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File: 1529682801624.jpg (2.08 MB, 2252x2939, 20180622_080752.jpg)

74e3f No.44386

So under the advice of another member here,I decided to make a special board for my Xenogears doujin/fanfic.

Here is a pic of what Elly looks like post-body enhancement just before she gets raped.

Yeah,considering how violent this specific Wels is,her more petite frame would be torn apart by said monster.

caf1b No.44414

File: 1529719282536.jpg (2.65 MB, 1915x3174, 20180622_214305.jpg)

Here is a revised version of my last pic.

Gave Elly more curves this time.

I may draw the monster that will be impregnating her next.

515df No.44418


I like the first one - but thats just my opinion.

I would think it may be pertinent to have a re-cap on the story briefly, and some character intro(s), next.

Psst! (I think there are eraser particles on the paper… brush before scanning)

caf1b No.44442


Alrighty then.

What happens is that Fei and Elly gets caught whilst infiltrating Solaris after hearing of their friends possibly being captured. Elhaym offers herself up to save Fei and the others.

This then escalates to Elly being on trial for treason with her sentence being that she will partake in the Malakh Plan otherwise known as the M Project.

She is then stripped of her clothing and then strapped to a medical table where she is pumped up with hormones which increases her muscle mass as well as her breasts. Her vagina is then injected with nanites to increase elasticity and tightness almost on command.

She is then taken to a room escorted by armed guards to be raped by a genetically engineered monstrosity called a Wels. Its reproductive organs being tailor made to impregnate Elly with an alien baby of sorts.

Elly is then forced to carry it to term and give birth.

The orderlies molest and rape her especially just before her inevitable birth. With them wanting to rub one out before Elly's vagina gets "ruined".

And this is pretty much the outline for the plot of my fanfic/doujin.

caf1b No.44444

File: 1529759484685.jpg (235.05 KB, 2464x3510, Image (2).jpg)

Just so that this thread can earn its keep here,this is a drawing of what Elly will be giving birth to.

This is the baby Deus that Elly is forced to carry to term.

caf1b No.44525

File: 1529858204332.jpg (552 KB, 2464x3510, Image.jpg)

So this is the Wels that will be raping Elly in my doujin as well as of course the father of her first child.

I specifically made his head looked like that of the Sufals in the game as it would add another layer to a scene in the game where Elhaym offers her blood to a dying Sufal to placate it and help its pain.

Having the will as well as the amount of courage to help that which has the same face of her rapist was one of the themes and issues I wanted to tackle in this fic.

01dae No.44534


Neat character/creature design.

caf1b No.44537



I made it deliberate and my drawing of the King Crimson Stand from JoJo helped me get the expression right.

I had to look up Xenogears Perfect Works to get a picture of the Sufal since the Wikia does not have a picture of it.

The damn thing here was even more hung before I lowered the dick size.

Well,made it less like it was an entire head going into Elly when she gets raped.

I mean what is the point of birth if the dick stretches the vagina out like a head?

940dd No.44542

is the alien baby of deus going to be a Jesus allegory?

caf1b No.44547


You could say that the scene of Elly giving birth is a fucked up version of the Nativity Scene.

74e3f No.44550

But yeah.
In my doujin,Elly gets pregnant 12 times.
The 1st child being the Deus baby she gives birth to and then there are the 8 children she bears with the entire Gazel Ministry so that the Ministry can get new bodies.

There is the child she and Fei would have had but was miscarried when the Deus of Mahanon was killed and then Elly has a child with Krelian who guilted Elly into having sex with him seeing how Fei had found out about Elly and her giving birth to other kids and how Elly feels she cannot be with Fei any more and 1 more kid this time finally with Fei as she promised that she would bear him his child.

01dae No.44563


Just a thought; you may want to setup a Artist's Gallery on e-hentai.org
for your assorted work

caf1b No.44573


Hmmmmm. I have thought about that or Hentai-Foundry.

I am practically a no name upstart to be honest.

caf1b No.44609

File: 1530130768952.jpg (913.94 KB, 3289x2464, Image.jpg)

As much as I liked how the last pic turned out,I wanted to try again with this variant here with another angle.

caf1b No.44667

File: 1530396984891.jpg (1 MB, 3279x2464, Image (2).jpg)

This is an update to the pic with the scene where Elly gives birth to Deus.

caf1b No.44668

File: 1530400349138.jpg (589.9 KB, 3239x2464, Fei Quit Staring at My Vag….jpg)

A re-upload of an older pic. Added some details.

caf1b No.44758

File: 1530595259890.jpg (1.15 MB, 3270x2464, Image.jpg)

Here is another update for the birth scene for my doujin.

01dae No.44775


Now with Shadows, Nice!

P.S. could you add names to the uploaded images; even if its 'WIP#42'…?

caf1b No.44803


Of course.

caf1b No.44816

File: 1530746530430.jpg (468.28 KB, 2296x3510, Elhaym Muscle.jpg)

An update on my Elhaym Muscle pic.

The nipples were too high.

caf1b No.44817

File: 1530746577151.jpg (656.12 KB, 3255x2464, Fei Quit Staring At My Vag….jpg)

Another update for a pic. Trying to get the perspective right and fix the breasts.

caf1b No.44851

File: 1530918322504.jpg (627.6 KB, 3233x2464, Krelian Jerking Off To Ell….jpg)

So I decided to revisit an older pic that will happen in my doujin.

Yeah,Krelian actually shamefully jerks off to the footage of Elly giving birth.

caf1b No.45036

File: 1531326870754.png (217.35 KB, 1546x1178, 1531050880595.png)

Some random anon did an amazing job at drawing a pregnant Elly that puts my skills to shame.

94395 No.45044


Firstly, that is a digital drawing medium (digitizer/tablet).
You are comparing DIFFERENT mediums, Apples != Oranges.

Secondly, your drawings have 300% more detail. Yes, they are a little fuzzy - still I think they could be fineliner traced…

You should draw more of the support characters, Krellian, Fei, Miyah et al. (different angles, and poses too!)

Try drawing in that alternate 'style', you may learn something.

caf1b No.45045



It is just wouldn't it be more prudent to try and copy Kunihiko Tanaka's art style at first to get a better grasp at drawing said characters?

That and Elly in that drawing does look a bit more cute than sexy.

caf1b No.45591

Sorry I haven't been able update much.

A lot of stuff going on at home and even during my down time when I am drawing I am having issues finishing them.

I will try to upload something very soon.

caf1b No.45597

File: 1532792335456.jpg (748.23 KB, 3275x2464, Elhaym Giving Birth WIP.jpg)

I decided to redo my pic to see if I can improve upon it.

caf1b No.45598

File: 1532792519939.jpg (578.4 KB, 3509x2464, Krelian and Elly having Se….jpg)

Another pic of mine this one of Krelian and Elly having sex.

a5ab7 No.45626


*Hrm* I'd suggest to think about where those legs are. (clipping)

74e3f No.45627


Drawing positions is a new thing for me.
I am having an issue on making them work out.

caf1b No.46065

File: 1534007672902.jpg (891.7 KB, 3266x2463, Elhaym Giving Birth WIP.jpg)

Another update for my WIP.

caf1b No.46066

File: 1534020730853.jpg (4.25 MB, 3704x2660, Elhaym_Afterbirth.jpg)

A pic of Elhaym after she just gave birth to Deus.

I am also thinking of redoing this pic.

7ac96 No.46071


Yeah, its done using your old 'style'.

>>46065 Progress.

caf1b No.46072


Wondering when you would show up.

The muscled legs look so off now.

I will be using the massive amount of sweat for the new one though I do wonder if I should work on the pic I am redoing to have Elly sweat as well to add continuity.

caf1b No.46671

File: 1535409631328.jpg (769.87 KB, 2464x3510, 1529517794767.jpg)

So I decided to migrate one of my older works here just to keep it all in one thread.

caf1b No.46672

File: 1535409659223.jpg (859.9 KB, 2464x3510, 1529518151879.jpg)

caf1b No.47051

File: 1536284416821.jpg (3.61 MB, 2660x3584, Elhaym_Birth_In_Captivity.jpg)

caf1b No.47174

File: 1536593274028.jpg (934.05 KB, 3279x2463, Elhaym Giving Birth.jpg)

Here is the new version to my old pic.

ade0a No.47183


Coming along nicely.

Um, I swear there are like 43 W.I.P. Pics. Numbering these would also be good!

Also where do they go in the comic, if this would be part of it?

caf1b No.47191


I was thinking of cropping this a bit to have a baisc view of the room and what is going on. But mostly it is for reference sake.

caf1b No.47559

File: 1537321668734.jpg (3.37 MB, 2660x3887, Elly_Muscle_Bound_Striptea….jpg)

Just another pic of Elly.

Sorry that I haven't been uploading as much.

caf1b No.48702

File: 1539545438648.jpg (621.39 KB, 2464x3510, Elhaym Gives Birth.jpg)

Another bunch of pics of Elhaym incoming.

caf1b No.48703

File: 1539545507605.jpg (452.88 KB, 2464x3510, Elhaym Biological Unit.jpg)

Decided to make a pic of Elhaym after she was sacrificed to Deus. Yeah,the same one she gave birth to.

caf1b No.48704

File: 1539545579544.jpg (439.16 KB, 2464x3510, Elhaym Raped By Ramsus.jpg)

Here is a pic that happens before Elly gets sacrificed to Deus as Ramsus in his madness decides to rape Elly whilst Miang joins in.

b5fbe No.48710


Well alright, making headway.

I think digitally compositing the backgrounds in separately is the way to go. No need to redraw the same stuff over - just the foreground (characters).

caf1b No.48903

File: 1540137290465.jpg (1.04 MB, 3231x2463, Elhaym Giving Birth WIP 2.….jpg)

An update of my pic.

Just messed around with the proportions a bit.

caf1b No.49102

File: 1540993887511.jpg (1.1 MB, 3273x2463, Elhaym Giving Birth WIP 3.jpg)

Another update

caf1b No.49103

File: 1540994315863.jpg (535.99 KB, 3279x2463, Elhaym After Birth.jpg)

A pic of Elhaym after giving birth.

caf1b No.49148

File: 1541040411194.jpg (178.04 KB, 1280x1545, tumblr_phgumldLsv1rmrnbzo1….jpg)

May as well post this one as well.

caf1b No.49321

File: 1541529489353.jpg (1.13 MB, 3263x2463, Elhaym Giving Birth Alt. A….jpg)

Just done with the new angle. I would like to draw Elly raped by the Wels.

caf1b No.50666

So yeah. Tumblr is axing all NSFW content and is pretty much going to commit suicide.

I have a Hentai-Foundry and Pixiv account.
I am more active on Pixiv as ZX-Gear and Hentai Foundry as Xenan9881.

f802c No.50677

Chasing the golden unicorn off a cliff… for $$$

Were you going to post more things to these alternate accounts?

(I can see its gets to be a hassle - now posting same stuff 3X everywhere)

Keep working on it; you are making progress.

caf1b No.50678


And yes I already use Pixiv a lot more.
I am more pissed for the porn artists I already followed on Tumblr and now have to be a bit more creative and follow them elsewhere.


I am posting more content outside of Xenogears stuff on my Pixiv or at least plan to.

caf1b No.50700

File: 1544996775968.jpg (1.11 MB, 2464x3025, Elly Rico Hentai.jpg)

This is a pic that is my take on a very infamous pic of the Xenogears Fandom.

e24b1 No.50756


Good detail on Ellhas expression.

(Can't tell if thats Beast the X-man or a Thundercat…)

caf1b No.50763

File: 1545097859134.jpg (121.53 KB, 373x400, Elly_Rico_Hentai.jpg)


It is dollar Store Blanka or rather Ricardo Banderas who is a party member in Xenogears.

This is the pic I based the piece on.

It was infamous amongst the fandom.

caf1b No.52024

File: 1547679453212.jpg (3.1 MB, 5312x2988, 20190116_174219.jpg)

I finally got my Bring Arts Elhaym Van Houten figure and it is amazing to use for references for my artwork.

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