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File: 1528737554264.jpg (265.65 KB, 1111x1130, Marternity1a.jpg)

92e2c No.43882

Some maternity clothing.
May be an illustration for the
Bestial breed ERP game.

3c538 No.43887

You're getting better Rastakax, didn't think your move from 3D renders to illustrations though.

I'm guessing the game is DnD like.

b5271 No.43888

Bestial breed? What's that?

6b556 No.43889

Nice, also I thought your 3D animations were fantastic.

3c538 No.43892

An interesting fantasy universe Rastakax has made where it's taboo to sleep with monsters but some of the inhabitants do so for their own personal reasons anyway

just go to the source http://rastakax.blogspot.com/

92e2c No.43921

File: 1528818528137.jpg (1.17 MB, 2000x1600, !_Cyklop.jpg)

Hi! The game is a paper/pen RPG in fantasy setting. Its use the simple generic RISUS rules http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/risus.htm.
But there are more detailed rules for sex, impregnation and birth. The women humans, elfs and drows are fertile from the sperm of monsters. There are no female monsters.
The game are WIP, but I hope a beta version will come in some months.

6b556 No.43929


Sorry to change the topic;

but any chance of a updated higher-res
bestial breed videos?

P.S. the compendium book was good too!

92e2c No.43935

File: 1528840496294.jpg (410.89 KB, 662x965, BBC1-15a.jpg)

Its long way to make the movie ready. I haw three main projects in work, the game, the movie and a comics.

3c538 No.43936

It would probably be easier for you to focus on one at a time depending on time it will take to complete.

In order it seems like comic > movie > game would be your best bet.

9aa6a No.43964

I'm down with this. :)

ccc6c No.44113

You got any more like this? Maybe a birth scene?

92e2c No.44323

File: 1529546018118.jpg (256.78 KB, 765x1255, Wormoid egg.jpg)

Hi. My idea is to first make the beta version of the game. And then wait nearly a year and get feedback and hopefully some game testing. After that I make the final (alpha) game including better world description and over 100 monsters. The old dull pictures from the bestiary are go to be re render. And lots of more illustrations, most 3d.
One thing is that I travel much. I draw on my portable computer. And wright for the game. Now Im not home and I drawing the births in the comics right now.
Then Im home I have 2 powerful computers and makes renders on the movie and pictures for the game.

92e2c No.44403

File: 1529704692928.jpg (582.81 KB, 2000x742, BBC1-24b.jpg)

Here a WIP strip from the comix.

3d489 No.44404

this is what happens when you eat too much boar's head deli meat. hot as hell though.

92e2c No.44599

File: 1530116273448.jpg (347.72 KB, 1562x1000, BBC1-25b.jpg)

Beast boys twins.

b6524 No.44660

She's quite lucky.

01618 No.44713

Always glad to hear about progress on this project, Rastakax. Been a lurking fan since your first Bestial Breed.

92e2c No.45255

File: 1531854877700.jpg (725.99 KB, 1000x875, BBC1.28.jpg)


75afb No.45298

Hungry babies. <3

92e2c No.45850

File: 1533577409942.jpg (649.98 KB, 1401x1000, BBC1-31.jpg)

Comix progress.

75afb No.45861

Great to hear.

7bf39 No.45917


Is there going to be more of that cutie thief with the nice rack?
(not the redhead)

92e2c No.45940

File: 1533763211331.jpg (302.67 KB, 705x800, BB1_30.jpg)


d66f8 No.48190

File: 1538486894916.jpg (199.47 KB, 794x1240, Amina Preg1 .jpg)

A new character for a Visual Novel game.
Want suggestions for her name.

8ef2d No.48193


aacb7 No.48195



b1e40 No.48337

Nona sounds fine.

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