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358db No.45800

I want to know your feelings on the comic. Was it shit, was it good, was it melodramatic, was it trying to stir things up between the pro-choice and pro-life communities or what? (Pls don’t ban me, I’m just trying to start a conversation.) First page posted. Rest of the comic is here https://e621.net/post/show/1166022/2017-anthro-black_and_white-borba-comic-disney-duo

a066c No.45801

Whatever else can be said about it, this must come to the forefront: The author has explicitly stated that the comic is *not* anti-choice. I think that's important to know.

358db No.45803

I honestly thought that the comic made both sides look bad

15a23 No.45805

It's a comic debating abortion.
With Zootopia characters.
If the artist isn't trolling, he must be retarded. And possibly a furry.

df211 No.45809

File: 1533512882413.jpg (290.97 KB, 724x1100, LtThMkV.jpg)

It's a comic made 100x better by all the funny edits

358db No.45810

Oh yeah, the Arby’s comic edit was funny

05bb7 No.45820

I don't think I need to read it to grasp that it is, by concept, shit. I get making a comic about abortion because it is a hot button issue, but who in the fuck decides that Zootopia characters are the right way to talk about this shit? It's akin to that one Naruto fanfiction where he crucified himself to get closer to Jesus or some shit.

It's retarded

a066c No.45830


There's nothing inherently wrong with using fandom to explore a serious issue. You're taking iconography that people recognize to draw people in immediately.

That said, though, I don't think it's my place to say if this particular comic is in the best of tastes. I know enough to know when I don't have the experience or expertise to properly weigh in on a subject.

358db No.45833

Eh for me it is because it’s like bittersweet candy bowl.
It’s trying to put serious stuff while having cartoon characters which ends up looking silly and dumb

2c41b No.45919


Needed more plowing…

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