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File: 1523690087946.jpeg (75.91 KB, 750x469, 13336E5F-D6C6-47AC-99D1-1….jpeg)

317f2 No.41178

Has anyone ever found more of this?

83efb No.41180

this is great

98ec1 No.41250

File: 1523847713166.gif (979.96 KB, 500x367, 1520721829896.gif)

>age regression

b9673 No.41251

What the fuck

158e1 No.42776

i want more of this to

37751 No.42777

File: 1525977481028.jpg (1.32 MB, 1416x2000, 3347250.jpg)

Part 1 of a small series I commissioned a few years ago.

37751 No.42778

File: 1525977508382.jpg (1.26 MB, 1415x2000, 3347252.jpg)

Part 2

5e3bc No.42782

File: 1525981624174.png (33.06 KB, 256x256, EF04B48B-231E-4A8E-B660-F2….png)

I wonder how many people will actually get this…

124d9 No.42788

db442 No.42789


Chris Hansen.

No *actual* minors here though.

124d9 No.42790

Ehhhh technically they are since their age is reversed but take it what you will

db442 No.42791


I meant actual as in real and living, but yes, you do have a point there.

563c4 No.42799

Guess it depends on whether you're going by biological age or chronological, and I suppose whether there's any mental/emotional regression going on along with the physical de-aging.

Because if they're still the same experienced, mature, adult person mentally, then my take is that all the rest of it is cosmetic, there's no concern about competency or ability to consent, or perceived authority of one's elders, etc. And in that case the fact that this adult happens to look underage is not an issue ethically and shouldn't be an issue legally.

c73ba No.42800

I swear I’ve seen these before

89d11 No.42874

File: 1526163621395.jpg (864.88 KB, 1813x2111, y tho.jpg)

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