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File: 1526993524015.jpg (211.93 KB, 1280x720, 2102574_Lusty38_maylene_eg….jpg)

225c3 No.43225

Someone have uncensored version?

c5b3d No.43228

She has it on her Patreon for, like, $5.

It's only $5 and you get pretty much every animation she's made, and going to make if you continue to pledge, uncensored.

5f786 No.43229

What >>43228 said. If you like an artist's stuff, support the artist. That means that they made new stuff.

3b2dd No.43230

yeah. you should really just pay.
she uses her own voice for that for crying out loud. original content as well as original VA!

I wish more women into this fetish lent their voices to animation!

1219e No.43270


fad7b No.43302

Yea, is that really a surprise?

5f786 No.43310


In fetish circles? Mostly surprising that she'd be upfront about it.

e796c No.43312

well she's not really 'up front' about it.
but it's the same voice for each animation, it's a homebrew thing, so I just assumed they're the voice actress as well as the artist and animator.

Either way, I prize the girls into this fetish a lot! They're special. Toss money at them! ^.^

6d121 No.43328

>They're special.

No we're not please don't put us on a pedestal.

You can still give me money though that's fine.

e796c No.43333

why would I do that if you aren't special?

a6fe8 No.43335


Because Lusty's work is fantastic and worth a bit of dosh. ;) Not sure if that was lusty, but that's why you should give HER money.

a64dd No.43796

44af7 No.43799

Trust me, I wish I could support her on Patron, for now, I can just follow her on there and on DA

2f233 No.43856

That ones been public for a while.

10c7f No.43857


my issue with it is that the way and timing to progress is far too unforgiving and not immediately obvious

fad7b No.43861

It was her first major interactive piece, so can't be too harsh on her.

1219e No.45135

4cb00 No.45218

Is it just me, or there isn't any sound in this? Even unmuting it with the icon, it doesn't have any sound.

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