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File: 1535250824142.jpeg (674.55 KB, 1920x1080, Strange happenings .jpeg)

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Already four threads on this! Let's keep it up! Share your Sfm (Source Filmmaker) works here!
Swollen game girls, birthing, lactating mothers all from the wonderful program Sfm!
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8270b No.50443

Hive is Strange has now been added to my videos folder, enjoy! It's a short and easy video, Synopsis: Max is enduring her new life as a broodmother, swollen and feeling a little bit under the weather she begins to pop out a fresh generation of eggs for her hive… the first of billions.

Removed Piper Pops HD, although I personally loved making it and enjoyed working on it, many things went wrong with this video. It is insanely hard to do bursting with Sfm limited model library, it was my least viewed and least liked video and was taking up alot of space for future videos. It will return in the future as I do have limited space on the dropbox, but for now it has been replaced with Hive is Strange. I'm hoping to do another kind of Piper video sometime, but stretched for time and dealing with things and depression that will be in the future.

8270b No.50444

Forgot the link duuur, for those without it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g3ybbjfovgamyu1/AABGhxqGASiVheEe_3YMjF_Ya?dl=0
:P Enjoy!

f22cf No.50449

Another fine work. Would say the moans you chose didn't quite suit Max, but other than that it's another solid piece. Hopefully you'll be able to find a better alternative to dropbox one of these days so you don't have to always axe one or two older works just to fit the latest one.

If you're up for some Piper ideas to possibly use in the future, maybe something where she's impregnated by the Bloatflies and births more of them or their eggs.

8270b No.50452

I had an alternative track for her moans with her voice… but it was very mechanical sounding, didn't fit the situation I had set up, she kept asking questions, which is normal of her audio from the game lol. In the future I'll attempt to keep to her audio while still finding the right situation to have her "wondering" lol.

Yes I like the bloatfly idea, always wanted to do more Fallout mutations run amok, and the piper model is just so damn cute too. I'm not through with bursting videos, just trying to find the right way to do it believably, something the Piper Pops video lacked, seams everywhere. :o

9b932 No.50453

Niiice. We need more broodmothers! In ciri's set, is she planned to be one like shani?

d9c97 No.50463

God. Damn. Masterpiece.

4ddc7 No.50475

File: 1544466263727.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, HircineOak_Desecrated Gra….jpeg)

Called it!

Wow, this is neat!
But I have to agree, I'm not a fan of the moans that were chosen for this.

Sounds like a plan.

I wasn't bothered how you did the bursting for Piper when she popped, but mostly because I just referred to as a "literal eggsack". :P

And were you aiming more for something like this?

8270b No.50483

Yes, was aiming for a more seamless burst with the Piper Pops video,I'm a fan of the famous Species 2 burst and the egg model from avp is perfect, sadly it is a real pain in the ass to color it to match the bellies of many of thee girl's bellies, and even worse trying to get the stretching and exploding just right. I did my best at the time with the Piper video but it's still lacking, this image of Ellie was simple, it's still image with blood decals, but for a moving picture it requires some movement and ripping, something this model does not have, the egg does.

Hoping someday someone makes a belly model that has this in mind, it'd be a simple graft of the avp egg onto a pregnant belly with flexes, simple for an experienced modeler but for someone like me I can only dream. Maybe I'll commission MagMallow someday for such a body part, he makes wonderful pregnant models and I'd love to see what he can create.

4ddc7 No.50491

File: 1544484618331.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, HircineOak_Desecrated Gra….jpeg)

Sounds like a plan.

Also, some post-birth cuddling.

ff7f5 No.50492

hello there buddy pal would you please atleast put spoiler on this

473e0 No.50498


Whoa bloated bellies batman!

SFX were a GAS too (LOL).

Yeah, that scene is hard to top - but you are closer to recreating it with SFM than ever before.

Mabey someone could start a HircineOak modeling resource gift fund?

4ddc7 No.50640

File: 1544830543217.webm (3.69 MB, 1280x720, DreamerSFM_Max Caulfield.webm)

I know this is more vanilla, but here's a Max Caulfield WebM I found on DreamerSFM's Pixiv page.

f9480 No.50654

Any chance you could do human birth?

8589c No.50684

File: 1544914809757.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, KFk6ds9.png)

From: Pixiv's 'SilentComet'

(Artist claims its SFM…)

1ae95 No.50707

File: 1545010403672.jpg (165.11 KB, 850x478, IMG_20181216_144019_761.jpg)

Not sure who originally made this, but I found this on rule34. If anyone knows, please hit me up

4ddc7 No.50974

File: 1545505028484.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, HircineOak_Christmas2017 ….jpeg)

It's three days before Christmas!

Who wants Eggnog?

8270b No.50977

I remember this one. When I finally exported G mod's Santa into Sfm… good times. :D

4ddc7 No.50980

File: 1545521341103.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, HircineOak_Holiday Tentac….jpeg)

The gift that keeps on giving.

Also, Window Rudolph watches you breed.

c5327 No.50981

oooo a HircineOak Christmas Classic

4ddc7 No.50984

File: 1545540487796.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, HircineOak_Holiday Tentac….jpeg)

Tis the season!

c5acd No.51052

File: 1545690780530.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, Merry_Christmas_Pyro_by_No….png)

8270b No.51059

File: 1545693775912.jpeg (762.5 KB, 1920x1080, Christmas 2018.jpeg)

I know I've been mostly quiet as of late, never having enough time to work on stuff, but… I was able to finish this just in time! Happy Holidays!

4ddc7 No.51069

And Happy Holidays to you, too!

8589c No.51133


Unique idea - but needs more nudity!

Also WTF is with the 8 MB image?
Non't like JPEG?

8270b No.51334

Have a wonderful New Years to each and all!

b7576 No.51343

I'll need some more DOA girls :)

9bb4b No.51370

File: 1546445774317.jpeg (929.18 KB, 1920x1080, HircineOak_Newyear2017 1.jpeg)

The same to you!

8270b No.51576

I wanted to stop in and let everyone know I'm still working on some projects, my absence has been due to depression and each week I find it harder and harder to get out of bed and actually live. During the brief periods of time I have worked I managed to complete the Ashley set with a bonus shot and a title shot, so a little happy about that but otherwise feeling awful.
I need to add the text to the pics next, but they are otherwise done.
Video projects have been worked on but still far from complete, maybe biting off more than I can handle here but I have an array of things being fleshed out at different times. I'm still stressing over that one "Dicks on a plane/ trouser snakes at 10,000 feet or whatever its going to be called." Trying to get the premade scenes ported to the new map but having difficulties, I may have to completely do- over the entire thing which normally wouldn't be an issue… if not for Elizabeth's scene requirements being hours of clothing rigging… so I'm trying to salvage that and change the map.

Anyhow hope you are all doing well, hoping to see more works from others here, I do enjoy seeing what inspirations transpire from this site. Source Filmmaker needs more preggo artists, we need our niche to blot out the sun, because it's awesome. :)

8270b No.51577

On a side note of projects, found myself working on a Pauline/ Mario video, also starring Rosaline / Yoshi and Luigi. The cartoony video game style of models is refreshing as realism is less important and considering my stress I am liking the progress so far, the synopsis is Pauline announcing some sort of rewards ceremony and things kinda go wrong, in a big sort of way. If people are interested enough I'll also post some WIP images of the video, if not depending on it's progress a WIP preview video. Thinking more of these unfinished projects might do well to have previews since it takes a long time to finish.

8589c No.51580

File: 1546919130220.jpg (65.15 KB, 737x472, Annother_Holiday.jpg)


Many A'Folk find it a trying season.

Remember: Never Give Up, Never Surrender.

My 2c:

this tumblr porn-pocalypse may just throw random SFM art to the four corners of the Internet…. publicity?!

48798 No.51593


Deppression is a horrible thing, but there's always reasons to live even if you can't think of any at the time, even if it's for someone other than yourself, or for reasons other than your own, for the time being. You do you, and know that everyone here supports you and anyone else struggling

9bb4b No.51649

*hugs tightly*
I'm sorry you've been feeling so glum, chum.

We love you stuff, dude. Never think nobody cares about you or your struggles, and if you need it, seek whatever help you can. It can save your life.

bacb3 No.51653

If possible, consider seeking professional help. Did wonders for me, but depression made it hard to make the phonecalls for months.

f11e8 No.51674

On a lighter note, would anyone like to see some Honey Select stuff? I've been playing around with Studio NEO, and I think I might be able to make some fun preggo pinups.

8589c No.51705

Sure, post up some example work!

This thread is for SFM - but seeing as its pretty slow-moving, could use some more content…
SFM and StudioNEO are similar enough.

8589c No.51869

File: 1547434788957.jpg (48.31 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_oeuq65K2Z51ubi9emo1….jpg)

Source: erh??

Where the hell is Batman when you need him to hero shit along? These months are THE slowest…

ddd59 No.51901

The source appears to be from Tumblr, which deleted all of its porn a couple months ago.


8589c No.51918

File: 1547509040908.webm (1.9 MB, 1280x720, bf874fdfeb78d20f72e9386eb….webm)

While tumblr has blocked the blogs - the content servers did still serve the raw images
(IF you already knew the URL)…Archives have been made [not by me].
They are out there - somewheres.

*dododododod de de de de dododododo du doo doo du de daa* ~ if only we had a 'FOX' to sniff them out.

Video is from - Artist: jujala

8270b No.51921

Even before I read the X Files jingle there my mind started to play it lol. :P

8270b No.51932

File: 1547528514080.jpg (724.73 KB, 1920x1080, Ashley's womb rips apart 1….jpg)

Finally done with this series of pics, will be uploading the finished text clips here.
When I get about to archiving them on the dropbox I'll also be uploading the non text versions there.

In addition to this I'm going to considering after a time revisiting this particular hive as I really enjoyed making this one. There are loads of characters who could find their way into this situation, and as far as bursting goes, a really wonderful setup for it, made it slow and as glorious as possible… so eventually we will check in on this little universe and see who's next.

8270b No.51933

File: 1547528532721.jpg (877.51 KB, 1920x1080, Ashley's womb rips apart 1….jpg)

8270b No.51934

File: 1547528549520.jpg (904.07 KB, 1920x1080, Ashley's womb rips apart 1….jpg)

8270b No.51935

File: 1547528583286.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1080, Ashley's womb rips apart 2….jpg)

8270b No.51936

File: 1547528605613.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, Ashley's womb rips apart 2….jpg)

8270b No.51937

File: 1547528660750.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, Ashley's womb rips apart 2….jpg)

Last one for tonight, more to come.

I'm glad I took this long to finish these up, this Ashley series is one of my best! I think at least, you be the judge.

60c48 No.51938

EErhgg my boobies are on fire

8270b No.51939

I can totally hear her saying that too, "Leon! My Boobies are on fire!!!"

8589c No.51965

Were you going to have alternate endings? (Birth instead of Burst?)

Don't forget to put spoiler tags on the asplodey bits :)

Whats that yellow 'glow' supposed to be?

8270b No.51978

No alternate endings but a bonus pic with Leon enjoying Ashley explode. This is a messy bursting series, no happy endings here.
I will put the splody parts into spoiler the next time they pop up… which is soon.
And the Yellow glow is her womb changing further, like some sort of chemical phosphorescent trigger, the next scenes in the lineup she will look vastly different so I signified it with the glow. I also like how the glows look on the preggo bellies, used it in the past on other picture sets.

ddd59 No.52014


I'm looking forward to seeing more possible "victims" of your lovely hive.

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