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Last post from the old version - >>43329

Last one got capped, again. I chose to start it once more since. We literally had people with the same type of taste and I we won't stop that.

Manga title of pic - Maternity Harassment
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>(C95) [Nagomiyasan (Suzuki Nago)] Shoujo M -ep.END-

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Well, that was intense!

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This person's art is really cute! (this piece in particular is definitely relevant)


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Looks like from arkone

Damn I miss TBS

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That was my first thought too

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Source: https://twitter.com/PreggyPenny/status/1114792030482223105

Hello, it's me again! ^^;

Just released a 60pg 3d birth comic. I was going to release this exactly a week ago, but as always I can never finish up my stuff in time. I hope this work brightens up your day, nonetheless!

I put a lot of effort into this one. Lemme know how you liked (or not liked) it! :D

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Oh, I didn't mean to post my work so soon after Arkone's. Here's his pixiv link for anyone who's interested. (https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=74093605)

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You both did good

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Where’s the minecraft

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I spy with my little eyes

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Where is this from?

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>fat ugly old man as the father
into the garbage it does.

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Wait is it rly Arkone's!?

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wait,do you have all the english manga ?

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>>55420 no, that is example.

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fat ugly old men need love too

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Wait this isnt Botakuma

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>>49482 uncensored

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File: 1555645422097.png (265.01 KB, 1200x900, 20141018200931c87.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's the same doujin circle 300g the pixiv leads to someone else that I guess worked on it or it's it the cirlce (groups) main page but credit for the art is given to butakoma

even though to me it looks more like Tenseiani

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Can a woman feel horny when in labor???

In some cases, yeah (google orgasmic birth).

I would love that, like I have a wife or GF had a kid, and we're not sure who's the daddy…I wouldn't care if it's mine or not.

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So, where can I throw money at you for some stuff like this featuring an OC?

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forgot sauce for these

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