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File: 1520223449424.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, Powerful Seed for Zoey.jpeg)

8afbe No.39709

Continuing the Sfm images and videos, threads keep filling up with wonderful stuff! Let's keep it kicking and expanding!

8afbe No.39710

File: 1520223527282.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, Lightning Preg Cumsleeve.jpeg)

Here's Lightning since she was last requested. Model was kinda wonky, facials were a little meh, but a change of body and the right lighting always works!

8afbe No.39711

File: 1520223588650.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, Lightning Preg Cumsleeve ….jpeg)

And the second and last part of Lightning, I wanted to try posing her in different positions, both came out fairly nice. :P

db561 No.39739

Mr.Ed gets rapey and
lands a lascivious lady.
Pumps her duff until shes had enough,
and ejects a foal from her lady hole.
Waddled away without much to say; but 'so sore'.

8afbe No.39753

I take this that you want to see a gal give birth to a horse?

9147a No.39755

File: 1520298984649.jpg (311.42 KB, 1280x1818, 024.jpg)

Wow, I love your stuff! There is a serious lack of pregnant/inflation/birth content in SFM atm and it's a shame. Thank you for sharing HircineOak, I'm a big fan.

Your work reminds me of Tsukazawa doujin's, pic related. I love how you stress the changes in the girl's bodies; stretched out spines, hips, and bellies to better suit massive pregnancy and birthing.

8afbe No.39756

Thank you!
I've been trying new things each time I make a pic or animation, I started doing this because there was a lack of pregnant and birthing type stuff in Sfm despite there being a handful of models out there with such capabilities. I decided to trailblaze, and I'm so very glad there's a site like this where this art can be appreciated!

bb6d0 No.39759

File: 1520304687999.jpg (215.36 KB, 1024x1285, catwoman_10_by_rescraft-d9….jpg)

Maybe her with a very big preggo belly?

bb6d0 No.39762

File: 1520306693016.jpg (68.13 KB, 736x814, fdc1258deac8cc089af76bbc92….jpg)

maybe her preggo plz

8afbe No.39770

File: 1520317548284.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, Dc Pregnancy League.jpeg)

Coupled them together, looks like they both got into a interesting situation lol.

104f6 No.39771

What's this? A SFM request thread?

Do you do Anthros?

0d818 No.39774

Is anyone willing to post links to any of the good 3D/sfm videos on Xvideos? Or anywhere else for that matter. I try searching the best I can and I find very few, I'm wondering if other people have better luck.

8afbe No.39775

It's not just a request thread, just Sfm pregnancy in general I often do small requests because I can. But anyone is welcome to fullfill request pertaining to Sfm works.
I don't know what you mean by anthro, you mean something human- like? Robots, lycanthropes? I don't do "Furry" if that's what you mean. Werewolves being more attuned to the forced transformation or horror aspect, I don't do happy transformations. I enjoy humiliation and that sense of fear involving the subject itself. But anyone is welcome to post Furry Sfm if they make it or have it, considering it's still Sfm.

de31e No.39786

Not that guy, but yea, anthro more or less means furry, being a shortening of "anthropomorphic". So think things like the Digimon character Renemon or the Pokémon Lucario. I recall you had mentioned being fine with Midna, though she is technically a monster-girl rather than any kind of animal. Though that does make me think, what about characters like Gardevoir from Pokémon?

b485b No.39791

File: 1520380371710.png (285.86 KB, 366x540, Gamora.png)

Can you do something with Gamora from Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy game?

bb6d0 No.39792

File: 1520382172282.jpg (314.05 KB, 1920x1200, 2966783-dragon-age-morriga….jpg)

can someone make her preggo?

8afbe No.39793

I guess Imps, or demons are closer to people in my book, maybe why I'm fine with Midna. But too much animal and I'm just not into it, unless its horror or absolute humiliation. I do think however for the sake of my younger self I'll be avoiding pokemon- people, something just doesn't sit right in my mind, it kinda freaks me out.
Again though other Sfm artists can make that stuff and post it here as long as it was made in Sfm, I'm not denying others their things, just that I personally will shy away from standardized anthro.

There is a Gardevoir model btw, two of them, someone who desires to make that art can find it here https://sfmlab.com/item/1964/

I looked at the model, there are zero facial flexes, so anything I made would look alot like a mannequin giving birth. If there's a model with facial flexes that would be just dandy, but everyone's favorite green girl seems to lack them currently.

8afbe No.39794

File: 1520387317815.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, Morrigan Egg versus Shiel….jpeg)

Which will win out first? A Heavy shield or magically induced egg?

8afbe No.39795

I've been trying new Depth of field stuff with my pics as of late, constantly learning new things and I feel I may need to incorporate this new feature into my newer videos. it makes the scene pop out. :D

f00c9 No.39796

File: 1520387695028.jpg (72.17 KB, 525x575, 2647342-mkxccage.jpg)

How about some MK girls?

db561 No.39797


look forward to seeing your amazing animations.

Will there be a teaser or clip soon?

8afbe No.39800

I've thought about doing teasers, might be a little rough as I usually give each shot workovers as the video progresses, but for those who enjoy the process it might be interesting.

bb6d0 No.39803

File: 1520395314773.png (482.14 KB, 540x1080, Pyrrha_Nikos.png)

Maybe her Very preggo?

1d078 No.39804

No. Don't you mess with my RWBY, and ESPECIALLY NOT PHYRRA.

12a93 No.39808


To quote that most magnificent philosopher, Sheev Palpatine…


bb6d0 No.39819

File: 1520444269060.png (840.48 KB, 1045x1516, Yang_xiao_long_rwby_yellow….png)

Yang preggo with jaune fucking her

8afbe No.39825

Well… if my emperor commands it…

db561 No.39827

File: 1520467494874.jpg (64.06 KB, 1114x822, meme.jpg)

1d078 No.39829

File: 1520472359709.jpg (271.88 KB, 734x950, Lord_of_Mankind.jpg)

Don't you do it! :P

bc488 No.39831

File: 1520477143437.jpg (53.81 KB, 498x550, AS-alexiel.jpg)

Would a pregnant Alexiel riding Setsuna Mudo's dick suffice?

bc488 No.39832

File: 1520477339681.jpg (110.49 KB, 606x824, Setsuna and Michael.jpg)

Setsuna is on the left

8afbe No.39834

File: 1520485917600.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, Pyrrha Swollen 1 .jpeg)

8afbe No.39835

File: 1520486000398.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, Pyrrha Swollen 2.jpeg)

And the last part. :P

8afbe No.39837

If there are no game models ported then I cannot make anything in Sfm.

4fb23 No.39840

Shit I want the rwby franchise to have a set of pics now :/

5409e No.39841

Wouldn't that just be a really complicated way to jack off? :-P

dff03 No.39852


Why so you can spam requests for them? God you're needy

bb6d0 No.39860

File: 1520553563757.jpg (94.82 KB, 520x789, Kara_Zor-El_003.jpg)

maybe supergirl preggo with batgirl also preggo?

153a5 No.39861

Maybe stop spamming requests?

bb6d0 No.39863

File: 1520556294421.jpg (149.87 KB, 533x800, X23001_cov.jpg)

Maybe x23 very preggo plz

8afbe No.39864

I don't think there's any models of her. :( It's not magic, I cannot make something appear if it doesn't exist. If some talented modeler creates one I'll do it though.

bb6d0 No.39865

File: 1520559594632.png (244.78 KB, 762x1048, kh1_kairi_s_default_pose_d….png)

Maybe her?

20f5f No.39867

Maybe something from Marvel Vs. Capcom?

20f5f No.39868

PLEASE! That would be amazing.

8afbe No.39876

I cannot find a model for her. So again if someone has the ability to rip it from a game and port it to Sfm, nothing can be done about that.

8afbe No.39877

Okay, I did a quick search on G mod… turns out there is only one, but no face posing, so not going to touch that one until someone gives it facial flexes. I get really wierded out by character with no facial expressions.

db561 No.39885

File: 1520574721032.webm (560.39 KB, 800x444, output.webm)

Less-Req'n more Postin'.

8afbe No.39909

File: 1520645573194.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, Mother of Dragons indeed.jpeg)

Just decided to make this tonight, simple, beautiful. Wish I was lucky enough to have a girl like her. :P

db561 No.39962

File: 1520738075662.webm (3.6 MB, 1920x1080, Samus Animation “Breeding….webm)

4fb23 No.39963

Holy shit more of this pls.
Is it possible to make her belly bigger?

db561 No.39965


Its from: vilesfm.tumblr.com

(its watermarked on the video, btw)

1965d No.40050

File: 1520903743360.webm (403.02 KB, 1920x1080, Vessel_vilesfm_.webm)

Another from Vilesfm, last one….

36ac9 No.40088

I bet it feels so good to have a big, round belly like that, feeling whatever is inside moving around. I wish there were more videos/gifs with cg/sfm girls enjoying their pregnant bellies.

5fd7c No.40095

I didn't know where else to ask this, but I've been toying around with SFM lately, and I don't quite understand something. With a model that is meant to have morphs, and comes with clothing -for- the morphs, how do I adjust the morphs of the clothing as well? Bellies just clip through even though they're meant to be adjustable.

8afbe No.40099

There's not many models with morph clothing sadly. LordAardvark has the most, but recently has stopped applying morphs to the outfits. You can access morphs on clothes in the same way you do the model, the Unknown tab under body, arms legs and the like. If morphs do not appear then the clothing has none. You can always compensate this by stretching the model into odd positions, but that takes time, patience and practice.

5fd7c No.40102

In a similar vein… how do I select the clothing at all? I'm familiar with bodygroups and the like, just… not in SFM

8afbe No.40107

Alot of models have clothing as bodygroups, in which case you wont be able to select them. (you can if there's a bone connecting between the bodygroup and model, but these are rare. Example Barbell's Lara has dress bones for that bodygroup.) If the clothing is separate then its just another model with bones and the like.
It's pretty easy to manipulate clothing, but very difficult to do much in the way of expansion or ripping, as the modelers who include clothing never intend that kind of animating, LordAardvark's is the closest we can ever get to inflation or bodymodification clothing but with the right amount of imagination and the right clothing model you can stretch it, pull it and make it appear as there's some advanced interactions between body and clothing. I did a pretty advanced animation for the dropbox with Sarah growing out of her bra and birthing in her panties, those pieces of clothing were a separate Sarah turned invisible, I pulled parts of her body to make it look like she was growing out of it since there was a serious lack of morphs (Her bra has one morph, but it's tiny.) Took me a while to get that figured out but the results were great!
Sfm will take some time and learning but you can get the result you desire if you keep at it.

1965d No.40108


Seems Morphs are related to bones,
but need keyframes (like # different
vertex sets).

Basically you'd need blender or some modelling software to modify the vertex(es) to make keyframes for the

Even just to do something simple like 'conform' it to a different model…

1965d No.40109


This tool may do the job;


Then you'd need to learn blender too.

Ehh, heh.

de31e No.40144

Got any Easter themed stuff in the works, Oak? Loved that Fran vid from the previous thread.

8afbe No.40146

Not yet but I can make something in the near future, been kinda taking a break from crazy extensive stuff. If I make something it's going to be very simple, but maybe more eggs this time. :3

8afbe No.40147

File: 1521260137057.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1920x1080, Mile High club.jpeg)

Just because. :3 How can one fly a helicopter when giving birth to a full human? Zoey's going to find out!

1965d No.40148



*squints* I see a mountain range in the distance tho'.

de31e No.40149

Should be fine as long as Joseph Joestar isn't anywhere nearby or on the plane.

Is the clone going to birth back into her? Because I've imagined this scenario a few times ages back. The person having a copy of themselves be birthed, while the copy has a copy birthed back into the person until it's just a near endless birthing of clones into clones into clones into the original or whatever.

8afbe No.40150

She is in fact birthing inside her mother. :P I've experimented with this a few times, it's something I want to animate more as I get practice in.

51114 No.40154


Birthing inside of her mother?

….I find this prospect fascinating.

f88d8 No.40156

9147a No.40169


Oh my god, that is as creative as it is hot. More preggos birthing preggos please.

8afbe No.40171

:D Glad you liked it!

fc153 No.40172


I agree totally.

Man now I want some of my favorite characters in that situation.

*New Fetish acquired*

5fd7c No.40174

Hmm, I'm definitely using one of Lord Aardvark's models that is intended to have belly morphs on the clothing, I just can't seem to find them, even though they're advertised as such -_-

97468 No.40175

There is a model called "lewd tech suit" all i know is it looks good and probably has a pregnancy slider and i want it but i cant fucking find it

1965d No.40176


Can you re-render the same scene from a different angle, like from the canopy?

(or is it only setup for that one way?)

^ not sure what happening, but I like it.

8afbe No.40177

it's set up in that way, if i moved the camera i'd need to move the extra arms and legs in the scene over and completely reposition the lights and models.

8afbe No.40183

File: 1521365060280.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, Julia's Baby battle.jpeg)

The Struggle.

f3dbb No.40192

This is impossible on so many levels, and I love it for it.

883c0 No.40193

Agreed. Especially Samus and aliens.

1965d No.40202


Another fine work!

cde40 No.40223

bb6d0 No.40227

File: 1521497316418.png (533.17 KB, 564x1100, jane_shepard_by_suicidebyi….png)

Maybe a nice preggo femshep

8afbe No.40228

File: 1521505609096.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, Femshep Robot Pregnancy T….jpeg)

This was a great chance to use the brand new Robot Baby model that just got released. I don't know much about Mass Effect, but I'd believe scientific experimentation was something important to the characters, and so we have Femshep trying to carry a robot to term. :P

b485b No.40229

File: 1521508101293.jpg (411.38 KB, 531x1027, jodie_holmes.jpg)

Could you do something with Jodie Holmes from Beyond: Two Souls?

8afbe No.40230

I've done so much with her already, but not complaining. I'll see what I can cook up later. :P

bb6d0 No.40231

File: 1521511590759.png (288.89 KB, 540x1080, Vol3_Ruby_ProfilePic_Norma….png)

maybe a preggo ruby?

8afbe No.40232

File: 1521517052975.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, Jodie's Demonic Encounter.jpeg)

Worked hard on this one, kinda went above and beyond just the character. But look how big she swelled up!

de31e No.40234

Please tell me she's got some decent sliders, I'd love to see her in some birthing action, especially from that fantastic ass of hers.

8afbe No.40235

Only breasts sadly, I do have one belly model that fits her skin tone, no belly button though.
Her vaginal flexes are really poor though, they don't spread wide enough for much. I'm considering eventually trying something with her, but taking a break tonight, made two really nice pics earlier and I need a rest.

75041 No.40238

>>39865 Hmm? I'll ask someone to rip a model from the PS3 version.

de31e No.40239

That's a shame. Though some boobie birthing could be fun for the time being until either someone rigs a better model, or you find a body to swap that works well enough for the usual purposes.

8afbe No.40240

I usually end up swapping bodies, makes it easier to find what you need for a particular scene.
Breast birth is something I want to do more of, however the flexes for this model are not even remotely capable of that, there needs to be an interior flex, like pressing the nipples in. It already has a few flexes for her tits but nothing that would allow for a believable birth from them, If I do anything with her in the near future it will be the simple pussy/ass birth variety. I am hoping some day someone makes a all in one body type, preg sliders, breast and ass, huge gaping orifices with loads of skin tones, something that would make many types of fetish art really easy to do.

fc153 No.40241


I'm sure someone could be commissioned to make that, but it would probably be expensive as all hell.

de31e No.40244

Bummer. That would be awesome if there was some kind of "skinsuit" you could use to fit any character so you could use some of the more limited models.
Like >>40241 said, it could probably be commissioned, but expensive. Of course, it'd be worth finding out at least, if anyone out would be willing to do that. Maybe even see if they could tweak/update the models you mentioned that have crummy facial expressions.

bb6d0 No.40247

File: 1521586367430.jpg (41.15 KB, 349x581, ben_10_omniverse_young_gwe….jpg)

Maybe a nice preggo Gwen?

06cd0 No.40248

Shame, Succubus Kerrigan gets various high quality models, but the original form has only gotten rather yuck attempts from what I've found. Thanks Blizzard fandom.

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