happened to the trees yesterday. Have you been safe?"

"Oh, um, yes." Saki replies, unsure of her words.

"That doesn't sound too convincing." You state with a raised eyebrow.

"Uhhhhhh. Mai and I ran into… had some problems because of the trees. But it wasn't anything serious."

>"OK. I'm trying to investigate all the strange things that are happening around the city. Let me know if you find something."

>"Speaking of the Chanela store though, I found out who the other girl that looks like you is."
>"Speaking of breads and pastries, do you have recommendations on what I should buy?"
>"I'm glad you've been safe. I'm going to buy one of those pastries you so recommended."
>Point to Mai, "She's just focused, not hypnotized, right?"
>Point to Mai, "If she's hypnotized, you know how to snap her out of it, right?"
>Write-in [What?]

b4812 No.49508

Not sure what to say, so unless anyone else has a better idea I'll go with option 3. From there we can branch out into more small talk.

Unless it's a conversation ender or something.

d30e7 No.49512

I'm severely considering Option 6 just on account of making steam come out of Saki's ears at the thought, but for now, I'll agree with Neal and go with Option 3. I might change this later once I have the time to think it over, though.

a4a2e No.49519

Option four.

0d6ca No.49533

Option 2. Show her that we're willing to do favors for her, and she'll be more likely to keep an ear out for strange goings on.

…As well as other things.

d249c No.49603

Alright, had some time to think it over and I'm gonna go with a composite writein. Here goes.

"I'm glad you're safe, but be careful. there have been some strange things going on in town recently and it's making a lot of people nervous. I've been looking into some of them myself, like the rumors about the disappearing buses recently. If you were your friend get into trouble, don't hesitate to run and get help, okay? I hate it if anything bad happened to you. On that same note, I did run into that girl who looked a lot like you as well, if you were interested in hearing about it."

Pause and think for effect, and look over at Mai. "Which reminds me, she's just really focused right now, right? Not hypnotized?" Sly grin. Because we have a way to fix that if she does get hypnotized, don't we?"

Pause for effect, them look towards the bakery. "Anyway, I was thinking of ordering something. What would you recommend?"

b4812 No.49604

Right, I think I can go with this.

3e8d3 No.49802

File: 1542882618510.png (323.8 KB, 640x480, Hyuuga Daisuke.png)

"I'm glad you're safe, but be careful. there have been some strange things going on in town recently and it's making a lot of people nervous. I've been looking into some of them myself, like the rumors about the disappearing buses recently. If you or your friend get into trouble, don't hesitate to run and get help, okay? I'd hate it if anything bad happened to you. On that same note, I did run into that girl who looked a lot like you as well, if you were interested in hearing about it."

"Oh! You mean Nagisa?"

You look at her with a raised eyebrow. "I thought you said you didn't know her?"

"I didn't!" Saki replies defensively, "I met her after the trees were growing like crazy."

"Of course." You pause and think for effect, looking over at Mai. "Which reminds me, she's just really focused right now, right? Not hypnotized?" With a sly grin, you add. "Because we have a way to fix that if she does get hypnotized, don't we?"

"What?! No! She's focused on drawing. You don't get to kiss her because of that!"

Saki clearly didn't take kindly to your joke. You hold your hands up defensively. "OK, OK. If anything happens to her I'll be sure to let you steal her first kiss."

Saki pouts, realizing that you're teasing her. She's not as upset as she was earlier when she thought you were trying to kiss Mai, but she still doesn't appreciate the teasing.

You give her a wink, them look towards the bakery. "Anyway, I was thinking of ordering something. What would you recommend?"

The mention of food snaps Saki out of her funk. "The curry bun is the best!"

You smile, "With a resounding recommendation like that, I guess I can't go wrong." You stand up and head towards the shop. Yuuko passes by you carrying the rest of the party supplies. Inside, you see a large man behind the counter. He boisterously greets you.

Without much fanfare, you order a curry bun from him. While doing so, you see Yuuko run back behind the counter and into the kitchen. Take a few bites of the curry bun, you take your leave. Sure enough, the curry bun is delicious. Not exactly enough for lunch, but it'll tide you over.

You're half done with the bun before you even step outside. As soon as you do, you hear two voices shout, "Dual Spiritual Power!" You see blues and pinks reflected off of the walls of the neighboring buildings, and your head starts to hurt really badly, like in the forest the other day. You cover your head and squeeze, as if trying to relieve the pressure.

>Just close your eyes. It'll pass soon enough.

>Grab something to support yourself and straighten up. You don't want people to assume you need help.

d30e7 No.49806

Probably for the better that we were out of sight, out of mind for that just now. Not only would a witness being around have been a huge issue for Saki and Mai if Floaty McButtfucker up there decided to start some shit with them, but there's also the problem that if just being NEAR the two of them transforming is enough to start forcibly triggering our own henshin, we would not have wanted to be at ground zero when shit kicked off.

As for the choice, assuming it's an actual choice in the end, then it's pretty clearly force ourselves up and stay Mamoru a bit longer, or "No one cared who I was either, until I put on the Kamen." I could go either way, but I'm flying totally blind with Splash Star so I don't know how much help we'll end up being with this.

0d6ca No.49808

While I also agree that we should get in time as Mamoru, it's still a pain when we can't remember our actions as the other. And for me personally, I have a hard time separating character knowledge from player knowledge. As a character, I believe Mamoru would try to stay strong, but as a player, I want to help the girls out, since clearly something is happening.

Leaning on my desire to be of aid, I vote for closing our eyes.

fa35d No.49812

I dunno about either option, so I guess I'll flip this quarter I found walking my dog earlier. Heads we close our eyes, tails we grab something.

Tails it is. Grab something.

b4812 No.49815

Looks like a debate between do we want to chance missing something as Mamoru vs chancing missing something as Tuxedo.

I'll go with option 1.

4fea5 No.49839

Oh crap, I'm kind of a tiebreaker, probably.
I don't really see what advantage there is to staying untransformed at this point if a fight is about to go down. I'll cast my vote if/when I understand that a bit better.

d30e7 No.49877

I'm gonna go with closing our eyes. Only then will you have my permission to henshin.

3e8d3 No.49922

File: 1543301393709.png (494.98 KB, 640x480, Dat Ass.png)

It'll pass. You know it'll pass. You just have to let it pass. You squeeze your brow and close your eyes. If your head would just stop hurting for a moment, but it doesn't. It hurts so bad you feel like you're about to pass out.

You open your eyes at a new, unfamiliar location. It's some kind of shop, a bakery based off of the sign; Pan-Paka-Pan. Punny. You're alerted by the sound of familiar voices around the corner.

"The shining golden flower, Cure Bloom!"
"The sparkling silver wing, Cure Egret!"
"We are, PreCure!"
"Those who desecrate the holy fountains…"
"Stop your cruel behavior!"

"So, these are the legendary warriors, PreCure. Heh."

You hear a loud crash around the corner, so you run up to the corner and take a peek.

A giant flower monster has crashed into the ground, cracking the concrete around it. The tree man that Cures Black and White fought against in the clearing is standing on top of the flower. However, you don't see the Cures anywhere.

3e8d3 No.49923

File: 1543301457628.webm (2.12 MB, 640x480, Vine Whip.webm)

The flower monster shoots out two vines into the air. You follow them, and immediately spot Cure Bloom and Cure Egret. Your encounter with both sets of Cures previously tells you all you need to know. They underestimated their jumping ability and now they're in the air, sitting ducks as they fall in a predicable, ballistic arc.

There's nothing you can do before the two vines wrap around the girls. The monster pulls on the tendrils and slams first Bloom, and then Egret into the ground. They're able to form a partial shield as they impact against the ground, losing a shoulder petal each.

"Bloom!" "Egret!" Two voices call out. It must be the strange stuffed animals that live in their cell phones.

"Heheheha." The tree-man laughs, "I was worried about what these 'legendary warriors' could be like. But if this is the best you can do by yourselves, then I have nothing to worry about. Hand over the two spirits. If you do, I'll let you go."

"I can't even bear to listen to you." Cure Bloom counters while struggling to stand up. "Bleeeeeeh!" You can only assume she's making a face at the the tree-man. You try to recall his names. You know the Cures mentioned it, but all that's coming to mind is Curry Pan (Curry bread). You know it's wrong, but the name is so strong in your mouth you can even feel the aftertaste of curry.

What do you do next?
>Gloating is another word for sitting duck. Rose to the face.
>Reveal yourself to get the tree-man and flower monster to focus on you and give the girls time to stand up.
>Climb onto the room, your eventual entrance needs to be more dramatic.
>Stay a while and listen. You might learn more from the gloating, or spot a better opportunity.
>Write-in. [What?]

d30e7 No.49924

Yeah, it is WAY too early for us to be jumping in on this. Saki and Mai are just not going to learn how to do this job if they don't get thrown in the deep end here, so there's no point in us busting in to save them like they're damsels in distress, regardless of how green they are. And unless we see a reason to think otherwise, I'm going to assume that roses aren't going to work on yet another plant-based enemy anyway. Wood Man might be caught off guard by the attack, but if it doesn't do any damage to him or the Rafflesia there, then it's just a waste of our Sneak Attack. And THAT'S assuming this isn't the same fuckhead from yesterday in the forest, whom we know for a fact was immune to the roses.

Combination vote of Options 3 and 4. Cain has the right idea about waiting it out (and hopefully getting our enchanted items identified to sell later) but I want to be ready to make it to the high ground if we do need to make an entrance. My guess is that, assuming the girls get their act together fast enough and nuke the Rafflesia, Wood Man might be caught gawking long enough that we can nail him with a cane shot when we do have a good chance to jump in. The girls can get their level grinding in before we show ourselves, either way.

1ce05 No.49932

Write-in: I guess stay and listen, but focus on the cane and fisticuffs for defense. If we use enough force, the cane could turn this guy into a sieve.

b4812 No.49938

Agreed, damn plant man is probably immune to our roses, we may need to use our cane's extend ability if we want a ranged attack. Otherwise I'll follow Midnight's suggestion.

0d6ca No.49941

If only we had the Metal Blades. Those work against everything.

Anyway, I'm down with Midnight's plan. Drop some eaves, let the girls grind a bit, and jump in if Wood Man either gets the upper hand or attempts to flee.

d30e7 No.49949

So, going back and checking yesterday's PreCure fight, I can confirm that Wood Man here is the same fucker we fought before who basically no sold our roses. Those are not gonna work at all.

I can also confirm he's got relatively shit situational awareness, cause we caught him with a cane shot last time, so that'll probably work again. He'll likely start watching for us after this if we do end up hitting him with a cane snipe again, though.

Or maybe just a sword. Get our Prince Endymon form going since IIRC he's armed with a blade in that mode. Hell, I'd just be happy with our cane having a hidden blade option at this point, cause we do need to start getting some better gear at some point soon. There's only so much we can do with the run-ins.

d249c No.49954

Triple post because I can, deal with it. I had a minor addendum to attach to my vote. Since we're hiding out focusing on eavesdropping anyway, I want to see if we can potentially focus our hearing towards Wood Man and see if that sharpens our ability to listen any. Quality of life buffs like that would be extremely helpful to have since we're technically running a rogue/thief build.

4fea5 No.49991

Sounds like you guys have the strategy well in hand. For some reason, I thought the cane did have a hidden blade, but if that's not viable, then Endymion does have a sword. That'll just have to wait though.
And yeah, preparing to make a grand entrance while letting Saki and Mai get used to their abilities is vital, and my vote.

b4812 No.49995

He's also got a dagger in his Arabian costume.

3e8d3 No.50212

File: 1543889979745.png (458.31 KB, 640x480, No Mercy.png)

Your roses weren't particularly effective in fighting the tree man last time, so you pull out your cane and hug the wall, peeking around the corner just enough to see the fight and wait for the right moment to strike. You take a moment to focus on your hearing, seeing if you can perhaps enhance it and be able to listen better to what's happening. You focus on moving your magical power towards your ears, but like when you tried to see through fog, the magical energy just bounces off your ears. Fortunately, it's not needed, the Cures and the tree man are speaking loudly enough for you to overhear.

"Are you saying you'd throw your life away to protect the Garden of Rainbows?" He taunts the girls.

"When you say something like that out of the blue, I don't understand what you even mean." Cure Bloom counters.

This makes her opponent mad and he yells, "Then why are you fighting?"

Cure Bloom stands up and points straight at Curry Pan, "It's because you made me mad, of course! How DARE you come here and mess up Mai's welcome party? I absolutely cannot forgive you! That's why!"

Ferocious and spunky is always a fun combination. Egret turns from looking at the tree man to her partner. You can see her move her lips, but it's quiet enough that you don't hear her.

3e8d3 No.50213

File: 1543889997191.png (563.79 KB, 640x480, Struggling.png)

"Then I'll throw a little welcome party too." The plant monster he's standing on shouts, "Uzainaa!" and swings a large tendril at each of the girls. The girls catch them. They're facing away from you, so you don't see their faces, but it looks like they're struggling to just hold their ground.

What do you do now?
>Cane extension into the tree man.
>Hang tight and see what happens.
>Climb the roof for a better vantage point.
>Write-in. [What?]

b8a54 No.50251

Write-in: Climb the roof, see what's going on, and then launch a Dynamic Entry if needed. I think it's time to get some shounen-style action up in this betch.

d30e7 No.50255

Partial agreement with this, but not 100%. Climb the roof and prep for Dynamic Entry, but hold off unless it looks like the girls are actually going to be in trouble if no one steps in. Like I said before, it's still way too early for us to jump in on this just yet, but there's nothing wrong with getting prepped for it.

We're basically the Jegan Character in this scenario, to go more Fire Emblem than SRW for a moment. We're a panic button in case things start to really go wrong, but otherwise all our stepping in will accomplish is screwing the low levels out of much-needed EXP. Sailor Moon needs saving all the time, sure, but Precure teams can generally handle themselves without too much in the way of backup.

…Though for the record, if we get the option to hit Wood Man in the face with a goddamn Rider Kick, I will absolutely take it.

b4812 No.50309

Bleh, sorry for not being more active. Recovering from a near miss with a full blown case of pneumonia

The girls seem to be doing great right now, so we can hold off for now, though I'm worried about what trouble Moon is getting up to right now. Still, we may want to intervene soon just to grind more favor points with the girls.

Still I'm fine with holding back still like what >>50251 said.

7dd0f No.50315

I may be overreacting 'cause my twin was prone to that as a kid, but dude, don't worry about us when you've been ill. Stay hydrated, get lots of rest, take your vitamins, keep as warm as you can stand, and get back up to full strength.

0d6ca No.50347

I'm all for getting on the roof and getting a dynamic entry in if needed, but I still stand by my earlier idea of being ready to take out Wood man if he tries to bolt.

b4812 No.50351

I'm pretty much fine now. Never went full pneumonia. It was a rough case of the flu that migrated to a case of bronchitis that refused to go away, to an annoying case of laryngitis that's lingering.

5a5c7 No.50386

Climb roof + hang tight, is what I think.

3e8d3 No.50778

File: 1545116247474.png (492.83 KB, 640x480, Get ready to throw.png)

The girls are struggling with the tendrils, but not unreasonably so. Still, it might behoove you help them out, and you have a flair for dramatic entrances. The roof of the bakery will do just fine. You take a running start, jump off of a railing and onto the roof. Fortunately, the roof of the bakery is side gabled. So while you're completely visible from the street, you're able to partially hide yourself from the action in the side garden. Scooting up to the edge of the roof, you once again peek at what's happening.

"Tch. You think you can pick up something this big?" Curry Pan taunts them.

The Cures don't respond, instead clearly straining against the tendrils, but also appearing to move them. Quickly, they get the upper hand. The two girls run around the plant monster still holding the tendrils. They don't run in a circle to tie up the tendrils, but rather keep running straight behind the plant monster. It's clear that they're going to try to throw it or knock it over.

What do you do?
>Let the girls throw the plant monster and see what happens.
>The moment he loses his footing, cane extend into Curry Pan.
>Cane extend into Curry Pan now, making the plant monster lighter for the girls to throw.
>Write-in. [What?]

b4812 No.50781

I'm for Cane extending now to help them throw it. It's obvious they've got this in the bag for the most part and it'd be amusing to watch this guy go flying.

d30e7 No.50785

I'm gonna go with Option 2. They've got this in the bag if things keep going, but we'd just be a sudden distraction if we jump in now. I don't want to risk the chance that these two are still green enough to let a sudden Tuxedo Kamen appearance throw them off their game for that critical moment, and if nothing else, canon Kamen's always pretty good about picking his spots. Not to mention, Wood Man over there might still notice if we take a shot at him now, but if he starts to have a "This can't be…!" moment when he starts to slip, then we've got him.

Just because Sneak Attack means we can always hit with it doesn't mean we can't always angle for the maximum damage as well.

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