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We have reached thread four. New posts are coming in fast and furious.

Here's the old thread >>28802
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Stat sheet as of the end of episode 3:

We are close to the end of episode 4.

Current vote is whether to help Sakura or Nanoha seal Rain.

26f10 No.39100

Write-in: Tuxie should help Nanoha control her power in order to protect the structural integrity of Sakura's home. Let's tell Moon to give Sakura a boost to get Wood sealed, and have Black and White on standby in case something goes wrong. Again.

62486 No.39116

File: 1519175565350.png (561.83 KB, 960x720, Divine Shooter.png)

"Sakura, you seal Wood." You order as you turn around and quickly move over to Nanoha's side. You get on one knee, unfortunately soaking your left lower leg, but you need to lower yourself closer to the third grader's level. You place both hands on her stomach, your left hand just under her budding breasts, your right, dangerously close to her nether regions.

While you focus your magic in the palms of your hands and penetrate Nanoha's Barrier Jacket with two tendrils of magic, Sakura moves away from Rain warily and tuns back to face Wood's core. For the fourth time today, she swings her staff at Wood to seal it, "Return to the form you originally came from… Clow Card!"

The tendril from your right hand enters right by Nanoha's womb and pokes it on the way in. The girl gasps and leans back against you for support. You gently run that tendril of magic along Nanoha's womb. It had stimulated her the last time you investigated it, and you don't feel like giving up an opportunity to play with this girl's fully-matured uterus.

You extend your other tendril in the space above Nanoha's womb and the unidentified ball that appears to be the source of her magic. You prepare to siphon off some of her energy when she casts her next spell. "I'll help you control it, just remember, be less forceful when you're casting." You feel her heart beating faster, and she takes a deep breath to calm down.

"Go and seal it!" A pinkish-white ball of light starts to gather at the opening of the head of her staff, and a pink ring with Latin characters appears around it. With you siphoning off her energy and helping control its flow, Nanoha doesn't overwhelm her staff with too much magic. She shoots first a small pink beam at the girl on the rain cloud. It impacts her, but doesn't do anything.

Formulas flash through your mind, as you're tapped in to Nanoha's magic. You pick out enough to figure out that that was a ranging shot. Locked onto her target, Nanoha pours more energy into her staff. "Not to much you whisper in her ear. We just want to seal the card, not destroy Sakura's house.

"Standby Ready." The staff states, confirming the lock.

Nanoha nods and finishes her incantation, "Lyrical Magical. Clow Card, Rain." The gold head of her staff starts to glow. "Divine Buster! Seal!" The nine-year-old shoots a pink beam from her staff. You're worried at the size of it that it might have been too powerful of a spell. However, it hits the clow card and envelops it in a pink ball of light, and it gets pulled towards Nanoha's staff.

62486 No.39117

File: 1519175598966.png (1.06 MB, 960x720, Sealing Rain.png)

Rain's happy squeals and giggles are soon replaced by much more unhappy shouts as she's pulled forward. Once its near Nanoha's staff, a card materializes and the ball of light surrounding Rain disappears. The elfin creature struggles to escape, but it's soon sealed in its card.

You pull your tendrils free of Nanoha's insides, but you feel that she's still leaning against you, so you keep a hand on her to support her. You reach out and grab the card before it can fall into the water.

62486 No.39118

File: 1519175625722.png (1020.29 KB, 960x720, When Wood attacks.png)

Sakura is standing by Wood's core, watching as its branches retreat. When all that's left is the central trunk and roots, the roots suck in all the water in the basement. Instead of growing more branches, a wall of thin flexible branches, like the wall of interlocking saplings from outside sprout out. They quickly envelop Sakura and, and Cure Black moments later. The wild growth heads towards the rest of you, but Kero shouts, "Wood! Stop!"

62486 No.39119

File: 1519175657534.png (1.56 MB, 960x1374, Dryad.png)

The tangle of growths obediently comes to a stop, and then it retreats. It frees Sakura and Cure Black, and even the roots retreat this time. It soon turns into a green Dryad sitting on the edge of a desk.

Sakura goes up to it, beaming a huge smile and holds her hands out. The Wood floats up into the air, and then into Sakura's hands, sealing herself back in her card.

"See, it's a gentle card." Kero states matter-of-factly.

"So trees and rain are good friends after all." Sakura replies.

Sailor Moon points to the window and says, "Ooh, look at that!" Sunlight is streaming in through the open basement window.

"Ah, how pretty!" Tomoyo exclaims.

Nanoha seems to have regained her composure and smiles at you, "Thank you, Tuxedo Kamen. You helped me so much." She looks at the Rain card in your hand and asks, "Can I give the card to Sakura?"

Behind you, you hear footsteps. Craning your neck, you see Cures Bloom and Egret, cautiously walking down the stairs. They're both missing all the petal-like folds of their gowns in the shoulder and hip area, meaning they used up their shield charges. Cure Egret is also holding her gown together where it had torn.

How do you reply to Nanoha?
>In a moment.
>Let's give it to her together.

Do you say anything else to Nanoha?
>Write-in. [What?]

Do you say anything to anyone else?
>Write-in. [What?]

d30e7 No.39124

Shows how far removed I am from the last time I watched Nanoha, I had Buster and Shooter mixed up. Buster starts as a seal move and becomes her cannon option later, Shooter is pure offense but ends up being her basic level attack spell.

But who fucking cares, we've got it anyway. Now we just have to teach her how to control it without us physically/magically groping her in the process.

Not gonna lie though, I will never not mentally cheer whenever I hear Standby Ready. I like Bardiche as a weapon more, because Fuck Yeah Scythe Mode, but Heart's a great Device.

As much as I want to go for the do it together option, I'm gonna say we tell her yes, and make sure to tell her she did a great job. Gives us a point or two with Nanoha and then the two, who are both closest in age and overall goals/methods, can bond for a minute or two.

While they're doing that, we can go ahead and ask everyone to report in, focusing on Bloom and Egret. We have kind of a track record at this point of handing off our cape to cover wardrobe malfunctions, but whether or not we should in this case depends entirely on whether or not they can restore their shield charges by utilizing a quick de/re-henshin. If they can, we won't need to help cover anything, but if they're as good as out of the fight, it might be time to hand the cape over.

I'll defer to my more Precure-knowledged Horsemen on that one.

26f10 No.39135

Write-in: Tell Nanoha "No, thank _you_ for your hard work. I believe soon you won't need my help at all. Go ahead and give the Card to Sakura," and let her take pride in how well she did. They can have a moment to thank and congratulate each other, start bonding some.

Nod to every other girl in the basement as well, making sure to include Tomoyo, and say "Well done, everyone; that was a tough job, but you held it together admirably. My thanks for your assistance. If you'll pardon me a moment?" and go check on Bloom and Egret. If the tear in Egret's clothing is bad enough, then offer a quick fix: The watch chain or cuff links I'm guessing we have could hold the fabric together.

Once that's handled, ask if everyone's okay.

6f522 No.39151

I agree with praising Nanoha, telling her that she showed excellent control. Then she can take the card to Sakura and they can bond. Mental note to self: keep an eye out to help the other girls bond similarly.

Check in with everyone else, then let's figure out if there are any more disasters to take care of today.

62486 No.39216

I think Neal, Limits, and Luc are still in the old thread.

e1599 No.39221

This seems like it covers everything.

d30e7 No.39225

Yeah, we're pretty much all voting for the same thing so far, just different ways of saying it.

0b90d No.39270


6f522 No.39276

That's because we're actually good people. Pervs, but still good people.

62486 No.39698

File: 1520212184594.png (382.39 KB, 429x600, Splash Star Girls Damaged.png)

Seems to be curse, either I have the time, but not the votes, or the votes, but not the time. Let's continue:

You let go of Nanoha and make sure that she's able to stand on her own. "No, thank you for your hard work. I believe soon you won't need my help at all. Go ahead and give the Card to Sakura." You pat her on the head and she beams. She takes the offered card and runs off to Sakura to hand it off to her. You watch the two youngest girls on the team thank each other for the help. Sakura thanks Nanoha for sealing Rain, and Nanoha thanks Sakura for sealing the Jewel Seed from earlier.

You look around the girls gathered around and give them a nod, "Well done, everyone; that was a tough job, but you held it together admirably. My thanks for your assistance. If you'll pardon me a moment?"

You walk up the steps and meet the two new Cures. Egret is holding her drenched gown closed. The top of her gown has been torn into two parts, but she's able to maintain her modesty, just showing a few bits of skin down her center-line. "Are the two of you OK?" You ask, "You've had quite the first day on the job."

"I have no idea what's going on, but it's all so exciting." Cure Bloom answers, waving her arms around for effect.

"I'm alright." Cure Egret replies demurely. "But a branch got under my gown when we were running from it, and it tore through…" Her words taper off with a blush, but you still get the gist of it.

You look the two of the girls over. Without her hip petals, you realize that Cure Bloom doesn't actually have a gown. Rather, she's wearing something similar to Cure Black's uniform; she has a pair of bike shorts covered by the skirt portion of her outfit. She's missing all of the petals that are normally form her skirt as well as those on her shoulders.

Cure Egret has an actual gown, but she's lost the hip petals that served as a second layer to her skirt as well as the petals on her shoulders. The sash that she had around her waist is another casualty of the branch assaults.

Behind you, Kero yawns and states, "I'm gonna take a nap." He flutters up the stairs, passing the three of you.

62486 No.39699

File: 1520212231906.png (175.3 KB, 362x259, Huh.png)

The Cures' cell phones jump out of their pouches and open up. Just like Mepple and Mipple, there's a head of a stuffed animal-like creature living inside each of them. "You two, Pretty Cures, are the only ones who can save the Garden of Fountains, lapi." The green one states.

"You're our last hope, chopi." The cream one adds.

Together they both say, "We hope you take good care of us, chopi, lapi." Then they both return to the pouches.

The two new Cures stare at their pouches, not able to fully process what they just saw.

62486 No.39700

File: 1520212267567.png (1.23 MB, 960x720, Mess.png)

They're interrupted from their stunned silence by Kero shouting from upstairs, "Sakura! We're in trouble!"

You hear footsteps running in the basement. "Let's see if we can help." You say and motion for the Cures to head back upstairs. The three of your clear the basement stairs for Sakura and the rest of the girls. On the ground floor, you see the problem; the entire house is a mess. Furniture is strewn everywhere, curtains are barely hanging up, muddy footsteps are everywhere, and more.

Sakura comes up the stairs and also is shocked, "I- I have to clean the house all over again." You can feel the joy and excitement slipping away from the girl's voice.

62486 No.39701

File: 1520212328748.png (1.07 MB, 960x720, Gratitude.png)

"Don't worry, I'll help you clean up." Tomoyo offers.

Sakura gets on her knees and hugs her friend, and Kero flies over and does so as well. Both of them are crying from relief [pretend Sakura is still in her normal clothes in the picture].

The other girls chime in one by one, "I'll help too." "Me too." "So will I."

Sakura starts profusely thanking everyone for the help.

You're worried that something else might still be lurking. Instead of agreeing to help, you close your eyes and focus. With Sailor Moon just a few steps away from you, her overwhelming warm glow is blinding your sensing powers. Suddenly, the glow disappears, and you're able to make out the individual girls in the house with you.

"Ah, now I'm not in those wet clothes anymore." Sailor Moon, no she's Usagi now that she's not transformed, says. In rapid succession, the signals belonging to the rest of the girls disappear. Without them, you're able to sense clearly, and find no sign of an evil presence nearby.

"Ahh! It's you!" You open your eyes to find all the girls detransformed and Nagisa pointing to her doppelganger. "You're the girl from the Chanela store. And you're Mishou Mai." You look over the four detransformed Cures and the resemblance is uncanny. With them this close, you can tell the difference between them, but from a distance, you can certainly see how easy it'd be to get them mixed up.

The four girls introduce themselves to each other: Cure Black is Misumi Nagisa, Cure White is Yukishiro Honoka, Cure Bloom is Hyuuga Saki, and Cure Egret is Mishou Mai.

While they're doing that, you take a closer look at everyone. Since they've detransformed, all the girls that were soaked by Rain no longer are. The only exception is Sakura, since she was in her regular clothes the entire time. Likewise, your shoes, socks, and left pant-leg are also wet.

Tomoyo drags Sakura off saying, "Let's get you changed into something dry." The two of them go past you down the hall and up the stairs.

The rest of the girls also start heading down the hall to take their shoes off by the door and put on the guest slippers.

What do you do?
>Join the cleanup as well.
>Time for your dramatic exit.
>Talk to one/some of the girls/ [Which one(s)?]
>Ask one of the girls to speak with privately. [Which one?]
>Write-in. [What?]

d30e7 No.39704

Bwahahah, that picture.

Okay, so remember last time when I argued that we should peace out rather than get stuck helping with cleanup duty because Kamen don't clean? I'm about halfway on that one. I still think Kamen don't clean, BUT this is our free Private Action phase before the end of the chapter, and we need to make use of it. Not only that, but this is actually one of if not the only clean shot at poking around Sakura's house that I think we're gonna get, and I've got somewhere I want to take a look at.

I also not only have someone in mind that I want to talk to, but an actual excuse to do it that helps us out in the long run.

That said… I'm honestly a little iffy about this one. As I said, this is our shot at building Social Link ranks, and there's always a delicate balance to be had between doing that and doing something that builds your real world stats. But then again, Minato Arisato needed to eat Fuuka's cooking before he could bang her, and that required building his Courage stat up to Badass. This isn't quite the same thing but fuck you guys I don't care I just wanted to make a Persona 3 reference, don't judge me.

*ANYWAY!* So, the point I'm trying to make is, I've got a suggestion that doesn't get us closer to getting laid but might get us closer to being OP as fuck. So take that as you will.

So I'm gonna vote to volunteer to take another look down in the basement to make sure things are okay down there, and ask Yuuno to go with us since he's got an easier time checking the books down there to make sure nothing was water-damaged or anything. In reality, we want to get him alone to talk to him about stuff and check out Sakura's dad's goddamn library because you never know if anything useful might be sitting around in a library that also happened to contain a goddamn book full of Card Magic.

BTW Moe, gonna casually ask you to check the discussion thread when you have some time. I'm mildly curious about your thoughts on the suggestion that has come up in there.

b316b No.39714

Write-in: I partially agree with Midnight. Taking Yuuno to the basement for a chat and investigation is a good idea, but while Tuxie may not clean, Mamoru does; he has to, being a self-sufficient bachelor who probably had to learn how to manage a household while he was growing up in the orphanage.

True, Tuxie doesn't remember being Mamoru, but that doesn't mean tidy habits wouldn't filter through. Habit is a powerful thing; it takes conscious effort for me to stop biting my lip when I'm focusing on a task that requires delicacy, for instance. So Tuxie should at least find a broom and duster and do some work while Yuuno investigates.

This will have the unexpected benefit of pleasing the girls; basements are notorious residences for [twitch] bugs, especially [twiiiiitchtwitchtwitchtwitch] spiders.

b4812 No.39718

Supporting Fem. Head down to the basement to talk to Yuuno and maybe absentmindedly clean while down there.

6f522 No.39719

Persona has infected my life so that I see Social Links everywhere. XD. Probably because I'm so close to finishing 4, and I'll probably have all but one SL maxed out. So close, yet so far… And now I'm trying to think of who would be what arcana. (Sailor Moon as Lovers, Nagisa as Chariot, etc) XD. Darn the excellent writing of that game!

I like this idea, and it allows to retain a bit out our mysterious nature while attempting to increase our Knowledge and Diligence. …Dang you Persona!

d30e7 No.39732

Dude, P5 is somehow even goddamn better. I never thought I would say that until last year.

I guess I'll sort of agree with at least grabbing something to look like we're cleaning, but I was focusing more on the fact we had a water-based card summon running around in a basement filled with old books as what we'd do to help. Moe did note standing water down there during Rain's little playtime.

b316b No.39743

Ohhh, right. Okay, I'll need to change my vote. Take Yuuno down, talk with him and investigate the books, presumably for water damage. If the standing water is a problem, maybe Tuxie could find an old mop or a rag bin and try to do some habitual cleaning that way. Even if it can't be entirely taken care of by one person, maybe the mess could be mitigated by our efforts to the point that it could be passed off as leaky pipes if Mr. Kinomoto or Touya find out.

add66 No.39744

Exactly. We've got an excuse to go down there and poke around and still be vaguely helpful with cleaning.

62486 No.39765

File: 1520314537161.jpg (36.24 KB, 282x445, Fobidden Archeology..jpg)

"Yuuno, we'll take care of the basement."

"Right," the ferret nods.

You follow the girls to the front door, admiring the view, and take off your shoes and replace them with slippers. The house may be a mess now, but with so many girls working together, you're sure they'll get it clean quite quickly. You don't want to be rude and leave muddy footprints once the house is cleaned up.

With Yuuno in tow, you head to the basement. Despite the fact that the basement was the epicenter of Wood's wild growth, there's far less of a mess than upstairs. A single bookshelf is out of place and fair number of books have been knocked to the floor, but it's nowhere near as bad as the mess upstairs.

"Let's start with getting that bookshelf back in place, then we can take care of the books." You order. The two of you head to the bookshelf in the last aisle.

Yuuno uses Chain Bind to pull it back it place while you push. With that out of the way, you split up and start picking up books and putting them back on the shelves.

"Ahh! There's so many books! And they're all about archeology!" Yuuno gushes, "I wish I could read them all." The ferret's certainly interested in the task.

You flip open a few of the books, despite having been soaked, none of them show signs of any water damage. Like Yuuno said, they're all about archeology. One book in particular grabs your attention, "Forbidden Archeology, the Hidden History of the Human Race." Skimming though a few pages, you see that the authors are making an argument that humanity is much older than the current scientific consensus.

What do you do?
>Read some more of the book.
>Hold onto the book and "borrow" it."
>Put the book back.
>Talk to Yuuno about the fact that the books aren't water damaged.
>Ask Yuuno about himself.
>Ask Yuuno about his mission.
>Write-in. [what?]

b316b No.39768

Write-in: Suggest that Yuuno ask permission to borrow a book or two. Sakura might not have a problem with it, depending on who the books belong to. That could segue to commenting that it's odd the books haven't been damaged. Perhaps Yuuno could tell us if they're magic.

6f522 No.39769

I'd say talk about the lack of water damage and ask about Yunno's mission (which also tells us something about Nanoha in the process, I hope.)

d30e7 No.39777

Mention that the books don't seem to be water damaged, which is the main thing we came down here to check for the sake of cleaning, and then, while still glancing through the book a bit, conversationally go ahead and start asking him about himself and his mission, as they're clearly interconnected. I agree with seeing if we can borrow the book, but that's for later, and we're here with Yuuno now. If we only ask about the Jewel Seeds, he's only going to talk about those. If we ask about where he's from, we have a much higher chance of him talking about Mid-Childa or Dimensional Space as a whole, which allows us to start asking questions about that stuff as well.

This is the reason I wanted to talk to Yuuno. The other mascots are pretty up front about their missions and goals to the girls helping them, but in canon, Ferret Bro here literally will not tell Nanoha about 90% of the world-building background until the TSAB show up and force him to, and she doesn't know enough to ask in the first place. So it's up to us to make him spill about it so we can make the most of the information NOW, before it comes down to Magical Starfleet showing up on our doorstep and saying "We're here to help for your own good, side with us or be treated like a nuisance at best or an active threat at worst."

Yes, I have a very low view of the TSAB in general. I'm also playing the long game like you would not believe, and not being solely aligned with them from the moment they show up is part of that.

b4812 No.39828

I'll back Blue.

62486 No.39887

File: 1520583289661.png (1.34 MB, 960x720, Spess Bote.png)

"It's odd that these books aren't damaged." You comment. "Could they be magical?"

"Oh. Hmm." Yuuno focuses on something for a while and replies, "No. These are just normal books. There's residual magic in the basement, but that's because of the battle. I don't know. Maybe Rain's water doesn't get books wet, or Wood dried everything up without damaging the books."

"I guess." You reply, only half paying attention to the ferret. You're flipping through the book. One chapter mentions the migration patterns of early humans in North America being impossibly fast compared to other migrations. Another mentions cities that are much more populous than could be supported in a pre-technological society. One section grabs your attention, ruins of a city in India with evidence of nuclear fallout, supported by text from the Mahabharata.

"A single projectile charged with all the power in the Universe…An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns, rose in all its splendor…it was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes an entire race."

Tingles run down your spine as you read that text. Surely it's poetic license, hyperbole, or a bad translation. There's no way for an ancient civilization from thousands of years ago to have had weapons that were so destructive, and yet you're unwilling to discount the claim out of hand.

With the silence growing, you switch topics, "Back on the rooftop of the school you said that you were collecting jewel seeds, and you mentioned a spaceship and the Time Space Administration Bureau. Are you from another planet?"

"That's right. I'm from Midchilda. Back home, my job is to excavate ancient ruins. The galaxy is full of lost civilizations, and I found the jewel seeds in an ancient monument. My clan sent them to Midchilda for safe keeping, but the time-space transporter carrying them met either an accident or some kind of artificial tragedy. It veered off course, entered this solar system, and was destroyed. Twenty-one jewel seeds were dispersed over this world. So far I've only been able to find three."

"Since they're so powerful, wouldn't this Time Space Administration Bureau send out a retrieval team? They do have things like that, right?"

"Of course; they have an entire Navy that patrols their sphere of influence. However, there's an old treaty between Midchilda and your Moon Kingdom, closing off all access to your solar system, and enforced by the Queen's most powerful guardians."

"I've never heard of a Moon Kingdom, or a Moon Queen, but Sailor Moon and Luna are searching for the Moon Princess. Do you think those could be related?"

"It would make sense, but there's an admiral in the TSAB Navy from your planet. I studied everything that he said about your planet before coming here. He never mentioned any Moon Kingdom, or any guardians preventing exit or entry. He saved the life of a Midchildan clerk when he was young and decided to emigrate to Midchilda. That's why I felt safe risking coming here, but I couldn't ask anyone from my clan to take that risk.

"The hardest thing to believe was when he said that almost no one has any magic potential. According to him, knowledge of magic is limited to a guild and there are very people with magic potential, let alone magic users. I think he overestimated the rarity of mages, but he was right about most people not having any magic potential on Earth."

What do you do?
>Ask a specific question about the TSAB or Midchilda. [what?]
>Ask about Yuuno's clan.
>Hint to Yuuno that he might want to ask Sakura if he could borrow a book or two.
>Wrap the conversation up. [And do what?]
>Write-in. [What?]

6e87e No.39892

Sorry about the scarcity of my being here.
Blue, you're probably onto something with the whole "not trusting the STAB" (Spacetime Administration Bureau, while likely more correct, forms a much meaner acronym) thing. They have some pretty sketchy moments of oversight, and their military tends to fall on the "shoot first, ask questions never" side of things.
So I like what you're doing here. Anyway, my vote is that we encourage Yuuno to ask Sakura if he can borrow some if those books. It seems like the option that best forwards our goals without creating suspicion or ruffling feathers.

d30e7 No.39896

I'm not sure what that book is talking about but I'm pretty sure we need to remember that it did.

Hmm. Interesting how the backstory comes around, though part of me wonders about the timeline. The TSAB hasn't been around for a huge amount of time, but then again, he said the treaty was between the Moon and Mid itself…

Gil Graham's account is interesting as well, in a way. He's English, and according to him magic users are super rare and very limited down to a single guild? There are pieces to the puzzle here, and I'm curious where they fit together. It's not lost on me, however, that his account pretty much states outright that he knew about magic BEFORE joining the TSAB. That'll be something to keep in mind later.

Calling it "Space-Time" never really fit well in my head, since "Time-Space" just sounds better to me. I know it's entirely a translation choice, though.

But yeah, let's be real here. The bigger the organization, the less we should blindly trust it as a whole. Nanoha ends up aligned with the TSAB pretty much as soon as they show up in canon, but we're not a nine year old girl from the middle of nowhere with no previous context of magic whatsoever and a bigger focus on "finding Jewel Seeds" and "helping that girl" to the point that we'll take any help we can get at the time. We need to be able to question these sorts of things, especially since it is ENTIRELY in the Bureau's MO to go full Panic Mode whenever Lost Logia are involved and try to take full control of the situation when they arrive, no matter how complicated it may be. This will naturally lead them to treat us like a threat if we didn't immediately join up with their side once they inevitably arrive, and that's a headache I want to avoid while still keeping us relatively autonomous in the process.

tl;dr Blue's said he was playing the long game and meant it.

As for my vote, still okay with getting Yuuno to ask about the books, but before that, ask him, hypothetically, if the TSAB were to send a retrieval team, what their likely MO would be. And while we're at it, ask him if he's able to/been attempting to send out any kind of message.

With that second question, I think canonically Precia's been blocking the outgoing calls to try and keep the TSAB from showing up, so it doesn't matter if Yuuno's actually been trying to contact the Bureau or not, but it's still something to be aware of. As I said before, Nanoha doesn't know enough to ask him this stuff and he's not going to bring it up himself.

6f522 No.39900

The use of STAB as an acronym further reinforces the idea for me that this is Pokemon but sexy. XD

I'm glad you're playing the long game. I personally have never had the foresight to see things that far off. It'll help keep us guided while the rest of us chase a little tail.

I'll back Blue with my vote.

c1d87 No.39901

I'm backing Blue on a technicality: Given our immediate concerns with all the weird happenings occurring in our side of Tokyo, ask if STAB would be able to lend a hand in case things get really hairy. That may prompt Yuuno to try to contact them, or let Nanoha know what's up with 'em. Then suggest Yuuno ask to borrow some of the books in order to further his goals. Given how he and Nanoha helped out, I'm betting Sakura's willing to be generous (but again, depending on who the books belong to and if said owner will notice they're missing for a short time).

b4812 No.39907

Yeah, I'll follow Blue's lead

62486 No.39914

No worries about the absence.

Scientifically, Space-time is correct, but the Nanoha-verse is consistent in using Time-Space. I accidentally used Space Time in a previous thread if I remember correctly.

>Gil Graham's account is interesting as well, in a way. He's English, and according to him magic users are super rare and very limited down to a single guild? There are pieces to the puzzle here, and I'm curious where they fit together. It's not lost on me, however, that his account pretty much states outright that he knew about magic BEFORE joining the TSAB. That'll be something to keep in mind later.

*Grins evilly*

Someday I might just give you guys a non-canon Omake with the girls training in the form of a pokemon battle.

d30e7 No.39915

I'm on to you, Zeltrech. You and your snooty jerkass Mage Association. I'm already blacklisted by them and the Church's Burial Agency anyway, there isn't much else you can do on that one.

Worth noting, since we're on the subject of A's related topics? I'm legitimately looking forward to the Wolkenritter, just for Signum. I like the group as a whole, but seriously, it's Signum.

b4812 No.39918

This just in, Mage Association secretly controlled by Dead Apostles. More at 11. But first, the Great Fuyuki City fire, was it an inside job?

62486 No.39920

File: 1520664450680.jpg (741.2 KB, 2560x1440, Supernova.jpg)

"If the TSAB decided to come here, how do you think they'd act?"

"Hmm. I wouldn't know. The TSAB is very bureaucratic. It takes forever to get approval for anything. Without an emergency, there's no way they'll be willing to violate a standing treaty."

"And if there was an emergency?"

"That would depend on the admiral they send. The TSAB gives almost unlimited authority to a deployed admiral. They only need to account for their actions after the fact."

"That's mildly worrying, especially if they consider us a threat. What sort of an emergency would it take for them to break the treaty and send someone? Something that could destroy the world?"

"No, they wouldn't consider that an emergency. It'd have to be something that could damage the fabric of space-time and have repercussions beyond this solar system."

Your blood runs cold at the thought of something that destructive happening. You haven't considered such a force to even be possible. "Let's make sure something like that doesn't happen."


You peek around the bookshelf to the next aisle and see Yuuno with his snout buried in a book. "You know, if you're so interested in these books, you should just ask Sakura if you could borrow some of them."

The ferret looks up at you and replies, "You're right. I'll do that!" He looks eager to run upstairs and ask now, but he looks around at the books that are still scattered about and starts cleaning up and sorting them with a vengeance. Yuuno uses multiple simultaneous levitation spells to greatly speed up his work.

What do you do?
>Interrupt Yuuno and ask him about something else. [what?]
>Read the book in your hand.
>Go back to the last aisle and resume picking up the books.
>Take your leave of the basement early. [Leave the house, or talk to someone?]
>Write-in. [what?]

c1d87 No.39922

It'd basically be a party foul to not help, so keep picking up the books. Maybe another will get Tuxie's attention.

c77d9 No.39928

I vote for checking out the one in your hand first, maybe it's something we can read later.

d30e7 No.39939

Well, we've certainly managed to establish all reasonable points of information about the TSAB and their conditions for getting involved in our business. However, we're not done talking to Yuuno yet, as he has not answered the one last important question.

"Yuuno… The Jewel Seeds. Would they be capable of causing that kind of disaster? For example, if things had gotten out of hand with that tree today, or if perhaps that fight with Jadeite had escalated any further than it did?"

After that, we can look at the other books on the ground for anything else worth picking up, and I want to hang on to the one we've got for now as well.

But yeah, I went back and looked to make sure, and we only established "Setting off Jewel Seeds is a BAD IDEA" in OoC during that fight. We need to make sure it's understood IC as well. We still haven't had a chance even with his explanation just now to address the issue of Lost Logia as a whole, but we will eventually need to get that particular Truth Bullet in time for the Class Trial. If we can't segue into it with this line of questioning here, we might be out of chances to do it during this conversation as a whole.

6f522 No.39943

Finish with the books, then back to the girls upstairs.

c0ae9 No.40023

This is a good plan, and a good segue. Seconded.

62486 No.40051

Two votes to wrap up the books quickly.

One vote to look into the book in hand some more.

Two votes to ask about the Jewel Seeds, hold onto the book in hand, and see if any other books catch your attention.

62486 No.40052

With the votes at 2-2-1, either Luc is going to have to break the tie, someone is going to switch votes, or I'm going to have to flip a coin and pick one.

e1599 No.40078

I'm gonna back Blue, because the seeds make me a lot more nervous than the cards.

62486 No.40112

File: 1521091180718.png (1.08 MB, 960x720, Library.png)

"Yuuno… The Jewel Seeds. Would they be capable of causing that kind of disaster? For example, if things had gotten out of hand with that tree today, or if perhaps that fight with Jadeite had escalated any further than it did?"

"Not with just one of them."

"And with several of them?"

"Then there could be a risk. But even so, you'd have to forcibly overload them. That's not something that should happen under normal circumstances."

That information doesn't give you much comfort. "That'd be bad." You state as you resume picking up books. Glancing at each one, none of them catch your attention as much as the one you have under your arm.

You're not even halfway done with your aisle when you hear Yuuno darting towards your aisle. Could he be done already?

What do you do with the book you're holding?
>Hide it under your jacket.
>Set it aside, and ask to borrow it later.
>Offer it to Yuuno, tell him he might be interested in it, and hope he borrows it (then ask him about it in the future.
>Let Yuuno finish cleaning while you read some more from it.
>Put away the book. You can take a look at it next time you're in Sakura's house.
>Write-in. [What?]

01ece No.40114

Hmm. So either he doesn't know the Jewel Seeds are in fact top class cataclysm generators, or he's purposely downplaying it. Or Moe nerfed them, and I doubt that. I suspect the latter, as while Scrya here is being our bro I still suspect he's operating under standard Bureau guidelines for contact with locals on an Unadministrated World, the main point of which being that they're basically savages compared to proper Midchildan mages and should be treated as such, and minimize contact and information of magical nature as much as possible.

As for the book, we don't exactly have reason to hide it or even think twice about it for now. I say we just keep cleaning while holding the book and then address it either when we finish or when Yuuno says something about it, at which point we say it looks interesting andl suggest he ask if he can borrow it.

6f522 No.40125

Option 3 since it's apparently plot relevant.

c1d87 No.40128

Set the book aside and ask to borrow it later. There's no guarantee as to when we'll see Sakura as Tuxie again, and hell if Mamoru will remember what happened. Plus, if we just take it, that could damage Sakura's growing trust and make us look suspicious to the other girls. Don't forget, we're a _Gentleman_ Thief; we steal from jewelry stores, not little girls.

If nothing else, Tuxie can read it in a a couple of hours -I'm guessing that as a student, he could be a speed-reader if he had to cram- and drop it off with a rose and a note thanking Sakura for the loan.

c1d87 No.40129

Oh, also, asking to borrow the book will score us points with Ami. If she thinks he enjoys quiet studying, it would give her something to relate to and help her open up some.

abb7e No.40145

Once again, we're all saying the same thing in different ways. I am amused.

b4812 No.40166

Yeah I'll go with option 3.

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