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File: 1535900889837.png (1.54 MB, 1101x889, 1.png)

f4c88 No.46893

In the MMO Second Life, a lot of attention has been placed on the simulation of pregnancy, with HUDs depicting conception, pregnancy and its symptoms, and even the progress of birth. (The attached pic is one of my own avatars.)

e1db7 No.46947

File: 1536038576331.png (818.76 KB, 1368x705, Big succubus Lilith_001.png)

Figured I'd help the thread out. Here's my avi.

bb1b4 No.46949

So huge and nice.

a0495 No.46952

File: 1536062266899.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1017, Snapshot_003.png)

d83dd No.47031

File: 1536241734620.png (596.96 KB, 1100x570, Snapshot_006.png)

Hey, I actually have something to contribute! Here was my old self.

d83dd No.47032

File: 1536243161935.jpg (28 KB, 500x375, web0001.jpg)

And here's me after getting an anime head.

39add No.47289

Has there been any new huds other than mama alpha? I swear that's the only preg hud that I'm aware of.

f4c88 No.47294

Deciduan is fairly popular. One perk for it is that it goes through a dilation timer when the big day arrives.

2149c No.47319

PsiCorp has a good one that I like.

a3a82 No.48314

I tried playing Second Life once due to the interest of the simulation. But I just can't get the hang of it.

How do you play the simulation though?

3ccd2 No.48500

Does anything still exist from the Sensual Stone Works in SL? I remember the online firestorm it garnered when folks learned that a unicorn there could impregnate an avatar and then they'd get their own baby unicorn.

d83dd No.48558

All their sims closed down in 2012, but the shop still has stuff on the marketplace. You have to log in to see anything though, it's all adult content.

3ccd2 No.48565

Thanks for the info! I remember that the place was pretty much a monster breeding simulator, but since the unicorn looked like a horse it got the most negative press. Plants and spider monsters got hardly a mention.

52fb3 No.48983

File: 1540577363135.png (578.87 KB, 1368x705, Snapshot_004.png)

Very hyper pregnant and hyper boobies.

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