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0d3ff No.44983

Right then, guys. I need your help- in essence, you are my Obi-Wan, Pregchan, except hopefully without the dying on me.

A few nights back, I was thinking 'What if I wrote a OP-fic that featured a pregnancy-related Devil Fruit?' and the idea's gotten stuck in my head. However, there's just one problem.

I have no clue on how such a DF would work.

So then, my mind clicked again and I thought 'Who could I turn to, in order to help me create this Pregnancy Fruit?' and my mind just went 'Well, one of my favourite fetish sites of the bunch, that has a very helpful community!'.

Which then turned into, 'Rather than just asking for help, why not have fun while we're at it? Turn it into a 'Make your own Devil Fruit' thread?'.

So here I am, asking for your help, and going 'Let's go wild in a wacky world!' at the same time.

Btw, if you want to get past the whole tum tum thing, just put I3.

0d3ff No.44984

Now, some of you're probably asking, 'what's a Devil Fruit?' and 'What's all these silly words?'

In essence, Devil Fruits are the most common of One Piece's local Superpower system. There's a few others, but we don't need them at all for this thread.

Devil Fruits are split into three categories: Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. They represent three very different things:

A Paramecia is the most common Devil Fruit, and it gives you some very random powers. For example, Luff'ys Gomu Gomu no Mi gives him a rubber body, whereas Nico Robin's Hana Hana no mi lets her create copies of her various body parts- up to and including creating clones of herself. This is the type needed for the Pregnancy Fruit.

Zoans turn you into various species, and can include mythical and prehistoric species. For example, Chopper can turn into a Human, and has a variety of forms, whereas Rob Lucci can turn into a Leopard. We don't need this for the Pregnancy Fruit.

Lastly, Logia turn you into various elements, the more powerful ones letting you become literal forces of nature. Enel's Goro Goro no Mi turns him into lightning, whereas Crocodile's Suna Suna no Mi turns him into sand. Again, we won't need this one for the Devil Fruit.

e6e8f No.44985

We might not need Zoan and Logia, but that doesn't mean we can't get inventive. I can think of at least one mythical Zoan, echidna, that would fit right in witha pregnancy fruit. As for Logia…..hmmm, are we allowed to make a semen Logia? Not pregnancy itself, but induces instant pregnancy in any female it touches?

0d3ff No.44986

Devil Fruit users are wildly powerful, but they do have weaknesses. The one truly uniform weakness they have, however, is water.

Being submerged in water drains them of strength, leaving them rather weak, all things told. However, the actual weakness is sea water.

Rain and the like, 'moving water' does not affect them. 'Standing water', like the sea, leaves them unable to use their powers at all. However, their powers still work if applied before being submerged- thus, somebody affected by the Pregnancy Fruit will still be affected.

So! Unpregnant person > Turned pregnant by Pregnancy Fruit's powers > Submerged in water = still pregnant.

Unpregnant Person > Submerged in water > Pregnancy Fruit = Unpregnant person is still not pregnant.

654d1 No.44988

Sorry hit the wrong button. So anyway here is a rough idea for the "Prego Prego" fruit.

Primary ability: Able to impregnate any woman at will. If a man is targeted they will get a one time use of the fruits basic power for themselves

Limitations: Must first seduce Target or otherwise conqure them. Also must be able to see Target to affect.

Additional effects:

Passive charm effect- Will apply a weak charm on all woman who make eye contact. Continued exposure gradually strengthens effect, however growth is very gradual. Additionally impregnated targets will be afflicted with Max strength charm permanently. Men are totally unaffected.

Fetus control- can control all aspect of child until birth. Including gender, species, appearance, and talents.

This is the rough idea anyway. What do you think?

0d3ff No.44989

>>44988 I like it.

So a LoS-based ability. I imagine it's in stages, then.

1st step: Eye contact is established, as is the passive charm effect.

2nd step: Over time, passive charm effect increases in strength, ultimately attracting the Target to the User.

3rd: Prego Prego Fruit is used, and the Target is now pregnant.

Is the tum tum growth rate rapid? or is it gradual? Do you have to touch the Target for conception, or just look at them?

Can pregnancies be stacked? Or does the user control only how many babies are conceived?

e6e8f No.44992

Sounds like my idea for semen fruit. Still, seems pretty solid. Strange, with no obvious bonus to combat, but I'm sure something could be figured out. For a companion fruit, it has the Beli-Beli fruit. Not sure the name of the story I read this in, but the basic idea is that the eater becomes pregnant with clones of themselves. They must be gestated for an indeterminate length of time before they can be born, but once out they act as extensions of the fruit users will. There are a limited number possible, but that limit was somewhere around thirty. Obviously, the original user had to endure a hyperpregnancy that progressively grew and shrank as bodies were destroyed and born, but apart form that no obvious weaknesses.>>44988

0d3ff No.44993


If it's some kind of insta-preg via touch, it could be used for throwing people's balance.

After all, OP's combat is typically fast-paced.

e6e8f No.44995

Only useful on females, though, and most of the enemies shown so far are male.

65d72 No.44996

The Taiji-Taiji fruit. (fetus)

A zoan type Devilfruit. The user gains the ability to become a fetus-like entity, losing mass without losing intelligence. Their power allows them to enter the body of anyone bearing a womb through their flesh, and manipulate all things related to pregnancy, with the usual Devilfruit style powers that grow with the users mastery of them.

In the fetal state the user can manipulate reproductive organs magically, and leaving is just as gentle as arriving. So the hosts never suffer as you'd imagine them suffering. Outside needing to eat more and the burden of carrying another. Typically they can hear everything said around them, but it's difficult.

Getting more skilled and powerful, the Taiji-Taiji fruit user learns how to see and hear through their host's eyes and ears, becoming a perfect spy.

Not only that, but the Taiji Taiji Fruit User gains many biologically based powers. The host benefits from enhanced durability, regeneration based on the real life principle that a fetus will share stem cells with its host mother in order to make her more healthy and regenerate damaged tissue. The Devilfruit just brings it to its supernatural logical conclusion.

Since the Taiji Taiji user exists in a sealed environment that cannot touch seawater, they benefit from the buoyancy of their host. Effectively, their hosts can swim with them inside. And still regenerate lost stamina and energy of the host, offering greater strength.

In fact, at the discretion of the Taiji Taiji user, the hosts can start to become permanently changed into more giant forms over time, provided they get enough to eat. The Taiji Taiji user cannot reverse this, and knows it. But doing so can make it so the hostess doesn't even appear to be pregnant, while still getting the benefits of being superhumanly strong in a super sized package.

a9034 No.45021

With a Zoans Fruit, Chopper can turn into a Human, but it would be useless for Humans. I would say, a Devil Fruit could exist that only work for Female like one that only work for non Human.

With that in mind, you can make a Devil Fruit that can make Female pregnant with the owner included.

The power could be:
1.) touch someone to get the gene code. You can store up to 2-3 gene codes.

2.) You can mix the stored gene code as wished. (Example: human + cat = catgirl)

3.) You can touch a tum tum of an Female to make her pregnant with the mixed (or normal) gene code. You can manipulate the pregnancy time and how many pregnancy (twins, triplets,…) the target will have.

4.) Dependents of the pregnancy time, you can cotroll the lifetime, the growth speed and other things. (Example: fast pregnancy + fast growth = low lifetime)

You could make an army in a short Time.

Btw. First time commenting ^^

e6e8f No.45024

That is pretty much where I was going suggesting the mythical zoan fruit. Some mother of monsters thing that allows creation of custom creatures from various sources of DNA.

bc530 No.45029

File: 1531287127983.jpg (60.04 KB, 317x512, 2f423df6-55e7-4174-b353-06….jpg)

ITT: the fuck are you nerds going on about.

e6e8f No.45030

Hypothetical fetish based superpowers, following mechanics established by one piece.

a7e30 No.45031

Need sauce for this pic

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